Laptop Can’t See Built-in Camera

Installing Windows 10 webcam drivers

The next option is to install webcam drivers that are different from those currently installed (or, if none are installed, just install the drivers).

In case your webcam is displayed in Device Manager under Imaging Devices, try the following option:

  • Right click on the camera and select “Update Drivers”.
  • Select “Search for drivers on this computer”.
  • In the next window, select “Select a driver from the list of already installed drivers”.
  • See if there is any other compatible driver for your webcam that you can install instead of the one you are currently using. Try to install it.

Another variation of the same method is to go to the “Driver” tab of the webcam properties, click “Remove” and remove its driver. After that, in the device manager, select “Action”. “Update hardware configuration”.

If there are no devices similar to a webcam in the “Imaging Devices” section or even this section itself, then first try in the Device Manager menu in the “View” section to enable “Show hidden devices” and see if listed webcam. If it appears, try to name it with the right mouse button and see if there is a “enable” item to enable it.

If the camera does not appear, try these steps:

  • See if there are any unknown devices in the Device Manager list. If so: How to install an unknown device driver.
  • Go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer (if it’s a laptop). And look in the support section of your laptop model. are there any drivers for the webcam (if they are, but not for Windows 10, try using the “old” drivers in compatibility mode).
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Note: Some notebooks may require specific chipset drivers or additional utilities (various Firmware Extensions, etc.). THOSE. Ideally, if you are faced with a problem on a laptop, you should install the full set of drivers from the manufacturer’s official website.

Windows 10 webcam not working

Some users, more often after updating Windows 10 and less often. during a clean installation of the OS, are faced with the fact that the built-in webcam of the laptop or the webcam connected via USB to the computer does not work. Fixing the problem is usually NOT too hard.

As a rule, in this case, they start looking for where to download a driver for a webcam for Windows 10, although with a high degree of probability it is already on the computer, and the camera does not work for other reasons. This tutorial details several ways to fix your webcam in Windows 10, one of which, I hope, will help you too. See Also: Webcam Software, Inverted Webcam Image.

Important note: if the webcam stopped working after updating Windows 10, look in Start. Settings. Privacy. Camera (in the “App Permissions” section on the left. If it stopped working suddenly, without updating the 10-ki and without reinstalling the system, try the most simple option: go to the device manager (through the right click on the start), find the webcam in the “Imaging devices” section, right-click on it. “Properties” and see if the “rollback” button is active on the “driver” tab “If yes, then use it. Also: see if there is any with a camera image in the top row of laptop keys? If there is, try pressing it or it in combination with Fn.

Installing webcam software via parameters

It is possible that for the webcam to work properly, you need special software for Windows 10. It is also possible that it is already installed, but not compatible with the current OS (if the problem arose after upgrading to Windows 10).

To get started, go to the Control Panel (Right-click on “Start” and select “Control Panel”. In the “View” field at the top right, put “Icons”) and open “Programs and Features”. If in the list of installed programs there is something related to your webcam, uninstall this program (select it and click “Uninstall / Change”.

After uninstalling, go to “Start”. “Settings”. “Devices”. “Connected devices”, find your webcam in the list, click on it and click the “Get Application” button. Wait for it to download.

Removing and re-detecting the webcam in Device Manager

In about half of the cases, in order for the webcam to work after upgrading to Windows 10, it is enough to follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the device manager (right click on the “Start” button. select the desired item in the menu).
  • In the “Imaging Devices” section, right-click on your webcam (if there is one, then this method is not for you), select “Delete”. If you are also prompted to remove the drivers (if there is such a mark), agree.
  • After removing the camera in the device manager, select “Action”. “Update hardware configuration” from the menu above. The camera must reinstall. You may need to restart your computer.
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Done. check if your webcam is working now. You may not need further steps.

At the same time, I recommend that you check using the built-in Windows 10 Camera application (it will launch it easily through the search on the taskbar).

If it turns out that the webcam works in this application, and, for example, in Skype or another program, it is, then the problem is probably in the settings of the program itself, and not in the drivers.

Other ways to fix webcam problems

And a few additional ways to fix webcam not working problems in Windows 10. Rare but sometimes useful.

One more nuance: if the webcam is displayed in Device Manager, but does not work, go to its properties, the “Driver” tab and click the “Details” button. You will see a list of driver files used for camera operation. If stream.Sys is among them, it means that your camera driver was released a long time ago and it simply cannot work in many new applications.

Factory negligence

The manufacturing process of built-in webcams for laptops involves conveyor-based semi-automatic assembly on a printed circuit board, so NOT every camera that comes out of the assembly will meet all quality standards. The assembly robot could skip soldering or make it unevenly, the shop staff could attach the part incorrectly, and so on. For such cases, there is a special control of product quality, which involves cyclic tests of the device’s performance. However, taking into account the production volumes and very short contractual delivery times, it is possible to loosen control in the agreement of compliance with the contractual relationship. How do you know if the camera on a laptop is still not working due to a factory error? Very simple. If the camera worked perfectly when buying a laptop and served its warranty period, then the reason is different. Otherwise, it is necessary to take the purchased computer device to the manufacturer’s service center and carry out free warranty repair.

Software glitch

The most likely event that led to the camera not working on a laptop is a software failure. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • The laptop does not see the webcam due to the fact that it is disabled. This happens when the user involuntarily presses a key combination that turns off the device. You can solve the problem in reverse (usually Fn F1-F10. depending on the laptop model).
  • The driver for the webcam is not installed. You can check this by going to the section: “Control Panel” / “Administration” / “device Manager”. An unknown device with a yellow question mark will be visible here. This designation says that the laptop has a device with an uninstalled driver (perhaps it is a webcam). To install the driver, you need a driver disc that came with your laptop. You can also go to the computer manufacturer’s website and download the required driver installation file. Here, in “device manager”, by right-clicking on an already installed camera, you can enable or disable it.
  • The utility that is responsible for turning on the camera does not work when opening a special shutter on it. In this case, you will need to reinstall the program from the disk or from the manufacturer’s website.
  • The driver or programs for the operation of the camera got into the isolated storage of the anti-virus as malware due to high activity and suspicious activity. In this case, you will need to create an exception rule in the anti-virus program settings, specify the path to the camera files.
  • Damage to operating system files after installing various programs containing malicious code. It is difficult to say how to connect a camera on a laptop in this case. The situation is complicated by the fact that it is impossible to predict how the damaged system will behave after certain manipulations. You can determine an OS failure by noticing Spontaneous overloads, “blue screen of death”, slowness of work, constant pop-up of error windows and other things, and not inherent in normal laptop operation. This problem is treated by reinstalling the operating system in service centers or the place of purchase of the device.
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Physical damage by the user

A common prerequisite for the fact that the camera does not work on a laptop is physical damage to the device in the event of an “accident” in which it fell, banged, was subjected to strong pressure, temperature changes or high humidity. It is very important to understand that most ordinary laptops are not adapted for such handling and work in extreme conditions, therefore any event from the above can affect the performance of the webcam. She can:

  • Work incorrectly;
  • Fire every other time;
  • Disconnect spontaneously;
  • React when the laptop case is pressed near it.

The listed symptoms, which appeared after these events, indicate a malfunction of the hardware of the camera or the laptop itself. Therefore, in the event that this state of affairs is no longer satisfied with the user, it is necessary to take the device to the service and make paid repairs, since the warranty does NOT cover damage caused by the user.

HP laptop camera not working

Next in line is an HP laptop. The camera does not work on it in the same cases as in “Asus” and other manufacturers. You also need to check the entire package of preinstalled proprietary software. maybe some program crashes.

Lenovo: laptop with faulty camera

The successor to the American IBM is the Lenovo laptop. The camera does not work on it in all these cases, or in the presence of special built-in technologies such as a “miraculous” switch, touch on or off the camera when the battery is low. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the full functionality of the laptop, read “User guide”.

Causes of malfunctions in the built-in cameras of laptops

A number of factors and reasons can affect the performance of your laptop‘s built-in webcam. A malfunction can occur both through the fault of the manufacturer and due to improper handling of the device by the user. It so happens that the laptop does not see the webcam, and now it is very necessary for communication. Here the reasons may be:

  • Factory defect during production or final inspection of products;
  • Damage from dropping, impact, or foreign objects and liquids entering the laptop case;
  • Software error of drivers, operating system or specialized programs for the camera.

Learn more about all types of faults and how to connect a laptop camera back to the device, further.

Camera does NOT want to work on Asus laptop

A laptop has always been distinguished by its beautiful design and the latest technologies “ASUS”. The camera does not work for him either for all the reasons listed. However, it should be noted that the manufacturer can place a special switch on the device body that closes the “eye” electrical circuit. This is how it is. an Asus laptop. Camera does not work? You should check all the reasons and look for the “wonderful” switch.

The camera on the laptop does not work, what to do?

In the age of modern technologies, it is no longer something frightening and bewitching for anyone, when a close person or an old friend who is far away from the screen waves, smiles and speaks from the screen of some incomprehensible device. Video communication through specialized computer programs, devices for transmitting video signals and, of course, the presence of a high-speed connection to the global Internet has become a part of the lives of people around the world and is an integral part of their daily life. Particular attention should be paid to how convenient it has become to communicate with friends and business partners, being anywhere, because now you can find an Internet connection almost everywhere, and devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones already have a built-in video camera. Such a camera is usually called a webcam, since it is intended specifically for “web communication” (from the English Web. web). People spend long hours in such communication day after day, but suddenly a problem arises. The camera on the laptop does not work. Panic. What to do? I do not understand the cause of the malfunction, it is difficult to do something, so the article will reveal the causes of malfunctions and ways to solve them using the example of laptops from popular manufacturers.

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Why the built-in WEB-camera stopped working

Now you have become the owner of an asus, MSI, good, HP or acer laptop with a built-in WEB-camera. Want to take a photo or chat on Skype, but it doesn’t work.

Why does the WEB-camera in the laptop not work? There are several reasons and many can be individual (rare).

In some models, it can be turned off accidentally (turned on by pressing the fn key with the button with a drawn camera. see if this is your case, why the built-in WEB-camera stopped working).

For each webcam, “native” drivers are required, otherwise it will NOT work in a laptop. They can be seen in the device manager opposite the line: “imaging device”.

Just keep in mind that if Windows was installed on the laptop on its own (you did not buy the pre-installed one), then the presence in the device manager of a notification that everything is working correctly. there is still nothing to say.

In such cases, standard drivers are installed for the laptop‘s WEB-camera and in most cases do not work (sometimes the image is obtained upside down). although it is written that everything is okay. This is a common occurrence.

Go to the official MSI website, a good one, ASUS, acer or HP (depending on your laptop model) and download the real ones (what are written specifically for your WEB-camera).

The WEB-camera on the laptop does not work and has stopped. these are two different things. It can stop for two reasons: a loop failure (then for repair to a service center) and a conflict of components (programs).

With the first option, everything is clear, in such cases you will NOT see any camera in the device manager of your WEB-camera, there will be an empty space, this means that the system in the laptop does not see any camera.

If there is an application conflict, Disable startup programs. It differs slightly in different operating systems. the easiest option is to use the free Russian-language program “CCleaner”.

After installation, click “Service” and click on the “autorun” option, and then connect everything that you do not need all the time.

Another option is to use recovery, if, of course, the laptop is configured to create such points.

Program for turning on a WEB-camera on a laptop

In addition to everything described above, the built-in WEB-camera on a laptop will not work if there is no special program.

If windows 7, XP or Windows 8 was installed independently, it will never be, with the exception of some pirated copies.

This problem can be easily solved. Just download it from here and run it. Then, in the presence of the “correct” drivers, the WEB-camera should work.

Viruses occupy a special place. They are capable of damaging the registry so much that an ordinary user cannot solve the problem on his own.

The solution is to completely reinstall Windows. This is the last option to solve the problem with a non-working camera on a laptop. I hope this does not threaten you. Good luck.