How to use get contact on iPhone

What will happen next?

The creators did not expect such a stir around the application, and they are ready to be banned. In this case, they will try to get permission to return it, because they are sure that they are not violating anything. But the most important thing is that they already want to remake the insides and it will be for a completely different purpose. Of course, after this, half of the users will leave, because they did not download it for this. Well, the resulting database will not be used.

How to use the app

The spy app analog works the same way, but it was not created for these purposes at all. At the very beginning, the authors pursued an innocent goal, an unknown person calls you, it is scary to answer, but it would help you find out who it is. But it turned out quite differently, in Azerbaijan it was banned. When registering, you consent to the processing of your contact database. By doing this, you confirm your agreement that all your names, who are signed, will be seen by your friends, users of the application.

Today we’ll talk about the infamous Get contact application and how it works. An application that can show you how, for example, your husband is recorded in other people’s phone books. There is only one condition they must also use the application. It was created by a team of Codebusters of twenty-five people, including experienced developers from Kazakhstan, KBTU teachers, former Google workers.

Get Contact how to delete your number?

At the moment, there is even a removal instruction available:

  • Go to Google and enter the site;
  • Find the Unlist section, where we enter our number and click delete.
  • Everything, we are waiting, I warn you that the deletion may take a day.

By the way, now I don’t know about you, but most likely an update came out, since it no longer shows how everyone has written.

Why is it unsafe?

Well, this is dangerous if you are a joker and somehow stupidly sign acquaintances or those who are hiding something. On the one hand (moral), it seems that it should be so, because “everything secret sooner or later becomes apparent.” But if you look at it from a different angle, then each of us has the right to confidentiality and keep personal information secret. What do you think about this? We are waiting for detailed answers below.

Three high-profile situations that make an impression.

  • The gynecologist signed patients according to the diseases or services provided. And what is the bottom line? The girl divorces her husband, as he found out about the restoration of her virginity.
  • A lot of girls learned about cheating.
  • And someone even that the “beloved” is married.

This is what angered people, violation of the law on the storage of personal data. Even public figures have asked to have their contacts deleted.
Well, and I will add one of the awkward cases: a man found out that he was recorded as “121 kg”. so-so news, you know.

That’s all for today, in general I do not really recommend that you engage in espionage, as we see, it does not lead to anything good. But to some extent, people are deservedly punished for deception, which sooner or later would be revealed.
Write your opinion in the comments on this topic, it will be interesting to read. Subscribe to our group in contact to always stay in touch with us. With love, your IT-TRUE team.

GetContact: why the application is dangerous and how to remove it [Edit]

On the Internet, users are simply “crazy” about the new GetContact application, which allows you to find out how your phone number is recorded by friends and acquaintances.

How to install and use it. find out in our material.

People’s curiosity picks up, but do not rush to grab your smartphone and download the application right away, because it can be dangerous! tried to figure out the pitfalls of GetContact.

contact, iphone

First, let’s figure out what GetContact is.?

The original purpose of the application. indicate the name of the person who is calling you on the number, if it is not recorded in the phone book, as well. spam protection. But users were interested in another, more interesting, function with which you can find out how you are recorded with friends in the phone book.

Who developed the app?

The app is available for iOS and Android. As of March 1, it has already been downloaded by over two million users. And now in Ukraine GetContact takes the first place among downloadable free applications.

Amusing stories have already appeared on the Internet that with the help of such a “miracle” of technology, married couples caught their halves of infidelity, wives found out about the monetary debts of men and even about the numbers of prostitutes.

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ladies, congratulations. we have reached a new level of espionage by checking how it is signed in contacts of others using the GetContact application

I’m sitting here, reading about get contact, which is now used by everyone in the world for some reason. eeeee, but nothing that the husband destroyed the family, and not the application. let’s start with this piccom / ySdk8sCInO

Why the GetContact app is dangerous?

The App Store and PlayMarket already have numerous complaints about the application. Users cannot find many phone numbers, and for some it does not work at all. But the main danger. collection of personal data.

Those who have already installed GetContact urge other users not to succumb to the temptation and not indulge in such things, because with the help of social networks important information about us is already merged.

Guys, do not download Getcontact, no matter how great your temptation is to find out how you are recorded in the phone book of others.

This application not only merges your all contact information and phone book, but also gets access to all accounts, social. networks and other applications.

Surprised that everyone is so easy to download getcontact. He’s leaking your notebook. This is at least not ethical in relation to your contacts.

There is no direct violation of the law here, because you voluntarily install the application and yourself give permission for free access to telephone contacts.

If you still did not cope with your curiosity and installed the application, you can uninstall it.

  • delete your account in the app. Go to settings → item “About Get Contact” → delete account;
  • after that, you need to go to the site in the Unlist section and already there remove your number from the database;
  • a deletion request is processed within 24 hours. The “leaked” contacts of your notebook will remain in the application even after deletion.
  • if you also registered in the application with. go to the page on the social network and remove the permission to access your personal data in the application (Settings → Applications).

According to users, the base of phone numbers will only grow. If you follow the FAQ link, you will notice that the list of data is expanding daily. The application does not recognize numbers hidden during a call.

Ways to add contacts

You can find friends using your name, nickname, number, phone book and social networks. After installation, you need to launch the application. If the program interface is in English, then you should use the tips for the Russification of the utility. This will simplify the work with the application and allow you to quickly find friends for communication.

How to add a contact in “Telegram” by name and nickname

The global search option has not yet been proposed by the authors of the project. The user can find a person by name only in the list of added contacts or the list of friends in other social networks. Developers recommend looking for acquaintances using a nickname.

In order to add a friend to the subscriber book, you must receive confirmation from the other side. The phone number will not be displayed on the card until the acquaintance uses the “Share personal data” option. Using the search bar, you can find any registered contacts or messages from saved conversations. Use hashtags when filtering results.

How to add a contact by nickname to Telegram? First you need to contact a friend. You need to find out the nickname starting with the @ symbol. Then you need to enter it in the field above the dialogs and click on the Enter button.

Adding a contact using a phone number

Mobile users can easily find friends using the search bar. To do this, you just need to specify the phone number in the input field. How to add a contact in “Telegram” on a personal computer?

This is very easy to do. It is necessary to open the program on the PC. In the “Contacts” section, check the “New” item. The program will prompt you to enter a phone number. The search box will display the results.

Invite friends to a group

How to add a contact in the “Telegram” to the creator of the conversation? The user just needs to send an email with a link to the group chat to a friend. The invitation can be sent through one of the messaging services. The friend will join the group after following the link. How do I create an invitation? To do this, open a group. Then you need to click on the avatar. Next, you need to click on the “Invite a friend by link” button. An invitation will be generated. After that, you need to send a message with a link to a friend.

A supergroup can consist of 1000 or more members. To invite friends, you need to click on the avatar. At the top, the user will see the “Add Member” item. You must click on it. In the list of friends that opens, you need to select a new member.

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Invite friends from the phone book

After installing the utility, the user will see on the screen the names of his acquaintances registered in the “Telegram”. If contacts are not displayed in the program, this means that the client’s friends are not using the application yet. The user can scroll through the subscriber book and invite an acquaintance using a paid SMS message. How to add a contact to Telegram on iPhone or any other mobile device? To do this, you need to select the person you want to write to from the list. Then you should click on the friend’s name. Using the “Invite to the application” button, you can send a short letter to a friend.

Chatting with friends from social networks

How to add a contact to Telegram from or WhatsApp? First you need to open the main menu. Then you should go to the “Contacts” section. Next, you need to click on the “Invite Friends” button. After that, you need to select a service with which notifications will be sent to the client’s acquaintances.

The application will display a list of available social networks. The user can invite friends through the systems “”, “”, as well as Hangouts and WhatsApp. In order to download the application, the client’s acquaintances must follow the link in the received message. After installing the program, friends will be able to start chatting with the user.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Adding a contact in a PC application is similar. The “Invite Friends” function is available in many services. The developers enable the option so that people can discover a new resource. The “Telegram” also has a similar function. A friend only needs to fill out the registration form in the application.

How to add a contact to Telegram: a few simple steps

Interesting communication and meeting new people is what users expect from any instant messaging program. The list of such utilities includes the Telegram application. Finding friends in a huge list of users on it is quite difficult. How to add a contact in the “Telegram”? This article was created to help novice users solve this problem.

Press the Contacts button

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What is the name of your friends in the phone book? How to calculate treason and what will you have to pay for it? Application-induced mass hysteria.

Hello everyone! Today I want to share a review of the sensational popular GetContact application and tell about my impressions of it.

On the screen in the quote I will hide the description of the program

There are no reviews of the program on the Internet, but those in the AppStore. good for nothing.

check in
You can register via or by phone number. I chose the second option.

We are waiting for the confirmation code to arrive and fill out the profile. I don’t look at the user agreement, who reads it. I write my left surname and position. General Director at BezDelniki. Now my turn. Lena Vpakhkoleno, if users search for my number, they will find just such rubbish.

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How to use the Get Contact program on IOS.
I heard that the android application issues signatures of numbers automatically. But for Apple technology, things are a little more difficult. Here are the instructions from the developers.

Well, here is my example of how to check the number through get contact.

In the phone book, click “Share contact“. Next, we look for the get contact icon, if it is not there. add it ourselves through the “” tab.

Plumber Slava turns out to be an electrician Akmal. This is our HOA that gives numbers like that, but I don’t understand why you can’t get through to them.

My mon cher had a problem with the app. it did not open. Freezes, the screen turns blue. The application started working after freeing some memory on the iPhone and restarting.

Spam test
They send me a huge amount of spam SMS, since I sell old junk on Yulia and Avito and my phone is freely available.
First of all, I decided to check the latest numbers from the spam SMS. And the application did not find any information about them.

And here is the third one. Wife for an hour, found. The result amused and added excitement 🙂 For ethical reasons, I will sketch a couple of letters, but you already understood what was there.

  • The database of phone numbers is collected at the expense of users who have installed GetContact and displays only those numbers who have this application.
  • Although the program was installed by about 2 million people, many numbers are simply not in the database.
  • Be careful with your searches, the results can really shock 🙂 So you can find out how you are recorded with your ex, your friends and relatives.
  • The program does not protect against spam. But you can add your unwanted numbers to the database.
  • You will not find complete information about a person, because data about yourself can be written from the bulldozer. And you can completely harm the enemy. sign something impartial under his name. Like Olya Big Breasts or Alexey With a mole on Jo.

Strange clause in the agreement
For the review to be complete and fair, you still have to make excerpts from the license agreement. But it turned out to be in English! But after the translation of individual points, I got cold in the navel area.

Get Contact may share any personal or corporate data of app users with a third party. Get Contact can send newsletters via email, SMS or phone contacts and carry out any marketing activities, as well as collect information about user communications using various methods in order to compile statistics.

Such data may contain phone book, contacts, social media accounts, photos, email addresses, IP addresses, phone call records.

No, I have nothing to hide. I’m boring: I don’t take photos of my genitals, I don’t engage in stirring up interethnic confrontation, I am politically amorphous. over, I am sure that if the FSB is interested in me, they will find information without an attachment. Still, I don’t want to share some data with charlatans. for example, information from a mobile bank.

How to remove your number from GetContact database

Removing your data from the application takes place in two stages. first you need to delete your account in the application, and then. your number on the official website [link].

Go to application → settings → about GetContact → delete your account → OK.

(Possible variants of the words Bridge. Bridge, car. Car, road. Road, street signs. Road signs.)

All. Now your number has been deleted, but the data on your contacts cannot be returned. Now you can safely remove the application from the phone.

For the ability to spy, we pay with full developer access to our personal data, passwords, activities and everything else that can be found of value in a smartphone. I find the pay inadequate for a few minutes of fun.
Ay not a recommendation! All beaver!