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Photo editing software for iPhone

5 Afterlight

A very simple application for iPhone and Android, where the controls are devoid of any aesthetics, you only have sliders and buttons in your arsenal. The image processing tools are divided into 5 categories, where there are manual adjustments, color filters, films, crop rotations, frames and masks. Brightness and contrast are manually adjusted. You can crop a photo either independently or according to templates, of which there are several. 4: 3, 16: 9 or 1: 1. Filters are formally divided into basic and guest filters. After editing, you can immediately select the social network for publication and the quality in which you can publish the picture.

Best smartphone apps

Let’s start with smartphone apps. Here we have included the most effective and well-optimized programs available to the mass user.

10 best photo editing apps

Editors provide a number of advantages and capabilities, of which the most important should be highlighted:

  • creating frames and other additional elements for creating collages;
  • removal of unnecessary objects in pictures;
  • creation of “epic” photographic material, including for entertainment purposes;
  • getting rid of imperfections in appearance such as acne, wrinkles, etc.

We have selected for you the top 10 of the best and most popular programs for smartphones on Android and iPhone on macOS and computers for easy and convenient photo changes and other purposes.


GIMP is considered one of the best alternatives to Photoshop for free photo editing. It has a similar interface to it and is difficult to learn, which is why it is not so popular. Overall, this is a versatile harvester that can do absolutely anything. With it, you can do both retouching and make a preview picture for a video. Healing brushes are great all-round tools for adjusting colors, blurring, and sharpening. It is recommended to enable OpenCL support. otherwise the program will be very blunt. Users were pleased with the introduction of the “Transformation” function, which allows you to make input images for videos without using an array of several tools, but doing everything at once.

3 Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop, popular among users, has acquired a “lightweight” mobile version. Contains all the necessary tools for editing photos. To improve their quality, there are many filter categories, adjustable with a slider. You can decorate your picture and make it memorable with more than 30 default frames. Note that you can interact with files from the gallery, and take pictures directly in the application. To reduce graininess and speckling of images, the developer introduced two new functions: reduction of color and light noise. There are also repair tools, for example, “Spot”, which allows you to remove stains and defects.

Many paid programs can be found on torrents. However, their use comes with some risks and problems. For example, cybercriminals often sew miners and worms in them to steal data.

Some of the programs are delivered in torrents with an already activated and inappropriate key. In this case, the user is in for a headache, since he will have to look for a key generator or look for an unactivated.

We recommend buying licenses and protecting yourself from problems. If you are an experienced user who is not afraid of difficulties, then you can try the “illegal” option, which, if successful, will significantly save money.

Taylor Shows You Her 4 Must Have Photo Editing Apps

4 Adobe Lightroom CC

A half paid professional editor for iPhone and Android, this program has undergone significant changes in 2017 with improvements in every aspect. The subscription price was slightly reduced, as well as the system requirements, which made the program extremely gluttonous. The user gets full synchronization of files and their storage without cropping in quality. It works on Windows and macOS, which is why it is recommended for those who have an incorrectly configured DSLR camera. The built-in histogram analyzes the image for errors and defects and allows you to get rid of them using built-in tools. Selective color correction is also pleasing, because of which each color can be adjusted separately without resorting to using filters.

Best Computer Apps

The best photo editing and editing tools on your computer.

Adobe Photoshop Express

A similar app to Lightroom, but much easier to use. This Photoshop has filters, correction tools and photo cropping. But some filters only work if you have an Adobe Creative Sync account.

For those who want to get a good result but are not very versed in photo terms, I advise you to install this photo editor for iPhone.


A huge number of functions and vastness of settings gives complete freedom of imagination. Each editing section has a hint on how to work with it. Therefore, difficulties with the application should not arise. In addition to filters and image correction, here you can overlay text, paint on, make a collage, add a frame, etc.


Probably the most famous of all iPhone photo editors. Pixelmator is Apple-style and very much reminiscent of iPhoto, a great app that Apple ended support with the release of IOS 8.

Pixelmator can not only process photos, but also make collages, turning into mobile photoshop. From the presentation in the AppStore, we can see how you can easily create an excellent image, but for this you will need to find (draw) suitable pictures for their subsequent use. After editing a few photos, I got a lot of positive emotions. The interface is simple and convenient, and the functionality is impressive.

Darkroom. Photo Editor

A simple app from Bergen Co. Has good filters and a standard set of image editing. The disadvantages include the fact that you cannot take pictures in the application itself (a trifle, but unpleasant). This is a clean editor. But, in the merits, you can add the ability to create your own filters, save and share them. For such an opportunity, you will have to activate the PRO mode. 149 rubles.

Great work with filters. that’s what sets this photo editor for iPhone apart.

Rookie cam

The application is famous primarily for showing the operation of the selected filter in real time. It is very comfortable. The app, like any other photo editor for iphone, has a variety of correction tools. Here you can also shoot a collage on the go. We choose one of the many types of positioning of frames, and then we just start shooting. The camera itself arranges the frames in the order of their shooting, and we do not waste time on inserting photos into the windows.

Rookie Cam has a high functionality for creating collages.

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10 best photo editors for iPhone

Probably 99% of all photographs are now taken using smartphones. There are thousands of digital imaging applications in the App Store. How do they differ from each other and is it worth paying money to buy them? In this roundup, we’ve tried to put together the best photo editors for iPhone. And during the testing process, they described their differences, advantages and unique functions. Here’s a list.


The creators of Rookie Cam have made another photo correction app. It includes many improvements and new photo editing tools. But some turned out to be paid (by purchasing PRO mode). Those who do not want to pay extra can use this photo editor for iPhone for free. But without pumping, a watermark is placed on each photo.

A good application for photo editing, even a bad shot can be turned into something interesting.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is a social network for creative people. In it, you can upload not only photos, but also drawings, which distinguishes it from Instagram. In an app from PicsArt, Inc. registration is only needed to upload images to your profile. You can do without it for simple filtering or image editing.

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The application, in turn, is rich in correction tools. In addition to the news feed, there are also good selections and contests. The functionality is distinguished by the possibility of manual focus, which is not available in the standard “Camera” application.

I advise everyone who is fond of image processing. Upload your work and admire strangers.

The best video processing software for iPhone


iMovie is a renowned video processing application. The editor does not need to be downloaded, as it is a standard program and is already included in iPhones. All you need to do is launch the program and start using it. The user will easily master all editing processes. In the program, you can mount videos yourself or use ready-made templates. They will automatically select the most interesting moments from all footage, add music and, if necessary, edit the color scheme.

Video Trim Cut

This application is created exclusively for iPhone. However, it has several differences compared to other programs. In Video Trim Cut, you cannot use ready-made templates and add filters for cutting a video. All tools in the editor are intended only for shortening the captured video. But there are good points. this is a high-quality and fast operation of the application. The program itself is created in English and everyone can understand it. Simple and intuitive interface and essential functions. The editor can be downloaded for free and installed on your phone.


This program was created for Android smartphones. But soon it was implemented on IOS. On iPhones, this editor may not be known to everyone, but in vain. Snapseed has features such as adding light or shadows to specific areas of a photo. This helps to make certain places brighter, and on the contrary darken some. Thus, the image is given the effect of bright or dark lanterns.

In addition, after a certain area in the picture has been selected, you can use filters specifically for it without affecting the entire photo. The functions of the program are designed in a very interesting shell. Settings are made using swipes (down / up, right / left). Hence, a beautiful background is created in just a few minutes.

Photo Editors for iPhone. “Adobe Photoshop Fix

This program was created by Adobe. Photoshop Fix is ​​modeled after desktop Photoshop, which is designed for retouching portraits and general photographs on a mobile phone. The application has a large number of necessary tools to remove defects in the image. In addition, with the help of the editor, you can change the shape of a person’s face in a photo, mask imperfections on the skin, adjust tones, etc. It’s easy to edit photos even on the small iPhone screen.

An iPhone photo manipulation app is available for download for free. If the user has a Creative Cloud profile, they can sync any edits made in Photoshop Fix with the version of Photoshop.

What applications are there for processing photos and videos for iPhone

Bad photos and videos can be obtained by both novice operators and professionals. In such cases, special programs come to the rescue that help to edit unsuccessful photos and videos.

The latest iPhones have good cameras. However, this does not mean that the photos will always be of high quality and the video will not have to be edited. Many users of social networks, before posting a photo or video on their page, resort to the help of an editor. There are many such programs. They will help you crop a photo or edit a video, remove various imperfections, cut out bad moments, adjust the color scheme and add music. The best applications for processing photos on the iPhone are described later in the article.


The photo editing app for iPhone has standard features. Like other programs, it adjusts the color, crops the photos. However, it is customary to use it not for this. PicShop is designed for creating various collages, frames and adjusting photos on photos. Thanks to this editor, you can add various accessories to the photo or make a frame. In addition, with PicShop it is possible to remove defects in the picture and faces (wrinkles, red eyes, other irregularities).

Features of mobile photo and video editors

I would like to highlight the standard features of photo and video editors, which will be discussed below. Some of them are better developed and offer a wide range of functionality to the iPhone owner, while others are not.

However, they all provide certain opportunities:

  • adjust color, brightness, sharpness and warmth. This can be done manually or using special templates;
  • brushes to adjust the thickness;
  • a function that writes text, moves it, rotates it in different directions and makes the text colored;
  • cropping the picture;
  • removal of various defects (acne, red eyes, wrinkles, etc.);
  • rotates the photo to any degree.


The current leader in photo processing and perfection is the VSCO app. It was created in 2011, and since then has not surrendered its momentum. a large number of all kinds of filters, tools, jewelry.

You are given a full range of emotions: changing contrast, exposure, graininess, sharpness, light and shade correction. Of course, there are in-app purchases, but even without them, you can easily create your own masterpieces. This is a very popular app, so it comes first.

Color pop

Continuing the theme of creating a different reality, one cannot but mention this miracle. Color Pop is capable of creating both black and white and color photography.

By the way, this creates a certain atmosphere and mystery around the photo. Quite an interesting move that can attract the public to your picture. Also, the application is ideal for creating postcards and photo cards.

Photo editing apps for iPhone: the best apps

Hello mobile photography lovers! If you really love photography and think that mobile photography can make your wildest ideas come true, then this list is for you! So here is the iPhone photo editing apps for you. Top 10!


This is perhaps one of the best free photo editing apps. Several brushes to eliminate clutter, various styles for every taste and color.

And all this is supported by the ability to change the quality of the picture when saving to the phone. SnapSeed was created under the wing of Google, so the quality you should definitely try is top notch.


Talking about photo processing and not mentioning FaceTune would be wrong! If you are worried about the color of your hair, teeth, makeup, figure in the photo, but you do not want to remove it, then FaceTune will fix all the shortcomings and restore your self-confidence.

But, of course, you should not overdo it, because sincerity and originality prevail in the twenty-first century. And to have fun and make fun of friends. the very thing!

LD (Lens Distortions)

This free app is perhaps a real find for those who like to shoot landscapes while walking or traveling.

A huge number of filters such as fog, raindrops, sun glare and others not only decorate the photo, but become a part of it. If you need to capture a street shot, then urgently download this program !


If you are fond of blogging, have your own page on Instagram, contact or on another platform, or generally run a website and are actively promoting it, then this application is for you.

You can become a creator of unique photo stories, collages, investing your meaning and understanding with the help of various tools of this cool application.


Snapseed is a popular photo editing app for iPhone. It is easy to use and offers a wide variety of tools. The application is universal in its structure and differs significantly from all presented ones. This includes exposure, sharpness, color, processing, and cropping. Here is advanced functionality in the form of editing, selective tools and removal of unwanted objects from a photo.

In addition, a large number of filters are built in, the ability to apply structures, apply filters such as black and white, sepia, old photography. There are huge opportunities here: write text on a photo, change fonts and shades, quickly work with a photo and improve its appearance.

An equally popular application for processing photos on the iPhone is free. It allows you to apply filters, edit photos, highlight and make them unique. The program has no fake, artificial filters that make photos unattractive and fake. The application has built-in filters, more like emulations of classic films. Many of them have a soft and even slightly faded tone, which is popular and common among numerous bloggers on the social network Instagram.

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Video editing apps for Athos. top of the best

Free applications for iPhone video processing exist. There are not many of them, but finding inexpensive ones for work or offering processing for regular viewing of ads is easy.


The application is simple, lightweight and does not require any special skills to work. It can be used by a beginner and a simple user who wants to trim, combine the video into one clip-art. With the help of the program, you can edit video, in particular in 4K format, add a track or music to a video. Thanks to themes and effects, you can add a special charm and sophistication to the captured video. Transporting and watching videos is also pretty easy.


The application is most suitable for iPhones, as it tracks the depth of images, allowing you to apply new algorithms and verification systems. The program has the ability to change effects, overlay layers on frames, change the focus point, appearance and blur strength. Portrait photos are viewed in 3D, and then depth filters are added. The program allows beginners without experience and the proper level of training to create professional photos for publication on the social network Instagram.

For professional photographers, the program will also be useful for a set of functions and wide editing capabilities that compete with Photoshop.


The editor has been placed with creative and artistic tools that allow you to restore a photo, completely change it, making it attractive and stylish. The program database contains a huge number of both basic and additional processing tools. Also includes whimsical effects to create unique, creative photography.

The built-in Mask effect applies effects to a specific part of the photo while leaving other parts of the photo unchanged. With this feature set, it takes a long time to learn, but each feature is simple, intuitively not too easy, but not difficult either. Understanding how to use what is quite realistic.

IPhone applications for photo and video processing

Despite the excellent built-in camera on the iPhone, many users need additional processing. There are tons of programs on the App Store, but it’s hard to pinpoint the best ones. We have compiled a selection of good programs and applications for working with video and photos.

photo, editing, software, iphone

PicsArt Photo Collage Maker

This cool photo editing app for iPhone offers collages, filters, shape overlays, frames and frames. All this is available in the application, while it is convenient to use it. The program is not considered a priority in the paid plan. You don’t have to make a purchase.

Photo editor includes cropping, cropping, stretching photos, adding text and working with curves. A scissor tool will allow you to cut out an item and easily transfer it to another photo. Collage and grid creation included. This device assumes a graphics application with drawing and professional editing capabilities. The device has a high quality camera to operate.

TOP 10 free photo editing software for iPhone

One of the most frequently asked on sites / forums dedicated to iPhone looks something like this: “Are there high-quality free photo editing applications on the iPhone?” or “The program is cool, but is there an analogue for free?”

Let’s figure out together whether it is possible to show your creative “I” on the iPhone without spending a single ruble.

When such words as “free” and “iphoneography” are found in one sentence, it is simply unrealistic not to mention Snapseed. I know, I know. I have already taken out all your brains with this application. There is hardly at least one article on that does not mention Snapseed at least indirectly, but the program deserves it.

iPhone iPad: Free (In-App available) [iTunes]

Looking for a professional Photoshop equivalent on iPhone? Then stop here, follow the link and read about the recently released Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android, but be prepared to part with 5 for the opportunity to own the application. If point about 5 scares you off, then you will have to be content with a simplified / cropped, but free, version of the application.

Free in the application the user has access to:

  • 10 frames
  • 10 filters
  • adjusting exposure, brightness / contrast, saturation and hue
  • red eye removal

Also, for money inside the program, you can buy many additional buns (additional functions, more frames and effects, etc.), but I would not recommend doing this. Adobe is very greedy in this case. 9 for accessing all the features of Photoshop express on the iPhone is, excuse me, a rip-off.

Android: Free [Google Play]

Beloved by many and familiar to many, this is an excellent free image editing application for iPhone. One of the things that surprised me a lot about Pix at one time is its excellent quality combined with excellent functionality and absolutely free.

  • 31 filters
  • 24 textures
  • 16 frames

iPhone iPad: Free (In-App available) [iTunes]

This is exactly the case when the name of the application exactly matches its content. This program is really awesome. At one time, with its release, Camera Awesome managed to bite off a pretty piece of the Camera market. In general, look for yourself at the functionality that is offered to us for free and you yourself will have it all:

  • Video creation
  • About 100 effects
  • Over 30 frames and textures
  • Lots of settings for choosing the exposure option (rule of thirds, golden ratio, square, trisec, etc.)
  • And many, many more

Here, as in Photoshop Express, the full functionality is available for money, but you shouldn’t get upset, the functionality that is available initially should be enough for most freebie lovers

iPhone iPad: Free (Paid upgrade to Pro version available) [iTunes]

The full version of the app will cost you one dollar, but trust me, it’s worth it. It’s not a pity to pay 0.99 for access to more than 100 effects, 100 frames and 200 textures.

Another brainchild from Pixlromatic developers. Only this is completely free and at the same time, the functionality is richer. Here is such a paradox

  • Over 100 effects, frames and lighting effects
  • Cropping, resizing and rotating images
  • Auto image enhancement function
  • Red eye removal
  • Artificial teeth whitening in the photo
  • Constantly updated database of additional effects

iPhone iPad: Free (In-App) [iTunes]

Phonto is a great tool for adding text to your pictures. A large number of settings and pre-installed fonts, as well as the unique ability to add your own fonts through iTunes, make Phonto a welcome guest on i-devices for thousands of iPhoneographers around the world. Again, you will have to pay extra for the full functionality, but firstly, for everyday needs you can do without it, and secondly, Phonto will work its few bucks for you more than once

Muzy: Photo Editors, Collages, and more

iPhone: Free (In-App) [iTunes]

This program, in my opinion, is slightly inferior to other free photo editing tools provided in this TOP10. Muzy seems to have everything: he knows how to make collages from pictures, a bunch of frames is also available, a built-in editor for images is right there and you can add text, but it doesn’t work. It is quite possible that it’s me a pig that is so drunk and you won’t please me anymore.But, in fact, it’s not at all difficult to add up your opinion about the program, and it won’t cost you a thing.

In 2011, when Camera360 just appeared, it stood out from most competitors with its smooth, beautiful interface and rich functionality, and on Android it was generally “The Best”. As the years passed, the program grew in functionality and became free. But the competitors did not sleep either. they were becoming more beautiful, adding more and more new opportunities to themselves. What do we have today? Camera360 is still a neat and high-quality program, which, unfortunately, is lost against the background of a huge number of photo editing applications on the iPhone that have appeared in the App Store over the past two years. But, in the end, who will be worse off from another okay free program for the manifestation of their creative “I” on the iPhone? Certainly not for you and me

I doubted for a long time whether it was worth including this application in the TOP 10 free photo editing applications for iPhone and, nevertheless, decided that it was worth it. Despite the rather meager set of editing tools, all of them have already managed to show themselves well and have become a kind of classics. In my opinion, Instagram filters alone will not go far, but as a companion program for other photo pumping applications (for Snapseed, for example) it will do quite well.

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Available image editing tools:

  • 19 post-processing effects
  • Pseudo HDR
  • Tilt-Shift

A few final words of advice

So our top 10 has come to an end. There is one thing that I would like you not to forget, you can devote a lot of time to processing a photo and still get a piece of selected shit on the screen of your iPhone. A good photo is a good photo, and only then are there effects, frames and other goodies. There is nothing wrong with editing, but don’t forget about honing your skills in finding light and building a composition. IPhoneography is first and foremost photographing and only then editing.


Afterlight is a good application that can compete with professional PC editors. Despite the lack of a Russian-language interface, this is one of the top photo processing programs. The menu includes five categories:

  • manual override,
  • contrast adjustment,
  • filters and effects,
  • cropping and frames.

After processing the snapshot, Afterlight prompts you to select the quality level to save: maximum, medium or low.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a compact version of the most famous photo editing software and one of the best photo editing software for iPhone. The app is free, but users can get advanced tools when they connect to an Adobe Creative Cloud account. The program has all the necessary functions for editing images:

  • crop and rotate an image,
  • alignment,
  • mirror reflection,
  • blur and sharpness,
  • noise removal,
  • adjusting exposure, contrast and white balance.

There are also a number of pre-made filters that let you style your photos. The main feature of Adobe Photoshop is the built-in auto-correction function, brought by the creators to the highest level. It is she who makes the application one of the most popular iOS photo editors.


A good photo editor for iPhone that has become popular thanks to a huge set of free effects and unusual features. The app contains:

  • more than 200 filters and themes,
  • about 700 decorative elements such as stickers and patterns,
  • 310 frames and over 100 magazine templates to create collages.

The most interesting feature is the ability to create and edit selfies. Moldiv smoothes the skin, corrects the oval of the face and even enlarges the eyes. All this makes it one of the trendiest photo editors.


Cool photo editor to add texts to pictures. The application contains over four hundred fonts available immediately after downloading from iTunes. If they are not enough, Phonto offers to purchase additional.

The application has all the necessary tools for editing various texts: changing color, size, adding shadows and volume. The applied effects are immediately displayed on the screen.


Squaready is a trendy Instagram blogger app. This is the best Photoshop on the iPhone, able to square any pictures without cropping them, regardless of the orientation of the original photo. The application does this procedure automatically when the image is loaded. All that remains is to choose the frame color and rotate the photo to the desired angle. Squaready makes blogging so much easier.

  • add filters to photo,
  • apply blur,
  • add vignette.


Snapseed is a popular photoshop app for iPhone from Google. Snapseed contains over 29 tools and filters:

  • RAW processing. No need to convert files to JPEG first, you can start editing right away.
  • Correction and curves. Manual adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation, light balance and other parameters.
  • Sharpness and graininess. Improving image quality by increasing sharpness. Create the effect of a film or old screen with grain.
  • White balance. Change the temperature and hue of a photo.
  • Spot correction and brush. They will allow you to accurately darken or lighten only certain areas of the image.
  • Perspective and expansion. These tools will help you correct distortion in your photo. The application will fill in the blank edges of the picture by itself.
  • Double exposure. The ability to combine two pictures in one shot.
  • Retouching the face. Smoothing skin, adding certain lighting.

The program can save filters for processing a series of images, which is a very useful feature for bloggers who design their feeds in the same style. At all stages of editing, it is possible to view and cancel changes. These features make Snapseed one of the best iPhone apps for bloggers.

Adobe lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a free mobile version of the popular editor with all the benefits of a PC program. The application supports work with the cloud storage of the Adobe account, which significantly saves device memory. It is also possible to transfer your favorite presets from your computer to your iPhone or iPad, which makes image processing as easy as possible.

  • apply styles to photos,
  • adjust curves,
  • correct and enhance colors,
  • add sharpness and texture.

If the basic functions are not enough, the program will offer premium tools.

TOP 10 best free editors
photo for iPhone

Each of us takes pictures with the phone, but they are not always successful. Free photo editors for iPhone come to the rescue. There are so many of them, so it is often difficult to decide which one is best. To make your searches easier, we’ve compiled a selection of the best imaging apps.

Watch the video to find out about the most popular photo editors:

Download the editor for iPhone with powerful
tools for high-quality portrait enhancement


The program takes one of the leading places in terms of downloads in the AppStore. A feature of the application is the convenience and ease of correction, in the photo, exposure. The tool is rich in advanced settings for changing the sharpness of color, gamma and palette.

In a recent update, there were features that will help you apply additional textures, make the background blur effect like on a DSLR.

Best FREE Photo Editing App’s For iPhone! (2020)

The following application is famous for its ability to change camera settings and effects in real time. Also, the developers have added a function with which you can in one click share a photo with a community that has an application installed on the iPhone.

The tool is rich in a wide range of filters, settings and add-ons, the ability to change the quality and sharpness of the image.

TOP 7 effective applications for processing and editing photos on iPhone

Ten years ago, we could not imagine that professional photo editing on the iPhone takes a few clicks and taps, and also requires the installation of the necessary program on the phone.


The main tool for photo processing is to remove unwanted elements and defects in the image.
So, using the application, you can eliminate all defects and unevenness of the skin, and you can even remove a person or a whole object from a photo.

Filterstorm neue

It differs in that it has many professional photo processing tools.

If you are familiar with the use of filters and textures, then photos from your phone, using the application, can easily turn into a work of art.


It is highly popular with the community in the AppStore. A distinctive feature of this application is ease of use, intuitive interface and small size of the program. Due to this, the application works at maximum speed, instantly applies filters and textures, and also does not load the RAM of your phone.

It is worth knowing that the Enlight application does not have a huge set of filters, it weighs very little and is very convenient and fast to work with any photos on the iPhone.


An unknown application in the domestic market, however, it is popular with Western users of iPhones.

Has many effects, filters and textures. Differs in small size and ease of use. The program does not carry any cardinal differences, it is convenient to use.


This application has long held a leading position in the processing of photos in one direction. Namely. creating the effect of blur and sharpness of fixing the camera of a professional camera.

Now there is no need to pay for expensive photo shoots, or collect money to buy an expensive and professional camera. All functions are available due to the presence of a certain number of effects that will make a professional masterpiece out of the picture.