How to use the built-in camera on a laptop

Installing a separate device

For computers not equipped with built-in web video technology, separate devices are used. Before installation, check to make sure your computer is equipped with a sound card, a working CD-ROM drive, and a sound device.

If all the listed elements are in working order, you can proceed to the installation of separate web equipment.

    start the disc with the drivers recorded on it (included in the kit) by inserting it into the drive;

If, for some reason, the installation disc is missing or cannot be played due to damage, you can go to the manufacturer’s official website, where:

    in the “support” section you need to find the corresponding model with the provided drivers and click the “download” button to download them to your computer;

Instructions for turning on the WEB-camera on a Lenovo laptop in Windows 7

Modern models manufactured by Lenovo have integrated WEB-cameras, with the help of which most people prefer to communicate not in person, but via the World Wide Web.

Sometimes such communication is simply necessary, because the interlocutor may not be in the next house, but thousands of kilometers away on the other side of the world.

Having started using a laptop with a properly configured Windows 7 operating system, installed drivers, and everything that was required by the installation instructions, the user suddenly discovers that he cannot turn on the video equipment. In order for such a device to start working, there is an instruction for turning on.

How to turn on the Lenovo laptop camera

Quite often it happens that a user cannot use Skype or another program designed for calls and communication. The opened program displays a pop-up window with the inscription that it is not available.

Available programs for distributing WI-FI from a laptop. Here.

How do I disable the firewall for a user? details further.

This is not a reason to carry it to a service center. For example, you can solve such a problem as using the equipment on your own, spending a little time for such a device to work. There are several ways to quickly solve the problem.

The camera can be used:

For complete information on how to make settings, see the detailed description of each method.

There is a fairly common way to enable the Lenovo video gadget:

  • you need to go to the taskbar through the “menu” button, which is located on the left side of the screen;
  • then find the button “control panel” and through it get into the “equipment and sound”;
  • click on “device manager” and find “imaging devices”;

If the video hardware of your Lenovo laptop is turned on but is not functioning, then the drivers need to be updated.

This can be done in this way:

  • go to “device manager”, then to “image processing devices”;
  • click on the web icon of Lenovo hardware, and right-click to select “update”, which will update automatically.

In order to turn on the web camera, you can update using the installation disk.

  • go through the same sequence as described above, just select “delete” with the right mouse button;
  • then insert the installation disc into the drive, and in the menu that opens, find the “Webcam” folder with the driver you want to install.


On a Lenovo laptop with the Windows 7 web operating system, a technician is required to work with the Skype software. Only after the user is registered in this program, the equipment will begin to function.

Usually, the program automatically turns on the camera, but in order to check its performance you need to:

  • go to Skype in the “tools” panel;
  • open the “settings” item;
  • click “video settings”.

A window will open and if it is enabled, the image will be visible, which means that there is no need for additional settings. You can also find out that it is turned on by the illuminated LED located next to the lens.

What is a webcam

In order to be able to make video calls, take photos, there is such a device as web equipment. It cannot function independently of the computer; this distinguishes it from the rest. Such video equipment can be built into it or purchased separately, connected to it via the USB connector.

Broadcast of video images takes place over Internet / WAN / LAN networks, which can be publicly available for everyone or only for authorized users.

The external design can be very diverse, but the design itself will consist of:

  • built-in web server;
  • CCD matrices;
  • central processing unit for image compression (compression);
  • flash memory;
  • lens;
  • serial ports;

The first web cameras were released several decades ago. They were specially designed for companies that needed to hold conferences with their branches located at a great distance from the management. And in our time, such a function is the main purpose of modern web video equipment.

Having installed a special program, with the help of such equipment, you can conduct videoconferences, communicate with each other in real time by speaking by voice and seeing the face of the interlocutor, who can be in any country. Today, use of such a device is available to every PC user.

Even when the computer does not have an Internet connection, this technique performs the functions of scanning various objects, and it can also be configured to conduct online surveillance.


Drivers are a link between a computer and devices connected to it. Without them, it will not function, and timely updating allows you to get the maximum performance of this device.

Sometimes the problems are related to the fact that the drivers are out of date, so you need to stay tuned for updates. When downloading them from the manufacturer’s official website, you need to take into account the model and operating system installed on the computer.

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Instructions for turning on a webcam on a laptop

To turn on the webcam, follow these steps:

  • Check if the camera is working. For this, a program is launched, which is responsible for managing its work. An alternative option would be to launch the test, which is done by clicking the menu in the client program window. If the image does not appear and the menu items are not available, the camera is connected as a device.
  • To control the operation of the webcam, use the simultaneous pressing of the Fn key and other keys. Having made such a manipulation, you will see on the desktop a picture with a camera containing the inscription On. This will indicate that the camera is ready for further use.
  • A similar result can be achieved using the tools of the Windows operating system. To do this, click the “Start” button, go to the “Control Panel” section and find the “Administrative Tools” tab. Then, by double-clicking on this tab, a window with the “Computer Management” icon is displayed. Then a console window opens. On the window that appears on the left, you need to click “Hardware Manager” and start the webcam.
  • The screen should display a list listing the laptop’s devices. You will need to go to the line with the name “Imaging device” and open the nested list, which is located under the “plus” sign. You will see the name of the webcam. You need to click on it twice and select “Enable” from the menu that appears. Then you need to confirm the activation process, for which we press “OK”. If you do not find the webcam icon, you will need to reinstall the driver or configure the webcam.
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The following are examples of how to enable the front camera on a specific laptop model.

Via Skype

On a PC, the webcam will be inactive until the program that requires it to run is launched. If you don’t need video calling, it won’t work either. An easy way to check its functioning and turn on the built-in camera on a laptop is to start the Skype program. The first time you turn it on, you will be asked to configure the microphone and video camera, if connected. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Go to the official Skype website.
  • Download the latest version of the program for Windows.
  • Install the application and run it through the executable file.
  • Immediately inside the window, you will see a request to customize the video. If the camera is functioning, the program will immediately detect it.

How to turn on the camera on a laptop. Councils for novice users. How to use the camera on a laptop

Via Device Manager

If you cannot start the device using websites, programs, then you need to turn on the video camera on the laptop through Windows tools. A device manager is well suited for this, which will help determine the presence of problems, the absence of a driver, if any. The webcam is connected as follows:

  • Open the “Control Panel” section.
  • Find “Device Manager” in the list.
  • Scroll down and find the Imaging Devices section. Expand the list, it should display the name of the built-in webcam, if it was detected by the system.

If an exclamation mark is lit next to the name, then you need to download the driver and install it. Without this instruction, the device will not be able to function and function properly. Typically, for laptops, these files are located on the driver disk from the package. If the down arrow icon is lit, then you need:

How to turn on the camera on a laptop

A webcam (webcam) is an integral part of the vast majority of laptops. It, unlike the Bluetooth adapter, is enabled by default and is immediately ready for use after the first start of the device. But what if you are trying to get an image from the camera, but it is not?

The main thing is not to panic. Situations when a webcam does not work on a mobile computer are more often associated with the fact that it is simply turned off or not installed in the operating system (breakdowns of this device, fortunately, are rare). How to turn on the camera on a laptop and troubleshoot related problems, read below.

How to connect a camera to a laptop

If the model does not have a built-in web-camera, then you can use a third-party device that connects via USB. You independently choose any gadget according to your budget and connect it through the appropriate connector. Operating systems versions 7, 8 and 10 must independently install the drivers for the webcam, if this did not happen, use the disk from the kit or download it from the official website. Further, all steps of turning on the device coincide with the instructions described above.

How to quickly check if the camera is working

To find out if your webcam works at all (it may not “plow” in only one program, since it is disabled in the settings), go to the Webcammic Test service and click “Check webcam”.

If you see a request for permission to access the device for Adobe Flash Player, then everything is in order: the camera is working. Check “Allow” and check if an image appears on the screen.

If you see a message like in the screenshot below, then the camera is really not working. What to do in this case, let’s figure it out further.

How To FIX Camera NOT Working on Windows 10 Problem

How to fix Windows 10 camera problems

Windows 10 is usually capable of detecting and fixing camera problems automatically, but sometimes the device may suddenly stop working as a result of driver issues, privacy settings, and updates.

How To Use Laptop Built in Camera 2019 | How To Enable Laptop Camera? 2019

How to update your camera driver using Device Manager

If the camera stops working after installing a new version of Windows 10 (for example, the May 2019 update), it is likely that you are using an outdated version of the camera driver, which is causing the problem.

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To update your camera driver, follow these steps:

Open the start menu and go to the Device Manager section

Expand the branch “Imaging devices, cameras or sound, video and game controllers”

Click on the webcam icon and select the “Update driver” option

Click on “Search automatically for updated driver software”

After completing these steps, if a newer update is available, Device Manager will automatically download and install the package. In case Windows Update does not find new versions, you need to check the manufacturer’s support site to download and install the most recent driver.

How to check the camera connection

Whatever the reason, if you have problems with the built-in webcam on your laptop or a USB camera connected to your desktop computer, there are a number of steps you can follow to fix them quickly.

First, you need to check if Windows 10 can recognize the camera. To do this, connect your device to your computer (if it is not a built-in webcam) and follow these steps:

Open the Device Manager section from the Start menu

Expand the “Imaging Devices, Cameras, or Sound, Video, and Game Controllers” branch

Make sure the system recognizes the camera

If the camera is not displayed in the list, click on “Actions” in the top menu.

Click on “Scan for hardware changes”

After completing these steps, if the system still cannot detect the camera, restart your computer and repeat the above steps. You can also try plugging the camera into a different USB port to see if this is not the problem. Try connecting the camera to another computer to make sure there are no problems with the device itself.

How to give apps access to the camera

Starting with the release of version 1803, as a privacy measure, Windows 10 can automatically block certain apps from accessing your microphone and camera. To allow apps to access the webcam on your Windows 10 PC or laptop, follow these steps:

Open “Settings” and go to the “Privacy” section

In the section “Access to the camera for this device” click on “Change”

Click on “Allow access to the camera on this device”

Click on “Allow apps to access the camera switch”

In the “Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your camera” section, turn on the toggle switch for the apps you want to allow access.

After completing these steps, the application you want to use will be able to work with your camera.

How to open access of applications to the camera using antivirus

If you are using a third-party antivirus, chances are that it is blocking access to your camera. For example, if you have installed Kaspersky Total Security, you may need to do the following in order for applications to access the camera:

Click on “Privacy Shield”

After completing these steps, you should be able to use the camera with any app in Windows 10.

built-in, camera, laptop

What should be done:

  • Check for the presence of the web camera itself on the laptop. Take a look at the top panel and you should see it if it’s already built into the laptop. You can find it from the device manager in the imaging device option. If you see the WEB-camera icon, then it is built into the laptop.
  • You can enable the WEB-camera as follows: Start → All Programs → Find Acer Crystal Eye Webcam
  • When you click on the icon, the program interface will open, with its help you can take individual pictures and record a video file.
  • You can start the camcorder with other software, for example, run skype or an agent from the mail group company on your computer. In the active window of these programs, click on the video camera icon, and it will be turned on automatically.
  • A program such as ManyCam launches a video camera, it is multifunctional and has many useful functions for working not only with video, but also with pictures.
  • You can take advantage of the laptop’s functions and launch it using the keyboard. Find the camera icon and the Fn button on it, pressing them at the same time, you will open the video camera, and you can start working with it.

But these steps can only help if you did not reinstall the preinstalled operating system on your laptop. Well, if instead of the outdated XP. If you decide to install Windows 7 or 8, then you will have to independently hiccup the installation files for your camera on the official aser website. But they may not be there, as the laptop manufacturer may feel that they are not needed for it. Then you need to look for them not by the outdated operating system, but by the one that you installed yourself on the laptop.

But if you still did not manage to turn on the video camera on the laptop, then either the hardware of your laptop when it was assembled by the manufacturer may be broken, as well as incorrectly installed drivers for this device.

You can update the video camera drivers yourself, but with the hardware it is much more difficult: you will need to contact the service center, and only there this problem can be fixed.

As already mentioned, if the WEB-camera does not want to work, you need to update the software for it on the aser website, but try to download the latest versions of the product, there can be fixed an error that causes problems with the operation of the WEB-camera on the aser laptop. After installing them, check the performance of your video camera, it should start on demand.

It’s so easy to turn on the camera on an Acer laptop.

Ways to enable WEB-camera on Acer laptops.

The irresistible desire of people to fully communicate and see each other at any distance has generated a demand for WEB-cameras, and now they are built into both computers and most laptops. We’ll talk to you about Acer laptops.

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When setting up and turning on the webcam on an Acer laptop, “non-advanced” users may have questions. First, let’s make sure that the built-in WEB-camera is present on the laptop. Most often it is located in the center, directly above the screen. It looks something like this

It’s easy to make sure it works! It is enough to turn it on.

Launch the built-in WEB-camera via “Acer Crystal Eye Webcam”.

Very often, the devices of this manufacturer have a special program “Acer Crystal Eye Webcam”. The program is included with the purchase of a laptop. It’s not difficult to launch it. In the lower left corner of the desktop, we find the “Start” button, then “All Programs”

in the menu that appears, we find the name of the program “Acer Crystal Eye Webcam” and run it. Here, you can take photos and videos, change its resolution and save the result on your computer.

Let’s try to find out if the device works and if it is ready to use. Press the same “Start” button, then “Control Panel”

In the menu that opens, select “Hardware and Sound”

In the Device Manager we find the section “Image processing devices” and make sure that the WEB-camera is working. Those. the icon next to the camera name is clean as in the image.

If you see something extraneous on the icon, then right-click on it and select “Engage”.

This method is universal for most operating systems of the Windows family (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8).

How to turn on the camera on an Acer laptop?

So, first you need to find out the reason. It’s one thing when the camera is simply turned off. But it also happens that the reason lies in the drivers. they are not installed or are damaged. Now we will consider several ways to solve the problem.

  • Enabling the camera using device manager.

Go to the “Start” menu, then “Control Panel”, click on the “Hardware and Sound” line and select “Device Manager”. On the screen, we will see a new window in which all installed equipment will be listed. Click on the triangle opposite the item “Image processing devices”. Now all that remains is to right-click on the “Gmix USB Webcam” line and click “Enable”. There is another way how to turn on the camera on an Acer laptop. It’s pretty simple. just press the Fn V key combination.

How to turn on the camera on an Acer laptop using a special program?

Now you know how to turn on the camera on your Acer laptop. As you can see, this is not so difficult, you just need to make sure that the drivers are available and that the video device is turned on. And if this is not the case, then you just need to install everything you need from the installation disk or from the official website of the manufacturer.

How to turn on the camera on an Acer laptop

Hello everyone today, we are considering how to turn on the camera on an Acer laptop.

Such a manufacturer of modern laptops as Acer, necessarily builds a camera into its devices. But how to turn on the camera on an Acer laptop and use it?

Video communication is gaining popularity every day, it is no longer enough just to write an e-mail, people want to see their interlocutor, look at his emotions through the video camera screen. The built-in WEB-camera transmits not only the image of the interlocutor, but also his entire conversation, but many simply do not know how to launch it on their laptop.

How to use the camera on an acer laptop

As you know, absolutely all laptops are equipped with a built-in webcam. With it, you can conduct video conferencing, online seminars, as well as simply communicate in Skype with family, friends and relatives who are far from us. This type of communication with the interlocutor is not only convenient, but also accessible, because does not require large financial costs.

Other ways to launch the webcam

If the program with the name “Acer Crystal Eye Webcam” is missing on your laptop:

  • 1. In some models of AcerWEB notebooks, the camera can be turned on with the FnF6 key combination.
  • 2. In other models of computers there is a special key with the image of the camera.
  • 3. You can also turn on the camera through the free ManyCam program. It can be easily downloaded from the official website There is also a free program WebCamMax, which is also easy to find on the Internet.
  • 4. Launch Skype, MailRu Agent and other similar programs on your computer. Then the WEB-camera will turn on automatically.

The above methods of launching and checking the WEB-camera are suitable for all Acer notebook models. This refers to those Acer models that have a built-in WEB-camera. So, I hope we figured out how to turn on the webcam on an Acer laptop.