How to unlock iPhone 4 if you forgot your password

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Easily Unlock iPhone 11 Passcode Screen with Unlock Tool (100% Working)

If you are looking for a one-click way to unlock iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max) password, your best bet is to use a professional iOS unlock tool. UkeySoft Unlocker.

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Guide: iPhone 11 Screen Unlock Code Using UkeySoft Unlocker

Launch UkeySoft Unlocker on Computer Download and install UkeySoft Unlocker tool on your Mac / Windows, then launch it. To unlock the screen passcode on a disabled iPhone 11/11 Pro (max.), Tap the “Unlock Screen Passcode” feature.

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Connect your iPhone 11 to your computer Connect your locked iPhone 11 to your computer via a USB cable, then click the Next button to enable the unlock function.

Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone 11 To get your iPhone 11 out of the locked screen, you need to put your iPhone 11 into recovery mode. Press and release the volume up button and then press and release the volume down button. Finally, press and hold the side button until it enters recovery mode.

Start Unlocking iPhone 11 Without Passcode Press the Start button to start unlocking your forgotten iPhone passcode, and press Start Unlocking again to confirm the operation.

Successfully Unlock Fogotten Password for iPhone 11 Unlocked iPhone 11 Complete! Your iPhone 11 lock screen code has been removed successfully! Your iPhone 11 will now reboot as a new device and you can access your iPhone again!

Recover iPhone 11 in Recovery Mode to Unlock Screen Passcode

If you’ve never synced your device with iCloud or iTunes, you need to put iPhone 11 into recovery mode and then do a factory reset. Unfortunately, this will erase everything on the iPhone, including the password. Here are the steps to put iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max) into recovery mode to remove password:

Connect iPhone 11 to your computer via USB cable and then launch iTunes. Then you need to press the hardware key combination to enter the recovery mode. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button, press and quickly release the Volume Down button, press and hold the side button until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

When you enter recovery mode, iTunes will display a pop-up message “iTunes has found an iPhone in recovery mode”, click the “OK” button, and then click “Recover”.

iTunes should start downloading the software for your device. If the boot time exceeds 15 minutes, your iPhone will automatically exit recovery mode. If this happens, just repeat the above steps. Once the process is complete, you can restart your iPhone and set a new password.

Hope you can find an effective way to bypass iPhone screen lock!

How to Unlock iPhone 11 If I Forgot Password?

Justin Sabrina Updated on July 29, 2020

If you forget your iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max) passcode, it will be frustrating. If you enter the wrong iPhone passcode multiple times, you will see “iPhone Disabled” on the screen. How to unlock iPhone 11 if I forgot my password? This article will show you 4 ways to unlock a disabled iPhone.

So don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your iPhone passcode or disabled or locked your iPhone, just follow this guide to learn how to quickly unlock a forgotten iPhone passcode. Let’s explore.

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Looking for a secret passcode to unlock any iPhone? Using passcode to unlock iPhone and iPad, you need iCloud remote unlock. This article will show you how to unlock iPhone with or without a computer.

IPhone screen is broken or unresponsive? How to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen to access it? This article will teach you the useful method to enter password on broken iPhone screen, you can also learn how to unlock broken iPhone and iPad screen.

Can’t enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen? Try the solutions mentioned in the article to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen and you can also use iPhone unlock tool to unlock broken iPhone screen without passcode.

How to remove passcode from disabled iPhone? How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your passcode? This article will show you how to remove password from locked iPhone / iPad using iTunes, iCloud or UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker.

How to unlock iPhone 4, 4S

Apple offers two possible ways to unlock your iPhone when you forget your passcode. Resetting the passcode is possible through iTunes and iCloud services. In both cases, you need to know the Apple ID to complete the transaction, and using iCloud means that the “Find iPhone” option is enabled in the phone settings. Let’s consider these options in more detail and tell you how to unlock iPhone 4s if you forgot your Apple ID password.

Operator lock

In America and European countries, the practice of linking phones to a specific cellular operator is widespread. In this case, the smartphone will cost the owner much less. However, the iPhone will only work with the SIM-card of the provider with which the contract is signed. Such devices are delivered to Russia under “gray” schemes for subsequent resale. Such blocking is removed either by the operator himself or by special technical means and is not considered in the article.

Password lock

Typically, when asked how to unlock iPhone 4, they mean the standard screen lock with a password. The access code is set in the phone settings and consists of four or six characters. This is exactly what the owners forget. In such a case, Apple provides the ability to unlock iPhone 4 s via iTunes and the iCloud service.

With an emergency call

This option was available on older versions of iOS, and in the new firmware, the loophole is closed. now, when the phone is locked, using the emergency call button, you can only make a call to the rescue service. In case the firmware in the smartphone is old, here is the sequence of actions:

  • turn on your smartphone and on the unlock screen, click on “Emergency call”;
  • dial the emergency number (112) and immediately drop the call;
  • hold down the “Power” button until the “Turn off” slider appears and click “Cancel”;
  • press the power button again and in the third second (until the slider appears) press “Emergency Call”.

Recover with data preservation

You will only be able to save data if the iPhone has already been synced to your computer and you are signed in to your Apple ID account in iTunes. Connect your smartphone to a PC with iTunes installed and launch it. After syncing and detecting iPhone, open the Overview tab. In the block of general information about the device, click the “Restore iPhone” button. This procedure will install the latest operating system updates and reset your password. All information on the phone will remain unchanged.

Unlocking via iTunes

The most common way to remove the lock is to reset your password through iTunes. Using this method, you can try to unlock the phone without deleting the information. If this option does not work, then the program allows you to delete all data in the phone along with the password. If you do not forget to make a backup in time, then after such a reset, you will only need to download the backup and use the phone further with all the previously downloaded information.

Re-flashing the device

Using this procedure, you can not only unlock the iPhone screen, but also restore the device after software failures when a regular restart did not give results.

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer and launch it;
  • iPhone is connected to PC using the original cable;
  • We are waiting for the end of the synchronization process and in the program window we will see the icon of the connected device;
  • When you click on the icon, a message will open in which you need to click on the “Restore” button.

ITunes will do the rest. Download the current version of the firmware from the official Apple website and install it on your device.

Via iTunes

Consider an option, solutions to the problem, how to unlock iPhone 5 if you forgot your password, using iTunes and a saved backup copy of the device.

  • We connect the smartphone using the sync cable to the PC.
  • iTunes detects the device model and displays a message: “iTunes has found iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before using it with iTunes. “
  • We agree with the program by selecting “Restore iPhone”.
  • If you receive other requests, click OK or select “Check” and “Restore and Update”.
  • We are waiting for the new version of iOS to roll and install.
  • The last stage, we set up the device “like new”.
  • We enter a new code or skip this item, so that in the future such problems do not arise.

How to unlock iPhone without knowing the passcode? Option

It is possible to access the phone using the proprietary iCloud service, but for this several prerequisites must be met:

  • The “Find iPhone” function must be active on the locked phone.
  • The phone has internet, 3G or wi-fi, it doesn’t matter.

How to reset iPhone lock password using iCloud:

  • We go to, (if you forgot the access code for this service, it doesn’t matter, read how to restore it a little higher in this article) find the tab “All devices”, click “Find iPhone”.
  • Your smartphone should appear in the list and the status should be “Online”. If this does not happen, then the phone has no Internet or the “Find iPhone” function is not activated.
  • If everything is fine and the device is online, select “Erase iPhone”, confirm the choice.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • The reset process has started, we are waiting for its completion and restore the phone using a backup.
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How to remove passcode from iPhone if jailbreak has been installed? About 10% of Apple devices have undergone this procedure at least once, so the topic of password reset during jailbreak is more than relevant.

For hacked devices, the above methods will not work; here you will have to act a little differently. If you install a new firmware during the password recovery process, it may be difficult to activate the iPhone, and this is already another, more difficult task.

What to do if jailbreak is installed and you need to reset iPhone password? Everything is quite simple, when installing Cydia, most likely you clicked to install the OpenSSH component, without it you will not be able to get into the phone. OpenSSH application that “listens” to the connection from the computer, if you connect the sync cable.

You can reach your iPhone using the SemiRestore program installed on your PC. SemiRestore connects via OpenSSH, removes settings, files, applications, leaving a clean phone without losing jailbreak.

  • Installing SemiRestore on your computer
  • We connect the smartphone to the PC.
  • We launch SemiRestore and wait for the device to be recognized by the program.
  • After successful synchronization, click the “SemiRestore” button.
  • The phone will reboot several times.
  • We are waiting for the end of the procedure.
  • Checking the absence of a password and the presence of Cydia on the device.
  • We restore data from a backup using iTunes or analogs of this program.

Password protection is highly effective. By setting a password that is strong enough, you can prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your iPhone. For example, in this way you can protect your smartphone from children who are very fond of digging into other people’s gadgets. Also, the password will become reliable protection from curious colleagues who poke their nose into their own business.

There are many recommendations on the Internet regarding the structure and properties of a security password. A good password must meet the following requirements:

  • Being complex and chaotic. this will prevent accidental guessing of the password;
  • The password should not be created on the basis of personal data. specifying your date of birth as a password is sheer stupidity;
  • Lack of sequential combinations of letters and numbers. a password like “1234” cannot be called good protection.

Very often, trying to meet these requirements, users set such complex passwords that at some point they simply fly out of their minds. How to Lock iPhone if Forgot Password? Previously, a variety of tools were used to bypass the blocking. these are logon when dialing, errors in the operating system, outright holes in the security system.

Today, all these methods do not work, as Apple experts are actively patching holes, preventing bypassing the password request. But there are still workarounds, despite active work in this area. Perhaps, over time, they will stop working, but at the moment they are quite functional. How to unlock iPhone 5S and any other iPhone models? For this, the following methods are used:

  • Unlocking via Find iPhone;
  • Unlock via recovery.

Let’s try to consider these methods in more detail.

How to unlock iPhone 4S or any other smartphone from Apple? To do this, you need to use the recovery procedure. The essence of any unlocking is to completely delete all data from the smartphone, and then restore it using a backup. But before deleting the data, you need to create the backup itself.

  • We connect the iPhone to the computer;
  • Launch iTunes and wait for the connection to be established;
  • If iTunes asked for a password, we try to connect to another computer;
  • After establishing the connection, create a backup copy of all important data.

In order to make a backup copy, you need to go to the “Browse” tab and go down to the “Backups” window. Select the storage location for copies (iCloud or computer), click on the “Create a copy now” button and wait for the operation to complete. In the next step, we need to start the iPhone in recovery mode (DFU). How to do it?

First, you need to completely turn off the smartphone by pressing and holding the power key. after a few seconds, the shutdown slider will appear, which you will need to swipe to the right. Now we need to turn on the smartphone in recovery mode. To do this, hold down the power / lock button and the “Home” button, hold them for 10 seconds.

As soon as we release the Home button, iTunes will announce that it has detected a device connected in recovery mode. Click on the restore button and wait for the operation to complete. As soon as the recovery operation is completed, the smartphone will turn off and start in normal mode, with the launch of the operating system.

If you are unable to unlock your smartphone at home, you should contact a service center. How much does it cost to unlock an iPhone in the service? If you want to save money, contact the official service, bringing your packaging and receipt. Service specialists will try to unlock your iPhone without losing important data.

There are 2 recovery methods: with and without data saving.

  • Connect to the device where the gadget was previously synced. In case of repeated password requests, you need to go to recovery mode, or change your computer.
  • Then wait for iTunes to sync (automatic function).
  • Then, click on “restore iPhone”. After that, the option to restore from a copy will be available. There, you can choose the most recent sync date to avoid losing data.

You can also do this operation manually, in the menu below.

Next, you will be prompted to create a new password and the device will be “reset”.

Without saving data. Who doesn’t back up their files and sync with iTunes. In this case, in addition to the password, all files and data collected in the phone will be deleted.

  • Connect your phone to iTunes.
  • We hold down the key combinations on the device to restart.

All 8 and X models are restarted by quickly and firmly pressing the volume up and down buttons (one at a time), and after holding the side button.

Models 7 and 7. by simultaneously pressing the side button and volume down.

6s and older. by pressing the side and home button.

  • Next, you will need to choose between updating and restoring. We need to click on the second one. The process may take less than 5 minutes.
  • Once the restore is complete, you can re-configure your iPhone.
  • Unlock iPhone with iCloud

    This method is pretty straightforward. However, the Find iPhone feature must be activated on your phone. To do this, go to the “iCloud” section in the system settings and click the “Find iPhone” button there. Internet connection is required.

    Now it remains to go to iCloud and in the “All devices” tab, click the “Devices” section. A drop-down list will open where you will see your iPhone. If the application has detected it, this will be indicated by a green circle next to it.

    If you click on its icon, a window will appear where you will need to click “Erase iPhone”, and the operation will be launched.

    Then you will be prompted to restore the phone “Like new”, or use the backup in iTunes.

    The first option. you get the device with factory settings and you can set a new password on the iPhone.

    IPhone password recovery via backup

    It is absolutely clear that this option, through iTunes, does not work for those who have never synced or backed up their phone to a computer. In this case, move on to other iPhone password recovery methods.

    In general, I highly recommend making backups for the new phones you just bought. This will help to avoid many unpleasant situations. And so I went into iTunes and restored the backup from the very first version of the backup. after it, the phone will again be like new.

    Reset iPhone passcode using Find iPhone

    If you remember your Apple ID password and the “Find iPhone” function is activated, then the lock can be removed using this method. There is one caveat. the data in the phone will be erased (but you can restore from a backup, see point 1). But here you have to choose, either data or phone.

    How to unlock iPhone 6S or any other smartphone from Apple? You can try to use the “Find iPhone” function, the essence of the procedure is to delete all data remotely. What is needed for this?

    Iphone 4 passcode / password bypass New & WORKS !

    • We go from a computer or other device to iCloud;
    • Log in with your Apple ID;
    • Go to the “Find iPhone” page and select a device;
    • We select the item “Erase all data”.

    After a few seconds, all data in the smartphone will be destroyed. The password prompt will also disappear.

    Unlocking via iTunes

    There are several options for resetting the password for accessing the device, the simplest and least expensive is resetting the device with the loss of all data on it. This is done using iTunes or iCloud. In this section, we will analyze both methods in detail and step by step. Any user will be able to access his smartphone if he forgot the password by repeating the steps clearly according to the instructions.

    The first thing to do if your iPhone is locked is to try to recover the password by the mail you specified when registering with iCloud. To start the recovery procedure, go to, select “Forgot Apple ID or Password?” and follow the instructions.

    This method is the most painless, it allows you to restore access to the device and not lose data on it. The methods described below, how to unlock a locked iPhone, completely reset the device to factory settings. At the same time, all data, photos and applications are erased, it will not be realistic to restore them.

    iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes

    Most likely, you have already encountered a situation when the smartphone displayed the message “iPhone is disconnected, connect to iTunes.” This happens if you enter an incorrect combination of numbers in the password field six times in a row. The proprietary program iTunes and a regular computer will help to remove this inscription. Using the software, you can reset the counter and unlock the phone if you forgot the code.

    A hard restart of the gadget will not help, remember this, you will only waste the time that can be spent on guessing a forgotten password.

    • Turn on Wi-Fi on the device.
    • We connect the iPhone to the computer using the cable that comes with it.
    • Turn on iTunes
    • When the program recognizes the device, go to “Devices. Synchronize with” select iPhone 4 or which one you have.
    • After synchronization, you can continue to try to enter the password, but if they are not successful, we will try to reset it, how to unlock an iPhone without a password, read in the next section.
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    Installing new firmware

    The method of recovering by reinstalling the firmware requires finding a suitable version of the operating system, downloading it to the computer and freeing at least 2 GB on the phone’s storage. About this amount is occupied by modern iOS.

    Actions of the user who decided to use this method:

    • Move the downloaded firmware to a folder at C: \ Documents and Settings \ “username” \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates.
    • Connect the phone to the computer with a cable and open the desktop version of iTunes.
    • Go to the section of the flashable iPhone.
    • Press Ctrl and select recovery.
    • Select and open the firmware file.

    After completing all the actions, the user can only wait while the new operating system is being installed. Updating will reset all information.

    Unlocking iPhone via iCloud

    The second method of restoring access is simpler than the first, but it requires the fulfillment of certain conditions. First, the gadget must be connected to the Internet. a Wi-Fi router or a mobile one (2G, 3G or 4G. it doesn’t matter). In addition, Find My iPhone must be enabled on your phone. Without a network, you can simply be within range of a wireless router that your iPhone has already connected to. In most cases, after that, you can see the connection symbol on the screen.

    With your iPhone connected to the Internet, follow these steps:

    • On any other device (PC, tablet, smartphone) goes to
    • Enter Apple ID and Password of Locked iPhone.
    • Opens a list of all connected devices.
    • Selects the iPhone erase button.
    • Waits until the information is erased, after which the lock disappears on the mobile phone.
    • Configures a smartphone or restores the system from a backup.

    The method can be called the fastest and most convenient. However, without the included iPhone search, you will not be able to use the technique. If the function was not enabled in advance, it is worth moving on to another option. complex, but practically does not require any settings. Therefore, users who do not want to lose access to their iPhone should consider enabling search in advance.

    Resetting the Wrong Attempts Counter

    The owner of the gadget, who has never made backups, may have no choice but to find the right combination to restore access. This method is very long and, in theory, limited to ten attempts. At the same time, there is a way to get around the limitation using iTunes. To do this, you will need to constantly reset the iPhone counter.

    The user actions are as follows:

    • Connect smartphone to computer with iTunes.
    • Check if the device appears in the list. If so, the recovery attempt will most likely be successful. If there is no smartphone in the list, you should go to other options.
    • Right click on the iPhone icon in iTunes and select sync.
    • After the smartphone has started synchronizing with the computer, immediately stop the process by clicking on the cross in the upper corner of the player. Sometimes you also have to press the arrow.

    The counter is reset and the system considers that the user has not tried to enter numbers 10 times yet. After that, you can start over again by entering additional combinations. The reset procedure can be performed an unlimited number of times, which means that the user has 100, 200, and 1000 attempts. On the other hand, it is difficult to find all the options without having any idea of ​​the combination. it may take more than a month. It’s easier to use one of the other methods.

    How to Unlock iPhone if Forgot Lock Password. Instructions

    One of the ways to protect the iPhone from unauthorized access is the Touch ID sensor, the latest versions have received an additional recognition system. Face ID. Each of them effectively prevents a smartphone from being hacked, but at the same time practically makes you forget about the standard password, which is also used to unlock.

    However, sometimes this combination of numbers has to be entered manually. after a long stay of the phone in the off state, the inability to recognize the owner’s finger. Also, on older models, the password is the only way to unlock it. Users who have forgotten it have to look for ways to restore the lost access to their own gadget. Consider How To Unlock iPhone If You Forgot Your Password.

    Recovery mode

    Another way is to restore or reset to the original settings. To complete it, you also need a computer connection and iTunes. The owner of the mobile device is required to:

    • Switch the smartphone to DFU mode (hold down the “Power” and “Home” buttons for about 10 seconds).
    • After the logo appears on the phone screen, release the power key while continuing to hold “Home”.
    • Make sure the USB cable icon appears on the display.
    • Connect the gadget to the computer and wait for a notification from the system that it has switched to recovery mode.
    • Select a restore command to create a new device.
    • Wait for the program to finish.

    Using iTunes

    Using the iTunes media player is the first method Apple recommends. To do this, the owner of the gadget will need a computer that has already been synchronized with the same smartphone before. Most often, this is a PC with the operating system iOS or macOS, since it is problematic to sync iPhone with Windows, not to mention installing iTunes on it.

    • Connect iPhone to computer using a USB cable and wait for the mobile gadget to appear in the list of devices.
    • Open iTunes on your computer. If the attempt fails and the gadget requires a password, you should go to the next recovery method or connect to another computer.
    • In the event that the player on the iPhone has opened, wait until the data is synchronized. The process can take several hours. but you can wait to unlock the device.
    • After the message that indicates the completion of synchronization, select the item to restore data from the backup copy of the player.
    • Select from the list of devices that appears on the screen the phone to which access is restored.
    • Open one of the backups that can be distinguished by the creation date. It is recommended to restore the latest version.
    • Wait for recovery and continue using the phone by setting a new combination of symbols.

    The frequency of connecting to a PC affects the amount of information recovered and the settings of the system itself. If the gadget has not been connected for a long time, you will have to spend more time returning the Apple smartphone to its usual state. However, despite such a long time to restore access, the method solves the user’s problem in most cases.

    Passcode Unlock Iphone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 plus, 4s, 4, / Forgot Passcode / Iphone Disabled any iOS

    Six ways to unlock

    The problem with the forgotten combination for unlocking the iPhone would not be so serious if it were not for the limited number of attempts to enter it. After the 6th unsuccessful password dialing, the smartphone is locked for 60 seconds. Each next time leads to a complete blocking of the gadget for 5, 15 and 60 minutes, respectively. And the 10th unsuccessful attempt completely stops access, making it impossible to further enter numbers. To be able to use a mobile device, you will have to apply more complex methods that require a connection to a computer and Apple cloud services. Sometimes you need special software to bypass the blocking.

    Special program

    • Connect smartphone to PC.
    • Download and install “SemiRestore” on your computer.
    • Open the program on the computer and click “SemiRestore”.
    • Wait until data processing and clearing is finished and iPhone restarts.
    • Put a new combination and use your mobile gadget further.

    By deleting user data from the phone, the program does not restore the factory settings of the system. Both the platform version and the jailbreak remain unchanged. You can run Semi-Restore on any phone with iOS 5.0 and higher. a model released since 2011, inclusive.

    Factory reset from iTunes phone

    All settings and all data will be erased completely, but after rebooting you will get back control of your smartphone.

    Launch iTunes on your computer. Turn on your iPhone as follows:

    On iPhone 8 and up: Press the volume up button and release, volume down and release, then hold down the power button and turn off the device. Keep the power button pressed and connect iPhone to PC.

    On iPhone 7: Hold down the volume down and power button and turn off the smartphone without releasing the power button connect the iPhone to the PC.

    On iPhone 6s and below: Hold the Home and Power button and turn off without releasing the Power button connect to PC.

    Select the “Recovery Mode”. The device will reboot, clearing all data and resetting passwords.

    If there is no access to mail, the phone was not tied to Apple ID

    We’ll have to talk to Apple tech support. Go to the address., write them what happened, attach proof that the iPhone is really yours. preferably a purchase receipt. Others may ask.

    You will definitely be answered and most likely they will reset your login information, so that you can log in.

    How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password

    Smartphones and tablets from Apple are among the most secure and secure devices, the system always asks the user to come up with a complex password to unlock.

    And, it is not always possible to remember it, especially during the initial setup of the device. Therefore, the problem often arises. the iPhone is locked, how to unlock it so that it is desirable that all the data remains on it.

    How to unlock iphone 4s easily.

    From the past, you already know how to clear the cache on iPhone. Today we are going to take a look at how to unlock iPhone from the phone itself and through iTunes.

    Important! Do not enter the wrong password many times, after the tenth attempt, the iPhone or iPad will simply be locked forever and it will be almost impossible to unlock it.

    If you forgot your Apple ID and / or password from it

    Go to the address.!page=signin. Click on the link “Forgot your Apple ID or password?” Enter your Apple ID, if you don’t remember it, then use the link to find it.

    Then follow the instructions, you will be asked to enter your mobile number, the answer to the security question, or you will be sent an email with a link to reset your password.

    How to reset the password counter

    It does not always work, so be careful, as it was already written above, after 10 attempts the device will be locked forever.

    To reset the counter, simply connect iPhone to PC, launch iTunes and sync.

    Resetting the password via iCloud

    We will erase all data from the phone and the password itself. The main thing is that the function. the iPhone locator is turned on in the smartphone itself and there is an Internet connection

    Go to the address., click on your phone icon on the map or in the device menu at the top. Three options will appear, we need. “Erase iPhone”.

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    Everything that was stored on the iPhone will be erased, and you can set it up again or restore it from an iCloud backup, if any.

    Via iTunes from a backup to iTunes

    If you have previously synced iPhone with iTunes and made a backup, then resetting your password will be easy using this method. With it, all your files and contacts will remain on your smartphone.

    Launch iTunes on your computer, connect your smartphone and wait until it is detected in the program and synchronized. If this does not happen, then select the device manually and do the synchronization yourself.

    In the “Backups” section, click the “Recover from a copy” button and specify it. After completion of the process. access to the phone will be returned.

    Unlock iPhone via iTunes with Data Loss

    If you have not previously synchronized via iTunes, then you will have to donate personal data. Proceed like this:

    Enter iPhone into DFU mode: press “Home” and “Power” simultaneously and hold this combination for 10 seconds. A “bitten apple” will appear on the screen of the gadget. this indicates that the operation was successful.

    Connect your smartphone to PC and launch iTunes. If this program is not available, it is recommended to download and install the latest version of iTunes.

    In the list of devices, select your gadget and in the “Overview” section, click “Restore iPhone” (by analogy with the previous instructions).

    A download bar will appear on the smartphone screen. when it reaches the end, it will mean that the latest version of iOS is installed on the iPhone. Personal data after such unlocking is not saved. the user receives a “blank” iPhone.

    How to unlock iPhone via iCloud?

    There is another way to reset the password. through the iCloud service. however, for this you need to have the “Find iPhone” function activated on the gadget, which allows you to remotely delete all data from the gadget and detect it in case of loss. You can enable this function as follows: follow the path “Settings” “iCloud” on your smartphone and switch the toggle switch opposite the item “Find iPhone” (located at the very bottom).

    If you have forgotten your iPhone password and the data stored on it is not particularly important to you, follow these instructions:

    Follow the link you will see a window like this: the service will ask you to enter your account password.

    Enter the password, and a map will appear in front of you, on which you can see where the device is.

    Select your gadget from the All Devices menu.

    The phone control menu will appear on the right. select “Erase iPhone”.

    Enter your AppleID password again. After that, the process of deleting settings and data starts. the screen will display the “bull’s eye” and the download bar. ICloud will display a message with the following content: “The erasing procedure has started.”.

    After unlocking and initial configuration of the gadget, you can try to restore personal data from a backup using the Setup Assistant, however, there is no guarantee that this attempt will be successful, alas. You can reset your password via iCloud with both iPhone 6 and less modern models.

    How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password: install a new firmware

    Restoring iPhone via iTunes is not suitable for everyone: during the procedure, the firmware will be downloaded, the weight of which reaches almost one and a half gigabytes. When using a slow Internet connection (for example, when connecting via a modem), the unlocking procedure will take hours. The unfortunate owners of such a leisurely connection are recommended another method:

    Download the firmware for iPhone in.IPSW format on a high-speed connection (for example, use the services of an Internet cafe).

    Copy the firmware to PC memory to a folder located in the C: Documents and Settings directory username Application Data Apple Computer iTunes iPhone Software Updates.

    Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and launch iTunes. Go to the device section.

    Hold CTRL and at the same time click the “Restore iPhone”.

    A window will appear where you can select the firmware for manual recovery. After selecting the appropriate.IPSW file, click “Open”.

    Then just wait for the procedure to complete. Upon completion of the recovery, you will receive a “clean” iPhone and will be able to reset the password again.

    How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password?

    Despite the fact that the new iPhone models are equipped with a fingerprint scanner and can be unlocked by a fingerprint, many owners of Apple gadgets continue to use a digital password and often forget it. The number of attempts to guess the password is limited to ten. if all of them are unsuccessful, the user will see on the screen a frightening message with the following content: “iPhone is locked, connect to iTunes.” You should not give in to panic: it is very easy to unlock the gadget, however, personal data may turn out to be at the cost of forgetfulness.

    How to unblock an account on iPhone?

    In addition to the security password, the iPhone owner must constantly keep in mind the AppleID password, which is always more difficult to remember. The user is forced to enter the security password at each unlocking, therefore, over time, the hands themselves “remember” it. The AppleID password is required only when downloading applications from the AppStore: forgetting it is as easy as shelling pears. In this case, the gadget will accompany any attempt to download the application with an unfriendly message:

    You can recover your AppleID password on the official website proceed as follows:

    On the AppleID website, click the Forgot AppleID or Password?

    You will see a window where you will need to enter the AppleID.

    After entering the ID, click “Continue”.

    At the next stage, select “I want to reset my password” and click “Continue” again.

    Choose a way to reset: through a letter from the e-mail (specified during registration) or through security questions. The first method is usually preferable, because if the user has forgotten the AppleID password, then the answers to security questions, most likely, flew out of his head even earlier.

    The second method is suitable if the user has lost access to the specified email, however, we will follow the first path. Click “Continue” and see the final message.

    Go to the post office and look for a letter with this m:

    Create and set a new password in a special form:

    Password requirements are more than standard: the presence of uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers, the length is at least 8 characters. Important: the service will not accept the password that has already been used before.

    After you manage to come up with a password that meets all Apple’s requirements, you will see a message with the following content:

    From now on, you can start downloading applications from the AppStore, but it is still better to record the AppleID password in a notepad or in the Notes application.

    How to unlock iPhone after jailbreak?

    Obviously, none of the above methods is suitable for the owners of jailbroken iPhones, because all of them are associated with downloading the official Apple firmware, which means that they entail the loss of the advantages that jailbreak gives.

    Owners of jailbroken gadgets are advised to turn to the SemiRestore program. You can download it on the official website by selecting the section corresponding to the PC operating system:

    Please note: SemiRestore only works on 64-bit operating systems.

    There is one more condition: a component called OpenSSH must be installed on the iPhone, which can be found in Cydia. without it, you will not be able to reset the settings.

    You need to unlock a jailbroken smartphone using the following algorithm:

    Install and run SemiRestore.

    Connect the iPhone to the computer with a cable and wait for the SemiRestore to recognize it.

    After recognition in the main window of the program, click the “SemiRestore” button. It is impossible to make a mistake here: the utility is so simple that there is only one button.

    The “cleaning” process is reflected by the loading bar.

    How to bypass iPhone password if the device is locked. Lifehacker

    Since time immemorial, iOS prompts by default to create a passcode when setting up an iPhone or iPad to protect the owner’s personal information. If you enter this password incorrectly several times in a row, the device will be locked for one minute, and subsequent unsuccessful attempts will increase the time more and more. Recently, the iPhone of one Chinese woman was thus locked for as much as 47 years.

    Despite the absurdity of the situation, this happens quite often. Mostly with old smartphones and tablets, or when devices fall into the hands of children. Fortunately, there is a simple way out of this situation. a special utility 4uKey from Tenorshare. With its help, you can easily unlock your iOS device if you have forgotten or do not know the password at all.

    How to Unlock iPhone by Resetting Bad Attempts Counter

    Immediately after the start of synchronization, the counter will reset to zero. You can keep trying to enter the correct password.

    Remember that the counter cannot be reset by simply rebooting the device.

    How to unlock iPhone using a special program (only after jailbreak)

    Open the program window and click the “SemiRestore” button. You will see the process of clearing devices from data and password in the form of a green bar. Expect mobile may restart.

    When the runner “crawls” to the end, you can use the phone again.

    How to Unlock iPhone by Installing New Firmware

    Attention! Choose your source for downloading the firmware carefully. If there is a virus inside it, it can completely break your iPhone. You won’t be able to find out how to unlock it. Do not ignore the warnings of the antivirus program and do not download files with the extension.exe

    Now connect your device to your computer via USB cable and enter iTunes. Go to your phone section (if you have multiple devices). Each model will have a full technical name and you can easily find yours.

    Press CTRL and “Restore iPhone”. You will be able to select the firmware file that you downloaded. Click on it and click “Open”.

    How it works

    4uKey removes the password by resetting the iPhone to factory settings, no matter what type of protection was used. The utility unlocks a four-digit code, six-digit code, Touch ID or Face ID with equal success. The program simply downloads the latest firmware for the device and restores it.

    At the same time, all personal information, music, applications and other content are erased from the gadget. In this, in fact, there is nothing to worry about, because the data can always be restored from the last backup or set up the device as new.

    Important: 4uKey bypasses only the lock password of the device itself, but not activation.

    In cases where the iPhone is locked after theft or loss, you will need a password from your Apple ID account to turn it on. So the utility is useless for attackers.