How to turn on the camera on a laptop emachines

How do I turn on the camera on my laptop?. 5 easy ways

If you have a laptop, you probably thought at least once about how to turn on the camera on a laptop.

In the case of a personal computer, this task is quite simple. you need to go to “Computer” (or “My Computer” in older versions of Windows) and select the connected camera there. As a result, a webcam demonstration will appear in the same window.

But if this is a laptop, then checking the built-in camera is a little more difficult. To do this, at a minimum, you need to use a browser and other software. We will look at the most common ways to check the camera on a laptop.

Online services

There are a number of services designed specifically for testing a webcam.

Let’s list those that are most popular:

  • is a very convenient and easy-to-use resource. To use it, you do not need to install any additional software. All you need to do is go to the site and click on the button “Check webcam”.
  • is a Russian service that performs exactly the same functions as In this case, you just need to allow Adobe Flash Player to access the microphone and webcam. To do this, click on the “Allow” button and start working.
  • is another Russian service. The principle of operation is exactly the same as for we allow the player to have access to the camera and you’re done. True, in this case the image quality is slightly worse. But on the right there is a scale that shows the volume of the sound in the microphone.
  • is actually a small social network that uses only photos. In a sense, this is a heavily stripped-down Instagram. Here you can take a photo with your webcam and upload it to the public gallery. To simply check the camera, you need to click on the “take a picture!” Button, and then in the same way allow the player to access the device.
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To use all these services, absolutely any browser that is supported in Windows is suitable.

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Branded tool on Windows 8 and 10

In Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 there is a special tool that allows you to check your webcam.

Above, we talked about the fact that in the case of a personal computer, you need to go to “Computer” and find the connected webcam there. And if the camera is built-in, then it will not be displayed among the connected devices.

But the developers of all versions that came after Windows 7 are, by all accounts, very prudent people. They made a tool called “Camera”.

It is best to find it using the most basic search. It can also be found in the list of applications, in the section with the letter “K”.

After opening this tool, a standard folder will appear, in which there will be the only window in which the picture from the camera will be displayed.

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Branded laptop software

Each manufacturer has its own programs for working with webcams. They allow you not only to see what the camera is shooting at the moment, but also to configure it.

Also, many of them have additional effects that can be used during a conversation.

For example, Lenovo has CyberLink YouCam. This is proprietary software that is usually installed with the operating system. The user is not even involved in this process.

This application allows you to take a snapshot, take a video (“Capture” button) and take a picture of the desktop. On the right you can see all sorts of effects, frames and other things that look very funny and can, for example, dilute a serious conversation on Skype.

It is worth saying that YouCam captures much more than all of the above online services, although the webcam is used the same. This is not at all surprising. after all, proprietary software.

So if you have the opportunity to install or find your own program from the manufacturer on your computer, it is better to do so. Online services do not provide an opportunity to see the full picture and find out the performance of the camera.

Here is a list of programs for other brands of laptops and links to download them:

  • Asus ECam Utility;
  • Fujitsu FJ Camera;
  • Asus Life Frame3 Utility;
  • TOSHIBA Web Camera Application;
  • HP MediaSmart (can be installed in Recovery Manager);
  • Lenovo EasyCapture;
  • HP Cyberlink YouCam (can be installed in Recovery Manager);
  • Acer Crystal Eye Webcam (usually also installed with the operating system);
  • Asus Virtual Camera Utility.
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It is possible that some of these programs are already installed on your computer. To do this, use the search or open the list of all applications installed on the device.

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Any messenger that is installed on Windows has a camera check function. Since the most common messenger today is Skype, we will show by its example how to check webcams.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Start Skype. Click on the “Tools” tab at the top and select the “Settings” item in the drop-down list.

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Actually, this is all that needs to be done within the framework of this method.

The principle of operation is the same for all messengers. you need to go to the settings and find there the item regarding the webcam. Surely, somewhere there will be a function for checking this device.

Additional software

There are many types of programs that are designed to work with webcams. It is logical that with their help you can also check how the cameras work now.

Here is a list of some of these programs: