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Lenovo Tablet Won’T Turn On What To Do

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What to do if your tablet won’t turn on

It is convenient to use tablets when you are on the road, or relax in a cafe or for a walk. Agree that the laptop is not so convenient in such situations.

But many tablets have one feature: when the battery is completely discharged, then it is difficult to start the gadget, even if it charges it. So let’s figure out what to do if the tablet does not turn on even when it is charging.

Indicators with a good battery!

  • Charger 5v means: from battery 3.7 (charge from board to battery 3.9 to 4.2v)
  • Charger 9v means: from battery 7.4 (charge from board to battery 7.9 to 8.2v)
  • Charger 12v means: from battery 7.4 (charge from board to battery 7.9 to 12.2v).

Do you have a different indicator? Then you should give the gadget for repair.

In the event that everything is in accordance with these indicators, the power circuit is in good order.

What to do if the tablet does not turn on, check the battery

What to do if the tablet does not turn on, almost everything has been checked, but it has not worked? It’s time to check the battery. Some tablets have a power controller installed, it blocks switching on, if there is a problem in the battery.

Check if the battery is connected. In some microplates, the batteries are soldered to the motherboard, in others, they are connected via a connector or ribbon cable.

Measure the outgoing voltage and input voltage, that is, how much goes from the battery, how much goes from the board. Further, the voltage on the contacts of the board, terminal, loop died (black., A red).

What to do if the tablet does not turn on even when charging, the result

Now you know what to do if the tablet does not turn on even when it is charging. I will be glad when my advice will help you solve the problem with the tablet.

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Force start tablet

First of all, you need to check the system. It happens that it freezes, stops responding to the button, turns it on. You need to click on it, hold it for fifteen, twenty seconds.

Then, letting go of the button, immediately press again as you would during normal power-on, that is, from two to five seconds.

If the tablet does not start, look for reset, (emergency shutdown) on its case next to the hole. Take a paper clip, or any other handy material (toothpick, needle, etc.). Fold into paper clips with one end, insert the paper clip into the hole.

There is a button that needs to be turned on. Press it lightly until it clicks, release immediately. After that, try to launch the tablet as usual. It works. we are happy, there is, then we try to find the reasons.

What to do if the tablet does not turn on even when it is charging

Let’s say your gadget is charging and does not want to turn on. Leave it on charge for at least a couple of hours, ideally overnight.

Try to start the tablet when it is fully charged, disconnected from charging.

If the tablet does not turn on after a full charge, Remove the battery from it (only if the battery is removed in your tablet!) For a few minutes, then reinsert it, Try to turn it on.

Most likely, after the performed manipulations, the tablet will work, but if this did not happen, we will try to force it to start. Like this? Read on.

The button does not work.

One of the possible reasons that the tablet does not start is that the start button has broken off from the contacts. This happens often enough.

If you did NOT hear a characteristic click when turning on, then you need to solder the button in place. It is best to entrust this action to a specialist.

Checking the charger

In the event that the lid of the tablet does not heat up, which indicates that the device did NOT turn on, we try to deal with the problem further.

The next step is to check the charger. You will need a multimeter to test the charger. If you, or your friends, have a camera device, then let’s go the other way.

Find another charger for your device, try to charge the tablet with it for about thirty minutes or more, after recharging, try to turn it on.

If the tablet turned on, then perhaps the reason was precisely in your charger, and the gadget, while charging, was not actually charging.

Hardware breakdowns

If the tablet does not turn on, then first of all you need to hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds. If nothing happens, you will have to remove the battery, then insert it back and turn it on again.

It is also possible that your battery is completely discharged, so it is worth putting the tablet on recharge. If after 10 minutes you can NOT turn it on, then there is a possibility that either your charger is broken or the power button does not work.

A possible reason for not turning on the tablet is a breakdown of the screen matrix. In this case, you definitely need to take the tablet to a service center. It is also likely that some components have burned out.

If the tablet stops working after physical impact (fell, hit something), then you are unlikely to be able to fix it yourself. In this case, you will have to contact the service center.

If you have brought a tablet from abroad, then it may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, so you need to contact your brand’s service center to find out more about this.

Android tablet won’t turn on. what to do

When your favorite Android tablet won’t turn on, it’s certainly very unpleasant. But do not get upset prematurely, because in most cases the problem can be solved on your own. So, today you will learn what to do if the tablet does not work.

What are the reasons for the breakdown

Why won’t the tablet turn on? There are two main reasons for its breakdown: hardware and software.

The term “hardware failure” means that your tablet does not turn on due to physical impact on it, mechanical failure of some of its parts.

A software breakdown means that your tablet has stopped functioning properly due to a software problem. For example, due to viruses, unsuccessful system updates, or exposure to an application.

Now let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

Software malfunctions. What to do with them?

If your Android tablet does not turn on, then there is a high probability that the problem is related to software problems.

Your device may have stopped working properly due to exposure to any installed application. If your tablet is still on, but freezes or does not work properly, then you need to boot the tablet in safe mode. Read about this in a separate article on the site.

But the surest way to solve the problem is to completely reset Android to factory settings. It is written in great detail in the instructions: how to reset settings on Android (Hard Reset).

I will briefly talk about the reset. Better read the full version of the instructions on the link above.

To reset your Android tablet, you need to enter Recovery Mode. Since all devices are different, the method of entering this mode is different. To do this, on a completely turned off device, you need to hold down one of the following key combinations (almost certainly the first or second):

  • Volume Up, Volume Down and Power Button
  • Power, Home and Volume Up
  • Volume Down and Power Button
  • Volume Up and Power Button
  • Volume Up and Volume Down

Got into Recovery mode, find the item “wipe data / factory reset”, select it and click on “yes. delete all user data.” Then you need to select the item “Reboot System.” Move using the volume keys, and confirm your choice with the power button power supply or the context menu button.

For more information on factory reset on Android, see the instructions on the link above.

Software crashes

Often modern phones, especially those running on WP, iOS and Android platforms, do not start due to various kinds of software glitches. This can be caused by the clutter of the operating system, virus infection, or an elementary violation of certain files. The manufacturer has provided a way to solve this problem. resetting the settings (although all data is lost during it). So it’s better to make a backup beforehand.

For those with Android as their operating system, such as Lenovo, it is a little easier. Recovery in the Recovery program will help to solve the problem. To enter its menu, you must press a combination of the indicated buttons (depending on the model) and hold them for a while:

  • Key to turn off the phone and increase the volume;
  • SIMultaneous pressing of the lock and volume down buttons;
  • Decrease or increase the volume while pressing the Home key and the power off button.
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After entering the Recovery menu, you need to open the “wipe data / factory reset” submenu, go to the Yes tab. “delete all user data” and confirm by clicking “reboot system now”. After that, a reboot should occur and the phone will turn on.

If the results from THESE actions are zero, then the only thing worth doing is to contact qualified craftsmen.

Tablet does not turn on

If your Lenovo tablet does not turn on, do not panic, but calmly figure it out. There may be several reasons and they are somewhat SIMilar to the described problems for smartphones. But let’s figure it out in order:

  • Operating system crash;
  • Mechanical damage;
  • Low tablet power.

The rarest prerequisite is adapter failure. That is, the gadget itself functions, but the display remains dark.

Fell into the water

Also, very often the phone does not work after contact with moisture. This breakdown can be repaired, but you need to act very quickly. After getting the device wet, you need to remove the battery, and dry the gadget itself with an ordinary hairdryer with a weak airflow, and then put it in a warm place, covering it with a thin cloth.

However, not all modern phones are equipped with a removable battery, and while you take it off, all contacts will have time to oxidize strongly. Therefore, it is worth mentioning separately the old proven remedy. rice, which is the leader in absorbing excess moisture. You just need to put your phone in a bag of rice and wait only 2-3 hours, and then try to turn on the device again.

The battery is completely discharged

Modern gadgets have one feature. The device does not turn on because the battery is completely discharged, even when the charger is connected. What to do then? As a rule, the problem disappears by itself, but if this does not happen, you can try to push the battery with a universal “toad” and connect the phone to the usual charger. However, this option is only suitable if the battery is removable.

Another most common hardware prerequisite is the breakdown of a smartphone when it is connected to a charger. This could be caused by a power outage or a malfunction of the charging itself. In the charger, the connector very often breaks or the filling fails. In this case, you need to make sure that the charging is working and if it works, but the phone still does not turn on, then you should contact the service center for help.

However, the problems do NOT end with hardware problems, but only begin. Often faults can be of a software nature. What to do in this case? In this situation, the solution to the problem of auto products differs from those described above.

Lenovo phone won’t turn on

Few of the owners of mobile gadgets have NOT encountered a problem when their favorite device stops responding to any action. No matter how expensive and reliable the technique is, it tends to throw out tricks from time to time and fail. If your gadget does not turn on, then you need to establish the reason for this and, if possible, try to fix the malfunction yourself. Problems can be either software or hardware. Consider Possible reasons why the gadget does not turn on and the main ways to solve problems for Lenovo phone, tablet and laptop.

A fall

The most common reason for any phone to break down is when it falls. Sometimes even a small height is enough for your device to “shut up”. If the prerequisite for the fact that the Lenovo phone does not turn on is its fall, then having certain skills you will not be able to cope with this problem, so the only thing worth doing is to contact the service center.

Phone won’t turn on

Below we will consider the main problems that prevent the gadget from functioning normally.


If the problem is a tablet operating system crash, which happens quite often, then it is worth updating the firmware. But you can do this procedure yourself only if you have already successfully carried out such operations before. If this is a “dark forest” for you, then it is better to consult a specialist. Yes, and it’s worth remembering that in case of flashing, you can forget about the warranty for your Lenovo tablet.

In the event of a fall, the gadget is also not subject to warranty replacement or repair, so again there is a direct road to the service center. Although some masters replace damaged parts of the tablet on their own, but in order to do this, you need to have the appropriate knowledge and experience in this area.

If Bateria is SIMply discharged, then you need to charge it. It is worth mentioning that some tablet models may NOT charge from a computer.

Laptop won’t turn on

If your faithful and beloved laptop decided to kick up and does not turn on as before, then do not despair, but rather figure out what caused this malfunction. We will consider both the causes of the problems and the ways to solve them below.

Try removing the battery from the gadget. If after that the laptop turns on, it means that a dead battery is to blame or a short circuit has occurred in it.

You can try to remove the battery from the device and disconnect the gadget from the network. You need to wait a little, then charge the battery and start the laptop. In some cases it helps and the device turns on.

But, the worst case, in which the Lenovo laptop does not turn on, is a breakdown of the internal power supply. Since it is located on the motherboard, the problem can only be fixed in the conditions of the service center, and you should not try to fix the problem yourself.

Faced with any breakdown of your phone, tablet or laptop and NOT having experience in electronics repair, it is better to contact a specialized workshop. You should NOT make yourself unnecessary problems, because the service center will not only fix the malfunction of your gadget, but also clean the system of debris, and also take preventive measures of the device.

Lenovo tablet won’t turn on

Tablet computers from Lenovo have long won a confident position in the mobile gadgets market. They are reliable, durable and functional, allowing the user to implement a lot of urgent tasks.

At the same time, like any technique, tablets are NOT perfect, and sooner or later they stop launching. This may mean that your Lenovo tablet is out of order, and you need to think about how to bring it back to life. The best solution would be to contact the repairmen, but this will inevitably entail additional expenses. To avoid this situation, you can independently find out why the Lenovo tablet does not turn on. If the problem is not very serious, then you can fix it on your own, even if you are NOT a specialist in the field of mobile technology.

Let’s see what to do if the tablet does not turn on, and what are the main reasons for this situation are known today.

Hardware breakdowns

If the tablet does not turn on due to a hardware failure, then the first step is to hold down the power buttons for 10-15 seconds. If nothing happens and the power indicator does not light, then Remove the battery from the device, and after a while, insert it back and try to turn on the tablet again. Perhaps, some contact SIMply moved away, and after doing these manipulations, you will solve the problem.

It is likely that the tablet does NOT boot because of the discharged battery. Many users sound the alarm when they see a non-working tablet, but they SIMply forgot that the battery is completely discharged. Of course, in this case, the gadget will not boot until you put the tablet on recharge.

If the tablet computer put on charge still does not turn on, then most likely the problem is either in the charger, or in the tablet connector to which it is connected, or SIMply the battery is out of order. It’s also worth checking if the power button works.

Often, the tablet does not turn on also due to problems with the screen matrix. You are unlikely to be able to do anything to correct the situation at home, so take it to the service center right away. The same can be said about cases when the system does NOT start after the gadget falls or hits something.

If you bought a mobile device at a Licensed Point of Sale, and the problem with its operation began within a year after purchase, then you won’t even have to spend money on repairs, since this situation is covered by the seller’s warranty.

Software breakdowns

It is more difficult to diagnose software breakdowns, but in most cases it is not difficult to fix it. To understand that the problem is in the software platform, see if the LED turns on at startup. If it is on, but the download is NOT in progress, then it is most likely a software failure.

Also, an obvious sign of a software malfunction is a tablet computer that starts up, but constantly freezes. In this case, it is recommended to put the device into safe mode and DO NOT delay the visit to the service center.

There are many options for which part of the software is out of order. But it’s more important for us to find out how to turn on the tablet, and not what exactly happened to it. There is one surefire way to fix the situation by performing a flashing or full reset to factory settings. We recommend starting with a reset, which is also called Hard Reset.

You can do it even if the tablet is turned off. To perform a Hard Reset, do the following:

  • Hold down the power button and the volume down key at the same time.
  • We are waiting for the Android logo to appear on the screen.
  • Getting into Recovery mode and using the volume keys, select Wipe Data.
  • The system will ask you if you are sure of your actions. We agree to completely remove all settings and data from the tablet.
  • When the procedure is completed, click on Reboot System to reboot the tablet.

This is a rather radical method, because as a result all user data will be deleted from the mobile device. But if there is NO choice, you will have to apply it. We recommend placing all tablet data on the cloud on the Internet, then the unexpected need to reset all data will no longer be a problem for you.

Possible reasons

There are two main reasons why the tablet stopped turning on:

  • Hardware problem;
  • Software problem.

In the first case, the device may NOT boot due to some mechanical damage. It is very SIMple to determine this. as a rule, such damage is noticeable visually. You might not even notice how you hit the gadget against something, even if not hard. But in the end, because of this, it does not work.

Also, it cannot be ruled out that some internal part of the tablet is out of order, which is extremely important for turning it on. This could be a battery, for example. Such a breakdown will not be catastrophic, because it is easy to replace a failed part, and this requires a minimum of time.

Software problems are somewhat more difficult to diagnose. If the tablet does not turn on because of them, then the matter is in some viruses or a malfunction in the software platform. It is possible to determine what exactly prevents the tablet from launching by experience, but practice shows that it is better to entrust this matter to the master.

The recommendations given in the article are universal, and they are suitable for Lenovo 3300 tablets and second models of devices from this manufacturer. We hope our tips will be useful for those who have unsuccessfully updated the software platform or encountered other problems in the tablet computer.

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Why does the tablet not boot?

There are times when the tablet was turned on, but it didn’t make any sense. The image did not appear, but various stripes and stars flickered, the background acquired an unhealthy shade. Try using the reset button. If this method does not bring relief, it means that the adapter malfunctioned, it is very likely that it burned out due to overheating, in such a situation it will need to be replaced.
If your tablet turns on, but does not boot, and the problem, in your opinion, is in the adapter, do not go inside the device yourself.

Of course, an exception if you have experience with technology and electronics. Then you can render the gadget yourself. The second option, when your intervention is permissible, is if you do not feel sorry for the device, and you can sacrifice it for the sake of obtaining the above experience. But it’s better to turn to professionals.

The tablet turns on but does not boot

How to flash a gadget using a computer if the tablet turns on but does not start

To flash through a stationary personal computer, you need a tablet, cable and power supply. First, check that all THESE devices are working properly. The tablet needs to be fully charged before the procedure. Pay attention to the serial number and model of your gadget and download the firmware file and instructions on how to make it from the model manufacturer’s website. A lesson may be presented there, if so, check it out so as not to make mistakes in the future. You can also contact a special service where tablets are repaired. Do not forget to download the program for the firmware, as a rule, it always comes in a separate file, but it may be in the archive along with the file of the new system. Complete the installation according to the instructions provided from start to finish. If the manufacturer’s website is. After reviewing it, repeat all the steps shown and explained there. If the manufacturer has NOT posted. And the instructions are not enough for you to understand the process, try to look for a lesson on the Internet, Using any search engine like.

We advise you to use this guide, since the method of reprogramming a tablet computer through a stationary is the easiest and most widely available, and it is also suitable Not only for users of the Android operating system, but also for users of other common systems. However, despite the SIMplicity of the procedure, if you had no understanding with any equipment since childhood and the phones were afraid of you, I do not risk it. In such a situation, no matter how easy the flashing procedure is for a SIMple layman, you should take into account your aversion to this occupation and PROVIDE the case to professionals.

On the topic “the tablet turns on but does not start”

Tablet turns on but won’t start: reinstalling the system

A very SIMple procedure can help you. You need to write to the system one image file with the operating system and all the software that are possible for installation on your device. You can do this through a stationary computer using USB, through a memory card, each tablet has a slot for it, and you can also contact the specialists at the service center.

The tablet turns on, but does not boot: what to do?

When the tablet turns on but does not start, if you are confident in your abilities, you can try to fix the problem with your own hands. If the tablet turns on but does not boot, then perhaps some of THESE events have recently occurred:
1. Incompatible applications were installed;
2. The device has been attacked by a virus;
3. Utilities with access to system files were installed;
4. Recently there was a software or system update.

This is a list of the most common reasons why the tablet may NOT boot, or even will NOT turn on at all. Try to flash your tablet.

3 comments on “The tablet turns on but does not load

Tell me what to do if the tablet turns on but does not load. I pressed the power and volume buttons at the same time, the inscriptions appear: in English, select the boot mode and options-recovery mode, fast boot and normal boot. Already tried all the options and the result is still the same. thanks

Well, so choose some option and do something thread. Why wait here, you have to try, nothing terrible will turn on. You just need to reboot and it will definitely be better than a tablet that does NOT boot. You can try everything and solve.

On the Azusa tablet there are reset buttons and on pressing the volume and on. Also, do not load the BIOS charging, what can be? thanks!

Software crash

A very common prerequisite for the inability to turn on the tablet computer is a violation in the functioning of the software. If the user has NOT taken care of all the necessary updates in advance, then the software can SIMply go to “rest” and stop responding to all resuscitation actions.

Mechanical problem

Mechanical damage is the most common prerequisite. The gadget stops turning on after falling to the floor (a height of 0.5. 1 meter is enough for it), strong pressure on it, impact, exposure to water or other liquid.

Even after serious damage, there may be no marks on the device.

It will be easy to hide its fall from a height or flooding with water if the gadget has several owners at once. For example, after drying after “taking a bath”, the tablet computer looks exactly the same as in water treatments. The state of its case or screen does not change in any way, but there is no reaction to pressing the reset button.

Problems with the battery, charger

If the tablet does not turn on and does NOT charge at the same time, the problem is most likely with its battery or charger.

It happens that the user SIMply accidentally breaks the power cable, bent or distorted it, or SIMply tears the wire without noticing it.

Sometimes the problem is caused by dirt getting into the contacts. Dust and small debris SIMply prevent the charger from transferring the required amount of voltage to the device.

The main reasons why the tablet does not turn on

There are several main reasons why the tablet does not turn on. It is with their clarification that you need to start, Trying to “revive” your tablet computer.

Sleep mode

Going to sleep mode is one of the most popular and at the same time the most insignificant reasons why a gadget “suddenly stops turning on”. It happens that the tablet falls asleep on its own while the owner of the Ego does not use. If at this moment the device “freezes”, then in the future the OS cannot boot and function normally. The user only needs to correctly identify the problem, and it is solved quite SIMply.

Faulty tablet electronics

If the owner has been using the tablet for more than a year, you need to be prepared for the fact that the “filling” of the device will eventually stop working according to the previous correct and problem-free scheme. Its “fillings” can burn out, become covered with a thick layer of dust, or SIMply become unusable due to its impressive age. It happens that over time, an insignificant factory defect of the electronics of the device manifests itself.

If the reason is precisely such a malfunction of the gadget, then it will be extremely difficult or even impossible to solve the problem on your own without appropriate education or experience. It is better to ask for help in a trusted service center.

Defective touch screen

It happens that the owner of the tablet computer only thinks that his device does not turn on. In fact, the screen just remains dimmed, as the adapter fails. As a result, the power button responds correctly to user actions, the “operating system” is loaded, but the image does NOT appear.

The tablet won’t turn on, what should I do? Causes and solutions to the problem

If the tablet does not turn on, this does NOT mean that it is completely broken and should be sent to the trash can. Often, the causes of the problem are easily solvable. In such cases, it is possible to eliminate them and return the gadget to life even on their own without much difficulty.

Ways to solve the problem of NOT turning on the tablet

Every owner of a “rebellious” gadget wants to know what to do if the tablet won’t turn on. There are several tips that will be relevant for owners and devices on Android, and “apple” gadgets, and any other.

If the device was hit, dropped, squeezed or poured with some kind of liquid, then, most likely, you cannot do without the help of a specialist.

Is the tablet still under warranty? Then you shouldn’t open it yourself. You need to immediately carry the gadget to the service center.

  • If a glass of water was poured onto an already old computer, or it got into the bath itself, you need to immediately turn off the device and disassemble it into its components. All parts will need to be thoroughly dried. To do this, you can use a hairdryer or a container of rice. Groats perfectly absorb moisture and speed up the drying process. To protect yourself from future problems, you should buy a waterproof case.
  • If you have problems with charging or battery, first of all, you need to check if the device works. You should connect the gadget to the network in a different way. If at the same time his screen immediately lit up affably, it will be enough just to replace the charger / battery with a new serviceable one.
  • It happens that charging works and does not work. In this case, you will need to clean the contacts and the entrance to the tablet computer where its cable is inserted. This is done with a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of alcohol. When the alcohol is dry, you can try charging the tablet again.
  • If there is a problem with the software / operating system, you can bring your device back to life by updating the firmware. Only experienced users should carry out this process independently at home. Everyone else is better off turning to a professional.
  • If, as a result of overheating or various damage, a problem arose with the adapter and the picture disappeared, then it will not be easy to solve the problem yourself. You can only try to charge the device and press the power button again. If earlier there was just a backlight failure, then such actions will help. For a more serious cause of the problem, take the device to a service center.

It happens that the tablet turns on only “halfway”, freezes during the boot process. The reason for this is a software failure that arose after the installation of “broken” programs or after the forced termination of fundamental system processes.

Resetting to factory settings will help to revive the device in the description of the case. It is best to search the Internet for how to do this for each specific model.

Waking up from sleep mode

Sometimes after some idle time, Lenovo freezes and does not turn on. This says one thing: the gadget went into “sleep mode”. At this time, it does not give any reaction to touching the power button, screen, etc.

To turn on the device, just connect it to the charger, plug into the socket. After that, it will be possible to observe how the screen lights up and turn on. So that such difficulty does NOT arise in the future, you need to go to the screen settings and change them for the “sleep mode” function.

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Electronics failures

Each gadget has an electronic “filling” hidden inside. Many mechanical reasons can disable it, among them are such commonplace and common things as power surges and increased humidity. In addition, the case may be a factory marriage. In the latter case, the malfunction may be covered by the factory warranty.

However, if the gadget has stopped starting, the difficulty can often be solved independently and at home. But this must be done as quickly as possible. otherwise it will be more difficult to restore the device. This is especially true for emergencies such as Lenovo falling into water. In this case, the following steps are required very quickly:

  • Put it on a piece of soft cloth;
  • Try to remove the battery as soon as possible;
  • Take a hairdryer and dry.

Some experts also recommend placing wet appliances in a container filled with rice. because the rice will absorb all the moisture. You can also use a bag filled with this cereal. But, if these tips DO NOT help, then you need to take the equipment to the service center without delaying.

Whether to contact the service center?

As a rule, users find that the Lenovo screen does not light up, rush to contact the service center, without fully understanding the problem on their own. But it is not always necessary to spend money on professional diagnostics. in most cases, you can do it yourself. First of all, you should identify the reason why the tablet does not turn on.

Poorly installed SIM card

If the SIM card is loose, it can also cause Lenovo to turn off or refuse to turn on. To get rid of the breakage, you need to remove the card and insert it back.

Software crashes

All gadgets of this brand are built on the Android operating system, which is very convenient, because their owner allows them to play games, select beautiful themes, use organizers, tutorials, etc. However, such an abundance of applications often leads to “freezing” of the system, and it stops responding to pressing the power button.

In this case, some applications will have to be removed. To do this, remove the memory card, it needs to be formatted. But, if the applications were installed not in it, but in the memory of the device itself, then you will have to resort to resetting the settings to the factory settings.

Battery and charging

How do I turn on my Lenovo tablet if it refuses to respond when the charger is connected and the battery is DISCHARGED? If it does not start immediately after the charger is connected to the outlet, then first you need to make sure that there is voltage in the network. If there are problems with this, then you will need to diagnose the charger by connecting it to some second phone, for example.

If there is voltage and the charger is working, but the Lenovo tablet does not respond to it, then you will need to remove the back cover to inspect the battery. This is often the main problem, because after some time of using the device, failure may occur again.

When the battery stops working correctly, it needs to be replaced with another one of the same type. However, if it looks quite working, then it will need to be checked using a universal charger. If the battery is good, it will be charged. Then you have to conclude that the snag is in the faulty contacts, and they require cleaning. You can make it yourself, or you can turn to professionals.

It is more difficult to solve the problem with the device, which does not turn on, but at the same time has a non-removable battery. If you try to remove the battery yourself, it will be a violation of the warranty conditions. Therefore, the most reasonable way out would be to seek qualified help.

If the situation repeats after the update, then you should pay attention to the power button. it may be faulty. Then you need to clean the contacts.

Mechanical breakdown

First of all, you need to make sure if there are mechanical failures. It may be a hardware or mechanical failure, as a result of which the Lenovo Yoga Tablet does not turn on. This is especially true when the device is used not by one person, but by several and there is no certainty that someone did not drop it or break it.

Inspect the case first, it may show chips or other damage indicating that there has been a fall or impact. If there are cracks, then you should not open the device yourself and find out why the tablet does not turn on. Before deciding what to do if the tablet does not start, it is boring to conduct a series of tests to make sure that the software and hardware of the device is working properly.

Cardinal solution

When all the methods described above did not give any result, you can solve the problem radically. reset to factory settings. But, doing this, you need to remember that as a result the data will be formatted: all applications, recorded contacts, messages, etc. will be deleted. The memory will be completely cleared and you will have to install and write everything again.

You can do a reset, go to the settings, where there will be an option “Reset with restoring factory settings”.

This is possible for any models of this company, including Lenovo Tab. Therefore, the question of how to find out the model of a Lenovo tablet is not worth it in this case. Thus, you can independently eliminate almost all the reasons why Lenovo does not turn on correctly. If these methods did NOT work and the device did not start, then you need to contact the service center.

Lenovo Tablet does not turn on. What to do?

Most families today have a gadget like a tablet. at least one. Lenovo-branded laptop computers are in great demand today because they are convenient, compact and easy to use. However, like any equipment, over time it starts to fail, some problems are found that interfere with normal operation. For example, owners often complain that Lenovo won’t turn on.

What to do if the tablet freezes and does NOT turn off

If a tablet of Lenovo, Samsung, ASUS, prestige, Digma and so on freezes, and even at the most inopportune time, there is certainly little joy. Then it usually solves the problem.

But the trouble is. it does not turn off. What to do? There is a solution, or rather there are several of them.

The process for shutting down your tablet may vary depending on the make and model of your device, but most of the time it looks the same (if it’s on Android).

To properly shutdown, you need to hold the power button for a few seconds until the menu appears.

Then select “OK” when asked if you want to turn off the device. After a few seconds, the tablet will be turned off.

This is the right way. Thanks to him, no data should be lost or damaged. If the shutdown occurs in an improper way, then although rarely, the data contained in the device’s memory may still be lost.

By the way, you can easily fix your tablet freezing problem so that this does not happen again in the future. here is a description of how and how to do it.

How to turn off the tablet if it freezes

Sometimes there are situations in which the tablet is frozen and does NOT react to anything. In this case, normal shutdown is not possible.

If this situation arises, press and hold the power button for a long time (usually 10 seconds).

This is an emergency measure and should only be used as a last resort. If such situations need to be repeated too often, then the device must be “treated”.

Although, there is another option: the tablet should not be turned off and on, but forced to restart. On many devices, the manufacturer has provided this.

Why the tablet is frozen and does NOT react to anything

The tablet may hang due to a software conflict. Why? Because the firmware may be updated, and installed applications may be incompatible with it.

Of course, you cannot do without a forced restart. If the options described above do not help, you will have to tackle the device more rigidly.

Only all the data will then be destroyed (some can be saved if you pull out the memory card).

Lenovo Tablet Won'T Turn On What To Do

Only for all devices the same option will NOT work. The most common option is when the tablet is on, SIMultaneously press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons.

Sometimes you need to use the third button “HOME”. Then a menu will appear, where with the volume button select “Settings” and then “Format System”.

When you click on “Reset Android”, a reboot will start, in the city. As a result, the tablet will be reset to factory settings.

NOTE: it has been noticed that viruses can freeze, like in a computer. a full reset will fix it.

How to restart the tablet if it freezes

In most models, this process involves pressing a dedicated button responsible for restarting the device.

See if you have a very small hole diameter on the case, located on the back panel (sometimes on the side).

Its diameter is for a pin or needles. If there is, then to restart, press with a sharp object and hold this button for a few seconds (about 3-5 seconds).

If the tablet freezes once, it is not scary, but if the process is repeated, It is not only annoying, but there is a possibility that it will NOT start soon.

Therefore, you need to establish the reason, and there are many of them, but it all comes down to two: hardware and software.

The latter, as a rule, are eliminated on their own, but with hardware you cannot do without service (diagnostic equipment is required).

Situations happen Not only when the tablet is frozen and does NOT turn off, but vice versa. Rehabilitation of the device is only possible if the correct diagnosis is made, but there are also basic solutions.

Conclusion of the article. “what to do if the tablet is frozen and does NOT turn off

The process of shutting down the tablet is SIMple and it’s safe to say that even a child can handle it.

Only This does not mean that it is not important. This is one of the key processes and Proper execution affects the correct functioning and reliability of the device.

Remember that your device, like everyone else, can be in three different states:

It can work in normal mode. activated, for example, watch a movie through the Internet, sleep mode, when it goes into sleep mode after a few seconds of inactivity and off (in fact, if the unit is not completely pulled out, it does not turn off).

All this, of course, can be changed in the settings: when sleeping, it consumes less battery power.

During the day, he is usually in sleep mode, so that he can access it literally a second after the power button is pressed.

ATTENTION: in an Android tablet, as in a computer, you can enable Safe Mode.

Using it, it will be much easier for you to find the cause of the hang, more accurately determine whether it is software or hardware. Success.


Thank you very much. About 10 seconds, it helped a lot :)))
And I thought I would have to carry it for repairs, or do a complete reset.

Thanks! I have an old Samsung. I looked, and suddenly, it froze, the sound “hiccups”. I did not respond to pressing the “OFF” button. But your “ten-second” method helped!

I have the same tablet and only this method helped