How to turn on Wi-Fi on a Sony laptop

The next method, how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi, is similar to the first one, however, it requires going to the Device Manager. By right-clicking on the My Computer icon and holding down Properties, you will see the Device Manager submenu. Having opened the device tree, you need to find the one that is responsible for the wireless connection in the Network adapters menu. Most often, it is marked with WI-FI, Wireless or the like. It also needs to be activated, after which you already try to establish a wireless connection with existing networks.

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How to set up Wi-Fi on a Windows 7 laptop

Depending on the operating system that is installed on your laptop, there may be different problems with establishing a wireless connection. And it often happens that the laptop does not connect to WI-FI in Windows 7.

Let’s consider several options for how to fix this problem.

To begin with, you have a wireless network available to connect, but the laptop won’t establish a connection. Find in the Taskbar, located in the lower right corner, the icon denoting the network, and click on it with the left button of the manipulator. A menu will appear in front of you, in which all available wireless networks will be displayed. From the list provided, select the network to which you want to connect at the moment.

After selecting the network, a window for entering the password will appear. After filling in the field, the connection process will begin, which may take 1-2 minutes. If everything is correct, then a wireless connection will be established, and you can use the Internet on your laptop without any problems.

Another option, which will enable Wi-Fi on a laptop, will be of interest to more advanced users, since it involves more actions. But with its help, it becomes possible to manually fill in some data that relate to the connection.

To use this option, go to the Network Settings section located in the Control Panel, and then go to the settings of the new Internet connection. After the dialog menu opens, you need to select the manual configuration option. Further, in a new window, you will be able to assign a name to the access point, select the type of security, type of encryption and assign a new password for the connection. When all the required fields are filled in and the settings are saved, the newly created network will appear in the list of available ones, and you can connect to it.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on an Acer laptop

If you own a laptop of the Acer brand, and for some reason, Wi-Fi does not work, do not despair. Most likely, it is just deactivated and you need to know how to turn on Wi-Fi on your Acer laptop. As in most cases with other manufacturers, acer has its own magic combination on the keyboard, which activates the Wi-Fi adapter and allows you to connect to wireless networks without any problems. So, just hold down the Fn F3 buttons and you have a working Wi-Fi on your laptop.

This method boils down to enabling the module in the Network Connection Control Center. You can get to this menu by clicking Start, but you can also use the Win R key combination. A command line will pop up in front of you, in which you need to enter ncpa.cpl. This request will display the desired control center, where all active and inactive connections for different types of networks will appear.

From the proposed options, you need to find a Wi-Fi connection on a laptop. If the item you need is indicated by a pale gray color, then it is disabled, which makes it impossible for a wireless connection to be available on the device. To activate it, you need to call the context menu by right-clicking on this device and select “Enable”.

Further, you can safely try to connect to available wireless networks.

Enabling Wi-Fi hardware

The need for the Internet exists constantly, therefore, how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi is an urgent question. Initially, you should try to establish a hardware connection. The simplest and most common option is to use the Wi-Fi activation buttons on the laptop. If this method does not work, then it may happen that the module driver has crashed. Consider the possible options.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on an HP laptop

Although the activation of the wireless adapter is the same on most laptops, many users are wondering how to enable WI-FI on an HP laptop. Most of the devices of this American manufacturer are equipped with a special button that activates the Wi-Fi module. In some models, it is presented as a special slider, and is additionally equipped with an indicator that lights up when Wi-Fi is on. If there is no such slider, the button should be found in the row of function keys on the keyboard. most often next to the F12 button. It is indicated by the logo of the antenna transmitting the signal.

In other cases, Hewlett-Packard notebook computers enable the wireless module by software or hardware, as described above.

Wi-Fi activation using buttons

Some laptop computers equipped with connection adapters are not capable of connecting to wireless networks after activating the device. How do I turn on Wi-Fi on my laptop? In such cases, one or more buttons located on the laptop will help. There may be several options, and they directly depend on the model of your laptop, as well as the date of its release. On older models, the inclusion of the WI-FI module is presented in the form of a separate toggle switch or a separate button. Such a switch can be located both on the front and on the side of the case, so you need to carefully examine your laptop for such a button.

If, during the search, the button for activating the wireless connection could not be found, you should look for the button in a number of function keys. They are located at the top of the keyboard and are usually labeled F1 through F12. Among these buttons, you need to find the one that is responsible for activating the transmitter. Most often, it is marked with the Wi-Fi icon in the form of a transmitting antenna.

Many manufacturers have tried to unify this function, so you can turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop by simply pressing Fn F5. Try it and chances are you will be lucky.


In the event that you can see that the device is installed, but does not work, you need to uninstall the driver.

  • Open the device manager as shown earlier.
  • Select a section related to network operation, open it.
  • Right-click on the line of the Wi-Fi device. In the menu that opens, select properties.
  • You need to go to the “Driver” tab. At the bottom there is a button to uninstall the driver.

After clicking on it, the procedure will be completed.

Note! Knowing how to install Wi-Fi on a laptop and solving possible problems in this case will allow you to use it with maximum benefit and comfort.

Checking the inclusion of Wi-Fi on the laptop. Not every laptop automatically turns on WI-FI at boot, after turning off the Network can. On some laptop models there is a lever with which the Wifi module is activated.

Wireless connection WI-FI today allows millions of gadgets to get free access to the Internet. Now, to connect, you do not need to lay meters of wires and then mask them.

When buying a new smartphone from Sony Xperia, the user wants to take advantage of all possible innovative functions. You can take photos with a modern mobile device.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on sony vaio

The peculiarity of turning on Wi-Fi on Sony Vayo laptops is the absence of a hardware button (in some models) designed to activate the wireless module. Users start looking for this key, pressing all the function buttons in combination with F2, but in vain. And in the instruction manual for the laptop, this moment is reflected.

Where can I download

When buying a laptop, the kit may usually include a disc that contains programs for installing all the necessary drivers. In this case, you can use the driver version contained on it to configure.

Sometimes no such discs were received. This may be due to the fact that it is not included in the kit during the sale or the equipment was bought that was already in use. It is also possible that the driver disk may have been lost.

Important! This situation is usually easy to fix on your own. The manufacturer’s website contains drivers for all current laptop models. To find the desired option, you can use the search on the site, and download it to your laptop for installation.

Sometimes drivers are written not by manufacturers, but by other companies. Although they can work with high quality, nevertheless, those created by the manufacturer are considered to be more reliable.

If you go to the first of them, in the main menu on the page, you must select the “Support” item. After that, you will be prompted to select the user’s country. You must specify the required line.

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Then you have to get to the desired section. To do this, go to:

  • Vaio and Computing.
  • Then. Vaio.
  • After that. Notebook.

In the list shown, select the model for which the driver is required. On the download tab, you need to download the files that are offered to the user.

Not all of them are required. You need to pay attention to the following:

  • Wireless LAN Driver. a driver that is responsible for the operation of Wi-Fi.
  • Sony Notebook Utilities. are responsible for adjusting the power supply, soft keys and other important things.
  • Ethernet Driver (network card), SATA Driver (provides SATA bus operation), ME Driver, Chipset Driver.
  • Sony Shared Library. a library from the manufacturer that is used in work.
  • SFEP Driver ACPI SNY5001 is designed to organize proprietary Vaio functions.

Note! These files are the most important, but it will not be superfluous to download all of the proposed.

Windows Control Panel

Here’s another way to turn on Wi-Fi on a Sony Vaio laptop. Before turning on Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that there is a working wireless access point.

To get to the control panel, you must click “Start” and select the desired line in the menu that opens.

  • In the window that opens, go to the “Network and Internet” section. Then go to “Network Connections”.
  • Select “Change adapter parameters” in the menu.
  • Clicking on the desired connection with the right mouse button, select the line “Connect”.

The laptop does not see the Wi-Fi network

Usually “Sony Vayo” laptop does not see Wi-Fi when the signal is too weak. However, sometimes this problem occurs due to power settings. When the computer is disconnected from the network in “Windows” the problem of energy saving is solved. As a result, the wireless adapter becomes less sensitive due to the set settings, and the Sony laptop does not connect to every Wi-Fi. To remedy the situation, it is necessary to set the maximum efficiency of the adapter in the power supply settings. Another possible reason. Vaio Smart Network does not include Wi-Fi.

Virtual button

  • Open the virtual charms bar.
  • You must select “Options”.
  • In the window that opens, you need to go to the section related to changing computer settings.
  • On the left side of the screen, select the line related to wireless communication.
  • It is necessary that the “Airplane mode” be turned off.
  • The wi-fi setting should turn on.
  • After selecting the options, a list of available Wi-Fi connections will be shown.
  • Select “Connect” on the desired one. In this case, you may need to enter a security key.

Note! Sony sve1512h1rb virtual Wi-Fi enable button can also be applied.

How to enable WI-FI on Sony Vaio laptop, Sony svf152c29v, Sony 71211v and other models

To begin with, it is worth noting that on almost all Sony Vaio laptop models, for example svf152c29v, Wi-Fi connection is made using a special Wireless switch, which is located on the front edge of the device.

Usually, when Wi-Fi is on, an additional light is on, and the laptop can automatically join an available network. Also, the regulation of the switch can be carried out by changing the position of the button to On / Off.

Depending on the model, this switch may not be present, then you will have to find and launch the VAIO Smart Network program and manually connect.

Among other things, on your monitor, in the lower right corner of the screen, there should be a Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar.

If you click on this icon, then you will see a window with a list of available connections. You just need to choose the network you need and easily use the Internet.

If you cannot connect to the wireless network using the above methods, then there is another method. It will help you troubleshoot communication problems if they occur on your computer.

First of all, go to the “Start” panel, then select “Options” in the window that opens. Now the settings window has opened in front of you. From the general list of settings, select “Network and Internet” and check that the icon is in the on position.

Under this icon you should see a list of available Wi-Fi networks.

If this does not help, then perhaps you have the “Airplane mode” turned on. Find this inscription in the settings window on the right and click on it.

Now check that the mode slider is in the disabled position and try again to enable the wireless network.

Don’t forget to check the button on the front of the laptop! If Wi-Fi still cannot be turned on after completing the above steps, you should check with a specialist if there are any problems with your laptop, after making sure that Wi-Fi can work on other computers without problems.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling by phone or by writing your question on the feedback form.

SONY VAIO WiFi Not Working Not Connected No Connections Available Fix Repair VAIO “Smart” Network

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Solution to the problem

How to turn on Wi-Fi on a Sony VAIO laptop? To do this, use the proprietary VAIO Smart Network utility, which can be downloaded from the official support page for products of this line. Link to the internet resource Although the website states that the software is intended for Windows 7, it functions properly on Windows 8 and 10 of any bit size.

For situations where the program refuses to run in new versions of the operating system, there is a compatibility mode. Open the “Properties” of the executable file, in the “Compatibility” tab, activate the option to run the program in this mode and select Windows 7.

The application is designed and developed for the following computer models from Sony: VGX, VGC, PCV, VGN, VPC, PCG. The manufacturer does not recommend installing on other devices.

During installation, you must have Administrator privileges or run the distribution kit on its behalf (via the file context menu). Beforehand, you must also update the drivers of all devices by downloading their latest versions from the support page for your laptop model. It is shown on a sticker on the back of the case.

You must install VAIO Smart Network with the Power Media Dock connected, otherwise the process will end with a system error. If you have a VAIO VPCZ23 without a docking station, you must get the latest 64-bit Intel Mobile HD graphics driver, otherwise some keys, especially F2, may not work or will not function properly.

To turn on Wi-Fi on Sony Vayo, launch the installed utility, expand its window from the tray, move the first “Wireless functions” switch to the “On” position, then “Wireless LAN” to the same position (the active button is indicated in green).

To connect to the access point, we use the functions of the operating system itself: click on the “Network” icon in the tray and select the desired network in the drop-down window. You can also connect, delete unnecessary access points through the “Network and Sharing Center” in the Toolbar.

  • whether the drivers are installed on the wireless module;
  • whether the network card is active in the “Device Manager”, it can be disabled;
  • whether the “Airplane” mode is turned off.

The Wi-Fi wireless network module on many models of the Sony VAIO series is enabled through the proprietary VAIO Smart Network utility, because there is no hardware button for its activation on the device body.

The next video describes another way to turn on Wi-Fi. Perhaps it will suit you:

Here is such a feature of the notebooks of this series. If something does not work out, write to us, we will figure it out!

Sony Vaio laptops have a few things to be aware of when setting up a wireless connection. To comfortably use access to the worldwide network, it is important to know how to turn on Wi-Fi on a Sony Vaio laptop and what to do if the connection is broken.

How to enable Wi-Fi on Sony Vayo laptops

The computers of this manufacturer do not use soft buttons to gain access to Wi-Fi. There is a special toggle switch called “Wireless”. It can be in the “On” or “Off” position. The first one is selected for inclusion. In this case, the indicator should light up, which is located next to the switch.

After that, you need to connect the wireless connection in the operating system.


It so happens that the wireless driver is installed and works fine, but in the meantime a new version of it was released. Then it is advisable to update with the last option.

In this case, open the device manager, the section related to the operation of the network, and click on the desired line with the right mouse button. In the context menu, select the top line in which it is proposed to update the driver.

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In this case, you will be offered two options:

  • Searching for a driver on the Internet.
  • Install from a file on the laptop.

Note! The user chooses what suits him best and carries out the update procedure.

What to do if Wi-Fi on the Sony Vayo laptop does not turn on

There can be several different reasons for this. Here are the main ones:

  • No working access point.
  • Wifi adapter defective.
  • Wi-Fi connection not connected.
  • Signal too weak.
  • Wi-Fi toggle switch disabled on laptop.
  • Wireless driver not working normally.

Important! You need to check each of these causes and fix the problem. First, it is recommended to check the position of the switch and look at the corresponding line in the device manager.


If the driver is present on the computer, but does not perform its functions, then you need to first check it, for which they perform the following actions:

  • Press the “Start” key.
  • Select the line “My Computer” and right-click.
  • In the context menu that appears, go to properties.
  • On the right side of the window in the menu, select the top line related to the device manager.

When the corresponding window appears, open the “Network devices” item. Below you can see a list of those that are available on the laptop. If the installed driver does not function correctly, then a yellow triangle with a small exclamation mark will be visible on the icon. In this case, you need to reinstall.

Note! It is recommended to first uninstall the current one, and then install the latest version, which was downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website.

Virtual button

  • Open the virtual charms bar.
  • You must select “Options”.
  • In the window that opens, you need to go to the section related to changing computer settings.
  • On the left side of the screen, select the line related to wireless communication.
  • It is necessary that the “Airplane mode” be turned off.
  • The wi-fi setting should turn on.
  • After selecting the options, a list of available Wi-Fi connections will be shown.
  • Select “Connect” on the desired one. In this case, you may need to enter a security key.

Note! Sony sve1512h1rb virtual Wi-Fi enable button can also be applied.

The laptop does not see the Wi-Fi network

Usually “Sony Vayo” laptop does not see Wi-Fi when the signal is too weak. However, sometimes this problem occurs due to power settings. When the computer is disconnected from the network in “Windows” the problem of energy saving is solved. As a result, the wireless adapter becomes less sensitive due to the set settings, and the Sony laptop does not connect to every Wi-Fi. To remedy the situation, it is necessary to set the maximum efficiency of the adapter in the power supply settings. Another possible reason. Vaio Smart Network does not include Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi connection by hardware method

Almost all laptop computers have a button or switch for Wi-Fi. They can be located either on the top of the case, near the keyboard keys, or on the side of the laptop.

If you did not find a button or a switch on your device, Wi-Fi can be connected using the keyboard. On one of the keys from F1 to F12 there is a pattern in the form of an antenna or a laptop with “waves” diverging from it. You need to press the desired button in combination with the Fn key.

Where to turn on Wi-Fi on an HP laptop: turn on the network using the touch button with the antenna image, and on selected models by pressing the Fn and F12 keys. But there are also some HP models that have a regular button with an antenna pattern.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on an ASUS laptop: on computers from this manufacturer, you need to press a combination of the Fn and F2 buttons. On Acer and Packard bell, you need to hold down the Fn key and press F3 in parallel. To enable Wi-Fi on Lenovo together with Fn, press F5. There are also models that have a special switch for connecting to wireless networks.

On Samsung laptops, to activate Wi-Fi, you need to hold down the Fn button and simultaneously press either F9 or F12 (depending on the specific model).

If you are using an adapter, then you do not need to know how to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop, since it is always turned on in hardware. But for complete confidence, you can check the operation of the adapter using the Fn key combination with the one showing the wireless network, as we described above.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop?

Many people already use the wireless network, because it is convenient, especially if you have such autonomous devices as a laptop, tablet and smartphone at home. And if you are already among those who have purchased and connected the router, all you have to do is find out how to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop and start using wireless Internet.

Wi-Fi connection via programs

If, after turning on the button, switch or keyboard shortcut for Wi-Fi on the laptop, you still do not have a network, the wireless adapter is probably turned off by software, that is, it is disabled in the OS settings. You can connect it in two ways:

  • Enable via Network and Sharing Center. To do this, you need to press the WinR combination, and in the free line of the window that opens, type the command ncpa.cpl. You will immediately be taken to the “Changing adapter settings” section (in Windows XP the section will be called “Network Connections”). We find here the “Wireless Network Connection” icon and see: if it is gray, then Wi-Fi is disabled. To activate it, right-click on the wireless network connection and select the “Enable” line. Trying to connect to the network.
  • Enable via device manager. Here Wi-Fi is turned off extremely rarely, or it happens due to a failure. Nevertheless, if other methods do not help, it is worth taking a look here too. To do this, press the WinR combination and type the devmgmt.msc command in the line. In the task manager window that opens, we find a device whose name contains the word Wireless or Wi-Fi. Right-click on it and select the line “Engage”.

If the device still does not start or an error is displayed, download the drivers for the adapter from the official website and install them, then try again to perform the actions according to item 1 or item 2.

If your laptop is still running Windows at the factory, you will need to run the wireless network management software from the laptop manufacturer. They complete almost every computer, and they are called “wireless assistant” or “Wi-Fi manager”, and are located in the “Start”. “Programs”. Sometimes, without running this utility, no effort to connect to the network will work.

How to turn on WI-FI on a laptop?!

Almost every fifth apartment has a wireless network. People easily use the delights of wireless communications on their laptops, but when even the simplest problems arise, they immediately fall into a stupor and do not know what to do about it, since for many it is a dark forest, unfortunately. I will try to help, and I will tell you in more or less simple language how to turn on WI-FI on a laptop if it suddenly turns off. over, the instructions from Step 2 will be useful not only for laptop owners, but also for owners of ordinary computers on which a WI-FI adapter is installed.

Method 1. enabling via the Network and Sharing Center.

Press the WinR key combination and in the window that opens, enter the command: ncpa.cpl.

Thus, we will immediately open the section “Changing adapter settings” (in Windows XP this section was called “Network Connections”). Here we are looking for “Wireless Network Connection”.

If it is gray, it means that WI-FI is disabled. Right-click on the Wireless Network Connection and select the “Enable” menu item. After that, we try to connect to the wireless network.

How to enable WI-FI programmatically.

The wireless adapter can be turned off by software. that is, it was turned off in the settings of the Windows operating system. Turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop, if it is turned off in the operating system settings, there are two ways.

How to enable WI-FI on a laptop hardware.

On some laptop models, you first need to turn on the Wi-Fi adapter with the button.
Examine the laptop case carefully. The WI-FI power button can be in the form of a slider (usually on older models):

If there is no separate power button, then look at the laptop keyboard. namely, the F1-F12 keys. One of them should have a Wi-Fi antenna in the form of an antenna. The most commonly used combination of the function key and F5:

If you use a USB adapter, then, as a rule, there is no separate WI-FI power key on it, so the adapter is always turned on in hardware.

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Equipment setup

Method 2. Enabling via device manager.

In Device Manager, as a rule, network adapters are rarely disabled, since this is simply not necessary and they do it only as a last resort, or it happens due to a failure. And if the Wi-Fi adapter is disabled in Device Manager, then in Network Connections there will be no “Wireless Network Connection” icon at all. To turn on Wi-Fi, you must first go to Device Manager. To do this, as in step 1, press the WinR key combination and in the Run window write the command: devmgmt.msc, press OK. Windows Device Manager will open.

In the “Network adapters” section, look for a device with Wireless or Wi-Fi in its name. Click on it with the right mouse button and select the “Engage” menu item. If suddenly the device refuses to start and an error is displayed. try to download the drivers for the adapter from the manufacturer’s official page and install them.

There is one more trick that you have to do if your laptop has Windows preinstalled from the factory. It consists in the fact that sometimes you have to run a program for managing wireless networks from a computer manufacturer. Such programs come with almost every laptop. They are called “wireless assistant” or “Wi-Fi manager” and are located in the Start Menu. “Programs” (“All Programs”). I have come across a couple of laptop models on which it seems that WI-FI is turned on everywhere, but until you launch the utility, the adapter does not catch the network.

If you have turned on the adapter, but cannot connect to a wireless network. see this article: Solving problems with Wi-Fi.

Programmatically Enabling Wi-Fi on a Dell Laptop

If the above methods did not help to correct the situation, the adapter is probably not working due to software problems.

There are two methods to solve the problem using the operating system. Algorithm of actions for the first method:

  • Go to the “Network Control Center”.
  • To start the device connecting the laptop to Wi-Fi, use the WinR keyboard shortcut.
  • A window will open in which you need to enter the command “ncpa.cpl” (without quotes).
  • In the window that appears, you can change the adapter parameters.
  • Find the column that informs about the connection to the wireless network. If the graph is gray, the Internet does not work.
  • Then right-click on the connection and select the “Enable” option.

This is not the only method of activating Wi-Fi using the program.

To configure the Internet, you can use special programs that are installed by default by the manufacturer of the gadget. For Dell laptops, this is the Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager utility. With its help, through the operating system, you can turn on Wi-Fi.

Step-by-step instructions for using the program:

  • Click on “Start” and select “All Programs”. Locate the Dell Control Point icon in the list.
  • Click on “Connection Manager” and select Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager.
  • Open “Profiles”, click the “Add” option.
  • Check the box to the left of the branch “To create a profile based on location” and specify the name of the location.
  • Check if there is a check mark next to “Select the type of network connections”.
  • Check the box next to the Wi-Fi module and click “Next”.
  • Enter a name for the connection in the “Connection Name” column. Select the desired wireless network and click “OK”.
  • If an exclamation mark appears inside an orange circle, enter the Wi-Fi passkey, click Finish, then Finish.
  • Open “Connection Status”. A window will appear in which you need to select Wi-Fi. Make sure that the profile you just created is applied and click “Connect”.

If the above methods did not work and the laptop still does not see Wi-Fi, it is better to contact a specialist with the problem.

Checking a Dell laptop for a Wi-Fi driver

Most users are used to the fact that connecting a device to Wi-Fi is a simple and quick process. It is enough to enter the password once, and the system will remember your device and will provide automatic connection in the future. But when Wi-Fi turns off, not every US-based Dell laptop owner knows how to activate Wi-Fi.

To enable the wireless network on Dell Inspiron 3552, 1525, 3521, 500, Vostro 1015, N5110 and others laptops, first of all check the device for a special driver, because without it you will not be able to get the Wi-Fi adapter working.

  • Go to the “Device Manager” (open the control panel through the “Start”, where you will see the corresponding name).
  • Open the “Network adapters” tab.
  • It should display the Wi-Fi adapter. It can be easily identified by its name, which usually contains the word wireless. If there is no name, the driver is not installed.
  • Go to “Start”. “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • On the left side of the tab that opens, click on the option “Changes to adapter parameters”.
  • If you see the name “Wireless Network Connection”, then everything is in order with the drivers.

When you find that the drivers are not installed, install the latest software yourself:

  • Go to the laptop manufacturer’s website.
  • Enter in the search the name of the device model (indicated in the documents for the laptop).
  • Download the Wi-Fi network card driver for your operating system from the website.
  • Click on the downloaded file, follow the instructions of the installer.

To make the Internet work, we recommend that you restart your router and computer. The first sign of a positive change: a Wi-Fi icon will appear in the taskbar. By clicking on it, you will see the available wireless connections. If the devices show poor reception, we recommend that you reduce the distance between them. this should increase the speed and quality of the connection.


The wireless Wi-Fi network has already become an integral attribute not only of public institutions, but also of private houses and apartments. However, Wi-Fi activation issues are common on different laptops. Users are wondering how to turn on Wi-Fi on a Dell laptop so that other devices can be connected to the wireless network.

Turn on Wi-Fi on a Dell laptop with a special button or keyboard shortcut

This is the first recommended method to set up Wi-Fi on your computer. The user only needs to click on a special button on the laptop body or hold down a key combination. If the first method is not always provided in devices, then the second option works in most cases.

Look for the wireless network icon on the laptop (picture below).

The manufacturer Dell on its devices installs special switches to activate / deactivate Wi-Fi, which is due to the fact that the wireless network takes up a lot of battery power. Typically, these keys are mounted on the front of the case, on the side.

Button locations differ depending on the device model. For example, the Dell D640 has a toggle switch on the front left to turn on Wi-Fi, while the Vostro 1500 has a large button on the back of the left side of the case.

As a sample, we give a couple of photos that show the position of the switch:

How to fix Sony Vaio laptops problem : Wifi compatibility is turned off or signal not coming | FIX

Usually the manufacturer builds in a special toggle switch to activate the search for wireless networks, but if it is not found, a key combination will help.

To activate the wireless network on different laptop models, the following key combinations are used:

  • Fn F2 (relevant for Inspiron 1501);
  • Fn F8;
  • Fn F12.

Summing up

As you can see, it is not so difficult to restore the performance of a Wi-Fi network if you study the basic nuances of its functioning. If the wireless connection is lost, it takes 10-15 minutes to try different methods of activating Wi-Fi: installing a driver, using a key combination, buttons on the case, or turning on the adapter through the operating system. And the article will tell you more about the problems.