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How to Unlock Samsung TV

Disable blocking on Android 6.x

On this smartphone OS, the process is similar to the above, at the end only a window will appear confirming the disabling of device protection:

How to disable screen lock on Android 4.x?

4th Android is one of the most popular OS, installed to this day on millions of gadgets around the world. To disable blocking on a given system, follow these steps:

  • On the main screen, open the menu, then open “Settings” / “Settings”;

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  • Going to the security section, open the “Security” tab and select “Screen lock”;
  • As the main password in the 4.x system, there is a pattern that will need to be entered, after which you can cancel the lock.

Screen lock types

Today Android has the following types of protection:

  • There may be no blocking at all if the owner of the equipment is confident in safety and does not need an additional level of protection;
  • Regular swipe. protects against accidental activation, is not able to protect against intruders;
  • A pattern is one of the most common solutions. The owner of the equipment draws a figure at certain points and depicts this figure each time it is unlocked;
  • PIN. a sequence of certain numbers that must be entered to unlock;
  • Password is one of the most reliable blocking methods. The user needs to enter a sequence of lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers invented by him;
  • Fingerprint is one of the new and safer ways to lock;
  • Face recognition is also a new type of blocking, which, unlike a fingerprint, is still a “raw” solution, is under development;
  • Iris scanner. found on expensive models of devices, today it is the most reliable smartphone lock.

How to disable screen lock in standard Android interface?

In general, on most Android models, the lock is disabled as follows:

  • Go to the device settings menu and select the “Security” section, which is located in the “Personal data” block;
  • Now you need to visit the “Screen lock” section, note that if the password unlock function is enabled on the smartphone, you will need to enter the existing password, since without this procedure, you will not be able to go further;
  • A list of available locks will open, where you can change or select a new type of lock, we need the item “No” for us;

In general, the locking process for all models is approximately similar, therefore, guided by these two methods, you will be able to disable the lock and access the device many times faster.

How blocking is disabled on different versions of Android?

Before removing the lock from your phone, we recommend that you once again consider the justification of this step, because thus you make the information contained in the phone more vulnerable to fraudsters.

�� Samsung Smart TV Error: This TV is not fully functional in this region! How to unlock Smart Hub

How to turn off the lock if the owner of the smartphone has forgotten the password

If the password is forgotten and there is no way to remember it, it is necessary to roll back the device to the factory settings. Different brands and models perform this procedure differently.

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In general, a return to factory settings is carried out from the off state with a timely combination of keys and the Recovery menu. If everything is done correctly, the device will turn on in Recovery mode, where you need to select the rollback function.

Please note that this method is an extreme measure, because system rollback will lead to the loss of data that is on the device.

Disable blocking on Android 7.x

  • We select the item “Security” and then “Screen lock”;
  • As in other cases, you will need to enter an existing password or pattern, after which the system will allow you to disable the lock. To disable, click the “No” item in the screen lock section.

Thus, we examined the most common versions of the Android operating system, installed, for example, on Samsung or Asus.

How to disable screen lock on Android 5.x?

On the “five”, the blocking is disabled as follows:

  • As in other versions of android, before canceling the lock, you will need to enter the existing password, possibly a pattern, after which the system will allow you to disable the lock.

Decrypting a device or memory card

Almost always, security manipulation is the culprit for the inability to remove the lock from the screen. For example, built-in encryption algorithms may be the cause of the problem. In an effort to protect the configured settings and personal data from hacking, you are forced to put a password on the gadget, but in order to subsequently disable the PIN, you must first abandon encryption:

  • Open the menu and go to “Options”.
  • Choose “Security”.
  • We are looking for the section “Encryption and tap on it.
  • We select “Decrypt.
  • Go through the line “Encrypt external memory” and click “Disable”.

To successfully complete the changes made, open the “Lock Screen” and tap “No”. After disabling encryption, the key will be removed.

VPN Removal

An enabled VPN is the main culprit for inability to unblock. A virtual network provides secure access to the network, and when activated, the transmitted data is effectively hidden from strangers and fraudsters. But the use of VPN has a downside: the function requires all-round protection of the device, therefore, before starting the virtual network, the system will require the user to install a key to remove protection.

The installed security key is not disabled during VPN operation by standard methods. To remove a pin, you need to remove the virtual network using the following algorithm:

  • Go to the smartphone menu.
  • Select the section “Connections”.
  • We tap on the “Other settings” tab.
  • Select the line “VPN”.

Open the properties of the virtual network used on the smartphone by tapping on the “gear” icon and select “Delete”. After manipulation, reboot the phone and delete the block in the above standard way.

Disable administrator rights

A number of applications require administrator rights for stable operation, but providing them with this functionality sometimes leads to errors when trying to remove the smartphone screen block. It is easy to fix the problem by following the instructions:

  • Go to Samsung settings and look for “Lock Screen”.
  • Here we stop at “Other parameters”, then tap on “Device Administrators”.
  • The list contains all the “privileged” programs. Next to each, we move the sliders to disable administrator rights for them.

In standard cases, all sliders move, but if one of them is inactive, there is a virus on the Samsung device. Remove it using a mobile antivirus, and then perform the manipulation to disable administrator rights again. The culprit program, of course, will also need to be removed from the phone, thoroughly cleaning up its traces on the device.

Removing certificates

Another “culprit” of the impossibility of unlocking in the standard way through the settings menu is the once installed applications, which demanded, in the name of security, to put a digital or graphic password on the smartphone being used. One of the applications that you once downloaded from the playmarket contains special security certificates, and while they are valid on your smartphone, you will not be able to remove the key.

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There is only one way out. to remove the notorious security certificates, following the step-by-step instructions:

  • We open “Security”.
  • Looking for ” options”.
  • Click “Delete credentials”.

The system will ask you to confirm the deletion, after which it remains to wait for the cleaning to complete, reboot and try to remove the pin in the standard way through the menu.

Third-party security certificates are not always to blame: if the line “Delete credentials” is not active when opening a section, it means that there are no programs on Android that make it impossible to unlock.

How to remove password from Samsung phone

How to remove password from Samsung phone? A seemingly simple task, sometimes not feasible due to malfunctions in the smartphone. The article contains working methods on how to get rid of the service that has become unnecessary.

How to disable password on Samsung

The algorithm for canceling a security and privacy feature is quite simple:

  • We go into the settings of the smartphone on Android and look for the item “My device” in the menu.
  • We enter the section and look for “Lock Screen”.
  • We tap on the tab and evaluate what protection methods are used by the smartphone. To prevent the phone from asking you to enter a pattern / numeric key, select “No”.

The standard method does not always work: in some cases, the screen block is not canceled, and then you have to look for the reason: the enabled secure network, running memory encryption, the use of administrator rights and other technical nuances prevent the service from being disabled.

Top Reasons to Remove Password from Samsung Phone

There may be several reasons to learn how to remove a password on an old Samsung:

  • you keep forgetting your pin;
  • you gave your smartphone to relatives who find it difficult to enter the key;
  • you were given a smartphone or you bought it from your hands;
  • the key was installed accidentally and is absolutely unnecessary;
  • the smartphone screen is damaged, due to which the touchscreen does not respond well to touch.

Another reason is the presence of an outdated smartphone that has already worked out a sufficient period of time, and the touchscreen reacts with malfunctions. Entering a password in such a situation becomes a real torment.

Data reset

If the above methods did not help, then how to unlock the phone if you forgot the picture password or you no longer need it? In the situation, only resetting Samsung to factory settings will help, since everything indicates a serious system failure.

To reset your device, you need to prepare. A total reboot of the phone will completely destroy all settings, programs and applications that were installed on Samsung. Save all passwords in Google through the “Backup and reset” section of the settings menu, back up software and instant messengers so as not to lose important data or access to online banking and accounts. Pay special attention to media files. transfer videos, photos and audio stored in Samsung memory to your PC. After completing the preparatory activities, proceed with the reset:

  • Opening the settings.
  • Go to the “Accounts” section.
  • At the bottom, tap the section “Archiving and reset”.
  • Select the line “Data reset”.
  • Click “Reset”.

After manipulation, Samsung will revert to factory settings. The procedure allows you to eliminate the consequences of system failures, and the gadget starts working conditionally “like new”. Now the owner has serious and laborious work to install the necessary programs and applications, the passwords of which have been successfully saved in the Google account.

How the issue with the code is solved

The easiest way to find out the standard PIN code of a Samsung TV is to take out instructions from your model or find it on the Internet. It contains a special section dedicated to this issue. There you can also find out what to do if the password has been changed and then lost. Having neither instructions nor access to the network, you can only count on your memory, which, unfortunately, in such matters most often fails, and a locked device blocks access to Smart Hub.

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Standard for Samsung Smart TVs, the manufacturer sets a simple pin. 0000 (less often 1111). If the owner did not change it or did not use it at all before, there will be no problems. If there were changes, as an option, you can reset the settings to return the old password.

The PIN for Samsung TVs can be reset with the remote control in a simple way:

Then press the Mute button in a clear sequence Update button. Update button Update button.

To have the previous access to the hub and continue to use the TV, you can restore the factory code (for TVs assemblies before 2012, these are the same 0000 by default). You need to find the EXIT button on the remote control, hold it down and hold it for at least ten seconds.

For newer models, from 2012, the procedure for resetting the user password is carried out by pressing the buttons from the remote control in the sequence: Mute, 8, 2, 4, Power (power button). You need to press the buttons quickly.

How to Access Secret “Service Menu” for All Samsung TVs

Unlock Samsung Smart TV: TV pin code

There are two standard situations in which a pin code becomes necessary. the desire to block the TV and situations when it is already blocked, but the user has forgotten the password he entered. There are also times when a person changes the factory code, setting his own, and forgets about it.

If the device is locked, you can find out about it by seeing a blue screen instead of TV programs with a key or password field displayed on it. Also, if you want to enable, for example, child lock, you cannot do without knowing the pin code. Regardless of the circumstances, in this case there is no unsolvable problem.

To unlock your Samsung Smart TV, you need a remote control (RC). Without him, the issue will not be resolved. The user needs to know a special combination of numbers. Sometimes, in extreme cases, you will have to go back to the factory settings, reset the channel settings and tune them again. In the most difficult cases, the wizard flashes the software on the Samsung TV again.

In most situations, the owners can cope on their own, without the help of specialists. This is especially not difficult if the instruction from the TV has been preserved.

When it’s not always about the password

Before you unlock your Samsung TV to watch TV programs with Smart technology, you need to find out the exact cause of the inconvenience by answering the question: “Do I really know why the problem appeared?”.

Nothing can be restored without a Smart TV remote control. If it is faulty or lost, you should start purchasing a new remote control;

If every time after turning off Smart TV the channel settings get lost, then the matter is in the firmware and it needs to be updated;

You can check the operation of the remote control using an ordinary camera on the phone, holding any button from the remote control and directing it to the phone camera, if there is a flash in the photo, then everything is in order with the remote control, and if the TV does not respond to it, you should call the wizard.