How to turn off your Samsung subscription

What is it for?

In fact, Talkback is a standalone application that comes with Android by default. You can activate it on almost any smartphone or tablet. This function is regularly used by people with vision problems. The program reads them all the menu items and other interface elements, as a result of which you can use the device without looking at its screen.

Ordinary people, of course, do not need this function at all. An ordinary user will read all menu lines or icon captions faster than a robotic voice can. Fortunately, Talkback is disabled by default. But it can be activated accidentally when you get acquainted with the “Settings” section. It can also be turned on if you buy a smartphone from your hands. after all, it is possible that its previous owner does not see well.

Disable Talkback

Nowadays, many tablets and smartphones have their own proprietary shell. However, in terms of settings, they are all about the same. In this regard, Talkback on Android of any version and with any interface is deactivated in the same way, with very rare exceptions. To do this, you must perform the following actions:

Go to the “Settings”.

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Go to the subsection “Accessibility”. On some smartphones, it can be hidden in the “Advanced settings” menu.

On some shells, you will then need to go to the subsection “Vision”.

Go to the Talkback section. On Samsung smartphones and tablets, it may be called Voice Assistant.

Deactivate the checkbox next to the function name.

Most likely, further confirmation of your actions will be required. To do this, click on the “Yes” button.

Do not forget that the first click on the element will not mean anything. it will only make the robot read out the corresponding text. Therefore, clicks must be double. in the manner of a double-click with the left mouse button when controlling the Windows operating system.

How to disable Talkback on Android?

If you suddenly have the Talkback function activated (voice guidance), then be sure to read our article. it talks about the method of turning it off.

The Android operating system has many features, some of which ordinary users are not even aware of. One of these “chips” of the mobile operating system is Talkback. It is intended for visually impaired people. when it is turned on, the text on the screen is voiced by a robot. However, some people activate this feature by accident. Then they don’t understand how to disable Talkback. What actions need to be taken for this. today’s article will tell you.

Removing Talkback

If you cannot turn off Talkback, then simply delete this service from your smartphone. The easiest way to do this is through the Play Store. depending on the device model, this package may have a different name.

To do this, start the Play Store and type “Talkback” in the search bar. A list of available applications will appear. Select the one that has Google LLC as the developer. In our case, this is the Android Accessibility package. Here click on the “Delete” button.

After that Talkback will not bother you. If you need to turn it back on, you can install this application through the Play Store.

Advertising personalization

Advertisements make up a significant portion of Google’s total revenue, and the tech giant uses the data from your S10 to deliver targeted ads that target you. While Google never shares your data with third parties, “ad personalization” can be a concern as it allows third-party applications to access your advertising ID to create a profile that is tailored to you.

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely prevent Google from creating a personalized advertising profile based on your data, other than installing a custom ROM and opting out of personalizing ads by going to Settings. Google. Advertising. Disabling Ads Personalization will prevent you from being tracked by external apps to a certain extent. It’s also a good idea to click Reset Advertising ID from this menu from time to time to remove your advertising profile from Google servers.

Instructions: how to hide your number on Samsung

To hide a combination of numbers, you need to sequentially perform a number of actions:

  • Tap on the main screen on the icon depicting a telephone receiver.
  • Go to the section with properties (three vertical dots in the upper right corner).
  • Go to the section with settings. Select the “Additional services” tab.
  • Here you need to select the parameter responsible for determining the number of the owner of the phone. Parameter setting is carried out for all SIM-cards provided on the gadget. Adjustment is carried out separately for each.
  • In the menu that appears, select the item that allows you to hide information.
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After making changes, they must be saved. Once effective, all calls will be made in incognito mode. The subscriber, instead of a combination of numbers, will see information on the screen of his mobile phone that the positions of the incoming call are not known. If he is out of range, he will receive an informational text message after a missed call. In it, all important parameters of the caller will be unavailable for viewing.

How to hide your Samsung Galaxy phone number

The owner of a smartphone does not always want his data to be available to the interlocutor. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Everyone has received a call from an unknown subscriber at least once in their life. You can do the same with your own. Let’s find out: how to hide your phone number on a Samsung smartphone.

Additional software

Note that getting root privileges is not always justified. This can lead to loss of warranty or damage to the gadget. Using deep settings of the smartphone can lead to irreversible changes and costly repairs. After downloading the utility (for example, Try-Out), it must be launched on the device. The application works automatically. All calls to the owner will be made in incognito mode, incoming contacts will still be displayed.

If there is a need to protect contacts from being viewed by a specific subscriber, and not from all interlocutors, you can use a special combination: #. It is dialed in front of the digital contact combination.

What Reflection can do for you

Reflection. it is a simple application that hides call history by numbers. Add a number and then choose if you want to hide the history of incoming and outgoing calls from the assigned contact.

The ability to hide messaging history is still not fully functional on KitKat ROMs, but it is in alpha development so it should be launching very soon.

App Notifications

Showing important notifications like incoming messages, emails, and calendars can have serious consequences if someone accidentally stumbles upon them. If you want to prevent this potential disaster, you need to go to “Notifications” in the “Settings” menu and click on the switch next to each application you want to keep private to turn off alerts.

In addition, some applications allow you to receive notifications automatically. To access it, you need to go into the app’s notification settings by clicking on its name. Once inside, tap specific alert items for the app in the Categories section, then select Silent on the next page and enable Collapse Notifications to keep your alerts even more invisible.

How to disable Bixby on Samsung phone and Samsung TV

So, do you want to disable Bixby? You are not the only one. Samsung’s smart assistant isn’t nearly as popular as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. and there is a reason for that.

In addition to apps for smartphones and tablets, Alexa has many different smart home devices, allowing you to use the Echo smart speaker in your home. be it Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Show 5 or others. while Google’s search engine is smart and has made its AI assistant arguably the smartest of them all. (It’s also worth taking a look at Google Home, Home Mini, Home Max, Home Hub, and Nest Hub Max.)

Bixby, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same hardware to be used in homes. You will have the choice of Bixby on Samsung phones or Samsung TVs, but this is far from a mandatory feature, and you can easily use Alexa or Google Assistant features on those devices and disable Bixby instead.

Samsung Galaxy’s Bixby speaker is still nowhere to be seen. perhaps because Bixby is simply not available yet.

You can’t completely erase Bixby from these devices though. unless you have crazy hacking skills. it is quite possible to customize your gadgets to use an alternative or just completely abandon the voice interface. Here’s everything you can do in your quest to remove Bixby from your smartphone or TV.

Everything You Need To Disable On Your Galaxy S10 For Privacy & Security “Android :: Gadget Hacks

Whether we like it or not, our personal information and smartphones are linked. The former needs the latter to provide a personalized experience that suits our individual needs. However, this personal data makes your phone a prime target for all thieves who can turn your privacy into illegal profits.

Threats can range from hackers who try to steal your personal data to nosy people who want to dig up dirt that can be used against you. Law enforcement cannot be ignored either, as they have the right to arbitrarily take your device to court.

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Luckily, your Galaxy S10 comes with options designed specifically with your security and privacy in mind. You probably already have some of the more obvious security measures, but it’s still a good idea to go over all the settings we’ve highlighted below, just in case.

Go to the section: Location | Alerts | Access to the application | Anti-theft | Google

How to disable ads on a Samsung smartphone

How to disable ads on Android in Samsung phone? It depends on its type and the application that sends intrusive information. In our material, several possible situations will be considered.

How to turn off in-app ads on Samsung?

Recently, manufacturers of Android devices have started to embed various marketing notifications into tablets and smartphones. Large companies usually send out their own advertisements to educate users about a new product. Small manufacturers post information from third-party organizations, wanting to cover the costs of developing a device.

Samsung also began to sin with this. In the latest skins from the Korean manufacturer, users have noticed marketing information. Fortunately, Samsung at least asks the phone owners for permission, but people often mindlessly click on incoming notifications without even reading them before.

Do you often get Samsung advertising messages popping up? You can revoke your permission to receive marketing information by:

  • Open settings.
  • Go to “General settings”.
  • Go to the item “Marketing Information”.
  • Uncheck the agreement and click “OK”.

Samsung will no longer send you its own notifications. But it is important to understand that advertising in browsers will still remain, it is placed directly by the sites you visit. To get rid of it, you need ROOT rights and a blocking application, for example, AdBlock.

How to remove pop-up ads?

You can also remove pop-up ads on the screen from Samsung by disabling notifications from a special application for notifying users. Need to:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open the “Notifications” section.
  • Tap on “Additional”.
  • Click on Samsung Push Services.
  • Prevent the program from sending notifications.

Completely remove all ads on Android Samsung Galaxy

How to remove ads from Samsung phone? If third-party marketing information appears on the phone that is not related to the Korean manufacturer, then there may be several reasons:

  • One of the installed applications has an unpleasant “bookmark”.
  • Smartphone infected with malware.
  • The device was hacked.

There is no one-size-fits-all way to get rid of these ads. Try to determine after the installation of which application it appeared, and then uninstall it. In some cases, the culprit can be quickly identified.

Did the above methods not help? You will have to perform a flashing. You must install the latest official version of the operating system with a complete wipe of all data on the phone. This is the only way to get rid of the malware that has integrated advertising services into the device.

How to completely shut down the application

To disable Talkback function, follow these instructions:

Tap the “Settings” icon on the home screen of the gadget with your finger.

In the “System” section, tap the item “Special. capabilities”.

To disable Talkback, in the Services pane, open the options section.

Change the activation status (switch position) with a touch of your finger.

Confirm the operation in progress. In the request window, select “OK”.

Partial shutdown

If you only need certain functions of the application, you can perform selective deactivation in its settings panel:

Make any required parameter changes. In the menu, you can not only turn off the sound of the keys, but also correct the voice synthesis, volume level and other add-ons.

How to turn off TalkBack on Android

TalkBack is a special functional add-on for people with disabilities (lack of coordination, poor eyesight), pre-installed on almost all modern phones running Android OS (Sony Xperia, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, etc.). It voices all actions performed by the user on the phone. Also, this mode is used by some drivers in order not to be distracted from driving and not to lose control of the carriageway.

  • conversion of speech into text and dubbing of text information;
  • sounding of pressed keys;
  • audio notification about the subscriber making a call (with the option of auto-scrolling the list of contacts);
  • “Reading out” the names of the applications being launched and the commands highlighted by the touch of a finger;
  • “Reader” of texts in a file and on web pages in a browser;
  • launching commands with special gestures;
  • assignment of “hot keys” to launch certain operations;
  • regulation of tone and volume of sounds by means of a distance sensor.

Next, we will look at step by step how to disable Talkback on Android completely and partially. We will also figure out how to disable this service on Samsung mobile devices.

Specifics of managing Talkback on Samsung

In Samsung with the TouchWiz user interface, in the settings, you first need to go to the “My device” subsection to open the “Accessibility” item and the Talkback setting panel.

The Talkback service is managed in a standard manner. It can be easily mastered by the owner of the phone without experience of using the Android OS.

Using hardware buttons to disable safe mode

You can also remove Safe Mode on Samsung using the functionality of your phone’s hardware buttons.

  • Turn off your device.
  • After turning off the device, hold down the power button;
  • When you see the Samsung logo on the screen, release the power button;
  • Then quickly hold down the volume down button.
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After completing the above steps, you will see a message about disabling Safe Mode.

What to look for: What to do:
A breakdown of one of the volume buttons may make the phone think that you have pressed and hold this button (especially when it comes to the “volume up” key). It can force your phone to boot into Safe Mode over and over. In this case, it is best to visit your local service center to solve the problem.

Factory Reset Samsung Phone to Remove Safe Mode

You can get rid of Safe Mode on Samsung with the help of resetting the phone to factory settings. This method can be considered as the most radical option, since all your files and progress in games will be lost in this case.

Factory reset method differs on different Samsung models.

For example, it may consist of doing the following:

  • Open your phone settings;
  • Select “System” there, and then click on “Advanced”;
  • Tap on “Reset parameters”, and then select “Erase all data”;
  • Below click on “Reset phone” or “Erase everything”.

Checking the Notification Bar on Samsung

Some Samsung gadgets allow you to disable Safe Mode using the notification bar.

  • Pull down the notification bar with a swipe;
  • Tap on the notification about Safe Mode to turn it off;

Removing Battery and SIM Card from Samsung

If your phone boots into Safe Mode and you can’t turn it off, a method to remove the battery from your phone can help. In this case, you need to remove the back cover of the device and remove the battery (of course, if it is removable).

Wait a couple of seconds, then put the SIM back in and reconnect the battery. All that remains is to put the cover back in place and turn on the phone.

How to stop subscription on Google play store?

What is “Safe Mode” in Samsung?

Safe mode is an operating system mode in which all third-party applications installed on the phone (computer) are disabled. In fact, in it the device is its own factory sample, with the operating system installed on it, and nothing more.

Samsung going into security on its own means that something has gone wrong in the system. Usually the reasons for this are an error in the operation of an application, various viral and adware software, hardware failures in the phone and other factors.

Safe Mode is a handy tool for diagnosing problems on Android OS. If you manually activated Safe Mode, then you probably want to see which of the applications is causing your system to crash or freeze, and the rapid discharge of its battery. However, if you entered safe mode by accident, and do not know how to get out and remove from it, then this material is for you. Let’s take a look at what Samsung smartphone owners should do in such a situation.

How to turn off Safe Mode by restarting Samsung from Safe Mode

The trivial advice is often the most effective. Simply restarting your phone will help deactivate Safe Mode on Samsung. The procedure is simple. press and hold the power button on your device until a menu of several options appears.

In the menu that appears, click on “Restart”.

If after pressing the power button the restart menu still does not appear, then continue to hold the power button for 30 seconds.

9 Samsung Galaxy Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

Testing the system for harmful applications

Although you cannot use third-party apps in Safe Mode, their data and cache are not blocked. As a consequence, there is a possibility that the downloaded application puts your phone in Safe Mode. Thus, we need to get rid of the malicious influence of such an application on our system.

There are three ways to solve this problem: clearing the cache, clearing the app data, and deleting the app.

Let’s start by clearing your Samsung cache:

  • Open your device settings;
  • Select Apps notifications;
  • Then click on “See all apps”;
  • Tap on the name of a malicious application in your opinion;
  • Click on “Storage” and then tap on “Clear cache”.

If that doesn’t work, then start cleaning up the storage. Be careful: deleting the app store deletes the cache and your user data in the specified app.

You can clean up Samsung storage as follows:

  • Open your phone settings;
  • Select Apps & Notifications, then click View All Apps;
  • Tap on the name of the malicious application;
  • Click on “Storage” then click on “Clear Storage”

If clearing the cache and app storage didn’t help turning off Safe Mode, it’s time to uninstall the app itself:

  • Open the settings;
  • Select Apps & Notifications, then click View All Apps;
  • Tap on the name of the problematic application on Samsung;
  • Select “Uninstall” and then click on “OK” to confirm. This can help disable security mode.