Is it possible to charge a laptop from a power bank

Charging a laptop from a power bank

Before charging a laptop from a power bank, you need to choose the right model of such a device. This is an external battery that is connected via a USB connector. The advantage of a power bank lies in the ability to maintain the required battery level of the laptop remotely from home. The service life of the battery can be increased, provided that it is properly operated, for this you need to follow simple requirements.

Solar powered option

Such devices do not require a connection to the mains voltage. To increase the charge level of the built-in battery, you need to install a powerbank in a sunny area.

It is distinguished by the ability to charge in cloudy weather, but in this case, the charging duration is significantly increased. Such a device is much more convenient, since it can be used at a distance from home, in a car, a train, in a country house and any other place where it is not possible to connect to the mains voltage.

The parameters of solar power banks are similar to devices that are charged from the mains. So, the number of USB connectors can be different: from 1 to 4. The kit often includes cables for connecting to the micro- and mini-USB port.

The output current is standard in most cases. 2.1 A. The advantage of solar-powered models is considered to be ample opportunities. For example, there are devices on sale with a battery capacity of 23,000 mAh and above. These models use modern types of batteries: Li-ion and Li-pol.

What models of external batteries are suitable for a laptop. the best models and characteristics

When a powerbank is selected, they pay attention to the main criterion. the capacity of this device. It should be far superior to that of a laptop battery. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to repeatedly charge the battery.

If the capacity of the external battery is small, you will have to constantly recharge the laptop. Regular partial charging of the device can lead to loss of battery properties.

  • HIPER RP15000. The capacity of this model is 15000 mAh. The device comes in a strict black case without unnecessary design elements. Output current. 2.1 A. The design provides 2 USB ports, which allows you to simultaneously connect different devices. Connectors differ in type: micro-B, type-A. Simultaneous charging is possible provided that the total capacity of the batteries of the connected devices is less than the total capacity of the external battery. Powerbank battery type. Li-ion. Any mobile gadget can be connected to the device: tablet, smartphone, etc.
  • Cactus CS-PBPT18-18000AL. The body is aluminum, made in silver. The battery capacity of this model is 18000 mAh, the battery type is Li-pol. This is a type of ABK of the latest generation, it is considered the most advantageous option in terms of the main parameters. The output current varies: 1-2.1 A. The design provides for 2 USB ports. Any device can be connected to an external battery: camera, tablet, smartphone and laptop.
  • Defender Lavita 20000. The device has a black case, streamlined shape. The capacity is 20,000 mAh, the output current is 2.1 A. There are 2 USB connectors, so you can connect different gadgets equipped with connectors of the appropriate type. The design provides for a battery. Li-ion, the battery capacity is sufficient to charge the laptop several times, given that the battery parameters of the latter of the devices in most cases are 6000-7000 mAh. This model has the advantage of having a flashlight and display.
  • Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 20000. Available in a white case. The battery capacity is 20,000 mAh, the design provides 2 USB ports. The external battery in this version is universal, like most modern counterparts: you can simultaneously connect different gadgets to it. The charge of such a powerbank rises in 6.2 hours. Battery type. Li-pol, output current. 3.6 A.
  • Inter-Step PB240004U. Available in a sleek, silvery casing. The device is equipped with 4 USB ports, which expands the possibilities: connect up to 4 gadgets at the same time. Battery capacity. 24000 mAh, output current. 2.4 A. You can monitor the charge level using the display. The advantage of the model is reliability: the body is made of aluminum.
  • EasyAcc Monster 26000. This device can withstand multiple charges of different gadgets. It differs from other models by its high battery capacity. 26000 mAh. Another advantage is the use of new technologies in production. The external battery independently determines the electrical parameters of the connected gadget, thanks to which the capabilities of the powerbank expand: you can connect any devices to it. The maximum output current is 5.4 A. The design provides for a flashlight, the body is made in black and orange colors.
  • RAVPower 26 800. Battery capacity is 26800 mAh. The device is made in a black case, there are 3 USB connectors. Thanks to this, different mobile gadgets are connected at the same time. Powerbank is designed for 500 charge cycles. The advantage is the presence of an indication, thanks to which the charge level can be monitored. The kit includes a micro-USB adapter. Maximum current. 5 A.
  • PowerPlant K2 is an expensive device because its capacity is 50,000 mAh. This allows the powerbank to be used for an extended period. The maximum output current is 3 A. The disadvantage is the significant weight of the device. 1.2 kg. The design provides 4 USB ports, a flashlight, a Li-pol battery. The external battery is charged in 8 hours. The case is made of metal, the set includes a case for a power bank and an adapter for micro-USB.
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Technique for charging a laptop using a power bank device

To increase the battery power of the connected gadget, you need to use a USB cable. With its help, a powerbank and a laptop are connected. The duration of charging depends on the parameters of the battery of the connected mobile gadget. You need to control this process.

It is more convenient to use devices with a display, but you can also navigate by the light indication. In this case, the lamp starts blinking or the color of the radiation changes when the charge rises to the upper limit. 100%. It is necessary to immediately disconnect the device from the powerbank, since overcharging negatively affects the battery parameters of both devices.

Rombica NEO PRO180

The device is characterized by an attractive design, the body is made in silver. The battery capacity is 18000 mAh. The case contains 2 USB ports for simultaneous charging of various equipment.

The main advantage is considered to be high reliability, due to which the external battery can withstand multiple charge / discharge cycles.

Charge your any laptop with Power Bank.Can We ?

On the front panel there is a progress indicator. This allows you to disconnect your computer in time. Any mobile gadgets can be connected to such a device.

Defender Lavita 20000

The capacity is 20,000mAh. With standard computer parameters, you can charge up to 4 times without the need to connect the power bank to a mains source. The device is equipped with a Li-Ion battery. The design provides 2 connectors (USB ports). For convenience, there is an info-display, a flashlight. Dimensions of the device: 17x8x2.2 cm. Voltage. 5 V, charge current in the first connector. 2.1 A, in the second. 1.5 A. The weight of such a bank is 490 g.

Charging a laptop from a power bank

Before charging a laptop from a power bank, you need to study the range of available models. To select the appropriate option, it is recommended to compare the devices according to the main parameters. This will identify a model with sufficient capacity. It is also important to follow the charging technique to extend the battery life of the connected device.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 20000

The model has a stylish design. made in white. The battery capacity is 20,000 mAh. The charging time for such a device is 6.2 hours. There are 2 USB ports installed in the case, but the main advantage is considered to be low weight. 330 g. Thanks to this, this model of equipment can be taken with you on a trip, it will not weigh down your luggage.

The housing is made of ABS plastic, which allows it to withstand mechanical stress. The design provides for a Li-Ion battery, the surface of the case is embossed.

Cactus CS-PBPT18-18000A

The capacity of this model is 18000 mAh. It is distinguished by its versatility, which allows charging a computer, tablet, player and smartphone. any equipment that is connected via a USB connector.

Battery type. Li-Ion, 2 USB connectors are installed in the case. The voltage is 5 V, the charge current varies: 1 and 2.1 A, depending on the port. This is a larger model, dimensions: 19.4×8.5×21.8 cm.The weight is more than that of the previously reviewed analogues. 830 g. This is due to the fact that the case is made of anodized aluminum.

Inter-Step PB240004U

This is a more functional model. It is equipped with a 24000mAh battery, which helps to increase the number of charge / discharge cycles. The body is made in gray, there is also a screen on which information about the charging process is displayed. This will allow you to turn off the device in a timely manner.

Working voltage. 5 V, maximum load. 3000 mAh. The case is made of metal, it has 4 USB ports and 1 micro-USB connector. In addition, the set includes 2 cables for connecting mobile devices.


The device is equipped with a Li-Ion battery. The capacity is 15000 mAh, thanks to this it becomes possible to charge the laptop 2-3 times. It depends on the battery capacity of your computer. The device is made in a black case.

It can be used to charge other mobile gadgets: tablet, player, smartphone. For connection there are 2 USB-connectors, micro-USB cable.

Multiple ports allow you to charge different devices at the same time. External battery dimensions: 18x9x3 cm.

What models of external batteries are suitable for a laptop. the best models and characteristics

To determine which option is suitable for such a task, you need to know the capacity of the laptop. The average value of this parameter is 3000-6000 mAh. This allows you to operate the computer for 5 hours (with some error up or down, depending on the intensity of the load).

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Is it possible to charge a laptop from Power Bank

The easiest way to restore the capacity of a laptop battery without using a charger is to connect an external battery. This product has the following advantages:

  • Large capacity.
  • Compact size.
  • Light weight.
  • High reliability.

Although the cost of such products is not low, the costs of not being able to continue working on a laptop can be significantly higher. The uninterrupted functioning of a laptop is especially important for freelancers, whose work is completely carried out remotely.

The capacity of such a product is sufficient to maintain the laptop in working order for a day or more, therefore, during this time, you can replace the charger or repair it.

The product’s compact size and light weight are especially important when traveling. With the help of such devices, you can charge your laptop in nature or in a hotel room. When traveling abroad, a power bank will avoid the need to purchase adapters for electrical outlets.

High reliability and long service life will allow you to use the device for a long time, and low self-discharge. always have a fully charged and ready-to-use backup energy source at hand.

Can you charge a Laptop with a USB Powerbank?!

How fast is charging

On average, charging from a power bank takes about 3 hours, but if the capacity of the laptop battery is too large, it can take a long time before the battery is fully replenished. When using modern laptops, this indicator does not really matter, because while charging the battery, the device can be used in normal mode.

In addition, the recovery of the battery charge in this way can be carried out while moving or in a room not equipped with electrical outlets. Charging a laptop via Power Bank will be successful only if the external battery itself has a sufficiently high level of accumulation of electric current.

To avoid a situation when at the right time the capacity of the bank will be insufficient to connect consumers to it, you must regularly connect it to a special adapter or purchase a device with a solar battery.

Why it is impossible to charge a laptop with a power bank from the phone

When buying a Power Bank for a laptop, pay attention to the designation on the packaging and label. Similar products are available for charging mobile phones, so it is easy to get confused and purchase an unsuitable device for use. You cannot charge a laptop with a power bank from a phone, because the output voltage of such a device is only 3.7 volts.

If the telephone Power Bank has a sufficiently large capacity, then you can try to raise the voltage from 3.7 to 19 volts using a special converter. For such a connection, you will need to connect the output contacts of the power bank to the converter, which should then be correctly connected to the socket of the laptop. Of course, this is not worth doing, it is better to immediately purchase a normal external battery.

How to charge a laptop from Powerbank

Modern laptops can work on a single battery charge for several hours in a row, but then the device will automatically turn off if the laptop is not connected to the network through the adapter in time.

For many reasons, such an opportunity may not be available, so each owner of a laptop should take care of alternative ways to restore the battery charge in advance.

What to look for when choosing

When buying a new power bank, you need to choose a model designed for charging laptops. Phone devices are not suitable for this purpose. Next, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

Capacity. This parameter determines the number of laptop battery charges without connecting the power bank to the network. The capacity of such products is indicated in milliamperes, but the minimum value should be about 20,000 mA. As a rule, the higher this indicator, the higher the cost of the device.

The number and type of ports. If from Power Bank it will be possible to charge not only a laptop, but also a phone, then it is enough to purchase one powerful device to, if necessary, charge all devices running on lithium batteries. The number of ports also matters in this case, because in the event of an emergency power outage, several devices may need to be charged at the same time.

Weight and dimensions. If you often have to take a power bank with you, but there is no need for a high power of the product, then it is enough to purchase a device with minimum capacitive characteristics. Weight and dimensions are always in direct proportion to these parameters.

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Body material. The body of the product must not only be shockproof, but also protected from moisture and dust. Only in this case, you can use it without fear for the safety of the device on long trips and hiking in nature.

Manufacturing company. If you decide to purchase a powerful device equipped with a large number of ports, then it is better to give preference to products of well-known brands. Power Banks produced by companies that value their reputation will work out the manufacturer’s recommended service life without any serious deviations in performance.

To purchase such a product, you should contact only proven and well-established trade organizations, otherwise you can easily run into a fake.

The Power Bank is a functional device that will replace the standard adapter. In addition, some models can be equipped with a flashlight, as well as an outlet for connecting car gadgets, which will allow you not to use the battery while the car is parked.

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How to properly charge your MacBook

These devices successfully carry out their work using Li-pol batteries with an increased level of protection. They are very thin and capacitive.

To charge the laptop, use the Thunderbolt 3 connector, USB-C (depending on the model), which is located on the lower side of the device, and a charging set (included).

The process is simple: insert one end of the cord into the desired connector on the laptop → the second into the power adapter → plug it into a power outlet.

For information: the company does not use the MagSafe connector in new models.

There are alternative ways to charge your MacBook, for example, if there is no charging. You can learn about this in the following sections. But first, a few tips for properly recharging portable gadgets.

General recommendations

What you can / cannot do when charging a Mac (for example, this MPXQ2UA / A):

From general recommendations on how to charge a MacBook battery, this MQD32UA / A or another, it’s time to move on to proprietary tips from the manufacturer of portable technology itself.

possible, charge, laptop, power

External battery from another manufacturer

There is another option. BatteryBox (not a branded accessory). It looks like a small box, inside is a battery, outside is a cable. How do I charge my MacBook with an external battery? Very simple. The BatteryBox connects to the laptop like a regular powerbank, i.e. the free end of the cord plugs into the charging port on your Mac. BatteryBox will be able to extend the battery life of laptops, for example, from the Air series ≈ by 12 hours, Pro. ≈ 6 hours.

When to charge

You can charge the device with any amount of charge, at least 20%, at least 50%. Just do not forget about the cyclicity of Li-pol. The more often you recharge the laptop, the more days it will take to complete 1 recharge cycle.

Charge from another Mac

There is an option, how to charge the MacBook without “native” charging. Just use an adapter and cable from another Mac (for example, ask a friend or neighbor). It is worth with Honor that the power of different models is different, for example, for a 13-inch one needs a 61-watt charger or a 15 “- 87 watts. Low power charging won’t power up a Mac with more watts.

Is it possible to constantly keep the MacBook on charge, often “recharge” the gadget

The laptop can be used connected to the network (all day or several hours. no difference). Apple took care of the safety of its devices and equipped them with a controller that, after reaching a full charge, “cuts off” the supply of current to the battery. But Mac, for example, MREE2UA / A, is still a portable device, so it makes no sense to keep it on recharging around the clock.

How to properly charge your Mac when transporting or storing

If you have a long journey, it is worth replenishing the portable gadget’s energy supply by 100%. This is exactly what the manufacturer does when delivering poppies from factories to points of sale.