How to turn off auto redial on iPhone

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How to enable auto dialer on Android

Open the phone application through which you are making calls. Go to settings and open call options or advanced settings.

turn, auto, redial, iphone

Set the auto redial option to on. After that, you can immediately try the included function in action. Unfortunately, in the built-in application there are no additional parameters, such as the number of dialing attempts.

Interesting! Depending on the model of your device, such an opportunity / tool may simply not be available, in this case we will use special programs for these purposes.

There is even a special application on Google Play called Avtodozvon. Download it to your device and run it. On the main screen, you can specify all the dialing parameters: interval, number of calls.

The program works quite quickly and, if necessary, can help out a lot, especially on those devices where the manufacturer simply disabled the automatic dialing function.

Interesting! Some operators may add you to the blacklist if you get carried away using this feature. consider this. And in general, not everyone likes it when they try to get through in this way.

Auto dialer on iPhone

There is no way to turn on auto-dialing on the iPhone. This can only be done using a jailbreak. Third-party software, such as iReDial, does not perform its functions, it is just a reminder for you to call yourself. Therefore, it makes no sense to download such applications.

If you wish, if you do not want to take the iPhone in hand, you can ask Siri to call back to the desired number. There are no other ways at the moment.

Auto redial on the phone: how to enable and disable

Auto-dialing on Android smartphones is a very convenient function that greatly facilitates the process of dialing to the desired subscriber.

Let’s see how to activate this function in your phone if it is turned off. So you can just dial the desired number once, and the system will itself dial up to the subscriber the required number of times.

In the previous tutorial, you learned how to create a folder on Android. Let’s take a look at how to enable auto-dialer on Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei and other Android smartphones. You will also find out if there is such an option on Apple devices.

This is very easy for Android. But on Apple devices, it is simply impossible to enable this feature, and in the near future we are unlikely to see it there.

How to turn auto-rotate screen on and off on iPhone?

iPhone, like any other modern smartphone, allows you to use vertical or horizontal screen orientation. Why is this needed? For example, to watch a movie it is definitely worth using the horizontal orientation. For reading a book, as a rule, a vertical orientation is used. In general, in life we ​​usually use vertical screen orientation.

By default, any smartphone, including the iPhone, automatically flips the screen when the body is tilted. This can be said to be such a feature. If you want to lock the screen on your iPhone, it’s as easy as shelling pears.

Swipe up on your device to bring up the Control Center. In it you will see a lock icon with an arrow. Click on it.

After that, an arrow icon will appear in the status bar at the top of the screen. It means that screen rotation is currently locked. No matter how you turn your iPhone in your hands, the screen will not flip.

You can do it differently, however, it will take a little more time. Find the Settings app on your desktop and open it.

In the “General” section, check the “Lock orientation”.

In this case, the auto-rotate screen is turned off, that is, the lock is turned on.

As you understand, in order to disable the screen orientation change lock, you must do the indicated in the reverse order. Nothing complicated.

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How can I put an auto-dialer on an iPhone

Putting an auto-dialer on iPhone is a convenient feature for busy users. Conventional landline phones are equipped with a Redial button, with which the device automatically dials the last number. IPhones, unfortunately, do not have this option. The problem is solved using the voice assistant or the functionality of applications from the App Store.

Siri voice assistant

The voice assistant Siri allows you to enable automatic dialer on iPhone. Round-the-clock, fast and high-quality support has gained popularity among residents of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. “Siri” has a lot of possibilities, “knows how” to set up an autodial.

To turn on the voice assistant, just say “Hey Siri” out loud.

The assistant recognizes numbers from the phone book, dials the contact by voice command. That is, it makes a call to the subscriber on its own. It is possible to set an automatic call to the number. You need to do the following:

  • if you received a call and need to call the subscriber back, tell the assistant: “Call back”;
  • if you dial the last number from the outgoing list, say: “Call again”.

It is convenient to use this feature with the Apple Watch gadget.

Auto redial via apps

It is possible to choose the optimal mode:

  • call three times in a row when the subscriber does not pick up the phone;
  • call until the subscriber answers;
  • make an auto-dial only when the subscriber was out of range or the phone is turned off.

You can automatically dial not only the owner of an Apple gadget, but also other devices.

Autodial, as mentioned above, is not automatically possible with iPhones. Some sources publish information that the function is activated through the “Settings”, but this is not true.

The convenience of automatic dialing is that the owner of the gadget does not have to go into the call log once again, look for the required number and dial it. This is especially useful if the user is driving or his hands are busy. Turning on auto-dialer on iPhone is not an easy task, because this feature is not provided. You will certainly not be able to configure it like on modern devices controlled by the Android operating system.

How to disconnect iPhone from iPad on computer

Step 1 Open iTunes, If you are not signed in, sign in with Apple ID.

Step 2 From the MENU bar at the top of your computer screen or at the top of the iTunes window, select Account View My Account.

Step 3 Enter your password, and then click Login, click View Account.

How to prevent FaceTime calls on all devices

IPad. great device for FaceTime calling, but that doesn’t mean you want every call from every phone number and email associated with your account to be answered on your iPad.

For families with multiple devices that are associated with the same Apple ID, the devices can be confused to ring on every FaceTime call, but it’s actually really easy to limit which devices call which accounts.

Step 1 Go to Settings which looks like a rotation of a gear. A quick way to find it with Spotlight Search.

Step 2 In Settings, scroll down the left menu and tap FaceTime. This will bring up the FaceTime settings.

Step 3 Once you’re on FaceTime in Settings, just tap to uncheck the box next to any phone number or email address you don’t want to receive FaceTime calls for, and tap to add a checkmark to any one you want to be active. You can also add a new email address to the list.

Note: Existing Row of Blocked Drives Button will show you a list of all email addresses and phone numbers that you have blocked in FaceTime. These callers will never call on your iPad. You can add an email address or phone number to this list and if you click on Edit in the top right corner you can also remove from the list.

if you want to record FaceTime video with friends, you can refer to How to Record FaceTime on iPad / iPhone.

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How to stop iMessage from switching to iPad and other devices

When I use my iPad, I will wonder why my text messages are sent to my iPad too? IMessage designed by Apple will be perfect for all of our devices. This is why we can send and receive iMessages from our iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac.

But what if you want to limit iMessages to iPhone only? What if you want to disconnect iPhone from iPad to cancel iMessage sync? This is not a very popular custom case. because seamless and interoperability between iMessage devices is an important feature.

If you want to prevent iMessages from being sent to your iPad or other iOS devices, you can follow the steps below to close iMessage so that it can let iMessage disconnect iPhone from iPad. Then iMessage will cancel iPhone sync with iPad. If you lost your text messages, you can refer to How to recover deleted text messages to find it back.

How to disconnect iPhone from iPad. cancel iPhone syncing with iPad

How to disconnect iPhone from iPad? We have different ways to solve this problem. First, we can delete linked devices on iPhone or computer to disconnect iPhone from iPad. Also, disable automatic iTunes syncing. good way to disconnect iPhone from iPad.

Tips: If you want to know how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone or other iOS devices, such as transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone, you can refer to How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to iPhone.

With FoneTrans for iOS, you can transfer your data from iPhone to computer freely. You can not only transfer iPhone text messages to computer, but also transfer photos, videos and contacts to PC easily.

  • Transfer photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp and other data with ease.
  • Preview data before transmission.
  • IPhone, iPad and iPod touch available.

Disable iMessage

One of the easiest ways to prevent iMessage from being sent to iPad or Mac. disable the iMessage switch. Disabling iMessage on a device disables iMessage on that device only.

Step 1 Unlock your iPhone and iPad.

Step 2 Go to Settings which looks like a rotation of a gear. A quick way to find it is with Spotlight Search, then click on Messages.

Step 3 Turn off the switch for iMessage.

Note: This is a general solution though. When you disable iMessage, you will also not be able to send iMessage.

How to disconnect iPhone from iPad on iPhone

You can’t see a list of linked devices on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. But you can delete the linked iOS device using the device you want to delete.

Step 2 Click Login and then enter your Apple ID.

Step 3 Click Apple ID, select View Apple ID, you may be asked to enter your password.

Step 4 Highlight iTunes in the Cloud section and click Remove this device.

Step 5 Highlight iTunes in the cloud section, then click Manage devices.If none of your devices are associated with your Apple ID, you will not see this section.

Step 6 On the Device Management page, click Remove to the right of the device you want to remove.

Tips: Depending on when you paired your device with an Apple ID, you may need to wait up to 90 days to pair your device with a different Apple ID.

Control point

The iPhone has a special quick access panel to the main functions and settings of the smartphone, which is called the Control Center. Through this, you can instantly enable and disable automatic screen orientation change.

    Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to display the Control Panel (it doesn’t matter if the smartphone is locked or not).

  • The active blocking will be indicated by an icon that has changed its color to red, as well as a small icon located to the left of the battery charge indicator. If later you need to return auto-rotate, just tap on the icon on the Control Panel again.
  • Settings

    Unlike other iPhone models, which rotate the image only in supported applications, the Plus series is capable of completely changing the orientation from portrait to landscape (including the desktop).

    If you do not want the icons on the desktop to change orientation, but at the same time auto-rotate works in applications, set the value to “Increased”, and then save the changes by clicking the “Set” button.

  • Accordingly, in order for the icons on the desktop to be automatically transferred to portrait orientation again, set the value to “Standard” and then tap on the “Install” button.
  • Thus, you can easily configure auto-rotate and independently decide when this function works and when not.

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    Disable auto-rotate on iPhone

    Auto-rotate is a feature that automatically switches the screen from portrait to landscape mode when you rotate your smartphone from vertical to horizontal. But sometimes this can be inconvenient, for example, if there is no way to hold the phone strictly vertically, the screen will constantly change orientation. You can fix this by simply disabling auto-rotate.

    How to turn off auto-rotate screen on iPhone

    articles on this topic:

    It didn’t help to get rid of the auto-rotate

    The interface does not depend on the model, but on the iOS version, so the instructions presented in the article are suitable for all iPhones, if we talk about the “Option 1” part. Disabling the automatic rotation of the display is carried out in the control center, while in some applications (for example, games) the screen will be forced to rotate simply because there is no other orientation there and cannot be. But the settings, which are described in the “Option 2” part, are absent in both iOS 12 and the current iOS 13. In the accessibility settings there is an option to enlarge the display, but this has nothing to do with the topic of the article.

    If the control point does not have a button to enable and disable auto-rotate, open the “Settings” section, go to the “Control Center” section, then click “Customize controls”, find “Auto-rotate” there and add it by clicking on the green plus sign next to the corresponding item.

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    How to turn off touch screen enable on iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

    Turning on the screen by double tapping on it has become a popular feature of many Android devices. With its help, it turned out to be possible to quickly activate the device without feeling the power button hidden on the side or top. The iPhone did not initially have such a problem. the device could always be turned on using the Home button. But since the iPhone X, this button has disappeared.

    But in return, users were given the ability to activate the display with a simple tap. This made it possible to quickly view notifications on the still locked screen, view widgets and open Control Center.

    no auto redial for iphone? here’s my technique ��

    The Wake up from sleep by touch function turned out to be concise and convenient. Nevertheless, one problem is associated with it. it turned out to be easy to wake up the smartphone with an accidental and unwanted touch. Over time, operating in this mode can lead to an accelerated discharge of the battery. Each time, to turn on the screen, energy is required, and the user may not even suspect about the constant on / off switching of the screen of a device lying, for example, in a bag. But it is possible to disable this function, which will be needed by non-users.

    Tap to wake up is exclusive to iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone X.

    How to turn off touch screen enable on iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

    Go to the “Accessibility” section.

    Open the Tap menu and set the Tap to wake up from sleep switch to Off to deactivate this feature.

    Now after locking the iPhone, a simple tap on the screen will not activate it.

    The use of the device will not change much with the disabling of this function. the iPhone will still automatically turn on the lock screen when the user picks up the smartphone. This feature of devices on iOS is called Raise to Activate (detailed) and is available on any iPhone, starting with iPhone 6s. It can also be turned on or off in the Settings → Display and brightness menu.

    How to turn off updates on iPhone

    By default, iPhone and iPad automatically check for updates and download iOS and app updates. This is not always necessary and convenient: someone does not want to receive constant notifications about an available iOS update and install it, but a more common reason is unwillingness to spend Internet traffic on constant updates of numerous applications.

    This tutorial details how to turn off iOS updates on iPhone (also works for iPad), as well as automatically download and install App Store app updates.

    Disable iOS and App Updates on iPhone

    After the next iOS update appears, your iPhone will constantly remind you that it is time to install it. Application updates, in turn, are downloaded and installed automatically.

    You can turn off iPhone and iOS system app updates using the following steps:

    • Go to “Settings” and open the item “iTunes and AppStore”.
    • In order to disable automatic download of iOS updates, in the “Automatic downloads” section, disable the item “Updates”.
    • In order to disable application updates, turn off the “Programs” item.

    If you wish, you can turn off the update only over the mobile network, but leave them for Wi-Fi connection. use the “Cellular data for this” item (turn it off, and leave the “Programs” and “Updates” items on.

    If at the time of performing the above steps, an iOS update has already been downloaded to the device, then despite the disabled updates, you will still receive a notification that a new version of the system is available. To remove it, follow these steps:

    • Go to Settings. General. iPhone Storage.
    • In the list that will load at the bottom of the page, find the iOS update that was downloaded.
    • Remove this update.

    Additional Information

    If the purpose for which you disable updates on the iPhone is to save traffic, I recommend looking into another section of the settings:

    • Settings. General. Content Update.
    • Disable automatic content updates for those applications that do not need it (those that work offline, do not sync anything, etc.).
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    I have all the update disabled, but still when I connect. they spend traffic on WI-FI. Why?

    Lots of applications receive / send data regardless of whether updates are enabled. But in theory, not much.

    I have a question for you, what is the difference between automatic downloads and updates from updating content?

    Updating the content allows the application to “watch” from time to time what’s new on the Internet. For example, even a closed Instagram can check if there is anything new published by someone.

    I turned off iOS auto-update, but it starts updating without warning. What to do?

    Does not allow you to enter the application. I click on the application, and it starts updating. What to do?

    Refresh. Some applications may just require updating and otherwise not work.

    dear, I appreciate your portal for useful solutions, but this article contains false information. you can disable iOS updates only by installing the Apple TV profile (you can google tvos beta profile), which allows you to deceive the system. your instructions are not only useless, but also harmful (at the same time in the top of Google), because the “update” item disables application updates, the “applications” item disables the autoloading of purchased applications. fix something.

    Good day. Maybe someone knows how to turn off updating of adjacent windows on iPhone (7)? Previously, this was not the case, the information was saved when switching on different pages, and now when you go to any open page, the information is updated, very inconvenient. Thank you

    Hello. This happens if there are a lot of tabs and there is not enough memory for everything, or in order to save energy. he is forced to unload them and update them later when returning.

    How to limit mobile internet on iPhone?

    On iOS, you just need to download a third-party app from the App Store. The free Traffic Monitor utility is just one of them. On Android, you can restrict data transfer as follows: go to “Settings. Data usage. Set limit”.

    How to save internet traffic on iPhone?

    6 Ways to Save Traffic on iPhone and iPad

    • Restrict applications access to the network To do this, go to “Settings”. “Cellular” and scroll the list that opens to the section “Cellular data for software”.
    • Turn off cellular data altogether
    • Disable background updates
    • Disable push notifications
    • Use Safari’s Reading View.
    • Set up iTunes, App Store and iCloud.

    How to enable data transfer on iPhone?

    To turn on cellular data on your device, follow these steps:

    • Open the “Settings” menu.
    • Select from the menu: iPhone (iOS 6): “General” → “Network”; iPhone (iOS 7 and above): Cellular; iPad (iOS 6 and above): Cellular Data.
    • Turn on the “Cellular Data” toggle switch. Related Articles

    How to restrict data transfer on iPhone?

    In iOS 13, enable data saver to restrict background network traffic to conserve cellular and Wi-Fi traffic.

    • Open the Settings app.
    • Click Wi-Fi.
    • Click the details button next to the name of the connected Wi-Fi network.
    • Turn on “Data Saver”.

    How to turn off the Internet while roaming?

    How to turn off the Internet while roaming in Android

    • Go to settings:
    • Select “Wireless networks”:
    • Select the item “Mobile network”:
    • Uncheck the “Internet roaming” item:

    Where is data transfer to iPhone?

    iPhone (iOS 6): “General” → “Network” → “Cellular data network”; iPhone (iOS 7-9): “Cellular” → “Cellular data network”; iPhone (iOS 10): “Cellular” → “Data settings” → “Cellular data network”; iPad (iOS 6 and above): “Cellular Data” → “APN Settings”.

    Back up iPhone to iCloud

    iCloud. it is a cloud service that allows you to store and access the data you need. Therefore, you do not need a computer or a USB cable to transfer data.

    Step 1 Enter Settings Apple iCloud ID.

    Step 2 Scroll down to find iCloud Backup.

    Step 4 Press Back Up.

    How to turn off notification preview on all iPhone screens

    If you use different apps to send and receive messages, there is a convenient way to hide text on iPhone lock screen.

    Step 1 Open the Settings app on the iPhone home screen.

    Step 2 Press Notifications.

    Step 3 Click Show Preview and then select Never.

    How to Hide Messages on iPhone Notification Preview

    Sometimes you will need notification changes for messages without worrying about vines looking over your shoulder.

    How do you do to hide text content on iPhone but keep notifications?

    You have 2 options: one. disable app preview function, other. disable it on lock screen.

    Option 2

    You can see various options in the message section, in fact, you can turn off the warning on the locked screen as shown below.

    Step 1 Enter Notification Settings.

    Step 2 Click Messages.

    Step 3 Disable Show on Lock Screen.

    You can use the above methods to turn off iPhone message preview in other apps like WhatsApp, Instagram direct messages, Kik messages, etc.

    Instant chat apps are handy for sending and receiving messages between family, friends, colleagues, clients and others.

    Back up iPhone data regularly. the best way to prevent data loss as you can restore iPhone from backup afterwards.

    Keep reading if you have questions about how to back up your iPhone.

    How to turn off blocked message notifications on iPhone

    If you don’t want to turn off other iPhone lock screen notifications, you can also make messages private on iPhone.

    As you know, message preview will be displayed if you have enabled Show preview feature on iPhone Settings app

    In the same way, you can turn off message notification to hide locked screen messages on iPhone.

    Step 1 Enter Notification Settings.

    Step 2 Scroll down to find Messages and tap on it.

    Step 3 Disable the button next to Allow notifications.

    Option 1

    Each app will have its own notification settings that you can customize according to the habit you’ve used. You can turn off the preview function directly.

    Step 1 Enter Notification Settings.

    Step 2 Scroll down to find Messages and tap on it.

    Step 3 Click Show Preview at the bottom under the OPTIONS section.

    Backup iPhone to iTunes

    iTunes. another option for people who do not trust the cloud service to save data on a computer using a USB cable.

    Undoubtedly, this is the safest way to save data where hackers cannot access without an Internet connection.

    Step 1 Launch iTunes on Computer and Connect iPhone to It.

    Step 2 Click the device icon when the program detects it.

    Step 3 Click Conclusion in the left pane and then Back Up to the Backups section.

    How to turn off message previews on iPhone. success rate 98.5

    On a locked iPhone, by default, the senders’ names and the content of messages they have received are displayed. According to the introduction, iPhone message preview is convenient because iPhone users can see what they receive without unlocking their device.

    However, most iPhone users dislike this setting as anyone looking at your screen can see the first few words of a text message on the front of the screen, whether it’s locked or not.

    There are various reasons why you should turn off message previews on iPhone.

    • This is a visible violation of privacy.
    • This can lead to problems with people who read messages.
    • Don’t let a criminal get the received code to your iPhone without passwords.

    Apple Inc. updated that iPhone X hides notification previews on lock screen by default, showing them only on Face ID. authenticated the user.

    So How You Can Hide Text Messages On iPhone Lock Screen To Protect Hidden Messages?

    Steps to Disable iPhone Screen Lock without Passcode

    Launch UkeySoft Unlocker on Computer Download the tool to your computer by clicking on the download icon above and launch it after installation. On the main page of the tool, you can click “Screen unlock code” to disable the screen lock on iPhone.

    Connect your iPhone to your computer using USB debugging, and on the tool page, click Next to start disabling iPhone lock screen.

    Put iPhone into Recovery Mode UkeySoft Unlocker will provide a step-by-step guide with detailed information on how to put your iPhone into recovery mode. It depends on the iPhone model you want to unlock.

    Please wait a moment and the download will be completed right now.

    Disable Lock Screen on iPhone without Passcode After that, just click “Start Unlock”, UkeySoft Unlocker starts to apply firmware to disable the lock screen on your iPhone.

    When you see “Uninstall complete!” Click “Done” and your iPhone will reboot and then walk you through the setup as if it were a new iPhone.

    UkeySoft Unlocker. it is a technique that works in all situations. Here are some tips for disabling iPhone lock screen, but they only work when conditions are met.

    How to turn off the lock screen on iPhone

    Generally, we are always accustomed to using the screen lock feature on iPhone. On the one hand, it helps us quickly and easily access features such as camera, messaging, dial pad, control center, and so on. On the other hand, it only allows authorized access to the private content of iOS devices. However, if you find it annoying to enter your password every time you access your phone, you can disable it. In this article, we will provide you with effective solutions that you can easily turn off the lock screen on iPhone with or without password.Scroll down to check them.

    How to turn off the lock screen on iPhone with a passcode

    If you know the screen passcode, then you can easily turn off the lock screen on your iPhone. Here is the guide.

    Go to Settings on iPhone and select Touch ID and Password.

    Enter your screen lock password. Scroll down to find “Turn Password” click on it.

    Enter your PIN again to confirm disabling the screen lock password on iPhone.

    How to Disable Lock Screen on iPhone without Passcode

    However, things get a little more complicated if you don’t know the lock screen passcode on your iPhone. In this case, you can use UkeySoft Unlocker, a tool specifically for unlocking iPhone. Whether it’s removing your 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID, it’s always perfect. You just need a few clicks to turn off the lock screen on iPhone without passcode.Also, it plays an important role when you forget your passcode and want to unlock Apple ID or remove iCloud activation lock. This is the fastest and easiest way to remove lock screen on iPhone / iPad / iPod touch and it works for all lock screen cases.

    • Easily turn off lock screen on iPhone without passcode;
    • Unlock iPhone black screen of death and remove screen passcode;
    • Reset locked iPad without password;
    • Unlock 4 types of passwords such as 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Touch ID and Face ID;
    • Remove screen passcode if your iPad is locked, disabled, broken screen, or outdated version of iOS;
    • Unlock Apple ID on any activated iPhone, iPad and iPod touch;
    • A few easy steps to remove your locked screen;
    • Works for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models such as iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone SE / 6S / 6 / 5S, etc;
    • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 13;
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    Tips to Disable iPhone Screen Lock

    disable iPhone lock screen if you’ve synced with iTunes

    If you have previously synced your iPhone with iTunes, you can turn off the lock screen without a password using iTunes. This method only works when you connect your iPhone to your computer and you don’t need a password.

    Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.

    Redial Busy Phone Line Automatically on iPhone

    Click the iPhone icon and find the “Conclusion” icon.

    Click on it and then click “Restore iPhone.” To disable screen lock on iPhone.

    All data and settings will be restored to factory settings, after which you will find that the lock screen has been successfully removed. Please note that if Find iPhone is enabled on your iPhone, this method will not work.

    use recovery mode to turn off the lock if you can’t sync with iTunes

    Generally speaking, using recovery mode to turn off the iPhone lock screen is also a good suggestion, but some users have reported that they are unable to exit recovery mode afterwards.

    Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer and launch it.

    Connect iPhone to Computer with USB Cable.

    Boot your iPhone into recovery mode:

    For iPhone 8/8 Plus and later: press and quickly release the volume up button press and quickly release the volume down button press the wake / sleep button until you see the Connect to iTunes screen. For iPhone 7/7 Plus: Hold the Wake / Sleep and Volume Down buttons at the same time until the Connect to iTunes screen appears. For iPhone 6 (Plus) and earlier: Hold the Home and Wake / Sleep buttons at the same time until the Connect to iTunes screen appears.

    This window immediately pops up in iTunes, click “Restore”. It will re-download the firmware to help you fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode. It will take some time for iTunes to complete the recovery. If you are an impatient person, we do not recommend this method.

    After removing screen lock from iPhone, set up your iPhone by restoring backup from iTunes.

    disable iPhone lock screen if Find My iPhone is on

    In the latter case, you can turn off the lock screen on iPhone when Find My iPhone is activated. Here are the specific steps.

    Go to, then sign in using your Apple ID and password.

    Find the pen “Find my iPhone” and click “All devices”.

    Select the device you want to disconnect and click Erase iPhone. Everything on iPhone will be deleted, including screen lock password, contacts, messages, apps, pictures, videos, etc.

    What is auto-dialing on a phone

    Auto redial on the phone is a function that, when enabled, allows you to automatically dial a phone number many times, until the subscriber picks up the phone. Dump or Busy Line. Redial.

    This function is extremely useful if you have to repeatedly dial the same number, which for some reason is busy, or is unavailable.

    For example, auto-dialing will be relevant when trying to get through to any institution where there is no multichannel PBX.

    Especially the convenience of using auto-dialing will be appreciated by all those whose activities are associated with the need to make a lot of calls: collectors for calls to debtors, call-center employees, promoters and other people working in the field of advertising to call customers.

    The auto-dial function on the phone can be set in several ways:

    • With the help of programs built into the phone (if available);
    • Using applications;
    • Order a service from special online services (paid);
    • With the help of services from mobile operators (MTS, Beeline, Tele2, Megafon).

    Auto dialer apps for Android: download programs

    In addition to the built-in function, the user has the ability to download and install auto-dialer applications on his Android phone or tablet.

    List of free Android dialer apps on the Play Market website:

    • Auto Dial (Water Labs)
    • Autodial (lithiumS)
    • Autodial (Solar Software Systems)

    All applications are quite simple and intuitive.

    Screenshot of Water Labs Autodial app:

    Auto redial settings allow you to set the following parameters:

    • Call duration;
    • The interval between calls;
    • Provide phone number.
    • Enable the function of activating the speakerphone when dialing;
    • Enable dialing to several different numbers if the subscriber has more than 1 phone;
    • Set call recording.

    After completing the settings, the user only needs to press the large call button.

    It is worth noting that you can enable auto-dialing from both an open number and a hidden one, in which case the subscriber will see information that the call is being made from an unknown number.

    You can make calls to both mobile and home landline phones. But do not forget that such calls have a separate tariffication and are often expensive.

    Other applications from this list are very similar in their functionality and also easily allow you to make an auto-dial from your Android mobile device to the desired number.

    How to set up an auto-dialer on an Android phone

    Topic: How to enable auto redial on an Android phone | Free applications and programs for autodialing on Android smartphone online.

    Many modern landline telephones have an auto-dial program at their disposal, which is often badly needed. Those who used it know how effectively it can save time. But nowadays, mobile phones have overtaken landlines in popularity, so in this article we will look at how to enable auto-dialing on an Android phone.

    But before considering the question of how to set up an auto-dial on an Android phone, let’s figure out what auto-dialing is, what it is for, and who can be useful.

    How to enable auto dialer on Android phone (Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei)

    To enable auto redial on an Android phone, you need:

    Your iPhone has REDIAL Option. iPhone Tips & Tricks. Episode 1

    • Go to Android settings;
    • Go to system applications;
    • Go to phone settings;
    • Open advanced settings;
    • Activate the switch opposite the “Autodial” mode.

    How to make an auto redial on an Android mobile phone

    Most modern cellular mobile phones running the Android operating system already have a built-in program for automatic dialer in their arsenal, it is simply not activated in the settings. Auto dialer is available in Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Meizu and other popular brands.

    Let’s look at how to make an auto-dialer on an Android phone using the built-in function, and then we’ll look at auto-dialer apps.

    Stationary dialers

    You can buy stationary dialers at a good price on Yandex Market:

    I hope the article “How to connect the auto redial function on an Android mobile phone online” was useful to you.

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    How to put an auto dialer on an iPhone

    On the smartphones of the American company Apple, there is no such function as auto-dialing. However, there are several alternatives for making automatic calls. You will learn about this and why the autoredial function on a mobile device is needed in this article.

    Using Siri

    The smart assistant has a fairly large list of options, and it also has making calls. Siri perfectly detects the names of people from the contact list or regular numbers.

    To call the last number in the phone book through the voice assistant, you need to follow a couple of simple steps:

    • Unlock iPhone.
    • Hold the Home button to bring up the voice assistant window.
    • We say the phrase: “Call the number”.
    • If the caller does not answer or drops the call, we return to Siri and say: “Call again.” The assistant dials to the last contact in the phone book.
    • We return to Siri again and again with the words “Call again” until the call is received at the other end of the mowing line.

    A similar method of auto-dialing can be performed without unlocking the smartphone. Just go to the locked screen settings and select the “Use Siri” option.

    Third party applications

    After downloading and installing, the application can be customized to fit your needs. Redial is able to:

    • Call three times in a row when the subscriber does not answer.
    • Call an infinite number of times until the subscriber answers;
    • Make auto-dialing only when the subscriber’s phone was out of reach or turned off.

    Thus, you can call not only the owners of Apple devices, but also smartphones from other manufacturers.

    How to enable auto redial

    Alas, there is not even a hint of the existence of such an option in the iPhone settings. However, this does not mean that it cannot be implemented at all. You can go at least two ways: contact the voice assistant or install a special application from the App Store.

    Additional options

    There is one option for connecting the auto-dial function, but it is not officially supported by Apple. jailbreak the device. On jailbroken smartphones, you can install the KuaiDial tweak, which gives the standard “dialer” several additional functions, including Auto redial.

    As mentioned earlier, there is no system auto-dialing function in the iPhone, and when it appears, only Tim Cook himself knows. Do not believe the sources claiming that this option is enabled through the “Settings”. It is not true.