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How to turn off voice guidance on iPhone

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How to disable Cortana in Windows 10?

The option to turn off Cortana is indeed present. Microsoft Allowed to not only disable the feature, but also remove all usage data from servers.

  • Opening the Cortana program.
  • Click on the notebook image on the left and select “Settings”.
  • Moves the slider next to “Cortana may give you suggestions” to an inactive position.

After completing the above steps, the program data saved on the local computer will be lost. To clean up storage on a Microsoft server, you need to follow an additional procedure.

  • In the same place, in the settings, we click on “Manage Cortana’s information”.
  • Your default web browser displays the Bing data page.
  • In the blocks “Clear personal information” and “Other information of Cortana” click on the button “Clear”.

If Cortana had access to your personal location data, it should also be removed from Bing Maps. A set of actions allows you to completely remove all personal data that is available to Microsoft through an assistant.

What Cortana Can Do?

In the role of a personal assistant, she can answer simple questions, since she has an algorithm for simulating speech. We can also ask her questions orally or enter them in printed form. Thanks to the ability to analyze the characteristics of the user, she can adjust her answers to his needs. If an assistant doesn’t know the answer to a question, they can quickly search for an answer through Bing. Perhaps the main drawback of the service is that it passes data through Microsoft servers. This is undesirable as it could be used by a company to track users in the future.

How to turn off Cortana Personal Assistant in Windows 10?

One of the most notable innovations in Windows 10 over previous versions of Windows is the personal assistant Cortana. The assistant is already familiar to users of smartphones on Windows Phone, now it has migrated to the computer OS. In general, it is a convenient service, but the built-in artificial intelligence leaves much to be desired. If Cortana technology is of little use or is often mistaken, it is best to turn it off.

How to turn off Cortana through group policies?

Important note. Group Policy Editor is not available in Windows 10 Home version, so the method is applicable for Pro and Corporative versions.

  • Find and open gpedit.msc through the search.
  • Expand the section “Computer Configuration”, “Administrative Templates” and “Windows Components”.
  • Click on the “Find” block and look for the item “Allow the use of Cortana”.

How to deactivate Cortana through the registry?

If the system does not have group policies, we can use the registry, the required parameter is present in all versions of Windows.

  • Search for and run regedit.
  • Open the section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Windows Search.
  • Right-click on the workspace, select “New”, and then. “Parameter DWORD (32)”.
  • Set the name to AllowCortana and set the value to 0.

These are all available ways to turn off Cortana’s personal assistant. Their capabilities are sufficient for any task, including cleaning personal data from Microsoft servers.


There is another rather interesting trick. IPhone functions cannot be activated by voice using Siri after using it. To permanently abandon this application, you must set access restrictions.

To do this, the owner of “apple” products must:

  • Open “Settings” and go to the “General” section in the menu that appears.
  • Study the proposed operations carefully. Find and enter “Restrictions”.
  • Enter a password to enter restrictions. If the subscriber uses this option for the first time, it is necessary to come up with a combination for access. She will be the password.
  • Find the line “Siri and Dictation”. There will be a switch opposite it. It needs to be put in the “Off” position.

After the actions taken, Siri will turn off, and the menu item with application settings will disappear from the operating system.

How to turn off voice control on iPhone: tips, tricks, instructions

Mobile phones in today. these are universal devices. With their help, you can not only talk, but also take pictures, download and listen to audio recordings, and so on. Of course, these gadgets have several control methods. For example, by voice. This option allows you to activate certain functions of the mobile phone by speaking commands. Very comfortably! But today we have to figure out how to turn off voice control on the iPhone. Sometimes this option is superfluous. How you can opt out of using it?

It should be noted that the owners of “apple” phones can use a variety of voice dialing functions. Each of them is disabled by separate operations. We have to get acquainted with all the options for the development of events.

How to turn off voice control on iPhone? The first step is to turn off Siri. To do this, you will have to:

  • Download the gadget. Go to the main menu of the device.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Visit the section “General”.Siri.
  • Move the switch for this option to the “Off” position. In this case, the red indicator should light up.

You can close the mobile phone settings. Now it’s clear how to turn off voice control on iPhone. But this is only one of the options. Sometimes you have to disconnect differently.


In some cases, Apple device owners find that they have VoiceOver enabled. It also indirectly refers to voice control. This application names the controls after clicking on them, rather than executing the requested command.

To opt out of VoiceOver, you must:

  • Open “Settings” in your mobile phone.
  • Go to “Basic”. Find the line “Accessibility” there and click on it.
  • Open VoiceOver.
  • Move the switch responsible for the operation of the application to the inactive position.

Now it’s clear how to turn off voice control on iPhone. It is important to note that in order to successfully cancel VoiceOver, you need to press all buttons 2 times. Otherwise, the operating system will simply name certain controls.

Voice dialing

But that’s not all. How to refuse voice dialing from Apple smartphones? It all depends on the selected operating system. How to disable voice control on iPhone when it comes to iOS7 or 8? To do this, you will have to use the previously proposed algorithm with some changes. Namely. turn on Siri. To do this, in the corresponding menu item, turn the switch to the “On” position.

What if the subscriber has installed iOS 9 for himself? In this version of the software, you will not be able to refuse voice dialing. Such changes were invented by Apple.


Often, the proposed algorithm of actions leads to the fact that VoiceControl is activated on the smartphone when the “Home” button is held for a long time. How can I disable Voice Control on iPhone in this case? It should be noted that this scenario is only found on iOS 10 and newer software.

Disabling VoiceControl is done like this:

  • Switch on your mobile phone. Open its settings.
  • Go to the menu item “Basic”. “Accessibility”.
  • Select “Home”.
  • Put a checkmark in front of the inscription “Disable”.

After that, voice control on the iPhone can be considered 100% disabled. Removing this option is not as difficult as it might initially seem.

What is it for?

In fact, Talkback is a standalone application that comes with Android by default. You can activate it on almost any smartphone or tablet. This function is regularly used by people with vision problems. The program reads them all menu items and other interface elements, as a result of which you can use the device without looking at its screen.

Of course, ordinary people do not need this function at all. An ordinary user will read all menu lines or icon captions faster than a robotic voice can. Fortunately, Talkback is disabled by default. But it can be activated accidentally when you get acquainted with the “Settings” section. It can also be turned on if you buy a smartphone from your hands. after all, it is possible that its previous owner does not see well.

Disable Talkback

Nowadays, many tablets and smartphones have their own proprietary shell. However, in terms of settings, they are all about the same. In this regard, Talkback on Android of any version and with any interface is deactivated in the same way, with very rare exceptions. To do this, you must perform the following actions:

Go to the “Settings”.

Go to the subsection “Accessibility”. On some smartphones, it can be hidden in the “Advanced settings” menu.

On some shells, you will then need to go to the subsection “Vision”.

Go to the Talkback section. On Samsung smartphones and tablets, it may be called Voice Assistant.

Deactivate the checkbox next to the function name.

Most likely, further confirmation of your actions will be required. To do this, click on the “Yes”.

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Do not forget that the first click on the element will not mean anything. it will only make the robot read out the corresponding text. Therefore, clicks must be double. in the manner of a double-click with the left mouse button when controlling the Windows operating system.

How to disable Talkback on Android?

If you suddenly have the Talkback function activated (voice guidance), then be sure to read our article. it talks about the method of turning it off.

The Android operating system has many features, some of which ordinary users are not even aware of. One of these “chips” of the mobile operating system is Talkback. It is intended for visually impaired people. when it is turned on, the text on the screen is voiced by a robot. However, some people activate this feature by accident. Then they don’t understand how to disable Talkback. What actions need to be taken for this. today’s article will tell you.

Removing Talkback

If you cannot turn off Talkback, then simply delete this service from your smartphone. The easiest way to do this is through the Play Store. depending on the device model, this package may have a different name.

To do this, start the Play Store and type “Talkback” in the search bar. A list of available applications will appear. Select the one that has Google LLC as the developer. In our case, this is the Android Accessibility package. Here click on the “Delete” button.

After that Talkback will not bother you. If you need to turn it on again, you can install this application through the Play Store.

How to Disable / Disable Voice Control on iPhone

Many iPhone users often encounter such a problem called “Voice control”. Today we’ll talk about disabling this function.

This feature is activated when you hold down the Home button. If you do this, then an assistant appears who carries out your commands related to the phone.

I would also like to say that the problem manifests itself in the self-inclusion of the assistant, dialing numbers and much more. Everyone is just enraged by this and everyone wants to get rid of this annoying function as soon as possible.

Possible modes

Updating and supporting other services requires users to know how to enable sounding of incoming calls on the iPhone. Starting from version 10, iOS notifies about the caller in several versions (modes). Alert options:

  • Through headphones. Siri Assistant announces subscriber name if headset is connected.
  • Car audio system.
  • Never. If you completely disable speaking in iPhone when you call.
  • Is always. Regardless of the modes, the notification works constantly.

Siri announces caller name. how to disable

Go to the menu “Settings” → “Phone”.

Select the “Call Announcement” section.

Check the box next to “Never”.

Done! Siri will no longer announce caller names on incoming calls. Advice to motorists! By checking the Headphones & Car checkbox, you allow Siri to announce the names of calling contacts when your iPhone is actively connected to the car system. Thanks to this, you can find out exactly who is calling, while not being distracted from driving.

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How to turn off voice call on iPhone

Starting with iOS 10, there is one very interesting feature on the iPhone. Siri has learned to announce the names of calling contacts, which can be an extremely useful feature, for example, when the user is driving a car. However, in most cases, the function is activated by accident and users do not need it. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to prevent Siri from announcing caller names.

Disable option

How to turn off the pronunciation of the name when the iPhone calls The function that says the name of the interlocutor is activated automatically when the system is updated. If you are not satisfied with the announcement of the name after each incoming call, you must do the following:

  • go to the “Settings” function;
  • select the “Phone” section;
  • activate the “Call Announcement” tab and put a check mark next to the “Never” item.

As a result of such manipulations, the incoming call will not be accompanied by speaking. Difficulties in the question of how to turn off the voice when calling on the iPhone should not arise, since the actions are clear.

Enabling the option and changing the voice

The voice pronunciation of the incoming subscriber is activated according to the following scenario:

  • You need to enter the “Settings” and select the “Phone” option, in which click on “Call announcements”.
  • The “Voice Assistant” menu will allow you to change the gender and language of the robot (“settings”. “voice”. “Siri voice”).

How to remove double click on iPhone?

If you are not satisfied with this state of affairs, then you can reduce the speed of double or triple presses. To do this, open Settings → General → Accessibility → Home. Here you can select such double or triple tap options as “Slow” or “Very slow.” May 15, 2016.

How to enable ringtone sound on iPhone?

To enable the function of reading the subscriber’s name, open the Settings section, select the Phone item and activate the Call Announcement option. To change the type of voice, you need to change the voice acting of Siri, because this is how the name of the subscriber is voiced. Go to the voice assistant section and change the pronunciation language or gender.

How to disable triple tap on iPhone?

To use the quick command for accessibility, click the Home button three times. To slow down the speed when you double- or triple-click the Home button, go to Settings Accessibility Home, and then change the settings.

How to turn off Airpods voice control?

  • go to Settings. General. Universal access. Home;
  • find the section Press and hold to speak;
  • check the box Voice control.

How to disable double tap on the screen?

You can just try calling your smartphone or tablet. When the call is reflected on the screen, cancel it and quickly go to the settings, then double-click in “security” to turn off the screen lock.

How to set Siri to speak Who is calling?

To enable this option and start using it, you must:

  • Open mobile device settings.
  • Go to the section on handling calls Phone.
  • Find the Call Announcement option.

How to make it tell who is calling on iPhone?

All about Mac, iPhone, iPad, iOS, macOS and Apple TV.How to enable Speak Caller Name on iPhone

  • Open Settings.
  • Select the Phone settings section.
  • Tap Announce Calls.

Disable Siri

But before we get to the problem of turning off the voice on iPhone on a call, let’s take a look at turning off Siri. The fact is that in addition to the VoiceOver function, there is also a voice assistant, which can also be the reason for pronouncing all the manipulations. Proceed like this:

  • Go to the “Settings”.
  • Find Siri & Search.

How to turn off voice guidance on iPhone

Everyone knows that Apple devices are thought out to the smallest detail. They have VoiceOver for those diagnosed with an eye condition. If it is activated, then all actions (menu navigation, messages, calls, etc.) will be sounded. Thus, if your smartphone began to “talk”, then everything is in order with it: for some reason, the option for visually impaired users turned on.

Today we will talk about how to disable voice guidance on iPhone.

How to turn off VoiceOver

Well, now let’s deal with the main question. It will take no more than 5 minutes to turn off speaking on iPhone. This is done in the “Settings”.

  • Go to the “Settings” section. Find the item “Accessibility”.
  • Move the toggle switch next to VoiceOver to the left.

Important! Remember to press the buttons twice when VoiceOver is activated. If you click on the key only once, you will hear the description of the object.

Reasons for activating VoiceOver

A common reason for activating VoiceOver is triple pressing the Home button. In other words, enabling this option may be caused by the fact that you wanted to open the multitasking menu, but clicked on the center key more than necessary.

Solving the problem with voice dialing on older models

IPhone “Conversations” can also be associated with voice dialing.

To turn off voice dialing on the eighth and seventh Iphone, you must turn on Siri, which will start when you hold down the Home button. For this:

  • Go to the “Settings”.
  • Find the item “Basic”.
  • Move the toggle switch next to Siri to the right side.

Note! On the ninth and newer iPhone models, voice dialing is not provided: only Siri is implemented in them.

If you are the owner of the fourth generation Iphone on the seventh version of the iOS operating system, then the standard method will not suit you. In this case, you need to download and install the special software Disable Voice Control from Cydia, and then restart the gadget.

If you are so conservative that you still use the Iphone 3GS, then follow three steps:

  • Go to the “Settings”.
  • Find the item “Basic”, and in it the line “Password protection”.
  • Move the slider to inactive position (it should change color from blue to gray).

We hope you figured out how to turn off caller sound on iPhone. If you still have questions, then ask them in the comments.

How to Disable / Disable Voice Control on iPhone

Many iPhone users often encounter such a problem called “Voice control”. Today we’ll talk about disabling this function.

This feature is activated when you hold down the Home button. If you do this, then an assistant appears who carries out your commands related to the phone.

I would also like to say that the problem manifests itself in the self-inclusion of the assistant, dialing numbers and much more. Everyone is just enraged by this and everyone wants to get rid of this annoying function as soon as possible.

How to remove voice control on iPhone with iOS 10.1.1 and below?

If you have an iPhone running iOS 10.1.1 or older, then you’re a little out of luck. Why I will tell you a little later, but now let’s start turning off the voice control function.

We take the phone in hand and do the following:

    click on the Settings icon and go to Touch ID and passcode, then dial our code;

we type our password, scroll down a little and turn off Voice dialing.

It seems that everyone got rid of it. But Apple has not fully thought out everything and still has active Music Management. So when you hold down the button, the function will still be active.

Everyone complained, called Apple support and she heard. Then you can read what the company has done in the next version.


How to turn off voice control on iPhone with iOS 10.2 or higher?

If you are the lucky owner of an iPhone with iOS 10.2 or higher, then you get the opportunity to completely disable the Voice control function.

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To successfully disable this feature, follow these steps:

    open the Settings and go to the General item, select Universal Access;

scroll down a long time and select the item Home and in the item “Press and hold to pronounce”. boldly press Off;

Try to hold down the button now. Perhaps you felt bliss, because many were waiting for this and it happened. It would seem a trifle, but how much we need to be happy. just add new functionality to the iPhone.

Sometimes Apple’s logic is not very understandable, because you could immediately add the ability to disable Voice Control if many sent complaints about this.

But now we got through to her, so if you have not updated yet, then rather download the new firmware and do the above steps.

How to turn off voice control on iPhone

The development of modern information technologies is taking place rapidly. Developers are increasingly offering users new unique solutions and functions. All of them have one purpose. to make the use of the device as comfortable as possible. Today we will focus on voice assistants. What is it, how are they useful and how to disable them, if in everyday life they, on the contrary, complicate the use of the device.

Disable voice control on modern iPhones

In the modern software version iOS 10.2 and higher, the developers took into account the wishes of customers, provided the opportunity to completely disable the Voice Control option.

How to disable voice guidance on iPhone completely? This requires:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Basic”.
  • Open the “Accessibility” tab.
  • Click on “Home”. “Press and hold to speak”. “Turn off”.

Disabling the feature on modern iPhones

Now the control function is completely disabled.

Disable voice control on older iPhones

Older phones are considered to be running iOS 10.1.1 or lower. In this case, to turn off the voice control function, you must:

  • Enter “Settings”.
  • Select the “Touch ID” section.
  • Enter four-digit code.
  • Disable “Voice Assistant”.

As you can see, the procedure is identical to the previous paragraph.

For your information! It is phones up to the sixth model that are equipped with the old operating system. In them, the shutdown function does not work completely, the music option remains enabled. The owners of the devices wrote a lot of letters to the technical support service, and only in the new versions did the developers get the customer’s wishes from Honor.

How to turn off Siri’s voice assistant on iPhone

Siri voice assistant and voice control option are two different functions. Siri is a software package developed on the basis of artificial intelligence. She is able to recognize a human voice, maintain a conversation, answer various questions, execute some commands.

To activate the voice assistant, you do not need to hold down certain keys. They are triggered by voice. It is especially convenient when performing various daily activities: cooking, driving, playing sports.

Note! Siri is able to improve the standard of living of people with disabilities, make them more social, mobile, teach them to interact with the world.

But this function may not be useful for everyone. You can disable it in just three steps:

  • Open the “General” section in “Settings”.
  • Select “Restrictions”. Enter a four-digit password, confirm the changes.
  • Disable the slider opposite Siri and Dictation.

Voice control information

The voice assistant from iPhone “Voice Over” was developed by Apple to help visually impaired people with visual impairments. He speaks the graphical interface, helps with the following actions:

  • a set of messages, text, notes, pronouncing each key;
  • opening menu sections: names applications, components;
  • clarification of reference information;
  • support in solving problems of a technical nature;
  • navigation, map applications;
  • dubbing texts, documents.

Note! Turning on the voice function changes the structure of the phone. To launch applications, for example, you have to double-click on the icon. The first time you press, the program name sounds.

This feature can be a real lifesaver for some people. But it so happens that the user turns it on out of curiosity or accidentally, and then cannot turn it off. How to turn off voice control on iPhone?

Disable Voice Control on iPhone 6

Voice control is included on every iPhone. But depending on the device model, its operating system, the set of options changes slightly. So, for example, on some devices, you can turn on and off music by voice, make calls, type messages, find out the weather forecast, make a query in search engines, connect a headset or headphones.

Note! This option can be useful because it significantly speeds up the process, helps not to be distracted from business, work, driving a car, acts only as a background.

But not everyone likes this opportunity. It interferes, distracts, does not allow you to take full advantage of the device. Then you need to turn off the voice control of the iPhone version 6 S or SE. This can be done in two ways. The first is direct shutdown. You can disable it according to the following algorithm:

  • Go to “Tinctures”.
  • Select the “Touch ID” tab.
  • Enter the password used on the device. This is required to make changes.
  • Move the slider to an inoperative state next to the “Voice dialing” line.

For your information! Although voice dialing is disabled, music playback by voice commands remains active.

The second way is to launch the voice assistant Siri (Siri). When it runs, other options used by similar commands are automatically closed. To activate the assistant, you need to move the slider to the active state in the “Touch ID” tab opposite the “Voice Assistant” section.

How to turn off voice control on iPhone

The procedure for disabling the voice assistant function depends on the version of the phone operating system. iOS. You can find it out in several ways. First, using an iPhone:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select the section “Basic”.
  • Open the “About device” tab.

This will open a page listing the main features of the phone, including the version of the operating system. It can also be found through the “Software Update” tab of the “Basic”.

Another option is using a computer and iTunes:

  • Connect mobile phone to computer using USB adapter or Lightning cable.
  • Open iTunes. It can be downloaded to any computer that supports both Windows and MAC.
  • Wait until the device is loaded. Select it in the main window, go to the “Overview” tab.

The page that opens will also display basic data on the device, including software.

But in general, the order can be described by the versions of the device. for older and modern iPhones. So, how to remove voice guidance on iPhone?

How to set Siri to speak Who is calling?

Read below how to make Siri tell who is calling.Where to turn Siri on and off on call

  • Open the menu and find the item “Settings”.
  • Select the department “Phone”.
  • Open the cell with “Call Announcements”.
  • Select the appropriate option.

How to enable voice acting on iPhone?

Next, go to the Accessibility tab, in which already and select the “Speech” section.

  • There you need to activate two sliders “Speaking” and “Screen aloud”.
  • After activating “Speaking”, any selected fragment of text from mail, SMS, notes, iBooks or Safari can be turned on with one click for reading.

How to remove blind mode on iPhone?

To turn on VoiceOver, double-click the Home button. You hear: “VoiceOver is on” (or something similar). If triple-pressing the Home button is set to disable multiple features (such as VoiceOver, Assistive Touch, and so on), choose which feature you want to disable.

How to make it tell who is calling on iPhone?

How to enable Speak Caller Name on iPhone

  • Open Settings.
  • Select the Phone settings section.
  • Tap Announce Calls.

How to make your iPhone say who’s calling?

Yes, iOS has a function to say the name of the caller. To enable it, you need to go to Settings. Phone. Call announcements. Next, you should select the appropriate operating mode.

How to remove double click on iPhone?

If you are not satisfied with this state of affairs, then you can reduce the speed of double or triple presses. To do this, open Settings → General → Accessibility → Home. Here you can select such double or triple tap options as “Slow” or “Very slow.” May 15, 2016.

How to turn the screen on aloud?

  • Turn on TalkBack if you haven’t already.
  • Launch the Play Books app. The books you have are located in the library or on the home page.
  • Open the book.
  • Tap the screen and then double-tap to enter Quick View.
  • Click the icon. Read Aloud.

The best answer

Settings. basic. Universal access. Voice over

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Disable Voice Control on iPhone

To date, hundreds of millions of users use the iPhone as smartphones. The main reasons for this on the surface are: perfect design, convenience, versatility, status and various useful features. One of these features is the voice control feature that iPhones (and iPod touch) support.

Voice control of the i-gadget helps you interact with the device through your voice (just like Siri). This auxiliary program fulfills its purpose. Someone thinks this is convenient, but many conservative users are simply annoyed by it. It is on the opinions of the second category of people that this article will be focused to a greater extent.

We will focus on how to turn off voice control in the second part of the article, but first, we recall that starting with iOS 8th generation, iPhone voice applications recognize Russian speech.

Therefore, in a few words, we will outline how to use the voice control function of your phone. There are two options for manipulating the device using your voice. This is the “Voice Dial” and the question-answer application “Siri”.

In addition, the word voice / Voice is present in the voice guidance function “VoiceOver” (despite the presence of a single-root word, control in this case is carried out using gestures).

Voice control on the iPhone can be done through the built-in microphone of the device, or using a headset (or Bluetooth headphones). After the “Home” button is pressed, you need to keep it in this state until the sound signal. The “Voice Control” menu appears on the iPhone screen with four commands (Siri menu. microphone icon).

When using a headset, pressing “Home”, you need to wait for the “Voice control” window to appear. It is advisable to give the application more information. For example, when giving a short name, add the last name. Or by calling someone whose contact has several phone numbers, name the category of the required phone (cell, home, work, etc.).

If you have problems with the function, you need to check whether the protective case (film) interferes with the process, clean the microphone or turn off / turn on the iPhone itself.

It is important to remember that when using Siri, you cannot use Voice Control. Therefore, below are graphical instructions on how to turn off Siri. The path to this is as follows:

How to Turn off VoiceOver (Talk Back) on iPhone X

  • Enter “Settings”;
  • Select the item “Basic”;
  • Click on “Siri” and in the sub-item deactivate the function by moving the slider;
  • Confirm the action by choosing “Disable Siri”;

Now you can safely speak, controlling the device using the “Voice dialing” function.
Those who do not like this function are invited to carry out the following algorithm of actions:

  • Open “Settings” on iPhone. “Password”;
  • Select “Enable password” and enter a numeric combination;
  • Move the slider against “Voice dialing” to the off position;
  • Select “Disable password”, confirming this with a valid combination.

Now the function will not bother you. At the same time, voice commands for music control will still be active.
Happy owners of an iPhone 4, or a rare 3GS, will find it harder to get rid of this feature. To achieve this goal, it will be necessary to abuse the i-device through a jailbreak. After that, install the Disable Voice Control tweak, activate this application using Winterboard (as a theme). And after reboot, the changes will be activated.

Thanks for attention. We are waiting for your questions and opinions in the comments.

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