How to turn off your iPhone 11 phone

Standard inclusion

To turn on the iPhone 7, you need to hold down the “Power” key, which is also located on the right side, for 3-5 seconds. If the Apple logo is highlighted, everything is fine. If the battery indicator is red, you need to connect it to the network.

Water hit

If the phone gets wet, it will not turn on. You can leave it in a warm, dry place for 2 days, then try all methods of switching on using charging, the “Home” and “Power” buttons. Chances are good that it will have to be carried into the hands of the master.

Standard way

The main power button is still in place. You can turn on the iPhone 10 simply by holding it for 3-4 seconds. Once the logo appears, you can release it. If an image of a discharged battery appears, the device is charged.

One of the buttons broke

Inactive keys are a serious problem. Without them, the phone will not be able to fully function. But you can turn it on, you need to put the device on charge, after a while it will wake up on its own.

If none of the methods helps, then the reason lies within the device. Better to take the phone for repair right away.

Emergency awakening

In case of malfunctions, the manufacturers have incorporated into the phone the ability to activate it “forcibly”. You need to simultaneously hold down “Power” and “Home”. It may take 7 to 10 seconds of time. As soon as the “bull’s eye” appears on the display, the buttons can be released.

How to turn on iPhone

The iPhone is becoming more and more popular with buyers. 13% of the market in our country are Apple users. However, after purchasing or discharging the device, some do not know how to properly turn on the iPhone. Let’s consider all the methods in more detail.

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Turning on

It is not difficult to turn on the sound of an incoming call: you need to switch the toggle switch on the side of the gadget. It is intended to be in a position where the red stripe is not visible.

But sometimes the settings get lost, or the mode of use is chosen that is not suitable for the situation.

The ring signal is configured in a standard way. Check the position of the switch on the side of the machine. If at the top, beeps will be heard. If at the bottom, the sound is completely turned off and the owner will not wait for notifications about calls, messages “out loud”. Try to switch, the problem most often was this.

The call is not accompanied by a sound signal due to the out of order settings of the gadget. Try:

  • open the “Settings” of the phone;
  • select the item “Sounds”;
  • go to “Calls and alerts”.

iPhone 11 How to Turn Off & Restart!

If the slider is on the right: the melodies are heard. Left: iPhone is muted. You may have selected the wrong mode, or accidentally turned on Do Not Disturb or Airplane. Options exclude receiving signals, messages, notifications. Information is available through the menu, “Settings”.

How to enable and adjust sound on iPhone

Along with their other advantages, iPhones have the status of devices with the best speaker sound quality. But sometimes the owners of “apple” devices face a problem and wonder why the signal disappeared and how to turn on the sound on the iPhone again.

Possible problems and solutions

Often, the sound is muted due to the lack of transition to the standard mode from the “Headphones”. Apple has provided two types of signal volume.

  • Normal: Standard volume.
  • “Headphones”: the sound is muffled in order to maintain the integrity of the eardrums.

Due to out of order phone settings, not updated operating system, mechanical damage to the headset connector, the iPhone “refuses” to switch to maximum volume when the headphones are disconnected. In this case, you just need to solve this problem, and the sound will return.

IPhone user inattention is another common reason for no sound.

While listening to music, watching movies, smartphone owners can adjust the volume using buttons or controls, forgetting to return to standard mode.

Review the parameters: if the settings are knocked down, you need to specify the initial data.

If the measures taken did not help, then the malfunction lies in the dynamics of the device. The mechanism may be clogged with dust or wet. Correcting the situation on your own is not always a justified attempt, there is a risk of harming the iPhone. It is recommended to contact a specialized service center.

How to turn off iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Max

Do you know what my wife’s first question was when she got the iPhone 11? How to turn off or restart your phone! I laughed for a long time, then took the device in my hands, pressed the side power button, held it longer but the iPhone was not going to turn off. Here my wife laughed for a long time, looking at my futile attempts. As it turned out, the developers of the “apple” company, for some reason, changed everything, which made those who switched to the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro from older models such as the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, as well as smartphones on Android. So it turns out that the usual side shutdown button is there, and it is not clear what to do with it.

The fact is that the way to disable on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is significantly different from previous models. There are two ways to turn off this phone and I will show each of them in detail.

How to turn off iPhone 11 with buttons

As I said above, the device has a side power button. With its help, you can turn it off, but there is a little trick!

To turn off iPhone 11, do the following in sequence:

Press the side button and one of the volume buttons at the same time. Any. even an increase in volume, even a decrease. The main thing is not to release the buttons immediately after pressing, otherwise a screenshot of the screen will be taken.

The shutdown menu should appear on the smartphone screen, where you need to move the shutdown slider to the right.

If you suddenly change your mind about turning off the iPhone 11, then just click the “Cancel” button at the bottom of the screen.

Shutting down iPhone 11 through settings

The developers of the iOS operating system have made another fairly simple way to disable the iPhone 11 (pro, max, etc.). To do this, go to its settings and open the “Basic” section.

Scroll down the menu. At the very end there will be an item “Turn off”. Click it:

The iPhone shutdown menu appears. There, just drag the slider with your finger from left to right.

It remains to wait until the smartphone turns off.

Of course, there is no point in turning off your iPhone often. For some, it works without turning off for months, but situations arise differently and you need to know the main features of your phone! Good luck to all!

How to Restart iPhone 10 If the Screen Doesn’t Work?

  • Hold and quickly release the volume up button.
  • Hold and quickly release the volume down button again.
  • Hold down the on / off button (Power key). Hold it until the iPhone screen darkens.

How to Turn Off iPhone 8 If the Screen Doesn’t Work?

How to reset iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Very unusual

  • Press and quickly release the volume up button.
  • Press and quickly release the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

How to turn off iPhone 4s?

To begin with, consider the option of a conventional shutdown. If your iPhone 4 is working fine and following all the commands, to turn it off just hold down the Power button and wait for the Slide To Power Off message to appear. We carry out on it from left to right and our “apple” will shut down successfully.

How to turn off an iPhone11?

Just hold down any volume button paired with the side button on the opposite side of the smartphone until the shutdown slider appears, move the slider and wait for the iPhone to turn off. After disconnecting, press the power button to re-enable.

How to turn off iPhone if the screen is not working?

So how do you turn off your iPhone if the sensor isn’t working? Take the device in your hands and simultaneously hold down the lock button and the “Home” key. Keep them pressed until the smartphone screen turns off. If you are using the seventh iPhone, then instead of the Home button, you will use the volume down key.

How to turn off 11 iPhone with buttons?

  • Press and hold the volume up or down and the side button until the Power off slider appears.
  • Move the slider and then wait 30 seconds for the device to turn off.

How to turn off iPhone 7 without screen?

How to restart iPhone 7 without a physical home button

  • Hold the power and lock button on the right.
  • Without releasing it, hold down the volume down button on the left.
  • Hold the buttons until the smartphone screen darkens and then shows the Apple logo.

Restart iPhone to Standard Mode

The standard way to restart iPhone if the screen doesn’t work:

  • Press and hold the Power button in the upper part of the case for 2-3 seconds.
  • The display will show “Switch off”.
  • Swipe from left to right in the direction of the pointer.
  • If everything is done correctly, the device will turn off.
  • To return it to working condition, you must again hold down the Power button.

This method is safe for all files and applications downloaded to the phone.

Shutting down iPhone without buttons

There is a way to restart iPhone if the screen is not working without using a keyboard shortcut. To do this, you need to connect the Assistive Touch function:

  • Find in the “Settings” tab “General”, “Accessibility”.
  • Make a function active.
  • Click on the display within the function.
  • A menu will appear on the desktop, you must select the “Lock Screen” icon.
  • The device will turn off after pressing the standard key combination.
  • Turn on the gadget.
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Non-standard ways to reboot the device

There are other, more original methods to restart the iPhone:

Hard reboot device

IPhone users can observe a complete freeze of the gadget, when neither pressing the buttons nor touching the screen gives a result. How to restart iPhone if the screen is frozen and not working:

  • On iPhone 4/5/6/7, you need to hold down two buttons at once. Home and Power.
  • Some smartphone models respond to a different key combination. Power and the volume down button.
  • Hold them for 10-15 seconds.
  • Release the keys and wait for the “apple” on the screen.
  • If the logo does not appear, repeat all the steps again, hold the keys for 20-30 seconds.
  • To turn on the gadget, you need to hold down the power button for a long time.

This method forcibly shuts down the device, so some files may be lost. You should resort to hard rebooting only if there are no other options.


  • Go to “Settings”, “General”, then to “Accessibility”.
  • Activate the “Bold” button.
  • Next, the phone will offer to reboot, it must be done.

Shutting down iPhone 11 through settings

This is the simplest option, which is suitable for a normally working smartphone, without freezes.

To do this, go to the “General” section, the virtual “Turn off” button will be at the very bottom. After that, all that remains is to swipe across the screen by “swiping” the button.

However, this option is not always suitable. After all, there are situations when you need to turn off the phone quickly, without wasting time navigating through the settings sections. Or there is a hangup of the virtual keyboard, a dark screen and other malfunctions.

How to turn off iPhone 11? What to do if iPhone 11 freezes?

iPhone 11 is currently the newest smartphone from Apple. After the long-awaited purchase, many users are faced with the problem that they do not know how to turn off the iPhone 11. And what to do if it freezes. The shutdown process works differently for this model than for most phones. It is worth noting that the changes have been made since the previous iPhone model, but for many people, especially for users of smartphones from other companies, they still remain unusual.

Usually, to turn off your smartphone, you need to hold down the power button. But on iPhone 11, this turns on the Siri voice assistant. If you disable this binding in the settings, then a long press on this button will have no effect. There are several ways to disable the latest model of “apple” technology.

Switching off via the emergency call menu

To call this menu, you must simultaneously hold down the power button and any of the volume keys.

  • make an emergency call,
  • find out basic medical data about the owner of the phone
  • or turn it off.

A slider to disable appears at the top of the screen.

How to turn off iPhone 11?

Let’s take a look at several ways to shutdown when the device is working normally, and what to do if the iPhone 11 freezes and needs to be restarted.

How to restart iPhone 11?

In addition to shutdown problems, there are often questions about how to restart new iPhones. Restart is used in the event that the phone freezes, errors occur in its operation. As a rule, after restarting, most of the problems disappear.

There are also several ways to perform a reboot:

The most obvious way to restart your iPhone 11 is to turn off and then turn on the device. To do this, just use one of the options described above, then turn on the phone by pressing the power button.

If the iPhone 11 freezes and the user is unable to use his screen in any way, a quick restart will help. It can be done by successive pressing of the buttons described below.

The functionality of the iPhone 11 allows you to add a special restart button to the settings. To do this, use the AssisitiveTouch menu.

To implement the function, you need to go to the “Settings”, in them select “Universal Access”, then “Touch” and AssisitiveTouch. Then you can add the “Restart” button to the menu.

The functionality allows you to customize the options for its work. At the request of the user, the reset button can:

  • be in the top menu;
  • activate with a long press;
  • run through double tap.

Customize the option that suits you best.

Thus, with the help of AssitiveTouch, the owner of the phone can completely free himself from the need to press the volume and power buttons.

Now you know how to turn off iPhone 11 and restart it if necessary.

While the iPhone 11’s shutdown technology is different from most other smartphones, it’s not that hard to figure out. Disconnection options can be customized according to the user’s preference, which makes using the phone as comfortable as possible.

Method 1. in the settings

Open your phone settings and scroll through the menu items to the very bottom. Click on the “Turn off” button and slide your finger over the corresponding word. from left to right.

Method 2. through universal access

Go to settings, open the “Accessibility” section and go to the “Touch” menu.

Turn on “AssitiveTouch” here. The icon will appear on the bottom right of the display, clicking on which will open the menu. Click on “Device” in it and then hold down the “Lock screen” item until a plate appears to turn off the device.

Interesting! If the display does not work, except for how to wait until it is discharged, there are no options. You’d better take your phone to the service center right away.

How to Turn Off iPhone. Universal Ways

If you flooded your phone with water and you can’t turn it off, take it to the service center faster, where it will be quickly disassembled and cleaned of moisture.

So there will be less consequences from water ingress, the same corrosion. But, before that, be sure to turn it off so that it does not work and no contacts are short-circuited.

How to Turn Off iPhone: All Models. 11, XS, XR, 10, SE and

IPhone users know that you can turn off your smartphone by holding down the power button for a couple of seconds, and in new versions, holding it together with the volume down button, and then swipe the corresponding word on the screen.

But, not always everything is as simple as we would like, for example, the sensor on the screen may not work corny. Therefore, many people have a problem with turning off their iPhone, and the question arises how it can actually be turned off.

In the last post, we looked at six ways to turn off Google Assistant, today you will learn how to turn off the iPhone quickly and most importantly correctly, regardless of its model. This could be iPhone 11, XS, XR, 10, SE and earlier.

Important! iPhone of any version is turned off by simply holding down the power key and then swiping on the word “Turn off”. In models where there is no Home button at the bottom of the display, the volume down key is also clamped. Below are ways to help if the power key or screen doesn’t work.

How to turn off iPhone 6s, 6 and earlier with a mechanical home button

Suitable if the display is broken and the first two options simply cannot be done. Hold down the power and home buttons at the same time. As soon as the phone screen turns black, immediately squeeze them out. If you do not do this, a hard reboot of the device and all settings will occur.

Important! Hold down the power key first to see that the screen lights up and when to release the buttons later.

For iPhone 7, instead of the Home button, hold down the volume down key.

This method works only on old models, on the new ones it will restart the iPhone with the reset settings and the device will turn on.

How to turn off iPhone 11, XS, XR, and 10

In new models, together with the power button, you need to press the volume down key, only after that an inscription will appear on the screen to turn off the device.

It will be important to note that this can be done with the volume up key, but when the device is unlocked, this combination will take a screenshot instead of disconnecting the device.

Disconnection by buttons

To turn off iPhone X, you need to simultaneously hold down the shutdown button with one of the volume buttons. This “” or “-” has no special meaning. Hold the press for 3-4 seconds. A slider will appear, which must be swiped to the right. The device will fall asleep immediately.

Via the “Settings” menu

In order to turn off the iPhone 10, the user needs to go to “Settings”, then go to the “General” panel. Go down to the bottom of the menu and press the inscription: “Turn off”.

Through the menu

To de-energize any model without using the buttons, go to “Settings”. Select “Basic”. Scroll to the very end of the menu and click Turn Off. A slider will appear, after swiping, the iPhone will be disabled.

How to turn off iPhone 10

The new version of the iPhone no longer has a Home button. Clamping the power starting from model 10 no longer turns off the phone. Now such an action will simply call the voice assistant.

Through “Settings”

In the “Settings” menu go to the “General” section. Scroll the menu to the very bottom and find the inscription: “Turn off”. Smartphone turns off after 2-3 seconds.

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Standard shutdown

To turn off iPhone 6 in the usual way, hold down the power key for a few seconds. In model 6, it is located on the right side of the case. A window will open in which you should move the slider to the right. Smartphone turns off.

Disconnect via Assistive Touch

If the keys do not work, the smartphone turns off via the sensor.

To do this, go to “Settings”. “General”. “Universal Access”. activate “Assistive Touch”. click on the button in the lower right corner. select “device” in the additional menu. click “LockScreen”. A slider will appear, after swiping, the smartphone will turn off.

Shutting down iPhone from the settings menu

This option is present on all Apple smartphones. Go to “Settings”, select “General”, go down to the bottom of the list and click “Turn off”. A window with a slider will open. Drag it to the right to disconnect the device.

How to turn off or restart iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

Working with the interface of Apple’s bezelless smartphones is very different from controlling devices with a physical Home button. Since pressing the Power key on the iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max calls Siri, the button has lost its main function. off. How can I restart or disconnect my new iPhone then? We share with readers in all available ways.

Due to the lack of a Home button on the bezel-less iPhones (from iPhone X to iPhone 11 Pro Max), the keyboard shortcut used to take a screenshot on new Apple smartphones has changed compared to the iPhone 7, 8 and other older models of the company. details in a separate article.

How to turn off iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, and iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max using hardware keys

While the power button now launches Siri and Apple Pay, new iPhones can still bring up the shutdown slider using the physical keys. Press and hold the power button and one of the volume keys for a couple of seconds.

Two sliders will appear on the screen. Slide the top one to the right and the smartphone turns off.

Reboot via AssistiveTouch

With AssistiveTouch, you can display a touch-sensitive floating button on your iPhone. By pressing it, a menu with options opens, including taking a screenshot, controlling the volume, switching programs, etc. Reboot can be added to this list.

Go to “Settings” → “General”, click on the item “Accessibility” and select “AssistiveTouch”.

Activate the toggle switch, after which a touch button will appear on the screen. Restart isn’t one of the 6 default options in AssistiveTouch. you’ll have to add it. To do this, in the same window, open the “Top-level menu”.

The list of functions consists of six items. To include a reboot, add an empty cell or replace one of the options. In the second case, click on the icon of the unnecessary function, select the “Restart” item and click “Finish”.

Now, to restart your iPhone, click on the AssistiveTouch button and select “Restart”.

All that remains is to confirm the selection by clicking “Restart”.

How to turn on, turn off, and restart iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Freezing your iPhone, especially if it costs more than 1000, is not the most pleasant case. Apple technology has never been 100 percent perfect, and that’s a fact.

Therefore, sometimes it becomes necessary to reboot the device. If you do this on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max, then you already need to know a certain key combination.

Let’s go through in order how to properly turn on, turn off and, if necessary, hard restart your brand new “iPhone 11”.

How to turn on / off iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max?

The number of buttons is getting smaller and this is both good and bad. Poor because it takes a little time to get used to new gestures.

But as soon as you get used to it, everything becomes very simple and clear. As practice shows, Apple changes only for the better.

If you have used the iPhone X even a little, then this information will not be new to you. However, there is another category of users.

  • Power on iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max. You need to hold down the button on the right until the Apple logo appears. Then, after a few seconds, the device is turned on and everything is ready to work.
  • Restart / Shutdown iPhone 11/11 Pro / Pro Max. In the case when your device is just a little, you can get by with a regular reboot.

To do this, you just need to hold down the same button on the right until the slider appears and then swipe it to the right side (this is also the shutdown process).

15-20 seconds pass and then you can turn on the device by holding the button on the right.

If this button does not work for some reason, you can always carry out this procedure through Settings. General. Disable.

How to Force Restart iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Situations are completely different, especially if you are using the beta version of iOS and therefore, often a simple restart may not help.

After all, if the screen is completely frozen and you cannot do anything, then you have to resort to a hard reboot.

On the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it works in a very specific way:

  • press and release the Volume Up button;
  • press and release the Volume Down button;
  • press and hold the Lock button (button on the right) until the recovery screen appears.

As you probably guessed, the same method works for the iPhone XS as well. Basically, it fits all iPhones with cutouts.


Restarting an iPhone is easy enough if you know a few keyboard shortcuts and a general sequence of actions.

  • On one of the screens, click on the “Settings” widget.
  • A list of categories available for customization will open. In them you need to find the “Basic” section. Click on this section.
  • In it, select the “Disable” option.

Wait a couple of minutes before turning on your smartphone.

To do this, hold the button on the right side edge until the branded apple of the logo appears on the screen.

How to restart iPhone 11

After Apple’s recent presentation of its new smartphones, everyone is talking only about them. What updates and tricks have the developers prepared for us this time? How do I manage the new features of smartphones? Although there are enough questions about cameras and the body of iPhones, some also arise about the “pressing” questions: how to restart an iPhone?

We will cover three ways. Two of them will be for preventive shutdowns, the third. for emergency. This instruction can be applied to all Apple mobile devices with iOS 11.


If the phone is frozen and there is no way to use the first method, just hold down the power key on the right side edge. After a couple of seconds, a slider button will pop up on the screen. By swiping the button in the direction of the slider, you turn off the power of the phone.

After that, by analogy with the method. turn on the phone again.


This is the same emergency method that is suitable for extreme cases. Especially he drives into a stupor users who are accustomed to eliminate all inconveniences with the “Home” button. IPhone 11 doesn’t have it, so things get a little more complicated.

If you are in a panic and do not know how to restart iPhone 11 if it freezes for several minutes in a row, read the following guidelines:

  • We sharply hold down the volume up button on the left side edge and just as sharply release it.
  • We do the same with the volume down button.
  • Holding down the power button, we wait until the screen turns off, and the Apple logo appears in the middle of it.

Knowing such tricks, you will definitely not be captivated by unforeseen situations.

How to Restart iPhone: All Models. 11, XS, XR, 10, SE and

Although Apple smartphones are the standard of reliability in terms of the operating system, no one is immune from possible crashes and freezes.

There are situations when the developer of some software or game has not optimized it well enough, which is why your smartphone may simply freeze and need to be restarted.

The previous article was about how to turn off your iPhone. Today we’ll take a look at how to reset iPhone 11, XS, XR, 10 and other models.

Important! This is exactly the reboot of the device, in which all settings will be reset to factory defaults. And the phone will have to be set up again. Therefore, before that, I recommend that you sync your account in iCloud.

How To Turn OFF The iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11

How to restart iPhone 7

To restart the iPhone 7, you need to press and hold two buttons on the device for 10 seconds: power and volume down. Hold them until the Apple logo appears, then you can let go.

Often helps out with errors after updating iOS. So, by resetting the settings, the smartphone starts to work much more stably.

Restarting iPhone 6s and earlier

Hold down two buttons on the device at once: home and power for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears, after which you can release.

Often, the procedure can stabilize the operation of the entire device. Remove hangs and glitches in certain applications, for example, if they often crash and you have to restart them.

How to reset iPhone 11, 10, XR, XS, and 8

For newer iPhone models, works also on SE 2020. Press the buttons:

  • Increase the volume. and immediately release
  • Decrease the volume. and immediately release
  • Power supply. hold until the Apple logo appears
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This procedure will help you get rid of software errors. Reset all settings to their original state. Often helps to get rid of brakes and long launching of applications.

These are the basic methods for restarting iPhone without further ado and in simple language. Remember that such a restart is not recommended by Apple itself often.

IPhone dropped into water. what to do?

To save the “apple” gadget from the destructive effects of water, you need to follow the following algorithm of actions:

Take your smartphone out of the water immediately. This is obvious: even 10 seconds in the liquid can be fatal for the iPhone. After 40 seconds, there is no chance of saving the device.

Turn off your iPhone to protect it from short circuits. If you have a Pentalobe screwdriver, disassemble the device and remove the battery.

Remove the cover, if there is one. moisture must have accumulated under the accessory. It is not necessary to remove the film: it should be done only in the presence of water bubbles.

Dry iPhone. Remove visible moisture with tissue or other handy tools. You can use a cocktail straw to suck water out of holes and connectors.

Check moisture indicators. On the iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S, there are two: the first is in the headphone jack, and the second is in the dock connector. On devices of the 5th and 6th modifications, there is only one sensor, and it is located in the SIM card slot.

In the normal state, the indicators are white. If the sensors are red, water has entered. What does it mean? First of all, the fact that you can say goodbye to the guarantee.

Moisture sensors are the first thing to look at when buying a hand-held gadget. Our website also provides other tips on how to check a used iPhone.

Take “legs in hand” and go to the repairmen.

It will be much cheaper for the user to insure against possible flooding of the iPhone than to eliminate the consequences of the iPhone falling into the water. In many networks of mobile salons you can find on sale waterproof covers for “apple” devices with an acceptable price. Wearing such a cover every day is problematic due to its impressive size, but if you are planning a visit to the beach or sauna, you should resort to its help.

What to do if iPhone falls into water?

When the iPhone is flooded, its owner must perform a series of “first aid” measures. then the likelihood of saving the gadget will grow many times over. How to act for the owner of an “apple” device if his smartphone has fallen into the water, and is it worth trusting the advice of home craftsmen?

Falling a gadget worth a thousand dollars into the water is a real tragedy for the owner. An impressive bill should immediately appear before his eyes, which will be presented by the repairmen after the “resuscitation” of the device, if it turns out to be possible. In such a situation, greed often prevails over common sense, and then the owner of the “drowned” iPhone begins to “dig” on the Internet, trying to find “folk” means of removing moisture.

Of course, not a single qualified specialist will undertake to assert that there are no effective methods of “folk treatment”. At the same time, each master will confirm that most of the tips that are found on the Internet are given by amateurs and can only push the iPhone to “death”. There is a list of mandatory actions that the owner of the “flooded” iPhone must perform; going beyond this list and the desire to take the initiative leads to a huge risk.

Why water is dangerous for the iPhone and how “bathing” threatens?

For many users, it will probably be a discovery that water is far from the most dangerous liquid for mobile devices. The salts and minerals contained in the water have a negative effect on the technique. They are chemically active substances and during the oxidation reaction. that is, when they come into contact with oxygen. they harm the structure of the metal.

The danger of a liquid for technology can be judged by the pH indicator. the level of acidity (or hydrogen indicator). The lower the pH, the more hazardous the environment. Water is a completely neutral liquid. its pH value is 7. Liquids with a higher acidity level are usually alkaline. For the iPhone, they pose the least threat.

You need to know the enemy by sight. what kind of liquids are capable of instantly destroying a gadget?

With long-term contact with the listed substances, it will no longer be possible to save the gadget.

On the contrary, sea water (pH = 8.0), ammonia (pH = 11.5), chlorine (pH = 12.5) are almost harmless to a smartphone in terms of oxidation. Distilled water is completely harmless, from which all salts and minerals are completely removed.

Oxidation of smartphone elements is not the only danger. Remember that water is an excellent conductor of electricity. That is why the penetration of liquid into the case is capable of provoking short circuits, which will be repeated until the power is completely disconnected. Even one short circuit may be enough to “fry” a couple of microcircuits. a few similar closures will definitely send the gadget “to the next world”.

It depends on how quickly and accurately the owner of the iPhone will be able to “reanimate” the device.

Do I have to go to the service?

If a user inadvertently spills a glass of water on a smartphone and immediately dried the device, he does not need to contact a service center: such a short contact does not pose a significant threat. The user should leave the iPhone turned off for several hours (so that the moisture completely evaporates), then try to “launch” the gadget. Now, if the device does not turn on, this is a reason to “sound the alarm”.

Another situation: the owner of the iPhone came to the beach, ran into the water and only then found that he had forgotten to take the mobile device out of his shorts In such a situation, one cannot do without contacting a service center.

You need to go directly to the repairmen, and not to the salon where the iPhone was purchased. The seller will refuse to repair under warranty. the owner of the device will only lose precious seconds.

You will definitely have to pay: only factory defects are eliminated free of charge, but not the consequences of the user’s carelessness. Another thing is that iPhone owners tend to exaggerate the amount, which, in their opinion, will cost the restoration of the “apple” gadget. Nobody will present a five-digit bill. for iPhone 5 / 5S and 6 thousand rubles for iPhone 6th modification.

It is recommended to contact the repairmen for diagnostics in any case. even if the iPhone looks like it works perfectly and does not “glitch”. Penetration of water into the body can cause a decay process, the consequences of which the user will notice only after a couple of months.

Common symptoms of putrefaction are:

    Fast battery discharge. Loss of screen sensitivity. Problems with the Wi-Fi module. The speaker does not work. the sound has disappeared completely or is very quiet. Water, penetrating through the protective mesh of the speaker, immediately enters the membrane. Dust starts to accumulate on the wet membrane. Even if you manage to remove moisture from the speaker (for example, using a cocktail straw), the dirt will remain. it will form a sound barrier. Speaker is one of the most vulnerable iPhone components.

Diagnostics in a service center will cost 500-800 rubles. Most likely, this service will generally be provided free of charge if you agree to subsequent repairs in the same organization.

What not to do if iPhone falls into water?

Whatever advice the “pseudo-experts” give on thematic forums, when the iPhone is flooded, in no case should you do the following things:

    Use a hair dryer to dry. Yes, a stream of warm air will speed up the evaporation of moisture, but at the same time it will contribute to the destruction of internal components. Wrap iPhone with towels. By “wrapping” the gadget, you will only achieve that the humidity inside the case will rise. therefore, push the iPhone to death.

Leaving your smartphone in a container of rice for 24 hours is also not a good way. Rice is an excellent moisture absorber. there is no doubt that the cereal will rid the iPhone of the remaining liquid. However, rice will not be able to remove crystals of salts and minerals that have already settled on the elements of the device, which means that the oxidation reaction will not prevent.

In addition, when you take the iPhone out of the rice, you will find that all the holes are clogged with cereals. If you nevertheless decide to take the gadget to the workshop after applying such a “folk method”, be sure that there you will be remembered with an unkind word more than once.

When the iPhone is flooded, it is strongly recommended to visit the service center. at least for the wizards to carry out diagnostics. It is highly likely that the consequences of “bathing” will not appear immediately, but after a few months. the repairmen will neutralize this risk. It is not worth replacing the qualified help of specialists with “folk methods of treatment”. most likely, you will only harm the device more.

If you want to completely avoid worrying about the fact that your “apple” gadget will suffer from water, you should buy an iPhone 6S or 7. Both devices are protected from moisture to varying degrees: the 6th iPhone keeps quietly under water for 10 minutes, 7- oh, not at all afraid of liquids.