How to untie iPhone 7 from icloud

How to unlink iPhone from iCloud when buying hand-held and remove the former owner’s Apple ID

If you do not unlink the iPhone from the previous owner’s iCloud account, then one day the iPhone may be locked and you will no longer be able to use it. This can happen for example after an iOS update. After installing the new version of the operating system, you may see the message “Activate iPhone. This iPhone is currently linked to an Apple ID ( Sign in with the Apple ID you used to set up this iPhone or Activation Lock. ICloud blocking happens on the Apple server. Therefore, neither factory reset nor flashing will unlock iPhone.

The main thing that you must understand in this matter is that if the iPhone is tied to iCloud and you do not know the username and password for the account, then you will not be able to use it for a long time. The way out is to untie the iPhone from the Apple ID of the current owner when buying from hands before payment.

The methods for deleting the previous user account described in this manual are legal. They don’t exploit any iCloud or iOS vulnerabilities and don’t hack anything. Naturally, you should not expect miracles from them. If you have an iPhone of unknown origin in your hands without a box and a receipt that requires you to enter the Apple ID with which it was originally activated, you will fail. For this, in fact, there is a binding. so that if the device is stolen or lost, it would be impossible to use.

remove the device from iCloud on the iPhone itself.

  • Open iPhone Settings:
  • Go to the General section.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Reset:
  • Here select Erase Content and Settings:
  • In the pop-up window, click Erase:
  • Enter your passcode:
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If everything went well, it means you were able to successfully unlink your iPhone from your old iCloud account.

What happens in this case

Important! After you delete your iCloud account, be sure to check again if the iPhone is unlinked. Once cleared, it shouldn’t ask for a passcode, Touch ID fingerprint, or ask for the old owner’s Apple ID.

How to unlink iPhone from previous owner’s iCloud account

After you have checked the phone, you are satisfied with its condition and you want to buy it from your hands, ask the owner to unlink the device from the current account in any of the ways described below.

Lost iPhones and Unscrupulous Sellers

There are also many cases when an unscrupulous owner sells an iPhone, deliberately leaving his Apple ID on it, and after receiving the money, after a while, blocks it and requires you to pay additional money to unlock it. Then you will see the message “This iPhone is lost” or “Missing iPhone”. You cannot unlock such a phone in any way. Therefore, if you bought such an iPhone, demand a refund from the seller and warn that you will write a statement to the police about the fact of fraud. (Well, if you find a really lost device, then be sure to return the phone to the owner).

There are many ads posted on the Internet where they promise you to unlock any iPhone for money. Don’t mess with things like that. In the worst case, you will simply be deceived and will not unblock anything, but in the best case, they will ask for a copy of the receipt, a photo of the box, the serial number and other information for a request to Apple, but you can do this procedure yourself. it is described below in the article. The main thing is that you have all these things in stock.

How to remove iCloud from iPad?

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Select “Settings” [your name].
  • Click iCloud.
  • To turn iCloud on or off, click the toggle next to it.

How to turn off Safari sync between iPhone and iPad?

  • 1) Open Settings and select your Apple ID at the top of the page.
  • 2) Select iCloud.
  • 3) In the Applications Using iCloud section, turn off the switch next to Safari.
  • 4) A window will appear where you need to decide what to do with previously synchronized objects.

How to remove iCloud on iPhone 6?

Enter your Apple ID password and click Turn Off. If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to iCloud’s Settings Sign Out. Click the “Sign out” button again, click “Remove from [device]” and enter your Apple ID password.

How to unlink iPad from account?

Remove a linked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Click Settings [your name] and select “iTunes Store & App Store”.
  • Choose your Apple ID.
  • Click View Apple ID. You may need to sign in.
  • Scroll down to the “iTunes in the cloud” section and click “Remove this device”.

How to unlink iPhone and iPad?

Launch iTunes, select “Edit” (on PC) or iTunes (on Mac) in the top menu of the program and select “Preferences” from the drop-down menu. Click on the Devices tab and check the box next to “Prevent automatic syncing of iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices” to prevent this from happening. Click “OK”.

How to unlink iPhone from iCloud

Agree, it’s a shame to buy an iPhone that uses a different account, without authorization in which it is impossible to perform most of the actions? For example, in the Apple Store service, when downloading applications, sometimes you need to re-enter the password for this account, and if you want to change it, you will again need to specify the password. Roughly the same situation can be dangerous for users who sell their iPhone along with an associated Apple ID. If you do not untie it, they can read your messages, perform actions that you do not like, for example, delete certain applications, call contacts on FaceTime, download a copy of a backup from the cloud, and many other unpleasant things.

As a result, when selling or buying an iPhone, you should always follow the rule. delete all accounts and linking to the device so that it is completely “clean”, as if it had just come from the factory. Compared to Android, this is a kind of “return to factory settings.” How can you do this, you ask? There are actually a lot of ways, but we will consider all of them.

Disable Apple ID on a device

If you have access to an iPhone that uses an account with a specific Apple ID, you can disable linking directly from your smartphone:

  • Go to iPhone Settings and click on the Apple ID tab. This is the very first item in the settings;
  • Scroll down to the “Sign out” item and click on it to log out from this device.

Attention! In the latest versions of iOS, additional items have appeared when logging out of the account:

In our case, you need to use the third option. you will completely remove all traces of authorization through your account, and also prevent any access to your Apple ID.

You will need to confirm the exit by entering your account password. Also, the settings in Find My iPhone will be reset, and this application will be turned off. Done?

Now you need to go to “Settings”, go to the “General” item and click the “Reset” tab. Here, click on the “Erase content and settings” item so that the system will automatically delete all data from the smartphone and reset it to factory settings. In this case, you get a “clean device”, to which it will be possible to bind new accounts and set your own settings in the future.

Remotely Disconnect Apple ID from iCloud

As a rule, users do not always have access to the iPhone on which their Apple ID is used, for example, if they urgently sold a smartphone and forgot to remove it or simply lost the device, but at the same time want to delete all information about themselves. Whatever the reason, you can always disconnect your account from the iPhone remotely, but for this you need to know the password from it.

  • Go from your computer to the iCloud service website and log in with the ID that you need to remove from the iPhone;
  • Once the authorization is completed, find the “Find iPhone” tab and click on it;
  • Next, you will need to click the “All devices” tab at the top to display a complete list of all gadgets that are connected to this ID and select the one that you decided to disable;
  • Here you will have two options: if your phone is currently online, you will need to click the “Erase iPhone” button, and if offline, then click the “Remove from Find iPhone” tab;
  • This completes the process of disconnecting your Apple ID from the device via remote access. Thus, you can control gadgets from anywhere in the world.
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How to completely erase an iCloud account

Sometimes users need to not just unlink the iPhone from the cloud service, but delete their account, for example, if they no longer use Apple products or registered a new account, and in order not to duplicate them, they decided to erase the old data. Fortunately, Apple developers have foreseen this outcome and provided all the necessary tools to remove your ID yourself. What you need to do:

  • The whole process is carried out on the official website of the corporation in a separate section. From a tablet or computer, follow the link and log in using the ID that you want to delete;
  • As soon as the authorization is completed, you need to scroll down the page to the item “Account deletion”;

Unlock iCloud️Only 7 min Delete Activation Lock️ iPhone Success ��% any iOS Apple Support 2021

  • Click this tab, confirm your consent to delete your account. At this stage, a 12-character code will be generated that can be reported to the support service, for example, if you change your mind, within 7 days. This is a very important point, especially when someone else has decided to delete your account. If you do not provide them with this information, then in a week the ID will be completely deleted.!

Checking for authorized devices in iCloud

In case you doubt the security of your account, you can always view the full list of authorized devices that have access to it. To do this, log in from any iPhone with this account in “Settings” and go to the item with your ID. Below there will be a complete list of all gadgets, and if you find an unfamiliar device, you can click on it and remove it from the list.

We also recommend changing the password, for example, if you recently sold your smartphone and are in doubt whether you have deleted your account from this smartphone or not.

Remove Cloud Snap on iPhone

The easiest case to demolish “iCloud” is in a situation when the iPhone is still with the owner and, for example, it is necessary to prepare the device before selling. To do this, you need to unlink to iCloud from your smartphone according to the step-by-step instructions:

  • If you have any additional devices connected to your phone, such as a Bluetooth headset or Apple Watch, you need to disconnect them.
  • Then go to iPhone Settings. the gray gear on the main screen. and inside the account (first link) press the Sign out button. You will be required to enter your Apple ID password.
  • Then return to the main menu “Settings” of the smartphone, find the item “Basic”. Inside, scroll the list to the end and select the “Reset” option. In the dialog box that opens, select “Erase Content and Settings”. If Find My iPhone is enabled on your device, you’ll need to re-enter your Apple password to reset iCloud.

The phone will reboot. After switching on, you will be prompted to activate it as a new device.

How to Sign Out of iCloud on iPhone Remotely

Sometimes it happens that there is no access to the device, so it is impossible to remove “iCloud” from the iPhone, as well as to throw off the “cloud” service on the device itself. In this case, the official website of the iCloud service will come to the rescue. To sign out of your iPhone account, follow the steps below:

  • You need a computer with an Internet browser that provides Internet access. Go to the official website of the cloud service: On the main page for logging into your Apple account, enter the link: identifier / password.
  • Select the green icon of the Find iPhone radar from the list of icons, then tap on the device preparing for remote decoupling from the cloud service with the required name. To do this, click on the drop-down list “All devices”.
  • Make sure the iPhone is off-line. Click on the button “Remove from” Find iPhone “. We confirm the action by pressing the “Delete” button again. If for some reason the smartphone is “online”, on the right side of the menu, click on the “Erase iPhone” option, and then select “Remove from account”.

After these manipulations, there is no need to fear for the safety of personal information. Wherever the phone is located, a signal will be sent remotely to erase data from the memory. This process cannot be interrupted, even if someone performs some action with the device.

How to unlink iPhone from Icloud (delete iCloud account)

The developers of Apple smartphones have taken seriously the safety of users. This is especially true when the iPhone is suddenly lost or stolen. For such situations, protection is provided, provided by binding to the “cloud” iCloud service. The function allows you to find out where the machine is and even remotely erase all data. However, when trying to sell, caring for the user can play a cruel joke on the buyer. This is why it is important to know how to untie iPhone from Icloud.

Apple has taken a careful approach to the security of users’ personal data. Serious integration with cloud services ties the iPhone to Icloud, which makes it possible not only to track its location after being lost, but also to erase information remotely. Unfortunately, this option is used by scammers. After the sale of the device, they are able to remove data from a distance, block the smartphone, turning it into a “brick”. Therefore, it is important to know how to unlink iPhone from iCloud before purchasing.

Sign out of iCloud on iPhone

So, if you don’t know the password, you can simply sign out of iCloud on the device itself. This will be enough for him to stop being tied to this service.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Go to settings and find an item called “iCloud” there. Click on it. It is usually found at the bottom or middle of the list of settings.
  • In the iCloud menu, find the item “Sign out” or in iOS 7 and below “Remove account”. Click on it.
  • There will be a warning that all information related to iCloud will be permanently erased from this device. But that’s what we need. Therefore, confirm this action by pressing the “Delete” button again and enter the password.

This is a standard procedure. Here, as we can see, a password is required. But if you forgot your password, follow exactly the same steps as described in the list above, but when the system asks for a password, do this:

  • Click “Cancel” in the password entry window.
  • In the iCloud settings, select the “Account” item.
  • Here in the line “Password” enter absolutely any password, not real.
  • A message appears that the entered data is incorrect. This is how it should be. Click “OK”.
  • Again, follow all the steps described above, that is, click in the iCloud settings on the “Sign out” button, then go to the “Account” menu. But now another line will appear here. “Description”. Click on it and erase everything that will be indicated there.
  • Now again click on the item “Sign out” (or “Delete account”) and in the window that appears, click “Delete”. Password will not be requested.

With such workarounds, you can log out of your account without a password. This is possible because deleting the description disables the Find iPhone option. It is impossible to do it manually.

ICloud official website

The very first method that you should definitely use to unlink your iPhone is to use the official website

Step by step, this process looks like this:

  • First, log in to the site, that is, enter your username and password, and then click on the login button in the form of an arrow to the right.

How to Unlock iPhone 7 without Apple ID/Activation Lock

  • Click at the top on the inscription “All devices”. A list of smartphones and tablets linked to this account will open. Select the one you want to untie there and click on the cross next to it. This, in fact, is the unbind button.
  • A window will appear in which you will need to confirm the removal of the device from your iCloud account. To do this, just click on the “Delete”.

That’s all. The procedure is over. But there are times when it is necessary to complete the task without knowing the password. In this case, you can use the phone itself.

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How to Unlink iPhone from Icloud: A Step-by-Step Guide

Before selling or giving an iPhone to another person, the question arises of how to untie the iPhone from Iclaud.

This need arises due to the fact that a new user can access the personal data of the previous owner. Therefore, it is extremely important to perform this procedure, and only then give the smartphone to another person.

We will look at three simple ways to do this.

We use iTunes

This method assumes that the decoupling will take place through the computer. Therefore, you initially need to install iTunes on your PC or laptop (here is the link), connect your iPhone using a USB cable and run it.

And then you need to do the following:

  • Please log in. To do this, click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner. In the window that appears, enter your Apple ID and password. Click on the “Login” button in this window.
  • In the “iTunes in the cloud” section, click on the “Manage devices” button.
  • Click on the “Delete” button and then “Finish”.

That’s all. At this point, the unlinking process can be considered completed and you can safely transfer your device to a new owner. It’s completely safe now.

How to unlink iPhone from icloud if you forgot your password

Often, users of Apple products have a need to sell their device or buy a used phone. When selling a smartphone, all data must be deleted from it so that the new owner cannot use it. Well, if it happened that a person bought a used iPhone, and the accounts of the previous owner were saved on it, then he needs to know how to untie the iPhone from the icloud.

How to sign out of Apple ID on iPhone or iPad

There are several ways to sign out of your Apple ID. For example, do this using the device itself, or using a computer. If a person has purchased an iPhone, and the data of the previous owner is saved on it, then it is imperative to contact him. The previous owner must independently remove all information from the old gadget. It is advisable that the deletion of accounts occurs with the buyer, so that he makes sure that the gadget is not stolen.

To remove Apple ID from iPhone, you need to:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll to the “Apple ID” tab.
  • After that, you will need to enter authorization data.
  • Sign out of your account.
  • Reset settings.

The algorithm of actions for all versions of the iPhone is the same, be it iPhone 7 or se.

To completely delete an Apple ID account, the user will need to go to the official website of Then you need to go to the “Confidentiality” section and log in. After a successful login, you can start deleting your account by clicking the “Delete” button.

Important! This method is only suitable if the Apple ID belongs to the person who is going to delete the account. It is impossible to carry out the deletion procedure without a username and password.

After the Apple ID is removed, the user can create a new account. It should also be remembered that ID will be deleted completely and irrevocably, that is, it will cease to exist in the system. Therefore, if a person wants to continue using this account, then he does not need to delete it, it is enough to reset the data from the device.

Account destruction can take up to 7 days. All information regarding this process will be sent to the owner’s email address. When deleting, the user indicates the reason for this action, and also leaves his email address. The system will give the person a special code consisting of 12 characters, with which it will be possible to cancel the deletion of the Apple ID if the owner changes his mind. But after the end of the procedure, the destruction cannot be canceled.

Wipe iCloud account completely

How to untie iPhone from icloud

Before you start working with a new device, you should check if it is linked to iTunes, appleid and other accounts. The easiest way to do this is to ask the former owner to see if their accounts are linked to their iPhone. He can also untie them and clear the contents of the phone.

Otherwise, the person will have to cope on his own. To see if the iPhone was unlinked from iCloud, you need to go to Settings, then find the iTunes Store tab and sign out of your existing account. Next, you need to create a new one in order to use iTunes.

Unlinking an iPhone from iCloud is also necessary, but it’s much easier to do. To do this, go to the settings, click on the Apple ID tab, scroll down and click the “Exit” button. It should be remembered that in this case, the cloud storage is logged out and the owner will not have access to it. Apps from iTunes store will be downloaded to the new account.

In order for all data to be saved in iCloud, the user needs to create his own Apple ID. Every Apple service uses the same identifier. Therefore, you should not forget your username and password, since it is not easy to recover them.

Note! Apple ID is created when you buy a new iPhone, you can also do this in the App Store.

To create an Apple ID using the App Store, you must sign out of an authorized icloud. After that, go to the application and click on the profile icon, and then click on “Create a new Apple ID”. Next, you will need to enter a phone number, email address, and select a country. After that, you need to click “Next”, enter the date of birth and full name of the new owner.

How to check if iPhone is untied from iCloud

To check if the iPhone is untied from icloud, you need to go to the main settings and click on the “iCloud” tab, after which the user will be shown all the information regarding the linking of accounts to this device.

If for some reason a person is unable to view information on the phone itself, then contact with the former owner of the device will come to the rescue. It is recommended that before buying a used phone, find out everything you need from the previous owners. This will help you avoid a lot of trouble.

Before purchasing an old smartphone, it is better to ask the seller to unlink all existing accounts on the iPhone, as well as turn off the Find iPhone function. This function can subsequently lock the device and only the primary owner will have access to it.

How to delete an account on an iPhone or iPad

It often happens that a person has purchased a used iPad, on which all data seems to have been erased. But after updating the firmware, an iron friend requires authorization in the Apple ID account. If this happens, this means that the Activation Lock function is enabled on the iPad, which can lock the tablet PC or deny access to the user if he does not enter a username and password. To prevent this from happening, the user needs to know how to delete an account on iPhone and iPad.

To delete your Apple ID account on your device, you need to unlink your iPhone from the icloud. If the tablet is locked, then this can be done using The user needs to go to the site, and then log into their iCloud account. There you need to find the “Sign out” option and sign out with your Apple ID by selecting the “Remove from iPad” command. You should also reset the settings and delete all data from the device. After that, the tablet PC should be unlocked and the user can create a new account or log into an existing one.

If the owner has access to the login and password from the Apple ID, then he can erase the data from him using the device search function. This will require:

  • Go to
  • Go to the “Find iPad” tab. The map will show the current location of the tablet PC, as well as its coordinates.
  • The user needs to click on the designation of the iPad on the map, after which he will see a question about whether to erase data from the device.
  • You need to click “Erase”, after which the system will ask for a password from the account.

If a person has such an opportunity, then he needs to find out the Apple ID activation number from the previous owner of the gadget. You definitely need to know it, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to unlink the device from your account.

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Note! You can use the Device Firmware Update function, which will delete absolutely all data from the iPad and bring it to its factory form.

As a last resort, the owner of the iPad can contact Support. To do this, he must have a box from the device and receipts confirming the purchase. The support email address can be found on the official website. The letter must be written in English, it is also important to correctly indicate the subject of the letter, it must correspond to the reason for the request. If, after 7 days, a response from the support service does not come, then it is recommended to write again. You should write in support until the answer comes, as the letter can simply get lost among thousands of others. If the device is on the stolen list, then the user should definitely contact the previous owner. Otherwise, you will not be able to unlock the tablet.

Saving data before changing your account

Transfer photos and images from your Icloud account to your iPhone’s albums and photo galleries.

Data (documents, presentations, texts) created in iWork, music. in the iTunes directory (this procedure can also be performed by connecting a computer).

Saved dates and reminders can be restored through a new profile in iCloud directly on the device or computer.

How to delete an iCloud account?

The need to change the account in iCloud on iPad and iPhone devices may arise due to the loss of the password from the old profile (old iCloud) or the absence of one at all (this sometimes happens when buying a used iPhone). And sometimes the user, regardless of third-party circumstances, independently decides to change the profile to iCloud (for the purpose of doing business, for professional activities, etc.).

This guide will help you delete an iCloud profile from Apple i-devices (iPhone, iPad), as well as back up the information stored in it (photos, files, contacts and other data of value to the user).

Standard procedure for deleting a profile

Tap the “Settings” icon on the gadget display.

At the bottom of the options panel, click “Delete Account”.

In the panel asking for confirmation of the activated operation, tap “Delete from iPhone”.

Enter the password from the “old” account and click “Turn off”.

Note. All data stored in it (files, songs, contacts, etc.) are deleted along with the iCloud profile.

What to do if there is no password?

Note. This method works only on iOS versions 7.0. 7.0.6.

To delete an iCloud account without a password, follow these steps:

In the application panel, tap “Delete account” → Delete → Delete from.

In the window for entering the password, select “Cancel”.

At the top of the list of options, tap “Account”.

Erase the real password for authorizing Apple ID and enter the “fake” password in the same line.

Tap Done. The device will display a message stating that the password is incorrect (it should be so; click “ok” and then “Cancel”).

Try to get rid of your Icloud account again (the button at the bottom of the options list). And again, in the password entry panel, select “Cancel”.

Return to the “Account” section, delete the contents of the “Description” line. Tap Done. (After performing this action, the “Find iPad” option should be disabled).

Click “Delete account” and confirm the start of the deletion procedure.

Why remove Apple ID?

In fact, by “removing Apple ID” most users mean decoupling the identifier from a specific device. For example, when buying or selling an iPhone or iPad, so that the new owner does not get access to correspondence in iMessage, personal photos, contact list and in order to avoid problems in the future when using the device directly, it is necessary to unlink the iPhone or iPad from iCloud (delete Apple ID) and disable activation lock (Find iPhone, Activation Lock).

Another common case is the use of content from one account by multiple users. For example, there is a “corporate” Apple ID for which the necessary set of content has been purchased (applications from the App Store, books in iBooks, Apple Music subscription, whatever), and ordinary employees at the right time (for example, to install updates) leave their personal Apple ID accounts and are authorized under the “corporate”.

However, there are also cases when Apple ID needs to be deleted irrevocably. The ability to do this without directly contacting Apple technical support appeared only recently, and at the end of this article we will talk about how to completely destroy all data about yourself stored on the company’s servers.

Wipe Apple ID completely

There can be several reasons for permanently deleting Apple ID, most often it is connected with the user’s desire to clear his “history” on Apple servers and create a new account. What will be deleted in this case?

  • All personal data about the user without the possibility of recovery;
  • All purchases in iTunes, App Store and other Apple services are non-recoverable;
  • All data from the cloud service iCloud without the possibility of recovery.

How to remove iPhone or iPad from Apple ID in iCloud if you have the device in your hands

When you sign out of Apple ID on a mobile device, iOS will ask you to delete data, while you can leave some of them (for example, Contacts and Notes) or not delete anything at all, saving all the content on the gadget. It is important to understand that we are talking only about the information that is stored on the built-in physical storage, while most users additionally synchronize Photos, Contacts, Messages and other data with the iCloud cloud. This allows you to completely erase and unlink your iPhone from your Apple ID, and then easily and quickly restore all content to another device.

Open the Settings app and go to the Apple ID section (at the very top where your first and last name are listed).

In recent versions of iOS, the user is offered three options for logging out of the Apple ID account:

  • Sign out of iCloud and the Store. completely decouple Apple ID from the device;
  • Exit the Store. iCloud sync is still working, apps from the App Store, for example, can be installed from another account;
  • Signing out of iCloud. on the contrary, leaves the user with the current Apple ID in iTunes (App Store, Apple Music, etc.), but disconnects the device from the cloud service.

In the pop-up window that appears, select “Sign out of iCloud and Store” if you need to sign out of iCloud (unlink the device) and services from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Music, etc. Or the item “Log out of iCloud”, if you just need to unlink the device from iCloud.

Enter the password to disable Find My iPhone and tap Off.

Now go to Settings → General → Reset → Erase Content and Settings.

After entering the password, click “Erase [device]”.

After completing the above steps, the iOS device will be removed (untethered) from iCloud with the activation lock turned off (Find iPhone, Activation Lock). In addition, the iPhone or iPad will be reset to factory settings, deleting all data.

How to Remove iPhone or iPad from Apple ID to iCloud Remotely

Go to from a computer and log in with the Apple ID and password of the iPhone or iPad owner;

Select the “Find iPhone” section. Click on the All devices button at the top of the screen. a list of devices linked to this account will appear, select the one you need;

If the device is offline, click Remove from Find iPhone.

If the device is online. in the window that appears on the right, select “Erase iPhone“. Confirm the deletion and complete the procedure by clicking “Remove from account”.

Remove iCloud (Apple ID), or How to Unlink iPhone or iPad from Apple Account?

As you know, in all its devices and services, Apple uses a single user identification system, which requires the latter to authorize via Apple ID to perform important actions. buying and downloading content, managing confidential data and settings, etc. At the same time, many owners of iOS devices and Macs often face the need to unlink or completely remove Apple ID.