Network drops on iPhone 8

Swelling of the battery

Sounds scary, but affects a very small number of devices (counting dozens) and appears exclusively on the iPhone 8 Plus.

At the moment, Apple does not comment on the situation in any way and the reasons for the swollen batteries are unknown.

Honestly, it will be very unpleasant if this marriage becomes massive. however, it is worth noting that so far there are no prerequisites for this (ten bloated iPhone 8 Plus around the world are not serious).

Screen clicks and does not fit snugly

According to reports, this is the most common marriage in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It is very “funny” that this massive drawback completely overrides one of the advantages of the eight. protection from water and dust.

What kind of protection can there be if the screen moves away from the case??

Most often it appears at the top of the screen next to the earpiece and the front camera (but other places are also possible!). when you press the display, you can hear distinct clicks.

Factory defective iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. all known issues!

How is Apple? What are you doing? What should I write about now? Let’s not let you down in the next model! 🙂

A joke with a little bit of sadness. the iPhone X is next in line and there is a feeling that Apple “will not let you down.” Updated: Here’s a thread about manufacturing defects of the “top ten”. Who is too lazy to read, I note that the company fully met my expectations 🙂

How To Fix iPhone 8 Wi-Fi Issues

However, back to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. as I said, there really is not much factory marriage in them But it (marriage) still exists!

Unfortunately, there is no perfect technique 🙁

And here is a list of those “native sores” that we managed to find. carefully check these defects at the time of purchase.

Poor speaker sound quality

We have already analyzed this defect in an article about the marriage of the iPhone 7 and in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев a huge number of readers complained about the “sound like from a barrel” during a conversation (as far as I remember, someone even changed the device for this reason).

network, iphone
  • Perhaps the interlocutor is hard to hear because of the notorious moisture protection.
  • Probably no.
network, iphone

But the fact remains. in the iPhone 8, the problem sometimes occurs.

Clicks of spoken and music dynamics

Here you don’t even need to explain anything. when listening to music and a telephone conversation, extraneous sounds appear. the speaker begins to crackle, hiss, click.

The case is so massive that Apple released a statement in which it spoke about the programmatic nature of the problem and promised to fix everything with the release of new versions of iOS.

Updated! The company kept its word, but apparently it did not help everyone. for some, the sound became clear, and for some it was not.

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Dust under the glass of the camera

A rare and not very serious defect that is easy to spot with a cursory inspection at the time of purchase.

We look. we see dust. please bring another iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 No IMEI | No Network | Deep Troubleshoot | iPhone 8 Network IC Repair | Noor Telecom

And you must agree that there is nothing very terrible. in order not to run into a marriage, it is enough to press on the screen (make sure that there are no clicks), conduct a visual inspection and, if possible, check the speaker.

Of course, some shortcomings can “emerge” over time (this has already happened with previous models). if something terrible and massive appears, I will definitely supplement the article and tell you more about it.

However, I also hope for your help.!

  • Faced a defect in iPhone 8 (Plus)?
  • Or maybe you just can’t understand. is it a marriage or not??
  • Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will figure it out and try to find a solution!

How to remove carrier name on Android?

We go to the display settings of your mobile device. There should be a menu through which the color and other elements of the screen’s appearance are adjusted. We are looking for the “Operator logo” tab and disable it. We do the same with the “Operator Name” tab.

What to do if it doesn’t catch the network on iPhone 6?

If iPhone 6 suddenly stops picking up carrier beeps, check your date and time settings. Connect to Wi-Fi and set the automatic update mode for this setting. After that, the smartphone must be rebooted. Check the functionality of the SIM card and reset the network settings.

How to manually select a network on iPhone?

  • Select Settings Cellular Data Cellular and disable Automatic.
  • Select the required telecom operator.
  • Return to the main Settings screen and wait while the iPhone or iPad connects to the network.

How to set up a network on iPhone?

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Select in the menu: iPhone (iOS 6): “General” → “Network” → “Cellular data network”; iPhone (iOS 7-9): “Cellular” → “Cellular data network”;
  • In the Cellular Data section, enter the following settings: APN. mts.
  • In the “LTE Settings” section, enter the following settings: APN.

How to increase internet speed on iPhone?

The secret to speeding up internet on iPhone is to use a fast DNS server different from your ISP’s. Such servers are offered by various leading companies, for example, Google. However, the fastest public DNS server for use was created by the well-known company CloudFlare.

What to do if the iPhone does not see the SIM card?

If the message “Invalid SIM” or “SIM card is not inserted” appears on the screen, do the following:.

  • Make sure your cellular data plan is active.
  • Update iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS version.
  • Restart your iPhone or iPad.
  • Check if a carrier settings update is available.

Hard Reset

If Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone and networks are not displayed in the list of available access points, or the phone has connected to the network, but no Internet page is loaded, you need to do a Hard Reset. reset the smartphone settings. After that, all data will be deleted from your phone, we advise you to backup files and contacts.

Go to Settings-General. Select the Reset item and at the bottom of the page click on “Reset Settings”. After that, the phone will turn off and hard reset will start. The procedure can take 10-30 minutes. Rough reboot fixes most iPhone software problems.

Backup, factory reset and data recovery

If, after the steps described above, you still cannot connect to Wi-Fi, you will need to move on to a more radical action: rollback iPhone to factory settings. This will delete all information from the Apple smartphone and return it to its original state. Therefore, before resetting all settings, create a backup. There are 2 ways to do this.

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“Symptoms” of the problem

Let’s start with how we can determine that we have problems with Wi-Fi. The main symptoms of the problem are:

  • The smartphone does not connect to available points, despite the fact that other gadgets are catching the network as expected;
  • The Wi-Fi icon is inactive (grayed out);
  • You know for sure that there are connections available, but your iPhone cannot see them;
  • The network periodically “falls off”.

Using iCloud

In the event that there is no access to a personal computer, there is another way to create a backup copy of data: using the iCloud cloud storage. However, to use this method, you need a Wi-Fi connection.

First you need to go to “Settings”, click on [Name] and select iCloud. Then scroll down the list until you see the iCloud Copy button. Turn on the switch if it is off by default. Click “Create a backup” and do not disconnect from the Internet until the process is complete.

What to do if Wi-Fi is not working on iPhone

From time to time, there are situations when users of Apple smartphones do not have Wi-Fi on the iPhone. often than not, you can successfully connect your phone to the network using simple troubleshooting steps, although in rare cases more complex methods are needed. Before taking the phone to a service center, it is better to try to figure out why Wi-Fi does not work, and find ways to fix the problem yourself.

Failure of the firmware

If you are convinced that the problem is with the phone (other devices are successfully connecting to the wireless network), you should try reflashing the iPhone. This procedure will remove the old firmware from the smartphone, and then install the latest available version specifically for your model.

    To do this, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Then launch iTunes and enter the phone into DFU (a special emergency mode that is used to troubleshoot smartphone malfunctions).

  • After logging into DFU, iTunes will detect the connected device and prompt you to complete the restore procedure. Start this process. As a result, a fresh version of iOS will be downloaded to the computer, followed by the procedure for removing the old firmware followed by a new one. At this time, it is strongly not recommended to disconnect the smartphone from the computer.
  • Router problems

    It’s easy to check: try connecting any other device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to Wi-Fi. If all gadgets connected to a wireless network do not have access to the Internet, you should deal with it.

      To get started, try the simplest thing. reboot the router, and then wait for it to fully start up. If this does not help, check the settings of the router, in particular, the encryption method (it is advisable to install WPA2-PSK). As practice shows, it is this particular setting item that often affects the lack of connection on the iPhone. You can change the encryption method in the same menu where you change the wireless security key.

    Read more: How to change the password on a Wi-Fi router

  • If these steps do not bring any result, reset the modem to the factory state, and then re-configure it (if necessary, the data specifically for your model can be provided by the Internet provider). If re-configuring the router does not bring any result, you should suspect a device malfunction.
  • Why iPhone Disconnects from Wi-Fi in Standby Mode

    If the smartphone is slowly connecting to the wireless network, the router may slow down. check the speed of the router. If Wi-Fi does not work, the gadget does not pick up the signal, freezes, the icon flashes with a gray indicator, and the mobile Internet button does not light up at all. Another sign is low speed and a glitch in the network settings.

    iPhone enters battery saver mode from standby mode. Wi-Fi does not turn off. Different routers are configured to automatically disconnect users who have not been using the network for a long time. Check if this is the reason why the connection signal is lost on the phone. To determine the exact cause of the problem, connect to the local network through another router. in a cafe or a public institution. Disable mobile Internet access in advance. The smartphone screen will turn off, ask to send a message. if the notification arrived, the signal appeared. You can arrange a check from a personal computer or tablet: set the sleep mode and look at the Wi-Fi icon. If iPhone won’t pick up the network, troubleshoot your router.

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    No connection

    The cause of the problem is the Wi-Fi module installed in all iPhone models. Ways to solve the problem:

    • Restart in forced mode. In new models, for this, you need to alternately press the volume up and down buttons and hold down the side button for a while.
    • Forget the password from the Wi-Fi network. Go to “Settings”, open the “Wi-Fi” tab and select “Forget this network” and re-enter the security code.
    • Delete data from Wi-Fi networks. To do this, you also need to go to “Settings”, select the “General” tab, then “Reset” and click “Reset network settings”.
    • Disable VPN services. This option is enabled in “Settings”, in the “General” tab. Also, VPN must be disabled in downloaded third-party applications.
    • Change DNS server. In the “Settings”, in the “Wi-Fi” tab, you must select the desired network, click on the “i” icon and enter the values ​​of DNS servers from Google or OpenDNS.
    • Update the operating system. Old bugs are fixed on newer versions of iOS, so it’s worth checking for updates.
    • Reconfigure via iTunes. The last method to solve the problem is to completely reconfigure the smartphone. In order not to lose data, you need to save a copy of the system.

    [EASY STEPS] How to fix an iPhone 8 that keeps losing signal

    If iPhone won’t connect to the network, see the following to fix the problem

    Change your request to connect to wireless networks

    To control this function, you need to go to the “Settings” and enable the “Confirm connection” line. In this case, the smartphone will automatically offer to establish a connection with a stronger network. If there were no connections before, then you will need to enter everything manually.

    How to find out that the problem is in the microcircuit

    It is easy to find out that the problem is in the microcircuit. just notice that the Wi-Fi signal has disappeared, the iPhone does not see any of the networks, or the slider does not work at all. The advanced method is to check if the Wi-Fi address is shown in the settings:

    If the value is not specified in the “Wi-Fi address” line, most likely, the radio part is not working correctly. It is with this problem that the owner of the iPhone 7 turned to the Apple Pro service center. He dropped his smartphone, which led not only to external damage, but also to the fact that Wi-Fi stopped turning on. In this case, iPhone 7 wi-fi repair is required.

    Perform a hard reboot

    Usually a hard reboot will fix this problem. A hard reboot is similar to “did you try to turn the device off and on again”, but at a deeper level of the operating system. Usually reset occurs to factory values.

    To hard reset your iPhone with a physical home button (any iPhone up to iPhone 7), hold down both the Power and Home buttons for 5 seconds. The iPhone will restart, you will see the flashing Apple logo icon and the iPhone will come to life.

    On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. hold and hold the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons to perform the hard reboot procedure.