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How To Unlock Laptop

Another Way to Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen Using Registry Editor

One way to disable the lock screen in Windows 10 is to change the value of the AllowLockScreen parameter to 0 (zero) in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Authentication \ LogonUI \ SessionData key in the Windows 10 registry.

However, if you do it manually, each time you log in, the setting automatically changes to 1 and the lock screen turns on again.

There is a way to get around this as follows

  • Run the task scheduler (Use the search in the taskbar) and click the “Create task” case, give it any name, for example, “Disable the lock screen”, check the “Run with the highest rights” item, in the “Configure for” field, specify Windows 10.
  • In the “triggers” tab, create two triggers. when any user logs on and when any user unlocks the workstation.
  • On the “Actions” tab, create an action “Run the program”, in the “Program or script” field, enter reg and in the “Add arguments” field, copy the following term

After that press OK to save the created task. Done, now the lock screen will appear Will not, you can check this by pressing the WinL keys and immediately go to the Windows 10 login password screen.

How to turn off the lock screen in Windows 10

This instruction contains ways to completely disable the lock screen in Windows 10, taking into account the fact that the previously present option to do this in the local group policy editor does not work in the professional version of 10, starting with version 1607 (and was absent in the home version). This was done, I believe, for the same purpose as disabling the ability to change the option “Windows 10 consumer experience”, namely in order to show us advertisements and Suggested applications. Update 2017: in version 1703 Creators Update there is an option in gpedit.

Do not confuse the login screen (on which we enter the password to disable it, see How to disable the password when logging into Windows 10 and exiting sleep) and the lock screen, which shows cute wallpapers, time and notifications, but can also show ads (just for Russia, apparently, there are no advertisers yet). Further, it is about disabling the lock screen (which can be called by pressing the WinL keys, where Win is the key with the Windows logo).

Note: if you don’t want to do everything manually, you can turn off the lock screen using the free Winaero Tweaker program (the parameter is located in the Boot and Logon section of the program).

Basic ways to turn off Windows 10 lock screen

The two main ways to disable the lock screen include using the Local Group Policy Editor (in case you have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise) or Registry Editor (for Windows 10 Home, works for Pro as well), the methods are suitable for Creators Update.

The method with the Local Group Policy Editor looks like this:

  • Press the WinR keys, type gpedit.Msc into the Run window and press Enter.
  • In the local group policy editor that opens, go to the section “Computer Configuration”. “Administrative Templates”. “Control Panel”. “Personalization”.
  • On the right side, find the item “Prohibit the display of the lock screen”, double-click on it and set “Enabled” to disable the lock screen (just like this. “Enabled” to disable).

Apply the settings made and restart the computer. Now the lock screen will not be displayed, you will immediately see the login screen. When you press the WinL keys or when you select “Lock” in the “Start” menu, the lock screen will also NOT turn on, but the login window will open.

If Local Group Policy Editor is not available in your version of Windows 10, use the following method:

  • Press WinR keys, type regedit and press Enter. the Registry Editor will open.
  • In the registry editor, go to the HLEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Personalization subkey (if there is no Personalization subkey, create it by right-clicking on the Windows subkey and selecting the Corresponding context menu item).
  • On the right side of Registry Editor, right-click and select New. DWORD Value (including 64-bit) and set the name to NoLockScreen.
  • Double click on the NoLockScreen option and set it to 1.

When finished, restart your computer. the lock screen will be disabled.

If you wish, you can also turn off the background image on the login screen: to do this, go to the settings. personalization (or right click on the desktop. personalization) and in the “Lock screen” section Turn off the item “Show the background image of the lock screen on the login screen “.

How to remove lock screen (LockApp.Exe) in Windows 10

And one more, SIMpler, but probably less correct way. The lock screen is an application located in the C: \ Windows \ SystemApps Microsoft.Lockapp_cw5n1h2txyewy folder. And it is quite possible to remove it (but take your time), and Windows 10 does not show any worries about the lack of a lock screen, but SIMply does not show it.

Instead of deleting it just in case (so that you can easily return everything to its original form), I recommend doing the following: just rename the Microsoft.Lockapp_cw5n1h2txyewy folder (you need administrator rights), added a symbol to its name (see, For example, I have in the screenshot).

This is enough to ensure that the lock screen is NOT displayed anymore.

At the end of the article, I note that I am personally somewhat surprised by how freely they began to slip ads in the start menu after the last big update of Windows 10 (although I noticed this only on a computer where a clean installation of version 1607 was performed): immediately after installation, I found neither one or not two “suggested applications”: all kinds of Asphalt and I don’t remember what else, and new items appeared over time (it may come in handy: how to remove the Suggested applications in the Windows 10 Start menu). We are promised the same on the lock screen.

It seems strange to me: Windows is the only popular “consumer” operating system that is paid. And she is the only one that allows herself to do such tricks and disables the ability of users to completely get rid of them. And it doesn’t matter that now we received it as a free update. anyway, in the future, its cost will be included in the cost of a new computer, and someone will need the Retail version for more than 100 and paid it, the user will still be forced to put up with this “features”.

The technical side

Viruses block the computer. You cannot open the folder, browser and even launch antivirus. The computer does NOT respond to commands. Computer newbies will get scared and send money.

If you are at work, then a deal or contract may fail, and this threatens you with material losses. Therefore, you are ready to transfer money Intruder.

Starting your computer in Safe Mode

In order to boot the computer in Safe-Mode, hold down the F8 function key at startup for 3-5 seconds, and then select the “Safe Mode” startup option in the menu that appears. However, if you managed to “hook” on the network very well Thoughtful Trojan, which deletes the part of the system registry responsible for safe mode, this action may NOT work.

So, safe mode is running and now we can open the browser and use the already described code generators. If the codes did NOT fit or problems with connecting to the Internet, then proceed to the next step.

Open “Start / Run” and enter the command “msconfig” in the command line window that appears. In the window that opens, look for the “Startup” tab and remove all suspicious items (xodeccc.Exe, plugin.Exe, winloker servis.Exe, servikes.Exe, synsql.Exe, onlain servis.Exe, exxplore.Exe). When uninstalling, carefully look at the “Command” field, it shows which application the removed component belongs to. So after all, you can also delete something you need.

In safe mode, there is another option for action. rollback to a previously made Windows restore point. But this will give an effect only in one case, if the “backup” has not been disabled and the existing points are not damaged by a virus.

From my great practice, I can say that this operation helps only in very rare cases. For five years now I have been using one unique Rollback RX program, which allowed me to forget about Trojans and all other second viruses. The essence of its work is that it continuously monitors the state of OS system files and periodically takes snapshots of them. You can rollback to the desired one, both when Windows is loaded, and at the beginning of its boot. With proper program settings, it is possible to remove the lock from any computer in just five minutes. It should only be noted that this program is intended for “lazy” and advanced users.

But let’s continue. If the banner does not disappear when loading in safe mode, the blocking banner does not disappear, then the “Task Manager” can help (called by pressing CtrlAltDel at the same time). In safe mode, as a rule, the dispatcher is not blocked and is available. It is in it that you can consistently remove suspicious tasks to try to get rid of the block.

Just dancing.

So, the SIMplest and most ineffective is to press the keyboard buttons. Esc, Enter, AltF4 help. these are the combinations that force the program to terminate or SIMply close active windows. You can try to dial any combination of characters or the specified phone number in the code entry field. Unfortunately, scammers use such primitive banners extremely rarely, but they are not punished for attempts so far. For the laziest, there is one more solution. just wait a few hours. As practice shows, some banners self-destruct after a certain time, although this is unlikely to have something to do with the presence of conscience in their distributors.

Another option is to roll back the system back using the recovery tool if you have Windows 7. Immediately after turning on the computer, press F8 and select from the proposed boot options “Troubleshoot computer problems” and then “System Restore”, where you will go back in time to paragraph “everything worked like a clock”.

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If Windows XP has suffered, then you will NOT be able to get to the recovery tool, and the recovery tool can be a forced transfer of the system time into a month, for example, backward or forward. This is done in the BIOS, that is, before Windows boots: by pressing F12, F10, Del or other key combinations (the required key is indicated on the screen after turning on the computer, while the configuration is being checked), enter the BIOS settings, select the tab with system settings and enter in the appropriate place manually date. Such a transfer to the past or the future will deceive the virus, and you can use your files or save your computer from the intrigues of ransomware.

It was possible to unlock the computer. What’s next?

It’s too early to calm down. It is necessary to completely clean the system from all traces of the Trojan. This is done using free scanners from Doctor WEB (Cure IT) or from Kaspersky Lab (Virus Removal). If the damage is strong enough, then you can additionally apply the AVZ software (searches for and removes viruses, and also treats the consequences of their activities).

Why are banners so common?

Manual removal

Often you come across primitive banners, which are very easy to remove manually. To do this, you can try one of the following methods:

  • Close by pressing ALT F4
  • Close by pressing ctrl alt del and Closing the application that is the banner
  • Press Esc
  • Click on the “Send” or “Enter the code” button. In general, the button that you should have pressed by entering the unlock code.
  • Call the different parts of the banner with the mouse. Sometimes hidden buttons are placed there to close the banner.

Unfortunately, these types of blockers are becoming less common.

Unfortunately, not every Windows lock can be removed using these methods. Many banners are created without the possibility of unblocking; it is SIMply not possible to remove them using the described methods. To do this, you need to use special programs.

How to remove Windows blocking using programs and how the blocker will prevent penetration of your computer, we will consider in the second part of the article.

It makes sense to complain about scammers to the company that handed over this short number. These companies DO NOT encourage fraudulent activities with the introduction of their numbers. And one last thing: print this article on how to remove a lock from a computer. keep it always at hand, and not in a computer that has been locked.

How to unlock Windows?

If you are asking how to unlock Windows, it means that one of your computers is already accusing you of distributing pornography or being overly curious about it, reporting that you are being arrested for some illegal activity on the network, and is outraged at the fact that you have stolen an operating system or software. In this case, any formidable warnings are accompanied by a proposal to resolve the issue, transferred a certain amount to a particular account in one way or another. Sound familiar? Like every second computer or laptop owner.

The process of finding a solution to the blocking problem begins with the usual turning on of the computer. There can be many options for the development of events: the operating system does NOT load at all, and instead of the usual slider or colored squares, we see a window with an appeal on behalf of a serious and formidable organization; the operating system starts to load, but it never reaches the welcome window; everything goes as usual, only instead of the desktop. a banner demanding money, and not allowing programs to run and blocking any actions; a pop-up window in half the screen, and not having a “close” button. Any option indicates that you have picked up a ransomware virus somewhere, and further work will be paralyzed.

You can quickly unlock the system using only one of the following methods. Trying to exchange money for a code is useless: SMS, calls to short numbers and direct transfer to an account contribute to the enrichment of others, but in no way affect the solution of the problem. The process does not require specific knowledge and skills. However, remember that unlocking is just an urgent way to get access to your system, and by itself it does NOT get rid of the virus, so the situation will repeat itself. To get rid of the misfortune, the system must be cured.

Removing BIOS Password for eMachines E510 Laptop

In general, they brought a laptop with a request to see what can be done and bring it into working order. Previously, he visited the service, where he was sentenced to replace the password-protected hard drive. Apparently in the same place, to the heap, they also set the password for the BIOS (so that there was no temptation to go somewhere else?). I do not presume to approve, but the owner in the password for turning on the laptop has no idea, and after all, the password for the hard disk is asked after.

Well, first, let’s try to remove the password from the laptop BIOS. Climbed on the net, I realized that the last good advice ended in 2005 that way. Now, no one wants to share secrets for free. There are, however, specialized forums (where you first need to register), where they post different codes for unlocking at the request of the participants, but the sources are kept in the strictest confidence and they are covered with an area of ​​mystery (probably in order to emphasize their chosenness over the rest).

At the end of the article I will give a link to one such mysterious source, which helped unlock the TOSHIBA hard drive without talking to this “guru”. And the English-speaking GOOGLE brought me there.

Removing the password from the BIOS on the eMachines E510 was not at all difficult, it was only necessary to switch the battery contacts. To be honest, I did NOT particularly hope for success, but sometimes SIMple methods are very effective. I am not saying that this unlocking method is suitable for all laptops, but it’s worth a try, especially since it does not require any special knowledge and skills.

The eMachines E510 laptop is practically a serviceman’s dream (if no major repairs are required), because Provides easy access to the interior. For example, you can clean it by removing only one back cover, although the latches are very tight. Removing the cover, we get access to the desired battery:

Attention! Before closing the contacts, you must turn off the power and remove the battery from the laptop. Just in case, I held the screwdriver (it was she who closed) for a couple of minutes, because I did not know exactly and I don’t know how much is needed. The main thing is the result. The BIOS password is gone! However, the happiness did not last long.

How to remove password from BIOS and HDD on a laptop.

We turn on the laptop and see this. Nice picture isn’t it? I suppose those who have safely forgotten the BIOS password, or someone who is very smart joking with a laptop, will NOT agree with me. Have you ever had to reset a forgotten BIOS password on a laptop? Believe me, this activity is not for the faint of heart, where the chances of success tend to zero.

The fact is that, unlike ordinary computers, in laptops, passwords are usually stored in non-volatile memory. There are no jumpers here for resetting the BIOS to factory settings, and removing the battery rarely resets the password. It remains to rely either on luck in selecting the unlock code, or on replacing the BIOS and any “shamanism” with unsoldering the EEPROM legs (there are such materials on the network). So think again before you password-protect your laptop via BIOS.

If my warnings still did not stop you, take a look at the picture below, you will see something SIMilar by disassembling the notebook to remove the password.

Is it scary now? Okay, I was joking, I had to radically disassemble the eMachines E510 for another reason. In this case, everything was solved easier.

Removing password from HDD TOSHIBA MK1246GSX

Here the main ambush awaited me. To understand what this is about, read the article Modern HDD Password System. The article is not mine, I just posted it on my blog so as not to disappear (I will gladly add a link to the source when I recognize the author).

I brought the article only for acquaintance with what we are dealing with, the advice from it did not help. If you have carefully read the text, you will notice that it is not recommended to enter the Master password from the laptop, it will convert it. However, I did not accidentally write at the beginning of the topic about specialized forums and “gurus”. You don’t have to be a genius to understand. The unlock codes are clearly not taken from the head, but I do not believe in supernatural possibilities and exclusivity.

I got into the jungle of the Internet and came across an entertaining article BIOS Password Backdoors in Laptops on Dogbert’s Blog. There was also a link to an online calculator for removing passwords.

The point is that after three incorrect attempts to enter a password to access the hard disk, a certain code is issued. Encrypt HDD Key:

It’s time to share the link promised at the beginning of the topic: BIOS Password Removal for Laptops. Many thanks to the author of this resource. At my request (I ENTERED my Encrypt HDD Key), two unlock codes were issued, for Acer, HP and Fujitsu-Siemens. The code for Acer suits me perfectly, because eMachines is practically the same Acer. The password has been successfully removed from the HDD 🙂

If you find this article useful,
DO NOT be lazy to like and share with your friends.

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Asus Eee PC Seashell 1015E

A password is set on the hard disk after 3 incorrect password entries, it gives Unknow BIOS error. Error code = FFFF and sometimes Error code = FFFB

BIOS Password Removal for Laptops link DOES NOT issue any codes

Help unlock HDD

Asus Eee PC Seashell 1015E

A password is set on the hard disk after 3 incorrect password entries, it gives Unknow BIOS error. Error code = FFFF and sometimes Error code = FFFB

BIOS Password Removal for Laptops link DOES NOT issue any codes

Help unlock HDD

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Thanks to the author for the article. Only I want to make an important warning: DO NOT SHORT ANY BATTERIES AND ACCUMULATORS! This dramatically reduces their service life and may lead to overheating and depressurization. In this case, raise the top contact for a minute. Two, while closing the contacts as actually recommended by the author. This will finally discharge the capacitors in the circuits.

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How To Unlock Laptop

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Thank you so much dear. Rescued.

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Lenovo g550 delete HDD password. Go to BIOS select set HDD master password. Next, enter password 1234567 enter and enter after F10

Good afternoon. Laptop Samsung NP355V5C-S0GRU cannot unlock BIOS. Displays “Enter Password”, after three attempts to enter the password, displays 56D2AD226C1F11FA63. Help unblock !

And what if after 3 incorrect attempts the laptop does not give any codes, but turns off?

If you change the hard one, then the password is correct?

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Or you can just write a sequence of commands how to determine the list of MHDD disks and then format one of them although it is closed with a password?

Panasonic. Oh, this scheme does not work, when you enter three incorrect combinations, the laptop SIMply turns off and does NOT give anything, what should I do? Tested on Panasonic CF-19, CF-29, CF-52.

Laptop unlocking methods

It often happens that a user has caught a virus and the laptop is locked. The second scenario may be that the owner of the laptop could SIMply forget the password. Here the question arises. how to unlock your laptop? Most people think that they will have to demolish the entire system. But there are ways that are not radical for centuries, but at the same time effective, allowing you to restore access to the device.

How to unlock the keyboard

It often happens that an inexperienced user accidentally locks the keyboard and then DOES NOT understand why it stopped working. Don’t jump to conclusions and take your laptop to the workshop. After all, you can unlock the keyboard yourself, and in several ways.

The first way is a special keyboard shortcut on a locked keyboard. Usually, the instructions supplied with the device say which keys should be pressed, but most often these are:

  • Fnnumlock;
  • Fnpause;
  • Fnf12;
  • Fnf7.

How to unlock the keyboard

One of these combinations should work, but such combinations are installed by popular companies such as Lenovo, Samsung and others. Better read which combination is in the user manual.

The second way is to install special software. But with this, you should be very careful and careful, as you can easily introduce a virus. You should pay attention to whether the antivirus is enabled or not. Such programs are created so that the keyboard cannot be locked.

How to regain access to a laptop through the command term?

You can remove the password through the command term. To use this option yourself, it is desirable to have some programming skills. But if you have such skills, then you need to exactly follow the instructions below.

First you need to enable the command term. To do this, when turning on the PC, press “F8”, Until the mode window is displayed. Now select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”.

Enabling the command line

A command window will appear in which you need to enter “net user MyProfil MyPassword”. We enter the first two words unchanged. And “MyProfil” must be changed to the name of the account to which you want to restore access. If the name has been forgotten, then you need to start the laptop, and it will be displayed there. “MyPassword” can be changed to a new password, any at will.

Now when you start the laptop in the “Password” field, enter the value that was entered in the command line last.

How to reset password through safe mode

Safe mode is a special mode of operation of a PC in which system diagnostics are performed, it can also be used to fix some problems with the system. For example, to remove or change the password.

It’s easy to go into safe mode, for this you need to press “F8” while turning on the laptop, until a special window appears with a proposal to enter safe mode. Next, a message will appear stating that some drivers may NOT work, and offer to agree or refuse. You must click “YES”.

Entering Safe Mode

Now go to “Account Management”. You can go there through the “Control Panel”. All previously created profiles or accounts will be highlighted in this window. You need to select the desired account and click “Change” if the user decided to change the password, or “Delete” if it is decided to leave the profile without a password.

How to unlock a laptop programmatically

In order to unlock a personal device, you will need one of two programs:


Almost always, these programs are already installed on the laptop. It remains to learn how to use this software. First of all, remove the password from the BIOS. This is done SIMply. It is necessary to remove the battery from the motherboard. However, this may NOT help. This is where the above programs will help. The actions will be described for one program, since the actions that need to be done are exactly the same.

You should enter the console of the program selected by the user and go to the directory. There you must enter the name of the account, which you need to unblock. The name should be followed by an error code, that is, “0”.

A randomly selected password should now appear on the screen. The user needs to remember or write it down. Then go to the BIOS, namely to the HDD security section. There you need to register a password, and then DO NOT write anything in the “Password” field.

Thus, it is possible to unlock the laptop, the main thing is to follow the above instructions, but it may be that the actions should not work. This means that this PC needs special programs to unlock.

How to remove a user password in an administrator account

This option is worth trying first, as it is the safest and easiest. But it will only work if the user has forgotten their password. This won’t work with a virus.

When you turn on the laptop, the system should ask for a password. It is necessary to SIMultaneously press three keys on the keyboard twice in a row: “ctrl” “alt” “delete”. After the performed operation, another window will appear with 2 fields: “users” and “password”.

In the first field you should write: “Administrator”. Leave the second field completely blank. Then press the “Enter” key, and the computer will go to windows. From there we go to the control panel, then find and click on user accounts. The window that will come out must have existing users.

Go to this profile and delete the password, as an option, you can put a new set of numbers. The main thing is to remember them so that everything does not happen again. It remains to reboot the system. The next time you turn on the personal computer It should not require a password or will require a new one.

Automatic login

If the above method did NOT help, then you can try to remove the password in other ways. It is worth resorting to demolishing Windows only as a last resort.

How to remove a viral banner

A virus banner is a special program that occupies almost the entire screen of the monitor, so block the work on the device, since it is impossible to close it or move it from its place. But you can get rid of it in other ways.

The best option would be programs from Kaspersky or Dr.Web anti-viruses. These programs provide a service called Deblocker. Unfortunately, this method is paid, but reliable. In addition, there is a possibility that antiviruses will be able to “cure” programs that have been infected by a virus.

For the second method, you need a second laptop or desktop computer. You should connect the two devices to each other and check the damaged laptop with the second device using an antivirus, after completing the scan, remove all found viruses and restart the laptop. The problem should go away.

How to use a boot disk to restore access to a PC

For this method you need a disk, and since they are losing their popularity more and more, you will have to look for it. Now you need to go to BIOS. To do this, press “F2” or “Delete” on the first splash screen when turning on the system. Different systems may have different keys, but the 1st splash screen should say what to press.

Now in the highlighted window, go to the “Boot” section. There is such a function as “1st Boot Device”. On the contrary, enter the value “CD / DVD”. Now you need to insert a prepared disk into the drive and restart the device.

The welcome window should change slightly. There you should click “System Restore”. Several options will be highlighted, almost all of them will require a password. Therefore, you should click only “Command line”, and then enter the value “regedit”.

This will take the user to the Registry Editor, where he can find a file called “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”. This file should be selected, and then click on the “Load bush” action, it can be found in the “File” tab.

Now you need to find and open the “SAM” file. Find the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” section in this file. It should contain file “F”. You should open it and find the term 38. This line will contain the value 11. It must be changed exactly to the value 10 and click on the “Ok” button.

Important! If the user decides to experiment or accidentally makes a mistake, then this can lead to a system error. In this case, it will be necessary to carry the laptop to a person who understands this and reinstall everything.

Next, you need to unload the bush. This is done in the same way as loading a bush. It remains only to restart the laptop, and not forgetting to remove the disk from the drive. When turning on the system, the NDT should not ask for a password, otherwise the user made a mistake in some place.

How to lock a laptop

It is very easy to put a password on a laptop. For example, in Windows 7, you need to go to User Accounts, they can be found in Control Panel. There you should click on the “Create password.” button. In the new window, you must follow the instructions on the screen. Now, when you start the system, you must enter the password each time.

In Windows 8 and 10, to lock the laptop with a password, you need to call the sidebar, click on “Options”. Further at the bottom should be “Parameter change”. Now you should find the “Password” section and enter it, and then repeat it again. Then click “OK”. After that the password will be set.