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RAM For Asus K53s Laptop


When buying a laptop, any experienced user will definitely pay attention to the built-in battery and its battery life. Well, you will NOT have to be disappointed here. After all, the capacity of the battery, consisting of 6 cells, is 56 HF. Quite a good indicator. It is rather difficult to say unequivocally how many hours of work without recharging this is enough. it largely depends on the load on the processor and video card.

But if you start the computer in idle mode, then the battery capacity will be enough for it to work up to 5 hours. Under heavy loads, this time is significantly reduced. no more than two hours. Not as much as some users would like. On the other hand, the capacity has decreased due to the fact that the developers tried to make the model as lightweight and compact as possible. over, the model is clearly not designed for long battery life. Therefore, it cannot be said that the Asus K53S laptop has a bad battery.

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Video card

First of all, speaking of such a technique, it is worth mentioning the video card. Yes, it is not the most powerful here. The most modern shooters at maximum graphic settings are unlikely to pull. But in general, it will be able to satisfy the requirements of most users. After all, the well-proven discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M is installed here.

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The amount of video memory is 2 gigabytes. For average games, let alone work with office and most specialized applications is more than enough. In addition, the most modern DDR5 video memory with a frequency of 900 MHz is used here, which is a very good indicator. Yes, in the top-end video cards it clearly falls short. But you can also buy an Asus K53S laptop at an affordable price. we will return to this later.

Review Asus K53S Notebook

A high-quality, powerful laptop is not a luxury for many people, but a very important tool that allows you to effectively cope with various tasks. over, for some people this is just entertainment and passing their favorite games, while for others it is serious work associated with the implementation of resource-demanding programs. Not surprisingly, many are paying attention to the Asus K53S laptop. Why is this model interesting and what you need to know about it? Let’s talk about it in our review.

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Now we turn to the most interesting thing. the filling of the laptop and its characteristics.

Depending on the modification, the power also varies significantly. Take the processor for example. Some Asus K53S laptops have the outdated Core i3 installed, while others boast a chic Core i7. Of course, this affects performance, cost and battery life. the more powerful the processor, the faster it will drain the battery.

The amount of RAM also varies considerably. On the most budgetary models, a module of only 2 gigabytes is installed. this is enough only for people who will use a laptop purely for working with office applications. Many modern games and even demanding programs will not work. But you can find in the line and modifications with 8 gigabytes of RAM. This is already a very serious indicator, thanks to which even the most demanding games released today and in the coming years will work very stable, quickly and without slowing down. True, all laptops use DDR3 RAM, which slightly complicates the upgrade process. Of course, today such a module is very easy and simple to acquire. But still, he is outliving his own and DDR4 is confidently replacing him. However, few people buy a laptop hoping that they will work on it in 10-15 years. Therefore, this is hardly critical.

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Speaking of characteristics, one cannot fail to mention the hard drive. In different models, they have a different volume. from 320 to 750 gigabytes. But on all modifications the HDD format is used. Yes, it does not offer the same performance as an SSD. But such a purchase will be relatively inexpensive, which is a very important factor for most buyers.

The price of the Asus K53S laptop strongly depends on the modification. It is quite understandable that a model with a Core i3 processor and 2 GB of RAM will cost significantly less than an analogue with a Core i7 and 8 GB of RAM. This can be called a serious plus. After all, every potential buyer has the opportunity to purchase a laptop in exactly that configuration and at the price that suits him completely. The cost of budget models starts from 20-24 thousand and ends in much more impressive figures. three to four times more expensive.