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How to turn on the camera on HP pavilion laptop

Control Panel. Add Device

You can make this step easier. by right-clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the tray:


One thing is the presence of a radio module, another thing is its hardware inclusion. Here is the approach:

  • The module must be in the laptop.
  • The module must be physically enabled.
  • The module must be enabled programmatically.

Now our task is to activate it physically. Some laptops are equipped with special buttons or levers to turn on the Bluetooth adapter, but most modern devices still provide the user with the ability to turn on via a key combination. I summarized the main manufacturers and the necessary combinations to activate the Bluetooth adapter on a laptop in the following table:

Acer FnF3
Dell FnPrtScr
HP FnF12
Lenovo FnF5
Toshiba FnF12
Samsung FnF9

This is how it looks (and do not be alarmed that there is Wi-Fi, explanation below):

There are also some peculiarities here. Remember above that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are often combined? Right now I’m sitting on Asus, and here is the same thing. Pressed once FnF2. Wi-Fi turned on, again. turned off. Bluetooth turned on again. And so all the possible options. The bottom line is. try clicking before turning it on, perhaps you have the same nonsense. I myself have met the same on Samsung. But the Chinese DNS was, on the other hand, with separate remote buttons)

After the performed manipulations in the tray near the clock, something like the following icon should appear:

And on some laptops a special light will light up:

If it is not visible, or has a different color, proceed to the next points. We’ll launch it! Moving on to activation in the operating system.

Bluetooth network connection

Other adapters will be located here. Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet, but our task is to find Bluetooth, right-click on it and select “Enable”:

This is how we turned on our Bluetooth in the system. The connection to other devices is already in a different location.

The most difficult situations

In the most difficult cases, you can restart the laptop, rearrange the portable camera to a different connector, update or reinstall the official drivers.

When all else fails, you should contact the wizard or take the gadget (USB camera or the entire laptop) to a service center.

Start with the easiest steps. Press and hold the Fn and F2 keys on the keyboard. After that open “My Computer” and find the webcam icon.

Built-in webcam automatically in such as Skype, MailRu Oovoo Agent and the like. over, if Manycam is installed and running in the background, other applications will define it as a separate webcam with advanced settings.

All modern laptops have webcams. Typically, this device is built into the top cover of a laptop, and the webcam peephole looks at the user from the panel just above the screen. The webcam is turned on by default and can be used at any time. If you have a need to turn on your webcam. this can be done in several ways.

turn, camera, pavilion, laptop

Check if web is present in Device Manager. Launch “Device Manager” by right-clicking on the “My Computer” icon and selecting “Properties”. Look for imaging devices in the list of devices. If the device is present, you can use it through the “Devices and Printers” section.

Open the Device and Printers window. You can find it in the “start” menu, under the item “Control Panel”. Right-click on the camera icon and select “Get image” (take pictures). You can also take a photo via Skype.

If the webcam is not present in the “Device Manager”, or is present, but with an exclamation mark, then the appropriate drivers are not installed on the device. Take the driver and utility disc from yours and install the correct driver. Also, automatic Windows update can help with this issue.

Check if the webcam is detected in the motherboard BIOS. When turning on the laptop, press F2 (it can be Del, Esc or another button depending on the model). Examine all the BIOS items and find the one that corresponds to Internal Camera or Onboard Camera. Set the parameter to Enable. Download the operating system and install the webcam drivers.

In some laptops, the webcam can be turned off right on the case using a special button. Make sure there is no such button or it is in the ON position. If all these points are met, and the device does not care. contact the service center. If you still have a warranty on your computer, you can easily take it to a service center and they will fix this problem for you. In general, we can say that turning on the built-in camera on a computer is quite simple.

To observe the events taking place in a certain place, you need to have a camera connected to the Internet and a personal computer from which you could control it. By connecting to it, you will see everything that happens in real time.

Create a LAN connection to connect to the remote camera. To do this, you need a dedicated network switch. It is needed in order to create several connections at once. Take two cables with Ethernet connectors and connect all devices.

Use the installation program. As a rule, it is included in the basic package. If not, download it from the Internet and install it on your personal computer. Use this program to determine the IP address of the remote camera. Subsequently, you will enter it into the address bar of your browser or any other program convenient for you.

Create a static IP address so that you can easily turn on the camera later. Open your browser. Enter the IP address of the camera in the address bar. Use modern browsers that support video streams to avoid the need for additional software.

Use special programs if you want to connect. located at a sufficiently large distance from you. To use a remote camera, install WebCam Monitor 4.20 or WebCam Survevor 1.7.0 on your personal computer. Using this program, specify the IP address of the camera you are interested in. What follows is a fairly simple setup procedure. You will only need to answer the questions that the program will ask.

If the installed program is not Russified, download the crack, or use the translator to correctly rebuild the software. After that, you can use the remote webcam, if this use is legitimate and the administrator of the computer to which this camera is connected will grant you the appropriate rights.

Laptop computers are equipped with built-in webcams, and many new laptop owners ask a reasonable question: how to turn on this camera? Do not look for special buttons on the body of your gadget. the camera is activated using the software, and all the drivers necessary for the device to function are supplied with the laptop, and you will need their additional installation only if you reinstalled the OS yourself after purchasing.

Before thinking about the problem with a camera that is always off, make sure you have one on your computer. It is not available on older laptop models; it is not available on some netbooks either.

If you are using the webcam for the first time, check if the drivers are configured for it. Click on the “Start” button and select the “Control Panel” section. In the window that opens, among the list of devices, click on “Printers and other equipment”, then select the “Scanners and cameras” section. If the drivers for the camera are activated, you will see your webcam among the working devices. Otherwise, you will need to install the required software yourself.

If your laptop came with system disks, insert them into the drive and install the drivers available on them. As a rule, the loading of such programs is automatic: you only need to accept the developer’s conditions and confirm the rest of the system requests. You may need to restart your computer after setting the settings. If you cannot find the driver on the disk, you can always find it from the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop, for this you only need to clarify the computer model.

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In addition to the driver that ensures high-quality operation of the webcam, your computer system must also contain programs to activate it. The most popular ones are Life Frame, Windows Movie Maker, LiveCam, Play Camera, etc. Find one on disk or download one of the programs from the Internet. After that, double-click the left mouse button on the program shortcut, and the webcam will turn on. As a rule, a bright light comes on next to a working webcam.

Communication programs can also start working with the webcam. For example, in the settings of the messengers Skype, ICQ, QIP, Mail. The agent is set to automatically turn on the webcam when a video call starts.

Nowadays, the webcam has become an indispensable tool for virtual communication, with the help of it you will always see your relatives and friends, no matter where you are, it is convenient to hold online conferences with it, communicate via Skype (see) and a lot of other things. Almost any modern laptop, including HP products, has a built-in camera with excellent video quality, which is very convenient, since there is no need to carry a portable webcam, which also takes up a free USB input.

Ways to enable built-in WEB-camera on HP laptop:

In order to use the camera, let’s start with the simplest actions. hold down the Fn key and simultaneously with it F2, this should activate it. Then go to “My Computer”, there should be a shortcut to the webcam, click on it.

If suddenly, for some reason, the camera does not turn on, restart the laptop. When loading, when the necessary window appears, do not miss the moment to press the F9 key. Thus, you will go to the BIOS, check if the camera is enabled. If it is not enabled, activate it, then the webcam will be loaded in parallel with the system.

It may be that the above method does not help, the camera does not initialize, then go to the Windows Device Manager. To do this, right-click on the My Computer icon. then “control” and “device manager”, please note that only the shortcut “My Computer” can be found on the desktop, in this case, you will not be able to go to the device manager, for complete confidence it is better to go through the “Start” menu. In the window that opens, go to the line “Imaging devices” and click on the cross (“”). A submenu should open, find the line USB video device. If there is a cross in front of this line, then the camera is not used. To activate, just right-click on this line and click “Enable”.

Now you need to go to the utility itself with which the webcam works. To do this, double-click on the camera icon, it can be either in the “My Computer” window or on the desktop. If the icon is nowhere to be found, then perhaps you have not installed special drivers for the full functioning of the webcam on HP laptops. Usually Windows OS installs all the necessary drivers by itself, but it may happen that they will not work, it is possible that general camera drivers are installed, but you need to specially designed for your Hewlett-Packard.

On an HP laptop, by default, a program called HP MediaSmart must be installed, it is designed to test and determine the capabilities of the webcam. The camera may not be detected immediately, for this you may need to restart it.

One of the most requested items is the webcam. It allows you to make video calls via Skype or other web applications. One of the questions that may arise after purchasing a laptop is how to turn on the webcam on it?

Where is the webcam in the laptop and how to turn it on?

First of all, you should find out if the camera is built into this laptop model? If not, then it is possible to connect it as a separate device via a USB connector. However, this will keep the camera in an inactive state. Therefore, many users are wondering: where to turn on the camera on a laptop?

Most laptops have a set of special utilities, including a program for working with the camera. Its launch is carried out using the “Start” menu, as well as a combination of shortcuts. At the same time, for laptops on which Windows 7 and Windows 8 are installed, a similar sequence of steps is provided to turn on the device.

Take advantage of special programs

You can turn on the camera using Windows Movie Maker (film studio) or Skype. If they are not on your laptop, install.

Everything is clear with the film studio. you just need to open it to start the camera.

You can also turn on the device using any utility or special program for creating photos and videos on your computer. There are a lot of them on the Internet, just download wisely. do not add viruses. To do this, check files through verified.

Enabling the camera on an HP laptop: why you need it?

In order to turn on the webcam on your laptop, you need to know where it is. At the moment, there is an unspoken rule to place this device at the top of the screen, almost clearly in the center. This allows you to develop a sense of “live” presence, as if the interlocutors are sitting opposite each other.

At the same time, this device greatly simplifies the life of an ordinary user. After all, now you do not need additional expenses for the purchase of an external webcam, as is the case with a desktop computer. You can communicate with friends and colleagues using video from a cozy cafe, a coffee table in your apartment, on a bench near the university.

Checking the connection

If you are using a USB camera, it is worth checking all the connectors and cables initially. Sometimes you need to additionally press the power button on the gadget itself. The built-in camera in a laptop requires certain programs.

The easiest way is to check the camera online. You just need to go to the site providing such a service, click “Allow” in the drop-down window, and you will be on the screen.

HP laptop does not see webcam

If the device shortcut is not displayed in My Computer (or on the desktop), then the problem is most likely in the drivers. The operating system installs them automatically in most cases. But it is possible that the available drivers somehow did not fit this device or a system failure occurred.

In this case, you need to remove the existing drivers (this can be done in the “Device Manager”) and install new ones, which must be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer Hewlett-Packard. After that, restart the laptop.

To test the webcam, you can use the built-in HP MediaSmart application, or third-party software (Skype, ICQ, ).

As you can see, almost everyone can turn on the webcam on an HP laptop. This means that nothing can interfere with the joy of communicating with important people. But if nothing worked out, then you should not be upset, the service center specialists will be happy to help you.

On an HP laptop, by default, a program called HP MediaSmart must be installed, it is designed to test and determine the capabilities of the webcam. The camera may not be detected immediately, for this you may need to restart it.

HP is one of the best laptop manufacturers out there. Almost every HP computer has a built-in WEB-camera. If you do not know how to start it, then this is a detailed instruction especially for you.

Turn on the WEB-camera by pressing Fn key with a drawn camera.

The WEB-camera on the laptop is automatically activated via Skype, MailRu Agent and other similar programs.

Click “Start”, then in the search box, type “QuickPlay”, then “Video”

One of the standard software installed for your HP notebook might be HP MediaSmart. It can also be found through a search or downloaded from the Internet.

Double-click the left mouse button on the “HP Webcam” setting in the “Source” list to start the built-in webcam.

If the program is not found, you will have to search for it via the Internet.

Checking through the “Device Manager”.

Let’s try to find out if the device works and if it is ready to use. Press the same “Start” button, then “Control Panel”

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In the menu that opens, select “Hardware and Sound”

In the Device Manager we find the section “Image processing devices” and make sure that the WEB-camera is working. Those. the icon next to the camera name is clean as in the image.

If you see something extraneous on the icon, then right-click on it and select “Engage”. If there are problems with the drivers, then also through the right mouse button click “Update drivers”.

This method is universal for most operating systems.

Drivers for WEB-cameras. Free program from the Internet

If for some reason you could not get the drivers from the official site, the Driver Genius Professional Edition program will greatly simplify the task. This program automatically searches for all the latest drivers for your system and all devices that you have on your computer. You can download the program like this. We hammer in the Google search engine “driver genius professional edition download Russian for free”.

If you are not very friendly with computers, then, in order not to complicate your task, select the same link that is highlighted in mine. In the window that opens, we find “download”.

If you are not good at updating everything, it won’t get any worse.

There is a newer version, with screenshots and other.

I hope we were able to help you enable the WEB camera on your HP laptop.

We often need a camera to communicate in Skype or other messenger, but, as luck would have it, it won’t turn on. It may not be configured or even enabled. We offer you several effective methods for checking the connection and configuration, which should help out at such an important moment.

Refer to Device Manager

You can check the operation of the camera using the “Device Manager”.

A question mark or exclamation mark next to the name indicates the need to install drivers. They are located on the operating system disk. If there is none, they can be found on the official website of the gadget manufacturer.

Select drivers exclusively for the model of your laptop or USB-camera.

With the arrow drawn down opposite the name, you need to press the right mouse button and select the “Activate” item in the context menu.

Turn on the camera

How to enable built-in camera on HP pavilion laptop

Apparently (once here) you recently purchased a mini computer and you have a little difficulty, namely, how to turn on the camera on an HP laptop. Do not worry.

After reading to the end of this article, you will definitely solve your problem, regardless of whether it is HP pavilion g6, dv6, 4535s, dv7, 4530s, g62, 635, g7 or some other.

To enable the built-in WEB-camera on your HP pavilion laptop, you need to understand a few important points from the very beginning.

First, a lot depends on what operating system you have. This does not mean Windows 7, XP, Windows 8 or vista, but pre-installed or self-installed.

The thing is that if you installed the operating system on your HP pavilion laptop yourself, there is a high probability that in order to enable the built-in WEB-camera, you will also need to manually install the drivers (below you will find out how and where to get them).

If it is preinstalled on a laptop, then turning on the camera can be easier than breaking. To do this, press the Fn key and look for a button with a drawn camera or camera.

If you don’t find one, try trial and error: hold down the fn key and press the rest.

Since there are a lot of HP pavilion laptops, I cannot say which button is responsible for turning on the built-in camera.

over, not everyone has it. If this method did not help you, do not worry, turn it on, it is written about it (read) below.

Now let’s consider the second option (when Windows was installed on its own). In such cases, the drivers are usually “crooked”.

Almost always, every HP pavilion laptop (g6, 4535s, dv6, 635, dv7, 4530s, g62, g7) comes with a driver disk.

If you didn’t have this, no problem. The main thing is to have the Internet. I hope there is. Then in the search we write “HP support” and follow the link, as shown in the figure below.

This is the official website for HP laptops. But if you are a “beginner”, it will be difficult for you to figure it out. I’ll help you a little. When you enter the site, click the icon as in the picture.

Now follow the link Laptops and Tablet PCs.

I will not show you further. Choose your model and follow the links until you find drivers for your laptop’s WEB-camera.

We will assume that you completed the main task and at the same time learned a lot.

Universal way to turn on the camera on HP laptop

Now one more thing. In order to turn on the WEB-camera on your laptop, a special program must be installed.

If Windows is installed on your own, you will never find it. it is not there, so you cannot turn on the camera in any way.

Also, keep in mind that it may not be available in the pre-installed Windows, which means that you will not be able to turn on the camera on your HP laptop either.

Do not worry by following this link, you will not only download it, but also read detailed instructions on how to use it.

After installing the program on your laptop (drivers for the camera must be required), you can turn on the built-in WEB-camera by simply launching it (the program). That’s all.

In short, if you have this program and drivers (this is all that is needed and you can install it yourself completely for free), then you will never have problems with turning on the camera on an HP laptop. Good luck.

3 Turn on Windows 7

Press the WIN R keys on your keyboard at the same time and enter the command. control printers

Open your webcam in the list of devices and turn it on.


A simple service for checking a webcam. Go to it and click on the big button. “Check the webcam”, if the browser asks for permission to work. allow it. If the video works, then everything is fine and you can immediately familiarize yourself with the picture quality.

Checking on Windows 10

Press the WIN R keys on your keyboard at the same time and enter the command.

The camera application will open and you will immediately see yourself in it if everything is working fine.

How to turn on the camera on a laptop


Another good service, right after you go to it, will show an image from the webcam. If there are any problems, a message will be displayed immediately.

2 We look at the access parameters

Press the WIN I keys on the keyboard at the same time and open the “Privacy” section.

In the left column, go to the “Cameras” group and in the right column in the access block, click on the “Change” button. Check if the parameter is enabled. Individual application access parameters are regulated in the same menu from the bottom.

Interesting! Every time a program requests a camera, you will receive a notification where you can allow or deny access to it.

In case of problems

Press the WIN R keys on the keyboard at the same time and enter the command. devmgmt.msc

Open the section with imaging devices and see what icon the camera has.

  • If it is displayed normally, then right-click and disable and then enable.
  • If with a gray arrow, then right-click on it and use.
  • If orange. then right-click and delete, then restart the laptop.

If after the reboot the icon is still yellow or in general in this section you did not find the webcam, then reinstall the drivers on it and everything will work. You can find them on the website of your laptop manufacturer.

Interesting! If you still can’t get the WEB-camera to work in any way, then I recommend reading the material with all the solutions to this problem. why the camera on the laptop does not work.

Checking a WEB-camera: 2 tips for a piggy bank

Before using the WEB-camera for your own purposes, you should conduct a test drive: check if it works at all. There are two ways to do this.

How to test the camera on a laptop: 3 ways to enable and check

The vast majority of modern laptop models are equipped with a built-in camera. It is located at the top of the screen. The presence of a built-in webcam facilitates video conferencing, communication on Skype, and other messengers. This is convenient if you know how to turn on and check the camera on a laptop.

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No special skills or abilities are required here. It is enough to perform just a couple of steps. It is about them that will be discussed further.

The easiest way is online

The Internet is replete with all kinds of services for checking the performance of a webcam. They inspect not only the image but also the microphone. That is, the analysis will be complete: picture-sound.

In the list of the most popular online software:

  • WebCamMicTest;
  • ToolSter;
  • WebCamTests.

The principle of their operation is almost the same: first you need to go into the program, then allow the flash player to access the webcam, and immediately get the result. If the camera is working, a live image of the user will appear on the screen.

For those who do not trust third-party resources and are afraid to open access to their laptop, there is an easier way to check the webcam online. We are talking about Skype. This messenger is very popular and is available on almost all laptops.

Important: Skype may not be installed on new laptops. In this case, you need to download the program from the official resource and create an account in it.

To check the quality of the camera, you must:

  • Launch Skype.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select the “Camera and Sound” tab.

The webcam is immediately activated. You can visually see how the camera conveys color, details, how much it captures in its lens. This is how the picture will be visible to other users if you communicate via video communication.

Through the “Device Manager”

This method takes more time and will only show if the camera is on. The image quality itself cannot be seen in this way. Who is interested in how to check the camera on a laptop (for example, on Dell equipment) through the dispatcher, read on.

To diagnose the performance of the webcam, you must:

  • open “Start”. “Control Panel”;
  • rearrange filters to “Categories”;
  • find “Hardware and Sound”;
  • in the “Devices and Printers” section, click on “Device Manager”.

This will open a long list of all available hardware built into or connected to the laptop. In this klondike you need to find and click on the inscription “Image processing devices”. If suddenly the webcam is turned off, the icon will have a red cross or a down arrow. This means that you need to press the RMB and select the “Engage” item. In the situation shown in the picture below, everything is fine. the camera is on and ready to use.

How to turn on the WEB-camera on a laptop using standard means?

An important stage has been left behind and there is 100% confidence that the camera is in working order. It remains to learn how to enable and configure it.

Standard tools to help

Often, the camera is automatically activated when you turn on an application that requires you to use it. But what to do if the webcam was needed not for video calls?
For some laptop models, the camera is turned on in 2 counts by a key combination. Possible combinations: Fn V, Fn Esc, Fn any key on which a blue camera icon is drawn. This can be found on Asus, Acer, Lenovo models. If the reader is not among the happy owners of such a laptop, you will have to look for another method.

“Device Manager”. option No. 2. How to check and activate the WEB-camera in the manager has already been written in the previous section. The only thing: if there is an exclamation mark next to the name of the camera or it is not at all in the dispatcher, then there is no driver in the laptop system that is responsible for its operation. You can download and install the necessary drivers from the Internet by going to the official website of the laptop manufacturer.
And this information will be useful for owners of laptops with Windows 10 or Windows 7. The procedures here are slightly different, so it’s worth dwelling on them in more detail.

Life hack for Windows 10 (who suddenly didn’t know): click Start, find “Camera” in the list of all programs. So it is convenient to turn on the WEB-camera for photo or video filming. It is even easier: press Windows Q, enter “Camera” in the search bar.

These simple tips on how to turn on and configure the webcam on your laptop will allow you to take emergency pictures or instantly connect to a webinar. And no matter which laptop is on the table. HP or ASUS, the instructions are almost identical. The main thing is to understand the basics, and then everything will go like clockwork.

2 Checking application access

If the webcam does not work in certain programs, then they are simply denied access to it in the system settings. It needs to be resolved.

Press the WIN I keys on the keyboard and open the “Privacy” section.

In the left column, switch to the “Camera” section. In the right window in the access block, click on the “Change” button and enable it. Below you will see all applications that have and do not have access to the camera.

Interesting! Always check the WEB-camera from different programs so that it is clear whether it works at all. If not, then the problem is already in the drivers or in the hardware itself.

4 The camera itself

In rare cases, this may be a malfunction of the camera itself, i.e. devices. To make sure of this for sure. take the laptop to a service center. Before that, try reinstalling Windows.

Sometimes the system completely refuses to see the webcam and not work with it. In this case, no other actions except reinstalling the system help. If after that nothing works, then definitely bring it to the service.

Interesting! In some cases, the device can be turned off in the BIOS settings. You can check it, but this happens extremely rarely, more often there is no item with a webcam in the BIOS at all.

Camera not working on laptop. solution

3 Checking the drivers

Press WIN Print Screen on your keyboard and open Device Manager in the left column.

Expand the section with imaging devices and see how the webcam is displayed here.

  • If everything is fine and the device is displayed without icons. right-click and disable, then immediately enable
  • Gray arrow icon. right click and activate
  • Yellow icon. right click and delete. Then restart the laptop, when turned on, the driver will reinstall itself

If there is no such section at all or it is empty, then the driver is not installed. You need to download it from the website of your laptop manufacturer.

Let’s look for a driver using a laptop as an example. HP ProBook 445 G6. Go to the manufacturer’s official website in the software and drivers section. Enter the model name and search.

The site will automatically detect your operating system version and display a list of software. We need a section with input devices. Open it and download the driver for Camera, then install. Reboot the laptop and check everything for working capacity.

1 Check if it is enabled

First of all, you need to check if it works at all. Look on the keyboard the key on which the camera is drawn, it must be pressed together with the FN key. This is usually a keyboard shortcut: FN ESC or FN F10 or FN V.

Everything will work immediately and a special application for working with a webcam will immediately appear in Windows 10.

The camera does not work on a laptop: why and what to do

The camera does not work. a fairly common situation on laptops. Although it is set up as simply and quickly as possible, sometimes problems can arise.

often than not, these are just software errors that you can quickly fix yourself. In any case, we will analyze in detail what to do in this situation in this article.

From the past material, you learned how to turn on the camera on a laptop. Now we will consider the most popular problems that may arise in her work.

Interesting! The instruction is universal for all laptop models: Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba and others. Also, the material is suitable for external webcams that are connected to a computer.

In any case, the problem is solvable and is most often caused by a banal deactivation with the keys and can be easily turned on. Enjoy your video chats on the network.