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Incorrectly Typing Keyboard On Laptop

Group policies

To disable or enable Klava, you can use “Group Policies”. How to enter them and use to disable or enable is described in the “Device Manager” block.

Therefore, using points 6, 7 and 8 from the “Device Manager” block, you can check whether it was disabled on purpose or not. Only now you need to call the “Show” tab. The disconnection CJSC should have the “Disable” status. If the user needs to enable the ban, then he can follow points 9, 10, 11 from the “Device Manager” block.

Command line

To disable and enable the keyboard, you can use the command term. To do this, you need to write “cmd.Exe” in the “Start” menu in the search bar. Further:

  • In the displayed list, select the item with this inscription and the black window icon.
  • They will name it.
  • Write the following line: “rundll32 keyboard, disable”.
  • They will name the “Enter” key.

The keyboard turns off. To enable the keyboard unit, users can re-enter the command period and enter the following words “rundll32 keyboard, enable”.


If the built-in keyboard is out of order, the user can always connect an external device for printing. To make it convenient to work, using an external gadget, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Open the “Start” menu by clicking on the button located in the lower left corner of the desktop.
  • Find the “Device Manager” tab and left-click on it.
  • They will call the item “Keyboard”.
  • In the window that appears in front of the user, go to the opened item “Information”. Find “Properties” there and select “Device ID”.
  • Name the gadget ID with the right mouse button and select the “Copy” function.
  • After THESE steps, you need to click “Start” or press the Win R keys. display the search term on the owner’s laptop, and enter the following phrase in English “gpedit.Msc”.
  • Enter the “Computer Configuration” tab.
  • Open the “Administrative Templates” item.
  • Find and enter the “System” tab, then go to “Install devices”.
  • And select “Device Installation Restrictions”.
  • Click “Disable installation of devices with specified codes”.
  • Check the box “Enable”.
  • Paste the copied equipment ID into a special window.
  • Name “Ok”.
typing, keyboard, laptop

Third Party Programs

To block work on the keyboard, if there is a small child in the house, you can use the following utilities:

  • Keyfreeze,
  • Toddler keys;
  • Kid key lock.

How to activate Claudia

Unlocking the keyboard on a laptop can be done by several methods:

  • Use virtual keyboard.
  • Windows tools.
  • Using third-party programs.

Diagnosis of causes

The user must determine the reason why the keyboard turned off on the laptop. There may be several of them:

  • Blocking via hotkeys on a laptop, jammed accidentally during a game;
  • Launched drivers from the keyboard on a laptop;
  • Virus applications;
  • Damage to the cables during disassembly or assembly of the laptop.

Toddler keys

  • Download and install the utility.
  • Launch it.
  • The icon in the form of two letters “TK” will be displayed on the right side of the laptop screen on the taskbar.
  • Click the icon with the right mouse button.
  • In the frame that appears on the screen, press “Lock Keyboard”.
  • To disable the lock, remove the checkmark from the “Lock Keyboard” item.


On the gadget, you can block input from the keyboard with special hot keys. They may vary on different laptop models. The descriptions below are suitable for any laptop model, be it Acer, HP, Lenovo or Asus.

You can unlock the part of the keyboard consisting of numbers on a Lenovo laptop with the keys: Fn NumLock.

Let’s list the main combinations:

  • Simultaneous pressing of the Fn NumLock disable button is possible during the game by the user on laptops with a full keyboard.
  • Fn F12. F10, etc. for models with a shortened keyboard without a block with numbers, case. The F. key that locks the keyboard is usually marked with the icon.
  • Fn Esc. the combination of THESE buttons is typical for full-size keyboards and short.

Windows Tools

You can enable and disable typing letters from the keyboard using Windows tools and using third-party utilities. This is especially helpful when parents want to block the laptop from the actions of a small child.

The keyboard does not print the letters you press

Do you click on some letters on the keyboard of a laptop or computer, and completely different ones appear on the screen? Don’t worry, it’s easy to fix. If the keyboard is typing the wrong letters and symbols, there may be several reasons. In each of them and the options for solving the problem, I will tell you below.

Cause: Sticky Keys enabled.

Windows has a sticky key mechanism, which is activated if you press one button or several buttons many times in a row. Very often cats turn on this mode by walking on the keyboard or lying on it.

Disabling Sticky Keys is simple:

  • Go to Start Menu
  • Find the item “Settings”
  • Here “Control Panel”
  • Further “Accessibility” or “Accessibility Center”
  • Search for “Set of keyboard shortcuts one by one” or “Sticky keys”
  • Find the checkbox “Enable Sticky Keys” and remove it.

Reason: Crumbs in the keyboard or other debris.

Everything is simple here, look visually at the keyboard if crumbs or other debris are visible between the buttons. Flip the keyboard over and shake gently until all or most of the crumbs do NOT fall out from under the buttons, then check to see if that helps. Repeat until all buttons work.

Cause: An additional keyboard is enabled, which is activated by the Fn key.

If you are using a laptop. Most likely the reason is the FN key pressed, press FnIns (Insert) and try typing. In some cases, FnNum Lock should help.

As I said above, pressing the Fn key activates the additional characters of the anchored buttons. They are usually labeled with a second color and drawn on the buttons in the corner.

If you’re sure your keyboard has Fn buttons, just read on. There are several more ways below.

Reason: Problems with regional settings.

Check in the menu:

  • Start
  • Setting up
  • Control Panel
  • language and regional standards
  • Here is the “Languages” tab and click “”
  • Then check which keyboards you have, there should be Russian and English (US).

Please note that next to the word Russian, there were no postscripts: Mashinny, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. If you had a wrong layout, then delete it and click on the “Add language” or “Add keyboard layout” button. Then choose the correct Russian, no postscripts.

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Choosing the correct Russian layout

If both keyboards were correct, try pressing each letter in the English layout and see if the letters and symbols are pressed correctly, if they match what you press. If so, please check your computer for viruses and again, just in case, make sure that the correct Russian layout has been added. It will not be superfluous to delete it and add it again, just in case. If, on the English layout, the discrepancies between what you press and what appears on the screen continue, then you have a problem with the keyboard itself and it needs to be replaced. This often happens due to liquid getting on the keyboard.


It is possible that the keyboard works by itself on the laptop due to faulty drivers. Fortunately, this is fairly easy to fix. You can download the drivers on the official website of your laptop manufacturer, or install them automatically by following these steps:

  • Go to Device Manager. To do this, right-click on Start and select “Device Manager”.
  • Next, find and expand the “Keyboards” section.
  • Right-click on your keyboard device (in our case it is “Extended keyboard.”) And select “Uninstall”.
  • You will find that the keyboard has stopped working altogether. This is correct since you removed the drivers.
  • Now just reboot your laptop and Windows will automatically install the correct drivers.


Also, a prerequisite for the keyboard to work on its own on a laptop may be a virus. Run a full scan of your computer to check it for viruses. If a virus was found, remove it and test the keyboard on the laptop.

Damaged keyboard

First, you need to make sure that the problem is not physical damage to the keyboard. Remember, you recently poured tea or water over the keyboard, after which it began to work by itself. In this case, the wizard’s help is needed to replace the keyboard.

Keyboard works by itself on laptop

Many people complain that the keyboard works by itself on a laptop. If you are faced with such a problem, then our article will be useful for you. The keyboard can print either one character or completely different ones. In any case, you should follow a few steps below to fix the problem.

On my own?

But you can try to solve the issue yourself, the main thing here. Not to be afraid of. Since you have decided that you still need to contact the service or call a specialist, you can look inside the laptop yourself. The first thing you should do is search for your laptop model and learn how to properly disassemble it. It is better if you find examples of disassembly on video hosting, as a rule, there are several of them there, especially if you have a popular laptop model.

After making sure that you know exactly how to disassemble, and it is better to hold a smartphone or tablet in front of you with the roller turned on for a pause. We carefully disassemble, remove the keyboard, and carefully study the cables that you will see. You can remove this cable and connect a keyboard from a computer to a USB. Let’s see how it works, if everything is in order, the keyboard does not correspond with itself, then the problem is really not in the drivers. We try to wipe the loop with alcohol on the cotton wool, or rather the contacts on the loop. Insert it back, and turn on the laptop, if after that the keyboard does not work correctly, then you can already call the specialist. Remember everything that was done, when the specialist arrives, be sure to tell him what you did yourself.

Factory reset

If the keyboard still works by itself on the laptop, then try plugging in an external keyboard and check for the same problem. If the problem is not with the external keyboard, then reset the laptop to factory settings, or reinstall Windows.

If even after that the keyboard works by itself on the laptop, then it must be replaced with a new one at the service center.

The problem with the keyboard working on its own on a laptop is encountered by many people. Fortunately, the most common solution to this problem is to reinstall the drivers.

What to do if your laptop prints numbers, not letters

So, if you encounter this problem, take a close look at your laptop keyboard and notice the similarities with the photo above. Do you have similar numbers on the J, K, L keys? And what about the Num Lock key (num lk, Nm Lock, NmLk) located in the top row (and usually combined with another key)? On some laptops, this same key may look like a lock with a number or letter, as shown in the video instruction below, in which you will also see some other options for the desired key.

If there is, this means that you accidentally turned on the Num Lock mode, and some of the keys in the right area of ​​the keyboard began to type numbers (this can be convenient in some cases). In order to enable or disable Num Lock on a laptop, you usually need to press the Fn Num Lock key combination, Fn F11 or just NumLock (without a combination with Fn). then on Some laptops (it may depend Not only on the brand and model, but also on settings), enabling and disabling the Num Lock function occurs when pressed in combination with Fn, on Some. without such a combination, and by simply pressing Num Lock, check both options. The text of the Num Lock inscription on the key itself can be abbreviated, but it is always easy to guess.

It may be that on your laptop model it is done somehow differently, but when you know what exactly needs to be done, it is usually easier to find how exactly this is done. After disabling, the keyboard will work as before and where the letters should be, they will be printed. If you can’t find the key you’re looking for, try launching the standard Windows 10, 8.1, or Windows 7 on-screen keyboard (found in the Accessibility or Accessories section of the Start menu, and if not, use the search in the taskbar or Start menu) and press Num Lock on her.

Numbers are printed instead of letters. how to fix

If you have numbers printed on your laptop keyboard (as a rule, this happens on them) instead of letters, it’s okay. below is a detailed description of how to fix this situation. The reason is most likely that you or someone else accidentally turned on speed dialing from the text keyboard, which is just as easy to disable.

The problem arises on the keyboard without a dedicated numeric keypad (which is located on the right side of the “large” keyboard), but with the ability to make some of the keys with letters can be used for quick dialing of numbers, this function is available on many modern laptops and In this case, the keys U, I, O, J, K, L have signatures with numbers, in addition to Russian letters.


Theoretically, the problem with the appearance of numbers instead of letters when typing on the keyboard can be caused by special reassignment of keys (using a program or editing the registry) or the introduction of some tricky layout (I will not say which one, I have not met, but I admit that such can be ). If the above does not help in any way, make sure that at least your keyboard layout is set to the usual Russian and English.

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Why is the keyboard typing numbers on a laptop instead of letters? How to remove numbers

In today’s article, we will analyze a common problem for laptop owners. Why does the keyboard print instead of letters with numbers, how to disable this feature and will never enable it again?

To make it easier for the user to work with the computer, many different hotkeys and their combinations have been added to his system. Many of them you probably know, “CtrlC” (copy file), “CtrlV” (insert file), “AltCtrl Del” (open the task manager menu), “CapsLock” (change keyboard case) etc.

But there are also less needed combinations, in which a very small percentage of users know. It often happens that we accidentally pinch some combination or just press a button, thus making serious changes to the work of the PC, and then we DO NOT know how to get everything back.

In today’s article, we will figure out what to do if numbers are printed on your laptop instead of letters, how to fix this situation. So, if in your search engine you see the request “Why k2aviatura prints in numbers on a laptop?”, Then consider that you have already found the answer.

Other reasons for the problem

A special key or combination. This is not the only way to enable this feature on your laptop. Some applications may also automatically activate this feature. Then if numbers are printed on the laptop keyboard instead of letters, try to remember, maybe you recently downloaded new programs to your PC. If so, remove them and see if the problem persists.

In addition, the function can also be started directly by changing the system registry. It is unlikely that you would have done it by accident, but some viruses can make such changes. You will hardly be able to fix this on your own (you can try to change the language layout of the keyboard, sometimes it helps). You can classify your computer as a wizard, however, even then the chance of fixing the problem is very low. Most likely, you will have to rollback your laptop to an earlier version or even to the factory state.

How the problem manifests itself

Before proceeding with the solution, let’s clarify all the nuances in order to understand exactly whether the problem is being discussed. The numbers in your notes can start to appear under a variety of circumstances, but most often the problem appears when working with text documents. over, it can appear both when opening a document, and after some time.

She usually shows herself as follows:

  • Some letters in the right half of the keyboard change to numbers.
  • One or two number buttons can change values.
  • The rest of the number keys and some alphabetic keys just stop working.

If this description fits your problem, then let’s figure it out.

The most unpleasant thing is that do not look at the fact that a problem appears almost always when working with a document, but once it appears, it will remain even after it is closed. That is, now you can normally write a message on social networks, enter a request in the browser and even rename the folder. In most cases, even rebooting the system does not help get rid of this.

Causes of the problem, why k2aviatura prints in numbers on a laptop

Now let’s see why numbers are printed on the laptop keyboard instead of letters. This problem is not a crash or a system error, it is just a kind of additional feature on some notebooks. Started by pressing a key “NumLock” (or “NumLk”), which is most often located in the upper right corner of your keyboard (sometimes its location may be different). On some keyboards, this key is equipped with a special indicator light, which makes it possible to understand whether the option is enabled or not.

This function is not available on all devices. As we noted earlier, this feature is specific to laptops, and even then not for everyone. It is present only on laptops with a certain keyboard structure.

As you may have noticed, the keys on the keyboard are divided into peculiar blocks, most often they are a block with letter keys, a block with arrows, a block with numeric keys and a block with keys. “F1”, “F2” etc. In wider keyboards, there may also be blocks with command keys (several keys above the arrows) and a block with additional keys (along the perimeter of the keyboard or above).

So, if there is a block with number keys on the keyboard of your laptop, then most likely this function is present on it. The likelihood of this increases if you have numbers written above some of the letters on your keyboard.

This function allows you to transform the right part of the letters into this same number block. That is why it prints numbers and does NOT print letters. This function can be quite handy when you need to fill out a spreadsheet or write equations. You just need to know how to turn it on and how to remove the numbers back.

Computers have this function for two reasons. First, desktop keyboards are usually large. Secondly, the keyboard for the computer is purchased separately and initially no one knows which keyboard you will use. However, this function can be manually added to the computer.

What to do if the keyboard is typing numbers on a laptop: how to disable the function

If you accidentally pressed a key and now numbers are printed on your laptop instead of letters, what to do in such a situation. The most elementary thing to do is to press the key again “NumLock”, perhaps then the function will turn off immediately. Unfortunately, this does not always help.

The fact is that a function can be assigned NOT to one key, but to a combination, for example “FnNumLock” or “FnF11”. If these options did not suit you, then all that remains is to try to find the combination, Alternately pressing the key “NumLock” together with each of the keys on the keyboard, you can also try combinations with “Fn” and all keys from “F1” before “F12”.

In addition, it sometimes happens that to switch this function on a laptop there is a special button located somewhere on the case. This is very rare, but just in case Examine the laptop.

If none of the options helped you, then perhaps the reason is that instead of letters, numbers are printed on your computer for another. Read them below.

Numbers are printed instead of letters: why the keyboard does not work correctly.

Good day everyone!

The problem considered today is quite popular among users of compact laptops (in the past few years, such devices have been in trend and are increasingly popular). Due to the small size of THESE devices. they have a number pad on the keyboard, and manufacturers on Some devices. “combined” numbers with letters. ☝

On the one hand, the solution can be quite convenient, on the other hand, many do not even realize that their laptop has such”counter” and as a result of accidentally pressing the NumLK key. they switch the keyboard to the mode of working with numbers and do not know how to exit it (of course, it becomes impossible to type text, because Along with the letters, numbers are printed.). Although, in some cases, the problem lies not only in this.

Well, let’s take a look at the reasons and the solution in more detail.

Possible reasons for the appearance of numbers instead of letters

Specialist. Mode on laptops

Pay close attention to the keys I have highlighted in the photo below: not only letters, but also numbers are printed on them (note: sometimes the numbers are marked on the side edge of the key).

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The number on the side of the key (barely visible)

So, to enter (exit) the mode of dialing numbers. as a rule, it is enough to press the Fn NumLK (Num Lock) key combination. On some laptops, the NumLK function is assigned to the F11 / F12 keys.

Lenovo ThinkPad laptop keyboard / clickable

Some keys are stuck (Fn, for example)

Next, I recommend checking each key separately, and are some of them stuck? Especially it concerns the function keys: F1-F12, Fn, etc. It would also not be superfluous to test the keyboard completely with the help of special. Utilities (link to instructions for help).

By the way, similar incidents with the keyboard can begin after it is flooded (It is estimated that every 150th circle that has been over the keyboard falls over on it.).

Keyboard driver not installed

If you have an unusual keyboard (for example, with additional functions for controlling the numeric pad, with gaming gadgets, etc.). then the problem in question may be due to the fact that you have a standard keyboard driver installed on it.

Usually, it is installed by Windows OS automatically. Of course, it may not work quite correctly: either some keyboard functions will NOT be available, or it may start to appear “incidents” like random clicks, numbers appearing, etc.

Best option: download “native” driver with official Device manufacturer’s website. However, you can try Driver Booster, or a standard function in the device manager.

Device Manager. Update Driver

The battery discharged

If you are using a wireless keyboard, check the condition of the batteries. For example, on my keyboard from “Intro”. when the battery is lowered, double-triple keystrokes, including numbers, start to work (which is strange.).

Wireless keyboard, batteries

A few words about specials. Windows utility and assembly

With the help of specials. Utilities, you can reassign some keys to others (for example, you press “Ctrl”. a The character is printed “Z”, but click on “Z”. appears “1” etc.). By the way, such utilities are built into some Windows assemblies.

This I am leading to the fact that even if you yourself did NOT install anything like this (and did NOT configure it), it is possible that some parameters in the OS were changed (ahead of time.).

What can you advise: if you have not established an official. Windows OS version. replace with official. Fortunately, now the image can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft website.

You can also resort to utilities that can help “throw off” the values ​​of the keys to the default (that which was originally when installing the OS). See the article, the link to which is given below.

How to remap one key to another (for those who do not have a button press on the keyboard).


And the last thing that cannot be ruled out is that you may have caught a virus. If you have a LiveCD, you can try to boot from it and check the hardware performance (if everything is in order with the keyboard, then there is a problem with the OS).

In general, on my blog there is a separate instruction on how to scan a PC for viruses, even if a regular antivirus does NOT find anything: I recommend running the system using the proposed utilities.

Scanner operation ESET’s Free Online Scanner


By the way, also pay attention to the BIOS (this is mainly for laptops). Some devices have additional. Options for enabling / disabling the extended mode of operation Fn, F1-F12 (in more detail), which in turn may affect the digital block.

Add-ons. welcome.

Launching keyboard troubleshooter

In Windows 10 there is an assistant function, in case of malfunctions of peripheral and other devices. If a bug occurs, do the following:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Update & Security.
  • Open the Troubleshooter. Scroll down and find keyboard troubleshooter.
  • Run the utility.
  • Wait for the end of the scan and follow the instructions that the program will give you.
  • Restart your computer and check if everything works.

Why is the keyboard typing the wrong letters

The most common reason for incorrect operation of the input device is a strong clogged keyboard. This especially happens after spilled tea, as a result of which the buttons become sticky. Even a small amount of ordinary water can cause a similar effect.

However, water ingress is far from the only reason. Dust and various kinds of dirt can also provoke such problems. Therefore, the first thing that needs to be done for the keyboard to work fully is just to clean it well from dirt.

Despite the fact that the keyboard, like other small elements, is paid the least attention, it also requires good care. All that is needed for this from a person is timely cleaning of the case, as well as maintaining cleanliness in the room.

Such maintenance is the easiest and safest, because the user does NOT risk damaging the most important and expensive computer components, after which all equipment will have to be sent for repair.

To fully clean the keyboard, you need to disconnect it from the computer power, after which you need to disconnect the buttons one by one and clean the accumulated dirt under them. Despite the fact that this is a long-term business, you need to remove the buttons as carefully as possible, since they can simply break with a high effort. If a person is afraid to carry out such a process on his own, it is enough just to turn the keyboard over and gently knock on it, most of the dirt itself will fall out of the case.

Laptop keyboard does not work after all described what to do?

If none of the above methods helped, Contact your computer service. The reason is hardware. And without special knowledge and equipment you will NOT fix it.

Check the cost of the work immediately. If they cannot tell you the exact price, ask for the price range, and for what work the price will be.

Be sure to get an act of completed work or a strict reporting form, which will indicate all the services provided.

Scan the system for viruses

Sometimes cybord stops typing letters correctly due to system infection.

Use antivirus to scan deeply and remove malicious viruses.

Win 10: Keyboard is typing incorrect characters. How to fix

As a peripheral, the keyboard is a pretty solid device. Sometimes, due to certain factors, it starts to fail. What if the keyboard is typing the wrong characters? Let’s try to understand the causes of the problem and how to get rid of it.

  • Reasons why the keyboard stops working correctly.
  • How to fix the problem.

Checking the language settings

A glitch in the language setting is sometimes a factor in a malfunctioning cybord.

To fix, follow these steps:

  • Launch Control Panel, go to Clock, Language Region.
  • Go to Language, then Advanced Settings.
  • Find Override on Default Input Method, use the dropdown menu and select the desired language.

Set the same language under Override for windows display language and click ok.

Auto correct check

If changing the language settings does not help, make sure the autocorrector setting is correct. This method is suitable for those who have a bug of incorrect letters only in Word.

  • Start Word, go to file, then to Options.
  • Go to Check, followed by AutoCorrect Options.
  • Make sure the option has preset letters and numbers that replace one another. If present, delete the AutoCorrect entry.