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Poorly Working Microphone On Laptop

How to set up sound


In the system tray, right-click on the audio icon.

In the context menu, select “Recorders” or “Sounds”.

If the device has been successfully detected, there will be an active microphone icon on the “Recording” tab.

Say something into the microphone: the indicator on the right side will show the sound level.

The inscription “Off, not connected” means that the device needs to be activated. Right-click on it, select the “Enable” item in the context menu.

Additionally, in the context menu, go to “Properties” and check that the switch is set to “Use this device (on)”.

See if the status changes to active. If not, skip to the next section.

On a desktop computer

Right click on the Start menu and select “Device Manager”.

Expand the branch “Sound, game and video devices”.

For correct operation, the icon should not have exclamation or question marks.

If the list contains “Unknown device”, most likely the driver is not installed or the hardware is defective.

In this case, you must first install the correct driver. Read the detailed instructions in this tutorial.

After successfully installing the driver, a notification will appear when the microphone is connected. The entrance will be highlighted in it. At the request “What device do you want to connect” select “microphone input”.

For USB microphones:

  • We find the instructions that come with the device and read the system requirements.
  • If the instructions could not be found, we examine the microphone and find information about the manufacturer and model.
  • Go to the official website, download and read the instructions. Download drivers if necessary.
  • We return to the second step and check the operation of the device.

Instructions for Windows


  • In the main application window go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Audio and Video”.
  • Having uttered the test word. if correctly set, the level indicator should respond.

If nothing has changed, check if the correct device is selected in the login settings.

In sound settings

In the system tray, right-click on the audio icon.

In the context menu, select “Recorders” or “Sounds”.

In the “Recording” tab, select the microphone and go to “Properties”.

Go to the “Levels” tab. Here you can adjust the sound and gain.

You can also go to these settings through the Control Panel: print the control panel in the start-up. Launches the application and opens the “Sound” section.

On laptop

Since most laptops have a built-in microphone, make sure it is properly installed and ready for use.

Right-click on Start, select “Device Manager”. Expand the branch “Sound, game and video devices”.

In the Start menu, type “Control Panel” and open the application.

Find a program to control audio devices. it can be identified by its icon or name.

Recording devices must have the “Built-in Recording System” activated and the sound level must not be set to the very minimum.

Optional in recording devices Make sure the “Built-in Microphone System” is also active.

Inclusion in programs


If you are going to use the laptop microphone (built-in), go directly to the second step.

Examine the system unit. Usually on the front panel there are special inputs for connecting USB storage devices and audio devices. It will have a special icon in the form of a microphone, where you need to insert the plug.

On some PCs, sockets are colored green and pink instead of icons. Headphones are connected to green, to pink. Microphone.

The connection socket can also be found on the back of the system unit. As a rule, it is dyed pink. For initial setup, it is better to connect the device to the rear panel, since the front connector may not be working.

Some microphones are connected via USB. Then the cable can be inserted into any free USB port.

On a note. In addition to standard wired microphones, there are also wireless ones. They work via Bluetooth, and in order to connect the computer must have such a module. It is usually built into most laptops already. Read more about this in the lesson How to enable Bluetooth on a laptop.

Microphone settings

Next, let’s consider the settings of the microphone itself, which can be set through the sound parameters. To do this, in the tab “Recording”, right-click on the device you need and select Properties.

Go to the tab “Improvement” and put a check mark on the value “Disabling all sound effects”.

In the tab “Additionally” press the button “Default”, to reset advanced microphone settings.

These are the basic tips for sound settings in Windows 10. But there are also system privacy settings that may cause you to NOT hear the microphone on a Windows 10 computer.

device Manager

Ordinary situation. Microphone does not work after reinstalling windows 10. But why is this happening?

The answer is simple. After reinstalling the system, the sound drivers were not installed. Playback can work on system drivers, but there is a recording (all sound card and its compatibility). This situation can also be observed on a version of Windows that was NOT reinstalled. What needs to be done in this case:

  • Run a check for updates. Through the Windows update center, drivers can be installed for the correct operation of sound recording;
  • Remove sound driver via device manager and run driver update;
  • Download the driver from the manufacturer’s official website or use the appropriate programs. Driver Booster, Driver Pack Solution, etc.


If the past options did not help, use a selection of tips that can also help you.

Windows settings

To check if the microphone is working or not working on a laptop or PC windows 10 follow these steps:

  • Open Windows Settings (with the Wini keyboard shortcut or through the Start menu)
  • Go to the “System” settings
  • And open the “Sound” tab
  • We need Input parameters that are responsible for the recorder. To the dropdown menu “Select input device” Make sure the microphone that should work is selected. Here you can check it. With a working microphone. The slider should move to the beat of the voice or sounds.

The main disadvantage of THESE settings. They DO NOT contain all the information that would be useful to solve the problem.

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Microphone not working on Windows 7 laptop

What to do if the microphone on a laptop does not work. There may be several reasons for refusal:

  • Device not included
  • Drivers are out of date or missing
  • Incorrect setting of the audio channel in the OS
  • Communication apps NOT adjusted

First you need to make sure that the micro is turned on by the button, if it is provided by the design of the laptop.

It can be a separate button or one of the function keys that turn on or off the specified device while pressing “fn”. The key is equipped with an LED to indicate that it is switched on. You also need to check the inclusion of laptop speakers. If they are disabled, the microphone will not be heard on the laptop. The volume control should be set to the middle position. Further adjustment is related to the functioning of the audio channel of the personal computer. First, it is recommended to check that the drivers are installed correctly. To do this, you need to go to the device manager. This is done according to the following chain: button “Start” → “Computer” → “context menu.” In the column, select the item “Device Manager” and double-click on it. A list of all the elements of the personal computer will appear on the screen. To check the micro drivers you need to activate the “Sound, video and game devices”.

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The universal audio device driver is “Realtek High Definition Audio”.

If the microphone on the laptop stopped working, and an icon in the form of a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark is displayed next to “Realtek HD Audio”, then the driver is damaged or outdated and requires replacement. This program is easy to find on the network and install on a laptop, but the system provides an automatic update function. You need to open the context menu of the driver, activate the “Properties” button and select the “Driver” item in the window that opens. After pressing the “Update” button, the operating system will find the required program on the Internet and install it on the laptop. The tab provides a return to the previous settings, if after installing the new utility there are problems. If an external microphone is connected to the laptop, and the list contains the line “Unknown device”, then the Ego system does not identify. In this case, you need to find and install the driver and go to the audio channel settings in the operating system.

The built-in microphone in the laptop is not working

Laptop microphone does not work on Windows 7. All controls and settings for audio devices are located on the “Sound” tab. It opens via the control panel or the context menu of the “speaker” icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Login through the control panel is performed as follows: Start button → Control Panel → Sound → Record. All devices for sound recording are indicated in the window that opens. It is a built-in micro, external device if connected and a stereo mode mixer. If the laptop does not hear the microphone, then it may be disabled. An activated voice device that the system sees is marked with a green circle with a check mark. The absence of the icon indicates that the voice device is not turned on and the microphone is not working on a Windows laptop.

To start it, you need to click on “Microphone”, then open its context menu. There is a line “Enable / Disable”, with which the desired device is activated. It can be a built-in micro device or an external voice device connected to a laptop. To the right of the icon is a level indicator. Any sounds perceived by the device will be indicated as green bars moving vertically. The louder the sound, the higher the stripes rise. The operation of the indicator shows that the micro is working properly and the system sees it. If the sound and microphone on the laptop do not work, then you need to check the setting of the sensitivity and sound level. To do this, click the “Properties” item and select the “Levels” column. This window contains the most important adjustments of the sound recording path and the micro.

There is a speaker icon next to the top knob. Moving the slider to the right increases the volume of the entire audio channel. This parameter is set by ear to work comfortably. The lower slider determines the sensitivity level of the voice device. For a built-in device, the sensitivity can reach up to 20 dB, if an external device of professional quality is used, then 10 dB will be quite enough. The microphone on the laptop does not work when the gain control is at or close to the leftmost position. What to do if there is no microphone on the laptop. When the voice channel is turned on, the system sees it and the levels are set normally, you need to check the operation of the recording channel. To do this, the “All Programs” item and the “Standard” section are opened in the “Start” button menu. There is a line “Sound Recorder”. This function allows you to record a sound file, listen to it and make sure that the sound channel in the OS is healthy and working correctly. Next, you need to check and make sure that the laptop does not include the microphone in applications. All social networks designed for voice communication have their own settings in which you can enable or disable the micro, as well as set the desired level of sensitivity of the device. Therefore, if the microphone on the laptop is missing, after completing all the settings in the OS, you need to check the adjustments in the applications.

Microphone not working on laptop

Small-sized computers such as a laptop or tablet, equipped with a built-in voice device designed for convenient communication on social networks or recording your video clips with an audio track. Most laptops do not have a dedicated microphone switch and should be operational as soon as the device is turned on. If the built-in microphone does not work, then the reason is most likely a software failure. The voice device integrated into a laptop rarely fails, so the issue of a malfunction of the integrated micro is not even considered.

Microphone not working on HP

How to make a microphone work on an HP laptop. For notebooks from this company there is a special software “HP Support Assistant”. There is an automatic update feature and troubleshooting tools. After installing the software on the laptop, you need to open the “Troubleshooting” term and the “Audio test” item. If the channel is not working, the item “no sound is heard” is selected and then the program instructions on the screen are executed.

Turning on the microphone in third-party applications

Description of the problem: when working in an OS environment, there are no problems with sound recording, but there is no recording when working with third-party applications. Skype, etc.

  • Launch an application that uses audio recording and playback devices.
  • In the settings section, select “Sound Options”.
  • Allow the app to control the device automatically.
  • Adjust the volume.
  • Save the set parameters.

Configuring microphone connections and troubleshooting system problems

Connecting and setting up a microphone

  • On the notification bar, select “sound recording devices”.
  • The “Sound” tab contains items for setting up audio recording and playback.
  • Select the sub-item “show disconnected devices”.
  • Select the required microphone from the list and activate its operation.

Master call

It is very easy to leave a request for professional repair. Fill out the online form or call:

“A-Iceberg”. 27 years with you. 5,500,000 completed repairs.

Eliminate any laptop breakdown in one visit. Guarantee for all services.

Audio devices on your computer perform sound recording and playback functions. If the built-in microphone on the laptop doesn’t work, the problem is either the PC’s system settings or a physical malfunction of the recording device. It is difficult to unmistakably determine the malfunction due to the large number of reasons, and only a specialist is able to eliminate problems with the “hardware”. Service Center “A-Iceberg” offers services for setting up, restoring audio devices on a laptop at home. With advanced diagnostic equipment, an experienced technician will identify and fix sound problems within 1-2 hours.

Restore laptop to previous state

System rollback will solve the problem in case of a failure in the audio hardware settings.

  • Open the Run window (WinR).
  • Enter the command “exe” then press Enter.
  • Determine the best recovery point, roll back.

Installing audio drivers

In 98% of cases, problems with sound recording equipment on a laptop are caused by a conflict or Incorrect installation of drivers.

  • Go to device manager.
  • Find the sound card option, right-click context menu.
  • In the “Properties” tab, select “Drivers”, reinstall the software.
  • Reboot your laptop.
working, microphone, laptop

The microphone on the laptop does not work. Microphone not working on laptop 5 common reasons

Audio drivers are not installed correctly or are missing

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Go to the setting and control of sound devices (item. control panel. sound, game and video devices). If there is an Unknown Device option on the Audio Devices tab, and the mixer icon has a yellow exclamation mark, the problem is due to a driver failure. It is recommended to download and install the software package from the official website

Error in the operation of audio devices

Reboot your mobile PC; in the item “Recording Devices”, move the cursor over the recording equipment and enable audio devices (option in the context menu “Enable”)

Failed microphone settings

By default, the volume level after updating or reinstalling the drivers is lowered to 5-8%. Solution: go to the item “levels”, set the required volume value

The microphone is used by the second application

In the task manager (CtrlShiftEsc combination), define active programs using audio devices. Stop the unwanted application process

No microphone selected in the recording equipment list

When connecting an external microphone, there is a conflict in the choice of audio devices. Under Sound Settings, select Voice Recording. We activate the required audio equipment. The procedure is the same when setting up sound in other programs (Skype)

If the above solutions to sound problems do not work, the microphone, sound card, or audio output connectors are probably out of order. The masters of the A-Iceberg Service Center are qualified specialists who will repair and replace the sound card, built-in audio devices, and also help to install and configure sound drivers on your laptop.

Professional laptop repair at home

Problems with recording and playing sound on a laptop are a multi-faceted problem. Often the problem lies in incorrect configuration of recording devices, as well as in a driver conflict. Less often, the malfunction is associated with a physical breakdown of the microphone or sound card. The specialists of the A-Iceberg Service Center will be happy to help you solve any problems with the audio device on your laptop. Our masters are available at any day and time of the day by calling 8 (495) 444-44-44. And also on the official website.

What to do if the built-in microphone on a laptop does not work

Why the built-in microphone does not work on an asus, HP, acer, dell, good, Sony or Samsung laptop in windows 7, XP, windows 8. there are several reasons. What to do first.

Include of course. But if the laptop does not see the microphone, then it will not turn on.

Therefore, we open the device manager and look at the timeline for sound, video and game devices. See picture.

If you find yellow icons (punctuation marks), then you need drivers. It does not always work without them.

Keep in mind that firewood is definitely needed “relatives”. Where to download them, see here. After installation (update), a non-working built-in microphone can be tried to turn on and configure. How to do it?

It’s very simple to do the recording. Windows 7 has utilities (start, all programs, standard. sound recording).

Usually, the problem with the microphone in a Windows laptop is not solved in this way. How then to establish, what to do? Open the control panel and click “sound”.

In the window that appears, most of the problems are solved. Click the entry tab.

In most cases, you will see multiple microphones. If the settings are incorrect, the microphone fills, squeaks, hisses, becomes quiet, weak and hard to hear. How to fix it, improve it, strengthen it?

To check why the built-in microphone does not work on the laptop in the window that opens (Fig. Above) click on the “record” tab.

If you see several of them, then which one works you will have to experiment. Remember! If you select it (one left-click) and click the “default” option, it will immediately disable the rest.

Microphone definition

In this way, you will go through yourself to determine which works and which does not work.

After that, you can solve the problem of why the microphone in the laptop hisses, beeps, fonds, is hard to hear or is too weak.

To make these settings, select the default one (with a green checkmark) and click “properties”.

In the newly appeared window, go to the “levels” tab and make the adjustment. There you can significantly increase it, but at the same time the sound quality will deteriorate (more noise will appear. look for the best option).

Of course, everything described does NOT guarantee success. If the microphone does not work, then it may simply physically fail or the laptop registry may be corny.

Alternatively, it’s a good idea to use the system rollback if the laptop stops seeing or does not find the built-in microphone.

Ordinary connection contacts can also often fail (this is called a loop problem). It happens, and this. Just to fix them, you need a specialist with basic knowledge of electronics

To a very large extent, the sound card is responsible for the work. it also needs its own firewood.

Another way to fix the problem if the built-in microphone does not work is to purchase an external usb, and disable this one altogether.

On this I am approaching the end of THESE few recommendations on what to do if the microphone on asus laptops is missing (does not work), good, HP, acer, Sony, dell or Samsung.

By the way, here is another option to automatically fix problems with a broken microphone. this method is even recommended to be used first. Success.


I set everything up and the scale DOES NOT move green ont voice sound gray

Try to update the driver in Device Manager it helped me instantly!

There are pictures that there is a microphone, but I don’t see anywhere that there is a microphone

Writes that sound devices are not installed

On the “Recording” tab, they disabled the built-in microphone for anti-spyware purposes, and chose the “Do not use” option. After that, the built-in microphone icon immediately disappeared from the “recording” tab and only the external microphone icon remained there. I can’t find anywhere how to return the built-in microphone icon back to the Recording tab. My e-mail is zvi251@rambler.Ru

It may also be that the microphone is NOT connected by software. Try to do this: right-click on the volume icon on the toolbar, click on “Recorders”. The “Recording” window will open. In an empty space of the window, right-click and in the context menu, check the box “Show disabled devices”. If a microphone appears, then RMB on it. “Connect”. Naturally, the drivers for the sound card Must be installed.

Roman, five years later. your kind advice is still helping people! thank you very much!

Thanks for setting everything up

Thank you very much for the instruction, everything was adjusted, configured

Thank you very much, it was your advice that helped on January 23rd. everything worked!

I have no entry tab

If you suddenly do not understand why the built-in microphone on a laptop with windows 8.1 pro stopped working, then most likely you somehow, when installing any programs, made changes to the system boot disk, which is created automatically when installing windows. No reinstallation of drivers or changes in settings will help in this case. We solve the problem as follows: reinstall (yes, yes, alas) Windows through BIOS installed bootable dvd or flash drive (that is, the media on which your beloved windows 8.1) then during the installation process you need to select the option “Custom installation (for advanced users)” and a menu will appear with existing discs. You need to delete and re-create the partition on which the previous Windows was and be sure to format the backup partition, which, as I mentioned above, is created automatically (it has a size of 350MB). And after reinstalling your microphone will come alive again! But we DO NOT install anything foreign with regards to sound, otherwise we will have to repeat the “treatment” procedure again, since this backup partition is protected from changes, and if you try to format it, say with the acronym “I’ll get it”, that is, NOT reinstalling the system, it will kill your Windows and still have to re-install.

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Oleg: if, of course, you see this answer. Because I do not see the function “reply to comment” here
so interesting, I have just such a situation, as you described, the built-in microphone stopped working after installing the programs
only I have windows xp
I really DO NOT want to reinstall Windows, but without it there is no way at all?)) if you delete these programs? (Which I will do now, probably. I just rocked them for so long and there were so many shenanigans to establish)
I will be very grateful for the answer / advice

I answer a little late. When you uninstall programs, the sound may NOT resume, since they may have changed the registry, it is much better to roll back, it may be useful to others.

I wonder thanks (oh rollback)

Microphone is not working. When I speak on Skype, I either cannot be heard at all, or you can hear very quietly, or you can only hear a hum. I tried everything, nothing helps. Win 7 64-bit.

And where is the pkm and lkm

Pkm and lkm are the right and left mouse buttons.

Thanks helped
went to the control panel and there the sound stops

I have a problem (I didn’t have it before), I speak in Skype, for example, and you can hear me as if I’m sitting far away, help me please.

Thanks for the article, it helped

The microphone does not work, all settings are turned on, but only the background is on, LAPTOP emachines E442

How to turn on the microphone in a laptop read here

The troubleshooting device did not reveal any problems, it turned on everything in the manual settings, but the equalizer bar still DOES NOT move, only the background is superfluous, which can still be beat wrong.

And the microphone is enabled as default device?

The plug-in microphone is robotic, with internal comments

Probably hardware problem.

It also helps to reset the BIOS to default settings (Load Optimized Defaults). it helps if the built-in microphone or video card is NOT visible in the device manager.

Thanks a lot, Roman from 01/23/2014)) everything worked out)

Thank you very much, it was your advice that helped from January 23 by accident

Hey. I have it all the other way through Skype, the recording is written, the microphone is working. And through the standard recording goes but nothing is heard in the settings: a set of microphones. Line-in and Playback Delight.

Control panel = troubleshoot = troubleshoot audio recording.

The microphone seems to work, everything that is said here has been tried again, but in Word off the tank does not plow. and there it is not possible to tune

And if you go into the “recording”, and there are no microphones at all, but before there was something to do

Try to rollback to the place “used to be” or in the “record” Right-click and click on two terms: “show disabled devices” and “show disconnected devices” (so that there are checkmarks in front of them). If you see your microphone, right-click on it and turn it on.

I did as the entry advises. Roman said:
01/23/2014. 13:07. And a miracle happened, I was able to turn on the microphone. thanks.

If the microphone still works, but the program does not respond to it

If the microphone on the laptop shows a working state, but the sound in the applications used is still NOT audible, you should pay attention to the device settings. There may be several reasons for this.

How to check the health of the device through the system interface

In order to test the functionality of a microphone, there is a simple way:

  • First of all, you need to find the speaker icon, which is located in the tray.
  • By right-clicking on the icon icon, you need to call the context menu and select the “Recorders” item.
  • Important! Next, you need to go to the tab called “Recording” and check for the presence of a checkmark icon in a green circle near the microphone. This icon confirms that the device is turned on.
  • If there is no such icon, then you need to activate the microphone. To do this, right-click the menu and select the “Enable” item in it.
  • There are several horizontal bars next to the microphone icon. Their color should change during the pronunciation of the speech.

Forbidden in Windows 10 privacy settings

The reason for the lack of sound may be the prohibition of access to the microphone on the device itself. You can fix this without much difficulty:

  • First you need to repeat the first three points described above: “Start”. “Options”. “Privacy”. “Microphone”.
  • Then you need to make sure that access to the device itself is enabled. If you have access, you should click on the “Change” button and enable access.

Microphone not selected in app settings

First, you need to make sure that the microphone is available for the applications in which you plan to use it. This will require:

  • Through “Start” go to “Settings”
  • Then click “Confidentiality”
  • On the left in the menu, go to the “Microphone” item
  • Next, you need to make sure that access is enabled for the required applications. To do this, opposite each application from the list, set the cursor to the “On” position, if you plan to use a microphone in this application.

Some communication programs, such as Skype, have their own settings. This means that with the correct settings in the operating system, the operation of the device in a specific program may be disrupted due to the individual settings of this application. To do this, you will need to study the settings of the program that you plan to use, and make the appropriate amendments there. For example, in Skype, in the sound settings, it is recommended to uncheck the “Allow automatic microphone settings” item, as it does not always work correctly.

What to do if microphone does not work on Lenovo laptop with windows 10

For voice communication, almost all laptops have a built-in microphone. However, there are often cases when problems arise with the correct operation of the device.

Incorrectly configured

Incorrect volume control may be the cause of no sound. In order to check this you need to:

  • Call the context menu by right-clicking on the speaker icons.
  • Name the item “Recorders” in the menu
  • Open the “Recording” tab and double-click on the microphone icon with the left mouse button, that will open its properties.
  • Important! If the tab displays two or more microphones, you should make sure that the correct device is selected.
  • On the “General” tab, check that the “Use this device (on)” status is lit
  • Go to the “Listen” tab and check for a checkmark opposite the “Continue work when switching to battery operation”.
  • On the “Levels” tab, make sure that there is no red crossed out icon and that the slider is at 100%.
  • You can also boost the microphone by moving the slider to the right and increase the decibels.

Required drivers are missing

If using the above methods to fix the problems with the microphone still failed, then it is highly likely that you need to update the driver.

  • Go to the “Device Manager” and name the item “Audio inputs and outputs”.
  • Next, in the “Microphone” item, click “Properties”.
  • On the “Driver” tab, name “Update” and select “Search automatically for updated drivers.” The program will automatically start searching for them.
  • If the search did NOT return any results, it is better to delete the device To do this, you need to name it with the mouse on the item “Microphone” and select “Delete”.
  • Then go to the “Device Manager” menu and select the configuration update.
  • If after THESE manipulations the microphone does not work, you must try to find and download drivers yourself.

After all the above steps, the device should function normally. If, nevertheless, this did not happen, then probably the reason lies in a malfunction of the microphone itself.