Install Google Services On Huawei Tablet

Download and Install Google Play Store on Huawei Chinese Phones via APK File

  • Go to the Huawei / Honor app drawer.
  • Find the Settings app and tap on it.
  • Next, you need to select “Advanced settings”.
  • Click “Security” and then click “Enable installation from unknown sources.” You can also check our guide on how to enable unknown sources on Huawei.
  • You will see a notification “This file type may harm your device”. I just ignore it because it is completely safe. Click “OK” to continue.
  • Upload the following 3 files to your device storage.
  • Google Play Store. Download
  • Google Play Services. Download
  • Google Services Framework. Download
  • After downloading, you need to install all three files one by one.
  • After successful installation, go to the applications section and launch the Google Play Store.
  • Sign in to your Google account to start using the services. If you don’t have a Google account, create a new one.

How to Download and Install Google Play Store on Any Huawei and Honor Device

There are three different ways to download and install the Play Store on Huawei and Honor smartphones. All three methods are simple, and every Huawei user can do it easily. Choose the one that suits you best.

How to download and install the Google Play Store on Chinese Honor smartphones

Huawei is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in China. This Chinese smartphone manufacturer is well known for offering high quality phones at affordable prices.

But because of a strong belief in patriotism, the Chinese government prohibits the use of the products and services of second countries. Sometimes products from second countries Must pass several conditions to enter China. So the reason China has its own web browser social networking sites and more.

In addition, smartphones sold in China are included in Google services. So, if you purchased a Huawei Honor smartphone in China, you may not find any of the Google services like Play Store, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Play services, and others. In the future, there is need to worry as we have a detailed guide to download and install the Google Play Store on Chinese Honor phones.

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Download and Install Google Play Store on Chinese Huawei Phones via GSM Installer

  • Go to the Huawei / Honor app drawer.
  • Find the Settings app and tap on it.
  • Next, you need to select “Advanced settings”.
  • Click on “Security” and then click on “Enable installation from unknown sources”.
  • You will see a notification “This file type may harm your device”. I just ignore it because it is completely safe. Click “OK” to continue.
  • Now you need to download and install GSM Installer on your EMUI device.
  • When finished, download the APK file from the Google Play Store from here to your Huawei mobile.
  • Find the APK file and install it by following the onscreen instructions.
  • After successful installation, launch the Google Play Store app and login using your Google credentials.

Download and Install Google Play Store on Huawei Phones via Google Installer

This is another method by which Chinese Huawei phone users can install the Google Play Store. Here users need to download the Google Installer APK and configure the application settings to install the Play Store. The same was explained in detail in the following steps. Also a quick guide to installing Google Play Store via Google Installer.

  • Download Google Installer APK and Google Play Store APK from here to your storage device.
  • Enable unknown sources from device settings.
  • Now find the Google Installer APK file using the file manager on your Huawei mobile.
  • Once you find it, click on it and follow the instructions on the screen to install it on your device.
  • After successful installation, open the Google Installer app. On the home screen, you will see a large blue circle. Click on it.
  • Then click on the yellow circle.
  • Now you need to install Google Services Framework on your device.
  • Click on the red button and accept the terms and conditions and grant all permissions.
  • Now search for Google Play Store APK and install it.

You can start installing Google apps on your Android device. We recommend that you install Google Play Services first and then continue with the Play Store, Maps, and other Google apps. Enjoy!

How to install Google Mobile Services

Huawei decided to compete with Google and launched its own search engine.

Despite the fact that this method of installing Google services is working and, unlike most others, as simple as possible, it is important to understand that its use is not entirely legal. The fact is that Huawei does NOT buy a license for its services from Google, and then has no right to use them in its smartphones. Therefore, Google at any time can not only revoke the certificate in Chat Partner, prohibiting its operation, but also block the Google Mobile Services installed with it on Huawei devices. Therefore, by installing Google services, immediately set yourself up to the fact that, most likely, it is temporary.

Chat Partner does not work

Just a few days after the launch of Chat Partner, user complaints began to appear on the Internet, saying that Chat Partner was NOT starting. For reasons, I didn’t have to go far. As it turned out, it was Google that blocked a new way to install Google Play services on Huawei smartphones. The company came in full compliance with US law, which limits it in cooperation with Huawei, which is under sanctions. The only surprise is how quickly Google reacted to what was happening, revoking the certificate in Chat Partner and blocking their applications on the devices of the Chinese brand.

Some apps from Huawei’s AppGallery don’t work without Google Play

We have already mentioned that Google blocks applications on Huawei smartphones. Google Play Protect antivirus, which is part of Google Mobile Services, scans devices for installed software and a certificate issued by Google. If there is a certificate, and the services and applications of the search giant are installed, the company simply blocks them. As a result, justice, according to Google, triumphs, and violators are left with nothing.

How to install Google Pay on Huawei

  • If you do not know where to get Chat Partner, download the Chat Partner utility on your Huawei smartphone without the support of Google services;
  • Launch Chat Partner and on the main screen of the application, click Detect Device;
  • Then click Repair Now and Wait for the installation of Google services;

Installing Google services on Huawei smartphones is possible again. But how long?

  • Complete the installation by pressing the activation key;
  • Log in with your Google account;
  • Open Google Play and install the apps you want.

Huawei releases new smartphones, but at the same time forgets to update old and not very old.

The process of installing Google services with Chat Repair is actually pretty straightforward and straightforward. The only thing that confuses me a little is the need for authorization right in the application window. I understand that this is NOT a phishing page, but this may not be obvious to everyone. Therefore, if you try to install Google services in this way, be careful and remember that all actions, especially when entering a login and password from your account, you perform at your own peril and risk.

How to install Google Play and other Google services on Huawei smartphones

The spread of the coronavirus has recently become the main topic that is discussed in all industries, elevating its significance to the absolute. As a result, the previous trend, centered around Huawei and its confrontation with the US authorities, has receded not even into the background, but into the background. In any case, for those who do not use the equipment of the Chinese brand. But those who nevertheless decided to buy it, are now by hook or by crook trying to bypass the imposed restrictions and still install Google services. To their delight, this can be done and, most importantly, quite easily and quickly.

Google has banned the installation of its services on Huawei smartphones, but there is a way to get around the ban

Suddenly for everyone on the web, a new tool has appeared that allows you to install Google Play on Huawei. It’s called Chat Partner. I say “unexpected” because a previous tool that served the same purpose was blocked at the request of Google. The search giant, having learned that the users of the Chinese brand’s devices had an opportunity to bypass the ban, revoked the license for Android from the applications that installed Google services. Fortunately, Chat Partner is now completely free to download.

How to install apps on Huawei

Petal Search is Huawei’s new app search engine

However, now, in order to install the applications that are available in the AppGallery on Huawei smartphones, it is absolutely not necessary to act against the rules of Google. Huawei recently unveiled its new service called Petal Search. It can be downloaded directly from AppGallery. It is a universal search engine that searches for the applications the user needs on various Internet sites like APKPure, APKMirror, etc., from where they can be downloaded without problems. It is interesting that in this way you can even download yourself to your Google Play device, but remember that all actions you perform at your own peril and risk.

Android 11. First information

Google’s tradition of presenting new versions of Android is rather unusual. Instead of first presenting the update to the public and then opening it up for testing, the search giant should be exactly the opposite. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the beta test of Google begins in the winter, and officially presents the operating system closer to summer. However, this year the company decided to change itself a little and. strangely. to talk about Android 11 just a few weeks after the release of Android 10.

Google canceled the release of one of the Android 10 features and ported it to Android 11

Android 11 will be the theme of the Android Dev Summit 2019, which Google organizes every year for Android developers. This is stated on the invitations, which the company sent out to the participants of the event. Google was not even afraid to announce the name of one of the functions of the upcoming update. It seems that this happened for the first time in several years, because usually the company preferred to keep the description of innovations and especially their names to the Official presentation held at the Google I / O conference.

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In this case, we are talking about the Scoped Storage function, the name of which can be translated as “area of ​​visibility”. Basically, this means that Google plans to limit each application installed on the device to an individual disk space. This will not allow them to encroach on the memory partitions allocated to the second software. The result should be a kind of isolation, in which each program is in its own cell, beyond which it cannot.

Scoped Storage is supposed to eliminate cases of cross-data collection, when one application accesses information from another. This used to be regulated by a permit system, but it was NOT very effective. Most users gave any privileges to the installed applications simply by inertia, and not by reading into the requests. As a result, one program could intercept unencrypted data from another and use it for personal purposes.

But why such frankness, you ask? After all, it would be much more logical NOT to disclose all the ins and outs of the upcoming innovation publicly, but to reserve it exclusively for developers who will have to adapt the work of their applications to the requirements of Scoped Storage. But everything is logical here. In fact, Scoped Storage was supposed to debut back in Android 10, however, the developers told Google that they DO NOT have time to optimize the software, invited additional time.

It is not yet clear how effective Scoped Storage will show itself, but something suggests that its implementation will not fundamentally change anything. The fact is that since the integration of this technology depends on the developers themselves, it is likely that Google will not be able to provide full control over the implementation of the established requirements. Therefore, almost certainly something will go wrong for someone, and then applications whose creators have misinterpreted the guidelines will be in danger of being hacked.

How to install Google services on Huawei and Android 11: weekly summary

This week, Donald Trump changed his mind again and allowed Huawei to use Google services. In addition, Google talked about Android 11, and the creator of Android showed his new smartphone. What do you think is the most interesting of THESE news? If you don’t know, then we advise you to read them and other news of this week, collected in our issue summary. Begin?

The Oneplus 7T Pro is NOT like the OnePlus 7T and that’s weird

Huawei will live. Google services are back

Banning the use of Google services on its smartphones has become a big problem for Huawei. As soon as the news of this spread through the media, sales of the company’s branded devices declined sharply, and some especially fearful users began to get rid of even the already purchased brand devices. After all, you never know what else can happen, these people reasoned and they turned out to be right. True, not in the sense that they invested in their reasoning. After all, Google services may return to Huawei smartphones very soon.

Huawei will work again with Google services. Well maybe

According to the New York Times, the US presidential administration is preparing a package of licenses for Huawei, which will allow it to resume cooperation with American enterprises. The list of companies with which Huawei will be able to work together will not include everyone in the organization, but only those that are engaged in production “insensitive products”. It is not yet clear what exactly will be included in the list of exclusions, but, most likely, it will be telecom equipment, to which Google services do not belong, which means that access to them will most likely be returned to the Chinese.

The partial lifting of restrictions from Huawei, which were imposed on the company due to the sanctions, is a kind of prelude to a large-scale trade deal between the United States and China. And since Huawei is an extremely significant enterprise for the PRC, its success is very important for the country’s government. Therefore, it is completely logical that the Chinese authorities Insist on starting any negotiations on cooperation, in which the Americans are interested no less, if not with the complete lifting of sanctions on Huawei, then at least with the relaxation.

It is imperative for Huawei to regain the right to install Google services on its smartphones. Indeed, in the absence of Google Play, Google Pay and other in-demand services of the search giant, users are clearly reluctant to buy the Flagship Mate 30. Despite the fact that Huawei has reported a steady demand for the new product, sales are good only in China, where Google services are still not available. And here in Europe, where the services of the search giant are hardly a key component of any Android smartphone, the Mate 30 is not even sold.

However, the renewal of the relationship between Huawei and Google is notable not only in terms of the business development of the Chinese company, but also in terms of psychology. In the end, it is not clear how the Chinese will react to the fact that they will now be given back access to Google services, which they are so hard working to replace. But, to be honest, Huawei has clearly spent more than one billion dollars on the project of its own ecosystem, in which there is no place for Google services.

True, in the place of the Google leadership, one could Insist that the company, agreeing to use Google Mobile Services, sign a waiver of developing its own services. Otherwise, for Google, the lack of such a pact could turn into Serious problems in the future. After all, after sitting under the wing of the search giant, just a few years later Huawei can voluntarily refuse its services, because it will have its own services, with which it can easily compete with Google.

Google Pixelbook presentation. Soon!

Not so long ago, we already wrote to you that the next incarnation of the Pixelbook from Google may be waiting for us very soon. If you suddenly missed this material, we recommend that you subscribe to our page in Yandex.Zen in order not to miss all the most interesting from the world of mobile technologies. In any case, it seems that our suspicions were not alien to the truth, because our colleagues from the 9to5Google portal got a “live” pre-release sample of Pixelbook. And we are ready to tell you about what he is.

Looks like we are still waiting for the new Pixelbook very soon

The estimated date of the announcement of the device is October 15, 2019, and there is almost no doubt about it. After all, it just doesn’t make any sense to create such believable looking “ducks” less than a week before the expected release of the device. The 9to5Google portal provided a bunch of photos (and these are clearly not pre-renders, but a real device in the hands of real people), which you can also check out.

The laptop looks pretty good

Pixelbook Go (and most likely it will be called that) has a rubberized bottom of the case. The body itself is made in pink, but with almost 100% probability it can be argued that there will be other color options. It is possible that they will correlate with the colors of the upcoming Pixel 4.

Not everyone will like pink, but there will certainly be other options.

The top of the laptop has a sleek matte finish similar to the Pixel 2 version. There are also 2 USB-C ports and a headphone jack (which is rare today!), As well as a 13.3-inch display. But it would be strange if I held a novelty in my hands, the journalists did not “would have crawled under the hood. ” And they did it by providing us with the full specifications of the model:

  • Processor. Intel Core m3, i5, or i7 depending on configuration.
  • 8 or 16 gigabytes of RAM.
  • 64, 128 or 256 GB SSD for file storage.
  • 2 front speakers.
  • 2MP front-facing camera with 1080p resolution, operating at 60fps.
  • Latest versions of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • 16: 9 aspect ratio with support for Full HD and 4K, plus technology “Molecular Display”.

Looking at the aforementioned characteristics, as well as at the appearance of the device, one should expect itself to be quite competitive and more productive than the “monster”. However, the issue of price still remains unsolved. It can both please and unpleasantly surprise, because lately companies are only doing that they increase the cost of their gadgets.

Rubberized body. a pretty bold decision

Also, this leak made me think once again about this. is this all a well-planned PR company by Google itself? After all, such large companies are very careful to ensure that the development remains in their “home walls”. And you can also believe that in gadget assembly factories, workers secretly photograph the devices they are assembling. But when a full-fledged laptop falls into the hands of the portal (even if it was a prototype, as some of our colleagues are talking about), willy-nilly, you begin to build “conspiracy theories”. What do you think?

Oneplus 7T Pro

A characteristic feature of Chinese smartphone manufacturers is a wide range. They are ready to endlessly split the same smartphone, releasing its improved and simplified modifications with slightly changed indexes in the name. At the same time, which is strange, most often an attempt to take by quantity works and, a feeling of choice is born in consumers, provokes an increase in demand. Against their background, OnePlus looked like a black sheep for some time, but in the end it gave up and also began to rivet identical smartphones, changing only the letters in their names.

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Oneplus 7T Pro is almost a complete copy of OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus unveiled its new flagship this week, the OnePlus 7T Pro. The novelty became the second device of the company belonging to the 7T series, but one might think that the manufacturer could well have limited himself to one model. the upgrade turned out to be so insignificant. If the OnePlus 7 Pro was really an independent smartphone, which did not have to look for a place in the market even in the presence of OnePlus 7, then the OnePlus 7T Pro is a device released from the principle “that was”.

The Chinese have really learned to make better smartphones than Apple

The insides of the OnePlus 7T Pro are almost identical to the OnePlus 7T, which came out a couple of weeks ago. The base of the smartphone is the same Snapdragon 855 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. But although the battery has been upgraded, it is frankly not enough to even mention it. Its capacity has been increased to 4085 mAh versus 3800 mAh in the OnePlus 7T. Therefore, you should not count on a tangible increase in autonomy. The maximum that one can hope for is an additional 20-30 minutes, given the increased diagonal of the display. But it really charges faster. OnePlus says WARP Charge 30T support OnePlus 7T Pro charges 23% faster than OnePlus 7 Pro.

By the way about the display. It remains the same as in the OnePlus 7 Pro. Same 6.7 inches, same 90Hz refresh rate, same DCI-P3. Even the front camera remains the same and in the same place. In general, in some it might even seem that if you insert the text that we wrote about the OnePlus 7 Pro into the description of the novelty, the chief editor will not even notice it. But what a pleasure it is to pray to this topic again.

But if the OnePlus 7T outwardly differed from the OnePlus 7 quite significantly, the OnePlus 7T Pro for some reason decided to make a complete copy of the OnePlus 7 Pro, which belongs to the previous generation. It remains a complete mystery why the OnePlus 7T Pro camera could not be styled in the same style as the OnePlus 7T, especially since their specifications are absolutely identical. The round head with three eye sockets of the lenses, of course, looks frankly so-so, but as a distinctive feature of the new generation of smartphones, it could fit. However, the decision of the OnePlus designers to rely on the previous camera design gives hope that they realized how disgusting the OnePlus 7T looks from behind.

The OnePlus 7T Pro will arrive on the market on October 17th. It will be sold in several countries at once at a price of about 680 for the basic version. But in Russia the device will NOT get there right away. Anyway, we would NOT advise to wait for it earlier than in the new year. But even then it will probably not be possible to call his purchase the deal of the century. Due to the peculiarities of the conversion into local currency and all tax deductions that will fall on the manufacturer, our OnePlus 7T Pro will probably be estimated at about 55 thousand rubles.

Android creator showed a new smartphone

Essential CEO Andy Rubin, known for being one of the main developers of the Android operating system, showed a new smartphone on which his team is working. For a long time, the project he founded became the object of rumors and speculation, since the Essential smartphone, his first brainchild, did not find much popularity despite a number of advanced technological solutions and a good assembly. After that, rumors began to circulate about the development of a new device, and then suddenly they were replaced by information about the sale of the company. At the end of last year, it was even reported that Andy had found a buyer. Then there was a lull, which resulted in the announcement of the new device, which, without exaggeration, looks very cool and futuristic!

Very unusual design!

The first hints of the announcement appeared in the summer, and already at the end of September the development of the new item was officially confirmed. Then a spokesman for Essential said that the gadget is in development, but before the official announcement of the company it takes a little more time. This week the agonizing wait is over.

On his page on the social network, Rubin posted a series of pictures showing the device, on which he worked in the last year with the team. The result is very unusual.

The first tweet contains a photo in which four multi-colored smartphones are lying in foam with displays down. Smartphones are NOT like any modern rectangular device, but rather look like a remote control from an electronic device.

Devices equipped with Single main camera with LED flash. A fingerprint scanner is located directly under the camera. The company’s first smartphone cost a lot of money, was pretty good, but many just criticized it for a mediocre camera, so some of Rubin’s subscribers found it strange that the novelty was equipped with a single photo module framed by a decorative rim. everyone was already used to “bug-eyed” gadgets with a bunch of lenses. But, I think, Andy’s team took into account the past negative experience and will still show the camera in action.

Let’s remind that earlier the Supposed specifications of the device, which, apparently, have no relation to reality, “surfaced”. It was reported that the device will receive a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor and several photosensors: Sony IMX586 at 48 MP, 16-megapixel Sony IMX519, Sony IMX258 at 13 and Sony IMX476 at 20 megapixels. What will actually stand inside. Not yet reported.

According to the developer, the material from which the cases are made is called GEM Colorshft. The housings themselves change their shade depending on the viewing angle, and they look just incredibly cool.

The user interface of the smartphone is as incredible as the device itself!

The third message shows the front of the smartphone. And this is the most interesting thing to see in his series of tweets. Andy wrote that the smartphone has a completely new user interface, specially “sharpened” for an unusual form factor and a unique aspect ratio. It can be seen that the device is really very narrow and lies in the hand in the manner of a TV remote control. At the same time, in the photo you can see wide frames, “stealing” more useful than ever in this case millimeters.

Our Yandex.Zen can be read on any screen. See for yourself!

The display has a very prominent self-shooter hole located in the upper left corner. On the same line with the camera, you can see the controls: a red line and an arrow. What they are for is not yet clear.

The screen shows running applications: Uber, calendar, maps and weather. Each of them occupies about a quarter of the display. Despite the fact that the interface is completely NOT similar to anything else, it is believed that this is still Android.

Commentators from among Andy’s subscribers have traditionally divided into two camps: someone became interested in the smartphone and praised it very much, but there were also those who were shocked by the novelty with its design. Observant dog breeders immediately turned their attention to the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics, which got into some of the frames, and praised its coloring very much instead of commenting on the new smartphone.

Nevertheless, many were glad to see the results of the company’s work, because a lot of time had passed since the release of its last smartphone. Apparently, the first details about the stuffing of the unusual novelty will soon appear, but in the meantime we propose to discuss the design of the device and other news of this week in our Telegram-CHATIK.

How to install Google services on Huawei. Chat Partner

User needs to install Chat Partner app. It is highly optimized and then only weighs 147MB. Next, you need to enter it and click on Detect Device. Then you need to click on Repair Now, and then wait a while. All the main and most popular services from Google will automatically download to the phone, including Google Play, through which and you can additionally install the necessary applications.

Google installer

Despite the lack of opportunities to download applications through Google Play, the latest program can still be installed. And this can be done even without the help of a PC, but additional applications are required. And one of them. Google installer.

Unfortunately, Google Installer is not available in Russian, and the interface can only be changed to English at best. In older versions, only the Chinese language interface is available. To avoid installing unwanted programs, it is best to install it from the developer’s official website.

After launching the application, the first thing to do is to select the factory applications that log into your account and are responsible for synchronizing information: Google Service Framework, Google Account Manager, as well as Google Calendar Sync, Google Account Sync.

After installing them, you can already pay attention to Google Play and other services from Google. You can also download Google Play first, and then install everything else through it.

After the installation of the required applications is completed, you need to restart the phone. The corresponding shortcuts appear on the desktop. All that remains is to enter the login and password for the account and that’s it: all applications will work perfectly fine, without freezes or errors. Problems will arise only with auto-updates, which, among other things, do not occur so often.


Here you can also install service analogues. For example, if you killed an email from Google Gmail in the search term, then the service will offer an analogue in the form of MyMail.

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So it’s hard to reproach the company for inaction. Of course, analogs cannot be compared with the original programs from Google, and then if there is no sympathy for them, then you can download the above installers and through them Get access to Google Play, and through it to the rest of the applications from Google.

Google apps on Huawei and Honor smartphones are not necessary

Since there is no easy way to install Google services on Huawei / Honor smartphones now, we will learn to live without them. Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

AppGallery requires a Huawei account. It is better to register it right away, tie the number. in general, do everything as it should be. Synchronization of contacts, notes, mail, etc. will pass through this account. In addition, here you can make full backups of the device, just in case, to the cloud or flash drive. Further, depending on the EMUI version, the menu names may differ, but the essence is the same:

Go to “Settings”. “System and Updates”. “Backup and recovery”. “Data backup”. “External storage” and press the button “Backed up”.

I made a copy of my fully configured smartphone to a USB stick and put it aside for every fireman. You can do it manually from time to time, or you can set up synchronization via the cloud. by default, 5 GB is available. If you do not include photos in the copy, then this should be enough with your head.

As it turned out, I don’t really need Google. For example, it is very easy to deal with contacts, which are synchronized by default through “Google”. Go to the page of branded “Google” contacts in the browser (you need to be previously authorized in your Gmail account). Click on export and save your records in vCard format.

You should get a file like contacts.Vcf. Save it to the internal memory of your phone and restore all your contacts already on your smartphone. To do this, open the “Phone” application on the main screen, go to the “Contacts” tab from the bottom, click on the three vertical dots in the upper corner and select “Settings”.

Next, go to “Import / Export contacts” and select the item “Import from storage (Import vCard from internal memory)”.

The smartphone will ask whether to synchronize with the Huawei account, once again clarify the confirmation and that’s it. the contacts are saved in the phone and will now be synchronized via the Huawei cloud.

The same is with Gmail. you can set it up right in the stock application “Email. Post office “. The application will be redirected to the Google login page, where you will need to enter the name of the mail, password and give permission to access. That’s all. the letters are synchronized and everything works as expected.

With such simple means, you can do without Google services. Youtube, for example, is fully accessible through a browser, Google maps are easily replaced by Yandex navigation, and so on. You can live and even quite happily.

How to install Google services on Huawei and Honor. Instruction. Method with the introduction of OTG / HUAWEI Nano Memory Card

  • Create a folder “Backup” in the root folder of the flash drive / memory card
  • Open the archive “Huawei-Honor-Google.Zip” and follow the following path: Huawei-Honor-Google / google apps lzplay.Zip. Copy the “lzplay_2019-10-10” folder located here to the “Backup” folder

You can do this without using a PC

  • Connect the flash drive via OTG cable / insert the memory card into the phone
  • We go to “Settings”. We find through the search bar “Backup and Restore” and click on it
  • Select “Data backup”
  • In the welcome window “Backups” click “Next”, “Accept”, “External storage”
  • Selecting a USB drive / Memory card
  • Click “Restore”
  • If asked, enter the password

The common hard worker has a lot of interest in the US-China trade war. But the lack of Google services in good smartphones. yes! The instructions below will tell you in detail how to breathe Google soul into a Huawei smartphone. To whom to read the instructions not From the hand there is a video instruction. IMPORTANT: method WORKS on smartphones Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Honor View 30 Pro, Honor 9X, Huawei P40 Pro, Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Lite and tablet Huawei MediaPad M6. Method DOES NOT WORK on Honor 30 Pro, Honor 30 Honor 30S, Honor 9A, Honor 9C, Honor 9S. ATTENTION! New instruction is here.


To install Google services on your Huawei or Honor smartphone, you need:

  • Download the necessary files from YANDEX.DISK / Cloud
  • Install and update HUAWEI HiSute software from the official website
  • Back up all the data you need from your smartphone
  • Reset smartphone settings to factory settings
  • Set the screen fade settings to “never”
  • Be patient

As soon as the whole set is assembled, we can start!

PC Embedding Method:

  • Go to settings
  • We drive in the search bar “HDB”
  • Click “Allow HiSute access to HDB”
  • We translate the switch “Allow HiSuite access to HDB” in the active position
  • Open the “Huawei-Honor-Google.Zip” archive and follow the next path: Huawei-Honor- Google / google apps lzplay.Zip. Copy the “lzplay_2019-10-10” folder located here to “C: \ Users \ YOUR_ACCOUNT \ Documents \ HiSuite \ backup “
  • Turn on and update HiSuite
  • Connect to PC with a cord
  • We give the right to transfer files
  • Allowing HiSuite to use HDB by clicking “OK” in the pop-up window
  • If nothing is touched, then the HiSuite welcome window will open. In it we need to click “Next”, “Agree” and “Allow”
  • An 8-digit code will appear on the screen
  • A code entry field is already waiting for us. Enter and click “Connect”
  • In the HiSuite home window that opens, click “Restore”, “Restore”
  • Enter the confirmation password and click “OK”
  • After completing the process, click “Finish”. Hisuite is NOT needed anymore
  • Open the archive “Huawei-Honor-Google.Zip”. We pass along the path: Huawei-Honor-Google / google apps lzplay.Zip. Copy the “Google Installation” folder to the root folder of your smartphone

If it doesn’t work, just “drag” the file from the archive directly to your phone. drag it anywhere on your PC and then copy it to your smartphone

  • We will NOT need a PC anymore. You can disconnect the device

Continuation, the same for everyone

  • After the previous manipulations, the application “G” should appear on the working screen. Click, give all permissions
  • Close “G” and all other Running applications
  • Run “G” and press the blue button to start the process under the list. We are waiting for the first error and move on
  • We launch the “Files” application or another similar file manager. Go to the tab “Categories”, “Internal memory”
  • Find the “Google Installation” folder and Install applications from the first to the sixth. At the first request for permission to install applications, put a tick “Do not ask again” and click “Allow”
  • Close all active windows
  • Open application “G” and click on the big blue button below the list. In the pop-up window, press the blue smaller button
  • Collapse “G”
  • Open “Settings”, “Users and accounts”, click on “Add an account”, “Google”. We answer “OK” to the warning in the older version
  • We select “Existing”, wait, enter the suite and password. We press “Further”. If asked to enter through the site, click “Next” and log in in the window that opens. There may be delays when choosing the option to confirm login via SMS. feel free to call “Send again”
  • If you have multiple Google accounts, you should have killed everything at this stage. There will be no further such an opportunity
  • Close all open applications
  • Open the “Files” and Install the application at number 7. Errors will start coming to the notification curtain. this is the norm
  • Open “Play Market” and Install “Device ID” from the developer “VTechno” (white droid on a purple background)
  • Close all active applications
  • We launch “Device ID” and see the values ​​in the first two positions. We do absolutely nothing with this data. So far, the very fact of their presence is important to us. Minimize the application
  • Open “Settings”, “Applications”, “Applications”, look for “Google Play services”. If in the field “Version” value 20.XX.XX. click “Delete”, “OK”. If 19.XX.XX. restart the device and wait until it does NOT update to 20.XX.XX
  • Open “Files” and Install the application number 8
  • Open “Device ID” and make sure there is a value in the “Google Service Framework” field
  • Close all applications
  • Open “Settings”, “Applications”, “Applications”, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, select “Show system”. Search for and click on “Google Services Framework”. Next, go to the “Memory” section and click “Clear cache”, “Reset”, “OK”.
  • Open “Device ID”. Make sure there is no value for “Google Services Framework”

If the value is still in place: close and open “Device ID”. If it still hasn’t disappeared. repeat step 21

  • Reboot the device
  • Checking “Device ID”. The value “Google Services Framework” must be assigned

If not assigned, you should wait for the assignment

  • Open “Settings”, “Applications”, “Applications” and Remove “Google Play services”
  • Open “Files” and Install application number 9