Lost Samsung phone how to find

Using Google Photos to Find Your Lost Samsung

Google Photos can also help you find your missing Samsung smartphone.

To work with it you need the following:

  • Your lost device must have access to the Internet;
  • The option “Backup and sync” in Google Photo must be activated;
  • Someone needs to take pictures with your lost Samsung device.

In case your device has indeed been stolen, you can find it using the backup and sync feature in Google Photos. If you have activated this option in the app, then all images taken on your Samsung will be uploaded to your Google Photos account.

Why is it important? Because not only the image itself is loaded, but also the data about the place where it was taken. Therefore, if the thief did not log out of your Google account and took pictures with your phone’s camera, then new photos may appear in your Google Photos.

Obviously, this only works if the lost phone has an active internet connection. And you’ve given the app permission to use your location. Be careful if you can locate your lost Samsung, which may very well be the thief’s home address. Contact the police with this information to capture the intruder.

What you need to do to find a gadget:

  • Go to photos.google.com and sign in using your Google account information that your Samsung is registered with;
  • Check if the photos were taken after the device was lost;
  • If yes, then click on the image;
  • Now tap on the information icon in the upper right corner;
  • In the sidebar that appears, you can see information about the photo, including the location where it was taken.

Find My Mobile will help you find out the location of your lost Samsung

This system, native to Samsung phones, requires the following conditions to work:

  • Your phone must have access to the Internet;
  • You need to have a Samsung account and be registered with it;
  • This service must be configured on your phone, including activation of remote control.

If you have a device, then you may be able to find your lost phone using its own tracking service “Find my mobile”. For it to work, you need a Samsung account and a registered phone before you lost it. Therefore, try to remember if you have a Samsung account and if you have registered your device before. If not, then further steps are meaningless.

  • Go to findmymobile.Samsung.com and click on “Login” to enter your account;
  • Check the left sidebar and make sure your device is connected to your account;
  • Now all you have to do is select “Find my device” in the sidebar and click on the “Find” button. If your device is connected to the network and has remote control enabled, you will see its approximate location;
  • Find My Mobile Phone also allows you to perform other actions. For example, block the device, call it with a message and erase the data on it.

How to Find a Lost Samsung Phone

Many of us cannot imagine a day of our life without a smartphone. This is our connection with the world, a means of communication, a tool for solving many problems, a clock, an alarm clock, a multimedia center and much more. The moment is especially bitter when we suddenly discover that it is gone. And our cursory search of s, bags and nearby tables does not give any result. What to do? In this article, we will analyze how to find a lost phone using Samsung gadgets as an example. And we will also list the tools that will help us with this.

What you need to understand when you lose your Samsung mobile phone

To be on such a device, you need a working Internet connection to transfer data about the location of the device. You will not be able to find it without a working signal (as well as the included location determination on the lost device).

Let’s take a look at the ways to find a lost Samsung smartphone.

A way to find a lost smartphone using “Find My Device” from Google

Google offers users of Android devices the service “Find My Device”.

For its full-fledged work, you will need to fulfill the following conditions:

Conditions: Explanation:
The lost device must be linked to your Google account. And also must have access to the Internet.
You will need to allow the Find My Device service to find your device (enabled by default). This option can be changed in the Google settings app.
You need to allow the “Find My Device” service to block your account And also delete his data (disabled by default).

Find My Device. it is the official Google tool for locating a lost phone. You do not need to install any application, it is enough that your phone is turned on, connected to your Google account, and has the Internet on it.

Next, you need to visit the “Find My Device” website, and log into your Google account. After loading the site, the system will automatically try to track down your lost Samsung. If you have registered multiple Android devices, select the desired device from the menu.

In a recent update, Google has improved the search functionality of its system, allowing you to find any registered Android device directly from the search engine. Type in the Google search box “Where is my phone”.

The search engine will search and display the location on the map where your Android phone is located.

Having found it, you can activate a sound signal on it by clicking on “Call”.

Using the service “Find my Device”, you can track your registered Android devices, activate a call to Samsung and erase its data.

If you do not have a PC nearby, then if you lose your phone, you can use another phone, on which you need to install the “Find My Device” mobile application. Log in to this app using guest mode and your Google credentials. Now you can track a lost device, activate a call in it or erase data on it.

Leveraging Google Location History

To find a lost Samsung gadget, we need Google’s location history, now known as the Timeline.

To work with it, the following conditions are required:

  • Your lost phone must be linked to a Google account;
  • Your smartphone must have access to the Internet before it was turned off;
  • Your device must have location reporting and location history enabled (you can do this in the Google Settings app) on your phone;

Unlike the Find My Device tool, the Timeline feature in Google Maps does not focus on Samsung tracking. It uses the location history data to determine the last recorded location of the gadget. This means that even if your phone’s battery is dead, you can still find it.

Go to the “Timeline” service, and make sure that the current day is selected in the calendar.

On the left sidebar, you can see the timeline for that day, including the names of all recorded locations. On the right, you can see all the locations rendered on the map.

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Timeline has the advantage of being able to track the location of your Samsung phone over a period of time. This way, even if someone stole it, you can identify actively visited places that could be the thief’s home or place of work. This will help you catch him.

Above, we looked at how to find your previously lost Samsung phone, and what tools will help us. The methods we have listed will allow you to find the loss, provided that it has an activated Internet and a location function. If this is not the case, then try to simply call back to your phone and navigate by sound. If you do not hear the sound from the device, then it will be extremely difficult to find the gadget, and the police are unlikely to help you with this.

We are looking for a Samsung phone by account

Search with Google

Now you can start searching for your phone using your computer. The main thing is that the device is turned on and is within the network coverage area (otherwise, its search will have to be postponed until a good moment).

  • go to your Google profile;
  • select the desired device from the list, making sure that the specified information matches the device;
  • the location of the lost phone will appear on the screen;
  • if you don’t find what is lost when you are near the object, turn on the loud sound (the function is available even if there is no SIM card).

You can use account search at home when you need to find a phone that is in silent mode.

General search principles

This method can be done in a few minutes. All you need is a Google account. Previously, you had to link to it, but now you can manage search functions using your Google account on your computer. It is important to prepare the phone for the loss in advance, since after the fact this prerogative will become impossible. To do this, you need to log into your account using your smartphone.

This can be done in the “Settings” section, then. “Profiles”. Here you will find a subsection where you should enter the password and login from your account. The role of the search engine here is played by the GPS system, which displays geolocation.

To make a search operation possible, you need to make sure that:

  • the device is connected to the Internet;
  • GPS is on;
  • paired with the Find My Device app, which can be downloaded from Google Play.

lost, samsung, phone, find

The steps you have taken will allow you to remotely access the device using the “Find My Device” application. After installing the program, a section will appear in the phone menu in which you can perform actions with a PC.

  • if the device is lost in the apartment, you can turn on a loud detection signal on it;
  • find a phone using a Google account, provided that GPS is turned on;
  • block the entrance to the phone and display messages on the screen that will appear every time you try to turn it on;
  • delete any data from the device, excluding their recovery.

Getting started with the program

To use the search functions, create accounts on the Samsung search engine site page as well as your Google profile. After that, add the account to the settings in the section. “Samsung account”.

Then go to the “My mobile” section and enter your details. Do not forget to activate the button. “wireless networks”, after which access to the device appears. Phone registration takes place after reloading the site “Find my Mobile”.

Samsung Find My Mobile

This highly efficient program is specially designed for Android by Samsung. Find My Mobile is the second option to locate your phone remotely. This service tracks devices registered in it.

To start working with the utility, you need to go to the “Find my Mobile Samsung” website and create a personal account. Immediately after that, you can log into your phone through the program, forward calls and messages, block the device or call it. If a stranger has changed the SIM card, the tracking system sends an SMS message to the previously existing mobile phone number, indicating the IMEI identifier. This measure helps law enforcement agencies find the thief, who will most likely be the owner of the new SIM card.

How to Find Your Samsung Phone When Lost: Basic Methods

Stealing your smartphone is always unpleasant. Despite this fact, there is still a chance for a successful search for a mobile device. The most important task for every smartphone owner is understanding how to proceed. The possibilities and direction of action are determined by the operating system of the smartphone. Modern mobile phone manufacturers are trying to expand the standard methods in every possible way.

Smartphone search methods

To successfully search for a smartphone that has been stolen, they use cellular networks, GPS, Wi-fi. In each case, it becomes possible to determine the exact location even if a different SIM card is installed in the phone.

To search effectively, the smartphone must be connected to the Internet. If the location of the phone was determined within the last days, but the current information is unknown due to the disconnected Internet, you can find out the past location and the time of the last activity.

Search methods based on the operating system

The smartphone search is successfully carried out thanks to the additional functions of the operating system. What options are becoming available? So, how to find your Samsung phone if you lost it in some unknown place? What actions need to be taken?

Android can be found using Android Device Manager. This service allows you to remotely control your smartphone that is connected to your Google account. The service must be enabled before using it successfully. How to do it?

  • You need to go to the Android smartphone settings and select the Security (Protection) item.
  • After that, you need to go to “Device Administrators”.
  • The next step will require the item “Device Manager” (Android device manager).
  • The checkbox should be used to mark the use of the device manager and confirm the corresponding intention. Subsequently, remotely, it will be possible to erase any personal data and even lock the screen. After finding it, you can easily unlock your smartphone.

Turning on the system will allow you to find your Samsung phone in the shortest possible time.

If you still managed to find a smartphone thanks to special applications from the developers of operating systems for mobile, you need to act with the help of the police. The main task is to prove that the phone belongs to you, so it is recommended to use the box and official documentation.

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Any smartphone can be found, if necessary and desired, these days! Lost is not goodbye to the Samsung gadget.

Find a device that has been stolen or lost

Location (list of last visited places), see the map on the right side of the screen.

It is determined by cellular, wireless networks, GPS. This method works even if the attacker (or the person who found your phone) changed the SIM card. Usually the search works exactly, but sometimes the system says that it was not possible to find the phone. Important requirements are network connectivity and a valid account. If the account has been deleted, again, you can find the device, but it will be more difficult to do it (how. will be discussed later).

How to Track a Lost Phone Zeroed via Hard Reset

There is no need to panic. in this case, the case can also be helped, but it will be necessary to act according to a different scheme. To start:

  • Go to your Google account.
  • Check your location history on Google Maps.

If the Internet was connected before the settings were reset or the account was deleted, you will understand where the stolen / lost gadget traveled. The question is how much will this help.

Open the link https://maps.google.com through your google account.

In the profile menu with maps and select “Chronology”.

Indicate the day of loss (if you don’t remember, check different dates).

Look at the row with columns. they correspond to the stored and committed locations by day. To find out the last recorded location, click on the blue column closest to the current day.

If you have a factory box with a code and personal data, you can contact law enforcement agencies for help. The quality of police work is a different matter, often applications are not accepted at all, but some users have successfully returned gadgets in this way. Sites for searching by IMEI usually do not work correctly.

Prey Anti Theft. three in one

The Prey Anti Theft app is impressive in that it can protect three different devices with a single app. You will have the opportunity to:

  • send an alarm from a missing phone,
  • take screenshots if the device is being used by others,
  • block your Android device at any time.

Once you download the app, it will instruct you on how to use your Prey account to track your phone. The application itself is free and does not require additional purchases to access the functions.

Built-in Android anti-theft features

You can call a mobile device, even if there is another SIM card there or the sound is set to minimum. The available remote control options also include:

  • Force screen lock,
  • Sending messages to a lost phone,
  • Forced deletion of all information.

Of course, this is not a guarantee that you will find the loss or protect yourself from leakage of private data, but you should not disdain the minimum chances. The instructions below are given for “clean” operating systems, however, custom firmware has most of the described functions.

Removing private information

Losing your phone is half the trouble. In some cases, the content of the device is of particular value. These are passwords, bank account details, photographs, etc. An attacker can gain direct access to all of this.

Select the “Delete information” option in the phone’s user account. the settings will be reset to the factory settings, and all photos, videos, downloads, browser history will be erased. The internal memory is cleared completely, but the SD card (if any) is not always, it depends on the device model.

Remote phone call

Click “Call” and listen. this is convenient if the device is lost at home, but there is no card, or there is simply no one to ask to dial you. This option assumes a ringer at full volume, even if silent mode is enabled.

I can’t find my phone

Don’t have a phone to call your missing phone? You can use a site such as “I can’t find my phone” to call you. All you have to do is enter your number and click “Hello?”.

How do I find my phone using Find My Mobile?

Once activated, you can visit the Find My Mobile service in any web browser to find your Samsung device.

Again, you will be logged into your Samsung account first. Then you will see a list of all Samsung devices for which you have activated Find My Mobile.

If you selected Send Last Location on your phone, you can see its location on a map. If your device is on the move, you can receive location updates every 15 minutes. You can also check the status of the device and the remaining battery power.

Please note that location and other Find My Mobile features will only work if your lost device is turned on and connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network. You should log in as soon as you find your device is missing in order to have a better chance of finding it.

Requirements before using this method:

The Samsung device must be turned on.

It must be able to connect to the network.

You must be logged into your Samsung account.

Find My Mobile must be activated in advance.

, Use Samsung Find My Phone to Track Your Lost Phone

come with a versatile tool called Find My Phone that you can use to track and lock your lost Samsung phone. The lost Samsung phone app is on the home screen and is easy to set up. You no longer need to worry about your personal information when you lose your device; just go to lost Samsung phones website and follow some easy steps.

The first thing to do is set up your lost Samsung phone account on your phone

From the home screen, tap the Settings icon and then tap the Lock Screen & Security icon.

Finish setting up your Samsung account

Go to Samsung Find My Phone and click “Samsung Account”. You will then be prompted to enter your account details.

When you lose your Samsung phone, you can now go to their tracking website and track or lock your phone. You will have to use another Android or Samsung phone. You can use Find My Phone to check call logs for up to 50 calls, lock the power button and Samsung Pay, or delete data from your phone.

Using the location app found on all Android phones, you can locate your phone on a map.

You can call by phone and the person who has it will receive a notification that the device is lost or stolen; the phone will ring at maximum volume even if the person has turned down the volume.

When you choose to lock the screen, the person who has the phone will not be able to access the home screen. He or she will see a message that the phone has been lost and will be given a number to call. A PIN is required to unlock this screen.

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As an extra precaution, you can set up a guardian to be notified when the SIM card is changed in the device; the new SIM card number will be shown on the Find My Mobile website, so the guardian can call the new number, find it, and even activate emergency mode.

Tracking apps have become the norm these days as people want to track their lost phones or track someone’s location. Every major mobile device manufacturer or software company has released their own versions of GPS tracking apps, including Samsung. Among these apps, there are some apps like Find My Mobile for tracking Samsung phone that are best for finding a lost phone, while others like KidsGuard Pro are better for tracking someone’s location in real time. This way you can decide which application to use based on your requirements.

How to Track Samsung Phone Using GPS or IMEI Number

Ever wondered how to track down your lost Samsung phone? Or you want to track your Samsung phone to find out the whereabouts of your family and friends. Either way, you need a Samsung GPS Tracker to track your Samsung device.

As smartphones have become a very important part of our lives, losing them can be very frustrating. What’s more, since parents are always worried about their child’s safety, they can track the location of their child’s mobile phone and know where they are going at one time. So in this article, we are going to show you 3 ways to track Samsung Galaxy S9 / S8 / S7 / S6 / S5 and other Samsung Android smartphones.

3 ways to track your Samsung phone:

How to find my lost or stolen device?

Samsung Find My Mobile uses location information collected by Google, as well as data transmitted over wireless networks, to determine where a smartphone may have been accidentally abandoned or even stolen.

How to Find a Lost Samsung Phone

Losing your phone is quite unpleasant, but even more unpleasant, and in some cases even dangerous, can be the access to your personal data by the person who found it (or even worse. stole it). How to find a lost Samsung, or at least block it, without giving an attacker the opportunity to extract confidential information and use it for their own selfish purposes?

The easiest way to find a lost Samsung phone is to use your Google account, since it is this account that is usually registered in the system and is used, at least, to download applications from Google Play.

To do this, from any other device (computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.), we go to a special Google service using the link, log in there under the same account that is registered in the lost phone and get a list of devices that are related to your account.

After the device has been found, you can do some actions with it, namely: call, block and clear.

A function that sends a sound signal to a mobile device, regardless of whether a SIM card is inserted into it or not. The call will sound until it is disconnected on the smartphone itself or in this service.

Completely cleans the mobile device from user information. It is used when there is no longer any hope of returning it and the most important thing is to prevent personal data from getting into the hands of intruders.

Block device

This mode locks the phone even if initially there was no password.

You need to come up with a new password (PIN-code), enter it and click on the “Next” button. In no case should you forget the password, since you will not be able to re-install it.

After the password is set, you can enter a message that the person who found the smartphone will receive on the screen of the device, as well as indicate the phone number to which he can call you.

Find Samsung phone via satellite online

When the phone is stolen, it becomes more difficult to find Samsung. Criminals often turn off the device, remove the SIM card so that it is not possible to establish the position of the device on the card by the card number. In such cases, the only way out is to seek help from the police. It is necessary to write a statement and indicate the IMEI number of the device.

It should be rewritten in advance, there are the required 15 digits under the battery. It can also be seen often on the phone box. Using this unique serial number, at the request of law enforcement agencies, a mobile provider can try to track down even a switched off cell phone. The system will show the last determined location of the device on the map. Further searches are carried out by police officers, who will then return the device. If he was found at the address of the victim’s residence, he faces a fine for false appeal.

Try to find your device over the Internet using the Android Remote Control service

Enter the Google account that is added on the device.

If the device is not turned off and connected to the Internet, its location will be displayed. You can block it, delete all data or contact the police.

If the device is turned off or not connected to the Internet, the location will not be displayed.

What to do if you lost your Samsung phone

This company is very popular among users, it seriously competes with Apple and even problems with the latest Galaxy Note 7 did not discourage people from buying these phones. If your gadget is stolen or lost, there are several ways to find your lost Samsung. You can use Samsung or Android tools to find your device.

Useless tips if your device is stolen

Find out IMEI and contact the police

In most cases, all documents where the IMEI is indicated are thrown away. Those who professionally steal phones know how to find them and change the IMEI

Call your cellular operator to find out where the device is

Operators do not provide information on the location of the device and do not block it In most cases, the SIM card is immediately discarded

Send an SMS to your number with a request to return the phone for a reward

In most cases, the SIM card is thrown away immediately There is no guarantee that your phone will be returned to you