How to unlock Lenovo tablet if you forgot your password

Factory reset

Resetting to factory settings will delete all user data and return the system to the state in which it was originally, “from the factory”.

Therefore, this method is considered quite categorical, especially considering that the user does not have the opportunity to upload files to the cloud storage. But you can connect the device to the computer and copy any files to the PC, or make a backup through the recovery menu.
Also, the rollback to the factory settings has a significant plus. the device will work a little faster.

This is because clearing all user data will free the device from software junk, cache, malware, apps, and more.

  • Turn off the tablet.
  • Press and hold the power button and volume up. If the device has a Home button, then press and hold it and the power button.
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  • The Recovery menu will open.
  • Then, using the volume down and up buttons, point to the item “wipe data factory reset”.
  • We confirm the reset and then press the power button.
  • Confirm the action once again by clicking “Yes. delete all user data”.
  • Within a couple of minutes, a factory reset will occur, after which the gadget will display the recovery menu again.
  • Hover over the “reset” button and click on it.
    The device will reboot after being reset.

All Ways to Unlock Lenovo Tablet

There are many ways to unlock if you forgot your pattern.

Most of them depend on different things, for example, whether a certain application was installed before the device was locked, or whether the user remembers the second “spare” password.

I decided not to list such unstable methods, which, moreover, are not suitable for everyone.
The most appropriate solutions for what to do when a Lenovo tablet is locked: use a Google account, unlock through a computer, reset the Android device to factory settings, reinstall the operating system.

As you can see, the options are listed from easiest to sharpest, so I recommend applying them in order.

4 Ways to Unlock Lenovo Tablet

Often, the device password or pattern is lost in memory, especially if the gadget was purchased recently. In such cases, the problem of a locked device arises, and you need to understand how to unlock a Lenovo tablet.
Below I have given 4 ways to unlock your device if you forgot your password. All of the above methods are effective regardless of the type of blocking, be it a digital code, pattern or fingerprint.

Via computer

The password is saved in the system file gesture.key, but to get to the file, you need root rights, as well as an unlocked tablet. So I will outline a way to delete gesture.key file via computer.
First you need to prepare by downloading and installing drivers for Lenovo gadgets on your PC.

After that, you need to download the Adb Run program, with the help of which the file with the key will be deleted, and also install it on the computer. You can download the program on the forum, at this link.

The software is suitable for older versions of Windows (starting from XP) and for Windows 10.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Put the device into download mode by pressing the power button and volume down.
  • Connect the machine to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Open the Adb Run program.
  • In the “Menu” tab, select “Manual”.
  • A command line will open, in which you need to press the Enter button once, and then enter the command: adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key and press Enter again.
  • Disconnect the gadget from the PC.
    The actions taken will delete the key file, and the device will turn on without the locked screen.

Using a google account

This method allows you to access a tablet running Android 6.0 and earlier operating system versions. Unfortunately, on firmware older than the sixth Android, this unlocking method is not relevant.
You can unblock a tablet computer through a Google account only if the gadget itself is authorized in Google and connected to the Internet.

Since all Lenovo tablets and phones are connected to the Play Market on the very first day of operation, there should be no problems with the presence of a connected Google account.

  • Try to enter your key several times.
  • After 5-7 unsuccessful attempts, a notification will appear on the tablet that the device is temporarily locked and it will be impossible to enter the password. Don’t worry, the first blocking lasts no more than 30 seconds.
  • After unsuccessful attempts to enter the pattern, the message “Forgot your key?” Will appear in the lower right part of the display. or “Forgot your password?” Click on it.
  • A window will open in which you will be asked to enter your email and password from your Google account authorized on this device. Enter your email and password.

After that, the gadget is unlocked, and the previous password will be deleted.
But there are situations when users forget not only the password from the tablet, but also the password from the Google account.

In this case, go to Gmail on another device and try to reset your password. To reset your password, you will need confirmation on any device authorized in your Google account.

After confirmation, a field for creating a new password will be displayed. Remember the new password and enter it when unlocking the device.

Re-flashing the tablet

Reinstalling the operating system is the most categorical way to unlock the device.

Indeed, in this case, all data and files will be deleted, and the entire firmware as a whole, and a new one will be installed instead. But this method also has its merits.

For example, you can install a new version of the firmware, thereby improving the tablet. Also, reinstalling the operating system frees the device from garbage and viruses.
The flashing process is described in the corresponding article. Any user with PC skills can install the new firmware. Or you can reinstall the OS in the service center.

How to unlock your tablet if you forgot your password

At the moment, tablet computers from luxury goods are gradually moving into the category of essentials. The gadget can be used as a book, when reading a novel in electronic form, as source of communication, being away from the office, as a means of accessing information from anywhere in the world.

But when using a tablet in a given situation, you should also think about its safety, so that no one can take possession of the information kept by the user in secret. The simplest means of protection is a password (pin code). However, even with such a simple situation, many users manage to get into trouble. So, having forgotten his PIN code, the user himself cannot get access to his information. What to do? How do I unlock my tablet if I forgot my password? This is discussed in the article.

Can the tablet be locked forever

If you enter incorrect data, the device will be blocked with a corresponding message on the screen. To reanimate it, you need to remove the old key and restore access to the system. The operating instructions often prescribe the time for blocking the system due to an incorrect password. As a rule, entering an incorrect password on the sixth attempt is fraught with a 1-minute lock, at the seventh attempt. a 5-minute lock, at the eighth attempt. a 15-minute lock, at the ninth attempt. a 60-minute lock, at the tenth attempt. the device will require the original PC.

Reference! There is no eternal blocking of tablets. You can always find a way to unlock it. You just need to know how. As a last resort, you can reflash the gadget.

How to unlock Alcatel tablet

Many fans of new products can find the Alcatel tablet. In general, the unlocking algorithm is similar to the restoring sequences of other models. For example, when starting to use Google, a user is required to create his own account. After entering the wrong pattern several times, a message will appear on the screen about logging into your account and resetting the key.

Below is the sequence of restarting in Alcatel tablets.

  • The tablet turns off, after which the power, volume up and main switch buttons are pressed simultaneously.
  • If the attempt is unsuccessful, then you can try other options, for example. power and sound control.
  • A menu appears at the bottom of the display.
  • Using the volume down button, you need to move to the line “wipe data / factory reset” and press the power button.
  • The words “Yes” are selected and the power button is pressed.
  • reboot is done (first line “reboot system now”.

The gadget will restart, after which the protective combination must be disabled or replaced.

How to unlock your tablet if you forgot your pin code

If you lose your password, you do not need to despair and run to look for computer experts. Any situation is solvable. Many non-tech-savvy users will immediately reset the tablet to factory settings. Good option, but tricky. There are simpler ways to solve this problem.

Using a pattern. Any tablet can be connected to a stationary PC via a USB cable. Below is the sequence of actions performed when using a pattern:

  • The Android SDK is located, recorded and installed on the creator’s web resource;
  • A USB cable connects the tablet to a PC;
  • On the keyboard, the Win and R buttons are pressed (at the same time).
  • Three characters are written in the command line that appears: cmd.
  • In the window that appears, three characters are again assigned: cd \ with the indicated combinations;
  • The window will display the entry adb devices, and then the symbols of the serial number.
  • You need to type the sequences of combinations suggested by the developer. The best way is to copy them to the clipboard and then paste them into the required field.
  • When you turn it on again, new code symbols are invented, remembered (or better written and hidden in a safe place).

It should be recalled that it is possible to solve the problem through ADB if the tablet PC has a control function via USB. To achieve this, you need to check the box when entering the password for further use of this opportunity.

A good way to unlock it is to “condition the tablet.” To do this, when loading it, you need to constantly and continuously type the key. Sooner or later, the computer will get tired of it, and the display will prompt you to enter your Google account or Apple Store account data. Further, having gained access to the system, the user will be able to change the method and security code.

In older versions of tablets, unlocking the pattern is an easy task. You just need to insert a SIM card and call him. Having received the answer to the call, the user enters the settings and changes the encoding.

If the text password is lost, the same methods are used as for the loss of the graphic code. There is also third-party software on the Internet for these purposes. For example, to unlock Android, the application “Screen Lock Bypass Pro” is purchased, which is considered the most reliable of the budget methods of hacking a tablet without losing data. To use the program, you need to connect to the Internet and register with Google Plus. In Google Play, in the Send_to tab, the available equipment is registered and the program is launched. After that, the tablet turns on again and a completely new protection is set.

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Can iPad be unlocked

For each device from the assortment line of a certain manufacturer, the unlocking sequence is standardized. In this situation, you can start unlocking only if you have additional storage of information about the gadget and provided that this iPad was previously synchronized with iTunes. Only in this case it is possible to carry out resuscitation with the usual recovery. This is done like this:

Worse when the device has not been synced with iTunes. In this case, an error will appear when trying to connect to iTunes. You will have to follow these recommendations:

  • Lighting-cable is disconnected from the device;
  • You need to hold down the “Power” button until the corresponding red slider appears;
  • The equipment will turn off. Then connect the cable to the stationary PC and hold the “Home” button (both actions are done simultaneously);
  • The iPad will turn on, which will be evidenced by the appeared window with a recommendation to connect to iTunes;
  • Next, a message about the gadget being in recovery mode will start flashing on the screen;
  • You need to use a button similar to the one that was pressed in the previous sequence of steps to restore the iPad;
  • The recovery process will take a certain amount of time and will start in automatic mode. The device will reboot.

The disadvantage of this algorithm is the lack of backups, as a result of which all user data will be destroyed. But iPad will work fine.

What to do if you failed to unlock the panel

If the above sequence of actions did not bring the desired result, then there is only one way out. resetting to the factory parameters. But then all the information entered above will be destroyed. For this reason, if you need to save data, you need to contact the wizards. The sequence for a factory reset is described below. It fits any tablet model.

  • You need to turn on the tablet while holding down the volume control button with the power key;
  • The display will show the recovery menu, which is controlled by the same buttons;
  • You must follow the sequence Settings-Format Settings-Restart Android;
  • At the end of the process, all parameters will be erased, and the OS will receive the original firmware.

In some equipment, for example, in devices of the Prestigio brand, the reset occurs by pressing the power buttons, turning on the volume and Home. If one of these keys is not present, then you need to look in the instructions for other reset methods.

Lost password can happen to every tablet user. Unfortunately, even if the device is under warranty, you will have to pay money to unlock it. Therefore, the methods for solving the problem must be known to every owner of the tablet. We hope that the methods proposed in the article will help you to unlock the device yourself.

Any user can lose the pin-code. Even at the time of the warranty period, you will have to fork out when contacting the service. Therefore, in order to avoid unexpected costs, it is better to study the methods of unlocking the tablet yourself, which are given in this article.

way for old android devices

What to do if the tablet is locked? It’s not even a way, but a hole in the defense. You need to call yourself from another phone. After picking up the handset, go to the settings menu, where you can turn off the screen lock. There is a hole in iOS 6.1, 6.0.2, 6.0.1, but the lock cannot be removed this way. You can only go to the address book and, accordingly, the contact editor. To do this, you need to call the PIN input screen, then switch to the emergency call mode, then press the device shutdown button and cancel this action. Then dial the number, press the call button and cancel the action again. Lock the phone, unlock the phone, but keep the button pressed, press the emergency call button, and then the “Home” button.

Option 6

  • install root rights using odin;
  • in Recovery mode, install AROMA Filemanager from the memory card;
  • go to data / system /
  • delete the ill-fated GESTURE.KEY file

“kill” the pattern or “locker”

Few smart words. The unlock pattern you are creating is located in the / DATA directory under the name GESTURE.KEY. Rather, this file is responsible for locking the screen. You just need to delete it and that’s it. the device will unlock. This will require:

  • personal computer or laptop;
  • USB cable;
  • program for unlocking the ADB tablet (download);
  • adbBLOCK GEST script (download);

The downloaded program must be unpacked to the root of the C drive. The script must also be placed in the same directory. To run the program, you need to run the adb devices command on the command line. The command line is invoked like this:
Windows 7: Start. To find. write cmd. (will appear in the search)
Windows XP: Start. Execute. write cmd. Enter

Run the adbBLOCK GEST script in the program, after which it will ask: do you want to delete the GESTURE.KEY screen lock file, which is what we need. agree by pressing the Enter key. Next, the program will ask for permission to restart the device. Disconnect your tablet or phone from your computer during the reboot process.
Everything, but if suddenly it did not work out. try Recovery or Bootloader modes.

if the above didn’t help

The actions are the same with some adjustments. You need to download a slightly different script. Gesture.keyRazblokII.bat, which, of course, we put in the same place as the previous one. After launching it, enter the commands:

update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;
adb reboot

How to unlock your tablet

Nowadays, the tablet does not surprise anyone, but along with their appearance, small technical issues related to everyday work appeared. First of all, how to unlock your tablet if you forgot your password? No one is immune from such an incident, especially since it can happen by accident.

  • password lock;
  • lock with a graphic key;
  • failure of the “locker” (preinstalled or third-party);
  • viruses.

You should not panic, all the more, think that you will need an experienced specialist. In most cases, all resuscitation actions can be carried out on their own. Many experts immediately argue that it is necessary to reset all data from the device (wipe). You should not heed such advice. First you need to try simpler methods that do not require experience and knowledge. In 90% of cases, this is the whole problem. So do not rush to run to service centers.

Option 3

Another way to remove the password from the tablet for some versions of Android. You need to wait until the battery is running out. After warning of low charging status. go to the “battery status” menu. At the bottom there will be a menu, going into which we select the settings. confidentiality. reset.

Utilities for unlocking

Often, when setting up a tablet for the first time, users simply scroll through the suggested items, and this is a mistake, since among them there are useful utilities that will help to unlock the tablet in the future.

The first option will help if Smart Lock is configured in the device. It has three unlock options:

  • by face (it is enough to set your photo as a password);
  • by location (GPS must be turned on and a place is indicated that will be considered safe for the device, for example, home);
  • reliable devices (a Smart watch or another phone is connected to the device via Bluetooth, if the device is locked and Bluetooth is enabled in it, it will be enough to use the device that has been set as secure).

Aroma File Manager is a useful utility that can remove password. The tablet must have removable memory. It is necessary to copy the archive with the utility to the root directory. Now you should enter the device in Recovery mode.

For popular manufacturers, you need to hold down the following combinations of physical buttons:

  • Samsung, Huawei. turn up the power supply;
  • Lenovo. turn down the power supply;
  • ASUS. turn down the volume; turn up the volume;
  • Sony. home volume increase power;
  • Prestigio, Digma. reduce the volume of the home power supply (if there is one).

Recovery will open, in it you can install the necessary application from the flash drive, that is, Aroma. To do this, go through the following menu items.

  • Install update from zip file (install the application from the archive). Choose zip from / sdcard (open the archive on the flash drive).
  • Enter the address of the application location.

After installation, the software turns on by itself. In the software settings, activate the “Automount all devices on start” mode.

The next stage completely repeats the actions before starting the program. re-enter Recovery and repeat steps 1 and 2, only now we indicate the place where Aroma was installed. Open Data Folder (device memory). System Folder (system folder). We find one of two files: gesture or password. They will both have “.key” permission. These files should be deleted, as they store information about the key (password). After this, the device will start.

Factory reset

So, if none of the above methods helped unlock the tablet screen, then there are two options. flashing the device and resetting to factory settings.

Important! Regarding flashing, it is important to understand that this option can completely “kill” the tablet, and for its implementation you need a whole set of tools, from the firmware itself downloaded from the official website to special software that differs depending on the manufacturer.

This text will not describe the procedure as it varies for each individual brand. To safely flash a tablet, you need, at least, to see how this is done, since even the highest-quality description will not help in such a situation, and it is even better to do it with a person who has previously done this. If there is no experience with the firmware of the device, and there was no user savvy in this matter nearby, then the best option is to contact the specialists. Some manufacturers, such as Oysters, Irbis, Dexp and other little-known companies, are quite hard to sew, and there are no high-quality firmware on them, and it is rather dangerous to use options written by non-specialists.

For this reason, an extreme option, which is worth trying on your own, is to roll back the device to the factory state. This is done through Recovery, how to enter it was described above. After the user is in the system menu, he is interested in the “Recovery” item and the next item “Wipe data / factory reset”. The device will completely delete all user data and, accordingly, the settings created by the owner, and after rebooting, the device will need to be configured again, as if it was just purchased.

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How to unlock your tablet

Any user seeks to protect their data. On a mobile device, you can set a password so that no one can enter the system. But sometimes it happens that this password is forgotten, and access difficulties arise. Below are all the methods on how to unlock your tablet if you forgot your password.

Google account

If the owner has forgotten the graphic password, then there is a way out. The first thing that comes to mind is to roll back the device to the factory settings, but this will delete all data, so this option should be resorted to as a last resort. It is much easier to use a Google account if the device is controlled by the Android OS.

A pattern is a locking method in which the user must enter a specific character made up of a number of circles connected to each other. There are nine of them in total, but the combination is set in such a way that only a few of them are connected by one continuous line without repeating passage through the same circle. It is believed that such a symbol cannot be cracked, therefore it is more reliable than a regular password. There are problems with it. usually the user forgets it, or children enter the key, and then they do not know what exactly they asked. In any situation, the unlocking of the tablet, regardless of the type of key, will be carried out in the same way.

  • To reset (restore) a graphic image, you must enter it incorrectly several times.
  • A message will appear stating that the device is locked, and the device itself will issue an offer to restore access.
  • To restore, you must click on “forgot password” in the dialog box.
  • The system will redirect the user to the recovery page, where it is necessary to specify the mailbox, phone number or login, and also choose where to send the recovery link.
  • It is important to have access to a phone number or mail in order to successfully complete the procedure.

Recovery via SIM

A rather clever method that stopped working in new devices due to the fact that it was a serious gap in system protection. It consists of using a SIM card and is suitable for older tablets with GSM support. The trick is that you need to call the SIM card from any other device. On a locked device, you need to accept the call and, without dropping it, just roll off the call. Now the user will be able to get into the settings and, including, completely remove the protection of the device.

Important! The disadvantage of this method is that the developers at Google learned about such a loophole and closed it in newer versions of the OS. In addition, the method will not help if the owner of the device has forgotten the PIN code from the SIM card, and it is he who does not allow logging in.

Password reset via PC

Another way to unlock a password on a tablet is to use the ADB computer utility. This method only works if USB debugging is enabled on the device. We go to the PC in ADB RUN, first connect the tablet to the laptop and make sure that the latter sees it. We go through two menu items: Reboot. Reboot Recovery. The application resets the tablet settings and removes the lock password.

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Resetting the device to factory settings

If the password data was lost, and recovery through the account does not help, then in this case, resetting the settings through Recovery can help.

Recovery allows you to enter the developer menu and it will be useful for those users whose device is not only locked, but also malfunctions from time to time (reboots, freezes, etc.). So, for this you need:

  • Disconnect the device and go to the Recovery menu.

From different manufacturers, you can get into this menu in different ways.

SamsungVolume up key. power button.
LENOVOVolume down key. Power button.
ASUSVolume Up Key. Volume Down Key
SONYPower button. home. volume key up.
XiaomiVolume down key. Volume up key.

Navigation through the developers menu is carried out with the volume keys, and the choice must be made with the power button.

  • After completing all the preparatory procedures, the user gets to a menu called Recovery, where he needs to run the third item in the operating menu (wipe data factory reset or the like. Not always the third)
  • Further, it remains only to confirm your choice and reboot the device using a reboot.

How to unlock your tablet

As a rule, you can protect your data on a tablet in two ways. this is a graphic key and a password (finger scanners familiar on smartphones have not yet deeply integrated into the world of tablets). So, how can you unlock a secure tablet using a password?

The password is a four-digit numeric or alphanumeric combination that was previously set by the user (for example, pincode 1111 or password ab11).

It is important to know: as you can see, the methods for activating the key and password are the same and carry identical functionality, but they differ from each other exclusively in the way of input and each user chooses which of the methods is more convenient for him to unlock.

Well, now you should go to a detailed description of how to unlock the device, if the password data was lost or simply forgotten.

Reflashing the device

If the user failed to enter the Recovery menu, then all that remains is to reflash the device, since this is the only way to start operating it from scratch. For flashing you will need:

  • Find the required firmware version for the device (firmware is selected depending on the manufacturer).
  • Now, on the official website, you need to download the software to control the tablet system.
  • Next, you need to connect the device to a personal computer and run the previously downloaded software. It will automatically detect the user’s device and offer to start OS updates.
  • After that, the firmware starts to download and install on the tablet.

We use a Google account

Google account verification is the best way to unlock your tablet, allowing you to access your device by sending an email. To carry out this procedure, you must:

  • After several incorrect attempts, the system will automatically display a message stating that the user enters incorrect data and he should restore access through his Google account. To do this, he will need to click on a dialog message with the inscription: “Forgot your password?”.
  • Further, it remains only to enter your registration data (login or email, as well as password) and within a few minutes you will receive a message in the mail with detailed instructions for restoring access, where you can change the type of protection or completely remove the combination.

Removing gesture.key and password.key

gesture.key is a file on the tablet system that stores data about the graphic key, and password.key is a similar file, but it contains data about the password. In order to restore access to the tablet, you must delete one of these files.

  • The first step is to obtain superuser rights (ROOT rights). To do this, you need to go to settings. About device. Firmware version (you need to tap several times until the corresponding inscription appears. On new models, special software is required).
  • Next, you need to go to the Recovery menu.
  • Then you need to select a file manager and select the files you need to delete.
  • It remains only to confirm your actions and restart the tablet.

Methods for cracking a tablet password or graphic key

Tablet pattern lock is a security that blocks other users from logging into your device, in particular if it is stolen or lost. In simple words, a pattern is a password that does not consist of numbers, but is a combination of nine circles, connecting which in the sequence specified by the owner of the gadget opens access to the device.

It is important to know: in some cases, you can try to enter the security key indefinitely. But, often, after several attempts, the program automatically blocks the gadget, believing that it is protecting it from an intruder who has attempted to steal the data stored in the device’s memory, and in this case, troubles begin, especially if you need to use the tablet urgently. How to remove the graphic keys will be discussed a little below.

How to remove or set a key or password

  • you need to go to “Settings”.
  • section “Security”, select “Screen lock”, “Pattern” and set protection.

For different devices and operating system versions, the installation of the pattern may differ slightly.

  • Settings.
  • Menu item Security — Lock — Select the type of lock (in this case, you must select and enter a password).

Windows 8

On a laptop with a G8, it is much easier to recover the password if you use a Microsoft account and the device has access to the Internet (you can connect to the network on the welcome screen).

Need to open an address from any computer or smartphone, where you enter the required data:

  • associated with the account e-mail, login in Skype or phone number;
  • confirm receipt of the code in the form of an email, message or SMS.

If the phone number, mail or login used when registering an account is not available, then you can click on the line “I do not have this data” and specify an e-mail for communication. After confirmation, a code will be sent to it, which must be entered in the window that appears on the password reset page. You will be redirected to a form where you will need to specify the personal data (name, first name, last name, date of birth, address) used to create an account, as well as activity associated with the account. purchases or use of company products. After verification, if everything is correct, it will be possible to set a new password.

When using a local account, you can use the OS reset. This will require:

  • Click on the device shutdown icon located in the lower right corner of the login screen.
  • Hold down the Shift key and click the reboot icon.
  • A context menu will appear, where you need to select the “Diagnostics” subsection, and then. the item to return to its original state. Confirm recovery.

The process may require an installation disc, and after the procedure is complete, confirmation of deleting the files. You don’t need to completely wipe the disk.

It should be borne in mind that this method leads to the disappearance of user settings and documents.

Through the jumper

First of all, you should find a small platform signed by CLR, CLRTC, JCMOS or CCMOS. Further, three options are possible:

  • There is a button on the platform. You need to press it and hold it for 10. 15 seconds.
  • There are three contacts next to the inscription, two of which are closed by a special jumper. jamprom. You should move it to the right or left (remove and close the other two contacts), connect the device to the charger, press the laptop power button, hold for 30 seconds. Return the jumper to its original position.
  • There are only two contacts on the court. They need to be closed manually. for example, with a screwdriver. while continuing to hold which, connect the device to the network and hold down the power button for 30 seconds. As in the previous version, the laptop will not start, but the BIOS settings will be reset.
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After that, it remains to collect and turn on the laptop.

How to reset administrator data

It is easier to restore access to your account if you can boot from a different account. In this case, to recover the administrator password, you will need:

  • Open the terminal through “Start” or by calling the command window with the Win R combination and typing the line “cmd” in it.
  • Enter “control userpasswords2”, press Enter.
  • In the window that opens, find the required account, select it with one click. At the top, uncheck the checkbox that sets the need to enter the username and password. Apply changes.
  • A login form will appear, where you need to set a new password or leave the fields blank.

After confirming and closing the window, restart the laptop.

Safe Mode Operation

The easiest, safest and fastest way to unlock your device. Doesn’t require complex manipulations or installation of applications.

First of all, you need to enter the desired mode. For this:

  • While starting the laptop, press the F8 key. Some device models require its combination with Fn.
  • When a window appears with a list of configurations for loading. select “safe mode”.
  • After turning on the laptop, confirm the continuation of the work in the warning that appears.
  • Open the “Control Panel”, from where to go to “Accounts” and manage them.
  • Select the desired user, and in the appeared left menu. change the password.
  • Make edits, restart laptop.

The device will then start normally and the password will be updated. The method does not always work.

Windows 7

You will need to use the command line. It is necessary:

  • Press the laptop power button while clicking on F8.
  • In the list that opens, select “safe mode with command line support”.
  • Login as administrator. If the settings have not been changed, then the password should be absent.
  • A black window will appear with copyright Microsoft and the ability to enter text. You must type the line “net user” “, where is the account name, and is the new password.
  • Press Enter.

If everything is done correctly, a message will appear stating that the command was completed successfully. Now you can restart the laptop by typing “exit” and clicking on Enter again.

Windows 10

Restoring access to a Microsoft account is the same as in the eighth version. In the case of a local user, the procedure depends on the distribution. Starting with Windows 10 1803, three security questions must be answered during the first logon to make it easier to resume access:

  • If the password is specified incorrectly, an active line “Reset password” appears under the input field.
  • By clicking on it, the user gets access to the form with security questions.
  • If the answers are entered correctly, a window for creating a new password will open, after which the system will automatically boot.

Earlier OS versions require the use of bootable media.

Through battery

If the manufacturer has not provided for a jumper reset, then access to the motherboard is required. It contains a round coin-cell battery, which must be carefully removed.

It is important that the deletion of custom BIOS settings occurs only when the power supply of the special CMOS chip, where they are stored, is interrupted for a certain time. Therefore, insert the battery back in a few minutes, it is better to wait half an hour.

The next time you turn on the laptop, the system may ask you to select a boot option. It is required to specify “Load defaults”.

Unlock your Samsung tablet if you forgot your password or pin

You can forget your password or pattern, after which access to the device will be blocked. But there are several ways to unlock your Samsung tablet if you forgot your password.

All of the following methods are easy to perform for any owner of devices such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 2, Tab A, Tab S6 and other models of the South Korean manufacturer.

In addition, ROOT rights are only useful for deleting files with a password / key. In all the unlocking methods described by me, this action is not useful.

Lock types on Samsung tablets

Samsung Galaxy tablets can have 4 types of screen lock: Home button, PIN, password, fingerprint. Most often, users use the first two.

Types of screen lock on a tablet computer:

  • At the push of a button. The simplest view. This screen is unlocked by pressing the Home button or the shutdown button. There are no passwords or keys.
  • Graphic key. The user draws a pattern with his finger, alternately swiping in circles on the display. There are 9 such circles in total, each can be used only once. Minimum pattern length. 3 circles involved.
  • Numeric password. Classic four-digit password. On some devices, it may include not only numbers, but also letters of the Latin alphabet, as well as some symbols.
  • Fingerprint. A popular type of display lock on modern electronic devices with a fingerprint scanner. You just need to put your finger on the scanner.

All of the above types of locks, except for the first, are almost impossible to enter at random, and the fingerprint will definitely not be able to recreate.

Therefore, the problem of a forgotten password is always relevant. If you enter the wrong code / key several times in a row, then a timer will start on the tablet, before the expiration of which it will be impossible to enter the password again.

Reset blocking via Google account

You can reset your screen lock using your Google account. The main thing is that the gadget is connected to the Internet and authorized in Google. Due to the fact that almost all Samsung tablets are authorized in the Play Market, this method is useful if you have forgotten the pattern. Google comes to the rescue!

Step-by-step steps to reset a lock through a Google account:

  • Enter the wrong key five times in a row. Of course, if in the process of entering the wrong password you remember the correct one, it will be even better and the problem will be solved in the bud. It is noteworthy that at this stage many remember the key from muscle memory.
  • The screen will lock and it will be impossible to enter the password in the near future. In the lower right (sometimes in the left) corner there will be an inscription “Forgot your pattern?” or “Forgot your password?” Click on the inscription.
  • A window will appear in which you need to enter your Google mail (with the @ postfix) and the password from it.
  • If the entered email corresponded to the one on which the device is authorized, the device will be unlocked, and the previous key will be reset.

Unlocking via the Find My Mobile program

This method is only suitable for those who have linked their device to a Samsung account. Also, the device must be connected to the Internet.

  • Go to the official website of the program. Link.
  • Log in using your Samsung account email and password. In case you have forgotten your password, you can restore it here.
  • A list of gadgets registered to this account will be displayed. Select the desired device.
  • In the right pane, click on the inscription “”.
  • In the new tabs that appear, select “Unblock my device”.
  • A window will appear asking you to re-enter your Samsung account password.
  • Click on the inscription “Unblock”.
    The password on the tablet will be reset and the device will be unlocked.

Resetting your tablet to factory settings

Resetting the device to factory settings is a rather categorical option, since after it all user data (contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, etc.) stored in the tablet’s memory will be deleted.

Therefore, the reset must be deliberate. The device will literally become what it was originally.

The advantage of this method is that all software junk, malware, etc., will be destroyed. The gadget will probably work faster.

  • If there is a Home button on the case, you must simultaneously press and hold the power button, Home and volume up (or volume down).
    On devices without this button, just press and hold the volume up or volume down buttons, and turn on.
  • When the Samsung Galaxy logo appears, release the power key.
  • After a few seconds, the recovery menu will open. Now you can stop holding the rest of the buttons.
  • The Recovery menu is controlled by volume buttons. Move the slider over the inscription “Wipe data / factory reset”.
  • Press the power key to select.
  • Then click on “Yes”.
  • Within a minute, the gadget will be reset to factory settings and will be redirected to the Recovery menu.
  • Select the inscription “Reboot system now” or “Reset” in it and click on it.
    After that, the device will reboot without the locked screen.

Reinstalling the operating system

If your tablet is not included in the recovery menu due to something, then all that remains is to reinstall the operating system. In this case, all data will be deleted, but you can install modern firmware if the device supports it.
The flashing occurs using a computer, a program for installing the operating system and the OS file itself. The gadget is connected to a PC via a USB cable and the system is reinstalled.
If you are not sure that you can reflash correctly, then it is better to contact the service center.