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How To Unlock Touchpad On Laptop

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Block program: protection from childish playful hands

Download the Block program. It is very easy to operate, with a Russian interface, fast and invisible child lock, and flexible customization. The program can be easily removed from the tray. You can set a lock to boot the computer, and the kid will NOT even be able to turn it on. This program has shown itself to be excellent Not only in terms of protecting from children, but also cybercriminals trying to break into a computer and use your information.

How to lock the keyboard on a laptop. Ways to block it

There is a large selection of different laptops on the market today. They are very easy to use, compact. But quite often the question arises in users, is it possible to block the keyboard on such a device? There are plenty of reasons for this. For example, a faulty laptop keyboard, small children Who like to click on the keys, spontaneous pressing on them, or just an external connection of the “keyboard”.

How To Unlock Touchpad On Laptop

How to lock the keyboard

There are several ways to disable the keypad. Let’s consider some of them.

The easiest method to lock the keyboard is to use various key combinations. For example, the combination of buttons Win L disables it. You can remove the ban SIMply by entering the user password or SIMply pressing the NumLock Fn keys. This combination depends on the brand and manufacturer of the laptop. Some models have programs installed that support various combinations of buttons. Fn F6 as well as Fn F11 may be operable. The most common mistake. Activation using combinations of the numeric keypad, which completely blocks the input of characters. So you need to be careful.

How to lock the keyboard on a laptop in the second way? Disable keypad physically. Even an inexperienced user can handle this. The laptop keyboard is usually connected with a special cable to the motherboard. Therefore, carefully open the case, and not break the seals, and disconnect the loop. If you nevertheless violate them through negligence, then you can be left without free maintenance in case of breakdowns of your computer.

How can you still lock the keyboard on a laptop? Using the popular Toddler Keys. It is convenient because it works with all versions of Windows. By purchasing the program and installing it on the laptop. After its launch, the TC icon is visible in the tray. Right-click on the icon and select the Lock Keyboard command in the context menu that appears. That’s all. The floor of the old keyboard can be put on a new one and can be used freely, and without fear that the disabled buttons will be pressed or triggered.

Please note the following: after installing the program, you must uncheck the boxes with the Disable Power Button and Lock Driver Doors items. If you ignore these settings, then not only the keyboard is deactivated, but also the button for opening the optical drive and turning on the computer.

There is one more surprise when working with this program. If you double-click on the icon in the tray, then it disables Not only the keyboard, but the screen and mouse. To unlock, enter the password, which will appear on the monitor.

If there are small children in the house

If you often work on your home computer, but you have a baby, who is trying to help you write text in ICQ, delete several files or open a couple of windows, the question arises of how to block the keyboard from children.

If the child is still small, then the laptop can be put on the table or on the closet. But over time, the baby will learn to move the chair and get everything he needs. Therefore, you need to know how to block the keyboard on a laptop from a child.

Asus notebooks

Asus notebooks are also equipped with an Fn button. Therefore, you can try it in combination with Pause, F12, F7 or a set of keys Win Fx, where x. it can be any number from 1 to 12. Pay attention to the instructions for your computer. These combinations are often written there.

If various “hot” keys and special programs did not help you, then go to the official website and download the user manual. If the keyboard on your Asus laptop is locked, and you cannot find a way out of the situation, Contact technical support. They will suggest the correct code to save the laptop.

Beginner touchpad what to do

There are times when you accidentally locked the touchpad. To return it to working condition, press the F7 Fn key combination. The icon will appear on the screen.

How to disable the touchpad on a laptop 6 step-by-step instructions

Touchpad. analogue of a computer mouse, located in the laptop case. If you use the latter on the road, the touchpad is irreplaceable, but when the laptop is in the office or at home on the table, the sensor interferes rather than contributes to it. It’s all about its location in front of the keyboard: the user touches the panel with his hand, the cursor “jumps” across the display or completely transfers it to another page. If the problem is familiar, it’s time to find out how to disable the touchpad on a laptop.

Synaptics is also an option

Many laptops have touchpads manufactured by Synaptics. In this case, you can turn off the sensor through the settings. over, the user is given the opportunity to program everything so that the touchpad will work when the mouse is turned off and vice versa. How is this done and where can I find the touchpad settings on a laptop? Need to:

  • Through “Start” or the “Run” window and the control command, open the control panel;
  • Find the term “Mouse” in the list;
  • They will name it;
  • Select Elan from the list of tabs;
  • Will check the box as shown in the picture below.

After saving the amendments, the touchpad and mouse will alternate their duties depending on which device is active.

Using the keyboard

Most modern laptops have, among other keys, 2 buttons, the main purpose of SIMultaneously pressing which is to control the operation of the touch panel. It:

  • Fn. located at the bottom of the keyboard, on the left;
  • Button with crossed out touchpad. often located at the top, in the F1-12 row.

I called these two keys at the same time, you can turn off / turn on the touchpad of the laptop.

It is unrealistic to consider all Possible button combinations for all existing laptops in the article. But it makes sense to indicate the most common “hotkeys” for the Most popular manufacturers. Perhaps among them will be suitable for the reader.

So, in Lenovo, the sensor is turned off by typing Fn F6 on the keyboard. Ciphers with F5 and F8 are also possible.

The HP laptop is even easier. Most devices have a special button on the keyboard, but there is a sensitive spot in the upper left corner of the panel. This is the “key”. You need to do a double tap on this “point” and the sensor will stop working. If the number has not passed, you can inspect 1 more option: just hold your finger for a few seconds in the direction.

Here are some more tips on how to turn off the touchpad on a laptop:

SIMilar button combinations can be clicked on second-hand laptops (for example, the FUJITSU Lifebook). But for the combination to work, the drivers and the necessary utilities must be installed. If this is available or the settings are made incorrectly, you will have to look for other ways.

Via Device Manager

There are 2 blocking options here: using the “Run” command or through “Start”. “Options”.

Step-by-step manual of the first option:

  • Press the WinR keys SIMultaneously.
  • The “Run” section will open.
  • Set the devmgmt.Msc command to an empty graph.
  • Confirm it with the OK button.
  • “Dispatcher” is activated, it remains to find the touchpad in the list and disable it.

True, the panel can be called in different ways, as an option: “USB device”, “Port TouchPad”, etc. When it is discovered by trial and error, it remains to be named on it and activate “Disable”.

In the second case, the panel will stop responding to touches if you do the following:

  • Through the “Start” menu will launch “Options”;
  • Find “Devices”, will be named;
  • Select “Touch Panel” from the term list;
  • Move the lever from On to Off.

The role of the touchpad is now completely transferred to the mouse. The panel will start working again only if the mouse is turned off.

BIOS to help

The information will be of interest to all users who consider the touchpad to be a useless addition to the laptop and can easily do without it. It’s about BIOS.

  • Reboot the laptop;
  • While it restarts, press Del or F2;
  • Wait for the BIOS window to appear on the screen;
  • Use the arrows on the keyboard to “jump” to the Advanced timeline;
  • Find Internal Pointing Device in it;
  • Open and activate the Disabled item;
  • Be sure to save your changes;
  • Close the window and exit;
  • Final chord. another reboot.

Important: if the touchpad was turned off through the BIOS, then it will be possible to turn it back on only through it. It is enough to go through the same steps and change Disabled to Enabled.

Disabling the touchpad on a laptop: theory and practice

When choosing the best method for deactivating the panel, it is worth considering the model and brand of the laptop itself. There is a universal way to turn off the touchpad on a laptop. But out of the 6 proposed manuals, 100% there is a suitable one. It remains to find it and “implement it in life”.

Windows Mobility Center

This option is available on only a few laptop models. For example, Dell laptops are among the lucky ones. Here you can disable the sensor through the OS Mobility Center. The user needs:

  • Press the WinQ keys;
  • A search window will open;
  • Introduce the “Mobility Center”, will be named for a suitable period;
  • The required tab will open, on it you need to find the “Touch Panel” icon;
  • Change its parameters to “Disable”.

You don’t need to save anything, the settings will change automatically.

The proposed instructions will be relevant Not only for those who want to disable the touchpad, but also for those who do not know how to enable or configure the touchpad on a laptop. Actions in this case Almost will not differ.

Can’t unlock the keyboard: what to do

Most often, the keyboard is locked on a mobile computer by the user; the software rarely affects this. But to make sure that there is no prohibition, you need to check the system apparatus:

  • Go to “Start” and select “Run”. Will register gpedit.Msc, then “Enter”. After, you need to go through the tabs in the following order: “Hardware Installation”, “Hardware Limitations”.
  • Find “Disallow Hardware Installation”.
  • You must select the “Show” button and make sure that there is any data in the section that appears. As for the prohibition, it must be in the “Off” mode.

Reference! If the keyboard does not start, then you need to check the state of the device, which probably suffered from incorrect actions.

How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop

The keypad lock is an excellent protection against accidental presses, for example, by children or pets. But in some cases, users inadvertently block the device, or it turns off due to malware.

Depending on the laptop model

Each laptop model has several key combinations that can be used to unlock the device.

If Lenovo, Acer, HP or Asus laptops are locked, you can use the following combinations:

  • “Fn” “F12”.
  • “Fn” “NumLock”.
  • “Fn” “Pause”.
  • “Fn” “F7”.
  • “Win” “Fx” (where “x” is one of the 12 function buttons).

As a rule, the instructions tell you exactly which combination to press.

A great way to solve the unlocking issue forever is to download some kind of application. For example, AllUnlock v2.0 RC 3. On the network you can download this application for free, which is available after subscribing to the site. Although the developers indicate that it is not necessary to pay for the utility, you still need to beware of scammers, so before you download and install something on your laptop, you must turn on the antivirus.


In this case, the free Kaspersky program can help. The utility is called Windows Unlocker. On the site you can upload an image of this application, which then needs to be copied to a flash drive.

You need to do the following:

  • Install the utility flash drive into the laptop connector and restart the PC.
  • By pressing the F8 or Del button, go into the BIOS and indicate the boot from an external drive.
  • The program starts after pressing any button, then to work you need to select the interface language and graphic mode.
  • The main application menu opens where Windows is “Start”.
  • Click the “Terminal” section.
  • A command line will appear, in which you need to register WindowsUnlocker, then they will call Enter.
  • Press “1” to scan.
  • System cleaning will begin, when it is over, press “0” to exit the command line. Windows is restarted through the “reboot” command.
  • After the end of THESE manipulations, the blocker on the laptop will be removed.

Equipment setup

The keyboard can sometimes be disabled by Windows tools. Also, in some cases, various failures occur in the OS, which are a prerequisite for blocking.

To solve this problem, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to “Start”, click “Control Panel”.
  • Set the parameter “Large icons” in this tab, so it will be more convenient to navigate.
  • Then find the “Task Manager” here.
  • Next “Keyboard”.
  • An arrow may be drawn next to the keyboard icon. Click on it with the right mouse button and from the list that appears, click “activate”.
  • If a triangle is lit next to the icon instead of an arrow, click on it with the right mouse button. From the list that appears, click the “Delete” option. This deactivates the keyboard.
  • Restart your laptop. At boot, the system will install all the drivers by itself, fixing the problem in the background.

How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop

On certain laptops, taking into account the manufacturer and model, the keyboard is disabled only from the user’s side, but what can be done if it is blocked by accident. In this case, you can turn on the device in various ways, taking into account the reason for blocking and the laptop model.

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Hardware breakdowns

Probably, in the keyboard itself: for example, it got wet during wiping or was subject to mechanical deformation. In this situation, only a replacement can help. By purchasing a SIMilar keyboard for a mobile PC and, taking into account the training on the network, replace it on a laptop.

If there is knowledge in the “hardware”, then you can try to determine the cause and complexity of the malfunction yourself. First you need to check the correct operation of the USB connectors, and the socket where the touchpad power cord is connected. If the touchpad or port is inoperative, then the reason is the south bridge.

In case of problems with only one keyboard, you need to disassemble the device and determine the state of the loop (this can only be done if the warranty on the mobile PC is over). Before disassembling the case, familiarize yourself with the operating instructions. this will prevent errors and unexpected breakdowns during operation.

In almost any design of laptops, the keyboard is attached to the case with latches; the easiest way to detach them is with a regular flat screwdriver. Experienced craftsmen advise disassembling, starting from the left end of the case. Then you need to pick it up with a thin flat object and carefully start pulling the Esc key.

So it will turn out to get the entire end of the keyboard, and in the future, completely remove the canvas with the keys. In the space that appears, you will see where the keyboard is connected to the main board. To disconnect the canvas, you need to disconnect the wire leading to it (the type of fastening will depend on the manufacturer).

Then thoroughly clean the contacts and firmly insert the wire into a click. If the integrity of the keyboard or wire is broken, you can replace them yourself.

How to unlock hp laptop

Every day the number of Internet users affected by the banner virus is growing. At one point, the owner of the laptop discovers that it is locked, and real money must be paid for its pseudo-unlocking. There is another reason for locking the laptop, it is the keyboard lock. In this article we will deal with all types of locks and find out how to unlock hp laptop and all other models.

The laptop keyboard is locked when you press the Win key combination and a button. To unlock, the keyboard shortcut options are different. It depends on the laptop model. So, how to unlock the keyboard on a laptop:

  • You need to press the FnNum Lock key combination. A common mistake when working on shortened keyboards is turning on the numeric keypad using this combination. After that, entering letters becomes, in this mode, unavailable.
  • If, however, the keyboard is truly locked, you must use the standard keyboard shortcut. For example, FnF7, WinFx (instead of x here any number from 1 to 12), FnF12, FnPause. This combination must be found in the instructions.
  • If for some reason it is missing, you can download the user manual on the manufacturer’s official website or contact technical support to find out the unlock code.
  • If the touchpad is locked in the laptop, you need to press FnF7. The icon that appears on the monitor screen will mean that everything has been done correctly.

The use of programs helps to generate an engineering password, SIMilar to the one stored in the BIOS. How to unlock a laptop using BIOS_PW.EXE and HDD_PW.EXE programs:

  • BIOS password must be unlocked. To do this, you need to remove the battery from the motherboard or by resetting the slave password by the master password.
  • If these steps do not help, you need to guess the engineering password. This is a combination of numbers and letters that matches the password checksum stored in the BIOS. This requires programs: BIOS_PW.EXE and HDD_PW.EXE.
  • You must enter the console cmd HDD_PW.EXE.
  • Go to software directory.
  • Enter the desired name, number “0”, error code.
  • Wait for the generated password to be displayed.
  • Go to BIOS in HDD security.
  • Paste the generated password, and then leave an empty field instead of the password.
  • For BIOS_PW.EXE, the steps are SIMilar.
  • Some laptops require specialized software products.

Several ways to unlock a laptop from a banner:

  • Helps to remove a banner from the desktop, a free Deblocker service from Kaspersky. With it, you can unblock Windows without sending SMS. And also return files that were encrypted by a virus. Dr. Web offers a SIMilar service to remove virus banners from the desktop.
  • Enter the unlock code using a second computer. Or download it by booting from a LiveCD from Kaspersky Lab or LiveCD from Dr. Web. Connect the disk to a second computer or laptop and check it with an antivirus. After that, check your computer for viruses.
  • Launches the onscreen keyboard.
  • Click Help, then About.
  • Select Microsoft Web Site.
  • Enter the path to the USB flash drive to which AVZ was downloaded in the address field.
  • Run the file, select System Restore, put all the checkmarks, click Run.
  • Reboot.
  • The system should boot.
  • Check for viruses.

Another way:

  • Boot from ERD commander.
  • Fix the registry entry to Shell = Explorer.Exe. Find and Delete the file that the branch refers to.
  • Replace the userinit.Exe, explorer.Exe and taskmgr.Exe files in the infected operating system.
  • Reload. Check for viruses.

Now you know how to unlock your laptop. If suddenly the PC turns out to be blocked, thanks to the tips that are outlined in this article, you can easily solve this issue. We wish you the best in this endeavor. If nothing helps at all, contact your service center or where you purchased your laptop or PC.

If the owner of the PC has forgotten the password, it is not worth taking rash steps, because the Windows developers foresaw this situation and equipped the operating system with special software that allows you to quickly reset the existing key and, if necessary, change it to a new one. To unblock access to a laptop, you can use:

  • OS graphical interface;
  • Safe mode;
  • Command line;
  • Windows boot disk.

If, upon logging into the system, it was found that the entered password is Inappropriate, this does not always mean that the user has forgotten it. The first thing to do is see which language is used by default on your laptop. For example, if the key was set in English, and the standard language is Russian, then you need to change it by pressing AltShift (CtrlShift) on the keyboard or Move the cursor over the language bar icon and Select the required layout.

If the language is okay, check to see if the CapsLock key was pressed, as the case is case-sensitive when entering the password. Also, it will not be superfluous to be named by the question mark located near the entry date. Usually, when installing a new key, users make themselves a hint to find out what the password is on the laptop (for example, the mother’s maiden name).

Without finding any layout or case issues, you can try resetting or changing your password in the User Accounts menu. This method allows you to unblock access only to the guest account, that is, an entry with Administrator rights will NOT work.

To reset your guest account password, you need to do the following:

  • Log in as an Administrator.
  • In the Run window (located in the Start menu or invoked by the WinR keyboard shortcut) enter cmd.
  • Hit the command timeline, register control userpasswords2. This will allow you to go to the “User Accounts” tab.
  • In the “Users” window, select the account you want to unblock and uncheck the existing checkbox. Then click Ok.
  • In the window that appears, if required, set a new password or leave the Corresponding fields blank.

Nothing else needs to be done. Now, when you log in from a guest account, you will not need to enter the key.

This method allows you to restore not only the guest account, but also the Administrator account. You need to do the following:

  • Go to Safe Mode. To do this, while starting the laptop, you must hold F8. When the download methods appear, select the Appropriate Mode. You will be logged into the operating system from the built-in Administrator account, for which there is no password by default. It can be set manually, but this is not recommended.
  • You will see a message stating that “Safe Mode” is designed to diagnose the OS. It loads without drivers, so some devices may not work correctly. We agree with this.
  • Got into the Windows graphical shell, go to “User Accounts”. This tab is located in the “Control Panel”.
  • Select an account, the password from which the user has forgotten.
  • If you need to change the input key, in the window that appears, click “Change”. To reset the password, select “Delete”.

Easiest and Fastest Ways to Unlock Keyboard on Lenovo Laptops

A laptop performs all the same functions as a stationary PC, but its advantage over a computer is that it is an extremely compact device. You can use your laptop everywhere: at work, at home, in transport, in nature. If people use a laptop outside of work, for example, at home or in some other place, it may be necessary to lock it, although such a need may arise everywhere. As practice shows, most often this device is blocked in order to prevent it from being used by small children, who, due to their curiosity, can cause harm (up to deletion) to some valuable files or an attacker.

Often a situation arises when a person has locked the keyboard on his laptop, but cannot be unlocked back. As a rule, in such cases, they turn to a professional service center for repairing the keyboard on Lenovo laptops. If you want to try to solve this problem on your own, we will share with you information that will help you quickly and effectively resolve the situation.

Most often, you can unlock the keyboard on any Lenovo laptop model using a combination of two keys, the first of which is Win, and the choice of the second depends on the specific laptop model. To know for sure which key combination will help unlock your laptop, look at this information in its instructions, if you have access to the instructions, then try downloading the manual to the gadget from the manufacturer’s electronic resource. To do this, you will need to Register there and enter the serial number of your device.

To remove the block from the keyboard on a Lenovo laptop, you can go another way. SIMultaneously press on the keyboard of your device two keys NumLock Fn (which are located on the right side of the keyboard). By this action you will trigger the inclusion of the digital panel.

If even this method failed to unlock the keyboard, then you need to go the third way. Find in the very first row on the keyboard of your device (F1. F12) the buttons on which the lock is depicted, which just symbolizes the block. When you find the appropriate key, press it at the same time as the Fn function button.

If even this method could not solve your problem, it is possible that your gadget has undergone a virus attack and therefore cannot cope with the task at hand. In such a case, you should seek qualified technical assistance from a specialized Lenovo technical service center.

Turning on the keyboard using the Win key

Enabling keyboard in BIOS

If the keyboard is working properly, but does not respond to key presses, then most likely you have blocked it by accident. This often happens when you mistakenly press a keyboard shortcut. Or perhaps your computer is configured so that the keyboard is locked under some conditions. The worst case scenario is a keyboard breakdown. Keyboard diagnostics will be professionally performed by Samsung laptop repairmen.

On some laptop models (including np350v5c, rv520, r525 and 305E), when the keyboard is locked, a special indicator is lit or there is a special notification on the screen, but this does not always happen.

In safe mode manually

There are several options for recovering the administrator password: through safe mode and using a utility. The first is as follows:

Turn on or restart the device.

After you hear a short beep, press “F8” and preferably several times.

The “Additional Boot Options Menu” appears. If suddenly the normal boot of Windows 7 just continued, some step was performed incorrectly. Restart equipment and repeat movements.

After getting into the desired menu, select “Safe Mode”. Press “Enter”.

Wait until it is fully loaded and choose to log in with an administrator account. By default, it does not have a password set. But if you or other users changed this parameter earlier, you will NOT be able to log in this way.

The “Desktop” appears. True, the familiar Windows 8 interface looks a little different here. In general, choose “Start”.

Next, go to the “Control Panel”.

We are interested in the item “User accounts”.

We find the account, the password for which was lost.

In the left part of the window, select “Change password”.

Now specifying the new combination of characters twice. If you want to completely say goodbye to the password, leave both fields empty.

Choose “Save”.

All of the above can be done using the command line. Of course, if you are NOT afraid of the lack of a graphical shell. We carry out the following actions:

We press the combination “WinR”. As a result, the “Run” window will appear.

Enter “cmd” and confirm by pressing “Enter”.

A console will appear, in which you specify “net user username new_password” and press “Enter”.

Another popular way to forget your password is to use a special utility. She will help you quickly get to the right place.

The application allows you to unblock access on different platforms and even in the LiveCD format. True, for the latter option, you need to write the program to a USB flash drive.

This approach is especially useful when there is only one account installed on the computer.

To achieve the goal, you need to perform a number of actions:

We go into the BIOS by pressing the “Del” button or another, which is indicated on the monitor during boot.

In the “Boot” menu we set the launch from a portable device. Save and exit.

A window will appear where users can choose between graphical and text modes. We are interested in the second.

You need to wait a while while the program finds the forgotten password.

All of these methods work fine for Windows XP too.

Sometimes some users want to protect their device and because of this set a password for everything they can. But often a situation occurs when an important combination of symbols is suddenly forgotten. And when the BIOS password is lost, users become limited in managing the laptop.

You can return all this, and in several ways. The first is the SIMplest. For permanent storage of fundamental data, a rechargeable battery is used. It needs to be pulled out of the nest:

We spin the laptop. It is better to do it according to the instructions.

Find a small flat battery on the motherboard.

We take it out for a few seconds.

We put it back, and I put everything back in its place.

Now, when entering the BIOS, the password should NOT be asked. If everything is still the same as before, try again, only now take out the power source per day. Such a move will definitely help reset all settings.

In addition, most motherboards have special buttons that allow you to drop the parameters. Where exactly they are located, you need to look on the manufacturer’s website. The solution would be to press a key or SIMply close two contacts.

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In addition, regardless of the service, be it Yandex mail or Google, a mechanism is provided here without everything that is indicated above. True, for this it is necessary to indicate some questions and answers to them.

In general, each service offers special conditions to recover a forgotten password.

Well, I hope this article helps you deal with access issues.

Microsoft has always worked to protect your personal information. But at the same time, the users themselves can fall into this trap if they forget the Set password.
Naturally, you can just reinstall the OS, but there are other, not so drastic measures.

One of the SIMplest and most common ways is to log in as your user through Safe Mode and generally remove or change a forgotten password.

To enter this mode, you need to do a few SIMple manipulations:

  • Reboot the laptop.
  • After the BIOS signal, you must press F8.
  • The user will see a list with different boot options for the system. You must select “Safe Mode” and press the Enter key.
  • After the system is loaded, you need to log into the OS as administrator.
  • Now after clicking OK, you will be logged into the system in diagnostic mode.

This mode is limited and does not have some functions, but they will NOT be useful to us now. In order to remove the password in this mode, you must do the following:

  • We go to the “Control Panel”, through the “Start” menu or by pressing the “Windows” key. whoever is more convenient.
  • Then go to the item “User accounts and.”.
  • Now you need to select the user where you forgot your password.
  • After that, in the left block there will be a list of available actions, where we click on “Change password”.
  • Enter a new password or leave the password fields blank to delete it.
  • Next “Save”.
  • Restarting the laptop.

In fact, all this can be done much faster, and the difficulties will not present even to inexperienced users. First, you need to start the team term and carry out a number of SIMple manipulations.

  • To open the command line, you need to hold down the WinR key combination. Thus, the “Run” dialog will be called.
  • In this field, enter the following command “cmd” and press the Enter key.
  • A console will appear in front of the user, where it is necessary to enter “net user (1) (2)”, where brackets with numbers will denote the new account name and password, and then press the Enter key.

This way, you can restart your laptop again, and if done correctly, the password will be changed.

The question of how to remove a password in Windows 8 is popular among users of the new operating system. True, they ask it in two contexts at once: how to remove the password request to enter the system and how to remove the password altogether if you forgot it.

In this manual, we will consider both options at once in the order listed above. In the second case, both Microsoft account password reset and Windows 8 local user account password will be described.

By default, Windows 8 requires you to enter your password every time you log in. To many, this may seem redundant and tedious. In this case, it is not at all difficult to remove the password request and the next time, after restarting the computer, it will NOT be required to enter it.

To do this, do the following:

  • Press the Windows R keys on your keyboard, the Run window appears.
  • Enter the command netplwiz and click OK or press Enter.
  • Uncheck the box “Require username and password”
  • Enter the password for the current user once (if you want to go under it all the time).
  • Confirm the settings made with the OK button.

That’s it: the next time you turn on or restart your computer, you will no longer be prompted for a password. Note that if you Log out (without rebooting), or turn on the lock screen (Windows L keys), then the password request will already appear.

How to unlock your laptop if you forgot your password? SIMple ways, instructions and recommendations

To protect their data stored on a laptop, users set passwords. But sometimes such an unpleasant situation arises as the inability to remember the code that allows logging into Windows. DO NOT despair. Everything can be recovered fairly quickly and without data loss. How to unlock a laptop will be discussed later.

If it is impossible to enter a password, some immediately begin to reinstall the operating system. But there are SIMpler ways. They will tell you how to unlock your laptop in case you forget your password. Initially, you can use the hint on the welcome screen. It happens that it helps to remember the password on its own, and without resorting to any additional actions.

If, even after reading the hint, it was not possible to remember the password, you will have to move on to more radical methods. In this case, the code can be restored or cracked. All data on the hard drive will be saved.

There are several ways to learn how to quickly unlock your laptop. Various sources provide many ways, both useful and not so, how to cope with a SIMilar problem.

After filtering out the tips that can lead to a complete blocking of the laptop, you should choose the most suitable path. Do not delete SAM files, otherwise the laptop may NOT turn on at all. A system error occurs, the laptop will require a reboot, but everything will repeat in a vicious circle. Here, the usual unlocking methods will not help.

Next, you should determine the path of actions how to unlock the laptop if you forgot the password. A lost password can be recovered or hacked. In the first case, you will need to log in to the system in safe mode, and in the second, use special software.

To unlock a laptop that has Windows installed, you must enter Safe Mode. You will need to restart the laptop and wait for a short BIOS signal. Then press the F8 button. It is better to do this several times so as not to miss the moment when the system is ready to execute the command.

Depending on the brand of laptop, a BIOS entry request may be performed using a different command. This must be clarified in the instructions for this type of equipment.

After that, a screen should be loaded, which will indicate the available startup modes of the operating system. If the laptop starts to load Windows as usual, then something was done wrong. You will need to repeat the procedure.

To understand how to unlock a laptop (Windows or another operating system is installed. not the point) and NOT damage the information on the hard drive, you must carefully read the instructions and follow the steps exactly. When the startup modes are highlighted in the BIOS, you will need to select “Safe Mode” using the keyboard.

The laptop boot the system. You will need to log in as an administrator. This user has no password by default.

While in the safe mode system, you will need to perform the following actions. You need to launch the “Start” button and open the “Control Panel”. Then you will need to enter the “User Accounts” menu. Here the user will find his account, the password for which was lost or forgotten.

The list of available commands will be located on the left side of the screen. It remains only to find “Change password”. The new encoding will need to be entered 2 times. If you leave both fields without entries, the password on this computer will no longer be present at all.

The technology of how to unlock a laptop if you forgot the password at this stage is almost complete. You will need to click the “Save” button and restart the laptop.

There is another, faster approach to unlock your laptop. To do this, you will need to launch the console on the administrator account.

By pressing the Win R buttons at the same time, the Run tab is called. A dialog box will appear, in the empty field of which you will need to enter cmd and press Enter.

As an administrator, a console will open in front of the user. In it you need to register net user username new_code and confirm the entry again. These steps will help resolve the issue of how to unlock the disk (Windows laptop) without damaging the data on it. After restarting the system, you log in normally.

To understand how to unlock your laptop if you forgot your password, there is another method to consider. Sometimes the previous technique cannot be performed due to the change of certain settings by the user. In this case, you can use a special program.

You can install it as a disk image or on different platforms. The result will be identical. It all depends on how it is more convenient for the user. The image is installed on a Prepared bootable USB flash drive or disk. After that, go into the BIOS, you will need to select the method of booting the system from a flash drive (disk).

When launched, the program will begin to guess the password for the laptop. The methodology for unlocking a laptop should be followed clearly according to these rules. You DO NOT need to delete any files. The program will pick up the old code and require you to restart the laptop. This method Takes more time, but it will help if you could not change the password in safe mode.

When deciding how to unlock a laptop, the user can go in two ways. The system code can be cracked or recovered. It all depends on the system itself. Information on the hard drive, thanks to this approach, will not be lost.

Therefore, these methods are considered to be quite effective and appropriate. If you follow all the recommendations of the instructions, and do not delete the second files, the purpose of which the user, perhaps, does not even know, the laptop will turn on again.

When faced with a SIMilar problem, you should consider past mistakes and store the password in a safe place.

How to unlock keyboard on HP laptop

The problem of a locked keyboard has occurred at least once for every user. However, when it first appears, few people know how to deal with it. You should know that such a problem is not a serious one and can be solved very easily, by NOT complex manipulations. If you experience a problem with your device, Contact a service center to repair your HP laptop.

Typically, most functions on HP notebook computers are controlled by the function keys. To do this, press the “Fn” button, which is located on the bottom line of the keyboard, near the space bar. Pressing this key in combination with one of the function keys, you can adjust the state of your laptop and change its parameters. For example, adjust sound, lighting and other parameters.

Using a combination of function keys, you can also solve the keyboard unlocking problem. There are several combinations that help with this situation.

Let’s consider each of them in more detail, how to unlock the keyboard on a laptop HP, HP Pavillion, HP Pavillion G6 and second models of this manufacturer:

  • Press the “Fn” and “NumLock” buttons SIMultaneously. Some people think that this keyboard shortcut activates the number pad. It is for this reason that the entire alphabetic part of the keyboard fails for such people.
  • You can also use other keys. Press the “Fn” and “F12” buttons SIMultaneously.
  • Also you can help the buttons “Fn” and “Pause”.
  • The most effective and popular way, in our opinion, is the SIMultaneous pressing of the “Win” key in combination with any button on the function panel located at the top of the keyboard. That is, any button “F.”.
  • If suddenly your touchpad does not work, another key combination will help you. Just press the “Fn” and “F7” buttons SIMultaneously.

If you are constantly bothered by the keyboard lock, there is a way! You just need to be careful and make sure the “NumLock” key is enabled.

We have described all the ways to unlock your keyboard. If not one of them helped you, you should contact the service center, because the problem can be much more serious than it seemed at first glance.

We certainly hope that our tips helped you and your keyboard was successfully unlocked. Happy use to you!

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Lesson on unlocking the keyboard on laptops

How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop: SIMple tips

The situation when it is not clear how the keyboard was blocked is familiar to many. Due to the comparative availability of laptops, which can even be purchased on credit, this type of equipment is owned by many. And only a few Not only own, but also thoroughly know their device. Due to the lack of minimal knowledge, questions like “which button turns off the keyboard on a laptop” arise.

To unlock the keyboard, you can select one of several methods. from the SIMplest to the more complex. These include:

  • The ability to unlock using the buttons on the keyboard itself;
  • Use the program All-Unlock v2.0 RC3.3;
  • Use one of the BIOS_PW.EXE and HDD_PW.EXE programs;
  • Use the manufacturer’s manual;
  • Contact technical support.

If the problem is blocking, and not a breakdown, then one of the ways will definitely help.

Restoring access to laptop through command term

You can also bypass laptop protection through a command timeline. This requires:

  • Turn on PC and enter Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
  • In the command interpreter, enter net user MyLogin NewPassword, where MyLogin is the name of your account (you can see it when you boot the laptop), and NewPassword is your new input key.
  • Restart the laptop and enter the value just set in the password entry column.

Another OS built-in password reset tool that a user has forgotten is to use a Windows boot disk. In this case, only the assembly of the operating system that is installed on the problem laptop is suitable.

To crack a lost password, you need to do the following:

  • Enter the BIOS and in the Boot section opposite 1st Boot Device, install the CD / DVD. Save changes and exit BIOS.
  • Insert the Windows disc into the drive and restart the laptop.
  • In the installation window, click “Restore System”.
  • To bypass the login key, in the boot method selection window, click Command Prompt and then type regedit.
  • Got into the registry editor, select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and then in the “File” tab, activate “Load hive”.
  • Next, open the SAM file and go to the section, the path to which is indicated in the image.
  • Double-click LMB on the value F. To reset the input password, in the opened table on line 38, change 11 to 10 and click Ok. If you change a different value, you can disable the system, so there is no need to experiment.
  • Having made the Required changes, go to the “File” menu, click “Unload Hive”, and then agree with this operation by clicking “Yes”.

After that, restart your laptop and remove the bootable disc from the DVD drive. If everything is done correctly, you will not need to enter a password during OS boot, that is, you managed to reset it.

It is impossible to find out the password set on the laptop on your own. However, it can be bypassed and not difficult to do. Therefore, if you forgot the login key, use one of the recovery tools.

Microsoft has always worked to protect your personal information. But at the same time, the users themselves can fall into this trap if they forget the Set password.
Naturally, you can just reinstall the OS, but there are other, not so drastic measures.

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One of the SIMplest and most common ways is to log in as your user through Safe Mode and generally remove or change a forgotten password.

To enter this mode, you need to do a few SIMple manipulations:

  • Reboot the laptop.
  • After the BIOS signal, you must press F8.
  • The user will see a list with different boot options for the system. You must select “Safe Mode” and press the Enter key.
  • After the system is loaded, you need to log into the OS as administrator.
  • Now after clicking OK, you will be logged into the system in diagnostic mode.

This mode is limited and does not have some functions, but they will NOT be useful to us now. In order to remove the password in this mode, you must do the following:

  • We go to the “Control Panel”, through the “Start” menu or by pressing the “Windows” key. whoever is more convenient.
  • Then go to the item “User accounts and.”.
  • Now you need to select the user where you forgot your password.
  • After that, in the left block there will be a list of available actions, where we click on “Change password”.
  • Enter a new password or leave the password fields blank to delete it.
  • Next “Save”.
  • Restarting the laptop.

In fact, all this can be done much faster, and the difficulties will not present even to inexperienced users. First, you need to start the team term and carry out a number of SIMple manipulations.

  • To open the command line, you need to hold down the WinR key combination. Thus, the “Run” dialog will be called.
  • In this field, enter the following command “cmd” and press the Enter key.
  • A console will appear in front of the user, where it is necessary to enter “net user (1) (2)”, where brackets with numbers will denote the new account name and password, and then press the Enter key.

This way, you can restart your laptop again, and if done correctly, the password will be changed.

If you encounter a problem when the mouse does not work on a laptop, Take your time [. ]

Over time, the laptop battery loses its original capacity, which affects the duration of the autonomous [. ]

If your device stops responding to pressing the Power button, make sure that the cause of the problem [. ]

Problems with the keyboard occur quite often both on stationary computers and on [. ]

Instructions for unlocking the keyboard and touchpad on an Asus laptop

When actively working on a laptop, you may encounter a problem such as a keyboard lock. You can do it by accident, without even noticing, especially when I am actively typing, or children were playing on it. The unlocking process is NOT complicated and does not require any special skills, so you can handle it on your own and without wasting a lot of time. The main thing is to follow the instructions exactly and remember, if you doubt your abilities, it is better to contact the ASUS service center for a professional keyboard repair.

So, here are some easy ways to unlock keyboard on Asus laptop:

  • After turning on, when you see the desktop, press the “Fn” and “NumLock” buttons SIMultaneously, which are located on different sides in different models.

ATTENTION. DO NOT use this key combination SIMply to turn on the numeric keypad. This will further lead to the failure of SEPARATE buttons or even the entire alphabetic part of the keyboard. If you are a fan of online games, then especially pay attention to this point.

  • Your problem can also be solved by pressing the buttons “n” and “F12”, “Fn” and “Pause” or “Win” and “F1” / “F2” / “F3” / “F4” / “F5” / “F6” “/” F7 “/” F8 “/” F9 “/” F10 “/” F11 “/” F12 “. This method is more effective in comparison with the others. So try it first.

ATTENTION. Just in case, before pressing THESE combinations, check in the instructions for your laptop what they can lead to. Since, sometimes on different models, the hotkeys are different.

If your problem is that the keyboard is NOT locked, but the Touchpad, then the following method will suit you:

  • Press the Fn and F7 keys at the same time.
  • You will see something SIMilar in appearance to the pictogram. NOT caring, this is how it should be.
  • Take a close look at this image and pay attention to the place where the lock is drawn and it says “Lock”.
  • Test the touchpad.

Knowing a few THESE SIMple secrets, you will forget about the problem with random locking, but for this you need to periodically check “NumLock”.

ATTENTION. If the above methods did not help you, then you should contact a service company, where you will be provided with quick and qualified assistance. You can also read about the features of the operation of different laptops on the manufacturer’s website:

In no case, and do not disassemble the laptop, Faced with such a problem, because you can damage the internal parts.

We hope our helpful instructions helped you and you did NOT waste a lot of time. Happy use.

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How to remove Windows 8 (and Windows 8.1) password if I’ve forgotten it

First of all, please note that there are two types of accounts in Windows 8 and 8.1. local account and Microsoft LiveID account. At the same time, the entrance to the system can be carried out both with the help of one, and with the introduction of the second. Password reset in two cases will be different.

If you are logged in with a Microsoft account, i.e. Your E-mail address is used as a login (it is displayed on the login window under the name) Do the following:

Login password recovery.

Netbook Samsung N100-MA-02. OS. MeeGo. When you first turn it on, it asks for a password, then proof. I do not know how I could have made a mistake (date of birth), but the next time I turn it on, it says that the password is NOT correct. I tried all the options. dully. I have a quiet panic. HELP.

How to recover password on any laptop using various methods?

2017-06-24 at 00:27

Hello dear readers.

Many users are faced with a situation when they set passwords for various services on the Internet or SIMply on their device, and then they SIMply cannot remember the desired combination. In the article below, I will tell you how to recover a password on a laptop, and in different areas. In the future, you can easily cope with SIMilar situations.

Using function keys

On almost all modern laptops, it is possible to disable / enable the touchpad using a special combination of function keys. For different models of laptops, their options are different. It should be noted that this method works with native drivers.

In many laptops, this is a combination of SIMultaneously pressed FnF9 buttons. But, based on what model. Options may vary.

If your laptop is among the above, pay attention to the function keys for the presence of a picture with a crossed out touchpad on them.

If the picture is not found, it remains to try brute-force (be careful not to disable other necessary functions). Probably, in this case, you do not have special drivers installed, you can update them or resort to other methods described below.

Disabling the touch mouse via BIOS

Although the previous method is convenient, the disadvantage is that immediately after restarting the TouchPad it will be operational again and you will need to press the above combination again.

You can completely disable it through the BIOS. The BIOS contains settings for all major components, including this.

Restart your laptop. When enabled, press F2 or Del (or other options depending on BIOS version).

Clean WinSxS folder in Windows

Go to the Advanced field and find the Internal Pointing Device parameter. “Enabled”. to enable, “Disabled”. to disable.

Another parameter may look like this. (Read the manual for your laptop, where you have this parameter in your BIOS).

How to disable the touchpad on an Asus, HP or other laptop running Windows

The advantage of laptops is their portability and self-sufficiency. To work with them, no additional input or output devices are required. everything you need is provided in such computers. At the same time, a laptop is often used at home or in an office permanently, and in such conditions an additional monitor, printer, scanner or, more often, a mouse can be connected to them. When connecting a mouse to a laptop, it becomes necessary to deactivate the touchpad, which may accidentally work when using the keyboard. In this article, we will tell you how to disable the touchpad on an Asus, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Sony and others laptop running Windows.

Using laptop function keys.

Typically, every laptop and netbook has a key in the top row to disable the touchpad. A keyboard driver must be installed in order for a number of function keys to work. To enable / disable the touchpad, you need to press the FN keys and the corresponding F key.

On a Packard Bell netbook, this is the F6 key:

In the Samsung netbook. F10:

To disable the touchpad in HP notebooks, you need to double-click on the special sensor in the upper left corner of the touchpad:

Disabling the touchpad on a laptop using hot keys

Each laptop has an FN function key on its keyboard. It allows you to perform actions pre-programmed into the computer, if pressed SIMultaneously with another key. Among such quick commands, almost all laptops have the ability to disable the touchpad. At the same time, each manufacturer sets its own keyboard shortcut to disable the touchpad, and below we will consider the most popular commands for deactivating the touchpad on laptops of various companies.

To disable the touchpad on an Asus laptop, you must press the key combination FNF7 or FNF9, depending on your computer model. Locate the icon in the lower left corner of the voiced keys that looks like a crossed out touchpad.

You can turn off the touchpad on HP notebooks by double-clicking on the upper left area of ​​the device’s touchpad. Most often, the area you need to double click on is highlighted with a depression.

On most notebook models from Acer, the FNF7 key combination allows you to disable the touchpad. This will work if a hand is drawn in the lower left corner of the F7 button pressing the touchpad.

The combination for disabling the touchpad on Sony laptops is FNF1. At the same time, the Vaio Control Center application is installed by default on Sony portable computers, where you can, among other things, turn off the touch panel.

On laptops from the Chinese company Lenovo, the touchpad is disabled using the FNF5 or FNF8 key combination, depending on which of the buttons has a strikethrough panel.

The standard command to disable the touchpad on Samsung laptops is FNF5.

If you have a laptop of a second manufacturer, Study the manual for it, which should indicate all the “quick commands” that can be executed using the FN button and the second keys.

Touchpad is a touchpad that is used in mobile computers as an alternative to the traditional mouse.

Disabling the touchpad on a laptop through the “Device Manager

If the Synaptics driver is not installed on your laptop, you can try disabling the touchpad through the All Computer Control Center. To do this, do the following:

  • Press the WindowsR key combination on your keyboard to launch the Run window. Next, write the devmgmt.Msc command and click “OK”;
  • This will launch the “Device Manager”. Here you need to find the touchpad connected to the laptop. It may be located under Mice and Other Pointing Devices or HID Devices. over, depending on the computer model and touchpad, it may have different names. USB mouse, Synaptics PS / 2 Touchpad, USB input device, and others;
  • When the touchpad is found, right-click on it and select “Disable”.

Note: If you see multiple USB input devices connected and cannot determine which one is the touchpad, you can disable them one at a time. After each disconnected device, try to interact with the touchpad, and if it works, then turn the device back on and go to the next.

Third-party programs to disable the touchpad

An easy way to disable the touchpad on a laptop is to download and install the Touchpad Blocker utility, which has several useful options for configuring the touch input device, and also implies the ability to completely deactivate it. You can download the Touchpad Blocker application from the official website of the developers. After installation, it runs in the “background”, performing the tasks that users require from it.

We propose to sort out the capabilities of the application, which does not have Russian localization, point by point.

  • This option is responsible for automatic loading of the Touchpad Blocker application when the computer is turned on;
  • A setting that enables or disables program notifications that appear in the tray when it is running;
  • The most important setting in which the user can specify how long after clicking on the keyboard button the laptop’s touchpad is disabled. If it is necessary to completely block the touch input device, this can be selected from the drop-down menu;
  • If the touchpad has a separate button for scrolling the page content, it is blocked when this option is activated;
  • Sound notification when the touchpad is disabled;
  • Configuring Hot Keys for Activating and Deactivating Touchpad Blocker.

Disabling the touchpad using this program compares favorably with the options described above. With its help, you can configure the touchpad lock only during typing so that there are no accidental movements and clicks, while the rest of the time the touchpad can work.

Touchpad on a laptop. turn the panel on and off

All laptops are currently equipped with a touchpad. This is a touchpad, the function of which is to replace a computer mouse. In some cases, the touchpad may interfere with normal operation. For example, when typing in the editor, they accidentally clicked on it, and the cursor moved to another part of the screen. With repeated repetition, this state of affairs can get bored.

There are also reverse situations, the TouchPad stopped working for some reason, what should I do? Let’s talk about both cases in more detail. It should be noted that turning on the touch mouse is SIMilar to turning it off, only it is carried out in the reverse order.

Disabling the touchpad on a laptop through the “Control Panel

The Windows operating system works with this or that device on the computer after installing the drivers, and the touchpad in this case is NOT an exception. Most laptops have Synaptics drivers installed by default, which work with the touchpad touchpad. The graphical interface of this type of driver allows not only to disable the touch input panel completely, but also to configure it as necessary.

To disable the touchpad on a laptop via Synaptics drivers, do the following:

  • Right-click on “Start” and select “Control Panel”;
  • Then set the view mode “Large icons” or “Small icons”;
  • After that, select the “Mouse” item;
  • This will open a menu that should contain a Device Settings tab with a Synaptics icon. Go to this tab and select the required action. completely disabling the touchpad or DEACTIVATING it when the mouse is connected.

Important: After reinstalling Windows on a laptop, the Synaptics driver is not automatically installed. It may also be absent on some computers initially. As a result, this method of disabling the touchpad is NOT suitable for everyone.