How To Turn On The Touch Mouse On A Laptop

Reboot the laptop

Sometimes a SIMple restart of the laptop will help fix problems with the touchpad. When the system is restarted, the TouchPad functions again without interruption, so the user does not have to resort to the other recovery methods described below. To reboot, you can connect a regular computer mouse to the laptop. If you have an external mouse, but the built-in one cannot be used, reboot from the keyboard. There are several ways:

  • Click on the Win button (with the Windows logo on it) to open the Start menu. Use the arrows to reach the “Shutdown” item, press Enter and select restart.
  • Press CtrlAltDelete and use the arrows to reach the button for calling the menu with shutdown modes.
  • While on the desktop, press AltF4 and use the arrows to select restart.

If the problem persists after restarting, try one of the following troubleshooting methods for the touch panel.


On almost all laptops, the TouchPad is turned on / off using one of the F1-F12 buttons pressed in combination with the Fn button. For example, on ASUS laptops, the combination FnF9 works. Possible combinations for second manufacturers:

  • Acer. Fn F7.
  • Samsung. Fn F5.
  • Dell. Fn F5.
  • Lenovo. Fn F8 and Fn F5.
  • Toshiba. Fn F5.
  • Sony. Fn F1.

To understand which key is suitable, the applied drawing will help, which usually shows a crossed out touch panel.

You can turn on the touchpad on an HP laptop using a dedicated button above the touchpad. If there is a separate button, look for one Touchpad. If the built-in mouse has a small indentation or dot, try double-clicking on it.

Enabling the Synaptics touchpad

If the laptop has a touchpad manufactured by Synaptics, then it has additional parameters through which the TouchPad is turned off. To check if the sensor is on:

  • Open Control Panel and go to the Hardware and Sound section. Go to the subsection “Mouse”.
  • In the properties of the mouse, go to the “Device Settings” tab (may have the name ELAN).
  • Click the Enable button if available and save the configuration by clicking OK.

There may be another useful option in the mouse settings, when activated, the touchpad will automatically turn off when an external input device is connected. If the TouchPad does not work when the mouse is connected to the laptop, then the prerequisite for this is the option presented above.

If the “Enable” button is inactive, then the cause of the error should be looked for elsewhere. for example, in the BIOS settings.

Enabling the touchpad on a laptop

The touchpad successfully replaces a regular computer mouse, so if it does not work, then users immediately start looking for how to turn on the touchpad on a laptop. There are several ways to do this: using hotkeys, in the BIOS or by reinstalling drivers.

BIOS setup

The basic I / O system displays all the major components of the laptop. Accordingly, you can also control their work from here, and the touch panel is no exception.

  • Reboot your laptop. When turned on, press the Delete or F2 key to get into the BIOS.
  • Go to the “Advanced” tab and find the “Internal Pointing Device” parameter. Set it to “Enabled”.
  • Save the configuration by pressing F10 and “Y”.

On different BIOS versions, the names of the sections and parameters differ, so it is better to find the manual for your laptop model on the official website of the laptop manufacturer and carefully study it.

Reinstalling drivers

For any device to function properly, certain software is required. You can download drivers for the touch panel on the laptop manufacturer’s website in the “Support” or “Service” section. When downloading, you need to pay attention to the following data:

  • Laptop Model.
  • Installed system version.
  • Bit Windows (x86 (x32) or x64).

Maximum compatibility is achieved when all three parameters match. But if there are exceptions: if the bitness of the system must necessarily match, then the Windows version is allowed to be different. For example, on Windows 10, some drivers from Windows 8 will work fine, provided that an update has not been released for the “dozen”.

If the drivers are downloaded as an executable file with the exe extension, then they can be installed like any program using the installation wizard. If the installation wizard fails, add the drivers manually:

  • Open the control panel, set the view “Large icons” and launch the device manager.
  • Expand the Mouse section and find the touchpad. Right click on it and select “Properties”.
  • Make sure the device is in use and working properly.
  • Go to the Driver tab. First try rolling back the software by clicking on the button of the same name. If rolling back the driver did not solve the problem, click “Update”.
  • An update mode selection window will appear. If you have already downloaded the necessary software from the manufacturer’s website, select manual installation.
  • Specify the path to the downloaded drivers and wait for the installation to complete.

After reinstalling the drivers, restart your laptop. Check the touchpad next time you start. If He did not begin to function, it is possible that physical damage is a prerequisite for His inoperability. In this case, the question of how to turn on the touchpad should be asked by a specialist at the service center. Damaged can be:

  • Flex cable connecting the touchpad to the motherboard.
  • The sensor itself (for example, the panel cracked from the impact).
  • The south bridge is a microcircuit responsible for the operation of peripheral devices. If the south bridge is damaged, USB and LAN ports often fail.

You can disassemble the laptop yourself, using the instructions for your model, but it is not recommended to do this, as unprofessional intervention is fraught with the appearance of even more serious problems.

Installing / reinstalling drivers

Also, a prerequisite for the inoperability of the touchpad may be the absence or incorrect operation of device drivers. This situation may well be if Windows was reinstalled or some kind of failure occurred.

In this case, you need to try to install the touchpad drivers from the disk (if available) or download from the manufacturer’s official website.

Enabling touchpad in BIOS

If the touchpad does not work for you and the previous tips do NOT help, it may just be disabled in the BIOS settings.

Go to BIOS and find the “Internal Pointing Device” item. The value of this parameter must be “Enable”, ie. Included.

Touchpad defective

If all of the above recommendations did not help you, perhaps the prerequisite is a physical breakdown of the touch panel or SIMply disconnected contacts. In this case, there is only one way out. to disassemble the laptop and check all connections. As a last resort, you may even need to replace the touchpad. If you are an inexperienced user, then it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Rebooting the laptop

DO NOT suspect the model and brand of your laptop. The first tip to fix the problem is to reboot. It doesn’t matter what kind of system you have: Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu or another, perhaps just a one-time error occurred and after the reboot everything will fall into place.

Touchpad by Synaptics

Synaptics touchpads are very common on modern laptops nowadays. Your laptop may also have a touchpad from this manufacturer. In this case (if the drivers are installed), the touchpad can be disabled using the control panel.

To do this, go to the Windows control panel and select “Mouse”.

On the Device Settings tab, using the corresponding buttons, you can enable or disable the touch panel.

Also, for some driver versions, this tab may contain a setting that allows you to disable the touchpad when a USB mouse is connected to a laptop.

How to enable TouchPad (touchpad) on a laptop

The touchpad can sometimes be disabled on laptops for some reason. In some cases, users turn off the touchpad themselves, because. It can interfere with active use of the laptop keyboard.

There are several options for enabling the touchpad. But when using them, you need to consider what brand of laptop you have. The fact is that for different models, different methods of activating the touchpad are used.

Let’s take a look at how you can enable the touchpad on a laptop using several methods.

Using a keyboard shortcut

Most laptops have a special key combination to enable / disable the touchpad. Only for different brands it will be slightly different.

When using this method, you must SIMultaneously press two keys on the laptop keyboard: the “Fn” key and one of the function keys in the top row (F1-F12).

This combination is slightly different for different brands and models of laptop computers. For example, for ASUS laptops, you need to use the following combination: Fn F9.

Enabling the touchpad on an ASUS laptop

Here is a list of key combinations for enabling the touchpad for common laptop brands:

  • Asus. Fn F9 or Fn F7
  • Acer. Fn F7
  • Lenovo. Fn F8 and Fn F5
  • Dell. Fn F5
  • Sony. Fn F1
  • Toshiba. Fn F5
  • Samsung. Fn F5

This list includes HP brands because on Hewlett-Packard notebooks, the touchpad is activated using a dedicated key dedicated to this function. If there is such a key, then, most likely, to perform this task you need to double-click (or long-press) in the upper left corner of the touch panel (see below).


Thank you very much your article helped me

Thank you very much! The reboot helped. Although before that, two times just turning off the computer forcibly helped in no way.

Thanks. Happened. I thought I broke him completely :-). But IT WORKED thanks to your help.

I tried it. It didn’t work, I bought a mouse. Everything WORKED.

Hello, thank you very much 100 points

Shaitanama, everything works!

Good evening. Nootbook DELL I can not enable touch control with FN F5 keys

Hello. Try another combination of FnF3 or just F6. details can be found here: https://goo.Gl/aoHCxH

Thanks for the help. Fnf3 and my touch on Dell has earned !!

Scrolling of pages with the touchpad does not work after reinstalling Windows. 8.1 (there was Linux. everything worked). What to do?

Most likely a problem with the touchpad driver (not installed, not the correct version, corrupted) or the scrolling function is disabled in the device settings.

Lenovo laptop new included wireless mouse. Removed. There is no sensor for tomorrow. Does not work. Doesn’t include parameters though

In the device manager in the section “Mice and other pointing devices” what is contained?

Thank you so much. The article helped a lot. HP Notebook

Hi, my laptop is also hp why it didn’t help.: Admin: how to turn on the touch penel Pointing Device I’m waiting for your answer.

Lenovo after reinstalling the touchpad and keyboard worked, rebooted stopped.
What to do?

“After reinstalling” Windows, I suppose? Which version?

Thank you very much your article helped me !

I sincerely thank the kind people who posted such necessary information here. Following the aLGorithm of actions, I managed to solve the current problem!

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I can’t turn off the touchpad (interferes with working on the keyboard). Tried FnF9 and FnF7. I have an ASUS K95V laptop. The system is now Windows 7.

For your laptop there is an ATK Package, which includes a set of tools, among which there are utilities for working with a keyboard shortcut (ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities) You can download it from the official Asus website. Try this option.

Thanks a lot! Didn’t know how to turn on the touchpad, I thought I broke it.

On a Lenovo G50-30 laptop, when replacing Windows8 with Windows7, the mouse and TouchPad stopped working. There is nothing to continue reinstalling or repairing Windows. Please tell me how to be?

THOSE. Windows 7 installed and only the keyboard works? Legacy USB Support enabled in BIOS?

It was not possible to install Windows7. there was nothing to select windows from the list and give a command to install. there is a cursor. Tried switching back to windows8 but BIOS settings were reset to factory settings. I tried to restore Windows8 through the Novo button, but due to the lack of a cursor, there is nothing to give a command. It does not react to Enter. Perhaps you need to install the mouse and touchpad driver, but how to do it without a cursor?

I think there is a problem with the BIOS settings (possibly firmware). I read the forums, it turns out that this is a fairly common problem for this laptop model. I found the following advice: if you have a non-original assembly of Windows 7, then before installing the system in the BIOS, you need to put the optimized settings for Windows 8, and after the first reboot, return the settings to Win7. Try this option.

Heartfelt thanks! All the Light to you!

Good evening. Nootbook hP Can’t turn on touch control with FN F9 keys

Hello. Which laptop model?

Hello. I have a Compaq laptop. The touchpad stopped working, in my opinion, after wiping the keyboard. Rebooted drivers, didn’t help. What do you advise?

Hello. Check the settings on the following path: “Start. Control Panel. Mouse “. Compaq laptops are available in several models. What is yours?

I installed Windows 10 and stopped working with the touch mouse, tried to turn on the Touch pad, it did not help with combinations, it also DOES NOT help. I have Acer what else can I do.

First of all, check the settings of the touchpad in the control panel (item “Mouse”). You can experiment with the settings yourself, or restore the default values ​​using the appropriate button. If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling (updating) the touchpad driver.

A child while watching a movie accidentally turned off the touch screen on a good one. I do not know what to do. I did not find it in the internet. The touchpad also stopped working, does NOT respond to the keyboard shortcut. Resetting to factory settings did NOT help.

Thanks, helped a lot

Thanks for such useful information.!

ASUS Laptop, Windows 7.
The touchpad does not work on the middle part of the screen, that is, the arrow moves, but when you want to press something, the “hand” does not appear and nothing is pressed.

Please help, please. ASER E5-511-C8ZD laptop. After a forced update on Windows 10 was 7, the touchpad disappeared. There were many options to connect, but all without result. thanks.

The ACER Extensa 4230 laptop model was transferred to me from my niece. How to turn it on in my apartment. Trying. The text is in English on the screen. There is no cursor. We pressed the button. Which was turned on. To turn it off. There was a short intermittent sound at regular intervals. How to turn it on.Connect and unplug this laptop.We have Wi-Fi.

Lenovo G50-45. The shortcut keys are Fn. F6. Thanks for a tip.

You are welcome. Always happy to help.

What about the answer to my question??

If I understand you correctly, are you having problems finding the cursor in the center of the screen. DO NOT slurry from the position of your finger on the touchpad? Right?

Quite right. As if there is an invisible 10-15 cm window on the active shortcut and links.

Have you tried connecting a mouse? Have you checked the touchpad in Safe Mode? Updated (reinstalled) the driver?

With the mouse unchanged.
Safe I am NOT able.
The driver was not updated, but I can’t.

To enter Safe Mode when the computer boots, press the F8 key several times until the menu appears, and then select the Appropriate item. If nothing changes when using the mouse, then most likely the problem is in the system itself.

I wrote in the settings that the drivers DO NOT need to be updated.

Hello, the touchpad laptop Acer AspireES1-511 does not work, the sister was poking around after it stopped working and the speakers stopped perceiving, maybe it’s the driver. Please advise what to do / CGFCB, J!

Hello. If the advice given in the article does not help, then you need to try reinstalling the driver.

Thanks for the help, otherwise I thought the touchpad was broken!

Hello. After installing Win7 on ASUS p540c, the touchpad and mouse do not work completely, I insert the USB flash drive with the drivers. The indicator on the flash drive lit up and immediately went out, I did not see the flash drive. I followed all the instructions in the BIOS. But I just bought it. The touchpad was working.

Hello. My Acer computer also does not work with a touchpad ((I connect a mouse, it works, but I have a native one. I tried everything, nothing helps. You wrote the letter E through Synaptik. I put it, but it doesn’t go all the same.

Hello. I also have an Acer V3-571G computer. After pressing the combination again, the Fn F7 key, the touchpad worked. thanks.

Thank you very much. Everything worked

I turned off my own accidentally when I was looking for the brightness change key in the dark. Fnf8 helped. Thanks)))

Thanks helped. Acer

Scrolling of the touchpad stopped working on a Windows 10 ASUS laptop. There is no “elan” section in the mouse parameters, what to do?

Help me please. Mouse and touchpad not working on ASUS K50lJ laptop

Thanks. Unlocked immediately.

Thanks) the article also helped) accidentally disabled the touchpad))) ASUS Fn F9

Hello, HP 255 g3 laptop, Windows 8. The problem is this: in the BIOS, the parameter responsible for the constant activation of the FN key was disabled, so that by default, when you press the f1-f12 keys, there would be standard Windows functions, and not the function keys of the laptop (I did everything like written on the official HP forum). After that, the synaptic driver stopped working, it disappeared from the “control panel”, disappeared from the “mouse properties”, from the “task manager” I can not find it anywhere. I downloaded the driver from the official website, at first I could not install it, then they disabled the driver signature verification and managed to install the drivers, but they did NOT appear anywhere. I tried to turn on the parameter back in BIOS. it does not help. Can you please tell me what can be done? thanks.

Hello. Try to remove all touchpad drivers and enable fn in BIOS. After that, an unknown device should appear in the device manager. Reinstall the driver.

How To Turn On The Touch Mouse On A Laptop

Thank you very much xx
I was already scared that something could not be done with a laptop, your advice helped.

Hello, after reinstalling Windows 8.1, the touchpad does NOT react at all. Standard advice does NOT help. I noticed that the drivers are not installed either. As if everything is installed but you look NOT where there is no. Acer laptop (without pontovy).

There is no fn in the BIOS

Hello. On the forums, it is advised to install it in UEFI mode. Look at here.

Thanks! I could not turn it on in HP, everything worked out)

Thanks! Everything worked out

Oh my God, I finally learned. Thank you very much, every time I dragged the laptop to the techies. All I had to call a couple of times.

You are welcome. Happy for you)

Lenovo G580 laptop touch works, but there are no buttons on the touch ((how to turn them on

Good afternoon. HP 255 G5, how to disable the touchpad? Buttons combined with fn are available. In the upper left corner of the button for double-clicking is no. In mouse options. the ability to disable comments. How to disable it, help!

Hello. For your laptop model, the official website has a Synaptics touchpad driver, so the ability to disable / enable the touchpad in the mouse parameters should be present. You have it installed?

Dear Admin, tell me what key combination on a Dell Dell Inspiron 3543 laptop you can turn on and off the Dell touchpad. Fn F5 DOES NOT help you constantly in games I touch it and interferes with it very much I look forward to your help.

Try another FnF3.

This combination increases the volume.

I do not know how it would be possible to send you a photo of my laptop, or rather a top view of Claudia.

Found a photo of your laptop keyboard. It seems that this model does not provide a key combination for disabling / enabling the touchpad at all. Therefore, I recommend trying to disable the touchpad through the BIOS or in the properties of the “mouse” in the control panel (in this case, the pointing device driver must be installed).

The problem is this, to reinstall Windows on an HP laptop, I could lower the page down without running to clamping the key, that is, the case is on the edge of the wheelbarrow, but now I can not configure it back, can you tell me a sensible one

Thank you so much! After your recommendations, the TouchPad is working! I have already tried to reinstall the drivers and what I just did not do! And here I fixed everything in a minute!

THANKS! Worked after pressing keys!

Hello. The mouse does not work (the batteries were changed, it did not help), and the touchpad is off. Fnf7 does not help, the Acer computer. What to do?

Off or not working? If you are sure that it is turned off, and the problem is that the FnF7 combination does NOT work, connect a wired USB mouse and reinstall the driver for the function keys from the laptop manufacturer’s website.

If the touchpad itself does not work, open Device Manager, expand the list of “Mice and other pointing devices”, remove the touchpad and reboot. If it does not help, reinstall the driver on the motherboard chipset and then on the touch panel. These drivers should also be taken from the laptop manufacturer’s website.

Off. A wired USB mouse is.

To enable cursor control from the keyboard, press the following combination: Left Alt Left Shift Num Lock.

If this method does not work or you have a number block, press the Windows R keys, then in the “Open” field it will rewrite the command between the lines
control.Exe / name microsoft.Easeofaccesscenter / page pageeasiertoclick
click ok.

In the window that will open after that, check the box “Enable pointer control from the keyboard.” Use the arrow keys to move through the items. To put a daw, press (plus), to remove a daw. minus.

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Then go to the Pointer Control Settings and set the parameters convenient for you.

This is enough to open a browser, find the desired site and download the driver for the function keys.

What to do if the touchpad does not work and the computer is in a locked state?!

What exactly is locked? BIOS? Login to Windows?

Instead of a touchpad, you can connect a mouse for a while.

Helped, thanks for your articles, my thanks!

Hello, I have an ASUS T100. After downloading the update of the drivers through the booster driver, the touch screen stopped working for me, all control is only through the mouse, what should I do? thanks

Open the device manager and look in the “Mice and other pointing devices” section to see if the driver is installed on the touchscreen at all. If not, download it from the laptop manufacturer’s website and install it. If so, try to remove the same device from the hardware list (right-click. uninstall) and restart the laptop.

If after that it does not work. Rollback the system to the restore point created in the driver update. Or manually remove the drivers for the chipset and the touchscreen from the system, download them again from the manufacturer’s website and install them sequentially: first on the chipset, then on the built-in one. Then to the discrete and last of all to the touch screen. After rebooting, the screen will most likely work.

Hello. I bought a laptop asusX540S with 10windy decided to reinstall it to 7 climbed into the BIOS fiddling with the boot from the flash drive installed After installation, the touchpad and USB output do not work. Reset the BIOS does not work optimally. The touchpad is enabled in BIOS, what to do please help

Put 10 back USB inputs for the salary. I put 7k USB again does not work. Help

For usb and touchpad to work, you need a Corresponding Driver. On the Asus website for this model there are only drivers for Windows 10 x64, on the Intel website there is also nothing suitable for comments. Try to install what is on Windows 7 x64. If it does not fit, then it remains either to use a dozen, or to do without USB and a touchpad. The first option, I think, is still more convenient.

If you desperately need Windows 7, you can install it in a virtual machine, and use Windows 10 as the host OS.

Thank you switched to 10k

Thank you very much, I could not turn on this touchpad for 3 months and today I downloaded the driver and pressed the combination Claf ATP large

Hello, I bought a used laptop, the touchpad was already on when I bought it. Asus k53sm laptop, the same as I had, only now on the new 10th Windows. I always use a mouse, so I usually turn off the touchpad as unnecessary, and besides, it just bothers me. I, as an aces user (I call it that as ASUS), know the fnf9 key combination, so I immediately pressed the combination of these buttons, but nothing happened. On an old laptop, I had files, when installed, I could easily turn on / off Wi-Fi, bluetooth, change the brightness of the screen, sound, including off / on the touchpad. Now, on the new one, I can do everything the same, except for on / off the touchpad. I read the comments here and saw that I was advised to download the ATK Package, but I thought if I should do it, because in fact all the functions are working correctly for me, only with the touchpad there is a problem. I don’t fumble about all this and assumed that after installing the ATK Package, the drivers might get crooked, but maybe I’m wrong and worrying in vain. Hope someone can help me or give me some advice.

If you do not need tapchad at all, the easiest way is to disable it in the BIOS: in Aptio Setup, the option is called internal pointing device and is located in the advanced section. just assign it the value disabled and save the setting.

Updating drivers via ATK Package should not create any problems for you, but just in case, create a restore point before installing.

Thank you for a good one: FN F5. God bless you! 🙂

Super! Thanks for the info))

Thank you very much, helped a lot))

Thank you, very helpful !!)))

Thank you included. I turned it off once, but today, with your help, I turned it on again. Half a day looking like.

It helped a lot! Thank you very much for the article.!

Hello! A few days ago I bought an Asus 541 series laptop and I can’t turn on the touchpad, I tried all the combinations and it costs on in bioc. What to do?

Download the touchpad driver from the manufacturers website and install.

Hello ASUS U41SV A problem occurs from time to time. The touch does NOT start working correctly, i.e. The cursor moves poorly, as if it slips, it is also difficult to position the cursor in some place with the help of a sharp touch (for some reason, it turns out most clearly only in the lower right corner). Something SIMilar happened if water got on the touchscreen and the touchpad did not see the fingers well because of the water, but this was understandable.
Previously, it seemed that this happens when the laptop was very hot, but now this problem for the second day does not disappear! In the settings I tried to change something. like comments!

Connect the mouse, open the device manager, go to the “Mice and other pointing devices” section, Right-click on the touchpad and select “Uninstall device”. Restart your computer. After restarting, the system will recognize and reinstall the touchpad. If it does not recognize it, reinstall its driver manually.

If the problem persists after reinstalling the driver, check if it occurs in Safe Mode. If it does not occur, then the reason for the failure is in applications or services that are not loaded in safe mode. The culprit can be found by disabling and alternately enabling services and startup items in msconfig and task manager.

How to do it:
1) boot Windows in normal mode, press the WinR keys, run msconfig, open the “Services” tab.
2) Check the box next to “Do not display Microsoft services”. In the list of remaining services, disable half of.
3) Open the task manager on the “Startup” tab and Disable everything there.
4) Save the settings in msconfig and reboot the system. If the problem persists, disable the second half of the services and enable the first. Reboot again and check. This is how you will find the faulty component.

If the problem occurs in Safe Mode and when booting the computer from a different media, the cause is a hardware failure. With this it is better to service.

Hot key combination

You can enable / disable the touchpad in most laptops with a certain keyboard shortcut. Typically this is the “Fn” key, one of the top row keys F1-F12. For the most common laptop models, it is as follows:

  • Gigabyte-FnF1;
  • Sony-FnF1;
  • Fujitsu-FnF4;
  • Samsung-FnF5;
  • Dell-FnF5;
  • Toshiba-FnF5;
  • Lenovo-FnF6;
  • Acer-FnF7;
  • ASUS-FnF9.

Hewlett-Packard devices have such a “magic” combination. The engineers have allocated a button for this. If the model is older and the buttons are not provided, you can perform this task by double-clicking (press and hold) in the left corner of the touch panel.

In addition to HP devices, some manufacturers allow you to turn on the touchpad with one special key, by pressing a recess, an insignificant or rather noticeable point located next to the panel. A special designation serves as a reference point.

Mouse emulation mode settings on Windows 10

In Windows 10, the names of sections and tabs have been slightly changed. In order to complete the previous steps, define special functions, check the driver version or go to other settings, you need to complete 4 steps:

  • Open “Options”, go to the “Start” menu, left-click on the properties (image of the gear).
  • We stop at “Devices”.
  • We are interested in the section “Touch panel“. “Related parameters”.
  • Open the “Equipment” tab and look for the properties of the desired mouse.

On the tabs of the same name, you can update drivers, select properties, change parameters, check the operation of the device.

How to turn on the mouse on the laptop keyboard

An alternative to the usual mouse in a laptop or netbook will be a touchpad. TouchPad. Convenient for autonomous use of the device (for example, on trips), when an external mouse will be a burden. In some cases, this panel does not respond to commands. Let’s consider the Possible causes of failures and solutions to the problem. So how do you activate the touch mouse? Let’s go from SIMple ways to complex.


The combination of hot keys is an extremely useful function that will significantly speed up the process of work itself, navigation, access to folders and files. The assignment is configured through a special Dialog box. You can customize the mouse in detail for yourself, your tasks and preferences.

But there are already configured by default key combinations (which, if desired, can always be changed). They are the same for all devices. For example, a few standard combinations:

  • The “NumLock” key enables / disables the laptop keyboard;
  • By pressing the keys, except for “0” and “5”, you can control the cursor;
  • It is possible to speed up / slow down its movement using the “Shift” / “Ctrl” buttons;
  • Locking the laptop “WinL”, will launch a call to the explorer “WinE”, context menu “ShiftF10”.

IMPORTANT. The keyboard layout (language selection) does not matter when using hotkeys. The command will be executed with any of them.

System reboot

Regardless of the installed system, brand, laptop model, this is the first place to start. Perhaps a short-term failure occurred in the system, which will disappear after a reboot.

If possible, connect an external mouse. it will be more convenient, if not, then there are options:

  • Using the Win key (or flags) to call the Start menu.
  • Use the left-right-up-down arrows to select “Restart”. Press “Enter”, wait for the command execution.
  • Call the special menu with the “CtrlAltDelete” combination. Using the arrows, go to “Shutdown”, press “Enter”.
  • Using the “AltF4” keys came from the desktop.
  • In the window that opens, go to “Shutdown”.

If the SIMplest methods did not help, then to fix the problem we turn to more serious ones.

Special functions

A misconfigured special function is one of the reasons the TouchPad does NOT respond to commands. In this case, for example, it is written in the settings that when an additional mouse is connected, the panel is automatically turned off.

We will tell you how to enable the built-in mouse on a laptop, if it’s all about the settings. We’ll have to check. We go to the “Control Panel”. “Hardware and Sound”. “Mouse”. Go to “Properties”. “Index Options”. Put / uncheck the checkbox opposite “Turn off the touchpad when the mouse is connected”.

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If this function is not active (there is no checkbox), proceed to further check.

IMPORTANT. It is not difficult, but if the words absolutely DO NOT say anything for you, then it is better to ask a specialist to do it. By knocking down the settings, you can get much more global problems than a disabled panel.

Restart your computer, press “F2” or “Delete”. Enter the settings. Find “Internal Pointing Device”. There should be “Enable” (active) next to it.

Installing / reinstalling drivers

Correct laptop operation is impossible without the correct software. Usually it is installed when purchasing or installing the system, but sometimes you have to install it yourself.

One of the possible reasons why the problem occurred is that the driver was out of date, outdated. We recommend finding it on the manufacturer’s official website.

IMPORTANT. Before installing the drivers, pay attention: whether they fit your device, whether the bitness is the same, the version of Windows OS.

Drivers are suitable for the device if at least one of several parameters matches. Although a complete coincidence is more correct. Then the flawless operation of the device can be guaranteed.

After installation, a restart of the laptop is required. Check if the touchpad works. Everything is fine. you are well done, you coped with the task on your own, the problem remains. perhaps it is a mechanical failure.

Physical flaw

If you have done all of the above, but did not understand how to activate the touch mouse, there may be a physical flaw. This may be a breakdown of the panel itself, an open or oxidation of the contact. In any case, it is worth contacting professionals. here your knowledge will not be enough.

Through the “Control Panel

To connect the touchpad on a Lenovo laptop in this way, go to the “Control Panel”, select the “Mouse” section there, and there. “Device Settings”. In the tab you will find two functions: “Activate” and “Deactivate”.

Check the boxes and the sensor setup on your Lenovo laptop will be done.

How to enable touchpad on Lenovo laptop

The touchpad, or touchpad, is an essential component of all Lenovo laptops. This is a compact version of a USB mouse. On the one hand, this is a very convenient thing, since it eliminates the need to use a wired mouse, but on the other hand, using the panel is not always comfortable, because it is located near the function buttons.

Today we’ll talk about how to turn on the touchpad on a Lenovo laptop if it stops functioning.

Using BIOS

You can activate the touch mouse on a Lenovo laptop through the BIOS menu. To do this, when loading the device, click the “F2” or “Del” button. Then, in the Auto Products window, select the section titled “Internal Pointing Device”. There replace “Disabled” with “Enabled”.

The main activation / deactivation system shows all the main components of the device. Therefore, it is possible to control their functioning from here, and the touch mouse is NOT an exception.

To enable Lenovo touchpad in BIOS, you need:

  • Reboot the laptop. When the system boots, click the “F2” or “Delete” button to enter the BIOS;
  • Enter the tab called “Advanced”, select “Internal Pointing Devicе” there. Set the parameter “Enabled” for it;
  • To save, click SIMultaneously “Y” and “F10”.

Partition names are different in different BIOS versions. For this reason, it is better to look up the instructions for using your device on the Lenovo Internet resource and study it carefully.

Using hotkeys

Let’s take a look at this method using the Lenovo G50 as an example. To turn on the touchpad on a Lenovo G50 laptop, you must SIMultaneously press “F8” and “Fn” on the device. Using the same keys, you can turn off the touchpad.

This combination can only work on Lenovo models. If the specified key on the keyboard of a Lenovo laptop for some reason does not function, then you should contact the wizard.

How to enable the touchpad?

You can activate the touchpad on Lenovo by the following methods:

  • The SIMplest technique is to use the hot keys “F” “Fn”;
  • Through the “Control Panel”;
  • Activation in BIOS. To do this, go to the setup menu, select the section called “Internal pointing device” and set “Enable”;
  • You can. through the “Dispatcher”. If the required peripheral device is displayed there, then you can reinstall the drivers or update them;
  • In addition, it should not be ruled out that the touchpad could SIMply break. In such a situation, you should SIMply take the device to the master of the service center.

All these methods work fine on Windows 10 and Windows 8 operating systems.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to enable touchpad on Lenovo laptop by the above methods.

Driver problem

Drivers may have failed due to a failure due to reinstallation of the operating system. Without them, the panel may NOT function partially (for example, only gestures broke) or completely.

A driver disc is often supplied with a laptop. But if such a disk is available, then the drivers should be downloaded from the manufacturer’s resource. You can find them there in the section called “Service”. When downloading, you should pay attention to the following data:

  • Bit depth Windows (x64, x32, x86)
  • The version of the installed operating system;
  • Device model.

The ultimate compatibility can be achieved only if all three parameters match. However, there are some exceptions: if the bitness of the OS must be 100% the same, then a different version of Windows is allowed. For example, on Windows 10, drivers from the 8th “Windows” will function perfectly, but in the absence of updated for the 10th version.

If you download the drivers as an executable file (.Exe), you can install it like the program using the installation wizard. If the latter does NOT start, then you must add the drivers manually. The action plan is as follows:

  • Go to the control panel, set “Large icons”, start the device manager.
  • Using the cursor on a Lenovo laptop, open the section called “Mouse” and select “Touchpad” there. Right-click on it and select “Properties”.
  • Verify the normal operation of the device.
  • Go to “Drivers”. First of all, try to roll back the software, click on the button of the same name. If this does not work, select “Update”.
  • A window for selecting update modes will appear. If the required software has been downloaded, then select the manual installation option.
  • Assign the path to the drivers, Wait for the installation to complete.

We will reinstall the drivers, restart the laptop. During the launch, check the panel: if you still cannot turn off / on the touchpad on a Lenovo laptop, then most likely the reason is mechanical damage. Breakdowns can be:

  • A microcircuit that ensures the functioning of peripheral devices. In this case, LAN and USB usually do not work;
  • Sensor;
  • Loop, which connects the touch panel to the “motherboard”.

You can also disassemble the laptop yourself, following the instructions supplied with the device. However, it is best not to do this, as unprofessional intervention can aggravate the problem.

We have told you about the most effective methods for activating the touchpad. If none of them helped to solve the problem, then you should contact the wizards for help. Perhaps the panel is just faulty. The cause of the malfunction may be associated with moisture ingress, poor contacts, mechanical breakdowns. The service center staff will carry out a thorough diagnostics, identify the cause of the malfunction and promptly fix it, the touchpad of your laptop has returned to life.

How to enable touchpad on Windows 8, 8.1

You need to open a search box. In the search enter “mouse” and choose to change the parameters of the mouse. Go to touchpad options and enable Related items.

Enabling the touchpad on Windows 7

1) click Start and enter “mouse” in the search field. Select Mouse from search results.

2) Now you need to select Device Settings under Mouse Properties. There, highlighting your touch panel and click “enable”.

How to enable the touchpad

The touchpad is a touchpad used to control the cursor by moving your finger across the surface of the panel itself.

  • 1) How to enable the touchpad with a hardware button
  • 2) Turn on the touchpad via the Fn key
  • 3) Enable touchpad in BIOS
  • 4) Checking the drivers
  • 5) Hardware problems
  • 6) How to enable the touchpad via Windows settings
  • 7) Connection in Windows 7
  • 8) includes touchpad in Windows 8
  • 9) How to enable touchpad in Windows 10

At the request of the user, the operation of the touch panel can be blocked and then you will control the cursor only with a mouse connected via the USB port. And how to unlock the touchpad on a laptop in order to use it in work?

1) The first way to enable the touchpad on a laptop is to find a hardware button on the laptop case to lock / unlock. It is not available in all models and is located on the case, not in the keyboard area.

2) The second way to enable the touchpad is to use the Fn soft key and the additional F1-F12 key in the row. The additional key will have a touchpad icon. The icon will be the same color as the Fn key. Enabling and disabling occurs after SIMultaneously pressing the Fn Fx keys. An example of such a button:

3) Check the entry in the touch panel in the BIOS. Enter the BIOS when the laptop reboots and look for the Pointing Device entry there. To enable the touchpad, there must be an Enable entry opposite. Exit saving changes. It should be said that you need to work carefully with the BIOS, because these settings affect the performance of the entire laptop.

4) Check in Device Manager. Is there a driver and is the device working properly. There you can also update the drivers if there is a problem with them. Usually, in case of problems in the device manager, there will be a yellow triangle opposite.

  • There may be hardware problems as well. Just a malfunction of the device itself. Then you need to replace the touchpad in the workshop.
  • Try restarting notebook.

Connecting touchpad via Windows settings

Enabling with different versions of Windows is to call the touchpad properties in the hardware window. Through the properties in the touchpad panel, you can make settings and also enable the module. There you will also see the name of the company from which the touch panel is installed. It could be Synaptics, Alps Electric, Cirque.

Enabling the touchpad on Windows 10

Right-click on Start. There you select Control Panel ⇒ Mouse ⇒ ClicPad.

Here you need to press the button to turn on and then apply.