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Laptop Hangs What To Do Windows 10

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Chrome hangs on Windows October 1803

New computer with licensed Windows Periodically freezes occur from scratch. the screen freezes, the mouse and keyboard do not work. I’ve been struggling with this for the second week. I updated all the drivers, removed unnecessary programs, although the OS was freshly installed on a blank disk, there is nothing superfluous there. Change advanced power settings:. I also found that some as a last chance suggest disabling dynamic processor ticks, I don’t know what it’s called in Russian. Well, let’s do that too. We launch the command term as administrator and enter the command:.

The laptop hangs dead

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The latest update for Windows 10 brings many features, but it can also cause a major headache for some users in the form of performance freezes. Microsoft says it is working on a fix, which it hopes to release on Monday May 8th. There is no way yet to SIMply cure the system for this error, but Microsoft has shared some workarounds:. Microsoft said that developers can now create their own bit applications for. The company announced on Monday that Microsoft has stopped rolling out its update. Microsoft confirmed the name of the upcoming Windows version this weekend at IFA.


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The issue freezes Checking for updates in the Windows installation freezes Checking for updates in the Windows installation Disable all updates. Install with disconnected internet. After installation, update what you need, or rather, what is not necessary. Doesn’t even ask for consent. Disable nafig need to be any updated feature. Re: freezes Checking for updates in Windows installation perform the following steps before restarting the computer, otherwise the “Media” folder may be inaccessible.

The computer takes a long time to boot and freezes

Windows 10 Explorer is enabled by default to display the most frequently used data. In some cases, when a PC is used in a family, it is undesirable to use it. CHIP will tell you how to deactivate this option or configure it according to your portability. The new Quick Access in Windows 10 has three parts: Most Used Folders, Manually Pinned Documents, and Recent Files. If you want to keep your pinned folders, you can only hide the two new categories:.

The computer is running slowly

Most users are guided by the most modern operating system. Windows We are talking about users of fairly powerful computers. The kind that are bought, and not looking at the price.

Windows 10 hangs when working.

Most users are guided by the most modern operating system. Windows We are talking about users of fairly powerful computers. The kind that are bought, and not looking at the price. One is, and not looking at too high a price. Windows 10 is usually installed on these machines and sometimes it freezes when installing Windows 10. The problem with installing the Windows operating system began with the very first versions. However, Microsoft’s Plug-and-play technology has solved this problem.

As if they were allowed. In fact, we still have problems with installation on specific equipment. That is, each machine requires the presence of Certain software features that cannot be foreseen in the development process. The endless variety of hardware configurations entails a requirement for programmers. They are required to develop universal software that functions on any hardware.

The Java language is one of the solutions to the problem. However, an operating system based on this language, supported by Oracle, does not yet exist. Still, we will hope that the software will be on a par with the hardware. So, freezing during the installation of Windows 10 occurs as often as when installing parent versions, such as Win 7 and even WinXP. Let’s discuss why the Windows 10 installation freezes. How to solve the problem with the installation how to do it specifically?

What should be done in this case? In all THESE cases, you need to work with your brains and hands. The second problem is the installation of Windows 10 November assembly. This assembly hangs on some hardware.

If you have an SD card reader on your system, this Windows 10 will probably hang during installation. However, Microsoft developers promise to solve this problem in the very near future. How to deal with this problem? Sometimes users who have started the Windows 10 installation find that it hangs for several hours. This usually happens on Win7 and Win8 systems that have NOT received the latest service packs. If you work with a computer like a typewriter, then you probably don’t need Windows, And even more so, you shouldn’t worry about how it freezes.

In each of the proposed options, you can become a friend of your operating system. Gender is a creative user of system software offered to you by either a large corporation like Microsoft or the free software community. There are options, and nobody canceled them. Be happy my friends. Thank you for attention. Read us more! As if they were allowed. In fact, we still have problems with installation on specific equipment.

What to do if the system gives an error while installing Windows 7 Computer freezes while installing Windows 7? We find a way to solve the problem. What to do when Windows 10 does not see the second hard drive. What to do when a computer running Windows 7 hangs Add comment Your e-mail Will not be published.

Diagnostics and elimination of reasons of laptop freezing

If your laptop freezes, a number of factors can be the cause of this problem. Usually it is possible to fix the problem at home, but in order for the laptop to work without failures, you first need to find the cause of the breakdown.

Causes of problems

Possible reasons for laptop freezing can be roughly divided into two categories:

  • Hardware. problems with hardware, for example, overheating of components.
  • Software. errors in Windows, Virus infection, etc.

If the device freezes while loading Windows, then we are most likely talking about a hardware failure. If the system starts, it works for some time, then you need to Pay attention to the state of the operating system, although there may be exceptions, which are described below.

Freeze on power on and off

If the laptop hangs tightly when turned on, then you should look for the reason first of all in the physical state of the components. What problems lead to this situation:

  • Problems with RAM bars. it is unlikely that you can fix them on your own, you need to disassemble the laptop.
  • Hard disk malfunctions. you can check the status of the disk using a bootable flash drive with the Victoria program.
  • Dirty laptop and overheating of components.

If the laptop slows down at the boot stage, and before that it turns on normally, then try starting Windows in Safe Mode. Windows 7, you can select safe mode through the menu that is invoked with the F8 key when you turn on the computer. If the system boots in safe mode, then you need to clean the startup list. one or more programs slow down Windows startup in normal mode.

On Windows 8 and 10, the F8 key does NOT work, so you have to wait for the system to start. To clean up startup:

  • Press the “Win” (button with the Windows logo) and “R” keys on the keyboard.
  • The Run window will appear. Enter the command “msconfig”.
  • Go to the Startup tab and click Disable All. Check only the antivirus to keep the system protected.

If Windows boots normally without programs at startup, just do not allow applications to load along with the system. Open the startup list again and mark only those programs that are vital. antivirus, applications for managing the card. All other applications can be started manually.

Another unpleasant situation. the laptop works fine, but at the end of the work it starts to slow down terribly and does NOT turn off for a long time. This is usually caused by a program or process that the system cannot terminate. When shutting down Windows 10, a window always pops up telling you which apps are still running. You can go back to the system, launch the task manager and end stubborn processes manually.

At the same time, check the system with an antivirus. there may be processes that prevent the computer from shutting down normally, somehow harm the system.

Freezing in the process

If the laptop freezes a few minutes after turning it on, then try to find some systematic behavior in the appearance of problems. For example, Windows hangs after launching a game or program, which means that the matter is in the software you are trying to start. Reinstall it or uninstall, then the laptop cannot work with it.

Another prerequisite could be incompatible drivers. If the problem arose after connecting new equipment and installing software, then you should stop using this equipment or look for other drivers. If, for example, the mouse or other hardware hangs, and not the entire system, then you should also pay attention to the drivers and the physical state of the device.

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There are such obvious indicators. you will have to carry out a small independent diagnostics of the laptop. If you are wondering how to reboot the machine to start diagnostics, then the answer depends on whether the laptop responds to your requests. If you can open the Start menu and click Restart, then use this restart method.

The laptop is frozen and does NOT respond at all? Then you will need knowledge on how to turn off a frozen device. Hold the power button and hold until the screen turns off. If this does not help, then Disconnect the laptop from the mains and remove the battery from it. this is a last resort.

After turning on, the first thing to do is check the laptop using antivirus. Use Not only the Installed Anti-Virus Software, but also the free Dr.Web CureIT utility downloaded from the developer’s official website. By the way, if you install a modern powerful antivirus on your old laptop, then it will also mercilessly slow down due to lack of resources.

An overflowing hard disk can also cause the system to slow down or freeze. Open “Computer” and see how much space is left on the system partition. If the bar turns red, you are dangerously overfilling the disk. Try to clean it from unnecessary files and programs. Also, remove the temporary data:

  • Right click on the completed section, go to properties.
  • Click Disk Cleanup.
  • Wait while the wizard prepares a list of temporary files that you can delete. Click “OK” to clean up the system. If you have never done this, then you will have much more than 72 MB free.

Unfortunately, sometimes a prerequisite for laptop freezing is not only such a trifle as temporary files. The reasons may also be of a hardware nature. If the laptop turns on and works a little, then freezes and does not turn on anymore, and then after a while it turns on again and works a little, then you are definitely faced with overheating of the components. To eliminate this drawback, you need to disassemble the laptop, clean it from dust and check the cooling system.

Problems can arise in the operation of the hard disk, motherboard, RAM. You can independently check the temperature of the components using programs such as Speccy or run tests of RAM and hard drive in MemTest and Victoria. But it is difficult to diagnose problems in such cases on your own, so it is better to contact a service center in order to avoid the appearance of even more serious problems.

Lack of space on the system disk partition

The next common situation when the computer starts to freeze is the lack of space on the C drive (or a small amount of it). If your system disk has 1-2 GB of free space, then very often this can lead to just such a computer operation, with freezing at various times.

If the Described is about your system, then I recommend the following materials for acquaintance: How to clean the disk of unnecessary files, How to increase the C drive at the expense of the D drive.

Computer or laptop freezes some time after turning on (and does NOT respond anymore)

If your computer always, after some time after being turned on, for no reason at all freezes and to continue working it needs to be turned off or rebooted (after which, after a short time, the problem repeats again), then the following variants of the causes of the problem are possible.

First of all, it is overheating of computer components. Whether this is a prerequisite, you can check using Special programs to determine the temperature of the processor and card, see for example: How to find out the temperature of the processor and card. One of the signs that this is the problem. the computer freezes during the game (and in different games, and not in any one) or the execution of “heavy” programs.

If necessary, you should make sure that the ventilation holes of the computer are NOT blocked by anything, clean it from dust, perhaps replace the thermal paste.

The second variant of the possible reason is problematic programs in startup (for example, incompatible with the current OS) or device drivers causing freezes, which also happens. In this scenario, Windows Safe Mode and the subsequent removal of unnecessary (or recently appeared) programs from startup, checking device drivers, preferably installing chipset, network and card drivers from the manufacturer’s official websites, and not from the driver pack, can help.

One of the most common cases related to the option just described is that the computer freezes when connected to the Internet. If this is exactly what happens to you, then I recommend starting by updating the drivers for your network card or Wi-Fi adapter (by updating, I mean installing the official driver from the manufacturer, and not updating through the Windows device manager, where you will almost always see that the driver does not need update), and continue to search for malware on the computer, which can also cause freezing at the very moment when Internet access appears.

And another possible reason why a computer with SIMilar symptoms may freeze is problems with the computer’s RAM. Here it is worth trying (if you know how and know how) starting the computer from only one of the memory sticks, when the hang repeats. on the other, to identify the problem module. As well as checking the computer’s RAM using Special programs.

Computer freezes. what to do?

One of the common problems that can arise in the user. the computer freezes while working, playing games, during boot or when installing Windows. At the same time, it is not always easy to determine the reason for this behavior.

This article explains in detail why a computer or laptop freezes (Most common options) in relation to Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 and what to do if you have such a problem. Also on the site there is a separate article on one of the aspects of the problem: the installation of Windows 7 hangs (suitable for Windows 10, 8 on old PCs and laptops).

Note: some of the actions suggested below may not be possible to perform on a frozen computer (if it does it “tightly”), but they turn out to be quite realizable if you go into Windows Safe Mode. Consider this point. The material may also be useful: What to do if a computer or laptop slows down.

Computer freezes due to hard disk problems

And the last common cause of the problem is the hard drive of a computer or laptop.

Typically, the symptoms are as follows:

  • During operation, the computer may hang tightly, and the mouse pointer usually continues to move, just nothing (programs, folders) opens. Sometimes after a certain period of time passes.
  • When freezing, the hard drive starts making strange sounds (in this case, see Hard drive makes sounds).
  • After some idle time (or working in another non-demanding program, like Word) and when starting another program, the computer freezes for a while, but after a few seconds it “dies” and everything works fine.

I’ll start with the last of these points. as a rule, this happens on laptops and do not talk about any problems with the computer or the disk: just in the power settings you have set to “disconnect disks” from a certain idle time to save energy (and downtime can be considered and operating time without accessing the HDD). Then, when the disk is needed (starting a program, opening something), it takes time for it to “spin up”, for the user it may look like a hang. This option is configurable in the power plan parameters if you want to change the behavior and disable sleep for the HDD.

But the first of the listed options is usually more difficult to diagnose and can have a variety of factors as its causes:

  • Damage to data on the hard drive or its physical malfunction. it is worth checking the hard drive using standard Windows tools or more powerful utilities such as Victoria, as well as looking at S.M.A.R.T. Disk.
  • Hard disk power problems. freezes Possible due to lack of HDD power due to a faulty computer power supply, a large number of consumers (you can try to turn off some of the optional devices for testing).
  • Bad connection of the hard drive. check the connection of all cables (data and power) from both the motherboard and the HDD, reconnect them.

Two antivirus

Most users know (because this is often said) that you cannot install more than one antivirus in Windows (pre-installed Windows Defender does not count). However, there are still cases when two (or even more) anti-virus products end up on the same system. If so, then it is very possible that this is why your computer freezes.

What to do in this case? Everything is SIMple here. remove one of the antiviruses. over, in such configurations, where several antiviruses appear in Windows at once, removal can become a non-trivial task, and I would recommend using special removal utilities from the official websites of developers, and not a SIMple removal through Programs and Features. Some details: How to uninstall antivirus.

Startup programs, malware and more

I’ll start with the most common case in my experience. the computer freezes when loading Windows (during login) or immediately after it, but after a while everything starts working normally (if it does not start, then the options below are probably not about you, described below may do).

Fortunately, this option of freezing is at the same time the easiest (since it does NOT affect the hardware nuances of the system).

So, if the computer freezes during Windows startup, then there is a possibility of one of the following reasons.

  • The startup contains a significant number of programs (as well as, possibly, maintenance commands), and their launch, especially on weak computers, can lead to the inability to use a PC or laptop at the end of the download.
  • There is malware or viruses on the computer.
  • Some external devices are connected to the computer, the initialization of which takes a long time and during this time the system stops responding.

What to do in each of THESE options? In the first case, I recommend first of all to remove everything that you think is not necessary in Windows startup. I wrote about this in detail in several articles, but for most of them, the instruction Startup programs in Windows 10 is suitable (and what is described in it is also relevant for previous versions of the OS).

For the second option, I recommend using antivirus scan utilities, as well as Separate malware removal tools. for example, scan your computer with Dr.Web CureIt and then AdwCleaner or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (see Malware removal tools). A good option is also to use bootable disks and flash drives with antivirus software to check.

The last point (Initializing devices) is quite rare and usually happens with old devices. Nevertheless, if there is reason to believe that the device is the prerequisite for the hang, try turning off the computer, disconnecting all optional external devices (except the keyboard and mouse) from it, turning it on and see if the problem persists.

I also recommend that you look at the list of processes in the Windows Task Manager, especially if it is possible to start the Task Manager even before the freeze appears. there you (perhaps) can see which program is calling it, paying attention to the process, which causes 100% processor load when hanging.

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By clicking on the column header CB (which means central processing unit), you can Sort Running programs by the degree of processor utilization, which is convenient for Tracking problem software that can cause system brakes.

Additional Information

If previously there were no problems with the computer, but now it has become a suspension, try to restore the sequence of your actions: perhaps you installed some new devices, programs, performed some actions to “clean up” the computer or something else. It can be helpful to roll back to a previously created Windows restore point, if any.

If the problem is not resolved, try to describe in detail in the comments exactly how the freeze occurs, what preceded it, on what device it happens, and maybe I can help you.

Reasons for slow performance of a new laptop on Windows 10

Immediately, we note that this has nothing to do with the licensed Windows you have installed or pirated. Even laptops with a pre-installed version of the operating system slow down.

As a rule, a combination of factors leads to slow work, namely:

  • Slow processor and hard drive, which are installed in inexpensive notebook models;
  • The constant work of the service is updated, which consumes a huge amount of resources of the hard disk and the Internet channel;
  • The presence of second active services in Windows 10, which put a load on laptop components. This load leads to the fact that there is SIMply no computing power left for your tasks.

Why Windows 10 slows down on a new laptop?

Many owners of new inexpensive laptops face a SIMilar problem. Having come home and connected it to the Internet, users cannot understand why it slows down so much. Slowdown manifests itself in everything: when opening programs, browsing sites and on the Internet, when working with text documents.

Why this happens and how to fix this problem, you will learn in this article.

What can be disabled?

The first step is to turn off updates. This will significantly reduce the load on the hard drive and on the Internet connection. Websites will start to open much faster.

To do this, open computer control by right-clicking on the “Start” menu and go to the “Services” section.

Opening computer control

Services in Windows 10

A list of all operating system services will open on the right side of the window. We are interested in “Windows Update”.

Disable automatic start of the update service

Click on it twice with the left mouse button. A window will open in which you need to set the startup type “Disabled” and be able to press the “Stop” button.

Do the same with the Windows Search service. Disabling it will also have a positive effect on the performance of the hard disk, which will lead to less braking of the laptop.

Disable indexing service to increase laptop speed on windows 10

Laptop Hangs What To Do Windows 10

If after all of the above, the inhibition is still present, then the next step is to try to remove the antivirus. Why him? Because Windows 10 has a built-in antivirus. Windows Defender. And installing a third-party antivirus like Kaspersky or Avast slows down your laptop even more. Two antiviruses Try to work in parallel, which inevitably leads to slowdown on weak computers.

In the absence of a positive result, the last thing that can be advised is to install an SSD instead of the hard drive. It will cost about 60 if you install a 120 GB SSD. But the effect of this procedure will be huge. Laptop speed will grow significantly.

It looks like SSD 2.5 sata3

What to do and how to at least partially correct the situation?

Many people may think of a really good idea at first glance. and not reinstall Windows 10 on Windows 7 ?! We answer. Yes, it would really help, but there is one problem. The fact is that almost all laptops released since 2017 DO NOT support Windows 7. It is very easy to check this. It is enough to go to the official website of your laptop support, select your model, go to the section with drivers and open the list of available operating systems.

Checking the operating systems supported by the laptop on the official website

If there is only Windows 10 there, then trying to install Windows 7 is worth it, because even if you can do it, there will definitely be problems with the drivers. With a 99% chance the touchpad and USB ports will not work.

Therefore, the only option is to configure Windows 10 and disable resource-intensive services to reduce the load on laptop components.

It is NOT worth buying the cheapest laptops. Cheap ones mean laptops costing about 250. 300.If you nevertheless become the owner of a new, but slowing down laptop on Windows 10, then we advise you to disable the system update service, the indexing service (windows search), remove the third-party antivirus, if any, and replace the hard one disk to SSD.

Why the laptop freezes and what to do about it

Suspension of a laptop can for many reasons. Sometimes troubleshooting is not an easy task, but if you do not find and do NOT fix the problem, the computer will freeze regularly, making it impossible to use the device normally.


There are times when the laptop does not turn off by software and you have to resort to mechanical actions.

The main ways to hardware shutdown a laptop:

  • Using the “Power” button;
  • By disconnecting the battery.

Antivirus work

Modern antiviruses consume significant computer resources. By themselves, they rarely lead to a freeze of the computer, but they can have a significant impact on performance.

Nevertheless, when after installing the antivirus the computer has become suspended, it is necessary to Reboot in “safe mode” and disable or remove it. Then you need to check the compatibility of the versions of the program and the operating system, re-install and configure in accordance with the documentation.

The problem should be solved, but if this did not happen, then it is recommended to check for virus infection of the computer, disable unnecessary programs at startup. As a last resort, you should contact the developer’s technical support.

Through the “Power” button

The Power button turns the computer on, or you can force the power off by holding it down for a few seconds. In this case, the laptop will be de-energized.

Through the task manager

The task manager built into the operating system also allows shutdown.

To run it, it is enough:

  • Press the CtrlAltDel key combination;
  • In the top menu, using the “Shutdown” item, you can turn off or restart the computer, as well as put it into hibernation or standby mode.

Through the “Start” panel

The classic overloading method is to select Shut Down from the Start menu. In the window that appears, the user is given several actions to choose from: restart, shutdown and put the computer into sleep or hibernation mode.

Fixing a stuck laptop. Device problems

Component problems can lead to the most unpredictable consequences. The computer may start suspension during boot, in games, or other applications.

The main problems causing the laptop to freeze are most commonly associated with the following components:

Diagnosing the problem yourself is usually quite difficult. It is recommended to check the temperature of the processor and card, test the hard disk and RAM for errors. This can be done using specialized utilities. Some information, such as the CPU temperature, can be found in the BIOS.

Configuring Windows 7 for SSD. Located further.

Overheating processor

The laptop is quite compact and all components are located close to each other. Modern high-performance processors generate a lot of heat during their operation. Naturally, manufacturers try to provide sufficient cooling. However, the CPU does NOT rarely overheat.

Let’s consider the main reasons for overheating:

  • Dust accumulation;
  • Cooling system malfunction.

Dust accumulates quickly inside the case of a modern mobile PC and must be removed using a compressed air cylinder. Cooling system malfunctions are less common and must be replaced. Cleaning from dirt can be done at home, and to replace the fan, radiator, and so on, it is recommended to contact the service center.

Overheating of hardware components

Laptops do not have an efficient cooling system, which is why their hardware components often overheat. Excessive overheating in turn leads to decreased performance. Having determined the temperature of key components using AIDA64 or another SIMilar utility, take if necessary Appropriate measures. clean the laptop from dust, replace, if necessary, thermal grease and Adjust the fan speed using special software.

Incorrect operation of services and applications

You have probably already had to deal with such a phenomenon as a high load on the processor, disk or RAM by any particular process. At the same time, a laptop with Windows 10 slows down a lot, the system response time increases significantly. What to do in this case? As a rule, excessive loading of the CPU and RAM is observed when system and third-party services work incorrectly, Some programs.

It is very difficult to recommend something specific here, since you need to look at which process is causing the problem and deal with it individually. It is one thing when Windows 10 starts to slow down due to the excessive activity of the Runtime Broker, and it is quite another thing when the processor is loaded with “System interrupts”, which indicates the presence of general problems in the operation of the system and hardware components.

Garbage in the file system

A laptop with Windows 10 slows down due to the heavy trash of temporary files and registry entries. Use the cleaning programs to determine the presence of obsolete files, shortcuts and registry keys on disks, and then delete them. Among the programs for cleaning disks, the most popular are CCleaner, Glary Utilities and Wise Registry Cleaner.

Try NOT to fill the hard drive with files to the eyeballs. This not only slows down the read / write speed, but also does NOT in the best way affect the life of the drive.

Computer infection with viruses

Malicious programs, in particular, miners, can significantly reduce the speed of work due to their consumption of computer resources. A classic scenario, when everything was in order, but after installing the program, a laptop with Windows 10 began to slow down. What to do in this case? Naturally, remove the software, after the installation of which problems started, and thoroughly scan the system with at least two antivirus scanners.

Blocked startup

The presence of a large number of programs at startup is the most common prerequisite for reducing the speed of the system. It is not difficult to see which programs start with Windows 10, just open the Task Manager and switch to the Startup tab.

Using the same Manager, users can disable automatically loaded applications and modules. To remove unnecessary programs from startup, you can use third-party tools like CCleaner.

Outdated or incorrectly working drivers

If a decrease in performance is observed after replacing components or connecting external devices, you should check the status of the drivers and, if necessary, update them to the latest versions. By the way, the incompatibility of drivers gives an answer to the question of why a new laptop with Windows 10 slows down. The fact is that to ensure the operation of devices in Windows 10, Microsoft drivers are used, which are not always suitable for a specific hardware configuration. Therefore, you need to download drivers from the official websites of device manufacturers. However, you can always use DriverPack Solution or a SIMilar tool to update your drivers.

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Hard disk wear

Among the reasons for the deterioration in the performance of Windows 10 is the general wear and tear of the hard drive. The presence of logical errors, especially bad sectors Reduces the read / write speed, freezes when opening large files, crashes the system in BSOD, or even suddenly turns off the computer (if Bads fall on the system volume). We recommend checking the hard disk with programs like CrystalDiskInfo.

Braking can also be observed in case of malfunctions in the operation of the RAM. It should also be tested.

HDD fragmentation

Unlike solid-state drives, HDDs are prone to fragmentation, the degree of which increases in proportion to the number of operations to delete old files and write new ones. If your laptop has an HDD drive, check the file system status from time to time and defragment if the fragmentation of files on partitions is more than 10 percent.

Windows 10 laptop slows down. what to do?

Very often, due to some time after installation on a laptop, Windows 10 starts to work slower. the loading time of the desktop increases, applications do not start so quickly, they start Lagat Demanding game resources. Minor slowdowns of a Windows 10 laptop are usually caused by natural causes, for example, errors accumulating over time, new applications and services being added to startup, disk fragmentation, etc.

A drop in performance can also be observed when system services, built-in and third-party applications work incorrectly, there are errors in service packs, and the hardware and software requirements do not match. But this, of course, if you generalize. In reality, it is not always easy to identify the source of the problem; this requires at least a comprehensive check of the device. So, why Windows 10 laptop slows down and how to speed up it?

Windows 10 freezes due to lack of hard drive space

Most users DO NOT Pay attention to what is happening with their hard drive “C”.

Meanwhile, if it is overflowing, freezes cannot be avoided. Space can be vacated.

Garbage can be cleaned program “CCleaner”. If this is not enough, you will have to move the applications to the “D” drive. This is especially true for games. They take up a lot of space.

Laptop freezes through viruses

Malware is the source of many problems. Viruses are harmless for the OS, but harmful for you (they steal data) and vice versa.

You need to get rid of everyone, but it will help to do this doctor Web. It will scan the system and the virus will neutralize.

There are other pretty good virus detectors, but it’s better to use Doctor Web in the first place.

Windows 10 freezes through hard drive

The hard disk has a limited resource. Over time, sectors are damaged. they become beaten.

If there are not many of them, then you can check and fix it yourself, using free program “Victoria”.

Also, the hard drive can be easily replaced with a new one, even in a portable computer (laptop or netbook). Also, the speed of its work can increase defragmentation.

What to do if a laptop hangs on windows 10

After installing windows 10 on an asus, acer, hp, sony, toshiba, lenovo or samsung laptop, freezes may appear, sometimes even tightly.

In such cases, there is only one way out. forced shutdown and troubleshooting.

Why does a windows 10 laptop freeze. there is one SIMple explanation. a dozen has not yet been finally formed, it is raw and is in constant revision.

What can you do. There are many reasons why the laptop lags. Therefore, a universal solution, do not even look for.

The main reasons for freezing include: lack of RAM, viruses, weak processor, hard disk errors, overheating, a lot of unnecessary entries in the registry, many applications in startup, browser problems, a small paging file and a lack of hard disk space

All these reasons need to be inspected independently and, if possible, eliminated.

Laptop freezes through weak processor

A weak laptop processor could be the culprit. It affects work the most.

You can see its work in the task manager (how many percent is loaded)

If the problem turns out to be in a weak processor, then it should upset you. there is almost no solution.

It can be replaced in a computer. in a laptop It is not attractive due to the financial side.

Windows 10 freezes through browser

If you are using an outdated browser and the system has already been updated, problems may appear.

Therefore, browsers always need to Not only update, but also clears their cache. That’s probably all. We have considered the most common reasons. Success.

Windows 10 freezes through RAM

If there is not enough RAM, freezes will be necessary. How to check it you can find out here.

What to do then? Increase the volume. But it’s not easy to do it in a laptop, but you can clean it, for example, with the RAM PowerUp or Memory Cleaner program.

Laptop freezes due to overheating

You need to monitor the temperature, although the laptop has sensors that turn it off on its own in case of a threat to components.

If after turning on everything works fine, and with powerful programs / games freezes start, the reason is most likely in the temperature.

You can view the temperature in the SpeedFan program, and solve the problem by cleaning from dust.

If a high temperature is observed without load, then the case may be in thermal grease. then it needs to be replaced.

Laptop freezes through registry

But not everyone knows what the windows 10 registry is, and it contains all the parameters of a laptop. When files are deleted, traces remain there.

If there are many of them, then the search time for the necessary records is reduced. You can clean up orphaned records with CCleaner or RegCleaner.

Software problem

Since you are reading this article, then you began to notice that the computer does not cope with some computational tasks, it takes more time to open familiar sites, it slows down even when using SIMple toys, when browsing. Pictures and so on. The first thing that comes to mind is to contact a specialized computer repair center, but do not rush to do this, try to cope with this problem yourself.

Search the Internet and install a third-party program for cleaning the system from file junk, optimizing the registry, defragmenting disks and optimizing the system operation. Such programs can be found on the Internet, both for paid use and for free. A separate article is devoted to this issue: 10 Ways to Increase Computer Speed.

The system itself has such utilities in its set, but they are basic and, as a rule, do not always cope properly with such problems, especially with prolonged use of the computer. After thorough cleaning and setting up the system with special programs, the computer will work more clearly.

What to do if the computer / laptop becomes suspended and slows down

Sometimes we are faced with an incomprehensible reason for the low speed of the PC and even, what is worse, constant freezes of the operating system. This happens, as a rule, with computers and laptops that have served us for quite a long time.

Even advanced users can not always understand the reasons for this behavior of the computer, which speaks of poorly trained beginners. This article will help you diagnose the causes of freezing and braking of computers and fix a number of auto products problems yourself.

Component overheating problem

If the computer does not work well due to overheating, then programs will not help here. If the permissible temperature of one or more components of a computer / laptop is exceeded, it begins to slow down and may even freeze. This is a protective measure designed to reduce the load and therefore the temperature.

Make sure that all ventilation openings in the cooling system are free of airflow and are NOT obstructed by foreign objects. Pay attention to sufficient space between the wall of the computer desk and the cooling air intake of the system unit.

Ditto for laptops. It is not recommended to place the laptop on soft surfaces such as a blanket that obstruct the free access of cooling air. Today, there are many different stands that provide additional cooling to reduce the heating of the laptop during prolonged use and work. If the problem has already come and the laptop does not turn on, then read my article on how to deal with it.

The next reason for unstable operation may be overheating of processors and components of the computer’s hardware component due to clogging of the cooling system with trivial dust and suspended particles, which are drawn in by the fan, along with the cooling air. Over time, dust accumulates on radiators, fans and other elements of the cooling system, preventing sufficient air flow to efficiently blow through the electronic components of the system unit.

Install a utility that will help you measure the temperature of the processor, such as AIDA64. It should be no load within 42. 47 C. If the temperature is above 70, then it is necessary to clear the cooling system from clogging or replace the fan, which may not work. Conduct a visual inspection: if the fan does not rotate or works intermittently, an abnormal noise is heard during its operation, then clean it and lubricate it with oil, but it is better to replace it. It may have been damaged during long-term operation, grease hardened, and so on.

Damage to the radiator can also cause freezes or brakes. In this case, some of the tubes will be hotter than others to the touch. If so, replace the cooling radiator or the entire system assembly. Replacing the thermal paste with a new one often helps. It is more difficult to do this with a laptop, it is almost impossible without disassembly. Disassembly of the laptop must be done very carefully, having previously downloaded and studied the step-by-step instructions.

Assess your capabilities and if you are not confident in your disassembly abilities, then it is better to contact the service center. You can use a can of compressed air for THESE purposes, but during long-term operation of the laptop, this method is not very effective. This method is preferable for preventive maintenance of the computer, once or twice a year.

Unstable system operation may depend on more complex problems associated with a malfunction of the power supply or other components, which require specialist intervention. Adequately evaluate your capabilities so as not to harm your computer by self-repair. In a difficult situation of equipment damage, when it is impossible to figure it out yourself, it is preferable to trust a specialist.