How to turn off headphones on iPhone in settings

How to turn off Headphones mode on iPhone and turn on sound

The iPad and iPhone (S, SE, Plus, Max) have a couple of sound modes that the device controls automatically when the headset is plugged in or unplugged. When it is connected, the “Headphones” mode is turned on with the volume level that was last set. When disconnected, the “Call” mode is activated. As polished as iOS is, sometimes turning off the headphones on the iPhone is not enough to go into Call mode and the device refuses to play sound.

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Dirty connector

Debris trapped in the connector may short-circuit the contacts, and debris is detected as connected headphones. Gently remove the debris with a toothpick or dry cotton swab. Then blow out the socket from a can of compressed air or a compressor and restart. Insert the plug into the socket and check if the problem should go away. in the video.

Metal objects will speed up the solution of the problem, but they are not recommended to use them. it is easy to damage the contacts.

Water or wet dust is another cause of failure. In case of contact with liquid, dry the device thoroughly by disassembling the case. For this, drying in a warm room, with a non-hot hairdryer, immersing the device overnight in rice or other cereals is suitable.

A regular vacuum cleaner will also help remove moisture.

Connecting while playing music

To deal with the problem when the iPhone is “stuck” in headphone mode, expert advice will help:

  • start the player;
  • connect a headset;
  • stop playing music;
  • unplug the accessory.

What is Headphone mode and why is it needed

IPhone Sound Mode is for listening to audio (music, lectures, audiobooks, radio) through EarPods and other accessories. Allows people to communicate through a wired and wireless headset. The function will prevent the occurrence of unpleasant sensations in the hearing organs and their damage in the first seconds after connection in case of audio playback through the speaker at high or peak volume. The operating system regularly polls the headset connector, and after detecting it, it lowers the sound level to a level that is acceptable to the human ear.

Sometimes iOS does not detect changes in the hardware configuration after disconnecting the headset and feeds sound to it instead of playing through the speaker. In such a situation, you should manually turn off the headphones, otherwise the sounds will be directed to the accessory jack, and you will not hear the music or conversation of the interlocutor.

Checking and reconnecting

  • Open the device settings, in the section “Sounds, tactile” visit “Ringtone”.

Unplug the accessory and then plug it back in with and without headphones plugged in. The second is relevant if, when listening to music, the battery of an accessory or smartphone runs out.

Apple Support advises to switch the headset a dozen times until the phone goes into “Call” mode.

Removing dirt from the audio input

A well-known rule: the more dirt and debris accumulates in the headphone jack, the higher the likelihood of an accessory failure. The machine thinks they are connected and refuses to play the signal through the speakers.

To check suspicions, the following manipulations must be carried out:

Important! Do not use thin metal objects to clean the nest. A paper clip, instead of removing debris, can seriously damage the connector, damage the contacts of the mechanism. As a result, instead of improving the state of the smartphone, the owner will receive a broken device that needs urgent repair from the service center specialists.

How to Turn Off Headphones on iPhone. All Ways to Turn Off Headphones

Recently purchased “apple” smartphones and attempts to understand them cause the owners to ask how to turn off the headphones on the iPhone. It has two modes of volume level, which function separately from each other, which helps the device to automatically adjust the sound. When turned on, the “Headphones” option works, and when stopped. “Call”.

How to turn off Headphone mode on iPhone

When the device is working, the disconnection is carried out in the standard way: the plug is removed from the socket, and the music goes to the speakers. If no changes have occurred, then the reasons for the breakdown include:

  • contamination of the gadget connectors;
  • damage to the connection connectors;
  • water ingress into the housing;
  • high humidity in the room.

It is possible to determine why the headphones refuse to turn off with a step-by-step review of all the indicated reasons.

Reconnecting headphones

How can I turn off Headphone mode on iPhone? The easiest way is to insert and remove the plug from the cell socket several times. The whole operation is carried out as carefully as possible, since pulling out too sharply can cause a malfunction. The device does not have time to determine that the extraction has occurred, and is not able to turn off in time.

What is Headphone Mode on iPhone

It means functionality that allows you to turn on and listen to music tracks and audiobooks through a connected headset. It is included in the standard settings of the smartphone and helps to communicate when calling through headphones.

If there are no malfunctions, then when the accessory is removed from the device, it automatically switches to standard mode, and the signal starts to go out to the speakers (they are located on the bottom of the gadget).

Reconnecting wireless headphones to Bluetooth on iPhone

Factory reset is used less frequently. It does not affect the set parameters and helps to solve the existing problem. When the action is performed, the changes made by the user to the settings are subject to deletion: turning off the screen after a certain period of time, adjusting the automatic brightness adjustment, the “Night mode” option, etc.

To carry out the manipulation, the user must enter the main menu and move to the “Basic” subsection. From there, go to “Reset settings” and confirm the action in response to the system request. The second option is through “Forget this device” and a new reconnection.

Reboot the device

Restarting the smartphone allows you to get rid of most problems: both from freezing of individual applications and the unstable functionality of the headphone mode. In the latter case, there is a possibility of a technical failure due to a rare reboot of the device. The debugging process is carried out in stages:

  • You need to double-click on the “Home” button and close all active programs.
  • Hold the lock button and swipe up and down the screen to restart the gadget.
  • Carry out a standard turn on of the device.
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If these steps do not help and the device freezes, then a hard reset is used to resolve the issue. Its pluses include the ability to resolve issues with an inoperative “Off” button, lack of response from the touch screen and the inability to carry out a standard (soft) reboot.

Note! Pressing the Power and Home buttons at the same time for a few seconds will activate the option. You need to wait for the company logo to appear on the display and after the operating system is fully loaded, check the functionality of the smartphone and headphones.

What to do if iPhone Headphone Mode won’t turn on

Initially, you need to check several parameters that can become source of failure:

16 Easy Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

  • check the iTunes version. If necessary, update it from the official page to the latest version;
  • make a backup copy of the gadget. All necessary information is transferred to a personal computer. This approach helps to preserve all the information when you reset the device to factory settings.

How can I turn off the headphones on the iPhone in the settings? If the gadget is controlled by an operating system of version 6 and higher, then you need to go to the main menu and find the iCloud shortcut in it. The program transfers the “Find a Smartphone” functionality to an inactive position.

How to turn off headphone mode in iPhone

In iPhones, as in iPads, there are two volume modes. Headphones and Ringer. On the one hand, this is convenient, since these two modes exist each on their own, which allows you to remember the volume level of each mode. For example, we listened to music in headphones with a volume level of 50%, turned off the headphones and got into the Call mode, where the volume level set earlier is 100%, and you don’t need to turn up the volume to hear the ringtone of an incoming call well. After some time, I decided to listen to music (instructions for downloading music), plugged in the headphones and did not go deaf, since again the volume level went 50% on its own, i.e. the value last set for this mode. The volume mode is displayed on the screen in the form of a pop-up window with a bell (or speaker) when headphones are connected and disconnected from the iPhone.

But sometimes, iPhone users are faced with the problem of automatic mode change. It happens as follows: after disconnecting the headphones from the iPhone, the phone does not go into Call mode, while remaining in the Headphones mode, while there is no sound in the iPhone. There can be several reasons for a failure in volume modes. dirt, dust, water, excessive moisture getting into the connectors, and finally mechanical damage. In such cases, users have a question. how to turn off the headphone mode in the iPhone on their own?

How to Exit Stuck HeadPhone Mode on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s & Plus

Buyers of used (second-hand) Apple phones, be sure to check if the automatic volume mode switching in the iPhone works.

For this, it is advisable to have any headphones with you. We turn on the headphones and listen to the clicks of the virtual keyboard (or the sound of blocking) in them, and the sound of the clicks should sound only in the headphones (if, in addition to the headphones, the sound of the clicks is emitted by the phone itself, then this is a malfunction). Unplug the headphones, now the click sounds should be emitted by the iPhone speaker. If you do not have headphones with you to check, then unlock the screen and press the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone, while the volume indicator should be in the Call mode. If, when the headphones are disconnected from the jack, as a result of pressing the volume buttons, the indicator displays the mode. Headphones, then this is a failure or malfunction. If there is no sound in your iPhone without headphones and by adjusting the volume level we see the Headphones mode, then it is advisable to contact the service center for help. But, at your own peril and risk, you can try turning off the headphone mode in the iPhone yourself at home. Choosing the method below, first analyze the previous failure of the manipulation with the phone and remove the case.

  • Charging cable and reboot. The first thing to try is to connect the charging cable to the iPhone (without headphones), turn off the phone and turn it on again. If it does not help, then we do the same, but with the power adapter plugged into the outlet and instead of off / on. applying a hard reboot.
  • Toothpick. If you practically did not use headphones, then the iPhone connectors may be clogged, they can become clogged with dust and even pieces of clothing, and the contacts may become dirty. In good lighting, examine the headphone jack and remove it with a toothpick, as well as the charging connector, clean the Lightning with a corner of paper. In addition to a toothpick, they use a corner of paper, a needle, a cotton swab, alcohol, the main thing is not to make it worse.
  • A vacuum cleaner. If the iPhone could fall into the snow, get wet, then a vacuum cleaner will help, in general, we vacuum all the connectors. Thus, pulling out moisture. If a lot of time has passed since the moment the snow or water hit, then the contacts may oxidize and the vacuum cleaner will not help. You can use a vacuum cleaner to collect dust residues even after a toothpick.
  • Reset. How to reset settings and content read here. “Reset to iPhone”
  • Hair dryer. In the case of water and snow, a hairdryer is sometimes used after vacuuming to dry the connectors.
  • Refrigerator. Well, the most frostbitten option is to put the iPhone in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes.
  • Readers’ advice. Some readers of this manual suggested their own ways to solve the problem: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.

All these methods have helped people to turn off the headphone mode in iPhone 4, 5, 5s 6, 7 and other models without resorting to the service. The main thing is to do everything carefully without fanaticism and pressure. If you are afraid, then bring it to the SC. About which method helped you, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Causes of problems

The reasons why the headphone mode does not turn off in the iPhone can be roughly divided into 2 types: software and physical. The most common are the following:

  • Dirty headphone jack.
  • Water entering the connector.
  • Broken headphones (plug, cable, etc.).
  • Breakdown of the phone (speakers do not work, other processes in the phone).
  • System crash when headphones were disconnected from the phone (CPU overload, glitch, etc.).
  • Software errors in general (incorrect operation of jailbreak, different applications, etc.).

The most common options are: a failure during the disconnection of the headphones (the phone rebooted, the battery “sat down”, the processor was overloaded) and physical contamination of the connector (dust, water).

How to turn off headphone mode on iPhone?

Sound not working on iPhone after unplugging headphones? It is necessary to turn off the headphone mode on the iPhone: this problem occurs in the iPhone 5, and in the iPhone 5, and in the iPhone 6. For later versions, the plus or minus recommendations are relevant, and for the lighnting connector.

In order to turn off the “stuck” function of the headphones on the iPhone, you need to check the possible causes. We will exclude options for problems in turn: from simple to more complex.

  • Disconnect and reconnect headphones.
  • Reboot phone.
  • Enable and disable flight mode.
  • Check device settings, turn off all running applications.
  • Setting an alarm, ringing and other not obvious solutions.
  • IOS update.
  • Cleaning the connector.
  • Reset.
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Of course, if you drop your phone in water or snow with the headphones on, chances are the iPhone’s headphone mode won’t turn off due to moisture getting into the connector. If the reason is not so obvious, let’s go through all the options in more detail.

  • Sometimes this simple action works. Even often. You can try to connect other headphones. best of all, obviously of high quality. The problem may be in the headphone plug (poor insulation and the like), which sometimes happens with very cheap “no-name” headphones. 1.1 You can try connecting and disconnecting wireless headphones. If you have it at hand, be sure to try it. You can read how to do this in our detailed article.
  • A simple reboot can also help in a situation where the iPhone does not wake up from headphone mode. If that doesn’t work, you can try Soft Reset. Usually, such a reboot makes sense when the device as a whole is frozen. This does not destroy data. If the phone itself is working, go to the settings: Basic. Reset settings, choose reset without deleting content. If the phone itself “hangs”, you need to use a key combination, which differs depending on the models, it is best to look at specific combinations on the support site. 2.1 An interesting reboot option: turn off the phone with the headphones connected to it, turn it on, press the volume up or down button, turn off the headphones and change the volume again. Very often this helps to remove the headphone mode in the iPhone.
  • Flight mode disables all wireless modules. Sometimes the problem of the “stuck” headphone mode is associated with “glitches” in one of the communication modules. Best of all, turn on this mode for a few minutes.
  • We close all running applications. If there are any “tweaks”, programs not installed from the AppStore, etc., it is better to remove them altogether. Next, go to: Settings. Universal Access. Sound Source. Typically set to Automatic. Select “Speaker” instead and turn on the music or make a call (of course, with the headphones turned off). This way you can check if the speakers on your phone are working. And the problem itself, when the headphone mode in the iPhone does not turn off, this can also solve.

If after doing all of the above, the headphone mode in the iPhone still does not turn off, it’s time to contact the service center.

Solving the problem with an alarm clock

Another unusual way to fix it is to use an alarm clock. Yes, oddly enough, activating a standard device can help solve the problem. The thing is that the alarm clock not only overlaps all processes, but also works regardless of whether the earbuds are connected or not, as well as whether the smartphone is in Do Not Disturb mode, and even when the trigger is switched to silent mode. The signal sound will come directly from the lower speakers. To solve the problem with this method:

  • Start the standard “Clock” program, then select “Alarm” from the list in the lower sections;
  • In the upper right corner, tap on the plus sign;
  • Set the earliest signal time, for example, a minute or two. Save the alarm;
  • When it’s time to call, check if the speakers are working and turn off the alarm. Make sure Headphones mode is turned off using one of the methods described at the top of the article.

Bluetooth headphone connection

If you or your friends have a wireless headset, use it to solve the problem.

  • Connect the accessory to your iPhone. To do this, make pairing via the Bluetooth module;
  • See if the Headphone mode is still working;
  • If so, try playing the song;
  • Then remove the earbuds and restart your phone. You do not need to turn off Bluetooth. You can do this when the problem has been fixed.

Problems and solutions

It often happens that the smartphone does not go to the standard state and remains in the headphone mode. How can you verify that the speakers are really in a different state and not just broken? There are two ways:

  • Press the volume swing and switch the side top trigger to the “Call”. “Silent” mode. If the inscription above the headphone bell does not change, then this is clearly the problem;
  • Go to “Settings”, then to the item “Sounds”, then to the tab “Ringtone”. Switch between standard melodies, use the side volume keys. As in the first option, if there is no “Call” inscription and there are no sounds from the speakers, then the problem is most likely that the phone is frozen in the wrong mode.

Checking device settings

Check how the “Call Audio Routing” function works (in Russian. “Sound source”). This parameter is responsible for the sound that is heard during calls over cellular, Skype or FaceTime.

  • Click on the “Settings” tab and go to the “Universal Access” section;
  • Find the Sound Source parameter here. By default, there is a checkmark on the “Automatic” option (while you hear the subscriber through the upper speaker). The user needs to change to “Speaker”;
  • Try making a FaceTime call or making a mobile call. So you can check if your lower speakers are broken, and at the same time solve the problem with the headphone mode;
  • After you have checked the operation of the device, change the settings back to “Automatic”.

Disconnecting Bluetooth Paired Devices

It often happens that users forget that a third-party device is connected to the device. for example, a wireless speaker or headset. Accordingly, if you turn off these devices, then the problem will be solved. Do the following:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your iPhone and click on the “Bluetooth” tab;
  • Remember, disabling in Control Center is not enough. By the way, check out the My Devices tab. This list displays all previously connected storage devices. The fact that any of the devices is active is signaled by the “Connected” status. Just move the checkbox to the left on the label.

Moisture in iPhone

The pins in the connector may not work correctly because the iPhone was in water or fell in the snow. Even the smallest raindrops can cause a problem. In this situation, you need to act quickly, otherwise the contacts may oxidize and you will have to carry the smartphone to the service center. So, here’s what you can do:

  • Remove large drops of water with a vacuum cleaner and direct the jet to the ports, carefully pulling out excess moisture;
  • Next, you need to dry the device with a warm hairdryer, but not with hot air. Use strong pressure.

Contamination of the device

It is possible that there is no glitch in iOS, as such. In some cases, the reason for the occurrence lies in the fact that the connector is wastedly dirty. In this case, the connector contacts begin to close, and the specks touch the sensitive modules, notifying the smartphone that the headset is connected. This occurs as a result of rare and careless handling of the connector, although, in the first case, devices starting with the iPhone 7 are less susceptible to this (since Lightning is intended not only for headphones, but also for charging, so users often use the jack). In any case, the port is worth checking. That is why we advise you to follow these steps:

  • Shine a flashlight into the 3.5 mm or Lightning jack (depending on the generation of the device). Preferably use with a thin beam;
  • If you find dust, spills, or debris, you need to clean the port. To do this, use a skewer, toothpick or paper clip (office supplies or the one that comes in the box with the device for opening the SIM card slot will do). The cotton swab may be too thick for the socket, and its fibers, on the contrary, will more dirty the connector, so we do not recommend using it. You can also thinly roll a dry cotton towel;
  • Carefully remove the debris, but without fanaticism, as there are sensitive chips on the sides, and if you overdo it, the socket may stop working altogether and you will need to replace it at a service center.
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Hard reboot device

It often happens that a forced restart of the iPhone is required. in this case, not only the headphone mode freezes, but also the shutdown button, or the screen does not respond. At the same time, there is no way to reboot the smartphone using the standard method.

The key combination “Home” and “Power” will come to the rescue. For a hard reset, you need to hold them down at the same time and hold them for a few seconds until the display goes out. After that, turn on the device and try to check if the iPhone and speakers are working normally.

Software recovery

To combat the breakdown, you can try updating your phone to the latest version of iOS. This will help to remove the imperfections of the previous one, because the developers fix errors with each new version. To do this, you need to enable automatic updates in the Software Updates Settings.


This method is recommended to be used in the event that all the others have not brought any result. It is quite radical and in most cases turns out to be more effective.

The user needs to update the system from the DFU mode. It is designed to completely reinstall the device firmware. To enter this mode, you must do the following:

  • Connect your phone to your computer using a wire.
  • Turn off the phone.
  • Ensure complete shutdown of existing systems.
  • Press the combination of commands “Home” and “Power” at the same time, holding them for 10 seconds.
  • Release the Power button while holding the Home button.
  • The command must be carried out until iTunes recognizes the new device (this takes 10-20 seconds).
  • Next, the device is flashed. If the user needs to return to its current version, it is necessary to agree with the suggestions of the wizard. in this case, iTunes downloads and installs on its own.

Flight mode activation

The method of turning on and off the “flight” mode is not often used. Its effectiveness is explained by the fact that the device is still formally connected to headphones, which will help eliminate this method.

During its use, the Bluetooth module is disabled, which affects the problem. To activate the flight mode, you must press the power button, and then select the appropriate command. the icon depicts an airplane.

Why iPhone May Think Headphones Are Connected

The volume mode recognition system has drawbacks. The OP is not perfect, so users are faced with the problem of auto-changing. It manifests itself like this:

  • The user disconnects the headphones from the smartphone.
  • The device does not go into the “Call” mode and remains in the previous.
  • Due to the lack of headphones, there is no sound on the phone.

This phenomenon is caused by external factors: the ingress of dust particles, pieces of dirt or water droplets into the connectors, excessive humidity. The main factor is mechanical damage.

In this situation, the user has a need to switch the mode on his own.

Connecting and disconnecting headphones

First, you need to reconnect your headphones to your iPhone. Then turn on the playback of a random sound or melody. If, at the same time, music is heard not only in the headphones, but also from the speaker, this indicates a breakdown.

After that, you need to disconnect the headphones from the phone and check the sound on the speaker, adjusting the volume using the buttons on the side panel. In this case, the iPhone must be in the “Call” mode.

Disable Headphone Mode on iPhone

The number of people who use Android and iOS devices is the same. And at the same time, some owners of iPhones do not think about the capabilities of the device. This applies even to the most primitive functions, for example, disabling the “Headphone” mode.

Disable Bluetooth

A wireless headset can be used to solve the problem if it is at hand. The manipulations are as follows:

  • Connect wireless bluetooth headphones to iPhone. The action is performed by pairing via the Bluetooth module.
  • Check execution of all commands.
  • If the device works, play the song.
  • Remove headphones without disconnecting Bluetooth and restart the device.

If you used wireless headphones before the breakdown, the problem may be with them. When using counterfeit models, the likelihood of failures increases, so before buying, you must make sure that the product is original.

How to remove the “headphone Mode” on your IPhone! Easy as 123!!!!


The command removes all current parameters of the device. Only the files of the internal memory remain. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Select the type “Basic”.
  • Activate the command “Reset settings”.

Connection error

If you can’t turn off Headphone mode on iPhone after you take out the headset:

  • reconnect and reboot the device;
  • after the device has turned on, press the volume key, the inscription “Headphones” should appear on the screen;
  • disconnect the headset and click the volume rocker again. The “Call” window will be displayed, which will indicate a successful solution to the problem.

Turn on the alarm

The alarm goes off through the main speakers, regardless of whether a headset is connected:

  • go to the “Clock” application, from there visit the “Alarm clock” tab;
  • click on “” in the upper right corner;
  • set the call in 1-2 minutes;
  • after the beep, reset the alarm and click on the volume button. “Call” should appear on the screen.

Disabling Headphone Mode on iPhone

When a headset is connected to an iPhone, the Headphone mode is activated, which stops audio from the multimedia speakers. Sometimes the feature cannot be turned off even by removing the plugs from the 3.5mm jack, Lightning adapter, or turning off Bluetooth. Let’s figure out what the problem is and how to turn off the headphone mode on iPhone.

Software Update

A software update can help turn off the headphones on the iPhone. Check for a new version:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • go to the “Basic” tab;
  • select “Software Update”.

It happens that the previous update becomes the reason for the non-disconnectable “Headphones” mode, and only the update can solve the problem.

Change the sound source

In the iPhone settings, there is a manual audio output switching for communication in instant messengers or social networks. To use it:

  • go to “Settings“;
  • find the section “Accessibility”;
  • open “Sound source”;
  • put a tick next to “Speaker” instead of “Automatic”;
  • call another subscriber to test the sound;
  • if iPhone 6 and other models are working properly, return the checkmark to “Automatic”.


When you cannot turn off the “Headphones” mode using the above methods, you will need to reset your smartphone to factory settings. Back up your data first so you don’t lose your contacts and personal information.

  • Go to Settings, from there visit your Apple ID at the top.
  • Open the “iCloud” section.
  • Scroll down the window, enter “Backup” and select “Create a backup”.
  • from the “Settings” screen, go to “General”;
  • go down the list and open “Reset”;
  • here select “Reset content and settings“, enter the PIN-code to start the procedure.