How To Unlock Tablet If Forgot Huawei Password

Forgot your password and can’t unlock your Huawei? The problem can be solved

Smartphones have long become an integral part of the life of a modern person. Their memory stores not only memorable pictures and dates, but also a lot of other necessary information. To prevent it from getting publicly available, the developers came up with and created a considerable set of protection methods. One of the strongest protection methods is a pattern. It will help preserve information even if your gadget is taken over by an intruder. Huawei phone developers have created serious protection so that your personal information remains so in any situation.

How To Unlock Tablet If Forgot Huawei Password

However, sometimes unforeseen situations occur in life, when even the owner of a smartphone, for one reason or another, cannot unlock his gadget. What to do in this case? Is it possible to disable the password while preserving all the important information stored on the smartphone. How to unlock your Huawei phone if you forgot your password or pattern?

How to unlock a Huawei smartphone

In most cases, the question of how to unlock a Huawei phone arises when the user has entered the pattern incorrectly several times. It is only necessary to enter the password incorrectly five times, and access to your data is automatically blocked, which makes the smartphone completely useless. There is nothing wrong with that, you can return the phone to working condition very quickly. Unlocking and changing the password on a Huawei smartphone is a snap.

Reset using your Gmail account

The easiest way to “revive” a smartphone without the help of strangers and service centers is to use your google account. If the user suddenly forgot the password from Honor 8 and five times in a row tried to enter an invalid key, the screen will display the line “Forgot the pattern”. To restore the phone and return it to working condition, you need to click on this inscription. After that, you will need to enter your email address and password from your account. Remember that you should only enter the mail to which the phone is attached, otherwise you may have problems unlocking.

Now you need to choose a way to unlock. If you need to change the password, select the item “Change pattern”. Next, you have to enter a new key, after which you will again have full access to your smartphone. For those who have forgotten Not only the pattern, but also the password from the google account, there is another way to unlock the phone.

Using Hard Reset

This variant of unlocking the smartphone is more rigid. It will reset the information on the phone to factory settings. The method is quite effective for those who forgot the key from Honor 8, but unlike the previous method, it leads to a complete loss of data. To use this unlocking option, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  • First you need to turn off your smartphone. This can be done by SIMply pressing a button or by SIMply pulling out the battery.
  • Now, to turn on, you need to SIMultaneously hold down and hold the “Power on” button and both volume buttons for a few seconds.
  • After the appearance of the inscription “Android”, you must release the “Turn on”, the rest should be kept pressed.
  • After THESE actions, the phone should let you into the “Recovery Menu” or, as it is also called, the “Recovery Menu”. At this point, the buttons can no longer be stored.
  • Moving between menu items is done using the volume buttons. You need to select and confirm the term “Wipe data / Factory reset”.
  • The selection of the required time is confirmed by pressing the power key.
  • Next, the screen may display the message “Yes. delete all user data”, it also needs to be confirmed by pressing the power button.

After this procedure, the phone will completely reboot. This means that the unlocking was successful. All settings will be reset, and smartphones will not have any passwords or keys.

How to unlock your Huawei Mediapad T3 tablet

In the modern world, almost all people put locks on their gadgets. Everyone has different goals. Someone is blocking the device so that it may not live its own life in their. someone with the aim of protecting against intruders. Now DO NOT meet a person whose smartphone or tablet would not be blocked. And to face the truth, all modern devices involve at least some kind of blocking. However, among the most common, a lock is distinguished using a pattern or a set of numbers.

But not a single tablet user in the world is safe from a collision with a situation where he can forget the password to unlock the device. In this case, it is not necessary to sow panic, but use a SIMple instruction.

Recovery via mail

If the tablet user has forgotten the unlock password, then the easiest and fastest way is to restore access via gmail. To do this, you must enter the password incorrectly 5 times, after which a window will be displayed where you need to write the google email login in the appropriate field.

It should be noted that in the field for entering the email address, you will need to specify the login in the @ sign.

Then you need to go to the email address, the address of which was specified, for further instructions on unlocking the tablet.

This method is good because all data on the device will be saved.


If you needed to reset, for example, a picture password on a Huawei Mediapad T3 tablet, then using a Hard Reset (full reset to factory settings) will be very effective. It is worth remembering that in this case, all data in the device’s memory will be deleted, but access to the tablet will be restored.

The recovery procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Turn off Huawei Mediapad T3.
  • Next, press and hold the power key and the volume down button for 10 seconds. The phone displays a menu.
  • You can navigate the menu using the volume keys (volume up. up, decrease. down).
  • You need to select the item Wipe data / Factory Setting.
  • To confirm your choice, you must press the power key.
  • Then you need to click on Yes-delete all data.
  • In order for the changes to take effect, you need to press the power key again.
  • After the settings are reset, the user needs to select Reboot.

After the user completes all of the above steps, the tablet will restart and will be completely clean. Without any data, but also without a password. Means it is unlocked.

There are other ways to unlock Huawei Mediapad T3, but the ones described above are the most popular and effective methods.:

How to unlock your Huawei tablet if you forgot your pattern and number password

When working with a gadget, tablet users often encounter a problem. they do not remember the password or pattern with which they blocked the gadget. How to unlock a Huawei tablet when faced with this difficulty article will help you figure it out.

Today every second person puts his gadget under lock protection by means of a graphic or a password from numbers. Starting from different goals: to protect the device from ill-wishers, or so that it does not inadvertently turn on in the and Others. Fortunately, all gadgets now have the option to block access.

Method 1


It is worth noting that this method perfectly helps to unlock the Huawei tablet if you forget the password, but all the information in the tablet and the settings set individually are irrevocably deleted. To reset your Huawei tablet to factory settings, do the following:

  • Disconnect power to the equipment;
  • Hold down the volume and power buttons;
  • After lighting the screen, with the buttons that regulate the sound, select “wipe data / factory reset” and confirm the action with the power button (if the sensor does not work)
  • We are waiting for the complete removal of the settings;
  • After deleting, select “reboot system now”. this action will reboot the tablet. This process is time consuming;
  • After restarting, we configure all the settings necessary for work and start working with the gadget.

This option, on the contrary, is suitable when the tablet is not tied to a Google account, so this procedure will block it and to work with the device, you will have to unlock it additionally.

How to unlock your Huawei tablet if you forgot your pattern

When you have NOT used the tablet for a long time and not only for this reason, it happens that I do not remember which pattern was used on the device. This can happen to anyone. There are several ways to get rid of this problem.

  • Restoring access to the gadget with the introduction of e-mail;
  • Reset your tablet to factory settings;
  • Open access through a computer. To do this, connect the gadget to the computer via USB and unlock the tablet using the Android Debug Bridge command;
  • Using the specialized application Aroma FileManager;
  • Reflash your smartphone. You can change or update the firmware yourself, but if you doubt your abilities, it is better to contact a specialist in the service center.

Let’s consider some methods in detail.

Recovery via mail

Huawei tablet developers have foreseen the moment that users can forget the pattern set previously. All devices offer data binding to some account, for example Google, or the second, depending on the operating system of the gadget. Therefore, a method for password recovery via email has been developed. Each gadget has a limited number of attempts to enter the password correctly. After using all attempts, the tablet no longer gives the right to make mistakes, and then you have to either wait for a certain time and enter it again, in the hope that you will remember or guess or not wait, but immediately click on the “forgot the pattern” term. After clicking, a window will appear in which you can enter your email address. A message will be sent to this address with information about the new key or permission to change it.

This option is suitable if the gadget is linked through an account to the mail. The most loyal way, without deleting service data and personal information.

Hardware Hart Reset

Hart Reset is a complete hard system cleaning of the operating system, deleting all information and returning to factory settings. All data about the user is completely deleted: browsing history, phone book and call log, cache and everything else. It is impossible to recover information after cleaning. There are two ways to unlock your Huawei tablet by performing a Hardware Hart Reset.

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Method 2

This method consists in pressing the buttons sequentially in the correct order. Actions are carried out on the switched off device.

  • Press the volume and power buttons at the same time;
  • After the screen is turned on, release the power button, and leave the volume buttons on;
  • A green robot will appear on the screen, after that, release part of the “Volume plus” button, leave only “Volume minus” pressed;
  • This should cause a green streak underneath the robot. If this happens, the procedure is complete.

The above methods of unlocking the screen in such a situation should help to cope with the task. If for some reason everything could not work out for you. Contact the service center for the help of specialists.

Recovery via mail

The most convenient way to recover your password is to use your Google account. To use your account and reset forgotten data, you will need:

  • Several times in a row (5) enter the wrong key;
  • Wait until the inscription “forgot the pattern” appears;
  • They will call on the above question and wait for the transition to the next page;
  • Log in to your Google account by entering your username and password to enter;
  • Follow the recommendations and instructions.

If the owner of the gadget cannot log in, follow the link located just below the authorization fields. They will help you restore forgotten compositions.


If you can’t use your Google account, it remains to reset the tablet settings. But users should take into account that such actions will lead to the complete loss of all information stored on the device. You will NOT be able to return it later, therefore, in order not to lose fundamental information and files, it is recommended to regularly make a backup copy and store the necessary photos, records and contacts in the cloud storage. Doing so ensures that the information you need is NOT lost in unpleasant situations.

Method 1

To reset Huawei to factory settings and reset a forgotten PIN code, you need to:

  • Turn off the device beforehand, preparing it for reset;
  • Press for a while (about 10 seconds) the power button of the gadget and volume down;
  • Wait until the recovery menu appears on the screen;
  • Switch (using the volume keys) the Wipe data / Factory Setting item;
  • Select the Aforementioned item with the tablet power button and confirm the decision by selecting the line Yes. delete all data in the next window;
  • After removing user settings, it remains to restart the tablet by activating the reboot item.

Then the user will have to re-configure the phone.

How to unlock your Huawei tablet if you forgot your pattern?

Despite the developers’ attempts to complicate unlocking the phone, there are several ways to restore access to the device:

  • First of all, users are able to reset forgotten data using a Google account;
  • You can also succeed by resetting the settings to the factory level.

In addition, in the Most Severe Situations, owners can contact Huawei Support. To do this, you will have to visit the official website of the company (in Russian) and, by filling out a special form, describe the current situation to the support staff. Then it remains to use the instructions received and eliminate the existing restrictions.

How to unlock your Huawei tablet if you forgot your pattern and number password

How to unlock a Huawei tablet without using a graphic key is a question that can baffle even experienced users. The developers have made unlocking as difficult as possible in order to guarantee the safety of the personal data of the owner of the gadget. As a result, access to the device will be returned, and without knowing the correct digital password, and it will not work.

To SIMplify the use of the tablet and avoid the aforementioned troubles, it is worth worrying about creating second unlocking methods in advance. Using a fingerprint will allow you not to survive in possible errors when entering the key. But it’s better to come up with a memorable code so that you NEVER encounter problems and DO NOT forget your password.

Hardware Hard Reset

There are 2 main ways to unlock your Huawei tablet by factory resetting it:

  • The first approach involves using the recovery menu;
  • The second will allow you to do without opening additional windows, since it requires only pressing a few buttons.

The first approach is preferred as it is seen by the kob and mediapad developers as a basic way to solve problems. The second option is used only in cases where the first method did not bring the desired result.

Method 2

The second way to unlock your Huawei tablet if you forget your password is to do a hard reset without using recovery. To carry out a Hard Reset, you will need:

  • After turning off the device, hold down all 3 gadget control keys;
  • When the splash screen appears on the screen, release the power button while holding the rest;
  • When the “Android” operation appears, the volume up button is released, but the down key continues to be held down;
  • After a strip appears under the robot, the last key is released.

The described actions are enough to achieve the desired result.

Method 2

The second method consists of the following steps:

  • Turn off the machine.
  • Press three keys SIMultaneously: volume down and volume up, “Off”.
  • Release the “Shutdown” key, continue to hold the remaining two buttons.
  • Next, a green robot will appear. this is a signal that you need to release the volume up key.
  • After the bar appears at the bottom of the screen Release all keys.

The gadget should start without asking for a password, but also without saving personal data.

If you have any questions or complaints. Let us know

What is password / PIN code on the phone

A PIN is a special code used to prevent unauthorized use. Such a password must be invented from memorable characters, since an incorrect combination entered multiple times will block the device. Therefore, many tablet users, in order not to press extra keys during the transportation of the device, buy a special cover-cover. Or they know exactly what to do if they forgot the digital password and have already managed to block the gadget.

Smart look

Smart Look is an additional way to unlock the screen when you don’t need to enter a password. Suitable for devices that are supposed to unlock using photo, fingerprint and smart unlock. Thus, the user will not need to think about how to act if he forgot the password. he always has the unlocking data with him.

Method 1

The first method, in addition to the main goal, also allows you to eliminate graphical blocking. Assumes the following actions:

  • Turn off the tablet;
  • SIMultaneous clamping of one volume control and “Power off” keys;
  • Hold until the system menu appears;
  • Using the volume control button to select Wipe data / Factory Setting;
  • Confirmation of reset by clicking on Yes-delete all data;
  • Returning to factory settings.

Recovery via mail

You can unlock your Huawei tablet via Gmail by following these steps:

  • Enter data incorrectly more than five times;
  • Wait for the system to automatically display a window asking you to enter an email address;

It is important to introduce email to @. After opening an account, follow the further instructions: follow the link, use a temporary password, enter a new password. All previously saved data remains unchanged.

How to unlock your Huawei tablet if you forgot your pattern

There are several options to unlock your Huawei tablet if you forgot your password. For example, via SMS. But this method is available only to prudent users who have downloaded the SMS Bypass program in advance with superuser rights.

  • Download the application for free from Google Play, install on the device.
  • Allow access to files.
  • Come up with a secret code in the application;
  • Send a message from another gadget to your number: “reset secret code”.

Protect from intruders SIMply if you come up with complex code.

With Android 2.2 and below, you can try to fix the problem with a phone call.

  • Take another device, call the number that is tied to the tablet.
  • After the device will allow you to open the application, select “Options”. “Protection”. “Screen lock”.
  • Change the pattern to another.

There is a second option for using a phone call. Try making a call from a locked tablet. If this succeeds, the system will provide access to the desktop for a few seconds. With a quick response, users can select “Options” and thus restore the pattern.

How to unlock your Huawei tablet if you forgot your pattern and number password

“How to unlock a Huawei tablet” is a common question among users of MediaPad, a new device from the company. Blocking is a forced action when you DO NOT want the gadget in your to continue living its life. There are two ways to lock the updated KOD line. a pattern and a set of numbers.

Hardware Hard Reset

Hard Reset. (hard reset). hard reset of the device by pressing certain keys. The function is performed by several options.

Potential problems and solutions

For maximum safety, you must:

  • Make a backup of fundamental data;
  • Set up smart unlock using personal data;
  • Write the PIN code to another device or notebook, share the data with a person you trust.

Even after all the launch options, it was not possible to unlock the tablet, Contact the service center.

How to unlock your phone using your fingerprint

To unlock the phone with a fingerprint, you need to touch the special reader (located on the back panel) with your index finger. There are backup options. a pattern or a code; Smart unlocking offers alternative options.

Tips for avoiding future problems

To avoid hard unlocking, experts recommend:

  • Make a backup;
  • Apply smart unlocking;
  • Write pin code.

The first option assumes all important information to be saved from an extended source. Initially use smart unlock. Well, if you prefer the classic blocking options, then write down the password in a notepad. Despite the SIMplicity of memorizing the date of birth and phone number, experts do NOT advise using such combinations. They’re easy to hack.

Smart look

There are additional ways to unlock the screen, without using a password. Smart Look. It is used on devices that accept face, fingerprint reading as a security code. With this function, you DO NOT have to think about what to do if you cannot remember the password. The smartphone always accepts the owner’s personal ID.

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To set up smart unlock, the user needs to follow the instructions:

  • Open “Settings”;
  • Go to “Security Privacy” / “Fingerprint” or Face Recognition “.

Is it possible to restore access without losing data?

Many users, after purchasing a new gadget, set a password to protect personal information from strangers. Setting pin codes greatly SIMplifies the operation of the gadget when you have to carry it in your. that is, pressing unnecessary buttons, and so on. But problems start when you forget your password. Access can be restored only after a complete reset of the phone to factory settings. This means that saving data on the gadget will NOT work. But older models are the exception to this rule. These smartphones have a special button that allows you to restore access.

Restoring access through a Google account

After entering the wrong password, Honor and Huawei are locked for 60 seconds. Subsequent attempts block the device for half an hour, with a subsequent increase in time. During these periods, you can only activate Emergency calls.

But the user needs to click “Forgot your password?” And then:

  • Enter data to open e-mail;
  • Confirm the entered data.

This method requires a stable internet connection. You can also use Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

What to do if you forgot your Private Space password?

To solve this problem, Android offers an alternative. to answer SIMple questions. They are installed when you first turn on the gadget. If you did not do this initially, the only option to fix the problem is to delete.

How to unlock Honor and Huawei smartphone if forgot password / key?

“How to unlock Honor and Huawei phones if you forgot your password?” Is an important question in 2020, when it was not possible to remember the secret combination. The user is at a loss as to what he could have indicated. He starts to randomly introduce ill-conceived combinations, further aggravating the situation.In solving this problem, read below.

Additional Information

There may be difficulties when activating the ways to unlock Honor and Huawei phone about them below.

Full factory reset via Recovery

  • Turn on your phone;
  • Hold down the volume and overload rocker at the same time;
  • On the fact of displaying the manufacturer’s logo, lower the buttons;
  • Wait until the smartphone restarts;
  • Perform the transition Wipe data / factory reset “/ Wipe data / factory reset

Confirm the operation. On older models, you need to press the buttons, which are located on the side. On new products, buttons with this function are located on the sensor itself.

Method 1. reset settings via Recovery Mode

All your data will be deleted, the smartphone will return to its original state as it was when it was first started. Therefore, I recommend recovering data immediately from your Google account.

1. Completely turn off your smartphone by pressing the power button.

2. Press two buttons at the same time: volume up and power up.

3. As soon as the boot screen appears, Release the power button, and after 3 seconds, when the menu items appear, Release and the Volume up button. The phone will enter Recovery Mode.

4. Use the touch screen to navigate the menu items, and if it does not work, use the volume and power buttons. We activate the item “Wipe data / factory reset” and Confirm the action.

5. Next, activate the “Reboot system” item. The device will reboot without asking for a PIN.

How to unlock Honor and Huawei phone if forgot password

Honor and Huawei are among the most popular smartphones based on the Android operating system, and it is on them that users most often forget the password to enter.

What to do if you forgot the password from your Honor or Huawei phone, you will find in this material. We will consider all methods with pictures in detail, we will solve this issue once and for all.

The previous material was devoted to how to unlock the phone if you forgot the password, there we examined how to do this for the most popular phone models. Today we will focus on resetting the password for devices of the Honor and Huawei brands.

Important! Unlocking a smartphone or tablet without a factory reset is impossible on new models with EMUI versions higher than 9. This is a feature of all new Android firmware.

Method 4. for EMUI below version 9

1. Enter the wrong password several times, the “Forgot password” button will appear. press it.

2. Enter the data from your Google account and then a new password. Confirm the action. Unfortunately, the method only works on devices with an old version of Android and EMUI.

Method 3. Smart Lock Function

Only works if you have previously configured this feature. When you turn it on, you do not need to enter a password to unlock the smartphone if a certain action is performed, for example, when connecting a Bluetooth device.

If you have NOT configured it, then only reset the settings. To avoid such problems in the future, enable it in the device security settings.

Method 2. reset settings via google account

All user data will be erased, the phone will return to its original state. If the SD card is inserted into the device, then just in case, take it out.

1. Go to the address. and enter your data from your Google account.

2. In the left column, click on the item “Clear device” and Confirm the action, if asked to enter your data again. do it.

The phone will immediately be cleaned as soon as it connects to the Internet, for example, to a Wi-Fi network or when you insert a valid SIM card with mobile Internet.

How to Unlock Honor and Huawei Phone

To do this, you definitely need to know the data from your Google account, if you have forgotten them, I recommend reading the material on how to restore your Google account on Android, it is written in detail how this can be done.

These are the only working ways how to unlock Honor and Huawei phone. You can also always contact the official service center if there is still a guarantee and you will definitely be helped.

Google account

If the owner has forgotten the graphic password, then there is a way out. The first thing that comes to mind is to roll back the device to the factory settings, but this will delete all data, so this option should be resorted to as a last resort. It is much easier to use a Google account if the device is controlled by Android OS.

A pattern is a locking method in which the user must enter a specific character made up of a number of circles connected to each other. There are nine of them in total, but the combination is set in such a way that only a few of them are connected by one continuous line without repeating passage through the same circle. It is believed that such a symbol cannot be cracked, therefore it is more reliable than a regular password. There are problems with it. usually the user forgets it, or the children enter the key, and then they don’t know what exactly they asked. In any situation, unlocking the tablet regardless of the type of key will be carried out in the same way.

  • To reset (restore) a graphic image, you must enter it incorrectly several times.
  • A message will appear stating that the device is locked, and the device itself will issue an offer to restore access.
  • To restore, you must click on “forgot password” in the dialog box.
  • The system will redirect the user to the recovery page, where you need to specify the mailbox, phone number or login, and also choose where to send the recovery link.
  • It is important to have access to a phone number or mail in order to successfully complete the procedure.

Password reset via PC

Another way to unlock a password on a tablet is to use the ADB computer utility. This method only works if USB debugging is enabled on the device. We go to the PC in ADB RUN, first connect the tablet to the laptop and make sure that the latter sees it. We go through two menu items: Reboot. Reboot Recovery. The application resets the tablet settings and removes the lock password.

Recovery via SIM

A rather tricky method, which stopped working in new devices due to the fact that it was a serious gap in the protection of the system. It consists of using a SIM card and is suitable for older tablets with GSM support. The trick is that you need to call the SIM card from any other device. On the locked device, you need to accept the call and, without dropping it, just hang up the call. Now the user can get into the settings and, in particular, completely remove the protection of the device.

Important! The disadvantage of this method is that the developers at Google learned about such a loophole and closed it in newer versions of the OS. In addition, the method will not help if the owner of the device has forgotten the PIN code from the SIM card, and it is he who does not allow entry.

How to unlock your tablet

Any user seeks to protect their data. On a mobile device, you can set a password so that no one can enter the system. But sometimes it happens that this password is forgotten, and access difficulties arise. Below are all methods on how to unlock your tablet if you forgot your password.

Factory reset

So, if none of the above methods helped to unlock the tablet screen, then two options remain. flashing the device and resetting to factory settings.

Important! Regarding flashing, it is important to understand that this option can completely “kill” the tablet, and for its implementation you need a whole set of tools, from the firmware itself downloaded from the official website to special software, which differs depending on the manufacturer.

This text will not describe the procedure as it varies for each individual brand. To safely flash a tablet, you need, at least, to see how this is done, since even the highest-quality description will not help in such a situation, and it is even better to do it with a person who previously did this. If you have experience with the firmware of the device, and there was NOT a user savvy in this matter nearby, then the best option is to contact the specialists. Some manufacturers, such as Oysters, Irbis, Dexp and other Little-known companies are quite hard to sew, and there are high-quality firmware on them, and it is rather dangerous to use versions written by non-specialists.

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For this reason, an extreme option that is worth trying on your own is Rollback the device to the factory state. This is done through Recovery, how to enter it was described above. After the user is in the system menu, he is interested in the “Recovery” item and the next item “Wipe data / factory reset”. The device will completely delete all user data and, accordingly, the settings created by the owner, and after rebooting, the device will need to be configured again, as if it was just purchased.

Unlocker Utilities

Often, when setting up the tablet for the first time, users SIMply scroll through the proposed items, and this is a mistake, since among them there are useful utilities that will help to unlock the tablet in the future.

The first option will help if Smart Lock is configured in the device. It has three unlocking options:

  • By face (just set your photo as a password)
  • By location (GPS must be turned on and a place is indicated that will be considered safe for the device, for example, home)
  • Reliable devices (Smart watch or another phone is connected to the device via Bluetooth, if the device is locked and Bluetooth is turned on, it will be enough to use the device that was set as safe).

Aroma File Manager is a useful utility that can remove password. The tablet must have removable memory. It is necessary to copy the archive with the utility to the root directory. Now you should enter the device in Recovery mode.

In popular manufacturers, you need to hold down the following combinations of physical buttons:

  • Samsung, Huawei. turn up the power supply;
  • Lenovo. turn down the power supply;
  • ASUS. turn down the volume and turn it up;
  • Sony. home power volume increase;
  • Prestigio, Digma. reduce the volume of the home power supply (if there is one).

Recovery will open, in it you can install the necessary application from the flash drive, that is, Aroma. To do this, go through the following menu items.

  • Install update from zip file (install the application from the archive). Choose zip from / sdcard (open the archive on the flash drive).
  • Enter the application location address.

After installation, the software turns on by itself. In the software settings, activate the “Automount all devices on start” mode.

The next stage completely repeats the actions before starting the program. re-enter Recovery and repeat steps 1 and 2, only now indicating the place where Aroma was installed. Open Data Folder (device memory). System Folder (system folder). We find one of two files: gesture or password. They will both have “.Key” permission. These files should be deleted as they store information about the key (password). After this, the device will start.

Hard Reset. or reset to factory settings

It is important to remember: When making a Hard Reset or a factory reset of your smartphone, you delete all files and data from your Huawei or Honor smartphone and return it to its original state. as immediately after purchase.

In order to do a factory reset on Huawei Honor and reset the password, do the following:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Now boot by holding the power up buttons together.
  • Release the buttons when you see the Huawei logo on the screen.
  • You will now see the boot menu displayed on your screen.
  • Select “Wipe data factory reset” from the options list, using volume button to navigate and power button to select.
  • Then click “Delete all user data”.
  • That’s all! The device will automatically reboot to normal mode after completing the factory reset process.

Smart look

Smart Look. additional ways to unlock the screen when you do NOT need to enter a password. Suitable for devices with photo, fingerprint and smart unlock settings. In this case, you DO NOT need to think about what to do if you forgot the letter password, the smartphone will still be unlocked.

  • You can configure smart unlock through Settings:
  • Open the item “Security and privacy”.
  • To set up a fingerprint, click on “Fingerprint”.
  • To enable face unlocking. click on “Face recognition”.
  • To unlock when connecting a Bluetooth device, click on “Lock screen password”, then go to the “Smart unlock” tab and configure the device.

Huawei phones will need to enter a password after restarting the device, even if it has other unlock methods, including fingerprint or face login.

Nuances and problems that may arise

Let’s consider the difficulties of each option, which in theory and in practice may arise when trying to unlock.

Ways to unlock Huawei Honor if you forgot your password

In an effort to protect our Huawei Honor from unauthorized persons, we often “Protect” it from ourselves, SIMply forgetting the PIN-code or a combination of dots of the graphic key.

If you, at one point, forgot the password on your phone and DO NOT know how to unlock your Huawei Honor device, do not rush to panic. There are several ways to bypass smartphone blocking. Methods will differ depending on the device and version of the operating system.

In today’s article I will tell you how to unlock Huawei Honor if you forgot your password or pattern.

  • How to unlock Huawei Honor when forgot pattern password
  • Password recovery and password reset via Google account
  • Hard Reset. or reset to factory settings
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Forgot password on Huawei tablet, what to do?

You can unlock both the phone and the tablet in the same way. Considering your operating system version and gadget model, use the tips written above. For a tablet, a full wipe, and unlocking through an account, and a new firmware are suitable.

How to prevent a Huawei Honor device from being locked. recommendations

Unlocking a smartphone after several attempts to enter the wrong password is a rather long procedure, albeit possible. Depending on the version of the operating system, your phone model and year of manufacture, the method of accessing the device also changes.

Be prepared to try almost all methods, and only a few will work.

  • In order not to face such troubles, first of all, always remember or write down your login information.
  • Try NOT to change the phone number or email address to which the device is linked.
  • DO NOT make the pattern too hard to reproduce.
  • Also, blocking may occur due to system operations with the phone. For example, flashing, installing an unofficial shell, incorrectly obtaining root rights.

I have Honor 8X, I just can’t recover my password, I installed a new firmware. And again I can not enter, it says that it is necessary to activate the device?

As you can see, it is quite possible to unlock Huawei even if you forgot your password. In our article, we have described all the available and effective methods for today. Some are more complex in their scheme, some are easier, but one of the presented methods will definitely help you! So try it and don’t be afraid. And if you have any questions or additional problems. write to us.

How to unlock Huawei Honor when forgot pattern password

If the user has locked the phone and forgot the password, first it is better to resort to the Easiest unlocking methods, suitable for all models and operating systems.

Let’s talk in more detail about each of them.

Answers to popular questions

Now I would like to answer the most popular questions on this topic that readers ask us:

Password recovery and password reset via Google account

If you’ve linked your phone to your Google account, you can enter it and unlock the gadget. After many failures, when trying to drive in a password, the operating system prompts you to enter a Google account. It is indicated in the settings for purchases on Google Play.

How can this be achieved? Just kill the wrong keys in a row, after 5-6 failures, you will be asked to wait 30 seconds, and then a window will appear, or you can click on “Forgot the pattern”. Now we enter our Google account and your mobile is saved!