Laptop starts up but there is no image black screen

The laptop does not turn on. black screen. What to do? Part 1

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Your laptop won’t turn on? The power light is on, the fan is spinning. but there is no image. a black screen? This happens especially often when the laptop is flooded with water. I will try to share with you my method of determining a malfunction when the laptop does not turn on. in most cases, it helps me (except for very non-standard cases).

I say right away. if you are not confident in your abilities, or, ghm, you are simply afraid that you will only make it worse, it is better to take it to a service center. This will be safer. and you won’t have to blame anyone (especially yourself). But laptop repairs are usually more expensive than desktop PC repairs. and can be quite expensive. judge for yourself what is more profitable for you.

I also warn you. my article does not claim to be a comprehensive catalog of solutions to all the problems that you may have, and may not help in solving YOUR problem with a laptop that does not turn on, but is only intended to HELP TO FIND A FAULT. all actions you perform at your own peril and risk!

If you are ready to continue, then let’s go.

Hence, the first. First, we are looking for a connector on a laptop for connecting an external display

If a laptop is flooded with something liquid (water, coffee, beer. which is also not rare, in general, it does not matter), the most frequent thing that fails is the RAM. Therefore, we will start digging into the laptop with it. even if you are ABSOLUTELY sure that the laptop was not flooded with anything (for some reason, many hide it at first). And yes. I hope the water on the laptop is already dry? Do not turn on the laptop if it is still wet. dry it first! Check it for functionality only after you are sure that it is completely dry, both inside and out.

Disconnect the laptop from the mains and take out the battery (this is the very first thing to do when disassembling the laptop. do not forget!). We turn the laptop over and unscrew the bolt on the memory compartment (it is almost always removed separately from the entire case. just for such cases, as well as for an easy upgrade of the laptop by increasing the amount of RAM). on the case it is usually marked with a special icon.

After removing the laptop’s RAM cover, remove the memory itself by gently “pushing” the metal latches adjacent to it from the sides (the memory bar should rise towards you).

Pay attention. between the middle of the strip and one of its edges there is a small slot, which is called a “key”. in different types of memory the key is located at different distances from the edge (for example, in DDR2 key is closer to the edge than in DDR3).

So. do not forget that in case of memory replacement, you need to change it to memory of exactly the same type and the same or higher memory frequency as the old bar. If the keys do not fit (they are at different distances). in no case try to “push” it into the slot by force! This is not a girl for you. it will break and give, if this one breaks, then it definitely won’t give =).

If everything is outwardly normal, we are in no hurry to put it in its place. We ask friends / acquaintances if they have the same “laptop” memory, well, or we also buy (if you have two slots for RAM and one of them is free. you can insert it additional. this, of course, if the old one turns out to be working and the problems are not in it).

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Software problems

Recently installed software may be causing your graphics card drivers to malfunction. In this scenario, when the laptop boots up, a black screen is displayed with no clear signs of a normal login in the form of a prompt sound.

To remove recently installed programs, you need to boot into Safe Mode. For this:

  • at the end of the BIOS loading, the F8 button is pressed;
  • if the laptop does not display diagnostic messages, you can quickly press and release the button constantly immediately after turning on;
  • when text lines with boot options appear on the screen, select safe mode.

After turning on the laptop in safe mode, you should uninstall recently installed programs. After reboot, the system will be restored.

Hard reset

A hard reset might help when the laptop turns on but the screen is black. It is done differently on individual manufacturers’ models. HP offers detailed instructions both on its website and in the documentation for your computer. In general, you need to proceed as follows:

  • the laptop turns off and is disconnected from the network;
  • the battery is pulled out;
  • the power button is clamped for 20 seconds or more. this is necessary to neutralize the remaining charge on the elements of the motherboard;
  • the laptop is connected to the network by the charger and turns on.

For a double check, you can connect an external monitor or TV to the system. When turning on, you need to monitor: if the BIOS check lines appear on the connected device at startup, and there is no image on the display, then the problem is in the laptop screen. A visit to the service center is required.

Contact problems

The working disk in some laptop models is not rigidly fixed to the slide. A situation when, when turned on, the fan makes a noise, and on the display there is a black desktop screen, it may mean that the hard drive contacts are moving away. It can also be accessed by removing the cover on the bottom of the laptop.

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Before any work, the laptop is disconnected from the network, the battery is removed from it. After removing the cover, the hard drive is removed and inserted more tightly. If it is in the slide, you need to check the tightness of their attachment, if necessary, the disk is corrected for better contact with the connector.

Driver problem

The case when the laptop is working, but nothing is displayed on the screen, may be due to an outdated version of the BIOS of the motherboard. In this case, the following happens:

  • the next generation operating system, such as Windows 10, automatically installed new drivers for the video card;
  • the power management scheme provided in the new software cannot work correctly with the resources of the motherboard;
  • when the laptop is turned on, the monitor does not turn on, but the power button is on, there is a sound of cooling, logging in. this shows that everything is working fine.

In this situation, the user sees only a black screen with a cursor. In Asus, Acer laptops of old revisions, for the appearance of an image, it is enough to close and reopen the lid.

Broken loop or failure of the backlight system

What to do if when the laptop boots up a black screen, the fan works but nothing happens? The answer is simple: check the operation of the external output of the video card. To do this, an external monitor must be connected to the laptop. This can be done using the connector on the side panel.

If your laptop has a modern HDMI connector, you can connect it to your TV to test it. If the indicators are on, the coolers are noisy, and the image has not appeared on the main screen and the external monitor. you should try pressing the F6 button to forcibly switch to the connected image device.

Black screen when turning on the laptop: causes and solutions

The situation when, when turning on the laptop, a black screen is not just unpleasant. This can disrupt the planned work, indicate the loss of data, the need for expensive repairs. However, a situation where a laptop does not turn on does not always mean an immediate crash. There may be a software or hardware failure that can be dealt with with minimal effort.

Difficult problems

The absence of an image on the display with obvious signs of system operation may mean a failure of the video chip or central processor. Especially often this problem appears on Lenovo laptops.

Built on single-chip solutions, they can come out of standing due to severe overheating or static discharge to the external port. Unfortunately, such a problem is diagnosed only in a service center. Getting rid of her will cost money. In the case of Lenovo. very impressive.


It is unlikely that the installation of the camera could lead to such consequences. Try to disable it and follow the steps described in the article.


Thank you. I tried everything. PC worked, apparently contacts or shake helped.


The PC turns on, then it says Press DEL to run Setup. And the keyboard does not respond but works.


The PC turns on but when Windows boots up, the monitor starts blinking and then everything blinks and does not reach the desktop, but everything blinks


You need to check the video card and the cable going to the monitor


Start by cleaning the contacts of the RAM, also visually inspect the mat. the board for the presence of swollen capacitors.

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Causes of malfunction

The reasons why the laptop screen does not work can be divided into several groups:

  • Damage to the south or north bridge of the motherboard due to mechanical interference or overheating of the device.
  • Malfunctions with the central processor or video card.
  • Broken loop, laptop matrix or backlight.
  • The RAM crashed or fell out of the socket.
  • Malfunctions in the hardware settings of the computer.
  • The battery has stopped working.

In the first three cases, repair or replacement of parts is required. You can try to fix the malfunctions described in the remaining paragraphs yourself.

What to do if laptop won’t turn on. black screen?

Every third laptop owner is faced with a black screen at startup. There can be a lot of reasons that cause the problem, but before contacting a computer repair service, we recommend that you perform diagnostics yourself. We will talk about this below.

BIOS settings

Laptop users experiencing black screen issue have been helped by a way to reset BIOS to default. If the computer shows signs of life (coolers are working), connect it to a monitor or do the blind procedure:

  • Turn on the device.
  • After turning on, press the F10 key for 10 seconds (enter BIOS).
  • A menu will open, wait and press F9.
  • Press Enter (rollback to original settings).
  • Press F10 (exit BIOS) /
  • Press Enter to save changes, exit and restart your computer.

Battery check

If the laptop shows signs of life when turned on:

  • Connect it to a 220V network, check if there is voltage (look at the laptop charge indication).
  • There is an indication, but the laptop does not turn on. disconnect the charger from the laptop.
  • Pull out the battery as shown in the figure.
  • Clean clogged contacts.
  • Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to remove the residual charge from the motherboard and laptop components.
  • Connect the charger and turn on the device, check the screen operation. If it works, put in the battery and check it again. Laptop won’t turn on? We recommend replacing the battery.
  • Connect monitor via VGA or HDMI outputs.
  • Start your laptop and follow the process.
  • If the BIOS and Windows boot was successful, there is a problem with the screen or its connection (the loop may have come off).


Checking RAM sticks

There is a possibility that the motherboard has stopped recognizing random access memory (RAM):

  • Unplug the laptop and take out the charger, turn it over, remove the screws.
  • Open the back cover.
  • Gently push the latches apart to remove the RAM.
  • Take out the strips of the OP and clean the contacts with an eraser.
  • Change the connector (if several) or places of the OP.
  • Insert the OP backwards at a 45% angle and press lightly from above. The clamps will do all the work themselves.
  • Check the connection of other devices (hard disk or SSD bracket).
  • Close the cover, plug in the device and check its operation.

If the advice of the article did not help you, we recommend that you contact the service center. Most likely the malfunction is in the hardware. Also write to us, maybe together we can find the problem.