Laptop Hangs On Restart What To Do

How to restart a laptop if it freezes?

Now it is already impossible to imagine life without our constant companions: computers, laptops, tablets and phones. This technique is in almost every home, and at times we have to fight with it. If there are malfunctions and problems in operation, your laptop cannot tell what is bothering it, it reacts in its own way. it turns off or freezes. How to restart a laptop if such a nuisance happens?

Why is the laptop frozen?

It may freeze for the following reasons:

  • Program crash;
  • Failure of the operating system;
  • Problems with the “stuffing”: motherboard, memory, card, processor, etc.

Ways to restart your laptop

Since rebooting the laptop from the keyboard with one button will NOT work, as you would do in a stationary computer from the “Reset” button on the system unit, for this purpose you will have to use other methods.

First way. Program

Using the Start Panel of your operating system

We execute the following sequence of commands: “Start”. Completion of work. Reboot. If at the time of freezing your mouse has failed, the cursor has stopped moving, try switching to the touchpad of your laptop (touchpad) using the Fn F7 key combination.

Using the task manager

Before you restart your laptop, you should try to close the program or process that caused the freeze using the task manager. It can be opened with the CTRLALTDEL key combination. Then we select the required program and press the button “End the process”. If this action cannot be performed, you just have to reboot the entire system.

Using the command line

To call it, press the WinR keys, then enter “cmd” in the command line and press the Enter key, and then type the command “shutdown.R.T 0”. it means to restart the laptop immediately. But suddenly your laptop is frozen! How do I reload it if It is not responding to commands and the mouse cursor is NOT moving? Then the second way will help you.

Second way. Mechanical

Shutdown with the “Power” button. Laptop on and off button. Hold it down for a few seconds, this will forcefully close all open programs and turn off the laptop. Press this button again to resume operation. It is often better to resort to this method of overloading, since the main breakdowns of all electrical appliances occur precisely at the moment of switching on and off, when there is a surge in electricity. But how to restart the laptop if it does not respond to the “Off” button? Try the third way.

Third way. De-energizing

If your laptop is connected to the network, unplug it and remove the battery, this will de-energize it and it will turn itself off. Wait a few minutes, then put the battery back or plug in the laptop. By pressing the “Power” button you start it again.

What to do if the hang is repeated?

If the freeze repeats at regular intervals, then this is already a serious problem, and your laptop may need to be repaired. First of all, pay attention to the nature of the freeze and what program was open at that moment. If this is the case, then you will have to remove it and reinstall it. Reinstalling the operating system may help you, especially if you haven’t done this for a long time. But if all else fails, Call the technician or take the laptop for repair.

When do you need to restart your computer or laptop

If the system prompts you to restart the laptop, I do not ignore this notification. the OS is well aware of what it needs.

This does not mean that you have to quit everything. close all open applications, save the documents and then calmly follow this procedure.

If a reboot was required for your windows 8, windows 7 or XP, after installing a new application (program), then without executing it, this software, preferably does not start.

If you work on a laptop for a long time without shutting down, then it is even recommended as a respite to a person.

What to do if the above described recommendations to Reboot through the start button did not lead

If the above described options did not lead to success, then just Turn off the laptop by holding a few seconds (10 sec.) Shutdown button.

When you turn it on again, a recovery menu will appear on your laptop screen.

Windows will prompt you to enter Safe Mode to perform a recovery, continue with standard boot, or boot from Last Known Good Configuration.

That’s actually all I wanted to share. We solved the problem. great, but did not solve it. write in the comments. We will decide together. Success.

Why the computer does NOT restart

Restarting your computer is almost the same as turning it on and off.

It is required when updating Windows. Devices with new driver versions, complete removal of some applications, and so on.

Also, in the event of operating system failures, restarting the laptop / computer returns them to working capacity.

Why does the laptop not restart

There are three main reasons why an asus, lenovo or Hp laptop, regardless of OS (windows 8, windows 7, Windows xp), is stubborn and does NOT restart via the start button.

The first reason was the failure of the Windows software (operating system).

The second reason: some process (program) caused a lock. it does not close.

The third reason is a technical malfunction in the hardware of a laptop or computer.

What to do? First of all, start the task manager and look at the running processes.

Then Disable them yourself (select the process and click on the bottom of the deadline to remove the task).

If it’s not about the actions, then it is possible that errors in the operating system of your laptop led to the failure.

In this case, you will need to scan your laptop or computer for system errors.

This can be done with the help of Special utilities. Where can I get them? You can here for example.


Try to enter safe mode and roll back.

Please help the laptop does not turn off and does NOT reboot through the start, it minimizes programs, exits itself, does not show programs in the background

Everything worked fine. I decided to change the percentage from Athlon64 3200 to Athlon2 x3 440. Mother supports both. Set. Included. A black screen with the definition of the processor dropped out, but the download will not be sent further. Forcibly turned off through the Power button. Disconnected the power cable (created an inconvenience to put the system unit on its side). Switching the jumper on the motherboard reset the BIOS settings. I connected the power wire, AND. the PC turned on itself (I did NOT press the power button). Yes, I know that when disconnecting any wires from the system unit, it is advisable to turn off the power to the PSU. But this time they Hurried. As a result, the download was completed. Everything is working. BUT. Reboot is not carried out, from the button or from the Start, it does not matter. Finishes all processes, saves parameters, the screen goes blank, coolers continue to work and EVERYTHING !! It does NOT go further. So it “freezes”. Tried through F8 included the latest slave version. I tried to restore via the console (Fixboot, Fixmbr). None of the above helped. Avast did NOT detect any threats. In general, I don’t even know what to do.

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Windu interrupted. Did not help. I read it on one of the sites where people described a SIMilar problem. That Allegedly overclocked processes can be the root of the problem. This percentage went to me already overclocked.
BIOS reset

There may be problems. I have not conducted such experiments. confirm Based on experience I cannot.

Well, in general, it seems, I found the reason. The point is the lack of power supply unit. I have an old PSU. Still a native with a body. I bought a PC back in 2007. Power 360W. I put the old processor and the reboot went. Yesterday, when I wrote the topic, it was too late for this. And today, in the morning, new thoughts, I decided to sort out, clean the power supply unit. At the same time, he returned the old percentage back. Checked it out. Everything is working. I was also going to buy a new PSU. Yes percents by itself earlier fell into hands. Well, the problem is ripe by itself. But I’ll put a new one. I think the power supply unit will not burn out in a couple of months under such a load. A non-working reboot. Well, it’s not nice, of course, but it’s not fatal either.

The laptop does not see the mouse, updated the drivers asked for a reboot did it and does NOT turn off until the end and does not turn on as if in zero gravity. The screen goes out, the power button is on and that’s it. What to do about it?

I have Lenovo в457. There is such a problem. After updating the windous. Virus removal. When the laptop asks for a reboot. I do it. The end of the session is recorded on the monitor. The monitor goes out. All 3 buttons are lit. And the power button, the laptop does not turn on. Until I turn off the Ego button. And then it does not turn on again. Even through the start button, it reboots every other time, tell me what to do.

I was sitting on the Internet, the laptop froze (lenovo) there is one picture on the screen where I was during the lag, reboot does not help It does not reboot

If the laptop freezes and does NOT restart. the solution is here.

I have a problem, I rebooted the laptop, but It does not reboot and it says that it has come, it cannot be done, what to do?

Forcibly turn off (press and hold for about 10 sec. The Off button) and turn on again.

The new HP laptop has installed skype, the sound is interfering, a message appears in the settings: it does not find the sound card, restart the device, after which it turned off all programs, the restart does NOT work and the laptop does NOT turn off. What to do?

Forcibly turn off. de-energize or hold the shutdown button for 10 seconds. If the laptop is new, it is possible that the problem is in the sound card (factory defect).

I communicated on Skype, the laptop froze, I decided to reboot it. The measure has been loading for a day.?

What is “Mere is loading”.

Put the laptop to reboot and not reboot. Already 7 days to load and only 9%. Please help

I put the laptop on reboot and does not reboot. Already 7 days to load and only 9%.

When rebooting, the procenos does not write, except that updates are installed. I turn it off forcibly, there’s nothing to wait for.

What to do if your laptop is frozen and does NOT respond

Like any other device, the laptop can freeze. This can happen due to software or hardware failure. If the problem is software, then most often, it can be solved by closing the program that is causing the hang. But, to solve serious problems with programs and hardware failures, you need to use a forced reboot. In this article we will tell you what to do if the laptop freezes and does NOT react to anything.

Programmatic problem solving on a frozen laptop

If your laptop is frozen, you must first try to fix the problem without overloading. After all, a forced reboot is unnecessary stress for a hard disk, the life of which is not too long. In addition, a reboot can lead to the loss of data that was in programs, and was not saved.

In order to solve the problem with the laptop freezing you need a “Task Manager”. It is a utility built into Windows that allows you to manage running processes, services, and programs. Using the Task Manager, you can detect the program that is causing the laptop to freeze and stop it. In most cases, this is enough to restore the computer.

There are several ways to open Task Manager. For example, you can press the key combination CTRL-ALT-DELETE and select “Task Manager” with your mouse. But, if the laptop is severely frozen, then it may NOT work. Therefore, it is better to use the CTRL-SHIFT-ESC key combination. This combination immediately opens the “Task Manager”, without any intermediate windows.

In the “Task Manager” window, you need to go to the “Processes” tab (or to the “Applications” tab if you are using Windows 7). Here you need to find the program, the state of which is indicated as “Not responding”.

In addition, a frozen program can be determined by the load on the processor and the amount of RAM used. Most often, such a program creates the most load and occupies the most memory.

After you have found the program that is frozen, right-click on it and select the “End task” option. This should stop the program and fix the freeze issue.

If this does not work, then you can try to right-click on the program and select “Details” (or “Go to process” if you have Windows 7).

After that, you will go to the “Details” tab (or “Processes” if you have Windows 7). Here you can use the “End Process Tree” function. Often this function allows you to close a frozen program even if the “End task” does not work.

But, in some cases, the laptop freezes so seriously that it is impossible to solve the problem using the task manager. It is NOT rare that it does not open at all. In such cases, the problem with freezing can be solved only with a forced restart.

Force restart a frozen laptop

If your laptop freezes and does NOT react to anything, then you can always solve the problem with a forced restart. Most laptops have Reset buttons like desktop PCs, so restarting is done with the Power button.

Press the laptop power button and hold it until the laptop turns off. This usually requires holding the button for about 5 seconds. This shutdown method is implemented at the hardware level, so it works at any hangup. After shutdown, just turn on your laptop and it will start working normally. In a SIMilar way, a long press on the power button works on the second devices. For example, you can turn off a frozen desktop computer or mobile phone based on Android.

If a long press on the power button does not help, then you need to read the instructions for your laptop model. Another way of overloading will be described there. Most likely, at the same time as the power button, you need some kind of clamps. For example, on some HP models, press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys to force restart.

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In addition, if a removable battery is used on the laptop, you can turn it off by SIMply unplugging it from the power supply and removing the battery. To do this, turn the laptop upside down and release the tabs that hold the battery. After that, you can remove the battery and thus turn off the frozen laptop.

It should be noted that removing the battery is a more risky way to shut down. Therefore, it is better to use a long press on the power button.

Using Recovery Mode if iPhone won’t turn on

In order not to lose information on the iPhone, you can try using the recovery mode, aka Recovery. This method will be most effective if the problem occurs after a failed system update. Reinstall iOS smartphone, do not erase your personal data.

  • Connect iPhone to Computer Using Lightning Wire.
  • If you have an iPhone 7 or older, press the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time. If the older iPhone model is the Home key and the power.
  • Wait for the notification that the smartphone is put into recovery mode, and follow the advice on the PC screen.

Recovery via DFU mode

In case your iPhone does not turn on, the apple burns and goes out when overloaded, a special firmware update mode is provided, it is also the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. When it is a forced rollback of the system, error diagnosis and emergency device update.

If the reboot and recovery option did not help you, then DFU will become a kind of “plan B”. We still do not recommend starting with it. try Hard Reset and Recovery first, and if nothing works, go to recovery via DFU.

DFU mode works mostly on older iPhones. Here’s how to turn it on.

  • Connect iPhone to PC Using iTunes.
  • Press the Power and Home buttons at the same time, as in an overload, for ten seconds.
  • Release the Power key, but hold Home until iTunes displays a message about entering the smartphone into DFU mode.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to reset your iPhone.
Laptop Hangs On Restart What To Do

Unlike the Recovery mode, the HFC works with the screen off, on which no icons are displayed. During the firmware update, all data will be deleted from the iPhone: you will have to re-enter your Apple ID and adjust the iOS settings. To avoid losing important files when you reset your device, save them in advance to another medium or in the Apple cloud. We wrote more about backup in a separate article.

How to Force Restart iPhone with Home Button

Older iPhones are still equipped with a Home button. these are all devices from the first iPhone that came out in the iPhone X. The most popular of them: iPhone SE, iPhone 5 / 5s, iPhone 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus.

  • If you have a sixth iPhone or an older model, to reboot you need to hold down the Home button and the Power key for about 10 seconds until the apple icon disappears from the screen. Also He shouldn’t blink.
  • If you have an iPhone 7 or older, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time until the white manufacturer logo disappears.

During reboot, the phone will restore all Broken processes and start in normal mode. Remember that after this you will need to enter the password from your Apple ID account.

What to do if iPhone is frozen on apple

After updating or overloading, it may happen that the iPhone freezes on the apple and does not turn on. How to solve this problem and start the smartphone again, read our article.

The long-awaited iOS 13 update has recently been released. we talked about its main features in a separate article. Sometimes an upgrade carries not only cool features, but also a bunch of bugs. Sometimes installing an update leads to the fact that the smartphone freezes at the boot screen and does NOT want to turn on. Also, this problem may occur after restarting the device. Sometimes iPhone freezes when connected to PC or Jailbreak fails. what is it, read here.

Less commonly, the problem occurs due to the hardware. usually after an unsuccessful or self-repair. To prevent such a sad outcome, we advise you to use only the advice of Apple Authorized Service Centers.

Fortunately, in many cases, everything is easy to fix yourself, rather than contacting the service. We will show you several proven ways that will help to revive the iPhone, which turns on and off in apples.

How to Hard Reset iPhone without Button

New iPhones have Home buttons. Namely. on iPhone X, iPhone XS / XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max. But even for them, you can perform a forced restart if the iPhone does not turn on, and the apple is on.

The process is a little more complicated than for older models.

  • Press the Volume up button and release it.
  • Then press the volume down button.
  • Hold the power button and hold it until the screen turns off (the Apple logo disappears), and the device starts to reboot.

Hard restart when iPhone won’t turn on and apple is on

Turn it off and on again. this method helps in most cases, Not only with breakdowns of iPhones, but also with PCs, routers and mobile gadgets. The process for starting Hard Reset depends on your iPhone model.

Contact service

If the tips above didn’t work for you, it might be a hardware issue. Recently made an iPhone in a questionable service? Or maybe we tried to replace something inside the device ourselves, but after the repair there were extra parts left?

If you bought a gadget recently, you can contact Apple support and take advantage of the warranty. If the device is more than a year old, you should find a reliable service center and show the device to specialists. Read more about iPhone repair. on the official manufacturer page.

What to do if the laptop freezes?

In the summer, there are more problems with technology than in other seasons. It’s all to blame for the overheating of the components due to the increased ambient temperature. New generations of processors and cards are protected from overheating by special modes. At high temperatures, the processor slows down the frequency of operation, and when critical values ​​are reached, it turns off altogether. Thus, overheating is one of the main causes of freezing of computers and laptops in modern times. True, it is worth mentioning other reasons, including infection with viruses, weak characteristics of “hardware”, clogging of the system. But this is not as important as the answer to the question of what to do if the laptop freezes.

In fact, any frozen laptop can be rebooted in several ways. The most popular of these is restarting with the power button. If your laptop is frozen and not responding to mouse movements and keyboard button presses, press and hold the power button. After 5-10 seconds, the laptop should shut down. Of course, with this kind of overload, you will lose all unsaved data. For example, if you edited a document in Word and did not have time to save the file before freezing, then after restarting, you will have to work on its contents again.

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However, sometimes there are cases when the laptop “refuses” to turn off when you press the power button. Only “juggling” the battery will help you. Unplug the power cord from the outlet, turn the laptop over and remove the battery. Then reinstall it and turn on the mobile computer.

These two ways to solve the problem with freezing, in fact, are one-time, because the problem in which the laptop constantly freezes remains unresolved. If any program is frozen in the system, then you can get rid of it using the task manager, which is available in every Windows operating system. To do this, press the three CTRLDELALT keys on the keyboard SIMultaneously. In the “Task Manager” window, select the “Applications” tab, sort them by state and find the NOT responding application. Select it with a mouse click and click “End task”.

Then, in the new window, click on the button “Close the program”.

In Windows, this way you can get rid of programs that destabilize the system. But for the laptop user, the most important thing is to understand the causes of freezes. As a rule, the system can slow down:

  • Viruses;
  • Weak “iron”;
  • Overheat;
  • Lack of drivers and conflict between components;
  • System clogging and startup.

When working on a laptop, it is important NOT to close the cooler grill, which is responsible for cooling the mobile computer. Has your laptop become suspended and disconnected from overheating? It’s time to consider purchasing a cooling pad and cleaning the “insides”. As a rule, dust accumulated inside the motherboard and on the fans is the main prerequisite for the increase in the temperature of the laptop case. To protect yourself from unnecessary problems, it is recommended to clean your mobile computer from dust once every six months. If you do not know how to disassemble a laptop, then Seek help from YouTube. On the hosting there is a disassembling your computer model. As for the stand with a fan, their use Reduces the overall temperature inside the case by at least 10 degrees. As you know, the lower the operating temperature of the hard drive and the processor, the higher their lifespan.

It should also be understood that running high-performance programs or games on older laptops is pointless. Plus, most games released in 2015 require a 64-bit operating system. They often run on 32-bit systems, but their work is extremely unstable and often leads to the laptop freezing.

Laptop freezes after reinstalling Windows? It’s time to look into the device manager and check for hardware drivers. SIMultaneously press the WindowsPause / Break buttons on the keyboard and in the new “System” window, click the “Device Manager” link in the left sidebar.

If there is a device in the list without installed drivers, the system will mark it with a yellow exclamation mark. Click on it with the right mouse button and follow the link “Update drivers”. In addition, the drivers can be downloaded on the official website of the laptop manufacturer in the “Device Support” section.

In addition to dust and moisture, viruses that inhibit its operation are the enemy of the operating system. Antiviruses will help you to fight them. It is not entirely necessary to purchase licensed antivirus software, as there are a huge number of free solutions, for example Avira or Avast. Download one of the above antiviruses, update its databases and scan systems for malicious software.

It will be useful to get rid of garbage in the operating system. Garbage refers to the remnants of incorrectly uninstalled programs, cache and temporary files, as well as contaminated registry. You can use both standard defragmentation and special utilities, for example CCleaner.

What to do if the laptop freezes and does NOT react to anything. How to restart a frozen computer.

In this article we will see what to do if the laptop freezes and does NOT respond to any commands. Let’s try to restart or turn off frozen laptops and computers.

Many people wonder why the laptop freezes. Mostly due to a lack of RAM or a weak processor. If you open powerful programs or games or launch a large number of them at the same time, then your laptop may not have enough of the above capacities and it will SIMply freeze. If you want to play games and work with applications, be sure to buy a laptop with powerful technical characteristics, otherwise you will NOT be able to play the latest games and work with demanding programs. Also, a possible prerequisite for freezing can be errors in the operating system, viruses, garbage accumulation. Sometimes you need to clean the system of garbage with special programs, in which you can read and download on the Internet, blow dust from the board and cooling systems and check the laptop for viruses. Of course, there can be many more reasons and a large separate article can be written about this.

Now let’s see how to turn off or restart a frozen laptop.
To get started, try calling the Task Manager by pressing the following buttons SIMultaneously: “Ctrl Alt Del”. Usually, this method helps out if certain programs on the laptop freeze and you have to call the device manager to disable them. In it, you can select programs that DO NOT respond and lead to the freeze of the entire laptop, and you can also just restart the computer.

If the above method does not help, then try turning off the frozen laptop. Be aware that if you perform a forced shutdown, anything that has not been completed on the laptop may be lost. If there are important documents that you worked with, but did not save, then you can wait a little longer, perhaps the device will come to life after a certain time. If you want to wait for comments and you are ready to complete all the processes, then do the following.
To turn off a frozen laptop, you need to press and hold the laptop “power” button. Hold for a few seconds until the device turns off, you may need to hold down the button longer. After the laptop turns off after a minute, you can turn it on again.