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How to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

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Through backup

After launching it, you need to connect your smartphone to a personal computer and carry out the simplest steps:

  • In the window that appears on the screen, select the subsection “Recover files from iTunes”.
  • Carry out a scan.
  • Deleted files in the spare duplicate will be marked in a different color. Of them, select the relevant ones, highlight them with checkmarks.
  • Confirm the action with the “Restore” button.

Important! Until the end of the procedure, you must not break the phone-laptop bundle.

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Recovery via Tenorshare UltData

How to Recover WhatsApp Conversations after Deleting on iPhone

Each user should remember that the developers of the program did not provide for a separate server, which means that they are responsible for all important materials themselves. Beginners are advised to study the settings immediately after installing the application and inquire where it sends the conversation history.

In most cases, storage takes place in the internal memory of the smartphone, but it is better to supplement it with an emergency duplicate in the cloud. The last option is more reliable and does not allow clogging up the phone memory with unnecessary files.

Before restoring deleted messages, you need to make sure that they have not been transferred to the repository. When entering the correspondence, they look for the “Archive” menu and enter it. If there is no saved data there, then you need to use other methods.

Important! The advantages of using specialized stores for cached data include the inability to delete information from all points at the same time. When you delete the saved materials on the phone, the secondary reserve will be in the cloud of one of the programs. Nothing can be lost there, important conversations will remain intact.

How to restore WhatsApp chat via iCloud

If earlier there was a permanent creation of a data backup in iTunes or iCloud, then you can overwrite deleted correspondence by updating the iPhone from the last duplicate.

How to clear WhatsApp cache on iPhone

It means an intermediate buffer that provides fast access. The operating system places separate files in it to increase the speed of the gadget and open programs. This approach saves network traffic.

As the messenger runs, the system accumulates a lot of unnecessary files, taking up all the free space. Over time, they become obsolete, become absolutely unnecessary, but continue to be stored. Lack of regular cleaning leads to the following problems on iPhone (4 s, 5 se, 6s, 7 or even 8):

  • to regular spontaneous reboots of the device. Insufficient memory space, which is required to perform certain functions, provokes this;
  • stop saving important data. The OS has nowhere else to store cached files or pictures from the sender;
  • will cause problems with standard playback of music or gaming applications. They require a certain amount of memory to function properly;
  • will clearly slow down. In addition to the drop in speed indicators, the operating system will start giving out various glitches (almost with every action).

Experts recommend not to bring the device to the above state. To avoid problems with the performance of the gadget, it is enough to regularly clear the cache, once or twice a week.

For your information! Attempting to flush cached data on a daily basis can be stressful to the operating system. The OS itself copes well with most of the running processes and requires operations as the device memory is full.

To complete the procedure, the following steps are taken:

  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • They are looking for the sub-item “Applications”.
  • After clicking, a list of all programs installed on the smartphone drops out.
  • Go to the desired location, press the “Clear cache” button.

Important! In addition to freeing memory from the saved files of the main program, you need to carry out the same procedures with browsers, social networks and other instant messengers. This approach will allow you to get several hundred megabytes of white space.

How to back up WhatsApp on iPhone

The creation of reserves for messages can be carried out manually at any time. The procedure takes place step by step:

  • Go to program settings.
  • Find the “Chats” subsection.
  • Find “Copy”.
  • From it go to “Create Duplicate”.

The messenger allows you to make automatic copying, for this you need to click on “Automatic” in the settings. The user can choose the frequency of duplication formation convenient for him. They can turn on and off video files.

Note! Creation of duplicate data takes some time, the duration of the process depends on the volume of the stored material and the speed of the Internet.

To carry out the procedures, you need to take into account the following technical requirements:

  • operating system version 5.1 or higher;
  • iCloud registration;
  • for the seventh OS, the “Documents and Data” item must be enabled, located in the program menu;
  • for OS 8, 10, the iCloud Drive function is connected: from the settings they go to iclud, where they are looking for the desired shortcut;
  • there must be enough space in the smartphone and messenger to perform the action.

Important! In order not to get a huge bill for using data transmission over cellular network traffic, you can limit the formation of duplicates only for Wi-Fi. To do this, you need to deactivate in the settings of the “Cellular data” menu.

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

How to view deleted messages in Whatsapp iPhone? The lack of duplicates in the reserve is not a verdict. To return the lost material, the user must:

  • Go to the main menu and find the dialogue of interest in the saved data in the records.
  • Go to aiklud cloud storage and check Wotsap’s access to it.
  • If it is, then through the menu enter the correspondence and find the subsection “Copying”.
  • Check if there is a file with the required information.
  • Remove the program, and after reloading it, apply the “Recover from duplicate” setting.

You can view erased messages through specialized programs. When they are connected, they join the system logs and read them. This convenient method can only be used for android. Popular utilities include Notification History, Notification History Log, and Notif Log notification history.

Before starting to work with applications, you need to connect notifications for the messenger, then go to the main menu and find the block for utilities in it. After selecting the current program, check the “Enable notifications” checkbox in front of it. They make it possible to read not only personal SMS, but also the answers of the interlocutors.

Note! All the information you need should appear on the home page. The user can view all messages, including the erased ones. The disadvantage of the program is the inability to access media files.

Via iCloud

Can Whatsapp Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone? Only if you have an account with an identification number (Apple ID). The process takes place in stages:

  • After starting the program, you need to find its synchronization settings with various applications. WhatsApp should be among them.
  • Find the “Recover from Duplicate” button.
  • Confirm actions.

The user should regularly check the availability of free space on the iclud and on the smartphone itself. If there is a shortage of it, it is impossible to make a backup copy.

Note! One of the reasons for the impossibility of returning erased materials is the old firmware on the iPhone. the seventh and lower version of iOS. You can recover files only from the eighth operating system.

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With Uldata

  • Launch Tenorshare UltData software and connect iPhone to computer using a cable. In the menu window that appears, select the “WhatsApp Attachments” checkbox and click “Scan”.
  • In a new window, select the necessary files and click “Restore”.

Sometimes the program gives a choice of where to recover information: to a computer or to a phone. For the information to appear on the iPhone, click “Restore to Device”.

How to restore a WhatsApp conversation without a backup

Alas, you can’t do without a backup created by your own hands or automatically by your phone. WhatsApp does not have its own repository for user information, so only you are responsible for its safety. When using for the first time, you need to check the settings and create an automatic copy in the cloud.

Solving Potential Problems

Sometimes messenger data recovery fails. If this is the case, there are a number of actions that can help you solve the problem. All of them are marked as effective by the application developer. Follow the steps in the order in which they are located. One of them will definitely help if the backup was actually set up.

First of all, it is worth checking that the recovery is performed from the iCloud profile that is linked to WhatsApp. In this case, you need to enter the application from the same number.

Note: It is also possible that the restore fails due to a network connection. If most of the time you work with home Wi-Fi, then try connecting to it to download data from the cloud.

Sometimes problems are related to insufficient free memory on the iPhone. You can view the necessary information in the settings. There go to the “General” section and open “About this device”. If memory is low, then delete unused applications or transfer some of your personal files to PC.

If the problem is not her, then the matter may be that the iCloud Drive service is turned off. You can view its status in the settings section of the same name. For iOS 7 devices, it will be called Documents and Data. And here there is an important nuance: recovery is not available for iPhones with such firmware. You need to upgrade to iOS version no less than the eighth.

There is also a similar limitation. iCloud Drive cannot simultaneously work with multiple devices under the same Apple ID if both or one of them has iOS 7 or lower. As above, a firmware update will be required.

Via iCloud

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

  • Go to “Settings”, find “iCloud”.
  • Check if iCloud is enabled and if whatsapp is allowed to use it. This can be done by clicking on your account, as in the picture and look at the sliders, they should be green.
  • Made sure everything is included. Next, go to “Settings” in WhatsApp, find “Chats and calls”, select “Copy”.
  • The last copy will be displayed, if it suits you, then use it further, if not, then create a copy, as in the picture.
  • Next, you need to reinstall Datsap, after which you need to click “Restore from a copy” when the device asks about it.

The second method is related to the Tenorshare UltData program. You need to go into it with an iPhone connected to the PC. At the top of the window, select “Recover files from iCloud”. The computer will ask for your Apple ID and password. They need to be specified.

Run the scan, select the files of interest for recovery with checkmarks and click “Next”. Using the “Output Settings” button, you can set the location for recovering files: computer or phone.

Is it possible to recover deleted Whatsapp correspondence

Can. There are several ways described below. The main thing is not to rename the files during the recovery process, this can complicate the work: the gadget may not understand what to recover.

Sending WhatApp Chats by Email

You can also email yourself the Whatsapp chat history if you want to keep the correspondence:

  • Open the WhatsApp chat you want to email.
  • Click on the contact’s name or group topic in the navigation bar.
  • Scroll down and select Email Chat.
  • Select With files or Without files.
  • Enter your email address and click Submit.

Good luck,
WhatsApp Support

Whatsapp is a convenient application for communicating between people, video calls and simple calls are available. Sometimes you need to resume messages that you accidentally deleted. You can’t do without a backup copy here. So, consider the topic: WhatsApp how to recover history?

ICloud WhatsApp Backup

To manually back up your chats in WhatsApp at any time, go to WhatsApp Settings Chats Copy and click Back Up. You can also choose automatic backup by clicking on the Automatic menu item and then selecting the backup frequency. This will back up your WhatsApp chats and media to your iCloud account. You can include or exclude video files from the backup. It may take a while to create a WhatsApp backup to iCloud, depending on your Internet connection and the size of the backup.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Iphone

  • You must have iOS 5.1 or later.
  • You must be registered with iCloud (iPhone iCloud Settings).
  • For iOS 7: Documents & Data (iPhone iCloud Settings Documents & Data) must be enabled.
    For iOS 8 or later: iCloud Drive (iPhone Settings iCloud iCloud Drive) must be enabled.
  • Enough free space in iCloud and on your iPhone.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

WhatsApp messenger does not store message history, audio files and images on its servers. They remain only on users’ phones. On the one hand, this guarantees the safety of personal information, on the other, it creates certain difficulties when cleaning a smartphone or accidentally deleting history.

However, such situations sometimes happen to users who are then interested in how to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp. For iPhone owners, this opportunity is provided by the iCloud service. It is designed to copy data from a mobile device to the cloud. All messages from Wotsap are also downloaded there.

How to view deleted messages on WhatsApp

Rapidly deleting data from web applications can be difficult if not stored in a safe place. The WhatsApp messenger regularly copies the information received to the smartphone’s memory. Its users have no problem with how to read deleted messages in WhatsApp, if after that it has been less than a week.

How to view deleted messages on WhatsApp

To proHonor old chat with messages that were sent no more than 7 days ago and erased, you will need to uninstall the program and reinstall it.

Programs and applications to recover deleted Whatsapp messages

In the “Play Market” you can find several programs with which you can recover deleted messages in WhatsApp.

How to find deleted messages and conversations on WhatsApp

If chats in Votsap were deleted more than a week ago, then the search should be carried out in the phone’s memory. You may need to use special services that can decrypt documents.

A similar algorithm of actions is used on iOS and Android:

  • You need to go to the memory of the device on which the messenger is installed.
  • Find a folder called WhatsApp. It can be located on a memory card.
  • Go to the Databases folder. If you check the data inside the rest of the files, you can find music, videos and photos obtained through the application.
  • Look for the msgstore.db.crypt file in the folder. It contains the user’s correspondence with other subscribers.

Copy the found file to your computer. To open it, you need a program that is capable of supporting SQL files. One of the most convenient is Recover messages.

Recover messages WhatsApp

WhatsApp Recover is a program that helps you recover deleted WhatsApp messenger messages. If SMS were erased by the subscriber himself or lost as a result of a crash or unsuccessful application update, you can view them after completing work with WhatsApp Recover.

What is msgstore

The msgstore.db.crypt folder is stored in Databases. the database directory. The msgstore file includes data collected over a period of time. Once formed, it is saved to local storage while a backup is created.

You can open this file on a personal computer. To work, you need to install the “Hetman” program. A folder can contain several files with the same name. To choose the one you need, you need to pay attention to the date of their creation, which is indicated in the names.

This folder can store 7 files. than a week the backup is not saved.


To view the conversation on iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Remove WhatsApp using Application Manager. To do this, hold your finger on the application icon, then click on the cross that appears.
  • Install the messenger again. At the beginning of the process, you will be asked to restore information. Confirm this action. The operation uses the archive in whatsapp placed in the device’s memory.
  • After installation, restart the program.
  • Make sure the dialogs of interest are restored.
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Is it possible to recover deleted messages on iPhone

The amount of information lost forever depends on several factors. Basic:

  • how long has the smartphone been used after the loss of the SMS. The sooner the owner starts to restore messages, the more he will be able to “pull”;
  • whether backup was enabled in iCloud settings;
  • how crowded the cloud storage is;
  • whether the smartphone was synchronized with the PC;
  • whether the owner of the smartphone used “backups” when connecting to a PC and using iTunes.

Can you recover deleted SMS on iPhone? Definitely yes. If there is at least some backup or synchronization, something can be restored.

Why SMS on iPhone may go missing

For starters, it is worth noting because of what the dialogues abruptly disappear from the iPhone. All the more so if it happens systematically. There may be several reasons:

  • the available memory for storing correspondence has run out. Thanks to the multimedia attachment function, dialogs can accumulate up to several gigabytes in a short time. As a result, the system has no choice but to delete all messages on the iPhone. The cleaning date is set in the gadget settings;
  • malware and third party controls. Although IOS is considered the most reliable operating system, there is no way to defend against viruses. Also, attackers can establish remote control over a smartphone and correspondence if its owner opened third-party links;
  • the user has reset the settings to factory settings without taking care of the backup;
  • incorrect firmware update or use of Jailbreak.

The branded iPhone app boasts an extensive list of features

Note! IPhone with IOS 8 and above can automatically delete messages.

Recover messages via iCloud

The original purpose of iCloud was to allow a user to log into an account from any Apple device and have access to their media. So, every year buying a new iPhone, many simply log into their Apple ID account and through iCloud download all their files from the last gadget in a couple of minutes.

To have access to iCloud, you need to create an Apple ID account

As is the case with iTunes, the user should first make sure that the backup function is enabled on the iPhone. To do this, step by step is enough:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select the first menu “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes Store”.
  • Find the “iCloud” section.
  • Then click “Storage Management”.

Here you can see all the subsections that are included in the backup. If opposite to the item “Messages” it means that it contains several MB of information, then you can extract the lost messages.

Now all that remains is to figure out how to recover and view deleted messages on iPhone:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Then in the menu “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes Store”.
  • Section “iCloud”.
  • Scroll down to “Backup”.
  • In it, look at the possible dates of the “backup”.

Now you need to reset the settings to factory settings:

  • Return to “Settings”.
  • Item “Basic”.
  • Followed to the section “Reset”.
  • Select “Reset content and settings”.

After that, re-authorize your Apple ID, go to “Backup”, select a date and restore. It usually takes about 20 minutes depending on the amount of data.

Note! On iPhones with IOS 9.0 and older, for example, on the five S, SE and 6 plus, the names of the subsections may differ slightly. But the principle itself remains the same.

How to Recover Deleted SMS on iPhone

There are three ways to recover deleted messages:

  • Use iTunes.
  • Via iCloud.
  • Through third-party programs.

Each method is equally worthy of attention, so which one to use is up to the end user to decide. And yet there are a couple of nuances in which some options cannot be implemented.

In most cases, you will need to use a PC

Note! Before restoring SMS or other data on your phone, you need to turn off Find My iPhone. Security settings will not allow you to use backup, which is actually logical.

iSkysoft Toolbox

The advantage of the following program lies in the ability to select the specific data to be extracted, which reduces the time for scanning and recovery.

Also, the utility allows you to transfer data from one phone to another

Important! First you need to update iTunes to the latest version.

  • Download and install on PC iSkysoft Toolbox.
  • Connect your phone via USB and run the utility.
  • Wait until the program “sees” the iPhone and synchronizes. You do not need to press anything.
  • After click on “Recovery”.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Recovery from iOS Device”.
  • Next, in order to restore only deleted SMS, you need to uncheck all items, except for “Messages Attachments”.
  • Next, to start scanning, click Start Scan.
  • After a few minutes, the program will provide all text messages available for recovery.
  • It remains to tick the necessary SMS, click on “Recover” and wait until the utility downloads data to the phone.

Additional Information. To make it easier to navigate, you can use the “Filter” button to configure the display of only remote SMS.

Enigma recovery

The only Russian-language program in this list. Enigma similarly helps to extract files from iTunes and iCloud backups if traditional options didn’t help. The procedure is as follows:

  • Download and install Enigma Recovery.
  • Connect via USB and unlock iPhone (the last condition is strictly required).
  • On the notification that pops up on the smartphone, press the confirmation button.
  • Wait until the end of the scan of the gadget, which will start automatically.
  • Next go to the “Messages” section.
  • Highlight the required files (the program marks deleted SMS in red).
  • Press the restore confirmation button and wait while Enigma Recovery downloads data back to the phone.

After connecting the phone to the computer, you can simply follow the indicators above, indicating the status of the process

How To SEE Whatsapp DELETED Messages in iPhone 2020 ������|| How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

The utility also has paid features. In this case, the free functionality is enough.

How to View Deleted Messages on iPhone

For people using a smartphone as a work tool, it will be extremely unpleasant news to lose all business correspondence at one point. Nevertheless, this happens quite often. But there are several ways how to recover deleted SMS on iPhone in iMessage app.

Deleted Whats Message

Another handy message recovery app. It’s good because its compatibility has reached Android 10. It is a good alternative for recovering media files, documents, chats, in general, everything that we send via WhatsApp. The program is free, it is located in the Play market, but some users note incorrect operation.

An important feature of this application is the ability to back up all files to the phone and export them to external media, which, you see, is very convenient.


Use this method by making a few simple settings in the WhatsApp itself. We go to the menu, select the chat settings and put a mark next to the backup item. Let’s not forget to choose the frequency with which the application will save our conversations in the phone’s memory. It can be a day, a week, a month. details in the article. How to recover deleted correspondence

Installation instructions

On the free field of the home screen, make a long tap until a small menu appears, where you select the “Widgets” section.

Find the general settings widget and drag it to the home screen. A list of functions that can be set on the home screen for quick access will open.

Ask a friend to send you a WhatsApp message and delete it.

Go to the log and see the entire alert log. If you find there an entry that the interlocutor deleted, then everything works in your case. Use it and don’t look for other ways.

Notification log

This method may not work on all devices. Doesn’t require installation of any applications. All customization takes place at the expense of the Android system. But it’s worth a try. It can be useful not only for viewing messenger messages, but also to see all the notifications that you accidentally brushed off without reading.

How to read a deleted message with an interlocutor in Whatsapp

How to view a deleted message with an interlocutor in whatsapp, is there a real chance to read something that is forever closed from you?

When WhatsApp released an update to the messenger, it added a function to delete messages. Many people lacked this useful feature. This update has small restrictions, you can delete a post only in the first seven minutes, then it is already impossible to do it. Instead of the text, the message “You have deleted this message” will appear.

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For the first time, the developers announced the function of deleting messages in WhatsApp back in 2017. At that time, such a feature was still in the testing stage and since then has undergone many changes. Initially, the text was deleted simultaneously from both the correspondence and from the server of the messenger itself. After 10 minutes it was impossible to restore it.

But already in 2018, the function was updated, and now deleted messages can not only be restored if necessary, but also simply read them. not restoring, but this only works, unfortunately, on Android devices. The rest is just a matter of technique and desire, which does not require special knowledge and hacking skills.

To bypass you need to install a third-party application that records all notifications.

Third Party Applications

Use a third-party program from the Google Play Store that works with notification history. They work with the notification log, saving each one in the phone’s memory. And even if something is deleted in the application, the notification saving program will save everything in the log, and, if necessary, extract the necessary and deleted.


The program will allow you to read deleted messages in social networks and instant messengers that you receive, but the interlocutor deletes them.

There are several points worth paying attention to.

It will not give you the opportunity to read those texts that were once deleted. Will not restore deleted messages, it will give you the ability to read deleted texts after you install this software on your smartphone.

How to Read Whatsapp Deleted Messages in iPhone Without any app,Read Your Whatsapp Deleted Message

That is, you can only view freshly deleted messages.

Run the program. At the very beginning, when you start, you agree to the condition and press the “Accept” button.

The next step is to give access to notifications.

Turn on the switch, thereby giving the program access to notifications.

Next, choose from which social networks from which messengers you want to see deleted messages.

In the settings, you can always change your choice by adding or removing applications and messengers.

And also, grant permission to save deleted images.

The initial setup is completed and the interface will display sections with the names of the applications that you added to the program.

The software works as follows. By default, it collects all correspondence, or rather, duplicates it.

And deleted messages by the interlocutor will remain unchanged here.

Another important point, if you are currently in the chat, you receive a post from the interlocutor. This text will not be saved in the history of the program, since it came directly without notification in the header of the screen.

But if the lock screen turns on or the device screen turns off, all sent texts will go through notifications and are recorded in the WhatsRemoved history, even if they were immediately deleted by the interlocutor.

One of the advantages of this software over others is that it allows you to save media files.

For example, your interlocutor sent you a photo and immediately changed his mind, deleted.

Your smartphone was in standby mode at that time. The messenger will only show that the photo has been deleted, and by going to WhatsRemoved, you will see the same photo.

And if you click on the “Folder” icon, you will be taken to the section where all text, audio and video files are stored.

The program has an interesting feature. Works well with WhatsApp, but may be buggy with other messengers.

We go into the settings and uncheck the box. “Save all messages”. After that, she will only collect deleted messages, and not everything.

Notification History Log

As mentioned above, there are programs that save the history of notifications. One of them is Notification History Log. It was created to restore and manage the alert log. The application saves the entire log history stored on the phone. The highlight is the extended history and complete message management. It’s free on the Play Market, but there is a Pro version.

  • user-friendliness of the interface
  • easy recovery of all messages
  • some useful features (such as notifications about the deletion of text by another user)

and much more that is incredibly convenient to use.

Three Ways to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages

It so happens that a user mistakenly lost a message in WhatsApp from the chat history. If you still need them about Honor, then it’s okay, you can do it. There are several ways to do this. All of them are available to the average Internet user. In this article, we will take a look at how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp. We will analyze all the actions that you need to perform, step by step.

using fresh backups

If you have a history of notifications in the form of backups in the messenger, then you can restore the lost correspondence. All dialogs are saved to a folder called WhatsApp / Databases.

If for some reason you also deleted the correspondence from the copies, then it can still be returned by using a system that automatically saves data. This happens every day at 4 am (local time). The information is saved to the smartphone’s memory or to MicroSD. To restore messages that have been uninstalled, you need to remove the application from the phone and reinstall the utility.

During installation, WhatsApp will prompt you to recover lost messages. To do this, you need to click on a special icon.

You need to take into account that using this method, lost information is restored only for the last week.

recovering more recent data

In order to restore later data, follow these instructions:

Uninstall the app from your phone.

Next, you should open the database with the program data or a folder with backups. To do this, use a file manager. Select the file you need to restore.

Then rename the file with the following name: “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt7” to “msgstore.db.crypt7”. Please note that the data is saved automatically, with a number in the file name. To restore the chat, you need to remove the date from the file name located in the database.

After that, install the application again.

Please note that the folder where the backups are stored may be located in the mobile phone memory or on an external card. Returning deleted notifications from these copies in this way has a number of limitations. Such messages can only be restored within 7 days after they were saved. Also, you can lose notifications that you received recently and you have not read them yet. You also need to know that if the memory card is damaged, the chat will not be restored, and this cannot be done if you have a different phone number.

By default, WhatsApp is configured so that data is saved 1 time within 24 hours. You can change the settings manually:

  • You need to enter the application menu.
  • Then, in the settings item, click on the “Chats and calls” column, and after “Chat backup”.

The program will prompt you to save the archive to your phone, SD card or Google Drive.

Ways to View Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

In order to view dialogs deleted in WhatsAapp, you can choose the most suitable method for you from the ones described below.

recover deleted messages without backups

If you deleted important notifications in the WhatsApp messenger without using a backup, you can still restore them. When a chat was deleted by mistake, messages are saved to the phone memory or SD card until they are completely deleted. To return lost notifications, for example, on devices running IOS, you need to do the following:

  • You need to check the archive. You need to enter the section called “Chats” and look for what has been deleted in the list with dialogs.
  • Check out iCloud cloud service.
  • Log in to your account and see if WhatsApp cloud access is activated.
  • If yes, then enter the program in the item with the settings “Chats and calls”, and then “Copy”.
  • See if there is a copy you want.
  • Reinstall the messenger and at the time when it will be installed, click on the “Restore from a copy” button.

Knowing how to recover deleted correspondence with friends, you can not worry about losing important information for you.