How to turn off demo mode on a sony TV

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  • find “Menu” on the body of the TV receiver and hold it for 10 seconds. A corresponding notification will appear on the screen;
  • if the previous method does not give results, press and hold the “Channel / Input” key;
  • press “Menu”, open “Settings”, then “Settings”, then “Initial” and proceed according to the instructions. On the “View View” stage, set “Home”, not “Store”.

Conclusion So, resetting the demo mode on Sony TVs is very easy if you know the model of your device and follow the instructions.

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How to remove demo mode on a Sony TV

After purchasing a TV panel, many consumers ask how to turn off the demo mode on a Sony Bravia TV. This is a very simple operation and differs depending on the model of the device.

Method 2

Press the “UP” button on the remote control and hold it in this position, at the same time press “Power” on the TV.

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This will turn the device off and on, do not worry, this is normal. After that, perform a factory reset as described in the previous method. Don’t worry, factory reset won’t affect or harm your TV.

We tested these methods on the Sony Bravia TV kdl 48wd653.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling by phone or by writing your question on the feedback form.


Press the “HOME” button on the remote control, then open the “Settings” menu, select the “Customer support” option, and after “Factory settings”.

turn, demo, mode, sony

If these methods do not help you, or if you do not want to fix the problem yourself, contact Sony Bravia TV repair.

Feel free to confirm the factory reset. After activation, the system will set all the settings again. You can choose them yourself, in addition to the language and country, the system will offer to indicate where the device will be used. Choose “Home”. After that, the annoying line will stop appearing.

Factory reset

The easiest way to turn off the demo mode, which is suitable for all the company’s equipment, is to reset the equipment to its factory values.

  • pick up the remote control and press the “Home” button;
  • go to the “Settings” section in the menu;
  • find “System”;
  • launch “Customer Support”;
  • click on “Factory”;
  • confirm the action by clicking on the “OK” button.

After the TV receiver has been reset to factory settings, it will need to be set up again. to set the viewing region, date and time, etc. In the “View type” section, you need to assign “Home”, not “Store”, otherwise the demo mode will be launched again.

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Turning off demo mode on a Sony TV

The Japanese television brand remains a symbol of quality and durability to this day. But in terms of switching viewing modes in all television receivers of this brand, there is one significant drawback: too wide variety of models and ways to accomplish what you want. This can be done using the remote control, but it is much easier and faster to use the buttons located on the TV itself.

The standard way is to use the Menu or Home buttons, which are usually located on the rear panel. To turn off the demo mode with an abundance of advertising, you need to press this button and hold it in this state for about 10 seconds until a message appears on the screen confirming that the demo mode is deactivated (Demo mode: Off).

If, after a long search, you still have not managed to find these buttons, do not be discouraged. Your eyesight is still all right, there are just models that do not have this button. In this case, you need to remove the demo mode on the Sony TV using another button, Channel / Input (in the English interpretation Ch / Input). It also needs to be held for about ten seconds until the line Demo mode: Off is displayed.

The same method should be used if holding down the “Menu” or “Home” buttons did not produce the desired effect. When it turns out to be ineffective, to activate the “Home” mode, you need to follow these steps:

  • press the Home button on the standard TV remote control (or its analogue, the Menu button);
  • select the “Settings” tab;
  • click on the “Setup” menu item;
  • select the “Initial Setup” option, then follow the instructions that appear on the TV screen;
  • when it comes to the item “Setting the viewing environment”, you should select the “Home” mode, if the current and active mode is “Shop”.

The last guaranteed way to disable cyclic advertising is to reset the TV to factory settings, after which the initial setup procedure will start. And here it will already be possible to indicate which view mode is preferable for you. See, don’t get confused!

Separately, we will consider the procedure for disabling ads on Sony Bravia TVs on which Android OS is installed. The same algorithm is applicable to all models of the KDL-xxWxxxB line and the KD-xxXxxxB series, where numbers are used instead of small x.

So, if every 15 seconds an advertisement appears on the screen describing the merits of a particular model, you can be sure: in front of you is a TV set with the “Store” mode activated.

To reset it, do the following:

For models of the WxxxB / XxxxB series, the algorithm will be slightly different:

  • select the Options button on the remote control;
  • in the menu that appears, select the item “Pause demo mode”;
  • press the Home button on the remote control;
  • select the item “Settings”;
  • in the list that appears, click on the Image line, and then. Preferences or System Settings;
  • if the menu had the System Settings option, you will have to make an additional click by selecting the General Setup item in the menu that appears;
  • now you need to choose the Shop-front Display Setting line;
  • the last step is to deactivate (move to the Off position) the toggle switch in the Demo Mode and Picture Reset Mode lines.
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Again, if this method did not help get rid of ads, reset your TV to factory settings and deactivate demo mode during initial initialization.

How to turn off demo mode on TV from LG

The South Korean brand has long and successfully competed with the Japanese in the niche of television and audio equipment, which at one time was facilitated by an aggressive pricing policy. Yes, and today the products of the same Sony of approximately the same quality are more expensive, so it is not surprising that the brand is represented in retail very widely.

But the growing army of owners of such “smart” technology is still faced with some of the problems specific to this type of TV. Today we are not talking about the width of the input Internet channel, but about a different kind of problem. the abundance of advertising appearing in the “demo” mode.

We will not consider the reasons why this mode was activated. It may be that your TV receiver simply did not go through the presale properly. Perhaps you messed up when you turned on the TV for the first time, during the initial setup. usually after completing the registration procedure, the user is given the opportunity to choose between home and demo modes. Sometimes the mode is turned on later, accidentally or unknowingly.

In any case, you can turn off the display of ads that turn on at a specific time interval and greatly interfere with viewing, you can quite simply and quickly. To do this, you only need a “native” remote control.

What is demo mode in Smart TVs

The smart TV receiver is gradually replacing the conventional one. Why is not difficult to guess. In the presence of a high-quality air mouse, such a TV turns not just into a functional media player. it can be used to turn TV into an almost complete replacement for a smartphone and even a PC. Add to this the ability to connect a wireless keyboard and install a huge variety of applications, and you really get a smartphone on a big screen with a resolution that is not available for mobile gadgets or laptops.

Alas, for all these conveniences you have to pay with an additional portion of advertising, the dominance of which already delivers a lot of unpleasant moments.

There is also a second mode, home mode, in which there is no advertising. When you buy a new Smart-TV, it sometimes happens that sellers forget to turn off this mode. Sometimes this happens at home, when one of the curious household members accidentally activates the demo mode. In such cases, the usual TV show every 5-10 minutes is interrupted by an advertisement. But, as you already understood, it is possible and necessary to cope with this problem. you just need to change one mode of the TV to another. How to do this, we will now tell you.

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Sony Demo Mode Problem Solved

How to remove demo mode on a Samsung TV

The method described below is suitable for almost all LED TVs with a Smart prefix from another famous Korean brand:

  • click on the “Menu” button on the remote control;
  • go to the subsection “Network”;
  • select the “Network Status” tab;
  • go to the subsection “IP Settings”;
  • click on the “DNS Settings” option, and then on the “Enter manually” button;
  • in the line “DNS server” you must register the IP address After that, the advertisement should disappear;
  • as an alternative address you can enter

How to disable shop mode (Demo mode) on BRAVIA TV

In addition to blocking ads, the service will help protect your confidential data, as well as prevent the display of erotic content.

Ways to turn off demo mode with ads on TV

Advertising on computers became widespread in the early millennium, in the era of the ever-memorable dot-coms. With the proliferation of smartphones, a significant portion of the advertising budget of companies has migrated to the mobile sector. And today, when the capabilities of Smart-TV are almost not inferior in terms of functionality to phones, everything is back to square one. TV advertisers have a holiday again: in addition to the traditional demonstration in TV programs and the intervals between them, the display of commercials has been added, which is actually not related to the content. Of course, such aggressive advertising suits very few ordinary viewers. Is it possible to get rid of such an intrusive marketing offensive, you will find out today.

How to turn off demo mode on TVs of different brands

Canceling demo mode on Philips TVs

  • the first step is to check how current the software version is installed on your TV. perhaps the reason lies precisely in this;
  • in any case, turn off the demo mode. To do this, press the “Menu” button on the remote control;
  • in the list that appears, select “Frequent settings”;
  • then press “All” and “General” in sequence;
  • now you need to click on the “Location” item. The option “Home” will become available, and you need to select it instead of “Store”;
  • it remains to turn off the TV, after turning on the changes made to the settings will work and the display of advertising will stop.

As you can see, the general scheme is the same everywhere: you need to get to the display mode settings and select the home one. If you have a model that is not included in the list, and you were unable to turn off the demo mode, we share the problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев indicating the brand and model. The chances of getting a detailed answer from advanced users, as practice shows, are quite high.

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