How to update payment information on iPhone 7

How to transfer applications from the App Store (games, programs) from iPhone to computer

You can get applications installed on the iPhone in the form of separate ipa-files to the hard drive of a PC or Mac in two ways at once:

  • automatically when syncing iPhone to computer via iTunes;
  • manually, without connecting the device to a computer.

When you sync your iPhone with a computer via iTunes, all games and applications installed in the device’s memory from the App Store are automatically downloaded to your PC or Mac’s hard drive and become available in the Applications menu in iTunes, no additional action is required from you.

When synchronizing a restored or updated iPhone with a computer (with a “clean” iOS), you can choose at any time which applications from iTunes can be installed in the memory of the iOS device.

The second method does not require synchronizing the iPhone with the computer, the transfer of purchases from the App Store is carried out without connecting the “iPhone-computer”.

    Launch iTunes on Mac or Windows-PC (no difference).

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  • Authorize your computer in iTunes.
  • Mac: from the main iTunes File menu. “Devices” select “Transfer purchases from iPhone to your device name”.
  • In Windows: press the “Alt” key, in the menu that appears, go to “File”. “Devices” and select “Transfer purchases from”.

    After the end of the process, all available for your Apple ID (purchased free applications from the App Store with authorization under your Apple ID) can be installed on iPhone and iPad without an Internet connection.

    As you noticed, in order to transfer all purchases from the iTunes Store to your computer, you must first authorize it in iTunes.

    The advantages of the method:

    • does not require synchronization of iPhone with computer;
    • does not require computer authorization in iTunes;
    • does not require a computer and iOS device to be connected to the Internet;
    • does not require iOS jailbreak;
    • iFunBox works with iPhone or iPad connected by USB cable or Wi-Fi;
    • high installation speed.

    Ways to Install Apps from App Store on iPhone or iPad

    Sync apps between iPhone (iPad) and computer

    Suppose that an application from the iTunes Store (aka App Store) is added to the iTunes library on your computer, you need to download it to the device’s memory and install it. It is quite simple to do this:

    How To Update Payment Method On iPhone

      Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable or Wi-Fi.

    Go to the page for setting up iPhone syncing with your computer to the Applications tab.

    Opposite the installed application, click on the “Install” button, and then in the lower right corner of iTunes on the “Apply” button.

    Wait for the process to finish.

    After iTunes downloads and installs the game or program to the memory of your iPhone, its icon will appear on the Home screen (iPhone Desktop).

    Installing applications via file managers (iFunBox, iTools)

    The last method I know of to install official (not jailbroken) apps from the App Store on an iPhone. Installation takes place through alternative (non-iTunes) file managers such as iFunBox, iTools and the like.

    Below we will consider the installation of applications through iFunBox, in other managers the operation is identical with the difference in the organization of the program menu.

    In order to install a game or program via iFunBox, we need:

    • iFunBox file manager itself (free download iFunBox);
    • the archive of the installed application with the.ipa extension (must be saved on the hard disk of the computer);
    • iPhone or iPad connected to a computer using a USB cable or via Wi-Fi (iFunBox allows you to work with iOS devices connected to the same wireless Wi-Fi network as the computer).

    3 ways to install applications from the App Store (games and programs) on the iPhone or iPad: via iTunes, directly from the iPhone and via the iFunBox file manager

    Sooner or later, every owner of an iOS device, be it iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, is faced with the need to install an application from the App Store on their own. It can be a game (paid, free, shareware) or a program, there is no difference in the installation method.

    Today we will share with you, dear readers, the working methods of installing applications on an iPhone or iPad.

    To begin with, it is worth noting that the device itself is not enough to install applications from the App Store, you must first create an Apple ID account, you can do this right during the application installation process.

    To install applications from the App Store, we need:

    • any iOS device, it can be an iPhone or iPad (iPod Touch is losing its relevance);
    • Apple ID account;
    • active internet connection;
    • iTunes installed on a PC (Windows) or Mac (when installing games or programs through iTunes). [Download iTunes];
    • file manager: iFunBox, iTools or any other.

    Useful information about iPhone and iPad apps from the App Store

    / Users / UserName / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Mobile Applications.

  • Available in iTunes in the Applications menu.
  • You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to install them.
  • You may be surprised, but you can install a game or program on the iPhone in more than one or even two ways.

    Installing applications from the App Store directly from the iPhone (iPad)

    This method is the fastest and easiest, it does not require connecting and synchronizing the device with a computer via a USB cable or Wi-Fi. All you need is Internet access from the iPhone (preferably via Wi-Fi).

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      On iPhone, go to the App Store

    Tap on the button with the price tag for the game or program (for free apps, the button labeled “Free”), and then “Buy” for paid apps, and “Install” for free or shareware (with in-game purchases).

    In the authorization window that appears, enter your Apple ID and password. If you do not have an account in the iTunes Store or App Store, tap on “Create Apple ID” and follow the instructions to create an account in the iTunes Store.

  • After authorization, the process of downloading the application from the Apple server will begin. After the download is complete, the installation will be done automatically.
  • As soon as the application from the App Store is downloaded and installed, its icon will appear on the iPhone desktop, the installation is completed successfully and the application will be available for use.

    Through DFU mode

    The most time consuming way to update iPhone is to install the system via DFU mode. DFU (or Device Firmware Update) is a specialized emergency mode for fixing problems with the operating system of a device. It is used for devices with jailbreak (jailbreaking the device to be able to bypass Apple’s prohibitions on installing third-party software).

    To update iPhone via DFU, you need to connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable, and then hold down the power and home button for 15 seconds. After this time, release the power button and wait until iTunes recognizes the device in DFU mode. As a result of these actions, the iTunes window will open, in which it will remain to perform actions similar to the classic flashing.

    How to downgrade to a previous version of iOs

    If it becomes necessary to return to the old version of the system, this can be done in two ways. either restore the previously saved version, or install the downloaded distribution kit of this version via DFU mode or by flashing the device. In the first case, to restore, you need to use a computer with iTunes installed.

    How to update Safari and other regular programs

    After installing a new version of the system, there may be problems with updating the standard iPhone programs, for example, Safari. To solve it, go to the phone settings on the update tab and click “Update” opposite the desired application or “Update all”. After that, you will need to enter the password for the account to start the installation.

    Will the memory decrease

    As a result of the update, all installation and system files will be deleted. The total amount of free memory after installation will change slightly.

    FAQ (answers to popular questions)

    During the installation of a system update, problems may arise, most of which can be resolved on our own. Sometimes and without the need to re-update or contact a service center.

    4 working ways to update your iPhone with your own hands

    For the correct and efficient operation of the iPhone, it is necessary to regularly install system updates issued by the manufacturer. The process of preparing, downloading and installing is quite simple, but it has features that cause a restart, which means wasted time.

    In order not to lose valuable information, complete the update without errors, as well as find the right solution if problems arise, below are step-by-step instructions.

    • To get started
    • Make a backup
    • Using iCloud
    • Using iTunes
    • Free up memory
    • Connect the charger
    • Connect to your home Wi-Fi or unlimited LTE internet
    • Basic ways
    • Through phone settings
    • Via iTunes from a computer
    • Reflash device
    • Through DFU mode
    • FAQ (answers to popular questions)
    • What to do if the system does not see the update
    • How to downgrade to a previous version of iOs
    • How to install the developer beta
    • An error pops up and the process gets up
    • Support table for update versions on different iPhone models
    • How to roll a pre-loaded custom firmware
    • How to update iOs with jailbreak
    • How to turn off auto-update
    • How to recover after unsuccessful completion of the procedure
    • Everything will be deleted or not
    • Will the memory decrease
    • Activation requires an update what to do
    • Discharges quickly or glitches
    • How to update Safari and other regular programs
    • How to install a new software version without backup
    • Is it possible if SIM does not work
    • What to do if there is not enough memory
    • If there is no access to Wi-Fi
    • How to remove a downloaded package
    • How to speed up the update process
    • What date will the next version of iOs be released?
    • Is it possible to start the process on charging
    • Why not update
    • The device gets very hot during the process, this is normal?
    • Outcomes
    • Video

    Activation requires an update what to do

    To activate the device, the system may require an update. in this case, you need to install a new official version of the system in a convenient way (for example, via iTunes).

    How to update Instagram without the Play Market

    If something went wrong, you can’t download RM or insta, you shouldn’t try to install it from alternative sources on the network. Yes, they will be similar in functionality, but there is no guarantee that this will not harm your mobile phone and the data on it. Often such “broken” applications are used to transfer data to third parties, and you can only save yourself by downloading from trusted sources.

    • We select a third-party service with which we will download information directly from the Play Market, install it. There are many of them, for example, take
    • Find the page with the application in RM for PC and copy the link to it from the address bar.
    • Go back to the downloader and paste the copied link into the form. Wait for the download link to be generated. All tips are not in Russian. but you need to pay attention to them.
    • Downloading the file.
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    To transfer to a device, you need to connect it to a PC or laptop via USB and wait until it appears in the available connections. After that, open the smartphone data and transfer the folder with files to the main memory or USB flash drive. Disconnect the cord.

    • Open the file manager on the device, find the transferred folder with APK in it.
    • Click on it twice and start the installation. If there are security issues, they are resolved through Settings. To preserve personal data, pay attention to the accesses that the new program receives.
    • Upon completion of the installation, the application is ready to work.
    • After a successful operation, you can feel like a little hacker.

    How to update Instagram using Play Market

    RM is the default program installed on any Android. With its help, you can download your favorite applications from the catalog to your smartphone and download updates for them.

    • First of all, make sure that the new version is already available using one of the methods described in the previous paragraph.
    • In RM, go to the Instagram page or find the desired icon through the “My Applications” section.
    • Click “Refresh” and wait for the data to download. If developers have added new features, accesses may be required.
    • Wait while the device unpacks and installs the files.
    • Log in to Instagram and continue using.

    In some cases, 2-3 seconds after starting the update procedure, an error pops up: not enough memory. You need to clear the cache, free up space and try again. In addition, in 2019, the problem with downloading occurs among residents of Crimea. VPN has not been canceled, turn it on and download.

    How to know when to update Instagram

    Having installed the attachment, I absolutely do not want to waste time updating it. for this you need to spend as much as 3 minutes of time, and for some it is an eternity. Theoretically, you can live a long time without new versions. but then there will come a point where it will just refuse to work until the update is downloaded.

    In addition, each time the developers try to get rid of bugs and shortcomings, close security holes, add new features. On instagram, they install filters, tools for working with stories, set up search, etc.

    To understand whether the installation of a new version is required, you need to open the Play Market or AppStore, depending on the operating system.

    • In the search, type in the name of the application you want to check.
    • Click on it. If the “Update” button pops up, it means that your device is not the latest version, and an update is available.
    • If the “Open” button is displayed under the application header, everything is in order, you do not need to update anything yet.

    There is one more method that is relevant for both the Play Market and the AppStore:

    • Open the program and go to the “My applications” section, where all installed on the device are displayed.
    • An open window will show information about available updates.

    The applications are designed so that they independently monitor the phone. on which they are installed, had the most up-to-date version, therefore they periodically “signal” about it with the help of notifications. The Play Market and the AppStore do the same, reminding the careless user to update the programs in a timely manner.

    How to update Instagram on your phone to the latest version in 2021

    How to update Instagram. if the Play Market is buggy and how to find out at all. that it is time to update the application. if you miss the update, you can be left without new features and capabilities added by the developers. For ordinary users of the social network, this is not a big problem, but the owners of business accounts keep a close eye on new products that could make their life easier.

    How to update instagram to the latest version on your phone

    Regardless of which company the smartphone is, the update process is tied to the Play Market or AppStore, although new Samsung models come out with an alternative operating system developed by the company as opposed to IOS and Android, and GetApp is installed on Chinese Xiaomi, from which you can download programs even to Crimea.

    On Android

    For owners of smartphones on Android OS, Instagram can be updated via RM or set up auto-update so as not to sweat. Only with auto-update, system programs receive priority, and then it reaches the rest.

    On iPhone

    IPhones 5s, 6, 6s, 7 and all the others have a built-in AppStore application catalog, the functionality and operation of which is very similar to RM. There is also a section that contains information about installed applications, displays the ability to update them, and through the search you can find and check the status of Instagram. Auto-update for “apples” is also configurable.

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    There is nothing complicated in the procedure, everything can be solved!

    Back up important data

    If you want to keep your personal information, make a local backup of your iPhone or iPad on your computer and / or a cloud copy to iCloud. By doing this, you can recover the erased data on the current or new machine.

    Perform a reset

    Go to “Settings” → “General” → “Reset” and click “Erase content and settings”.

    Confirm the deletion of data and wait for the process to complete. If the system asks you to turn off Find iPhone, do it in Settings → Username → iCloud.

    After restarting the gadget, a welcome screen will appear on the screen and a prompt to complete the setup, as when you first turned it on.

    If you cannot reset through the settings, because you forgot your password, read our instructions.

    How to create an iCloud backup

    Make sure your mobile device is connected to the internet.

    Go to Settings → Username → iCloud. If your device is running iOS 10.2 or earlier, open Settings, scroll down the settings page and select iCloud.

    Make sure the switches next to Contacts, Calendar and other iCloud menu items are active.

    Scroll down the page and click iCloud Backup. On the next screen, make sure the “iCloud Backup” switch is activated.

    Click “Back Up” and wait for completion. At the end of the process, the time of the last created copy on this screen will not be updated.

    How to reset iPhone or iPad through the settings menu

    This method is suitable when the device is working and you can unlock its screen. A reset through the settings menu is performed to erase all personal data from the iPhone or iPad before selling. Or to restore normal operation of the device when it continues to slow down even after a restart.

    How to factory reset iPhone or iPad

    If the device is buggy, does not turn on or is put up for sale, you should return the factory settings.

    How to create a backup via iTunes or Finder

    Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. If you are using Windows, macOS Mojave or earlier, launch iTunes; on macOS Catalina and later, open Finder.

    If prompted, enter the password for the device and confirm the connection request by clicking “Trust this computer” on the iPhone or iPad screen.

    Select the desired gadget in the sidebar of iTunes or Finder, and then click “Browse” or “General” in the main window, where all information is displayed.

    Click the “Back Up Now” button. If along with other information you want to save the data of the programs “Health” and “Activity”, first mark the item “Encrypt backup”, enter the password and remember it.

    Follow the program prompts and wait for the backup to complete.

    How to reset iPhone or iPad in recovery mode

    This is the method for when the iPhone or iPad won’t turn on or freezes during the boot process. As a result, all personal data will be erased, and you can only restore it if you have previously created backups in iCloud or on your computer.

    Connect your iOS device to your PC. If you are using Windows, macOS Mojave or earlier, launch iTunes; on macOS Catalina and later, open Finder.

    Put the gadget into recovery mode using the instructions for your model:

    • On an iPad without a Home button, quickly press and release the volume up key, just as quickly press and release the volume down key. Then press the top button. Hold it until the recovery mode screen appears.
    • On iPhone 8, iPhone SE (second generation), iPhone X and later, quickly press and release the volume up key, quickly press and release the volume down key. Press and hold the side button until recovery mode opens.
    • On iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the Side button and the Volume Down key at the same time. Keep holding them until the recovery mode screen appears.
    • On an iPad with a Home button, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE (1st generation), and earlier, press and hold the Home and Side (Top) buttons at the same time until the Recovery Mode screen appears.

    In the pop-up notification on the computer, select “Repair”, confirm the action and follow the prompts.

    At the end of the process, all data from the iPhone or iPad will be deleted, and the settings will be reset to factory settings.