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How to turn on the Internet on a Samsung tablet

How to set up Internet on a tablet: step by step instructions

The article describes in detail instructions on how to set up the Internet on a tablet. All the most popular ways to connect to the Internet are presented.

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Mobile Internet

To choose the most suitable type of Internet, you should know all the pros and cons of mobile and 3G connections.

Mobile Internet has a fairly low cost, and you can use it within the network coverage area. This is a pretty good option for someone who regularly scans text feeds or uses search engines.

However, the mobile internet speed is slow. In order to get a large volume of monthly traffic, you need to connect a good tariff. The speed of watching video and listening to music is very slow, so this type of Internet connection is not suitable for those who need to quickly view various kinds of multimedia files.

How to set up the Internet on a tablet via a Megafon SIM card

You can connect to the Internet not only with a router. Tablets that support SIM cards can connect to the network through mobile operators. Mobile network connectivity keeps you online wherever you are.

If you want to know how to set up Internet on a tablet for MegaFon users, read the instructions below:

  • First, make sure that the MegaFon work card is inserted into the tablet.
  • Then you should get from your mobile operator an Internet auto-setting for your device model. To do this, you need to send a free SMS with the number 1 to the number 5049.
  • Within a minute, you will receive all the necessary settings. They are displayed in messages. After you have opened the desired message, the “Install” button will appear. Click it. and within a minute, all Internet settings will be saved in your tablet.
  • After completing the first three steps, you will get access to the Internet, however, according to the standard tariff plan. To get acquainted with all the offers of MegaFon in more detail, contact the operator by calling 0500.

SIM-card MTS

In this section of the article, you will learn how to set up the Internet on a tablet via an MTS SIM card.

Mobile operator MTS offers its users a wide range of services and tariff plans for connecting to the Internet. On the company’s website, you can read detailed information about all available tariff plans in your region. Each user will be able to choose a service that is convenient and suitable for him. To learn how to set up the Internet on your tablet, read the instructions below:

  • Configure an APN hotspot on your tablet. It will allow you to connect to the server of the MTS company and get access to the Internet according to your tariff plan. To configure the point, enter the tablet settings and in the “Wireless” menu item create a new APN point.
  • Name it MTS internet.
  • GPRS. channel type.
  • Website. or, depending on your country of residence.
  • Username and password. in both lines, enter the text mts, without quotes.
  • Done, the access point has been created. Now you can go online using the standard tariff plan. For a more detailed choice of tariffs, contact the operator by calling 111.

How to set up the Internet on a tablet via WI-FI

The main advantages of tablets are that they are very lightweight, so they are easy to carry. The tablet, having good technical characteristics, fulfills all the functions of a laptop or stationary PC. Convenient for watching movies and reading books on long trips and travels.

A large number of modern tablet computers can function as a full-fledged phone, supporting multiple SIM cards. Accordingly, a full-fledged Internet connection can be configured on the tablet.

If you are wondering how to set up the Internet on your Android tablet via a router, follow the instructions below:

  • First you need to activate the Wi-Fi service in the tablet settings. Then check your router.
  • The router must be turned on and connected to an internet cable.
  • Going to the Wi-Fi service menu on your tablet, you will see the name of your router in the list of found devices. Select it and enter your password.
  • It may take several minutes for the tablet to connect to the router.
  • The tablet is successfully connected to the World Wide Web, and now you can use the Internet.

Modem “Megafon

You can set up access to the network using a standard modem, which is purchased by the user in any communication salon. It is imperative that you first discuss the tariffication of megabytes and the established speed of the Internet connection.

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You can learn how to set up the Internet on the tablet via the Megafon modem from the instructions:

  • To connect to the Internet via a megaphone modem, you will need a SIM card and the pre-purchased modem itself.
  • Before buying a modem, check its compatibility with your tablet model, otherwise it will be impossible to establish an Internet connection.
  • Connect the modem to the tablet using a special adapter that comes with the modem.
  • Install the drivers on the tablet by downloading them from the Megafon website.
  • Run the modem control program and use it to connect to the Internet.
  • Reboot your tablet PC.
  • In the device settings, check the connection type (there must be a 3G connection).
  • Everything is ready, now the tablet is connected to the Internet and ready for further work.


The 3G connection has a fairly high speed, however, the price for it is several times higher (in comparison with the mobile Internet). 3G allows you to watch videos, download pictures quickly and play music perfectly. This type of wireless connection is gaining momentum and becoming more and more popular with users.

How to set up internet on your tablet in different ways

For beginners and inexperienced users, the question arises: “How to set up the Internet on a tablet?” after purchasing it. Indeed, without connecting to the global web, it is impossible to take advantage of all the advantages that this device has. For these purposes, 3G or Wi-Fi is now most often used. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages, which will also be discussed in this article.

First, let’s find out how to set up the Internet on a tablet in the networks of mobile operators. Not every such device is equipped with such a module, and you need to look through the documentation and find out its presence or absence in the device. If it is not there, then you need to additionally purchase an external 3G modem that is supported by your mobile PC (this information is in the user manual). Then a SIM card is inserted into it, and it is connected to the tablet using an OTG cable. In the second case, when the device is equipped with a 3G module, it is enough to install it in the appropriate slot. All the previously listed manipulations should be performed only in the off state. Then we launch it. Further, at the end of the download, automatic settings should come from the operator. We accept and save them. If this does not happen, then you need to manually configure the Internet on the tablet. MTS, for example, in the section “Applications / Settings / Wireless networks” requires creating a new APN and setting the following parameters:

We save the changes and do a reboot. Allow Internet connection in the top drop-down menu by clicking on the corresponding button. We activate the data transfer service by calling 0890 (suitable for MTS subscribers, for other operators you need to clarify this information). After that, you can check the performance of this service by launching a browser and going to the address “”, for example. If everything is done correctly, then this mail portal will open for you. Otherwise, call 0890 and find out the problem. An important nuance: your account balance must be positive.

Now let’s figure out how to set up the Internet on a tablet based on Wi-Fi technology. First, enable this adapter in the top drop-down menu by clicking on the corresponding button. Next, go to “Applications / Wi-Fi”. After starting this utility, we search for all available connection points. To do this, press the “Search” button and wait for the end of the scan. Then, from the generated list, select the network of interest to us and connect to it. If there is protection, you will need to enter a password. We close all windows and launch the browser. We enter all the same mail portal “” and check the functionality. So you can set up the Internet on a Samsung tablet or any other manufacturer. It is important that it runs on Android OS.

Within the framework of this material, the most common options for how to set up the Internet on a tablet were considered. The first one is 3G. It allows you to access the global web almost anywhere in the world. But at the same time, its speed is low. Another disadvantage of this solution is the high tariffs of the operators. Second way. Wi-Fi. Its speed, depending on the type of router used, can reach 300 Mbps. The second plus is the ability to connect to an unlimited tariff from the provider. But the main disadvantage of such a solution is a small radius of action, which is limited to a few tens of meters, at best. Therefore, 3G is well suited for frequent business trips, and Wi-Fi is the only option for home use.

automatic and manual settings, 2 SIM cards

It is difficult to imagine life without a smartphone, and mobile devices themselves without a stable working network. Setting it up correctly on Samsung gadgets shouldn’t be too difficult. The main thing is to follow a few simple tips to figure out how to turn on the Internet on “Samsung”.

Create a user profile for your child on Samsung Galaxy Tab

  • Go to your tablet home screen.
  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Tap Users.
  • Click Add User or Profile.
  • Click Select a Restricted Profile.
  • Create a password.
  • Tap Processing.
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After you set up a user profile for your child, you can download the Kids Mode app.

Kids Mode parental control app

The best way to manage Samsung Galaxy Tab products is the Kids Mode app, which provides age-appropriate content to children, allowing parents to restrict access to apps and stored media content on the device. Kids Mode is only available on newer generations (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and up). Please install the latest Android operating system update in advance to ensure the smooth operation of Kids Mode.

Since the Kid Mode app can be turned on and off, you need to start by setting up a user profile for your child on the device.

Access for the current user profile is restricted

Connecting to the Internet on modern phones involves fine-tuning the profiles for which access is open. There are some that are preset by operators. But you can always add your own.

  • In the menu, go to the following items: “Settings”. “Network”. “Connections”. “Yes”.
  • Next, select the line offering to create a profile.
  • Configure the parameters specific to this or that network connection. MMC profile and its dimensions are set separately.
  • In the menu again go to the items: “Settings”. “Network”. “Application profiles”. “Internet”.
  • Select a specific profile for the current connection. The main thing is to make sure that the signal is not bad, but powerful.

Go mobile only with DeX

Your detailed guide to deploying a mobile solution for your employees. Download now

When connected to a monitor through one of these adapters, the Samsung DeX platform loads quickly on the monitor, providing the user with a familiar desktop with resizable windows, drag-and-drop functionality and keyboard shortcuts.

In August 2019, Samsung introduced DeX for PC. This allows users to connect their mobile devices to a compatible Windows PC or Mac to access DeX right from their computer.

With the release of the Note20, DeX wireless technology was introduced. This allows users to use DeX cable-free on Smart TVs with Miracast as long as both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Read on for more tips on navigating the DeX interface, but first let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the three official DeX accessories.

Samsung DeX Getting Started Tips

Adjusting Display Settings: When DeX boots up for the first time, you will be prompted to check if the desktop is displayed correctly on your monitor or TV. If the corners of the DeX desktop do not fit properly within the screen, you will need to go to your monitor or TV’s settings menu to adjust the zoom. this is especially common on TVs where the picture can be adjusted to a specific aspect ratio. Select the “Fit to Screen” option and you’re done.

Screen Mirroring vs. DeX Mode Comparison: In the phone notifications menu after connecting to a monitor, you will see several new options, including the ability to switch between screen mirroring and DeX mode. As the name suggests, the Screen Mirroring feature simply displays the image on the phone screen on the monitor. Screen mirroring is useful in some cases, but DeX gives you a completely different, fully optimized desktop experience for big screen productivity. Tap the notification to enter DeX mode.

Use your phone as a touchpad: You will also see an option to use your phone as a touchpad in the notifications menu on your phone. With this option selected, you can use your finger or S Pen to navigate DeX. This is great if you don’t have a mouse close at hand and want to open an app, PowerPoint, or video, especially if you’re using DeX in your presentation settings. When using DeX on a tablet, you can also use your screen as a graphics panel for sketching and drawing.

Launch and Grow Your Mobile Apps: All major Samsung apps are DeX-optimized, which means you can resize and grow apps. You can also use the right click function and keyboard shortcuts. There are dozens of third-party applications fully optimized for DeX, including Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Sketch, Gmail, Chrome, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting and all the leading VDI clients, just to name a few For those not optimized for DeX, read the next tip.

Activate DeX Labs: DeX Labs offers access to “experimental” features that are not officially supported. Two current features include DeX’s ability to force resize apps and automatically open the last used app. To activate, click the DeX logo in the lower right corner of the screen, open DeX Labs and enable features. Now, when you open an app that is not optimized for DeX, you will have the option to force the resize. This will allow you to view it in a large window or even fully expanded.

Use DeX wirelessly on your Smart TV

With the new Note20 range, you can use DeX wirelessly on most Smart TVs with Miracast, this experience works best on Samsung Smart TVs released in 2019 or later.

To use Wireless DeX, first enter Screen mirroring mode on your TV. Then on your Note20 or Note20 Ultra, open the Quick Bar settings and click DeX. Now select the TV you want to stream to.

Wireless DeX to Smart TV. This is a true second screen experience: you can continue to use your phone as a phone as long as it powers the DeX interface on your TV. It’s perfect for sharing content like PowerPoint presentations or videos, but you can also connect a keyboard and mouse and use the TV as a monitor for productivity.

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Wireless DeX is also supported by Samsung’s latest foldable model. Galaxy Z Fold2.

So, let’s figure out how to connect your tablet to the Internet via your phone. This can be done using:

Each method has its supporters and opponents. For example, the advantage of the second is in the connection speed, at the same time it is more difficult to configure. Let’s look at both cases, and you decide which is best for you.

How to access the Internet from a tablet via a phone using Wi-Fi technology

Let’s look at how to access the Internet from a tablet via a phone using Wi-Fi technology. At this stage, you can distribute the Internet from all Android devices, iPhone 4 (5) with iOS version 4.3.1 and higher, some Windows backgrounds. We will not consider the latter, because there are many variations for each individual phone. Let’s stop at the iPhone, where it is easy to distribute the Internet, and on Android, where you will need to tinker.

We connect the Internet on the tablet via the phone

Tablets so quickly won the hearts of consumers that the Internet market did not have time to adapt to the dynamics of development. But tablets are created primarily for the Internet. MID. mobile internet device. This is what all tablets are called abbreviated. But not all users have access to the Internet at home, especially in small towns. We need to look for an alternative solution. And there is such a solution: you can simply connect the Internet on your tablet via your phone.

By the way, this method can be used not only by people who cannot connect to the Internet at home, but also by those who want to save money without paying separate money to the operator for telephone services and the Internet. That is, you do not need to buy two cards, even if the tablet has a 3G module.

The very essence of the question lies in the fact that the phone converts its signal, regardless of technology (3G, GPRS, EDGE and others), into radio waves understandable for the tablet. And vice versa. The tablet makes a request to the phone, and the latter is already sending data.

We distribute the Internet to a tablet using an iPhone

  • Go to the “Settings” device, select “General” and go to the “Network” menu.
  • In the “Network” section, you must enable the “Enable 3G” and “Cellular Data” levers, after which a new menu “Personal hotspot” will be available.
  • Upon entering this menu, the iPhone itself will show the desired password. The password can be changed to a more convenient one. That’s all! On your tablet, search for the network as you normally would and connect to your phone by entering the key provided.

How to access the Internet from a tablet via a phone using Bluetooth technology

  • Download and install BlueVPN software on your phone. It is universal in that there are different variations of it for different platforms: Symbian and MeeGo (Nokia), Android, Windows, iOS. That is, it is suitable for any phone.
  • Pairing two devices. This is done differently on different phones, but the meaning is the same. You need to turn on Bluetooth on both devices, search for the other on one of them. In some cases, the device pairing button will be immediately, in some it is done through the connection menu.
  • Launching the BlueVPN program. Only phones on the Android operating system do not need additional program settings. For all other platforms, you need to register an access point.
  • MTS. “” (for regional tariffs, you need to register a regional access point. For example, “internet.kuban”)
  • Beeline. “”
  • Megaphone. “internet”
  • Megaphone-Modem. “internet.nw”
  • Megaphone is contract. “internet.msk”
  • Megafon (Unlimited GPRS). “unlim19.msk”
  • Lite. “internet.ltmsk”
  • Smarts. “”

Save all settings and go to the BlueVPN main menu. Here you need to choose your phone, after which your work is done. The phone will create a VPN connection by itself: it will connect to the Internet, connect to the tablet and start transferring data. The procedure will take from a few seconds to 2-3 minutes, depending on the power of your devices. The successful connection will be indicated by the large disconnect button on the phone and the connection icon in the notification area on the tablet.

We distribute the Internet to a tablet using Android devices

Before you start setting up an access point on your device, you must have Root rights. If you don’t have them, you can use Superuser or Root Explorer. You can also do this manually. Root rights are required on the phone and on the tablet.
Also, any program for creating an access point on your device is pre-downloaded. For example, JoikuSpot Light. If you download another, then at the same time look at the support file for it, because some data will be different. Below you will find how to create an access point using this particular application.