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How to tune channels on a Sony TV

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Installing Applications

In addition to Google Play, you can install applications on Android TV using a flash drive, having previously downloaded the APK file of the desired game or program downloaded from the Internet to it.

However, Sony Smart TVs running Linux can use existing applications that provide access to a large amount of video content and music.


After installing the application for viewing IP-television, you need to download playlists with television channels into it, which can be obtained from the provider (TTK, Rostelecom, etc.) or downloaded from the Internet. It depends on the playlists which channels and how many of them the TV set will show.

Setting up Smart TVs on Android

Installation is even easier on Sony TVs with the Android TV platform, and the Smart Service interface will seem familiar from smartphones and tablets running this platform. All you need to do to set up the Smart functionality is to register in the Google Play service and log in to be able to download programs and games to your TV set.

Advice! The most convenient way is to create a Google Play account on your computer, and then go to your profile on your TV. You can also use an existing account.


WI-FI connection can be done in two ways:

  • using WPS technology, designed to simplify the wireless connection to the router and does not require entering a password from the local network;
  • in the classic way, in which you need to know the name of the home WI-FI network and the password to it.

Connection via WPS is possible only if both the TV receiver and the router support this technology. It is also carried out in two ways: the first. using a button, the second. by entering a code. In the first case, you need to press “HOME”, then on the screen select “Settings”. “Network settings”. “Wireless settings”. “WPS (button)”. After that, you need to follow the instructions on the screen, where you will be asked to press the WPS button on the router and hold it until the connection is established. In the second case, you need to open the TV receiver menu from the remote control using the HOME key, select Settings. Network settings. Wireless settings. WPS (PIN). Further, you should also act according to the instructions on the TV screen. But with such a connection, it is required to open the router’s web interface from the computer and add a new device (TV), specifying the PIN from the TV receiver screen as confirmation. After that the connection will be established.

To connect in the standard way. using a password from the WI-FI network. you need to press “HOME”, and then sequentially select “Settings”. “Network settings”. “Wireless settings”. “Scan”. Next, in the list of found networks, you must specify the home and enter the password to establish a connection.

For a detailed description of connecting to the WI-FI network for a specific model of the TV receiver, it is recommended to look at the instructions for it, since on different devices this process may differ depending on the type of menu and the name of the sections.

Configuring Smart TVs on Linux

After the firmware is updated, on Sony TVs with Linux OS, you need to open the menu with the HOME key on the remote control, then select “Settings”. “Network”. Now you need to click on “Refresh Internet Content”. This will automatically connect the device to the company’s servers to update the available applications and services. At the end of the process, a corresponding notification will appear.

Then, by pressing the “SEN” button, you should go to the Smart-section of the TV receiver. Within a few seconds, a number of manufacturer-recommended apps will appear. To add other programs to them from the available ones, you need to click on “” or the “My Applications” button. After selecting the required widget, you can open it or place it in “My Applications” for quick access.

Software Update

To complete this process, you need to press “HOME” on your Smart TV with Android TV OS, and then select “Applications”. “Help”. “System update”. “Automatic download” or “Automatically check for updates”, then click “On” Some of the models will need to accept the company’s privacy policy.

For Sony TVs with Linux OS, you need to press “HOME” and then on the screen select “Settings”. “Product Support” or “Customer Support”. Next, you need to click “Automatic update” or “Automatic software download”, and then “On” and “Enter”. The procedure may vary from model to model.

Connecting to the Network

Internet access on Sony Bravia TVs can be configured in two ways: via WI-FI or using a cable.

Public channels

Watching free TV channels on Sony equipment is possible when connected to an terrestrial antenna or cable TV. To do this, you need to connect the antenna cable to the appropriate socket, and then press the “HOME” button on the remote control, then select “Settings”. “Channel settings”. “Digital tuning”. “Automatic digital channel tuning”. Then you need to confirm the action by clicking “Yes”.

Next, you must specify which antenna will be used: “Ether” or “Cable”. When you select the first option, auto search for channels will start. If a cable is indicated, you need to select a service provider from the list that appears, and if it is unknown or not presented in the list, click “Other”. Here you can manually specify the “Scan Type”, “Frequency” and “Network ID”, having received these data from the provider. If the required information is not available, in the first field you need to select “Quick scan”, and in the second and third. “Automatic”, and then start the search.

How to tune programs on a Sony TV?

Instructions for tuning channels on Sony KDL

  • Press the Home button on the remote.
  • When asked for a pin code, use the remote control buttons 0000, 1111, 1234.
  • In the menu that opens, find the item “Digital configuration”.
  • Open in the configuration “Digital setting”.
  • Go to autosearch digital stations.

How to install the app on Sony Bravia?

The default applications are updated as follows:

  • on the remote control, you need to press the Home button;
  • in the menu that opens, select the “Settings” section;
  • then you need to open the “Network” menu;
  • then you need to select the item “Update Internet content” and run the update program.

How to update programs on a Sony TV?

For Sony TV models with Android TV:

  • Press the HOME button on the supplied remote control.
  • For Android 8.0 (Oreo) only: Select Apps.
  • Select Help.
  • Select System Update.
  • Select Automatic software download or Automatically check for update.
  • Select On.

How To Scan For Channels On A Sony TV

How to set up your Sony Bravia 4k TV?

Select Settings. Select External inputs in the TV (TV) category.

  • Select Settings.
  • Select Sound and Screen.
  • Select Video Output Settings.
  • Select Resolution, then check if 2160p-RGB can be selected.

How to tune free digital channels on your Sony Bravia TV?

Setting up digital channels on Sony TVs

  • Enter the main menu by pressing the [Home] button on the remote control.
  • Select “Digital Configuration”
  • Select “Digital Setting”
  • Select Autosearch Digits.
  • Select the type of connection “Cable”
  • Enter channel search parameters:…
  • If everything is done correctly, then the TV should find about 58 TV channels.

How to set up the antenna on a Sony TV?

Press the MENU or HOME button on your remote control. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to select Settings. Analogue Setup Analogue Auto Tuning or Auto Tuning.

How to tune analogue channels on your Sony Bravia TV?

  • Press the [HOME] button on your remote.
  • Go to the Settings menu located at the bottom of the home screen.
  • Select Channel Setup. Analogue Setup. Analogue Auto Tuning.
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How to connect a PlayStation 4 to a 4K TV?

On your compatible 4K device (4K TV, projector, other device)

  • Open the menu of your 4K output device.
  • Find resolution settings and activate 4K mode.
  • Repeat these steps for any device used to connect the PlayStation 4 Pro to a 4K display device.

How to tune satellite channels on a Sony TV?

  • Turn on the TV and go to the main menu section Settings (Settings). [Channel setup]. Digits.
  • Select Digital Satellite Tuning.
  • Select a satellite dish configuration.
  • On the satellite TV operator profile selection page, select Other (Shared satellites)

Configuration failed on connection

Modern Smart TVs easily connect to the network in automatic mode, without any additional settings, you just need to select the type of connection Wired / Wireless, the name of your home network from the proposed list and enter the password.
The lack of connectivity may be due to:
– with a low Wi-Fi signal at the location of the TV.
-It is also recommended to update the TV software to the latest version from the manufacturer’s official website.
Indeed, the blocking of IP addresses of Sony, like many other sites, has been carried out by order of Roskomnadzor in recent months. If the manufacturer’s official support declares this, then it is so.
The sellers told you correctly. the TV is good, the problem is in Roskomnadzor’s locks. A proxy server is an intermediate element of the network that acts as an intermediary, which is not subject to blocking. It can be used to connect normally to the Sony server.

Image Adjustment

“How to adjust images to remove black bars on the sides of the screen Sony KDL 32wd603” Murmansk region Ostrovnoy.
11.27.2019 Sony 49XG9005 PETER What buttons on the remote control should be pressed to raise the brightness
11.24.2019 Sony kd 46w905a Kd 46w905a Krasnoyarsk Help to adjust the image on TV

The lower right button on your TV remote control is used to adjust the picture size. By successively clicking on it, you can select the optimal viewing mode.

Sony TV remote control

The Sony TV remote control is designed to set up and adjust all functions. Remote control buttons assignment:

In button. selection of connected source.
I button turn the TV on and off.
Subtitle on / off button.
AUDIO button. enable stereo sound mode.
SYNC MENU button of the remote control for Sony TV. displaying the Bravia Sync menu.

RELATED SEARCH button. Internet browsing while the TV is on.
TITLE LIST button. playing the title list.
REC button. recording the current program.
SOCIAL VIEW button. watching TV with friends from social networks.
FOOTBALL button. live soccer mode.

DISCOVER button. content search.
SEN / APPS button. Home Menu Application Categories.
GUIDE button. digital TV guide display.
RETURN button. return to the previous menu.
OPTIONS button. list of handy functions and shortcuts.

HOME button. displaying the main menu of the TV.
DIGITAL / ANALOG button on the TV remote control. switching between digital and analogue mode.
EXIT button. exiting the Menu.
Button?. display information.
I-MANUAL button. displaying the user manual.

Button 1.9.Select channels.
TV / RADIO button. switch between TV and radio modes.
3D button. 3D display mode selection.
Colored buttons
On our website you can download the TV Remote
location and designation of remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

How to set up a Sony TV. Sony TV remote control.

Setting up satellite TV

3.24.2019 sony KLV 32 BX 301 Moscow SEAD Lumax DV3215HD receiver SONY KLV 32 BX 301 TV Can’t catch channels: Home, Russia 24, and some others.

Tuning the TV to channels

Please help me with setting up a free digital TV, TV brand and model: SONY KDL40WD653 The TV has a built-in digital tuner with DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-T2 standards. A cable from the common building antenna of a multi-storey apartment building is connected to the TV. I do not have a separate individual antenna (UHF antenna). Is it possible in this situation to install packages of free digital TV distributed by the Ostankino TV Tower? Do I need to additionally purchase a UHF antenna, which I would not like?
I carried out the tuning of cable digital channels DVB-C. The TV set found more than 200 of them, among which there are free channels of the 1st and 2nd multiplexes (RTRS-1 and RTRS-2). On the TV screen, only the channel name is displayed, and in the lower right corner of the screen there is an inscription: “The channel is encrypted or cannot be decoded”. What can be done in this situation?
Sony’s new flat-panel TV is no longer shown at the dacha, it is written that there is no signal. An old TV on the same antenna shows well. I decided to return to the factory settings, but it does not work, since I need to enter the parental control pin code, after which the TV stopped responding altogether, not a single command passes, it requires the parental control pin code again

Terrestrial television packages transmitted free of charge from the TV tower can be received only on their own antenna. Free channels are sometimes present in the digital programming package of cable TV operators, try to do automatic tuning of DVB-C channels. If these channels are all encrypted, you need to contact your cable TV provider to conclude a contract.
You should retune your TV. How to unlock is described here.

How to set up a Sony TV

How to set up a Sony TV can be found in its instructions. All settings are made in the HOME menu, which requires a Sony TV remote control. Here you change the parameters of the image: brightness, contrast, color; there is a choice between internal speakers and an external speaker system; the sound quality is adjusted, the TV programs are set up and sorted in a convenient order, the Internet connection is set up and the necessary programs and updates are downloaded.

Setting up and using Sony Smart TV

Televisions are no longer a simple device for watching channels. Now these are real multimedia centers that open up ample opportunities for users. Smart TV technology dramatically improves the usability of content directly from your TV. Leading manufacturer Sony also offers users its smart devices under the name Sony Bravia. Consider the procedure for setting up Smart TV Sony and the features of applications that can be installed on such devices.

Installing Smart TV on Sony Bravia

After purchasing a Sony Bravia Smart TV device, you need to carry out its preliminary configuration, which consists in connecting to the Internet. Without this, it will be impossible to use the functions of the smart TV. Usually, the whole process can be seen in a good instruction, the use of which will significantly speed up the setup process.

How to set up Smart TV on a Sony TV

Setting up Smart TV on a Sony TV in most cases comes down to the process of connecting the Internet to the TV. In this case, you can use a wired or wireless connection. In any case, the process will be simple if you already have a router. This will avoid the need to manually enter parameters when directly connecting the cable to the TV.

With a wired connection, you just need to connect the cable from the router to the corresponding port on the Sony Smart TV. Then, through the main menu, go to the “Network Settings” section and start the process of establishing a connection. If the check did not reveal any problems, then the connection will quickly be established. A message appears on the screen, after which you can start using the functions of the smart TV.

The Wi-Fi connection works in much the same way. The difference is that the TV will have to independently find the networks available for connection. The user selects the desired network, then you need to enter the password and hold down the “Connect” button. In a few moments, the device will connect to the Internet and notify the user about it.

After connecting to the network, you need to find the item “Update Internet content” in the menu and start the corresponding process. The programs will receive the latest updates, and then a notification will appear on the screen that the TV is ready for use. It will not be superfluous to also update the firmware itself to the latest version. This will avoid numerous mistakes in the future.

When working with a smart TV, various problems can occur, which in most cases are associated with an outdated version of the operating system. Therefore, when errors are found, the update should be the first user action. And only if after it errors remain, it is worth resorting to other methods of repair.

Most of the problems arise precisely through the fault of the user, since manufacturers try to quickly correct all errors by constant firmware updates.

Using Smart TV on Sony TVs

All TV functionality on Sony Smart TVs is implemented through the Android operating system. This platform is extremely popular, so operating your TV will be intuitive. Using the capabilities of the TV will not differ much from using a regular smartphone. And you can even connect your Google account with the saved settings. Thus, the TV will be synchronized with other mobile devices.

Smart TVs from Sony will allow you to watch any channels and programs in real time, as well as record them on removable media. Almost all models have a built-in browser that allows you to easily search the Internet and use social networks. If social networks are used constantly, you can additionally install the corresponding application.

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TVs are equipped with webcams that will help you to comfortably make video calls or even group conferences.

Smart TV Sony Bravia. TV capabilities

Sony Smart TV expands the capabilities of a conventional TV into a full-fledged multimedia center. In addition to the standard viewing of TV channels, the following options are now available to users:

  • using Skype for video calls;
  • the ability to communicate in social networks;
  • playing music in high quality;
  • use of various video hosting sites;
  • installation of simple games, etc.

In addition to advanced functionality, the advantages also include an increased viewing angle, the ability to watch videos in high quality and no distortion, even with a dynamic image.

The sound in such models is also at a high level. Advanced surround sound technology immerses the viewer in the world of cinema. Many devices support playback of files from blu-ray discs containing high quality materials. Also TVs support HD channels.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the presence of additional technologies that significantly increase the usability of Smart TV. Most technology is present in all models, regardless of price or diagonal inches.

List of applications on Smart TV from Sony Bravia

As soon as the Internet is connected to the TV, it will immediately be possible to use all the functionality of the device. First of all, when you switch to Smart TV mode, a special window will appear.

In one part of this window there will be television channels, which can later be sorted by level of interest. The other part contains the installed applications available for use. Initially, this part will be empty or very few programs. To expand the capabilities of the device, you will need to install the appropriate software.

To do this, go to the All Applications tab by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen. A list of available channels and applications that you can install will appear. Among the popular programs, you can see various browsers, video hosting, music players, and the like.

Traditional television channels will also be available, including both state and local ones. The TV provider Tricolor boasts a variety, perfect for use in smart TVs. Additionally, you can use the “Opera TV Store” program to improve the convenience of viewing channels. Separately, it is worth noting the possibility of using online games.

Installing and configuring applications

The control of applications on Sony Bravia TVs is carried out by built-in programs. Before installing any new applications, it is recommended to update the previously installed ones in order to avoid various errors. You can update programs in the “Preferences” section by going to the “Internet Content Update” tab. The device will automatically connect to the company’s servers and deliver the latest versions. At this time, the user only needs to make sure that the power or the Internet connection is not turned off.

The device is easy to set up and quite convenient to operate. And an impressive margin of performance ensures that the TV will work great for a long time to be a flagship.

Sony Bravia auto-tuning

If you have connected Sony Bravia for the first time, then after performing the above steps, you will automatically enter the TV auto-tuning mode. If this is not the first time, then after turning on the Sony you will need to press the “Nome” or “Menu” button on the remote control. After that, you will need to go to the “Parameters” section, select “Automatic tuning of digital channels” and confirm your decision.

When you complete all the above steps, you will be prompted to select the type of broadcast. If you want the TV to search for digital channels only, click on the “Digital TV” item. If you click “Digital and Analog TV”, then it will search for both.

After that, in the connection type tab, you will need to select “Cable”. A window will appear in front of you, in which the following settings will be indicated: “Frequency”, “Scan type” and “Network ID”. Initially, they have default values ​​and can be left unchanged. You can also choose an operator from the proposed list or leave “Other”. After everything is selected, you just have to click “Start” and wait until Sony Bravia displays all the available TV channels and radio stations.

Setting up your Sony TV

If you have just connected Sony Bravia and turn it on for the first time, then you will need to first select a language from the proposed list. Next, you must set Russia as the country and come up with a pin code. You will need it to manage programs under parental control. By entering the pin code, it will need to be confirmed by re-entering and saved in the device’s memory.

tune, channels, sony

The next stage is the choice of the operating mode and location. In the first option, you should select “Home”, and in the second, indicate how the TV is located: on a tabletop or on a floor stand. Sound quality will depend on this.

Tuning digital channels on Sony Bravia

Many of us have heard more than once that digital TV differs in many ways from analog TV, which is quite similar to it. The first thing that catches your eye when comparing these two types of broadcasting is the picture quality. When connected to digital television, the picture is clearer and practically does not have any interference, since the signal quality does not depend on the environment and other factors.

In addition, digital TV differs in that it has a program guide, which can be viewed by pressing a certain button on the remote control. Also, on some channels, you can customize audio tracks and connect subtitles on your own.

A few years ago, it was possible to connect such a television exclusively with the help of special attachments. Today, modern TVs of the Sony Bravia model do not need additional devices and can receive the signal directly. In this article, we will take a closer look at how to set up digital TV.

Sony Bravia manual tuning

If during auto tuning the channels were not found or very few of them were found, you can try to connect the TV in another way. To do this, after you get to the “Parameters” section, you will need to select the “Settings” item or, as it may also be called, “System Settings”. Then select “Channel Setting” and the “Digital” item. Then you should repeat all the above points until you reach the choice of parameters. Here you will need to enter manually the values, which can be clarified with the operator.

Scan type Complete
Frequency The value recommended by the operator for your region
Network ID The value recommended by the operator for your region
Operator Operator company name

After entering all the necessary values, start the search, but keep in mind that it can take an hour or more.

Which Sony TV models support digital broadcasting

Almost all of the latest TVs from Sony have a built-in digital converter that supports all modern broadcast standards. However, some Sony Bravia models manufactured after 2014 can only work with the DVB-T format, which is outdated and almost never used in modern television. In this case, for the TV to work correctly, you will have to additionally purchase a digital set-top box.

You can find out for sure about DVB T2 support from the user manual. If the instruction for the TV is lost for some reason, then it can be easily found on the Internet. It is enough to know exactly your TV model. However, this method can take a long time. To speed up the process, you can go to the website of a large household appliance seller and enter your TV model into the search. Then, from the options offered, find the card of the desired model. The fastest way is to use Yandex.Market. All the main parameters of any model of equipment are indicated there.

Manual program search

It is possible that the autosearch of channels will not give results. This is very rare, but it does happen sometimes. In such a situation, you will have to resort to manual channel search. This method has several advantages: you can see the signal strength and quality. This will allow you to best adjust the picture quality.

  • Select “Digital configurations” in the menu.
  • Instead of automatic search, click “Manual”.
  • Next, select the frequency and number of the TV channel.
  • Enter multiplex values.
  • If the antenna has an amplifier, then it should be turned on.
  • Find and select “Scan”.
  • If the signal is weak, then you need to twist the antenna to the maximum possible result in terms of quality.
  • Save values ​​and proceed to setting the next channel.

Advice! The multiplex values ​​can be found on the RTRS website. Each locality has its own values, they must be found on a special map.

Setting up digital TV channels on a Sony TV

By purchasing a modern TV of a popular brand, everyone hopes to enjoy the operation of the equipment. Control should be as simple and straightforward as possible, good image quality, modern acoustic system, the ability to watch videos from Internet resources. To be able to use the provided TV functionality, it is necessary to start the device correctly. How to set up a Sony TV?

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Automatic channel search

This is the easiest way to tune digital channels. It does not require entering specific technical data, which is difficult for most viewers to understand. The steps described are universal, but some of the steps may differ depending on the Bravia model. Before starting the setup, it is worth clarifying the exact procedure for your Sony TV model.

The procedure is as follows.

  • Go to the TV menu.
  • Find the item “Settings”.
  • Next, you need to find the item “Digital configuration”. Name may differ from model to model.
  • In the menu that appears, look for the “Autosearch stations” button.
  • Depending on whether your antenna or cable is connected, you should select the desired menu items: air or cable.
  • When you select the air, autosearch of channels will start immediately.

In the case of searching for cable channels, after the above steps, you will have to select a couple more menu items.

  • Select an operator from the list of proposed.
  • Then specify the complete scan type. There is also a quick way, but you need to choose it if you know exactly the frequency of the provider.
  • Check all entered parameters and start scanning.

How to connect a digital set-top box

As mentioned above, some Sony TVs do not support modern TV broadcast formats. To fix this problem, you need a special device. a digital tuner. Analog TV broadcasting is almost a thing of the past, and therefore it is worth thinking about a complete transition to digital, so that at some certain moment you will not be left without your favorite TV channels.

The digital tuner is also capable of converting an old TV into a modern Smart TV. To do this, you should choose a prefix on Android. It has its own software. With this option, the TV will only serve as a screen, and the set-top box will allow not only watching TV channels, but also connecting to popular Internet services (YouTube, Skype, social networks, etc.)

To connect a digital tuner, follow these steps.

  • Connect the antenna cable to the set-top box.
  • Connect digital tuner to TV. It is better to use an HDMI cable here, but if there is no such connector, you can also use the usual “tulips”.
  • Using the “Input” button, select the signal source on the TV. the input to which the digital set-top box is connected.
  • After all the operations done, start searching for TV channels using the digital tuner.

We are looking for channels on Sony Trinitron

Many people have a question about how to set up TV channels on a Sony Trinitron TV. If the model was purchased new, and there was a remote control in the kit, then the search for TV channels is carried out as follows.

  • 2 buttons are pressed at once, located under the key with the red arrow pointing up and the button with the right arrow.
  • When a new window appears on the display, you must hold down the up arrow button with the volume control key. Pressing “” or “-” starts auto setup on your Sony TV.

If the TV was inherited without a remote control, or a used version was purchased, you can download the instructions on the official website, and install using the buttons on the equipment panel, as well as purchase and configure the Sony universal remote control.

Auto search for digital channels on Sony

The easiest way to tune channels is using auto search. The exact procedure differs depending on the model and the specific interface option, but the general algorithm is as follows:

  • The TV menu opens (as a rule, using the corresponding button on the remote control labeled “Menu” or “Home”).
  • In the menu, the “Settings” tab is first selected, and then “Settings”.
  • In the settings you need to select the item “Digital configuration”.
  • In the menu that opens, you need to activate the item “Automatic search for digital stations”.
  • The TV will prompt you to select a signal source. Here it is necessary to indicate where exactly the digital TV signal comes from. from the terrestrial antenna or cable.
  • The TV itself will start scanning the range and memorize all the detected TV channels.
  • After the scan is finished, a message indicating the completion of the process will appear. After that, you can start viewing the found programs.

Important: some TV models (for example, the Sony Bravia line) have two types of scanning. fast and full. The second one looks deeper, looking through the entire available range, but it also takes much more time, up to an hour.

Deleting and sorting channels

If for some reason you do not want to watch one or several found channels, you can delete them from the list. This is done as follows:

  • Open the menu.
  • Select “Settings”, then “Digital Configuration”.
  • Go to “Remove Programs”.
  • Find an unwanted channel in the list.
  • Hold down the central button on the remote control (“Select”, “OK”). The channel is removed.

In the event that you need to sort the order of the channels, the procedure looks like this:

  • Open the menu.
  • Select “Settings” and “Digital Configuration”.
  • In the menu that opens, go to the item “Sort programs”.
  • Enter the channel number to be changed and press the Select key. The program will stand out.
  • Use the “Up” and “Down” keys to move the channel to the desired position.
  • The procedure is repeated for all channels to be sorted.

The channels were shown, but then they stopped

Sometimes it happens that digital channels that were only recently received suddenly disappear. What to do in this case?

But most likely the reason for the disappearance is the TV settings (for example, due to a power surge in the network). In this case, it is recommended to use two methods:

  • rescan the range (in manual or automatic mode). It is possible that channels will be found;
  • full reset to factory settings (how to do this on a specific digital TV model, you can find out from the instruction manual). After that, you need to re-configure the TV receiver, including searching for channels.

Adding local analogue TV channels

Although in Russia broadcasting of federal channels is being transferred to digital, analogue television is still preserved: local programs are broadcast on it. If you want to watch them, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the menu and go to “Settings”.
  • Select analog configuration (ATV).
  • Go to the item “Channel search”.
  • After the end of the procedure, guard the received analog channels.

Check if your Sony TV supports digital TV

Before you connect your digital TV and start setting up, you need to check if your TV can receive it at all. This can be done on the website of the manufacturer or official distributors of Sony products, but the easiest way is to use this online service. To do this, enter the model number in the “Search” line:

Model Diagonal Support DVB-T2
KDL-22EX553 22
KDL-24W605A 24
KDL-26EX553 26
KDL-32EX653 32
KDL-32EX343 32
KDL-32HX753 32
KDL-32R423A 32
KDL-32R424A 32
KDL-32W503A 32
KDL-32W603A 32
KDL-32W653 32
KDL-32W653A 32
KDL-32W654 32
KDL-32R303B 32
KDL-32R435B 32
KDL-32R433B 32
KDL-32W706B 32
KDL-32W705B 32
KDL-40EX653 40
KDL-40HX753 40
KDL-40HX853 40
KDL-40R353A 40
KDL-40R453A 40
KDL-40R473A 40
KDL-40R474A 40
KDL-40R483B 40
KDL-42EX443 42
KDL-40W905 40
KDL-42W653A 42
KDL-42W654 42
KDL-42W654A 42
KDL-42W807A 42
KDL-42W808A 42
KDL-42W805 42
KDL-42W828B 42
KDL-42W817B 42
KDL-42W705B 42
KDL-42W706B 42
KDL-46EX653 46
KDL-46HX753 46
KDL-46HX853 46
KDL-46R473A 46
KDL-46W905 46
KDL-47W805 47
KDL-47W807A 47
KDL-47W808A 47
KDL-48R483B 48
KDL-49X8505B 49
KDL-49W8505B 49
KDL-50W705B fifty
KDL-50W706B fifty
KDL-50W685A fifty
KDL-50W817B fifty
KDL-55HX753 55
KDL-55HX853 55
KDL-55W805 55
KDL-55W807A 55
KDL-55W808A 55
KDL-55W817B 55
KDL-55W828B 55
KDL-55W8505B 55
KDL-55W905 55
KD-55X9005A 55
KD-55X9005B 55
KD-55X8505A 55
KD-55X8505B 55
KDL-55W955B 55
KDL-65W855A 65
KDL-65S995A 65
KD-65X8505A 65
KD-65X8505B 65
KDL-65HX953 65
KD-65X9005A 65
KD-65X9005B 65
KD-65X950B 65
KD-65X9505B 65
KDL-65W955B 65
KDL-70X8505B 70
KDL-79X9005B 79
KDL-84X9005 84
KDL-85X9505 85

No signal

If no channel is showing, you need to take the following steps:

  • Check antenna connection. The plug may have fallen out of the socket.
  • Make sure the integrity of the antenna cable visually and, if possible, by “ringing” it with a multimeter.
  • Check antenna orientation. Digital TV broadcasts in the decimeter range, and UHF antennas, as a rule, are sensitive to the direction to the signal source, so they must be installed with an orientation clearly to it. The exact bearing to the nearest repeater can be found on the CETV interactive map.

If none of these steps gave a result, you need to seek help from the masters. This is most likely a malfunction of the TV.

Other possible problems and solutions:

How to determine your TV model

Over the years, Sony has produced a huge number of TVs of different models. Not all of them support digital reproduction, and among those that can do this, not all work with the European broadcasting standard DVB-T2. And first you need to define the model.