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RAM For Acer Aspire Laptop


White, black, blue and red are the four available body colors and one of the few options that you can customize your Aspire One D250 with. The glossy finish on our blue sample makes a good impression and is less sensitive than other glossy products. Fingerprints, smudges, and dust do not linger on the display lid for long and require regular cleaning. The work area around the keyboard is also blue and has a nice brushed metal finish.

Strong and reliable body parts do not lend themselves to bending. The palm rests and top cover are very durable. The keyboard, ports and switches are well built, displaying high build quality. The only flaw we could find in the Aspire One D250 is a dust particle on the touchpad, we suspect it got there during the polishing process. At times it causes discomfort, but does not affect the functioning of the touchpad and this can be an individual case, limited by our sample.

Both display hinges are large enough to hold the display firmly in place. Although not tight, they DO NOT allow for one-handed adjustment. When closed, the upper and lower parts of the case do not pipe the display lock to keep them in a fixed position.

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The bottom of the case is made of black plastic and has three compartments, which can be easily opened with one or two bolts. The 3-cell battery in our test unit fits snugly against the back of the case and snaps into place. The small battery has a gross overall weight of 1.07 kg. The 6-cell battery supplied with retail models will increase the weight by approximately 1.3 kg, but will also have an increased runtime. The test model looks very thin and compact thanks to the case dimensions of 285.5 mm (length) x 184 mm (width) x 25.4 mm (height).

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Review Acer Aspire One D250 Mini Notebook

Humble laptop.

With the Aspire One A110 / A150, Acer bypassed the Asus Eee PC clones last year to take over the Netbook throne. It seems that the Taiwanese company has found the right price-performance ratio, it sells more and more models and already has a 37% market share. We tested the newly created Aspire One D150 and Aspire One 531 and are now looking at the Aspire One D250. In our review, you will learn about the new improvements in netbook models, as well as how they compare to the competition.

Acer promises the Aspire One D250’s High Reliability, Highlighting Long Battery Life and Numerous Additional Features. Currently only one preconfigured version is available in resellers with different body colors. It features an Intel Atom N280 processor, 160GB hard drive and a mid-range 6-cell 48.8W battery that lasts 6 hours. Our test model has an Intel Atom N270 processor and a smaller 3-cell 24W battery.

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Three USB ports, LAN, W-LAN, Bluetooth, VGA out, 0.3MP webcam, card reader and audio ports (microphone in and speaker out) are standard and provide ample connectivity. External USB hard drives, digital cameras and TV receivers can be connected via USB ports, headset or headphones via audio ports and, as usual, external displays are connected via analog VGA.

The additional SD card slot available on the Aspire One A110 was missing from the Aspire One D150. Remaining multi-card reader, compatible with SD, MMC, xD and MMS (Pro) cards, supports a wide variety of removable media.

Although there are all the options listed and an available SIM slot, there is currently no version available with a UMTS modem. Only the old Aspire One A150 is available with 3G connectivity and will NOT cost more with a similar configuration. and an extra SD card slot and 8.9 ” display.

Although the number of ports is consistent with the segment, from our point of view, we find their location inconvenient. We found a port for a network cable, a power connector and a Kensington Lock near the rear edge, and we find no objection to this. The audio ports for the headphone and headphone are located on the left side, which is inconvenient. If they were located in the front, it would be more convenient for video calls, listening to music or watching movies, and there would be less congestion of wires on the sides. The USB ports are very close to the front edge and impose enough restrictions when external devices are connected and also make it very difficult to use all ports at the same time. On the right side, USB cables of normal width connect at the same time next to each other without problems. However, when a flash drive, TV receiver or UMTS modem is connected, one of the ports is blocked and can no longer be used.