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How to unlock Samsung if the screen does not work

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than 10 ways to restore access to your Samsung phone if you forgot your password

In this security-obsessed age, many people protect their phones with passwords, and many forget them. What to do in this case? How do you use your own phone? Fortunately, the Android operating system can be hacked in a few easy steps.

Entering codes using the dialer

This method does not apply to unlocking your phone: a locked phone will not give you access to the dialer. In this way, you can try to unlock the SIM card, which is not the subject of this article.

Is there a difference in unlocking methods for different Samsung models?

Definitely there is. First of all, this applies to those options that require entering the Recovery or Download mode: on different models, the entrance to these modes can be done in different ways. Here are several ways to enter Recovery mode for different models:

    Samsung A51: hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time, then press the volume up button for a few seconds.
    Samsung A30: hold down the power and volume up buttons at the same time and hold until the mode screen appears.
    Samsung A21: same as for A51.
    Samsung A5: hold down the power button and volume up at the same time, release the power button after the logo appears, but do not release the volume up button until you see the recovery screen itself.
    Samsung A6: the same as on the A30.
    Samsung J1: Hold down the Power button, Volume up button and Home button at the same time until you see the logo.
    Samsung J2 and J3: same as on J1.
    Samsung M21: first hold down the power button and volume down button at the same time, then the power button and volume up button.

The variant used on your specific phone should be found in the instructions supplied with the device. If it has not been saved, you can search for information on the official Samsung website in the “Support” section (the text will be in Russian).

Through an additional pin

It may not be worth it, and the simplest solution is the best. When you came up with a password or pattern, the OS might prompt you to create an additional PIN, and you remember this PIN. If so, the phone can be unlocked quickly and without delay.

You need to proceed in the same way as when unlocking through a Google account:

  • Enter the password in your device, which is called “from the bulldozer.” This must be done several times.
  • On about the sixth unsuccessful attempt, the smartphone itself will prompt you to enter an additional pin.
  • Enter it, after which access to the device will be immediately restored.

Google account

This method is similar to the second one: to use it, you need to register yourself an account in advance. Not all phone owners do this, but if you have a Google account, you can use it to unlock. You need to do this:

  • Enter the password “from the bulldozer” in your phone several times.
  • On about the sixth unsuccessful attempt, the phone itself will prompt you to sign in to your Google account.
  • Enter your username and password, after which access to the phone will be restored.


Another radical way is flashing. Like a factory reset, it results in data loss. But if nothing else works, you can try it.

  • Search the Internet for the firmware for your phone model in zip format.
  • Open the instructions for the phone and find there a way to enable recovery mode.
  • Upload the firmware to the SD card, insert it into the phone and enter it into recovery mode.
  • Select the firmware option “Install ZIP from SDCARD”.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

Using the Find My Mobile website

Find My Mobile requires your phone to be registered in advance with a Samsung account. If you haven’t, then this option won’t help you. But if you have such an account, you can use Find My Mobile. Also, this method requires the phone to have some way of connecting to the Internet: a SIM card with allowed Internet access via a cellular network, unpaired Wi-Fi, or something else.

  • Log in to your account on the service.
  • Find your phone and connect to it remotely. If you have several devices registered in your account, select the one you need.
  • Click on “Unblock”.
  • Enter your account password.

Google account.

Did you enter your Google account at the time of Android purchase? Then maybe not everything is as bad as you think, if synchronization was performed. Go to one of the services to recover data:
Phone book in Contacts
Photos in Google Photos
Google Keep notes

Controlling Android with USB Debugging Enabled

Below are several ways to see what is currently displayed on your Android on your computer screen.

How to enable “Debugging” if it is disabled

To begin with, this function must be enabled. how to enable USB debugging, but as a rule it is disabled by default, you can try to enable it using the method indicated above “MTP connection and screenshot”, and then do as indicated on

Now you can go to the choice of programs for managing Android.

MTP connection and screenshot

If your Android is recognized by the computer as a flash drive, you can copy files to it or vice versa to get the necessary data, then you can do this. We connect the device to the computer and take a screenshot of Android on the PC, go to the Android files, go to Pictures / Sceenshot or DCIM / Screenshot and see what is on your screen. If the screen reacts, then click where we need to, if not, then use the external keyboard or mouse, from the method indicated above.

Screencast to PC or Smart TV

Starting with Android 5, it became possible to broadcast an image to a Windows 10 computer or Smart TV.

You just need to get to this function, you can try to do it with the help of “MTP connection and screenshot” using the mouse and keyboards as indicated above, or by means of ADB.

Troubleshooting instructions

The material will be presented from simple to complex. this means that at certain stages you will need additional knowledge, you will be given additional information. articles to be studied!

How to Unlock iPhone with Unresponsive Screen Easily

Justin Sabrina Updated June 16, 2020

“This morning my phone unexpectedly fell out of my hand to the ground and finally I got an iPhone with a broken screen. When I tried to unlock the screen password to access my contacts, I found that the screen was not responding at all. no matter how I touch it. How to remove the locked screen now when there is no answer from the phone screen? “

“How do I enter a passcode when my iPhone’s screen is unresponsive? I found that my iPhone 8’s screen was suddenly unresponsive, I tried to do a soft reset, but it didn’t work. Now I cannot access my iPhone because it is impossible to enter the unlock password on the screen “.

If you are facing a similar issue and are worried about unlocking an iPhone with an unresponsive screen, here is a troubleshooting article for unlocking an iPhone with an unresponsive screen. If your iPhone’s touchscreen isn’t responding or working, we’ve come up with several working solutions. Both methods are simple, allowing you to unlock the lock screen when the iPhone touchscreen is not working or not working. So let’s dive deeper into the process of fixing an unresponsive iPhone.

How to Unlock iPhone with Unresponsive Screen Easily (100% Working)

Sudden irresponsibility of your iPhone can be fixed immediately with UkeySoft Unlocker. If your touchscreen is broken or the screen is unresponsive, obviously you cannot enter the password to unlock your iPhone. UkeySoft Unlocker helps you, it removes locked screen from iPhone without password. It is used to remove 4-digit / 6-digit passwords, Touch ID and Face ID on iPhone or iPad. In addition, users also reported that their iPhones were locked with iCloud Activation Lock because they forgot their passwords. UkeySoft Unlocker is also a good helper when you need to remove Apple ID from any iDevices without password or remove iCloud activation lock in iOS 13, 12 and earlier. Now follow the steps below to learn how to unlock iPhone from unresponsive screen without password using UkeySoft Unlocker.

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unlock, samsung, screen, does, work

  • Unblock disabled iPhone / iPad / iPod touch without iTunes or iCloud;
  • Unlock broken screen, locked, locked or black screen iPhone;
  • It is easy to remove password from any disabled iPhone / iPad / iPod touch;
  • High level of successful unlocking. compared to iTunes and other iOS unlocking software on the market;
  • Unblock Apple ID from any iDevice without password;
  • Unlock iCloud Activation Lock for your iPhone / iPad / iPod;
  • Keep your apps and data safe while removing Apple ID.

Use Android Device Manager to Unlock Android Phone

Google has made a service called Android Device Manager to track, lock and delete an Android phone with ease.

This will not require any other third party app or program, the device manager will boot your device that is logged into your google account when you go to the Google Android Device Manager page.

It’s quite easy that you can use Change Forgotten Password to unlock your Android phone with the following simple steps:

Step 1 Log into the Google Android Device Manager page and log into the Google account you used on your device.

Step 2 Click Accept to allow Android Device Manager to use location data.

Step 3 Click Lock in the pop-up window.

Step 4 Enter a new password to lock your device with a new password.

Use FoneLab Broken Android Phone Data Extraction to Extract Data

FoneLab Broken Android Phone Data Extractor is a powerful program that can recover Android photos, videos, music, messages, attachments, call logs, documents, etc. from Android phone or tablet with broken, black, dead, bricked screen in just a few clicks mouse.

The program works best on Samsung models like Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc. You can get a free trial to see how it works.

Fix your frozen, broken, black screen locked or locked Android system as normal, or recover data from broken Android phone or SD card.

  • Fix your Android problems and recover data from your phone.
  • Extract contacts, messages, WhatsApp, photos, etc. from broken Android device or memory card.
  • Android phone data and SD card available.

Let’s move on to how to retrieve data from a broken phone.

Step 1 Download and install the program on your computer from the above link. Then the program will automatically start when it is successfully installed. select Broken Android Data Extraction from interface.

Step 2 Connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 to your computer using a USB cable. Click Run in the correct box according to your situation.

Step 3 Make sure you have selected the correct information for your Samsung phone, including the device name and device model. Then press confirm move on.

Step 4 This step will put your Samsung phone into download mode. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter: turn off the phone. press and hold the volume down home power button. press the volume up button and then press the Start button.

Step 5 The program will scan data from your phone. Once it’s finished, select any file types in the left column and click Next.

Step 6 Preview and mark the items you want to recover and click Recover to save them to your computer.

What’s more, this program can help you fix Samsung tablet won’t turn on.If you have the same problem, this is the best choice for you.

Use OTG adapter and mouse

You will need an OTG adapter (on the go) and a USB mouse, as this requires you to connect your device to a USB mouse. Buy a compatible OTG adapter online, they are not expensive but very useful.

Once they are connected, you can control the broken screen device.

You can just click below video to see how to fix it.

How to Unlock Android Phone with Broken Screen in 5 Ways

I dropped my Samsung phone to the ground this morning and no luck this time. The phone screen is broken and does not respond to touch. How to Access Samsung Phone with Broken Screen?

First of all, you are not the only one who breaks your smartphone screen, which is a fairly common case.

But when that happens, you are faced with two challenges. They’re like unlocking an Android device and copying data from it.

If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry. We’re going to offer some help.

Here are some solutions to unlock on Android device with broken, black, dead or cracked screen and retrieve data from the device using a third party tool.

Unlock Android Phone with Samsung Account

If you have applied for a Samsung account before, then you can try this method first.

Visit on your computer or any other device and sign in with your account details. Find the Unlock my screen option in the sidebar so you know how to unlock your device.

Factory reset to unlock Android phone

The above methods will help you unlock Android devices without changing data. If they are not suitable for your device, you can try factory resetting your Android phone if you don’t mind, it will erase all data on your device and you won’t get a data backup if you don’t have your Android phone backup files.

You must prepare your device, USB cable, and computer first. Below is a tutorial with clear instructions.

Step 1 Back up Android phone data, This method will erase the data on your device, you must keep the data you want to keep and prevent data loss.

Step 2 Turn off the device while holding the button combination to enter download mode. These are usually Power, Volume Down and Home buttons.

Step 3 use volume buttons to select data erase / reset.

Step 4 Press the Power button to confirm.

If you don’t want to lose your device data, please download FoneLab Broken Android Phone Data Extractor to solve the problem of unlocking your device and save your data now!

Fix your frozen, broken, black screen locked or locked Android system as normal, or recover data from broken Android phone or SD card.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone if Forgot Password

Smartphone users often lock their smartphones with pattern keys, PIN codes or passwords to protect personal data from strangers. However, it happens that phone owners themselves forget them and wonder how to effectively recover a password without losing data? In this article, we offer you several simple ways to solve this problem, which are suitable for unlocking any Samsung model, be it Galaxy S10 / S9 / S8 / S7 / S7 Edge / S6 / S6 Edge / S5 / S4 / S3, Galaxy Note 9 / Note 8 / Note 7.

How to unlock Samsung phone using the program

A professional utility from Tenorshare allows you to quickly and efficiently unlock any Android device, regardless of the type of lock (pin code, password, pattern or fingerprint). 4uKey for Android is specially designed for unlocking Android smartphones in such cases and guarantees immediate results.

Step 1 Download the program from the developer’s official website and install it on your PC. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 2 Start the program. In the main menu, select the option “Remove screen lock”.

Step 3 The program will start checking the data, after which it will start the process of removing your Samsung screen lock. When a message appears about deleting device data, select “OK”.

Step 4 After completing the uninstallation process, you will be prompted to enter recovery mode. Turn off the device and at the same time press and hold the “Volume Up” “Home” “Power”.

Step 5 Then 4uKey for Android will remove the lock screen automatically. In a few minutes, you will see the whole process in full.

How to Unlock Password on Samsung Phone Using Android Device Manager

This method involves using a similar service from Google for all Android devices. In order to unlock Samsung if the password is forgotten, follow the instructions below.

On another phone or PC, go to Sign in with your google account.

Select your device (if not automatically detected). Then click on the “Block” option. Enter a new password to lock the screen of your device and confirm it by entering it again. Click “Block” again.

Now unlock your Samsung with the given password you just created.

How to Unlock Samsung Screen if Forgot Password via Google Account

The following method only works on Android 4.4 and below. In this case, your data will also remain unchanged on the device. Please note that for a successful result, your locked device must be connected to the network.

Enter the wrong password, pin code or pattern on the smartphone screen 5 times.

Select the “Forgot pattern / password” option. Next, enter your Google account details or backup pin.

After that, the phone will be unlocked and you can set a new key / password.

Unlock Samsung Screen via Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile service can provide invaluable service to Samsung owners in a situation when the password from the device has been forgotten or if the device has been lost. In order to use this function, you need to have a pre-registered Samsung account, as well as a network connection on another phone or computer. The main advantage of this method is the preservation of all device data.

Go to and sign in with your Samsung account.

On the right side of the window, click on “” and from the full list of options select “Unlock my device”.

Enter the password for your account in the blank line and confirm the decision by clicking on “Unblock”.

After that, the phone will be unlocked, and you can set a new password on the phone.

Unlock Samsung with an additional pin code

An exclusive way for Samsung phones to unlock the screen if you have forgotten your password is to use an additional PIN-code. When installing a pattern as a lock, the owner must also set an additional pin code.

Enter the wrong unlock combination 5 times. After the message about the retry after 30 seconds appears, select the “Additional PIN-code” option at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the pin code that you set when setting up the screen lock. Click OK. The screen lock will be unlocked.

As you can see, there is no reason to despair if you suddenly forgot your smartphone password and do not know how to get back access to all important data. You can choose any of the above solutions. each method will return you control over your phone within a few minutes. Share in the comments in the ways you like, and also suggest your own!

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Method 2. through safe mode

It doesn’t always work, especially on new devices with fresh Android, but it’s worth a try, especially since all the data will remain on the device and nothing will be erased.

Hold down the power button until the menu appears. In it, press and hold the power off button until the safe mode window appears.

The device will boot up with no applications installed. Go to settings and disable password entry. After restarting the smartphone, it will work normally.

Interesting! You can also try to enter using an additional PIN-code, if you entered it before and in general remember. This option appears when the password is entered incorrectly.

Method 4. Hard Reset

Everything will be reset to factory settings and all your data will be deleted. The main thing is to remember your Google account, if you forgot your password from it, then read the material about recovering your Google account.

Turn off the machine by holding down the power button.

Hold down the buttons: power and volume up. As soon as you feel the vibration, release only the power button. When the Recovery Menu appears, release the volume button.

Use the touch screen or volume buttons to navigate through the menu items. Go to “wipe data / factory reset”, press the power button and confirm your intentions.

After the reset process is over, restart the device by selecting the “Reboot” item if it did not happen automatically.

Method 3. through “find phone”

The unit data will be erased and everything will return to the factory settings. You need to know your username and password from your Google account.

Go to the address. and log in with your Google account.

In the left column, click on “Clean device” and confirm your intentions. If you are asked to enter the data again, do it. As soon as the phone connects to the Internet, for example, via WI-FI, it will immediately clear.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone if Forgot Password

Samsung produces some of the highest quality devices on the Android phone and tablet market, so the share of their smartphone users is very large.

The company understands that the owners of smartphones and tablets can simply forget the password for them, so it has made its own access recovery function, which simplifies this process.

The previous post was devoted to how to unlock an Honor phone if you forgot your password. Here’s how to unlock Samsung phone quickly and without factory reset.

Method 5. Smart Lock

Will only work if you have configured this function earlier in the settings. It works like this: when you perform a certain action, you do not need to enter a password to unlock the phone screen, for example, when connecting via Bluetooth.

Method 1. through the official Samsung service

By resetting the password in this way, the phone will remain in the same state and nothing will be deleted from it. The main thing is that the device is linked to a Samsung account.

How To Fix All Samsung Mobile Screen When It Is Not Working ( not lose data ) with prove

Go to the address. and enter your login details.

Select your smartphone from the list, click on “” and then click on “Unblock my device”. The codes will be reset and the smartphone will be unlocked.

Special programs like Dr. There is no point in using Fone, because they are paid and do just a regular reset that you can do yourself. Write in the comments how you returned access to your smartphone.

[100% Working] How To Bypass Android Lock Screen Without Emergency Call

If the Android screen lock bypass emergency call does not work for you or you need a more efficient way, you can use the Android screen lock removal tool known as iMyFone LockWiper (Android). This is the best Android unlock software to unlock your device without password, PIN or pattern in less than 5 minutes.

LockWiper (Android). Quickly Unlock Android Screen Without Passcode

  • Supports unlocking all screen lock formats such as password, pattern, PIN, fingerprint and face lock.
  • Supports Android devices running Android 2.3 or Android 9, including Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, Google and others.
  • It can unlock Samsung screen lock without data loss.
  • Easy to use and fast, no technical knowledge required.
  • Has a guaranteed success rate of over 98%.
  • Free download iMyFone LockWiper (Android) on your Windows PC below.

[Step by Step Tutorial] Guide to Bypass Android Lock Screen Without Emergency Call

To make sure LockWiper is really easy to use, we’ve outlined the steps you need to follow to unlock your device without a passcode, PIN, pattern, Face ID, or Touch ID.

After installing and launching LockWiper (Android) on your PC, click “Start” to begin the unlocking process.

Connect your locked Android device to your computer using your device’s USB cable. LockWiper will detect this. Click “Start Unlocking” and it will download the data package suitable for your Android device.

The tool will display simple and straightforward instructions on the screen to help you unlock your device. As soon as your device restarts, LockWiper immediately starts unlocking your phone without factory reset.

This is it. This is how you can bypass Android lock screen easily without calling emergency services! The whole process will not take much of your time. Now you can download it to your Windows computer for free and try to unlock your Android phone yourself!

how to bypass android lock screen with emergency call

You can use the Android screen lock bypass emergency call method if, luckily, your device is running Android 5. All you have to do is physically access the device you are about to unlock. To unlock your device with Android emergency dialer bypass, you need to methodically cut and paste characters on your device.

The Android screen lock bypass emergency call is a security loophole that Google has noticed and has probably already decided to close. Most likely, people using devices running newer versions of Android will not be able to use this method to bypass screen lock. Below, we show you how to bypass Samsung lock screen with an emergency call:

Get your Android device and turn it on where you forgot your password. Using the button at the bottom of the screen, open the emergency call window.

Enter a character string. For example, you can enter about 10 asterisks. Then select the line of characters you just typed (to select, double-tap the line) and select “Copy”.

Click once on the same field and paste the symbols that you copied in step 2 above. This will double the characters.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you can no longer select characters. This should be after about 11 reps.

Go back to the lock screen. Swipe to the left to launch the camera and at the same time swipe down from the top to open the notification panel.

Tap the Settings icon (gear icon). You should be prompted for a password.

In the password field, press and hold to paste the characters you copied in step 2. Continue pasting the characters as many times as you can. Make sure the cursor is at the end of the current line before inserting other characters.

Continue repeating step 7 until the system crashes and the soft buttons below are gone. The lock screen should now be expanded by the camera screen. Wait for the camera to fly out. This should open the home screen.

Disadvantages of using an emergency call:

  • Android lock screen bypass emergency calls are often time consuming.
  • You need to repeat the steps each time, as the screen lock will not be removed.
  • The Android emergency dialer bypass solution only works on devices running Android 5 or earlier. People using devices with newer versions of Android may not find it useful to bypass the emergency calls of the Android lock screen.

How to unlock your phone with an emergency call

Setting a password is a way to protect our phone. No matter if your Android device is locked with PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint, face, if you cannot unlock it normally, you need to know if there is a way to bypass the screen lock. In this article, we will discuss 2 ways to bypass Android lock screen with emergency call. This method is free and doesn’t cost you anything. However, this does not always work. For this reason, we will show you the best alternative to bypass Android emergency dialer.

Well, if your Android phone (including Samsung) is running Android 5.0 or earlier, you can use Method 1 below to remove your Android lock screen with a free emergency call. Otherwise, if your device is running Android 6.0-9.0, you will need to choose the second method to bypass the Android lock screen. Now let’s explore the steps of these 2 methods.

If you can’t remember your Android lock screen password, this article provides 2 solutions that you can use to unlock your device. The first solution may not work for your device. If it proves to be effective, the solution will be temporary. Android lock screen bypass emergency call solution requires you to follow many steps. For most people, this is a waste of time.

Unlike Android emergency dialer bypass, LockWiper (Android) is extremely efficient. This solution will unlock your device within minutes. It also supports broken screen android devices. Don’t hesitate, download LockWiper for a trial.

Android Device Manager

A service called Android Device Manager has become a salvation for users of new phone models. allows you to easily extricate yourself from a similar problem. Here you also need to sync your mobile phone with your Google account.

To get rid of blocking, visit the service and select the “Block” tab in the Device Manager section. In case the service cannot find the device, update the system several times. If the mobile phone is synchronized, it will take no more than 5 attempts.

After clicking on the “Block” button, the system will prompt you to enter a new password:

After the change, the entered combination will become a new key to unlock your device. The change may not take place immediately, so we recommend that you wait about 5 minutes before trying to enter a new password.

How to avoid blocking using Safe Mode?

If a third-party application displays your lock screen, booting your device using Safe Mode can help.

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To boot into safe mode, press and hold the power button on the lock screen. In the window that appears, hold down the “Turn off the power” button for a few seconds. By clicking “Ok”, the process of starting safe mode will begin, when third-party applications will be temporarily disabled. In the settings, turn off the locks and restart the device again, after which the third-party software lock screen will disappear.

How to unlock your device using Google Play

One of the simplest ways is to sync your device with your Google account. The proposed option is relevant only if the phone has access to the Internet, be it Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

Enter the password incorrectly 5 times, after which a 30-second lockout window will pop up. Here you need to tap on “Forgot your pattern?”. In the window that appears, enter your Google account details. If they are also forgotten, you can restore them on the official website In case of successful authorization, your device will be unlocked.

Disabling the lock through the Recovery menu (reset to factory settings)

You can also delete the “gesture.key” file manually. To do this, the device must have a Recovery menu. By itself, this process means rolling back to factory settings and deleting all information from your device. When starting this method, you must be aware that the files cannot be restored.

The first step is to turn off your phone. When your smartphone is off, hold down the volume and power buttons at the same time, this combination will bring up the Android bootloader menu. Now you need to press the lower volume button twice, thereby highlighting the “Recovery Mode” function, and then press the power button again, selecting it.

While pressing the power button, press the upper volume button once, after which the device will start the recovery process. In the menu that appears, select “Wipe data / factory reset” and tap the power button again. After completing the process, click on “Reboot system now” and the device will be unlocked.

Consider also brands of mobile phones, the reboot of which may be partially different.

How to unblock using a call?

This option is suitable for smartphones with Android version no higher than 2.3. You should call the locked device, minimize the call menu and go to the settings, where you can easily reset the lock using the graphic key.

How to unlock your phone screen if you forgot your Android password

If you have forgotten the password for unlocking your smartphone, do not panic ahead of time. Today, there are several effective ways to solve this problem. The proposed material contains “working” algorithms of actions, thanks to which it will be possible to unlock a device based on Android. In case one of the proposed options did not fit. do not despair and try the next one.

How to reset a lock using a dead battery?

This method is suitable for both mobile devices and tablets. After waiting for the device to display a low charge alert, enter the power status menu, from where you can go to the settings and reset the lock by entering the pattern.

Samsung “Find My Mobile” service

If you are a happy owner of a Samsung smartphone, then you probably know about this service.

To use it, you need to follow the link and enter your account with your data. If you do not have a Samsung account, this method will not work.

Otherwise, after logging into your account, click the “Lock my screen” button, which is located on the left. The system will ask for a new PIN, then click the “Block” tab located at the bottom of the screen. After a few minutes, the forgotten password will be changed to the PIN that you just entered.

Phone sensor does not respond to touch. device “first aid” guide

Very often, the touch screen on a smartphone starts working incorrectly, incorrectly, or simply does not respond to pressing. As a rule, all problems in this case can be divided into 3 groups:

  • The touchscreen has stopped working on the smartphone and is completely unresponsive to any taps.
  • The touch screen does not work properly: when you press “a” you get “b”.
  • Delay when clicking, braking, screen distortion, color swap.
  • Let’s try to figure out the reasons for such breakdowns and try to eliminate them without resorting to specialized services. Regardless of which model or brand of phone you are facing a problem, this guide will help you solve almost any problem.

    The smartphone screen does not respond to any touch. what to do?

    If the touchscreen has no physical damage but suddenly stops responding to your touch, it could be caused by a software problem. Here are the main and most effective ways to fix the problems that have arisen:

    Before delving into any other troubleshooting procedures, restart your phone or tablet to fix software errors that might prevent your device from working.

    Reboot any Android touchscreen device as follows:

    Press and hold the power button until the screen turns black.

    After 1 minute, press the power button again to turn on the device.

    In many cases, the phone will respond normally to touch after a reboot.

    Sometimes a faulty memory card or SIM card is to blame. Consequently:

  • Turn off the device (hold the power button until it turns off completely if the screen is completely unresponsive).
  • Remove the back cover of the device and battery, remove the memory card and SIM card. For devices with non-removable batteries, simply remove the cards from the corresponding slots.
  • Restart your device and check if the problem is gone.
  • Put your device into safe mode
  • Corrupted or extraneous apps can also cause a touchscreen issue on your phone or tablet.

    In safe mode, all downloaded third-party applications will be disabled, i.e. only standard applications will be loaded that are necessary for the operation of the operating system and maintain the minimum functionality. Therefore, if the display works well in safe mode, you should uninstall some applications, especially those that were installed very recently, before the problem with the touch screen.

    • Turn off your Android device.
    • Next. long press the power button to reboot the device.
    • When you see the phone brand logo, release the power button, press and hold the volume down button.
    • Release the volume down button when the device boots up with the safe mode indicator in the lower left corner.

    Attention! If your phone sensor is not responding to touch, lags behind, slows down or responds incorrectly, you can also try using this method.

    When you see a message about restarting your device in safe mode, click OK. Safe Mode is enabled. If no problems are observed, start uninstalling third-party applications by periodically rebooting the device and checking the smartphone in normal mode.

    If the touchscreen is completely unresponsive, it may need to be restored to factory settings.

    This procedure will erase all data on your device, including downloaded apps, photos, messages, contacts, etc. WITHOUT POSSIBILITY OF RECOVERY. Therefore, use this method as your very last chance. Back up your Google account ahead of time.

    The steps to enter recovery mode are different for many Android models. In other articles, we have already mentioned how to do this, so we will not repeat ourselves and proceed to the next method.

  • Calibrating the touch screen using the app
  • Type “touch screen calibration” in the Play Store search bar and the system will give you quite a few results.

    Read the reviews carefully before downloading any of the applications, give preference to verified authors.

    Why Touch Phone Screen Doesn’t Work?

    The touchscreen display on any phone can stop working for many reasons. Here are the most common problems that make your smartphone screen unresponsive to touch:

      Physical damage resulting in damage to the touch screen. High temperature, cold, humidity, magnetism, or static electricity can damage the touchscreen on your Android phone.

  • Malware or performance-enhancing applications that affect the phone’s system in such a way that the sensor does not respond to touch. (Antivirus is recommended to avoid this)
  • Android system crash after firmware update, incorrect reboot, insufficient RAM or internal memory.
  • Invalid settings.
  • A “factory reset” (returning the phone state to factory settings) will help restore the phone to its default settings and eliminate most of the above problems. If the touchscreen just stops working for no clear reason, it is probably caused by a software issue. How to fix a physically damaged touchscreen. later in the article.

    Physically damaged touchscreen: how to fix it?

    If your phone or tablet has been hit, dropped, or otherwise damaged, the sensor will most likely stop working 90% of the time. Do not rush to run to the service center! Before replacing a new display, try these free tips first:

      Preliminary diagnosis of damage

    What to do if the touchscreen does not work after a fall? A diagnostic test won’t fix the problem, of course, but it helps determine which areas of the screen are truly unresponsive. To access the diagnostic tool, you need to enter a specific USSD code in the dialing line of the phone number.

    All codes differ for Android devices of different manufacturers, models, OS versions. Here are some tested codes that are commonly used (the “-” character after the “#” character is NOT written):

    #. most Android smartphones, especially Samsung;

    # # #. Sony Xperia series smartphones;

    For example, here’s how the test is performed on a Samsung Galaxy S4, Android 4.0:

  • Open the phone dial.
  • Enter # to enter the diagnostic tool menu.
  • Select TSP Dot Mode or TSP Grid Mode which are used for touch screen testing.
  • TSP Dot Mode will show small dots when you tap on the screen, while TSP Grid Mode allows you to test every area of ​​the screen in a grid overlay. Using both of these modes, you can determine which part of the display is most affected.

    If the device is dropped, the digitizer cable may be loose (detached) and the touchscreen may not respond. This can be fixed quite easily by tapping lightly on each corner of the touchscreen several times. In 50% of cases, this method helps.

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