Keyboard backlight won’t turn on on asus laptop

How to find out if there is such a function on a laptop, features of inclusion

Not all models are equipped with backlighting, but if you follow a few simple recommendations, you can quickly find out its presence and understand the features of inclusion. Despite the variety of options on the market, the process is always roughly the same:

  • The easiest way is to read the operating instructions for the laptop, if it is at hand. Very often you can easily find an electronic version, usually it is written to a disk with drivers (if available).
  • If you have access to the Internet, you can go to the technical support site of the laptop manufacturer and find your model through the catalog. In the technical information, the presence of the backlight is usually spelled out separately, so it will not be difficult to clarify this issue.
  • Another solution is to enter a query in the search bar of the browser and read the search results. You can just go to one of the thematic forums and find a thread dedicated to your model. If there is no data there, you can ask a question and get an answer from other users.
  • It is worth carefully examining the buttons, if one of them has a small image of the keyboard, then most likely there is a backlight in the model. Often this symbol is highlighted in a different color for visibility, which will further simplify the search.

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If it turns out that the laptop model has a backlight, but the buttons never light up, you need to figure out how to turn it on. Most often, the keyboard symbol is located on the function row of keys (F1-F12) or on the arrows. To turn it on, you need to simultaneously hold down the Fn button and the one on which there is a backlight symbol, the combinations can be different. Usually after that it turns on.

Another option is a separate button located next to or on the main keyboard. Such solutions are also available in some models, it is even easier here. you just need to press to turn on the light.

If the wrong combination is pressed by mistake, then you can disable the function for which the accidentally pressed key combination is responsible by pressing them again.


This manufacturer produces many inexpensive models, so they are often found among users. Everything is simple in it. to start the backlight, you need to click on the Fn and Space keys, it will turn on with an average brightness.

If you need to increase the intensity of the backlight, you must once again hold down the above combination of buttons. The same must be done if you want to turn off the light altogether. Lenovo has no other options, which greatly simplifies the process.

In laptops from this manufacturer, you need to control the button illumination using the VAIO Control Center program. In it, the item “keyboard” is selected, in which there is a tab “keyboard backlight”.

Most often, the system is configured to automatically turn on and off depending on the lighting around. If the function is not needed, you need to put a full stop on the item “Do not turn on” and save the changes.

By the way! You can select a mode so that the button illumination does not come on when the laptop is running on battery power. In this case, if the equipment is connected to the network, then everything will work normally, and if it is powered by a battery, then the light will not light up to save energy.

Also in the application, you can select the mode of operation when idle. There are options for turning off the lighting after 10, 30 and 60 seconds. Or you can put a bird on the item that prohibits turning off the light, even if the laptop has been idle for a very long time.


This brand has also started producing high-quality Huawei MateBook laptops, which resemble the famous MacBook not only in name, but also in appearance. In some modifications, there is a separate button for turning on, which works in 3 modes. off, dimmed light and bright backlight.

For some models, you need to press a combination of Fn and one of the keys of the function row with a backlight icon. The system in this case is the same. the first press turns on dim light, the second. bright, and the third turns it off.

The company makes laptops for gamers, so in almost all models the keys are backlit, and in many the lighting has been made unique to make the technology stand out from the crowd. In this case, the options for inclusion and settings may differ.

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Most often, there is a separate button at the top of an MSI notebook above the main keyboard. Or you need to press one of the hot keys in combination with Fn. Setting can also be done with buttons, combinations are different.

Many models have a special utility that not only sets the backlight parameters, but can also change its colors or provide an iridescent effect.

To turn off the light, you need to press the same as to turn it on, but in some cases you need to click on the Fn button several times in a row.


In all the latest models from this manufacturer, the backlight turns on automatically when the illumination drops below the permissible level. The built-in light sensor is responsible for this. Some operating parameters are manually configured via hotkeys.

To configure the time that the system will work when idle, you need to click on the “Boot Camp” item, which is located in the taskbar. There you need to find the “Boot Camp Control Panel” tab, in which the settings are set.

From the video you will understand what to do when the keyboard backlight does not work in MacBook


In many Samsung models, the backlight is turned on automatically by a built-in photocell. If this does not happen, you should try to enable it with the Fn and F4 keys.

If this option did not help, you should look for a button with a flashlight and press it simultaneously with Fn or F4. Turn off by the same combination.

In order for HP laptops to have backlighting, you need to purchase models from the Pavilion line, they always have this function. Usually everything works by default, but sometimes you need to turn on the light in one of the following ways:

  • In some modifications, the F5 or F12 button is responsible for this, it all depends on the model.
  • If there is a symbol of three horizontal dots on the left side of the space, then you can turn on the backlight by pressing this button and Fn at the same time. It turns off in a similar way.
  • The DV6 model line has a dedicated backlight button, indicated by three horizontal dots.

When the light goes out quickly and this causes inconvenience, you need to set the timeout to a convenient time. To do this, go to the BIOS and find the “Advanced” item there. In it, select the “Built-in Device Options” tab, in which hover the cursor over the “Backlight keyboard timeout” line and press the spacebar to open the settings.

In the window that opens, select a delay so that the backlight turns off at a convenient time. You can also turn off this function there if you want the buttons to light up constantly.

By watching the video, you will learn how to enable the FN keys on an HP laptop.

Dell laptops have different options for turning on the light on the keyboard, it all depends on the model. The combination always consists of two buttons, the first is always unchanged. “Fn”, and the second can be F6, F8 or F10.

It is also possible to configure the mode through the BIOS. There, in the “System Configuration” tab, there is an item “Keyboard Backlight”, in it you should select the settings. In Dim mode, the brightness will be medium, and in Bright mode, maximum. There you can disable the function so that it does not work. The only way to adjust the brightness is.

A video example of turning on the keyboard backlight on Dell via BIOS

Microsoft Surface

If you are using this hybrid laptop model, adjusting the button illumination is easy. To turn on the light or increase its brightness, you need to simultaneously press and hold the Alt and F2 buttons.

If you need to decrease the brightness, use the keyboard shortcut Alt and F1. No other settings provided.

Description of turning the backlight on and off depending on the manufacturer

To turn on the keyboard backlight on a laptop, you need to select the appropriate section and study the information for a specific brand. Usually this is enough to understand the topic, if the system is in order and there are no failures or breakdowns.

In ASUS laptops, most often to turn on the keyboard backlight, you need to hold down the FnF4 button combination. If you keep it clamped for a while, you can increase the brightness.

If you press the F3 key instead of F4, the lighting will turn off. And if you hold it without releasing, then the brightness will smoothly decrease to the desired limit.

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Some ASUS models have a built-in ambient light sensor. If it is active, the backlight will turn on automatically when the illumination level is below the set norm.

In equipment from this manufacturer, the light is most often turned on by simultaneously pressing the Fn and F9 keys. If you need to disable the function, press the same combination. everything is simple.

Some advanced models have a button called the Keyboard backlight. In this case, the lighting is turned on and off by pressing it. Most often it is located on the left side.

The video will help you turn on the backlighting of the keys on the Acer Nitro5

Keyboard backlight not working on ASUS laptop

Hello everyone. ASUS recently bought a laptop. There is such a feature as keyboard backlighting. The thing is not only cool, but sometimes useful, especially at night. And now, a couple of days ago, this function disappeared. Question for Connoisseurs: what to do in this case?

Depending on the model, this feature is enabled and controlled by the function keys on the keyboard. Examine F3 and F4 for a special luminance symbol. It is necessary to hold down the Fn button and press F4 several times to increase the brightness of the backlight, and to decrease FnF3. You can completely turn on or off the backlight by a combination of Fn and Space (space).

As I understand it, you have a warranty laptop, since you recently bought it. Maybe it’s time to contact the authorized Asus service? The problem, of course, is not of this level, most likely, but the hardware part itself should definitely not be interfered with. I mean, a screwdriver in hand and forward. At least you can lose the guarantee.

Most likely, you will need to reinstall or install the ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities. You need to download it from the official ASUS website in the “Drivers and Utilities” section indicating the laptop model and operating system version. It happens that the latest driver version is not suitable for a specific computer configuration. Then try to install the previous release, having previously uninstalled the current driver through the “Device Manager”. Be sure to reboot after installing the PC. If the problem was in the wood, then everything will work. Here is the link:

Thank! I reinstalled the drivers and it worked! Probably because of the Windows update, the backlight did not work, maybe of course not for this reason, but the main thing is that it works))

I had the same problem on ASUS R556QG. The Fn button works, I adjust the sound with it. But all the other combinations fail, neither F3 and F4, nor Space. Reinstalling the driver didn’t help either. In short, the up-down arrow helped by the popular poke method. turns off / turns on the backlight.

I doubt that something happened to the hardware in your case. If any function is no longer regulated by hot keys, then there may be something with the matrix itself or the loop. But the laptop is new. Although, you can pour or drop it with tea on the first day. There was nothing like that? If the settings or through reinstalling the driver does not fix the problem, it is best to contact the service.

I ran into a canoe where the backlight is on and the brightness is adjusted, but its color is constantly changing. Or only blue is constantly on and I cannot change it. There is not a word about this on Asus’s website, there is nothing in the instructions for the laptop either. Who faced this, tell me how to solve?

I give free advice on adjusting the backlight color. This cannot be achieved with the built-in laptop tools. There are special utilities that will help. Open the ASUS official website (I don’t understand why you could not find it there), enter your laptop model and go to the list of drivers. “Driver Utility”. Find and download the dedicated Armory Crate lighting control service. After installation, you will be able to adjust the brightness and color of the keyboard backlight. The interface is very friendly, completely Russified. Enjoy the effects!

There are also programs Aura Sync or TUF Aura Core. They are selected depending on the laptop model. Look at the sticker on the case: if there is a colored circle with the inscription ASUS AURA RGB. select the TUF Aura Core program, if the inscription ASUS AURA SYNC. then the Aura Sync utility. Note that TUF Aura Core only adjusts brightness, color cannot be adjusted. And further. Don’t be greedy and don’t install multiple programs at once. A lot in this case does not mean good, a conflict of applications is possible.

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Why ASUS keyboard backlight doesn’t work on Windows 10?

In most cases, the problem can be resolved by updating Windows 10 to the latest version. Together with the update of the operating system, the mass of the manufacturer’s modules is also updated.

Top reasons why backlighting may not work in your operating system.

  • Outdated or incorrect drivers. If the keyboard drivers (on a laptop or external) are not updated to the latest version, then you will not be able to access all functions, including the backlight.
  • Hardware problems. Sometimes the manufacturer’s hardware does not sync properly with the operating system. Updating the system and diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware can fix the problem.
  • Launching the executable file hcontrol.exe, which is responsible for managing hotkeys. Check for this Asus program in background processes or run manually.

Make sure you are logged in as an administrator before moving on to specific solutions. You will also need an internet connection.

Rebooting the laptop

Sometimes the problem is solved simply in a trite way. It is enough to completely turn off the laptop and get rid of the accumulated static charge. Thus, we forcefully reset the temporary configurations and force the device to reinitialize each of them. Make sure to save your work before proceeding.

Turn off the device, unplug the power cable. Remove the battery, press and hold the power button for 5.7 seconds.

Wait 2-3 minutes and plug everything back in. Now turn on the laptop and check how the backlight works.

Asus laptop keyboard backlight not working. what to do?

There are several issues that can arise with the backlit keyboard on an ASUS laptop. It may not work at all, or it becomes uncontrollable. brightness and color do not change.

Troubleshoot computer problems

Try running the troubleshooter. This tool will test all equipment one at a time and quickly pinpoint the problem. It can be used to detect not installed driver or outdated modules.

  • Press the Windows R keys, type “control” in the dialog box, confirm execution with Enter.
  • In the upper right part of the screen, click on “Categories”, select “Large icons” from the list.
  • Go to the “Troubleshoot” tab.
  • On the left side of the window, select View All Categories to access all of the troubleshooting packages available on your computer.
  • Select “Hardware and Devices” from the list.
  • Windows will begin scanning your computer for hardware problems. If found, it will throw a notification. Click OK if any fix is ​​recommended.

Restart your laptop after applying the patch.

Starting the hcontrol.exe module

In the ASUS software suite for each laptop model, there is an executable file called hcontrol.exe, which is used to manage all hotkeys and functions associated with them. In addition, he is also responsible for controlling other modules such as the backlight. If it is absent in background processes, that is, it does not start automatically when the system boots, then try starting it manually and see if this matters.

Press the Windows E keys at the same time, navigate to the following file path:

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ ASUS \ ATK Package \ ATK Hotkey

Find the file hcontrol.exe and double click on it to run.

Reinstalling the keyboard driver manually (via ATK package)

If the above methods don’t work and you can’t access the backlight, try updating your keyboard drivers. Users claimed that when upgrading to Windows 10, they either lost the correct keyboard driver or installed an incompatible.

Go to ASUS official website, select Service. Support. Enter Support Center. Enter product details (Notebooks), series and model.

On the right side, the item “Drivers and Utilities” will be displayed, go to it. Select the operating system installed on your ASUS laptop. A list of all drivers for the specified model will open.

Scroll down to find the ATK package (if you have Hotfix, Smart Gesture, Touchpad / Keyboard).

Download them to any available disk space. Then right click on it, select run as administrator.

After installing the drivers, restart the laptop, check if the backlight is working properly.