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Recover iPhone Screen Time or Restrictions Passcode (Supports iOS 14)

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What happens if I keep entering the wrong Screen Time parental restriction code?

Don’t worry if you go ahead and try to guess this a few times. The phone will say “1 unsuccessful attempt” and so on, but will not block access to the device. Rather, Apple will simply slow down the speed at which you can try new codes.


If the “Restore Screen Time” option is grayed out or you are unable to get your code back, there are several potential reasons:

You don’t have a backup. It’s easy to fix: it’s free and quick to do with iTunes.

Your backup is not encrypted. The secret screen is stored encrypted only. It’s easy to fix: go to iTunes, check the “Encrypt this backup” box, and then click “Back up now”.

iPhone Backup Extractor is still downloading your backup. The “Restore Screen Password” menu item will not be available until the backup is fully loaded.

The passcode may not be available on the parent device. If you set a password on your device to force screen time on your child’s device, we’ve found that sometimes this password can only be recovered from a child’s device backup. We are investigating a fix for this.

If you have any problems or questions, why not leave our expert support notes or live chat, or leave a comment below? We will be happy to help.

Instructions for iOS 7-11

iOS 7 and hashes the passcode using PBKDF2. which requires some disassembly.

You can use the same steps as for earlier iOS versions, but you need to grab com.Apple.restrictionspassword.plist.

Once you have this, find these values:

The key and salt are derived from your PIN with PBKDF2. and they are relatively easy to decipher with brute force. 10,000 combinations in total!

Forgot your iPhone screen or password?

Forgetting your password can happen to anyone, especially if these are settings that you don’t change regularly. What to do if you are blocked from the “restrictions” settings?

Fortunately, there are ways to restore your restriction settings without having to restore your iPhone as a new device or jailbreak it. Anyone who said it was difficult or that “you need to restore your iPhone as a new device via iTunes” should read on!

IOS 13. Released. How to update iPhone and iPod touch. “over the air” and via PC

Apple has released the final version of iOS 13 for supported iPhone and iPod touch models. The update is now available for download and can be installed over the air or through iTunes / Finder.

Which iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models support the update

As a reminder, the iPad is now being updated separately from the iPhone and iPod touch. The system that is installed on tablets is called iPadOS and will be released on September 30.

How to update to iOS 13

First, free up some space. Upgrading to iOS 13 weighs up to 3.1 gigabytes depending on the device, which means that your device must have at least 3.5 gigabytes of free space.

Second, create a backup. Before installing the update, organize a full backup of the system, applications and your personal data. This can be done using iCloud in device settings or using iTunes / Finder on your computer. When creating a backup from a PC, Safari bookmarks, mail accounts, notes, call history and calendar events will be additionally saved.

Updating to iOS 13 through settings

Step 1. Go to “Settings” → “General” → “Software update”; Step 2. Wait for the update to appear and click “Download”; Step 3. To start the update, click “Install”. You can also tap Later and choose Remind Me Later or Install Tonight. If you chose the latter option, just put the device on charge before going to bed. it will update automatically.

Updating to iOS 13 via computer

Step 1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. In the case of macOS Catalina, you will have to use the Finder;

Step 2. Connect your device to your computer, open iTunes / Finder and select your device in the left menu; Step 3. Download the iOS 13 image for your device from this site (when it appears there); Step 4. Press the “Update” button while holding down the Option (Shift) key and select the iOS 13 firmware downloaded earlier; Step 5. Confirm the installation and wait until the end of the procedure; Step 6. Settings gadget from scratch or restore the created earlier backup. only suitable with iOS 12.4.1 or earlier.

How to downgrade from iOS 13.1 beta to the released iOS 13

Step 1: Download the firmware file: select the desired section (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch), click on the model of your device and download iOS 13 (or 12.4.1); Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer using the supplied USB cable and open iTunes / Finder; Step 3: Now you need to put the device into DFU mode. If you own an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus or iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, then read this guide, and if you have an iPhone X and newer, follow this guide. For older iPhones, follow these steps:

  • Connect your device to your computer;
  • Turn off the device;
  • Now press and hold the “Power” button for 3 seconds;
  • Then hold down the “Home” button without releasing the “Power” button for 10 seconds;
  • Release the Power button but continue to hold the Home button until iTunes notifies you that the device is in recovery mode;
  • In the appeared click on the “Ok” button.

Step 4: Press and hold the Alt / Option key on a Mac computer or the Shift key on a Windows computer, and then select “Restore iPhone” (iPod touch); Step 5: In the window that appears, specify the path to the previously downloaded iOS 13 firmware file. IPSW; Step 6: Select “Repair and Update” and follow the instructions on the screen; Step 7: iTunes will check the firmware file and install it on the device. The process will take about 10 minutes; Step 8: When the rollback process is complete, the device will display “Hello”. After completing the system configuration process, you can restore data on the device from a backup or configure the system from scratch.

Autoresponder in iOS 13 and newer

On devices with iOS 13 and later, go to Settings Accessibility.

TEN iOS 13 Settings To Turn Off Now

Answering machine settings are found in the Touch section Sound Source.

Select Auto Answer Calls.

Press the switch to activate the function.

Set the length of the pause after which the call will be automatically answered. By default, it lasts 3 seconds, but you can increase this time up to a minute.

11 iOS 14 Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

How to turn autoresponder on or off on iPhone with iOS 12 and below

Open Settings.

Select Basic Accessibility.

Next go to Sound Source.

Select Auto Answer Calls.

Press the switch to activate the function.

Set the length of the pause after which the call will be automatically answered. By default, it lasts 3 seconds, but you can increase this time up to a minute.

How to turn auto reply on or off on iPhone with iOS 11-14

Hidden away on iOS 11 is a feature that can automatically answer calls for you. It works for regular calls, as well as for calls in applications like WhatsApp or Skype.

This feature is part of Universal Access, but it can be used for a variety of purposes. If you need to answer absolutely all calls because of work, or you do not want to be distracted in the car, this function is for you. This article explains how to set up auto-reply on iPhone.

Use the answering machine function in Do Not Disturb mode

To avoid automatically answering calls from strangers, use the Do Not Disturb feature. You can configure it to receive calls only from Favorites.

In Settings, select Do not disturb.

Turn on the mode or set a schedule for it.

Tap on Call Allow and select From Favorites.

Now you will receive calls only from your Chosen contacts, and the answer will be activated automatically.

How to turn off iPhone

In order to turn off the iPhone, you must hold down the Power button until the “Turn off” slider appears on the screen. Then all that remains is to swipe the slider to the right and the smartphone will turn off. Turning on is done by similarly holding down the Power button. If you change your mind about turning off your iPhone, or if you accidentally hold down the Power button, you can leave the shutdown screen by pressing “Cancel”.

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Note that not all iPhone models have the Power button in the same location. On iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S and SE, it is located on the top edge:

In the iPhone 6/6 Plus, 6s / 6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus, the Power button is located on the right side. Apple engineers decided to move the button for the convenience of using smartphones with large displays.

How to turn off iPhone

We continue to publish small instructions for users who are new to the iPhone (or just about to join the Apple Brotherhood). This time, we’ll show you how to turn off your iPhone.

How to turn off iPhone if the Power button is broken

If the Power button on your iPhone is out of order, a special iOS function will help you turn off your smartphone.

Go to the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Accessibility”.

Select AssistiveTouch in the “Interaction” section and activate the switch of the same name.

Click on the AssistiveTouch button that appears in the right corner of the screen.

In the function control menu, select “Machine”.

Press and hold the Screen Lock button until the iPhone shutdown slider appears on the display. Swipe it to the right and your smartphone will turn off.

Should you install iOS 13 on iPhone SE?

We have gone through a large number of points and now we can summarize some of the results.

If you have an iPhone SE, you can feel all the delights of the new OS: we get almost all the innovations, including a dark theme, a new sound icon, optimized charging and others.

But, for now, it is very raw and you need to wait until Apple brings it to mind. At the moment, the current version of iOS 13.1.2 and the problems with it are just the sea. The next few updates are not even worth thinking about installing.

Therefore, the totals can be divided into two parts:

  • If you have iOS 12. don’t update yet.
  • If you have already updated to iOS 13 We are constantly updating to the latest versions to get rid of lags faster.

Whether to update iPhone SE to iOS 13?

If you are a happy owner of an iPhone SE, then you probably have been thinking for a long time whether it is worth updating your old iPhone to iOS 13.

Today we will go through the most popular questions and you will immediately understand whether it is worth doing.

Finding iPhone SE users who have already installed iOS 13 on their devices is not so easy. Therefore, we will simply turn to

We write in the search for “iOS 13 iPhone SE” and this is what we have:

    . the user complains about accidentally opening the application and typing:

Hey @Apple! Why is your iOS 13.1.2 update killing my battery life. I have a iPhone SE with a new battery that was working fine before the update. I’m NOT buying a new iPhone

. the user talks about unstable work and a large number of bugs

iOS 13 has so many bugs please @Apple do something, my iPhone Se is unstable in iOS 13.1.2. AND PLEASE USE PITCH BLACK SCREEN on Dark mode. piccom / NTqqbox0NQ

. the robot battery was great before the iOS 13 update

Hey @Apple! Why is your iOS 13.1.2 update killing my battery life. I have a iPhone SE with a new battery that was working fine before the update. I’m NOT buying a new iPhone

From all this, we can draw the following conclusions: a lot of bugs and poor battery performance.

How iPhone SE works on iOS 13?

Every year, the situation with old models and the latest version of iOS is repeated. 2019 was no exception.

Now I mean that the first versions of iOS 13 lag and eat up the battery on absolutely all old iPhone models. As you can imagine, “iPhone SE” is no exception.

Yes, apps and games will work just fine. But with each new update, you will receive new bugs in different places of the OS.

How to upgrade iPhone SE to iOS 13?

When it’s time to install a fresh version of iOS, just go to Settings. General. Software Update. Install.

DO NOT FORGET! Before updating, be sure to make a backup copy in case something goes wrong. Now it is very important and suddenly that it will help you save time and nerves.

Pros of the utility

It is interesting that this particular widget helps not only to turn off the “iPhone 5” or any other version without the lock button, but also to use all the functionality without buttons, that is, turn down or turn up the volume, restart the iPhone, select the program, etc.

Forced shutdown

Sometimes not only the shutdown button malfunctions, but the entire phone as a whole. It will become impossible to press not only this key, but all the others. It is for this reason that users of the 4th version have shown ingenuity and have reached a “magical” solution to the problem. This function is rarely used, but the creators of the products made sure that it was available if necessary.

And the conversation is not about a complete discharge of the battery, so that the phone itself turns off as a result. After all, such a maneuver takes a long time, especially if the phone is completely new and can hold a charge for a long period.

We are talking about a hard restart of the iPhone, which is possible on versions of the operating system higher than 7. This function has saved many owners of Apple products, and helped to save a lot of time.

The only drawback of this method is that the phone version is rolled back to the original one, all settings are completely lost, and applications are deleted.

But there are some users who were able to get around this defect as well. They simply press the “Shutdown” key once again during the device reboot, as a result of which the gadget will boot, and all settings will remain the same. For those who want to use this option in order to turn off the iPhone without a button, it will be a disappointment to be unable to do this due to the inoperability of the key.

To activate a hard reboot, simply hold down the Home and Shutdown keys. We hold for about 10 seconds, after which the phone will start to restart. Press the “Shutdown” button again.

Disabling a gadget with a button

Since the problem is often reported, iPhone product engineers have foreseen it. The functionality of the phone also allows you to turn off or restart the device, and it is not necessary to use the shutdown button, it is enough to use others. It is important that each version of the gadgets has its own set of functions.

The usual procedure involves pressing the shutdown button. The function is provided on all versions of the iPhone. For example, the iPhone X does not have a Home button, but there is still a key that is responsible for shutting down or restarting the device.

This button is held down for a few seconds, after which the screen will display the inscription “Turn off”, and the user quietly deactivates his device by sliding his finger over the inscription to the right.

After the steps are completed, the company logo will appear on the screen, and then the display will completely darken. Even though the phone is completely powered off, it can be easily charged.

There are situations where a system failure occurs and the shutdown function cannot be performed. To cancel, the corresponding button will appear at the bottom of the screen, which must be pressed. The action will return the user back to the main menu.

But how to turn off iPhone if the button doesn’t work?

Shutdown without button

When the phone cannot be deactivated using the familiar key, the user becomes very worried. But don’t worry, because there are other options on how to turn off your iPhone without the shutdown button.

You can visit the service center, where for a small cost the phone will return to its normal state. This is important, because this key is responsible for many functions, in particular, for rolling back to the previous version of the operating system. There is also a way to use Assistive Touch, which is quite effective.

Having mastered the principle of its work, everyone will know how to turn off the iPhone 4 without a button. This option helps to quickly cope with the problem and achieve the desired result. It does not require unnecessary spending of financial resources.

How to turn off iPhone without a button using Assistive Touch?

When the button is inactive, the user can use their own actions to quickly turn off the phone if necessary. To do this, he needs:

  • Go to the menu and go to “Settings”. They are located in the main window of the device.
  • Then he selects the section “Basic”.
  • It is already moving to “Universal Access”.
  • The utility itself is located at the bottom, you just need to click it and thereby activate.

A small widget will be displayed on the screen, which helps to get quick access to all functions, without using the basic buttons. How to turn off the iPhone without the shutdown button, but using the utility? You just need to click on it, go to the “Apparatus” section, and then click on “Screen lock” and, as is customary, do not let go for a few seconds.

Then everything will go as usual: the shutdown menu will appear, the user will swipe across the screen, the phone will turn off completely.

All provided variations are available in specific situations. The methods are quite effective. But to solve the problem, it is best, of course, to seek help from the service center, especially if the user is inexperienced. It is better to pay a nominal sum than to buy a new device later.

How to disable Siri service on iPhone?

  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Select department “Basic”.
  • Go to the “Restrictions” section and enter the pre-registered password.
  • Opposite “Siri and Dictation”, check the deactivation checkbox.

How to turn off iPhone 11?

First, you need to simultaneously hold down the side button and one of the volume buttons. Don’t let go of the buttons right away, otherwise you’ll just take a screenshot. The shutdown menu will appear on the screen. Pull the slider to the right to turn off your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.

How to enable Siri on 11 iPhone?

To enable Siri on iPhone and iPad running any version of the operating system, including iOS 10 and iOS 11, simply launch the Settings app and then find the section called Siri. To activate the voice assistant, just switch the toggle switch opposite “Siri” to the green “active” position.

How to call Siri by voice?

How to activate Hey Siri! on iPhone and iPad?

  • Open Settings → General → Siri.
  • Activate the Listen “Hey Siri!” Function by switching the corresponding toggle switch to the active position.
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How to upgrade iPhone 6 to iOS 13

The same goes for iPhone 6 owners. Although you can find photos of the dark design of iOS 13 iPhone 6 on the web, it was actually a joke.

We are talking about a post in the popular hacker NighttigerFTW, who stated that he was able to bypass Apple’s blocking. However, he could not tell how he managed to install iOS 13 on the iPhone 6, and after a series of critical Комментарии и мнения владельцев from colleagues, he said that it was a joke.

The same photo of iOS 13 on iPhone 6, posted in

Note! Many users believe that Apple has also discontinued support for 6S and 6S Plus, but this is not the case.

What is iOS 13 Developer Profile

After the presentation in September, Apple offered licensed IT professionals to download the iOS 13 developer profile. In principle, this is a standard procedure, but with the release of the new firmware it became more difficult to do this.

For starters, it’s worth mentioning that the developer profile is such a feature for those who are involved in creating applications on the iOS platform. Simply put, by activating it, programmers and IT studios can test their product before the official release.

And if earlier anyone could install iOS 13 beta, now, as Apple representatives say, “beta firmware was created for developers and nothing more.” Nevertheless, with the help of some loopholes, it is still possible to activate the mode without a license.

The firmware information will indicate that this is a beta version

Important! If you install a beta version, many mobile applications, such as social media or online banking, may not work. In principle, this mode should be used on the gadget that you do not mind.

How to upgrade iPhone 7 and above to iOS 13

Now it’s time to download iOS 13 to a gadget that can handle the firmware requirements. As stated above, iPhone 6S and 7 are the oldest Apple phones to support the new software.

Important! It is best to back up your device before proceeding with the update. This will protect the user from crashes during the installation, or simply allow you to return to the old firmware if the new version is not to your liking.

  • Go to gadget settings.
  • Go to the first section.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Click on the item “Backup”.
  • Activate all sliders and wait a few minutes while the system archives data.

In order not to lose your data in the event of an update failure, it is better to use a backup.

  • Connect iPhone 7 to PC.
  • Open the program and wait for synchronization.
  • Click on the icon of the connected gadget (above).
  • Next, click on the section “Automatic creation of copies”
  • Select “This PC”.
  • Click “Create a copy now”.
  • Wait for the end of the process.

Now you can safely upgrade without worrying about a bad outcome.

ITunes backup can be saved to PC files

To install iOS 13 on iPhone 7, you need:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Click on “Basic”.
  • Followed by “Software Update”.
  • Wait until the system scans the device and the “Download” button appears. Click.
  • Select “Install” in the pop-up window. At this point, the system will prompt you to install later or at night. Better to choose the second option, as the update usually takes about an hour.

Note! The presence of the Internet during the update is strictly required.

If the installation was moved overnight, it remains only to put the phone on charge before going to bed. In the morning it will already be updated to the latest up-to-date version.

You can find out that a new version of the OS is available in the “Software update” section

You can also update iOS to version 13 via a computer. But it’s important to note that only Apple’s PC will work for this. The instruction is as follows:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes (if Catalina is installed, then launch Finder).
  • Connect iPhone to PC via USB.
  • Run the utility and select the connected gadget.
  • Download the iOS 13 file package from the official website.
  • In iTunes or Finder, click on the gadget icon and go to the “Browse” section in the left menu.
  • After clicking on “Update”, while you need to hold down the “Options” button, it is “Shift”, and in the pop-up window select the above file.
  • Confirm the intention to update and wait until the end of the procedure.

During the procedure, the iPhone will reboot and turn on automatically when finished. It remains only to disconnect from the PC and use.

Finder can be found in the Quick Access Toolbar

How to install iOS 13 on iPhone 5s

In fact, back in 2019, Apple announced that with the release of the 11th generation of the legendary smartphone and the new version of iOS, it would stop supporting the frankly outdated iPhones 6 and older. Therefore, the owners of the 5S model did not receive a notification about the release of a fresh update.

The new version of Apple’s software is popular due to the presence of night mode

Unfortunately, the efforts of third-party developers and fighters against the capitalists from Cupertino also came to nothing. There are no keys to installing iOS 13 on unsupported iPhones today.

Note! In fact, it makes no sense to install the thirteenth version of the firmware on 5 S, since due to the high requirements, the characteristics of the phone will not pull the normal operation of the software.

Latest iOS version for iPhone 5s and 6

Apple stopped supporting the fifth and sixth generation iPhones with the release of iOS 12.4.1. That is, this is the maximum version of the operating system that can be installed on 5, 5S, 6 and 6 plus.

You can see which iOS the phone has been updated to in the settings by going to the “General” section, followed by “About this device”. The current firmware will be indicated opposite “Version” or “Software Update”. If it is lower than 12.4.1, then in the same tab “Basic” there is an item “Software Update”, where you can reflash the gadget to the latest supported version.

Important! The current list of smartphones that can be upgraded to version 13 starts with iPhone 7 and up. iPhone SE is also supported.

iOS 12 was the last for the fifth and sixth generation iPhones

How to access iOS 13 Beta profile

The principle of activating the iOS 13 beta profile is similar to a simple firmware update using a PC on MAC X OS, which was mentioned above. But there is a small amendment. this also requires an Apple computer, but additionally with a beta version of the operating system. According to the official instructions, you need either beta macOS 10.15 Catalina, or or Xcode 11. But if neither one nor the other, you can use special driver programs. For this, the familiar MobileDevice or any other analogue is suitable for many. The utility still needs a PC with an Apple operating system.

  • the aforementioned PC with the corresponding OS or program;
  • installed the latest iTunes or Finder (if there is a version of Catalina);
  • USB cable;
  • downloaded iOS 13 beta (easy to find on the Internet);
  • iPhone starting from the seventh generation or SE (which is not a shame).

Note! If any beta version of iOS is already installed on your smartphone, you need to uninstall it by going to the settings, section “General” and in the item “Profile”.

  • Install a pre-downloaded utility (if the required OS version is not available).
  • Launch iTunes or Finder.
  • Connect iPhone via USB.
  • Wait for synchronization.
  • In iTunes or Finder (the utility must be the most recent), click on the device icon and go to the “Overview” section in the left menu.
  • Then click in the new field on “Update”, while you need to hold down the “Options” button, it is “Shift”, and in the pop-up window select the pre-downloaded beta firmware.
  • Wait for iPhone to finish updating.
  • Quit iTunes and turn off your phone.

If everything is done correctly, developer rights will be activated, and the user gets something like Root rights in Android.

How to Roll Back iOS to iOS iPhone 4S

Having decided to use this procedure, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with whether your particular phone model supports such rollbacks. You can find out by calling the official Apple support or by writing a letter there with a request to resolve incomprehensible questions. We remind you that such actions must be performed accurately, without deviating from the instructions even a step.

There are many specialized sites on the Internet that are very easy to use. Having visited at least one of them, the iPhone owner will only need to enter the model of his device in the appropriate field, after which the resource will show whether a rollback is possible on it and to which specific versions.

Another way

This technique will be inappropriate for those users who want to save all information on their devices without copying them to the cloud storage.

First of all, as in the previous method, you need to download the required firmware, then start the iTunes program, connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable. If a request for a trusted relationship to the computer appears, you must answer in the affirmative. Turn off the device, then put it in DFU mode. On the fourth iPhone model, this is done as follows: the power button is clamped simultaneously with the mechanical Home button.

The next steps will be the same as in the previous method. Hold down the Shift key and press the restore button.

Attention! If you click on the recovery button without holding down the keys, the system will simply update the device to the latest version available to it. As a rule, with the described update method, a white apple and a loading bar appear on the black screen of the iPhone. When it reaches the end, the device reboots, and the user sees on his display a message about a successful update.

Main reasons

Considering the year the fourth generation of iPhones was released, it is not surprising that it is slowed down or some other problem. For this reason, many users are looking for methods on how to rollback iOS to iOS 4S to improve the performance of the device. The main reason for the rollback is incompatibility with some applications, usually released after 2018. Statistics show that graphics applications and games that require a lot of resources do not work correctly on fourth-generation devices. For this reason, users try to update the software, hoping for improved performance and the absence of various kinds of freezes.

other methods

The first and safest way is to update the firmware without losing data. First of all, the user needs to enable the locator on their device. This can be done through the main settings menu. Items may differ depending on the version of the device, but the name remains the same. After that, you will need to download the firmware of the 13th version of iOS. It is advisable to download from the official site, since the manufacturer posts only verified versions on it. Other World Wide Web sources may host “made-to-the-knee” software. An important point: if you download the firmware file through “Safari” on your phone, be sure to disable the automatic unpacking of archives.

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After the above steps, the user needs to connect his device to a computer or laptop using a cable. After connecting via a wire, as a rule, the computer itself launches the iTunes program. In it, you need to click on the device icon located in the upper left corner. Then you need to click the “Browse” button.

Next, we will talk about two types of computers that can be used by each user. If the owner is “sitting” on the iMac system, he needs to hold down the Alt Option keys and press the button with the mouse to update. If a person has a “Windows” familiar to everyone, you need to hold down Shift and select the same button.

After all of the above, you need to select the firmware file that was downloaded before and click “Update”. The Apple system will issue a warning that the device will be flashed, as well as whether the selected firmware is current.

This method is relevant for users looking for ways to downgrade iPhone 4 to iOS 6 without jailbreak.

Examples of incorrect work

As a visual aid, here are some examples of errors after which people are interested in how to rollback iOS to iOS iPhone 4S. For example, when the legendary game HearthStone was released, the fourth generation of Apple phones did not perform well. The main reasons are: strong heating of the battery, long loading of the application and fast battery discharge. Those who have played this RPG on the old generation will immediately understand what this is about. Below we will provide a detailed diagram and describe all the subtleties of returning the device to the original version.

detailed instructions

To rollback, the user will need a stable Internet connection, a computer or laptop, as well as the iPhone itself. On a particular site described above, the owner will need to indicate the type of device, the amount of memory, the serial number and the version of the installed firmware. To do this, go to the main iPhone settings menu and select the “General” tab. It is recommended that you immediately select the location where the new version of the software will be downloaded. They usually occupy from 700 megabytes to 3 GB. If there is no space, you need to free it up by cleaning with a cleaner or deleting unnecessary programs.

As noted above, Apple devices rarely have problems, but they do occur. In this regard, experts recommend making a backup copy of the icloud, as well as copying all the necessary files to an external hard drive or USB flash drive. This is required so that in the event of an unsuccessful iPhone firmware, the user can quickly restore his personal, dear data.

Note that this can also be done on iTunes, but only for iOS version 10 or higher. In this regard, if the owner has version 8 or lower, the device will have to be configured as new, without restoring files from the cloud “apple” storage.

We draw attention to one more important nuance, namely, to turn off the option named “Find iPhone”. If you ignore this step, when you try to downgrade to previous versions, the device will simply give an error stating that the process cannot be started.

How to Rollback iOS to iOS iPhone 4S: Step by Step Description and Recommendations

Most users don’t think about issues like downgrading iPhone 4S to iOS 6 or earlier. This can be due to two reasons. The first is an outdated version of the above-described smartphone, because today it is quite old. The second reason is that very few owners do not try to “push” their system to a newer level, but think about how to rollback to iOS or how to return a stable version of the OS.

How to get into a locked iPhone without a passcode

From the locked screen, you can only access the camera. If you want to access and use your iPhone normally, but you forgot your iPhone passcode, you need an iPhone unlocker to enter it.

Apeaksoft iOS Unlock is a professional iPhone password remover. It can erase all types of passwords from iPhone, iPad and iPod. If you forgot your passcode or iPhone turns off after repeated incorrect entries.

  • Wipe a variety of passwords like 4/6 digit, Face ID, Touch ID, alphanumeric, customized numbers, etc.
  • Remove Apple ID and help you create a new Apple ID to access all the benefits on iPhone.
  • Recover password or erase password from Screen Time Limits.
  • IOS 14 & 12 support for iPhone 12, 11, XS, XR, X, 8, 7, iPad Pro, etc.

Download for WinDownload for Mac

Step 1. Download this iOS unlock to your computer for free. Install and run it right away on your computer.

Step 2. Launch the software and select Wipe Password, Click Start and connect your iPhone to this computer with a USB cable.

Step 3. Before unlocking, please check the device information and change it if it is incorrect, and then click the Launch button. This software will then automatically download the firmware package from the Apple server. This process will take some time and you must wait patiently.

Step 4. When the download is complete, click Unlock and follow the onscreen instructions to enter 0000 in this software. Finally, click Unlock to start erasing password on iPhone.

After that, your iPhone will restart and you can use your iPhone like new.

How to Disable Camera from Lock Screen on iOS 14/13/12

If you’ve already upgraded to iOS 14 or later, you can simply turn off the camera from the lock screen on iPhone using the Screen Time option. When you disable this feature, it will also remove the camera app from the home screen on iPhone 12/11 / XR / X / 8/7.

Step 1Go to the Settings app on iPhone 12/11 / XR / X / 8/7 and scroll down to find and access the Screen Time option. Enable Screen Time by tapping the Enable Screen Time option.

Step 2Screen Time has parental control over apps and games. You can click Continue and select This is My iPhone to confirm that the iPhone belongs to you.

Step 3Scroll down to find the Content and Privacy Restrictions option. On the Content and Privacy Restrictions screen, turn on Content and Privacy Restrictions. Click on the “Allowed Applications” option.

Step 4After that, you can turn off the “Camera” option to turn it off. After you disable the camera from the lock screen in iOS 14/13/12, your iPhone‘s lock screen will remain the same.

How to open the camera from the lock screen on iPhone 12/11 / XR / X / 8/7

When using older iPhone models, you need to swipe left from the lock screen to open the iPhone camera. How to open the camera app or turn on the flashlight from the lock screen of iPhone 12/11 / XR / X / 8/7? Just find out more details by following these steps.

Step 1Just wake up your iPhone 12/11 / XR / X / 8/7 without locking the screen. Find the camera and flashlight icon at the bottom of your iPhone 12/11 / XR / X / 8/7.

Step 2Tap the camera icon to open the camera app from the lock screen, or simply swipe left to open the camera. You can also use 3D Touch to access this feature on your iPhone.

Step 3After that, you can swipe up to return to the lock screen or home screen on your iPhone, or you can also press the Slide button to lock your iPhone X directly.

Open / Disable Camera from Lock Screen on iPhone 12/11 / XR / X / 8/7. the best tips you should know

To capture precious moments as an image or video, you can open the camera on the iPhone 12/11 / XR / X / 8/7 lock screen directly. Each sword has two blades. Of course, other people can also use the camera and flashlight without permission. How to disable the function to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access and accidental clicks?

Of course, you can read more about the method to open or disable the camera from the lock screen on iOS 14/13/12.In addition, you can also find tips for using the camera on the iPhone lock screen. Just read the article and find the information you need now.

Open / Disable Camera from Lock Screen on iPhone

How to delete others on lock screen without screen time

Is there a way to turn off other options like View Today, Control Center, Siri, Action Center, and other on-screen features? Just learn more about the method to disable features on your iPhone without using screen time as below.

Step 1Go to the Settings option and select Touch ID & Passcode, which will prompt you to enter your iPhone passcode to control other options on the iPhone lock screen. (Touch ID not working?)

Step 2Scroll down to find the Allow Access When Blocked option. You can turn off other options for these shortcuts with a tap of your finger. But this does not include disabling the camera from the lock screen on iOS 14/13/12.

Frequently asked questions about removing and opening the camera from the locked screen on iOS

Can you access all camera photos from lock screen?

Not. You can only open the camera and use it to take photos or videos, but you cannot access all the photos you took before. To access all your photos, you need to unlock your iPhone and open the Camera app to view your photos.

Can’t access camera from iOS 13/14 lock screen?

If you can make sure you have enabled the camera access feature on your iOS device, then you can tap the camera app on the home screen or swipe left from the lock screen to open the camera in photo mode. Also, for iPhone XS (Max) / XR / 11/11 Pro (Max) users, touch and press the camera app on the locked screen until it wiggles and slide to the left to access it.

Can I lock the camera on iPhone?

Besides the screen time restrictions for locking the camera on your iPhone, you can also download the camera lock app, which will require you to set a password to lock the camera app.

If you need to take full advantage of the iPhone 11 / XS / XR / X / 8/7 camera function, you should know how to open and unplug the camera from the lock screen on iOS 14/13/12 from the article above. over, you can also find out more about the method for disabling other options on your iPhone.