Part Of The Keyboard Does Not Work On Laptop

Cleaning system junk and cleaning the registry.

It can also cause your laptop keyboard to stop working. In order to put the Windows system in order, install the free version of the CCleaner program from the official website.

Clean the operating system and restore the integrity of the registry in accordance with our instructions. After that restart the laptop.

How to turn on the keyboard on a laptop: instructions. Laptop keyboard does not work: repair instructions

One of the most popular problems of laptop owners is the keyboard on the laptop does not work.

There can be a lot of reasons for this. both hardware and software. And you can often fix the problem yourself.

How do I turn on the keyboard on my laptop if it doesn’t work? We offer you 9 ways to fix your laptop, as well as temporary solutions to help you do without the built-in keyboard.

These tips are universal and apply to any laptop. ASUS, Lenovo, or a second laptop manufacturer. The instruction assumes work in the Windows operating system. It doesn’t matter which version of the OS you have installed. Windows 10, Windows 7, Vista or Windows 8.

Loop check.

DO NOT perform this step if you are not comfortable with the screwdriver in hand. We will need to disassemble part of the laptop case and check why the keyboard does not work. One of the possible reasons is a ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard.

Open a video on YouTube with disassembly of your particular laptop model. Be sure to unplug it from the mains and remove the battery before starting work. Wear rubber gloves to avoid static electricity. I photograph every stage of disassembly so that there are no problems with assembling the laptop.

By lifting the upper part of the case with the keyboard, check if the ribbon cable is connected. The mount is short and well-fixed, but sometimes falls out (usually after a non-professional repair).

Gently disconnect the ribbon cable (by pulling the white latch left and right). Check for any signs of oxidation or tearing. If everything is in order with the loop, most likely problems with the microcontroller.

Check for malware.

The next step is to check for viruses and other unwanted software installed on the laptop. To do this, download the Malwarebytes utility from the developer’s official website (free download), and run a full scan.

If you have a free antivirus like Avira, 360 Total Security or Avast installed, please disable it. After cleaning the system from malware, restart the laptop.

Laptop keyboard does not work after all described what to do?

If none of the above methods helped, Contact your computer service. The reason is hardware. And without special knowledge and equipment you will NOT fix it.

Check the cost of the work immediately. If they cannot tell you the exact price, ask for the price range, and for what work the price will be.

Be sure to get an act of completed work or a strict reporting form, which will indicate all the services provided.

Take out the laptop battery.

It sounds strange, but it often helps. If the laptop keyboard stops working, please disconnect the power completely.

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Unplug the power cord, close the cover, turn the laptop over, and remove the battery. Check if it is swollen. If so, it is forbidden to use it, I work from the network.

If the battery is okay, reinstall it and turn on the laptop.

Check Sticky Keys.

Type in Search for Keyboard Accessibility Settings.

Check if the button is active Use Sticky Keys.

If yes, disable it.

To avoid accidental activation in the future, uncheck the box next to Allow Sticky Keys to be Enabled Using a Keyboard Shortcut.

Setting up laptop power.

If the keyboard in Windows sometimes does not work, but after restarting the system starts working again, try the following method.

Right-click on Start, select Power Management. In the right menu, find Advanced Power Options.

In the left menu of the window that opens, select Action of the power buttons. Uncheck the box Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Uncheck the Enable Fast Startup box. Save settings and restart your laptop.

General recommendations

If the keyboard gets wet, dry it before trying to connect to the computer. If soup or other liquid that could clog the keys gets on the keys, clean the device.

If only the block with additional number keys does not work, press the Num Lock on the keyboard (or Fn Num Lock for some laptops). Perhaps earlier you accidentally touched this key, and it turns on and off the numbers. Sometimes it happens.

If all the keys do not work, then first restart your computer. If this helps, then the problem is a common software failure. If unsuccessful, proceed to further instructions.

What to do if the wired keyboard does not work

If your keyboard has a power button, make sure it’s on.

Disconnect all other USB devices from the computer and try connecting the keyboard through different ports. Make sure you insert the cable all the way.

If you are on Windows, reinstall the keyboard driver in Device Manager. To get into it, go with the mouse to the “Start” → “Settings” → “Bluetooth and other devices” → “Device Manager”. In the list that opens, find your keyboard, right-click on it and select “Remove device”. After restarting the computer, the keyboard driver will be installed automatically.

Windows users Also, it will not hurt to check the system for malware. To do this, scan it with an antivirus. If not installed, download it from the Internet using a spare physical or on-screen keyboard.

What to do if the wireless keyboard does not work

Check the batteries. You may have inserted the batteries into the keyboard incorrectly, or they may have become unusable. If the keyboard is powered by the built-in battery, make sure it is charged.

Refresh your wireless connection. To do this, turn off the keyboard and the receiver, if any, using the power buttons. Then disconnect it from your computer. Turn off other wireless devices if nearby. Connect the receiver to the computer again. Turn on the receiver first and then the keyboard.

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If the computer’s built-in Bluetooth module is used for communication, make sure it is turned on and in discoverable mode.

The procedure for connecting wireless keyboards may differ depending on the model of your device. Just in case, check the Official Instructions in the documentation or on the manufacturer’s website.

If you have Windows, reinstall the keyboard driver and check your system for viruses. Read more about this in the paragraph in wired keyboards.

Why the keyboard doesn’t work and how to fix it

Doesn’t cross the keyboard until you do a few simple things.

There are many reasons why the keyboard may NOT work. The most popular of them are: incorrect connection, discharged batteries, software failure, spilled liquid and, finally, breakdown of internal computer components or the keyboard itself.

If the latter option is a reason to repair or replace the keyboard, then the rest of the problems can most often be solved on your own. Let’s see what you can do.

What to do if laptop keyboard (built-in) doesn’t work

Make sure the laptop battery is not drained. Sometimes, even if the laptop turns on, the keys may NOT work when the battery is low. Just in case, connect your laptop to the mains.

If you have Windows, reinstall the keyboard driver and check your system for viruses. Life hackers wrote more about this in the paragraph in wired keyboards.

Some keys on the keyboard do not work [Solved]

Installed on one of the working computers with weak hardware Runtu 10.04. Works fast and stable. Delivered instead of Gnumerica oooCalc and everything would be fine, but. Do not work in the upper numeric keypad 1234, 56 work, 7890. Do not work. Well, and accordingly, there is nothing and when to press the same keys with Shift?
Maybe someone knows what to do about it? The numbers from the digital keyboard are still being entered, but still.

The keyboard was replaced?
This is the main problem, it is quite possible that one line of conductors flew away.

I killed half a day tormenting with keyboard settings in Runtu. Outcome:
changed the keyboard. It all worked! 🙂 Nada learns to think easier 🙂 And I shoveled all xorg. 🙂
In general, I write in the title of solutions

I was looking for a solution to the problem for my keyboard. The funny thing is, exactly the same: “do not work in the upper numeric keypad 1234, 56 work, 7890. Do not work.” Miracles. The main thing is that the problem appeared by itself and periodically disappeared. I’ll have to go again.

The same problem, they do not work at all, this line cannot be restored?

If, of course, you have a system for spraying flexible conductors, knowledge of how exactly this is done (I do not have such knowledge and systems).
In all other cases, it is much cheaper to replace the keyboard.
Even on a laptop

In my case, the problem with the top row appeared and disappeared, the problem was solved by an unobtrusive punch to the place where the cable exited the keyboard. Probably temporary.

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The keyboard is less than a month, the keys And 0 in B. suddenly stopped working. They are located in completely different places. Hitting the wire also helped. Where the wire enters the keyboard. And he was already starting to shoot the keys. Will repeat again. I’m going to return.

I just solved this problem: I disassembled, blew out the conductors properly, cleaned the contacts, fixed it properly and it all worked!))))

Can someone help. Had the same problem on my A4Tech KBS-26 keyboard.
The buttons 12347890 as well as F5, F10, PrtSc (Print Screen) stopped working
I disassembled and realized that all these buttons are on the same track
(Tracks on transparencies)
There is a way on the Internet how to restore the electrical conductivity of THESE tracks using conductive varnish,
but decided to go the simpler way, took a thin copper vein from the wire (the thinner and softer the better),
and just connected from the very beginning of the track to the first non-working button with the help of stationery tape
(Traces applied on the inside of the transparent film)
The keyboard still works without problems.

Dude, you’re done. I fixed the track in this way.

I solved the problem, disassembled and rubbed the main board with alcohol, and voila, everything worked. They did NOT spill anything on Klava, apparently the contact just disappeared!

Apparently the contact just disappeared! Guest, what is your comment in this thread? So that the contact does not disappear, it is not necessary to mock your keyboard with your fingers in the heat, fits of rage and rage. Treat her like a very close person, although even there it is even worse.

PS: maybe it’s time to Register, you look, the pluses will start putting.

There was a similar problem. I thought it was necessary to change the whole Claudia. But I threw this office not advertising, they really sell here single keys with all the spare parts.

The same problem, the numbers above do not work except 56 and the case does not work 2 and 0, Lenovo laptop, it is interesting that when the Fn buttons are pressed. End Break. the numbers do not work. THEY WORK, but they write not numbers but letters, but case 2 and 0 give 5 and 1, fun MYSTIC pancake, and no one has an answer to this game.

Same problem with USB keyboard. 56 always work, they are fixed. 12347890 do not work due to poor contact, so sometimes hitting the keys helps. On a usb keyboard, try to tighten the screws from the bottom. Then you need to press the keys and Press on the place where they are located from the bottom. If they become alive, then the matter is in contact.

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