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Memory Card For Huawei T5 Tablet

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Slim, lightweight, durable

Bright, light and pleasant to the touch, the HUAWEI MediaPad T5 has a sophisticated premium design in a stylish metal case. Lightweight (approx. 460 g) makes the tablet comfortable to hold and carry.

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Impressive 1080 Full HD display

The HUAWEI MediaPad T5 has an impressive 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 HD display.Its 16:10 aspect ratio makes it ideal for watching movies, TV programs and the web.

Powerful fast processor

The octa-core processor with a main frequency of up to 2.36GHz delivers faster speeds while consuming less power. The memory can be easily expanded up to 256 GB using a microSD ™ memory card.

Central processing unit: 4 x 2.36 GHz 4 x 1.7 GHz

Immersive Dual Speakers

Powerful dual speakers for high-quality reproduction of your favorite music. HUAWEI Histen Audio Technology Enhances Sound and Immersive Movie Experience.

Fast and intuitive Android 8.0 OS

Based on Android 8.0, the EMUI 8.0 user interface has been carefully designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Apps load very quickly and work stably.

“Children’s Corner”, intended for small family members

IN “children’s corner” there are many specially designed applications where children will find many interesting games and educational materials for themselves. With dedicated access settings, you can easily change the availability of applications and the amount of time that the child is allowed to use the tablet.

Screen contents and product images on the previous pages are for reference only. Functions and specifications of actual products (in particular, without limitation, appearance, color and size) as well as actual screen content (in particular, without limitation, background, interface elements and icons) may vary.

All data on the previous pages are theoretical values ​​obtained by internal Huawei laboratories through tests carried out under practical conditions. For more information, see the above product data. Actual data may vary due to differences in individual products, software versions, and application and environmental factors. All data is subject to actual use.

Due to real-time changes related to product packages and factors of production and supply, in order to provide accurate information about products, their specifications and functions, Huawei may make real-time adjustments to the text descriptions and images on the previous information pages so that they are consistent with the operation.. specifications, performance and components of the actual product. Such changes and adjustments to product information are subject to change without notice.

How to choose a memory card for an Android smartphone or tablet?

In most Huawei devices, memory expansion is possible thanks to microSD memory cards, in addition, the Emotion UI capabilities allow you to programmatically swap the memory card and device memory, DO NOT limit the multimedia capabilities of your phone or tablet.
In this article, we will tell you how to choose a memory card for your Android smartphone or tablet that will suit your needs. At the same time, your smartphone or tablet does not have to be made by Huawei, the information presented in this article is relevant for choosing a memory card for a device of any manufacturer.

The description of each device contains a parameter that shows how much more memory cards can be used with it. This parameter can have the following values:

  • Microsd. it is possible to install memory cards up to 4 GB inclusive (as a rule, this is found in many older devices)
  • Microsdhc. it is possible to install memory cards up to 32 GB inclusive; (Supported by most Huawei devices)
  • Microsdxc. it is possible to install memory cards up to 2 TB inclusive. The most common. 64GB, memory cards of this size are supported by most top Huawei devices.

So, we touched on the issue of the maximum amount of microSD memory cards in our devices. But in addition to size, memory cards are also classified by data writing speed. This setting is called the card class and is shown on the packaging and on the memory card itself. For regular karts, the speed class is indicated by a number inside a letter C. For UHS cards, the speed class is indicated by a number inside a letter U.

At the moment, the following classes of memory cards are the most common:

  • Microsd class 2 (write speed 2 Mb / s). it includes very inexpensive, and, accordingly, the slowest memory cards currently on the market. They will suit you in many ways if you plan to listen to music, view images, but do not plan to do burst shooting or video recording in high definition.
  • Microsd class 4 (write speed 4 Mb / s). the average level of speed, and not subject in most cases to delays in performance in both multimedia and games.
  • Microsd class 6 (write speed 6 Mb / s). high speed level, optimal for a wide range of tasks, including replacing the internal memory of the device.
  • Microsd class 10 (write speed 10 Mb / s). The highest of the widespread classes of SDHC cards. Recommended in situations requiring increased write speed from the device.
  • Microsd UHS Speed ​​Class 1 (U1) (write speed up to 10 Mb / s). high-speed cards for recording large data streams.
  • Microsd UHS Speed ​​Class 3 (U3) (write speed up to 30 Mb / s). high-speed cards for recording high quality Ultra HD 4K video files. The use of these cards in smartphones is impractical due to the high cost.

Based on these recommendations, you can more accurately select a memory card of the required size for your Huawei device, having determined in the price range and technical requirements.

Removing garbage in the browser

To remove all unnecessary components from the phone’s memory that have been saved after visiting the browser, you need to go to general settings, go to the memory section, and clear the cache. In the download section, we recommend manually deleting unnecessary files that have been downloaded from the Internet.

Delete messages

Messages are elements that also take up part of the device’s volume. And they do it even more than you can imagine. Therefore, if you are a fan of texting, and do not store your SMS for a long time, as this will only slow down the work.

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How to view statistics on memory usage

If your mobile device becomes slower when accessing the Internet, then it’s time to check if there is enough free RAM. Even banal visits to sites often affect its clogging. Especially if the page has a lot of multimedia components. This takes more weight than the text format. But the programs installed on the gadget take away a lot of operational information. To check the memory load statistics, follow the Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open the Play Console;
  • Check the application you would like to check;
  • Discover more details;
  • Select the type of data you want to view.

It is also possible to download a general consumption report from Google Cloud Storage.

How to Clear Internal Storage of Huawei and Honor Phone

How to clear memory on a Huawei and Honor phone is of interest to those users who have already encountered a lack of free space on their device. This problem occurs in almost every second phone owner on the Android operating system. This instruction provides several effective ways to expand the amount of space on the gadget.

We clear the internal memory of the phone through a computer

When the smartphone freezes. the first sign that the operative is clogged. You can troubleshoot using a PC. How to do it:

  • Connect the phone to the computer using the original cord;
  • We are waiting for the synchronization to be established;
  • We go into the HiSuite program and select the internal module, designated as a phone;
  • From the drop-down list, look for the “APS” folder, open and Delete unnecessary applications or transfer to an SD card.

Upon completion, disconnect from the computer and reboot.

App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner can be downloaded for free from the Play Market. The software also cleans internal and external unnecessary elements. Its distinctive feature is the prompt removal of the cache. invisible remnants or images stored in the folders of the explorer.

How to clear smartphone memory using programs

In order not to perform all the cleaning manipulations manually, you can use the services of specialized software. In this article, we will look at a few that will really help your phone.

If you have any questions or complaints. Please let us know

How to clean Honor and Huawei phone memory manually

To free up the internal storage, no special skills or skills are required. In simple words, there are such methods:

  • Moving files from internal to external storage;
  • Transferring applications to a memory card;
  • Remove garbage from the operating system;
  • Move important components to cloud storage, etc.

SD Maid

The more modern SD Maid is analogous to the previous version. Unlike Wedge Master, this one cleans not only internal components, but also formats external media.

SD Maid

SD Maid is an application from the Play Store. On Android, it acts as a “cleaner”. The advantage is that the software will clean Not only the internal storage, but also the USB flash drive.

How to clear memory on Huawei tablet: internal and operational

How to clear memory on a Huawei tablet so that the tablet does not lag or freeze? There are several options for this. classic shell settings and with the involvement of third-party applications. Every device, smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc., needs regular cleaning of memory. This is due to the fact that when the gadget gets clogged, it starts to work slower. No one wants his device to be stupid and freeze, so you need to take measures from time to time and delete unnecessary archive files.

Cleaning up junk files

Unnecessary files include:

  • Screenshots;
  • Duplicate photos;
  • Blurry or poor quality pictures;
  • Music or videos that you will NOT need anymore.

If you do NOT want to move them to the trash, because you hope that someday you will need them later, upload all the content to the cloud storage. This is a virtual reserve where a person creates an account and stores their files. Popular free services include:

How to clear memory using programs

The manual method of cleaning is not suitable for everyone, as it takes a long time. Modern programs allow you to automate this process and complete it in just a couple of minutes. There are dozens of programs for clearing memory. We have selected three of the most effective and free.

Removing garbage in the browser

Let’s start with the simplest, but most important. removing garbage from the browser. Unnecessary components of this series include:

  • History;
  • Presets;
  • Cache;
  • Cookies;
  • Downloaded components.

If they are clogged, they definitely need to be removed. The history is cleared along with presets and cookies in the settings. Open the browser, there will be three dots in the upper right, click on them and go to the settings.

The cache is cleared in the “All applications” section. Find the name of your browser there, click on it, click on the item “Clear cache”.

Downloaded components are removed in the “Downloads” section.

How to clean a tablet using a computer

To format the contents of drives via a PC, use the instructions:

  • Connect Honor / Huawei to PC via cable;
  • Open the section “My Computer”;
  • Right-click on the tablet carrier;
  • Click Format;
  • Select the “Quick Cleanup” tool;
  • Wait for the process to finish, do not disconnect the cable.

App Cache Cleaner

As the name suggests, the work is aimed at clearing the cache, which is systematically accumulated in all programs. In addition, App Cache Cleaner gets rid of unnecessary components of internal and external drives. Suitable for both phone and tablet.

How to Clear Internal Storage on Huawei Tablet Manually

The first method we’ll look at is manual. It assumes that the owner of the device will independently remove garbage from the storage, where unnecessary files are most often accumulated. Manual cleaning methods include:

  • Transferring components from the internal storage of the tablet to a USB flash drive, PC, hard drive or cloud;
  • Removing unnecessary programs or transferring them to a USB flash drive;
  • Delete cache.

Clean master

To clear memory on a Huawei tablet using Clean Master software, you will need:

How to move apps to SD card

Although the process of moving games and programs on different firmwares is slightly different, the procedure is similar everywhere. This generalized instruction should be suitable for everyone.

Can you transfer applications to a memory card

It is important to understand that not all devices provide this opportunity. There is a list of models that support the transfer. To find out if your device belongs to them, you just need to try moving applications to the map. The process is reversible and uncomplicated.

In addition, even if your gadget allows you to transfer, you will NOT be able to do this with all applications. Some games and programs allow only part of their data to be moved to the map, and many do NOT support transfer at all.


Some devices running Android 6 or later allow the card to be used as part of the internal memory. This option makes it possible to transfer all applications at once.

To make the card work as part of internal storage, go to settings and open the section dedicated to memory management. Find the SD card menu in it. Use the “Format” command, select the “As internal storage” option and follow the system prompts. If available, this option is not available on your device.

After Confirm the transfer of applications to the card. From this moment, the device will begin to perceive it as part of the internal storage, transfer old applications and install new ones on the card.

To return the program back to the device’s memory, you need to use the “Format” command again by choosing the “As portable storage” option. Before formatting, the system will offer to transfer applications to internal memory.

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First, make sure the memory card is inserted into the machine. Then open Android settings and select the “Applications” section. In the list of games and programs, click on the one that you want to transfer to the map.

When the menu of the selected application appears on the screen, find the navigation button and use it. After transferring in the same menu, you can return the application back to the internal memory.

If the button is missing or not pressed, the program may not support navigation. Repeat these steps for other games and applications. If you do NOT manage to transfer anything, it is most likely that this feature is not available on your device.

Is it worth storing apps on an SD card at all

The internal storage on your device may not be enough for all the applications you need. Modern programs and especially games can be very voluminous. This problem can be solved by moving them to an SD card.

But there are also pitfalls. Cards are slower than internal memory. Therefore, games and other resource-intensive applications may slow down after the transfer. To reduce the loss of performance, it is advisable to choose a card with a minimum speed of 10 MB / s. The higher the better.

In addition, the moved applications will stop working as soon as you remove the memory card. And when you insert it back, and it is possible that some of them will start to glitch and give errors.

So apps are worth moving around if you are willing to sacrifice their speed and stability advice free space.

How to Transfer Android Apps to SD Card

This will free up space for new games and programs.

Using third-party programs

If your device does not support any of the listed methods, but root rights are unlocked on it, you can try to transfer applications using third-party programs. For THESE purposes, there are, for example, Link2SD and App2SD utilities. But even their creators DO NOT guarantee the performance and stability of this method. So be careful.

Transferring information from a smartphone to a memory card

Massive games, videos and photos take up a lot of space on the phone, the developers of some applications DO NOT allow downloading directly to a USB flash drive. The way out of the situation is the transfer from the built-in memory to the flash. For this:

  • Open the main menu and find “Settings”;
  • Scroll and open “System”. “Applications”;
  • A list of all installed programs will appear, select what you want to move;
  • Open and activate the “Storage”. “Change” tab;
  • Choose a save location and confirm the action.

All the necessary data will now be saved to flash memory, and the main one will be freed.

How to transfer an application to a memory card on a Huawei and Honor phone through settings

Unlike connecting a gadget to a PC, where files can be dragged and dropped, transferring on the device itself requires skill and knowledge. Some developers protect their programs by NOT allowing them to be installed on additional media. To transfer:

  • We go through the main menu to “Settings”;
  • Scroll through the opened list and go to “Applications”;
  • Select the program to be moved;
  • Open and press “Storage” in the upper part;
  • At the top of the tab, find the “Change” button and click;
  • A window will appear with a choice of storage, put a check next to the value “Memory card”;
  • A window will open to confirm the action.

After confirmation, the copying process starts, which can take from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the amount of data. It should be remembered that while the transfer is in progress, you cannot remove the card or reboot the gadget. To check that everything was successfully transferred, we perform all the actions described above. Having opened the “Change” parameter, we see that everything is on the drive and the transfer has completed successfully.

How to Transfer Apps to Honor and Huawei Memory Card

The main criterion to which attention is paid is internal memory. Low-end smartphone models cannot boast of large volumes of the parameter, so the developers have provided a life hack that will help solve the problem. For those who are faced with the problem of lack of internal space, we will tell you how to transfer applications to a memory card on Honor and Huawei.

Transfer using programs

How to transfer apps to Honor and Huawei memory card using second programs. The request is often found on the Internet, so on the Play Store you can find high-quality free programs that will help you solve the problem. The following are considered popular:

  • App Mgr III. works with Android version 4.1 and newer, launched the application, you will immediately see the programs that can be transferred, and on which there is a ban;
  • Files To SD Card. works starting from version 5, the interface is simple and allows you to transfer the program in a couple of clicks;
  • Link2sd. supported by the system since 2.3, immediately displays a list of documents to move.

Transferring applications to an SD card without Root rights via PC

Root rights are responsible for the security of the program. On older models, changing the location of the utilities, except for the system, could be done through the settings, but the developers removed this function for marketing promotion of more capacious models. To perform the transfer correctly and not make a mistake, we present the instruction.

How to transfer apps to a memory card in a Huawei tablet

On a tablet, the procedure is similar, because the same software is used. How to do:

  • Open the main menu and the “Settings” icon. depicted as a gear or a crossed screwdriver with a key;
  • Scroll and find “System”, select “Applications” from the drop-down items and find the desired game or messenger;
  • We click and in the opened data we find “Storage”. “Change”;
  • From the pop-up selection points, click on “Transfer to a memory card” and confirm.

Activity Launcher launch

The next step is to launch the previously activated Activity Launcher on the phone. To start the process:

  • Open and run the program;
  • Find the button “Recent Actions”. press;
  • We select “All actions” and wait until the list of installed programs is loaded;
  • Scroll through and find “Settings” and click on them;
  • We select “All applications”, 3 items will appear and among them we activate the one that is without the gear image.

Selecting the size of the memory card for transfer

After activating the script, a window opens in which the volume of the card is shown, as well as all the related information about the drive. To activate the launch, you will need to enter the required value. You can choose from 25, 50 and 75% of the volume, you can also set your own value. After confirming the selection, the script starts, which activates the process of connecting memory slots for transfer. Upon completion, the inscription “Completed” will appear, which will indicate a successful completion.

Enabling the script aftiss_b2

The first thing to do while working with the script is to download the program from the Internet. Next, unpack and Install on the C drive, do not forget about the ADB folder. We activate by double clicking on the name of the script. It is not recommended to run third-party programs in parallel.

  • Contents of delivery
  • Specifications
  • Positioning
  • Design, dimensions, controls
  • Screen
  • Battery
  • Memory, chipset, performance
  • Communication capabilities
  • Camera
  • Multimedia capabilities
  • Software features
  • Impression


In the model range of tablets from Huawei, there are only two lines: MediaPad M and MediaPad T. Today’s tablet belongs to the second. MediaPad T devices are aimed at buyers who are not planning to spend more than 16 thousand rubles on a tablet, but still expecting to get the most from it for their money: good display, long battery life, decent performance.

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The tablet has a simple 5-megapixel main camera with autofocus. You should NOT expect miracles from it, it’s just a tool for shooting documents or anything in those situations when you have a smartphone at hand. At the same time, despite the average quality of the camera, the interface here is from a full-fledged EMUI, with many settings and filters, there is even a manual mode.

Communication capabilities

interfaces Availability
Wi-Fi Yes, b / g / n / ac, dual-band
Bluetooth Yes, 4.2, A2DP, LE
GPS Cold start Takes about 3 seconds
Mobile data 2G 850/900/1800/1900 3G: 850/900/1700/1900/2100 4G: b3 / b7 / b20 / b38
USB On-The-Go there is
Infrared port No

As for the wireless interfaces, I would like to note two points. Firstly, you can use this tablet as a regular phone without any problems, voice calls are supported by the built-in dialer. Secondly, all Huawei devices are very good at catching the network, where I have the same iPhone in 3G, Huawei usually keeps 4G quietly. Otherwise, the set of interfaces is standard.

Contents of delivery

  • The tablet
  • Charger
  • MicroUSB cable
  • SIM eject key
Dimensions and weight 243 × 164 × 7.8 mm, weight 460 grams
body materials Glass and aluminum
display 10.1 inches, 1920 x 1200 pixels, IPS, protective glass, oleophobic coating
operating system Android 8.0 EMUI 8.0
Network 2G 850/900/1800/1900 3G: 850/900/1700/1900/2100 4G: b3 / b7 / b20 / b38
platform Huawei Kirin 659, eight-core, 4×2.36 GHz 4×1.7 GHz
memory 216 GB or 332 GB, microSD support
Wireless interfaces Wi-Fi b / g / n / ac, dual-band, Bluetooth 4.2
navigation GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS
Sensors and Connectors Accelerometer, gyroscope, light and proximity sensors, microUSB connector
Main camera 5 megapixels
front-camera 2 megapixels
Battery 5100 mAh

Review of the Huawei MediaPad T5 tablet

Memory, chipset, performance

characteristics value
chipset HiSilicon Kirin 659
CPU Octa-core, 4×2.36 GHz 4×1.7 GHz
video accelerator Adreno 630
The amount of RAM 2/3 GB
Internal storage capacity 16/32 GB
Memory card slot Yes, hybrid

The Kirin 659 is a typical mid-range Huawei chipset. Its performance is sufficient for smooth playback of any video and smooth operation of the interface. Most toys also work fine on this chipset, although not all of them will allow you to turn on the maximum settings. In terms of heating, I didn’t notice any problems, most of the time the tablet case is either cool or slightly warm.


characteristics value
Screen diagonal 10.1 inch
Display resolution 1920×1200 dots
PPI value 224
Matrix type IPS
Protective covering Safety glass
oleophobic coating there is
Automatic brightness control there is
Multi-touch support Present, up to ten simultaneous touches

It’s nice that even the inexpensive model (remember that the MediaPad T5 is sold for 13,500 rubles) has a good display with an IPS matrix and FHD resolution. And if you DO NOT see the difference between HD and FHD in movies and games, then when reading articles or e-books it will immediately catch your eye. Small fonts look clearer and neater and this is a definite plus.

The picture fades slightly at the corners, but the picture remains visible. The minimum brightness is perfect for reading in complete darkness, I recommend using the maximum brightness outdoors or under strong artificial lighting. The tablet has a good oleophobic coating, the finger glides easily on the glass, and prints are quickly erased with any cloth.

The tablet supports the smart resolution mode, when the charge decreases, it automatically lowers the resolution, but you cannot manually enable this function. Overall, the T5 has an excellent display for its price segment.

Multimedia capabilities

The tablet has two stereo speakers Huawei Histen, they are located at the bottom. Compared to ordinary quiet speakers, they sound quite decent, but we must admit that the same MediaPad M5 has louder and more powerful stereo speakers.

In terms of watching video or listening to music, the tablet has no complaints, it supports most audio and video formats, you can even watch movies with subtitles. And all this in built-in applications.

Transfer Apps to Huawei SD Card

Immediately, we note that the system and pre-installed programs on the Huawei smartphone cannot be transferred to the memory card. The transfer can be carried out only with the applications installed by the user. Fortunately, the EMUI shell from the Chinese company provides such an opportunity.

Note that the presence of the function of transferring an application from internal memory to external memory is the merit of Huawei. Previously, it was available on all Android smartphones running the operating system version 2.2, and in 4.2 it was removed.

To transfer a program or a large game, you will need:

  • Go to “Settings”. “Applications”.
  • A list of all programs and games on the smartphone will open.
  • Select the utility of interest to the user, the game, clicked on it.
  • In the window that opens, the button “Transfer to SD card” will be displayed. It should be pressed.
  • Wait until the end of the transfer process.

So, after that, the application must be transferred to a third-party drive. But do not forget that most of the utilities demonstrate stable performance only when installed on internal memory.

SD card as internal memory
This solution is sure to work for all newest Huawei devices. This is the ability to format the memory card and use it as an internal storage device. That is, the installation of applications will be carried out for the most part on it, and information can also be transferred.

Important! A memory card formatted in this way will not be read by a computer. you can count on stable operation only when paired with a Huawei smartphone. That is, all multimedia and text files can no longer be transferred via USB cable or using CardReader.

  • In the “Menu” item of the phone, go to the “Memory” tab.
  • Next, select the SD card, go to “Settings”. “Format as internal memory”. “Erase and format”.
  • After that, the SD card will be offered to use as an internal storage device.
  • The phone will automatically reboot and the innovations will take effect.

Additional ways

If none of the above methods is suitable for your Huawei gadget, you should use the help of third-party utilities:

  • Move to SDcard;
  • Appmgr III;
  • Recovery;
  • Link2sd

over, if you can’t solve the problem anyway, you can use a PC. By connecting the drive to a personal computer, the user has the ability to create additional sections to store information from the application. This is facilitated by the EaseUS Partition Master utility.

Memory card apps: how to free up space on Huawei

People who actively use Huawei smartphones may have problems with insufficient memory on their smartphones. Surprisingly, it didn’t have its own memory, and a memory card was installed in the gadget. The fact is that all applications (and cache for them) on Huawei smartphones are installed on the main, built-in memory of the smartphone. Over time, it completely clogs up, leading to a lack of space. In SEPARATE cases it is not even possible to receive an SMS message. Let’s take a look at how to transfer applications to the SD card.

There are several ways to transfer data from a Huawei smartphone to a memory card. The most popular. through the built-in functions of the phones themselves. If it doesn’t work, you can resort to using third-party software, both on the device itself and on the computer. On it you can format a flash drive and create the necessary partitions using utilities.: