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iPhone 6 won’t turn on after charging

Any device, even a high-tech device, is capable of malfunctioning. Apple’s technology is no exception. Most problems associated with unexpected device shutdowns are solved by restarting or discharging the battery and connecting the smartphone to the mains. But in some situations, iPhone 6 won’t turn on after charging.

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Does not turn on after mechanical damage

Was filled with liquid

A problem that occurs all the time. over, the iPhone can malfunction not only from being in a tank with liquid, but also as a result of ordinary rain drops. The device must be deactivated and thoroughly dried by placing it in a container with dry rice or under the pressure of warm air for several hours. If this popular method does not solve the problem, it means that the liquid has damaged the motherboard. take the smartphone to the service center.

Apple smartphones of the latest generation have a water-repellent coating. This makes them immune to rain. For possible reasons for the breakdown of the latest iPhone X, read here: What to do if the iPhone X does not turn on.

Power and charging problem

If the iPhone 6 does not turn on after being discharged, then the most elementary solution would be to start the faulty device by connecting to the power supply. And it may so happen that this method will not work due to the problems of the power device itself, and not the phone. Make sure to use the original adapter, as Apple is not responsible for the operation of smartphones with third-party gadgets.

Also, as a result of mechanical stress, the contacts in the USB cable could break. Try borrowing the original charger from a friend or contact the company’s showroom.

Do not forget to check the connector in the phone: it may be loosened or clogged with dust, as a result of which contact with the charger is lost. Gently clean the dirt and try connecting your smartphone again.

Power button does not work

A popular breakdown, in which the iPhone does not turn on after charging and does not respond to tap buttons, touches the “Power” start button itself. In this situation, no matter what you press, the screen will continue to be completely black. The problem here is damage to the contact inside the device. It will not be possible to eliminate such a malfunction with your own hands. you need to repair the phone at a service center.

The smartphone is overcooled

If you use your iPhone in cold weather, it will quickly run out and turn off. For more information on this problem and methods of solving it, read the article “iPhone 6s turns off in the cold. What to do?”. The solution to the problem in this case is the same as in the past, but with one addition: before charging the phone, you need to let it warm up to room temperature. Let it lie down for half an hour, and only then charge it. If you plug in a cold iPhone, condensation may form and components may fail.

iPhone 6s is low and won’t turn on. battery indicator is blank on screen

Naturally, after the phone is discharged, it will turn off. If an empty battery indicator appears when you try to turn it on, then you just need to put the smartphone on charge. It will not turn on immediately after that. you need to let him recharge. This can take up to an hour, depending on how long the iPhone has been discharged.

When you plug in the charger, the screen will change. If this does not happen and the image with an empty charge indicator still hangs, then the problem is either in the faulty connector or in the charger. Try charging the device with a different charger. If it does not work either, then you need to go to specialists.

iPhone 6s won’t turn on: how to bring it back to life

There may be several reasons why the iPhone 6s is turned off and you can’t turn it on with simple methods:

  • smartphone is empty,
  • smartphone is overcooled,
  • the smartphone is in the “save” mode
  • there was a software failure,
  • damaged smartphone components.

Read on to learn how to turn on your iPhone 6s in each of these situations.

The smartphone is in “save mode”. there is nothing on the screen and the phone does not respond to buttons

Apple smartphones switch to “save mode” if you rarely restart it. What to do to turn on the iPhone 6s in this case? Press and hold the Power button and Home button at the same time for 15-20 seconds. The smartphone should turn on.

Software crash. smartphone freezes during startup

It happens that you are trying to turn on the iPhone 6s, and it freezes on the screen with the Apple logo or just gives a red / blue screen. Then you need to restore the firmware. To do this, you need a cable and a computer with iTunes installed.

  • Connect smartphone to computer and open iTunes.
  • Force restart the device by holding down the power and Home buttons. After 10 seconds, release the power button, but continue to hold “Home” until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • A window will appear in iTunes where they will offer to restore or update the device. Select “Update”.

If after updating the iPhone 6s does not turn on, do not be alarmed: you just need to force restart it again by holding the power and Home buttons.

Reinstalling the system is a comprehensive solution to the problem

The appearance of a black screen with an apple primarily indicates a software malfunction. Breakdowns of this nature occur:

  • after installing unverified apps
  • after specifying incorrect parameters in the settings

To restore your iPhone yourself, you need to enter it into DFU mode. If all the steps are correct, the iPhone will automatically reinstall the system and then turn on.

To enter recovery mode, you need to do the following:

  • while holding down the button, turn off the smartphone completely (the Apple logo should not light up on the screen)
  • connect the USB cable to the computer and launch iTunes (at this stage, the iPhone itself does not need to be connected to the laptop)
  • simultaneously press the “Home” and “Power” buttons (after 10 seconds, release the button responsible for turning on, “Home” continue to hold down)
  • connect your smartphone to your laptop

After a few seconds, iTunes will detect the device, after which you must release the Home button and proceed to reinstall the system.

This method is also suitable if the phone takes a long time to load, often goes dead or programs hang from time to time. Try to restore the system by flashing, if the smartphone still does not start, then professional diagnostics is required.

Important! When you turn on the iPhone in DFU mode, the device will not start and the backlight will not work. Please note the following:

  • the logo will not light up
  • the screen must be completely black
  • only after the installation of the software is completed, an apple appears on the screen

It is recommended to use original USD cables and certified programs for flashing. Analogues do not always successfully cope with software updates, because iTunes may intermittently fail during device discovery.

iPhone turns on before logo

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The most common reasons that the iPhone does not turn on. the apple burns and goes out, are mechanical damage and software malfunctions. After strong drops or moisture gets inside the smartphone, the display may stop working, due to which the touchscreen partially or completely stops responding. The apple often lights up, but the iPhone does not turn on, because there are problems with the hardware stuffing of the equipment.

For any problem, solutions can be found to quickly eliminate the cause of the problem. Breakdowns that are not related to damage or wear of internal elements are easily diagnosed and repaired on their own. In other cases, it is advisable to seek help from qualified specialists.

The main causes of breakdowns

When the apple is on when turned on, but the system does not start, you can independently perform initial diagnostics and find the cause of the malfunction.

Most often, iPhone won’t boot due to the following factors:

  • malfunction of the “Power” button, power controller, display module and other internal elements (such problems occur when the iPhone is dropped)
  • incomplete battery charge (the device does not turn on further than an apple if there is not enough power)
  • defective USB cable or power adapter
  • corrosion of internal elements after moisture gets inside the phone
  • overheating of the device

It is possible to find a solution to the problem, if the root cause of what the apple lights up and goes out are not hardware problems, you can without outside help.

The “symptoms” of a malfunction can be different, for example:

  • smartphone turns on for a long time
  • after full discharge does not charge
  • when turned on, the logo lights up, but the system freezes and does not start
  • the screen is black, the logo is off
  • at startup, the icon appears, the system boots completely, after which the screen shows the logo and goes out

If the smartphone did not fall, all the buttons worked properly, but the phone for some reason does not turn on even after charging, most likely the battery has worn out. Such a malfunction can be prevented using routine device diagnostics.

What to do if the device does not boot

If you press the buttons, you see a black screen or the Apple logo glows and your device won’t boot, you need to follow the steps to find the cause of the problem. Disassembling an iPhone without professional tools is not worth it, as there is a risk of damaging the power button or power controller.

To independently identify the cause of the malfunction, you need to perform the following actions:

  • inspect the iPhone case and screen for chips, scratches and other damage (most often the iPhone turns on before the apple and turns off after a fall, because the internal elements were damaged)
  • check the battery charge (if the battery is not fully charged, the phone will not start, so you should connect the iPhone to the network and wait 20 minutes)
  • make a complex reboot (the power button and the “Home” button are simultaneously clamped)
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When charging, the device may also not respond for a long time to pressing the power button, because the power adapter is faulty. Connect the iPhone to the laptop and, after waiting for a while, try to boot the smartphone again.

  • use non-original accessories (they may give an insufficient number of amperes, which will cause malfunctions)
  • install unverified applications and software
  • charge your phone in case of strong voltage fluctuations

If the iPhone does not turn on after the fall, the apple is on and goes out, and there is damage on the case or screen itself, then mechanical and software diagnostics of the smartphone is required, followed by the replacement of the display module.

How to fix hardware problems

If you have followed all the above steps, but the apple still does not light up when you turn it on, most likely, the smartphone has broken down due to wear of the internal elements, after falling or getting moisture inside the phone. It is not advisable to fix hardware problems on your own, since without knowing the technical features of the iPhone, you can disrupt the operation of the motherboard.

The apple is constantly on, but the device itself does not turn on, with such hardware problems:

  • the “Home” or “Power” button has broken
  • there were problems with the power circuit (during charging, there was a strong voltage surge, which led to the system freezing or a failure in the settings)
  • the battery is worn out (smartphones do not receive enough power, so they do not turn on)
  • there was a failure in the operation of the flash memory (any of the microcircuits can fail, therefore, it is possible to accurately determine the cause of the failure only after computer diagnostics)
  • the charging controller is broken

Also, when turned on, apples glow on the screens of smartphones, but the system does not boot if the motherboard is damaged. Without routine diagnostics, such a breakdown is difficult to detect in a timely manner, because at the initial stage the devices work, but after a while the phones turn off spontaneously, and apples burn on the screens when they start.

Only experienced craftsmen can accurately and efficiently eliminate such defects. Yudu’s professional qualifications allow you to quickly repair your iPhone and any malfunctions in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • complex mechanical and computer diagnostics
  • repair using original parts
  • home visit at a convenient time

By ordering repairs using the Yudu online platform, you will not waste time traveling to the service center. Experts at your home will determine why the iPhone does not turn on. the apple is on, and they will fix the malfunction inexpensively.

If you have an iPad equipped with a Face ID scanner (without the Home button)

This method is completely identical with the latest iPhone models: you need to press and quickly release the volume up button. Then press and quickly release the volume down button. Then press and hold the power button until the device restarts (the Apple logo appears).

If you have an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max

Press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Your iPhone or iPad battery is completely discharged?

If your iPhone or iPad is discharged, connect it to the power adapter and charge it for 15 minutes, then try to turn it on without disconnecting from the charger.

If the battery is completely discharged, then sometimes after 5-15 minutes of charging, by pressing the power button, you can see an image with a lightning and an outlet on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. This means that not enough time has passed since charging started. Wait a little more.

On the left is a screenshot of an iOS device that is not connected to the charger, on the right. it is charging:

If you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Press and hold both the Power button and the volume down button on the left for 15-20 seconds, after which the Apple logo will appear on the screen.

iPhone or iPad is frozen, won’t turn on or respond to buttons (may be black screen)

A common problem. A fully charged iPhone (iPad) is frozen (the program is frozen) or has completely turned off. Pressing the screen or the side button, unfortunately, does not lead to anything and does not start the device.

Do not worry! In 99%, nothing terrible happened, the smartphone automatically went into the so-called “save mode”, this happens if you very rarely restart the device.

It should be noted that resuscitation methods may differ depending on the device model. so.

iPhone or iPad is frozen, does not turn on, or does not respond to buttons. What to do?

Don’t panic if your iPhone or iPad won’t turn on or respond to buttons when you try to turn it on. There are two ways to quickly bring it into working order, which we will tell you about.

The first two reasons iPhone won’t turn on are not related to hardware or software glitches. Most likely, the smartphone is simply discharged and needs to be recharged, or it freezes, in which case a forced reboot will help.

If you have an iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, iPhone SE (2016), or iPad with a Home button

To revive the above iPhone and iPad models, just press and hold the Power button and the Home button at the same time for 15-20 seconds, after which the Apple logo will appear on the screen.

iPhone won’t turn on: apple is on and off

Salon consultants make a helpless gesture: iPhones, which do not turn on after the “apple burns”, are regularly brought under warranty. Buyers do not even know that they can solve this problem on their own. and it will take a minimum of time to fix the problem.

The notion that Apple technology is the most reliable is outdated; now iPhones are regular “guests” of service centers. One of the most common iPhone malfunctions is popularly called the “white apple”: the gadget starts up, the “apple” burns on the screen for a long time, then the screen just goes out.

Users, not knowing what to do in such a situation, immediately carry their gadgets to service centers, although they can fix the malfunction with their own hands. without material expenditures or a 45-day wait for warranty repairs. How to get rid of the “white apple”?

IPhone Freezes When Turning On: Possible Causes

Ordinary iPhone users are often victims of wars between hacker teams. the very ones that develop jailbreaks. For example, the desire of the Evad3rs group to overtake the rest of the teams and release the iOS 7 jailbreak first led to the fact that the problem of freezing Apple gadgets on the logo in 2013 became an epidemic. Due to the “dampness” of the Evasi0n 7 jailbreak utility, smartphones got into a cyclic reboot. they switched on and off sequentially until the charge ran out.

Unsuccessful jailbreak and installation of a “buggy” tweak are two reasons that in the vast majority of cases cause a “white apple”!

However, if the iPhone turns on before the “apple” and turns off, this can be caused not only by a stupid attempt to “jailbreak” the device, but also a malfunction of the gadget at the hardware level. Here are some of the hardware problems that can trigger the appearance of the “white apple”:

    Breakdown of the power circuit. Such a breakdown is a consequence of a sharp voltage surge. In order to protect the gadget from power circuit malfunction, you should not put it on charge during a thunderstorm. Battery failure. You can extend the life of the battery if you use only original and high-quality chargers. Owners of old mobile devices are advised not to let the battery drain completely. Faulty motherboard. Such a breakdown does not immediately make itself felt. If with each launch of the iPhone the apple burns on the screen longer and longer, the user should take this as a symptom and start saving money for repairs.

The problem of the “white apple”, finally, may be due to the fact that the gadget is simply frozen. The Apple website has the following scale:

From this illustration, it is easy to understand that the manufacturer does not guarantee stable operation of the iPhone at temperatures below 32 ° Fahrenheit (which corresponds to 0 ° Celsius). If the smartphone is at a temperature of 4 ° Fahrenheit (-20 ° Celsius) for a long time, expect trouble.

The easiest way to get rid of the “white apple” caused by low ambient temperatures is to place the iPhone in a dry, warm place and leave it alone for at least 20 minutes.

What to do if iPhone won’t turn on after jailbreak?

Turn off your smartphone.

Hold the volume up button on the side of your iPhone.

With the key pressed, try to start the mobile device.

An iPhone turned on in this way boots without programs from Cydia. If the gadget turns on normally with the volume key pressed, the point is definitely in one of the tweaks.

It will not be possible to establish exactly which jailbreak tweak is problematic. erase the programs one by one (starting with the one that you downloaded last) and after each operation try to start the smartphone in the usual way.

If the smartphone does not turn on even with the volume key pressed, the user has no choice but to jailbreak. We talked about several ways to remove jailbreak from iPhone. in case of the “white apple” problem, it is recommended to flash the device.

Re-flashing. it just sounds scary, in fact, the procedure is quite simple:

Launch iTunes and connect the iPhone to PC with a cable.

Put your smartphone in DFU mode. If this is not done, the PC simply will not see the connected gadget. You can find detailed instructions on how to activate DFU-mode on an iPhone in our article on DFU-Mode.

ITunes will notify you that iPhone has been detected in recovery mode.

Click on the “Restore iPhone” button.

iTunes itself will download and install the new firmware on the gadget. You just have to wait for the completion of the procedure.

Re-flashing in the described way is fraught with the loss of all data. the user will receive a completely “clean” device.

How to get rid of the “white apple” if the iPhone is not jailbreakable?

If the “white apple” appears on an unjacked iPhone, the first thing the owner of the device needs to do is to reboot the smartphone and after 5 minutes try to call it. What will such a test give? It is very simple: if the call is in progress, it means that the download of the gadget is interrupted at the very last stage. therefore, it is possible to access the file system of the mobile device. And if there is access to the file system, then there is the ability to demolish the “buggy” applications that provoked the problem of the “white apple”.

You won’t be able to make changes to the iPhone’s file system through iTunes. You will have to use one of the alternative file managers. for example, iFunBox or iTools.

Connect the gadget to a PC and, through the file manager, erase recently downloaded applications one by one (by analogy with tweaks), alternating uninstall operations with checks.

Let’s return to the test with a call: what to do if the result of the experiment is negative and the call on the iPhone with the “white apple” does not go? Such a test result indicates a hardware problem: only technical docks, masters of a soldering iron and a multimeter can fix it with their own hands. If you cannot call yourself a “guru” of mobile technology, you should not open the iPhone and go into the filling. you will only make it worse. Better hand over the broken “apple” gadget to the caring hands of the service center masters.

If the problem of the “white apple” appeared after a failed jailbreak, you should not hang your nose. In this case, you can fix the problem with your own hands. by flashing your smartphone and removing previously downloaded tweaks from Cydia.


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But if the “apple” “hangs” on the iPhone, which did not go through the jailbreak procedure, for the owner of the gadget it is a wake-up call. It is very likely that the iPhone refuses to turn on due to a hardware breakdown, which will require you to contact the service to fix it.

Hardware problems

One of the options for problems with the “hardware”. damage to the motherboard, again caused by a fall. Among the signs that indicate problems in it are: loss of sound, frequent reboots of the device, a red screen and, in the end, the iPhone stops turning on altogether. In this case, only serious repairs will save. In addition, the screen itself could fail, or the contacts could come off. Here you will also need a service replacement for another original display. It will cost almost half the cost of a new device, since it changes in a whole block. Apple traditionally does not produce spare parts. Although it is often enough just to firmly fix the corresponding loops or replace the frayed cable with a new one. The power button may also be faulty or blocked, especially if the iPhone has been dropped or wet before. Remove the protective cover, wipe the button itself and the grooves around it. In the absence of visible external damage, you will have to open the device. Most likely, the connecting loop has come off or its contacts have oxidized.

Also, the devices released in the first time. the most violent excitement, were assembled at a very rapid pace in order to satisfy the crazy demand. In this case, the build quality suffered. The owners complained about the incorrect operation of the devices and changed them. Most often, problems arose with not fully fixed legs of microcircuits on boards. Soldering during use did not hold at all, and the iPhone went out for no reason, no reason.


The surest, simplest and most obvious reason is a dead battery. This happens a lot with iPhones. Here, it seems, and the charge remained decent, but here bam. and the screen went out. Buttons don’t respond. what should I do? It is clear to put on charge. In this case, it makes sense to postpone the moment of restarting for at least 15 minutes after connecting to the power supply. So that the received energy is enough to activate the system. Wait until the charging indicator appears.

By the way, if you use an additional, non-branded charger (at work, for example), then due to poor contact, the battery may not be fully charged. And, accordingly, sits down much faster. So ditch it not long. With a typical service life of one to two years, it may already be unusable, and you will have to buy a new one. This is especially true just “six”, the version with a plus is much more “tenacious”.

You can, of course, replace the battery yourself. since there are plenty of instructions on the network. But if you are not sure for sure in your abilities, and in the correctness of guesses about its breakdown, take it to the service center. so you will not lose the manufacturer’s warranty. Although it does not apply to replacing the battery, it is not a fact that the problem is in it. It may be due to dirty or broken charging ports and cables. Try to clean all the input and output ports, and replace the charger itself, preferably with a branded one. Most often, the ports are “loosened” during the car recharging of the gadget. No matter how reliably it is fixed, vibration and tremors from a trip inevitably and negatively affect the quality of the connection.

Connect iPhone to your computer to see if it charges via the Lightning cable. If all else fails, then serious hardware breakdowns are more likely.

iPhone won’t turn on, how to deal with it?

With all owners, sooner or later, such an unpleasant situation happens when the iPhone does not turn on. And does not react to any commands at all. Looking helplessly at the black screen, the user automatically scrolls through the worst-case scenarios. Panic ahead of time in this case does not make sense. If before this there were no serious falls or wetting of the device, then everything may not be so scary. Let’s get in with a list of the main reasons that can lead to its shutdown. As well as effective troubleshooting methods.

Software errors

If a fully charged iPhone suddenly turns off and does not respond to a simple press on Power, then most likely it has left with a special save mode. spontaneous shutdown to reboot. Press the two buttons simultaneously. the above-mentioned Power and Home, and hold them in this state for up to twenty seconds. A reset and a regular reboot will be performed, the device should start successfully. This method also helps with freezing applications.

It is also possible that the iPhone, on a black extinct screen, simply flashes the logo. And at the same time it does not react in any way to the actions of the owner. Most likely, this indicates an error while installing firmware updates. It is treated with recovery either through Recovery Mode, or harder. through DFU The first one is initiated by a long press on the Home button. on the switched off device, during which you need to connect it to an authorized computer with a cable. This should be done immediately after the next window is displayed on the iPhone.

If you did everything correctly, a system message about recovery will be displayed in the menu of iTunes running on the PC.

How to Hard Reboot on iPhone 6?

Standard hard reboot iOS device

  • iPhone or iPad must be turned on.
  • We simultaneously hold down two buttons. Home (round under the screen) Power (on and off).
  • Without releasing them, we wait until the iPhone or iPad turns off.
  • We continue to hold them until the screen lights up.

How to restart iPhone with buttons?

To Emergency or Force Restart iPhone.

  • Quickly press the volume up button.
  • Press the volume down button quickly.
  • Then long press the side key until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

How to factory reset iPhone 6 with buttons?

  • Press and release the volume up button.
  • Press and release the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.
  • So to implement a Hard Reset, you need to hold down the volume down and Power buttons until the Apple logo appears.

How to do a hard reboot?

  • Turn off the device.
  • Hold the power button and volume down button at the same time until you get the Android bootloader menu.
  • In bootloader menu, use volume buttons to switch between different options and power button to enter / select.

What to do if iPhone 6 is completely discharged and won’t turn on?

Most likely, the smartphone is simply discharged and needs to be recharged, or it freezes, in which case a forced reboot will help. If your iPhone or iPad is discharged, connect it to the power adapter and charge it for 15 minutes, then try to turn it on without disconnecting from the charger.

How to turn off iPhone 6 S?

Press and hold the side button until the Power Off slider appears. Move the slider and then wait 30 seconds for the device to turn off. To turn the device back on, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Why iPhone 6 won’t turn on?

The situation when your iPhone 6 won’t turn on can be unpleasant. Indeed, most often this happens when you need a smartphone very urgently! But there is no need to panic. sometimes you yourself can solve the problem by returning the gadget to working condition.

To begin with, you should highlight the two most common reasons for not turning on: complete discharge and freezing. Unfortunately, this happens quite often. Obviously, after the battery is discharged, it will not be able to turn on for some time. And you may well not think about it right away, because you could charge the device quite recently. Especially often, such a problem can be encountered in the cold, especially in the cold.

On a fully charged phone, the screen may go out, after which it will not be possible to turn it on. Perhaps the smartphone has automatically switched to the so-called “save mode”, this happens if you very rarely restart the device.

Other reasons iPhone has turned off and won’t turn on include:

  • incorrectly made repairs the day before;
  • fell, hit, flooded the device with water;
  • factory defects of parts;
  • withdrawal / malfunction of the charging loop;
  • natural wear and tear of the battery;
  • failure of iOS or other software.

The main ways to solve the problem

If the iPhone 6 sat down and won’t turn on, the problem can be solved simply by connecting to a charger (from the mains or to a power bank). In this case, you do not need to immediately try to turn it on, wait 15 minutes. If after pressing the power button, the lightning and socket icon appears, then everything is in order. If nothing happens, make sure the charger is working properly.

If the iPhone 6 charges, but does not turn on, and you suspect that it has entered safe mode, then the usual power button will not work. It is necessary to simultaneously hold down the Home and Power buttons for a few seconds. After 15-20 seconds, you should see that an apple is on the screen.

Any other problems can be quickly eliminated by the FIX4U service staff. Some hardware failures are performed immediately at the client. In addition, after repair, it is possible to install a protective glass free of charge.

iPhone 6 won’t turn on


iPhone 6 stopped turning on and can’t fix the problem on its own

Have you tried recharging your device and force restarting, but iPhone 6 still won’t turn on? Then take him to us! FIX4U technicians will quickly carry out diagnostics and repairs so that you can use your phone again. It will take very little time, because we employ professionals.

Do not waste time in vain, you will definitely need the help of a specialist in such cases:

  • the screen does not turn on after a forced reboot and recharging from a working device;
  • does not turn on after water;
  • the device is frozen, hot and does not respond to a forced reboot;
  • turns off immediately after turning on;
  • does not work after a fall;
  • gets very hot after replacing the battery;
  • does not charge or freezes after replacing the display;
  • there were problems after updating the OS.

If you need iPhone 6 repair, contact FIX4U service. Worried because you’ve never called a service center before? Don’t worry. the signs of a good and responsible service are immediately visible:

Have questions? Call during business hours or leave your question on the website. We will be glad to help you!

IPhone 6 won’t turn on. completely black screen and nothing changes

The most common case of an iPhone inoperative. The screen does not want to light up in any way, and regardless of your actions, there is no reaction to them. The most likely explanation for this fact is a completely dead battery or a dead axle. First, we will discuss the first option, we will discuss the second explanation of this behavior of the gadget a little later. What measures should be taken if the iPhone 6 does not turn on or another modification?

Maybe you live in a cold area, and the winter is very harsh in your area. In this case, a very likely explanation for the inoperative state of the phone is too cold temperature. Do not be surprised, because of the cold weather, Apple devices often stop responding to taps and turn out to be faulty for a while. Place the gadget in a warm temperature and proceed to step

Connect the charger to the device and wait at least 15 minutes. If we determined the diagnosis correctly and were not mistaken with the cause, the device activates itself after a short time. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Hold down the Home and Power keys at the same time. Do not release the keys for 15-20 seconds, namely until a glowing apple appears on the display of the device. After that, the keys can be released. Finally, wait approximately 1 minute until iOS is fully launched.

It happens that before referring to a step, it is necessary to activate / deactivate the silent-mode switch several times at regular intervals. In part, if the simultaneous pressing of two keys (HOME and POWER) did not bring the expected result, such a measure of the way to bring the effect we need.

In the case when none of the above measures have had the desired result, and the iPhone 6 still does not turn on, the explanation may be as follows: one of the components of the smart simply failed. The cable for charging the device could also break, or the charging itself turned out to be faulty. It’s worth trying to charge your phone with a different charger.

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A program running on an iPhone freezes while running

It may happen that the application on the iPhone 6 stops launching and freezes. In these conditions, it is necessary to close it forcibly and unload the application from the phone’s memory. To forcibly close the application, we carry out the following sequence of actions: double-click on the Home button, and then swipe up to minimize the problematic task.

IPhone 6 won’t turn on. what to do?

And the iPhone is a rather elegant thing, and perhaps the moment has come when the device simply does not have any effect on keystrokes and is not activated. There may be a million explanations for this, but everything has its own reasons, everything can be explained in some way. Maybe you accidentally sat on top of it while the phone was in the back of your pants, or there was a heavy downpour and it got wet. Of course, if the smartphone drowned in a bathtub, where water was poured to the top, or fell on solid ground from the balcony, it will hardly be possible to solve the problem on its own, and in any case, you will have to visit the service center. But if such critical actions were not performed with the device, there is a 90 percent chance that we will have a chance to return the gadget to work on our own. The main thing we need to do is to take into account the signs given by the apparatus, and use them with benefit and arrangement to correct the situation in our favor.

IPhone 6 does not turn on. Smart does not respond to tap buttons

From time to time, the following happens: the gadget stops activating and responding to any button presses. In addition, the screen in a suspended state displays a screenshot of the last program that you launched, but it does not work to close it. If you find yourself in just such circumstances, hard-reset the smart. To bring it into effect, keep the Home and Power keys pressed for 10 seconds, and you will get the desired effect of the reboot.

IPhone 6 won’t turn on. the display shows an apple all the time

It may happen that Smart does not respond to user actions, an apple appears and disappears on the screen again, and this behavior takes place to be permanent. Usually, the explanation for this behavior of the phone is an incorrect iOS update, a crooked jailbreak, or a small glitch in the process of restoring a backup copy (in other words, a backup) of the device. If it may seem to you that the days of the device are already numbered, do not rush to draw such global conclusions. In response, let’s try to bring it back to life, in particular by running recovery-mode. So, if iPhone won’t turn on, what to do?

Launch iTunes on the computer and plug the USB-cable into a free PC port (there is no need to connect the lace to the smartphone itself)

Turn off the power of the device while holding down the Home Power buttons

Keeping the Home button pressed, connect the USB cable to the device

Hold down the Home key until the iTunes logo and an image with a plug appear on the device screen

A message will appear on the PC display notifying you that the device is in recovery-mode

Then tap the “Restore” button. Next, it is worth waiting for a certain period: until the device is restored to default settings, the latest version of iOS will be downloaded to the computer. During the boot process, Smart will simply lie with a dark screen and not respond to button presses. Even if your network connection is stable and fast enough, the download may take up to 30 minutes or longer. If your Internet connection is not very fast, the process may not end at all. So you should first take care of the reliability of the Wi-Fi connection.

Now you know what to do if iPhone 6 or earlier won’t turn on. We hope that this article will become a guide for you to restore the device to work if it looks faulty, and it will take you quite a bit of time, and it will not cost you any financial costs.

Check the battery

How to turn on the phone if it does not turn on and does not charge with any charger? In this case, it is worth checking if the battery is connected correctly. Remember. have you dropped your device lately? If dropped, the cover could be damaged, which presses the battery to the contacts. This is especially true for older models with removable batteries, which are not very securely fixed in the case.

If the phone has not been dropped and the battery shows no signs of damage, try restarting or resetting the gadget to factory settings.

Why the phone won’t turn on and what to do about it: 6 tips

We figure out what to do if the phone does not turn on, and find out the most common causes of the problem.

Sometimes smartphones get into trouble. For example, if the phone falls down and does not turn on. what to do in this case? It is even worse if the gadget did not fall and generally worked fine, and now it charges, but does not turn on. Fortunately, you can fix many issues yourself by resetting your smartphone to factory settings or by updating your charger. We will tell you more about what actions you need to take if the device does not respond to pressing the power button.

Recharge your smartphone

The most common reason why the phone turned off and won’t turn on is a banal battery drain. If the smartphone has not been dropped into water or exposed to extremely low or high temperatures, it can be immediately connected to the charger. Just in case, check different sockets and chargers. perhaps the adapter or cable that you use with your smartphone is out of order.

Reboot your smartphone

What to do if your Android phone or iPhone won’t turn on? If you have tried all the methods, you can turn to another one. forced reboot. Perhaps the gadget has turned off and does not want to work due to the last installed application or a firmware update that caused the system to crash. The smartphone could simply freeze and stop responding to button presses. making it seem to the user that it will not turn on.

To restart your old iPhone (up to the sixth line), you must simultaneously press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home keys until the Apple logo appears on the display. On iPhones of the seventh series, it is worth using a different combination: the side power and volume down buttons. IPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE, and all new devices without a Home button reboot with the following combination:

  • press the volume down and then volume up one by one;
  • press and hold the side button.

Android devices usually do not require such tambourine dances. they can be rebooted with a long press of the power button. However, some models use a key combination to force a restart: “Volume up” “Power on” or “Down” “Power on”. Try different options if necessary.

Warm up or cool down the smartphone

Sometimes your phone won’t turn on or charge due to unfavorable temperatures, for example, if you’ve been out in the cold for a long time or left your device in the sun on a hot day. In the first case, he could pass out due to the cold. some phones still do not tolerate low temperatures, especially iPhones. In the second scenario, the battery will not charge until it cools down. this is necessary to protect the device from overheating.

Try to warm up or, conversely, cool the phone to room temperature. To do this, you do not need to use a refrigerator or put it on a battery. just leave the gadget in a room with a constant climate and wait a little. If the failure was related to the temperature regime, then the smartphone should quickly recover and start charging. This usually takes no more than half an hour. If it still does not turn on, try other methods from our material.

Dry the device

If your smartphone stops working after you drop it into water or get caught in the rain, most likely it’s all about moisture that has got inside the case. over, if the gadget does not have water resistance, which would help it survive swimming.

How to fix Apple iPhone 6s that won’t turn on

In this case, you need to open the cover of the device, remove the SIM card and memory card, wipe all parts with a dry cloth and leave to dry disassembled. We do not recommend drying the apparatus with a hairdryer or hiding in rice.

For more information on what to do if you dropped your smartphone into the water, we talked about it in a separate article. It also happens that even IP68 certified devices “sink”. We figured out if they can be repaired under warranty:

Reset smartphone to factory settings

Any malfunction can be rectified by restoring the factory settings. However, this option should be used only as a last resort, since when you reset the device to factory, you will lose all the data that was stored on it. If the information could not be saved somewhere else, it is better to turn to less stringent methods.

Nevertheless, even a person far from technology can reset a smartphone to factory settings. We have made detailed instructions to help you restore the parameters of devices on Android and iOS.

If, after all the manipulations, the smartphone still does not turn on, contact the manufacturer’s service center. perhaps they will repair it under warranty.

What to do, iPhone 6 won’t turn on

Unfortunately, even with such a high-tech and reliable device like the iPhone 6 Plus, an unpleasant situation can happen.

Violation of operating conditions, an absurd accident, and sometimes a factory defect, can cause a smartphone to fail. One of the most common problems is the situation when the device does not respond to pressing the “Power” key.

Sooner or later, but this question is faced by most iPhone users. The problem related to the inability to turn on the iPhone. quite common. Each generation of iPhones has its own characteristics of this problem. The first thing to do is connect your iPhone 6 to the original charger.

Most often, the culprit of the breakdown is the “Power” button itself, which has a damaged contact pad or cable. The reason most often lies in the ingress of moisture into the case or in mechanical damage to the part caused by the phone falling. Also, often the refusal of the smartphone to turn on is due to a serious malfunction in the software or failure of the power system controller.

Why and how to decide

There are a lot of reasons why the iPhone 6 turned off and won’t turn on.

Enlarged, they can be divided into the following:

Software problems are easier to solve, in a situation with hardware problems, the solution is more complex and expensive.

After that, you need to try to start the iPhone without disconnecting from charging. If everything is normal, the display will show a lightning symbol inside the discharged battery.

When the battery of an Apple smartphone is discharged to zero, after a short charge, when you press the power button, the display shows a picture showing a socket with a lightning symbol.

The way out of this situation is to charge the device for a longer time. In this case, the charging time must be at least 3 hours.

There are situations when the connector through which the phone is charged fails when using non-original charging.

It is very important to know how you can safely charge your iPhone 6 in your car, and even more important to follow these basic rules. This leads to dire consequences. At best, the iPhone battery needs to be replaced. At worst, it is replacing the power controller or repairing a failed power circuit.

Fill with liquid

Moisture on the phone or even flooding it with liquid is not uncommon. IPhone problems can begin not only when drowning it in a pond, but even when exposed to light rain. In this situation, the gadget may start to fail.

In this case, cleaning the device or component repair of the motherboard is highly desirable. In this case, it is important to stop using the phone immediately if moisture gets inside the device.

The solution to the problem is not entirely trivial, so it is recommended to seek help from a certified service center and avoid problems that may arise in the future.