Keyboard stopped working on Windows laptop

Reboot your computer

When your computer’s keyboard suddenly stops working at the logon screen, it could be because Windows was unable to recognize, communicate, or load the keyboard drivers correctly. So a simple restart of your PC can help re-establish communication between device drivers and fix the keyboard issue. If the issue persists and the keyboard does not work, go to the next method below.

Disable filter keys

Press the Windows X key, then select Control Panel. Next, “Accessibility”. “Keyboard” and on the right, find “Input filtering”. Make sure the “Enable Filter Keys” option is unchecked. If the checkbox is checked, uncheck it and click Apply, then OK.

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Try the Windows key combination spacebar

Before you deal with this problem, you can try this simple action, which simultaneously pressing the Windows and spacebar keys, works in almost all cases.

Also, make sure you haven’t accidentally locked your keyboard with any key combination that can usually be accessed by pressing the Fn key.

Windows 10 keyboard not working

The keyboard stopped working in Windows 10: a very unpleasant situation. The keyboard isn’t working and you’ve tried everything you know to fix the problem. But don’t worry, in this article we will list all the easy and complex methods to customize your keyboard. This seems to be the most frustrating thing about Windows 10, because if you can’t type, then your computer can’t help you in any way. Waste no more time, let’s see how to fix keyboard problems in Windows 10.

Update your keyboard drivers

Press the Windows R key, then type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter to open the device manager.

Next expand the keyboard, right-click on a standard PS / 2 keyboard and select “Update Driver Software”.

Now first select the option “Search automatically for updated driver software” and complete the driver update process.

4.If the above does not solve the problem, select the second option “Find drivers on my computer”.

Click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

Select the appropriate driver from the list and click Next.

After the process completes, close Device Manager and restart your computer.

Check batteries and wireless adapter

If your wireless keyboard does not work, your batteries may be out of power or that something is blocking your wireless adapter. Try replacing the keyboard batteries and make sure the keyboard works or not. Also make sure the wireless keyboard adapter is not blocked by something or the keyboard is not too far from the adapter.

Keyboard driver problems

Hardware failure due to driver failure or improper installation may be the cause. It’s easy to check. First, open Device Manager. Pay attention to the sub-items Keyboards and HID Devices.

Difficulties are directly indicated by the yellow and red question mark or exclamation mark icons. It happens that they appear after using the so-called driver packs.

In this case, you need to temporarily remove the input device. Right-click on it to open the context menu and select the appropriate item. Update your computer configuration. This operation is started via the Action menu.

If the method does not work, try installing the laptop manufacturer’s proprietary drivers. To do this, download them from the official site. An alternative way is to use install the proposed updates from the Update Center.

Laptop keyboard not working. software-level reasons

However, the probability of a violation in the “gland” is relatively small. Most often, the reason is in the software part, and this can be corrected without contacting specialists. Windows 10 is able to solve typical problems on its own, through a troubleshooter. You can run it through Start. Settings, then Updates and Security. Then follow the prompts.

Keyboard not working on Windows 10 laptop

Reasons fall into two broad categories.

  • Failure occurs when components of the input device itself are defective.
  • Difficulties arise at the software level. in drivers, OS, and even in third-party applications (even antiviruses!). The consequences of the activity of viruses are included here.

As a temporary measure, the computer keyboard on the screen will help. it is launched through accessibility features. On the lock screen, the icon is located at the bottom right.

The same option in the Settings. Accessibility section has been removed to the Keyboard subsection. Disable input filtering along the way, sometimes this is enough to fix.

Unrunned ctfmon.exe

If ctfmon.exe is missing in Details, try starting it manually. This can be done directly from the Manager. Click File and select Run New Task. Then in the field that opens, type ctfmon.exe and confirm the action by clicking on “Ok”.

If this helps, then you need to add the file to startup. This can be done in the Registry Editor. It starts in the same way, only the command will be regedit.

The system may ask for confirmation. select Yes. Next, in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE subsection, select the SOFTWARE branch, in it Microsoft and then sequentially expand Windows, CurrenTVersion and, finally, Run.

Now create a new parameter via the Edit menu. Specify String as the type, and use ctfmon and% systemroot% system32ctfmon.exe for the name and value, respectively.

To apply these changes, you need to reboot the device. Do not turn off the laptop completely, you just need to restart it with the menu item of the same name.

Keyboard not working on Windows 10 laptop. hardware issues

An important point: after what action did the keyboard on the laptop stop working? If this happened after liquid got on it. water, tea, juice, drinks. then the microcircuit or the connecting cable could fail.

In this case, failures can manifest themselves both in a complete lack of response to pressing, and in difficulties with individual letters. Only models with a waterproof layer are more or less protected, but even in them sugar can jam the keys.

The first measure of help is to carefully disassemble the device (YouTube instructions describe the process in detail) and clean the keyboard. It is recommended to rinse and dry thoroughly. Along the way, it is worth cleaning the contacts of the loop with alcohol, with which it connects to the laptop. Occasionally it turns out that the cable just popped out of the connector and a slight finger movement is enough to fix it.

If these measures did not help, the connector on the motherboard or the microcircuit itself could have failed. Critical conductors in the loop could be bent, or the contact could be oxidized by a spill. The recommendation is the same: if it is not clear, you should contact the service center for repairs.

Viruses are the reason for the non-working Windows 10 keyboard

Sometimes the reason lies in the influence of malware. A characteristic feature is correct operation at the boot stage, before the OS starts. In fact, when turned on, F8 is triggered, opening the BIOS settings. The key or combination depends on the device manufacturer, it is indicated on the start screen.

With this set of symptoms, it is necessary to perform a virus cleaning. over, it is desirable to make it from safe mode: Win R by screen input, then loading the msconfig utility. It is necessary on the tab with the boot parameters to specify the Minimum sub-item in the Safe Mode item.

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After a reboot, only the minimum required components will be used. Notable fact: sometimes a reboot is enough to completely restore work.


If the keyboard does not work on a Windows 10 laptop, then do not forget about the defenders of our computer. A well-known product from Kaspersky in the recent version by installing the secure input module knocks the system parameters. To fix it, you need to disable the module by means of the antivirus product itself.

We recommend that you check the value of the UpperFilters parameter in the registry key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass 4D36E96B-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318. normally kbdclass is specified. Alternatively, you can consider reinstalling, updating or temporarily (for the duration of the check) disabling the antivirus.

Incorrect keyboard operation after a complete shutdown

The second popular case is that the Windows 10 keyboard does not work immediately after turning on the device, if it was previously turned off completely. At the same time, a reboot launched from the Start menu “miraculously” helps.

The reason is an error in the quick launch. Try disabling it: in Settings, open the System section and select the power supply sub-item. In additional options, uncheck the Quick Launch checkbox. The second method is the Power Options item in the control panel. And don’t forget to save the adjusted values.

Windows key lock

Win key not working in Windows 10? It may be blocked. However, not all keyboards have a Win button lock feature. The keyboard can be completely locked by the user. You can also block the “Vin” button using a third-party application, for example, SharpKeys. It will help you both disable the Windows keys and remap them.

Blocking of the “Vin” button is possible by negligence

Configuring the operation of the “Win” key through the Windows 10 registry

The simplest and most effective solution for restoring the Win key is to uninstall unused layouts through the OS registry. To do this, you need:

  • Log in as an administrator and call the registry editor.
  • Enter “regedit” on the command line.
  • Open the registry branch Computer \ HKEY_USERS \.DEFAULT \ Keyboard Layout \ Preload.
  • All installed layout languages ​​will appear. It is recommended to delete unused ones. Select the entry to be deleted and click on “Divide”.
  • To restart a computer.

How to enable “Win” with a keyboard shortcut

This method of activating the “Windows” key is not suitable for all desktop computer users. Most often it works on laptops. To enable the desired key, you must press “Fn”. It is worth paying attention to the “F6” button, its surface shows its functionality. It is activated by simultaneously pressing the “F6 Fn” buttons. If the “F6” shows the system icon, then the key combination will just help to enable or disable “Win”.

Note! Not on all devices, this combination is responsible for the “Win” button. On some, it is responsible for the touch panel and disabling the display.

Why doesn’t the “Windows” button on the keyboard work?

Also, the “Win” button does not work in Windows 10 due to its physical damage. Perhaps you need to clean the keyboard from debris and crumbs, change the rubber band on the key. To make sure that it is the physical injury that is the problem, you need to connect the information input device to another computer and check the performance of the “Vin” key on it.

Note! This button may not respond to user prompts because it is disabled. To make it active, you will need to make changes to the registry editor.

Many manufacturers have enabled Gaming Mode on their keyboards. This is done in order not to accidentally press the “Win” button during the game and not leave the game at the most crucial moment. This is convenient, but for this reason most often the “Vin” key stops working.

Testing the keyboard on another computer

Checking the keyboard performance is one of the simplest procedures at first glance. You just need to open Notepad and enter any characters from the keyboard. However, this method does not allow you to check all the buttons.

To test the entire keyboard, you can use one of the popular services to test the functionality of all the keys of the manipulator. You can consider several applications and choose the most convenient.

Note! The application conducts diagnostics using a virtual keyboard that simulates a user’s input device, helping to identify a breakdown.

Before looking for a solution to the problem, it is recommended to check if the keyboard is connected correctly on another device. Pay attention to the connection port. On older versions this is a round socket, on modern USB ports. As soon as the user connects the pointing device to another device, notifications about downloaded drivers will appear on the computer screen. After the keyboard is installed, you can start testing it using any of the free applications.

Why doesn’t the Windows button on my keyboard work?

After installing updates or a system crash, the Windows key may stop working. For users accustomed to working with hotkeys, this is not very convenient. Without this button, it is impossible to fully operate the device, quickly call up the system menu, use various combinations where this key is present. Rebooting the device, checking the OS for errors may not always solve the problem.

Updating keyboard drivers on Windows 10

Each user of a personal computer has his own device for entering information. The keyboard can be connected by cable and wireless. However, even with the correct connection, it may not function, malfunction. Most often, troubleshooting requires restarting the drivers, removing the old one, and downloading the new one.

For your information! The keyboard is the main input device, without it working at the computer is impossible. After plugging it in and restarting the computer, it may start giving errors.

The keyboard driver can cause various problems and difficulties. Most often, the operating system itself updates, loads the necessary drivers. However, after installing a new operating system, this procedure may have to be performed manually. Before downloading a new driver, you should know that:

  • there is no universal driver for the input device;
  • the driver is required for both a regular PC keyboard and a laptop;
  • the driver may stop performing its functions.

After completing the driver installation and making sure that the problem has not gone anywhere, then the error is most likely identified incorrectly. If the keyboard is not physically damaged, water has not been spilled on it, nothing has fallen, the device itself has not been exposed, then the problem may be the incompatibility of the downloaded utilities.

Important! It is necessary to download the driver from a trusted source or the official website of the developer, otherwise it will lead to even more problems.

The utility is necessary for both a laptop, a personal computer, and a wireless keyboard on a gadget. There is no generic driver. For convenience, it is recommended to use a third-party application such as DriverPack Solution. This application allows you to install any required driver.

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The input device may also not work due to an outdated driver. It is not compatible with the latest versions of the Windows 10 operating system. Such drivers include, for example, Synaptics. To solve this problem, you must:

  • Make a right-click on the “Start” button.
  • Go to device manager.
  • In the list that opens, find the Synaptics driver. Right-click on it and select “Delete”.
  • Once the driver is removed, restart your computer.

The next time you turn on the device, the operating system will install the new driver itself, and the keyboard will begin to fully perform its functionality.

Note! If this method of removing a single driver did not work, then it is recommended to uninstall all drivers: computer mouse, touch panel. After that, you need to reboot the device. After turning on the OS, it will find and download the necessary utilities by itself.

What if the key is not active? It is also possible to install and update drivers from the CD that is included with the laptop.

For some users, the keyboard did not work due to the Dropbox app, an application that syncs files between computers and mobile devices. This distribution kit interferes with the operation of the operating system, blocks some parts of the account. Therefore, to eliminate this problem, it is best to uninstall the program.

It is recommended to stop the work of some functions related to the operation of the video card, and make sure that they do not affect the “Windows” button.

Problems arising with the operation of a personal computer are quite common. This article lists the main reasons why the Windows button may refuse to work. If more than one method has not been effective, the keyboard still does not work, the necessary button does not perform its task, then you should contact the service center.

What to do if the keyboard does not work on a laptop

Help with one problem. Out of the blue, the keyboard on my Lenovo B70-80 laptop stopped working. The laptop did not hit, did not flood, did not hit. just after turning on, it does not respond to pressing some keys. What can be done?

The good thing about an ordinary computer in this regard is a quick change from one keyboard to another. In a laptop, unfortunately, you cannot do this procedure so quickly

In general, it is extremely rare for the keyboard to stop working for no reason. Most often, the user guesses what the reason is (and sometimes keeps quiet ). For example, quite often the keyboard is flooded with tea, water, juice; mechanical damage, etc.

This article will discuss the main causes of keyboard failure and what you can do to restore your device to working condition. So.

The keyboard on the laptop refused: reasons

What can be done to fix the situation temporarily

I want to start the article with what temporary measures can be taken in order to somehow type some characters, press the necessary keys (which may be needed during the recovery process).

  • – connect a USB keyboard. So that any modern laptop has several USB ports. By the way, if the USB ports also do not work, then this is a rather bad sign, it may indicate a failed mat. fee;
  • – call the on-screen keyboard. It is located in the section: Control Panel / Accessibility / Ease of Access Center (see screenshot below).

1) Inattention / ignorance of the user

No matter how funny it sounds, but very often the keyboard “does not work” due to the ignorance of the user.

For example, how many times have they complained to me that the numbers on the keyboard are broken, that no dates are entered, etc but the fact is that the numeric keypad works when the Num Luck key is pressed ( by the way, there is often an LED on it or above it).

So, if this key is not pressed, when you try to enter numbers from the numeric keypad, your cursor will jump, move, and not react at all.

If numbers don’t work for you, be sure to pay attention to this key.!

Note: some laptop models enable the numeric keypad only by pressing the key combination: Fn Num Lock.

By the way, one more point: concerns the function keys (F1, F2, F, 3. F12). On modern laptops, for any of these keys to work, you need to press the FN key in addition to it. Usually, this moment is configured in the BIOS.

The screenshot below shows the “Advanced” section of a Dell laptop. in the “Function Key Behavior” item, you can choose how the function keys will work:

  • in the mode of multimedia buttons (turn down / turn up the volume, brightness, etc.);
  • or in the mode of normal functions (update the page, call up help, etc.).

Dell laptop BIOS. selection of key operation mode

I will not consider in detail here how to enter the BIOS and how to configure it, but I will give a couple of links to articles from which you can glean this information:

2) Garbage under / between keys

Dust, dirt, crumbs are very fond of accumulating under the keys of the keyboard, and in general, over time, it becomes greasy from greasy hands, fingers, even among rather neat users.

Because of this, some of the keys (usually, everything starts with one or two) ceases to respond normally, they have to be pressed and pressed with force.

An article on how to clean your laptop / PC from dust. Link to the section of the article on how to clean the keyboard from crumbs, greasy marks and dust.

There are three ways to clean the keyboard (in my opinion):

  • use special A USB vacuum cleaner that can gently and gently pick up most of the crumbs from the keyboard surface (see screen below);
  • use special Velcro, which, when pressed, fill the plane of the keyboard, and when you unhook them, all dust and dirt remains on them;
  • you can blow out the keyboard with a regular vacuum cleaner (especially if it has a reverse mode), and then gently wipe it with a damp cloth moistened with soapy water.

3) Software glitch, error while loading OS

If not a single key on the keyboard works at all for you (and you did not fill it, did not knock, etc.). then I hasten to assure you that in more than half of the cases, the software is to blame. For example, a driver conflict could have occurred, at the stage of loading your OS, or some kind of virus was picked up, etc.

The easiest and surest way is to try restarting your laptop first. It will not be superfluous to enter the BIOS and check how the keyboard works in it.

Note: if your keyboard works in the BIOS (and the fact that you entered it already speaks about it), then you probably have a reason in the software.

In case of problems with hardware, the keyboard will not work anywhere: neither in the BIOS, nor in Windows, nor in any other OS!

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If, after restarting the laptop, the keyboard does not work again (and the keyboard did work in the BIOS), try rolling the system back to the state when everything was in order. Below is a link to an article on restoring Windows (note: a rollback can be done using a bootable USB flash drive without booting the main system).

If recovery doesn’t help (or you don’t have recovery checkpoints) you can try reinstall the system. I also recommend paying attention to the drivers, about them a little below.

Generally, keyboard drivers are usually installed automatically during Windows installation. But sometimes the following problems are observed with them:

  • Some laptops have a somewhat non-standard keyboard with additional. functions. and for its full-fledged work, specials are needed. driver. If they are absent, the keyboard may not work in full mode;
  • There may have been a driver crash / conflict in the system. This often happens with USB drivers, TV tuners, audio drivers, etc.;
  • The keyboard drivers themselves may have been damaged.

    Open Device Manager: press the WinR button combination. enter devmgmt.msc and press Enter.

  • Next, pay attention to the “Keyboards” tab: open it. There should not be any exclamation marks opposite your device, and in general they should not be with other devices, ideally (indicating a problem with the driver). An example of what the problem device looks like. ;
  • To update the keyboard driver, right-click on the “Standard PS / 2 Keyboard” device (or on the “keyboard” that will be in the “Keyboards” section). then select “Update Drivers.” and agree to the automatic installation (example below on the screenshot ).
  • 5) Acidification of the keyboard loop contacts, damage to the loop

    If the previous steps did not help, and the laptop keyboard also does not respond to any of your pressings, I recommend checking the flex cable. The following usually happens to him:

    • if you disassembled the laptop and disconnected / connected the keyboard, it is quite possible that the cable could simply not be inserted tightly into the socket. If this was the case, try reconnecting the keyboard;
    • it is also often damaged if the laptop is not carefully disassembled (the wiring in the cable is thin enough and can be interrupted with one not careful movement);
    • the contacts of the loop, or the socket in which it “sits”, could oxidize over time and not give good contact. Try to gently wipe them with an eraser (as a rule, the contacts even on the eye begin to become lighter, which means you have removed the oxidized plaque).

    On modern laptop models, it is far from easy to remove the keyboard: for this, most often you need to disassemble the entire device to the ground!

    On older models. usually, it is enough to unfasten several latches with a screwdriver (as in the photo above), and raise the plane of the keyboard.

    By the way, if your laptop is under warranty, use the service center. Your independent disassembly (including disconnecting only the keyboard) will almost certainly cause a refusal of warranty service!

    6) Filling the keyboard with liquid

    Some experts have summed up interesting statistics: every 50th circle above the laptop falls over on it. First of all, it is the keyboard that suffers.

    By the way, from my own experience, I will say that with any flooding, the keyboard suffers 100%, but the rest of the devices (under it) still have chances to stay dry: it all depends on the user’s reaction speed after the incident, the device configuration and the amount of liquid spilled.

    Particularly dangerous for iron is the liquid that contains salt or sugar: tea, juice, lemonade, etc. When such a mixture gets on the contacts and metal parts of the boards, the process of oxidation and corrosion begins, which destroys (in some cases, not immediately, but right) iron.

    • turn off the laptop: you need to immediately disconnect the power supply and remove the battery as soon as possible (the faster the better);
    • then turn the device over so that liquid begins to flow out of it;
    • dry the device for several days (before, the device simply did not dry out). Do not use hair dryers, heaters, or other similar devices to dry;
    • it is highly advisable to disassemble the device and see how far the liquid has penetrated. In general, of course, if you have never done this yourself, I recommend showing the device in the service center: t. even if your device works after drying, the remaining liquid (especially if it was aggressive: juice, beer, tea, etc.) will slowly and surely destroy your iron from the inside, causing corrosion and oxidation.

    7) Mechanical damage

    In general, by and large, there is nothing to break in the keyboard, and as a rule, the breakdown is associated with damage to a specific key (i.e. 1-2 keys will stop pressing).

    Usually, this happens if something falls on the laptop keyboard, or you accidentally hit the device (this, for example, could be on the road when moving the device).

    In some cases, when the contacts on the keyboard board are damaged (or the button is “clamped”), the keyboard may not respond to pressing other keys and behave unstable.

    By the way, if you have any key pressed, you can find out if you open any text editor: Word, notepad, etc.

    As a solution: if 1-2 keys do not work for you, then you can reassign them to others and use the keyboard for some time (or maybe this time will be long ?!).

    To reassign buttons. I recommend using the special. utilities: MapKeyboard, Key Remapper, etc.

    How to reassign one key to another (for those who cannot press a button on the keyboard).

    8) What about the laptop battery?

    And the last thing I would like to dwell on in this article.

    In general, this is quite rare, but still I met on one “no name” Chinese laptop: the keyboard on it stopped working if the battery was discharged below a certain minimum of 7%, apparently a kind of software was working (I hope this software will not become popular?).

    I recommend doing the following: turn off the laptop and remove the battery, then connect it to the power supply unit. turn it on and check if the keyboard starts working.