How to transfer photos from Android to laptop

Via Viber

Have you used Viber on your smartphone? Great, this messenger will help you restore your entire phone book. To do this, you need to install the Viber program on your computer, if it has already been installed, then great, you do not need to do anything. How to install Viber on PC is described in detail in this article.

If the Android screen is completely broken and there is no image, then you have to do this:

  • Charge your Android smartphone
  • Turn it on
  • Bring Android to the monitor with the back side (screen to you, camera to PC) to enter your account

In the “Contacts” tab, you will see all your contacts that you had on Android.

Scripting with ADB

If your Android has “USB debugging”, then Android can be unlocked using scripts using the shell input tap and shell input swipe commands.

Connect USB keyboard and mouse
to Android via OTG adapter

Android screen showing image but sensor not working? Then the following solution will help you, with which you can control Android to access your data and try to pull them all out.

Almost all modern Android smartphones support connecting an external USB keyboard and mouse. This can be done through a special adapter from USB to MicroUSB or from USB to USB Type C.

After connecting, press the power button to light up the screen on it and you can control Android with an external keyboard and mouse.

MTP connection and screenshot

If your Android is recognized by the computer as a flash drive, you can copy files to it or vice versa to get the necessary data, then you can do this. We connect the device to the computer and take a screenshot of Android on the PC, go to the Android files, go to Pictures / Sceenshot or DCIM / Screenshot and see what is on your screen. If the screen reacts, then click where we need to, if not, then use the external keyboard or mouse, from the method indicated above.

With built-in Recovery

Many Android devices have a built-in Recovery menu with which you can back up your Android internal memory to an SD card, after which you can extract all the necessary data.

Troubleshooting instructions

The material will be presented from simple to complex. this means that at certain stages you will need additional knowledge, you will be given additional information. articles that will need to be studied!

How to transfer files via Bluetooth from phone to computer

If you want to send files (photos, videos, etc.) via Bluetooth from your Android phone to a laptop or computer, it is very easy to do this, provided that the Bluetooth adapter on the computer is correctly installed and enabled.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of sending files over Bluetooth to a Windows 10 computer, but for Windows 7 and 8.1, the procedure will be about the same. See also: How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

Sending files via Bluetooth to a laptop or computer

The steps for sending files via Bluetooth are very simple: it doesn’t even require pairing devices, usually everything works without it:

  • Make sure the Bluetooth adapter is turned on: in Windows 10, you can click on the action center icon at the bottom right and make sure that the button with the Bluetooth symbol is blue (you may need to click “expand” to see this button). If not, just click on it.
  • If it does not turn on after this step, see if your laptop has a key in the top row with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi icon, if there is, try pressing this key or it in combination with Fn to turn on the Bluetooth adapter. If this does not help, the instructions can help: Bluetooth does not work on a laptop, Fn key does not work on a laptop.
  • The next step is to enable pending file transfer. This can be done by clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the notification area and selecting “Accept file”, or (for example, if the icon is not displayed), press the WinR keys, enter fsquirt in the run window, press Enter, and then select “Accept files”.
  • Now grab your Android phone, open any file manager (see Best File Managers for Android), in my example I am using the default File Manager on Samsung Galaxy. Select the files you want (usually this can be done by holding the file for a long time) and click the “Share” button.
  • Select “Bluetooth”.
  • Wait a while for available Bluetooth devices to be found. Select among them the device with the name of your computer.
  • The file transfer begins, the process is usually displayed on both the phone and the computer.
  • Specify the location to save the file on your computer.

Done, the file transfer via Bluetooth is complete and, as mentioned above, usually everything works by default, provided that you have the original drivers installed and you can enable the BT adapter.


Some additional information that you may find useful:

  • If the Bluetooth icon is not displayed in the notification area, but otherwise everything is working properly, you can press the WinR keys on the keyboard, type Enter, and in the next window click “Show Bluetooth icon in the notification area. Another way to get into the same window (for Windows 10): open Settings. Devices. Bluetooth and other devices. Other Bluetooth settings.
  • In Windows 10, there is another way to open the window for sending and receiving files via Bluetooth: Settings. Devices. Bluetooth and other devices. Send and receive files via Bluetooth in the “Related options”.
  • Windows 10 has a built-in application that allows you, among other things, to copy a photo from your phone to a laptop or computer, about it here: Your phone application in Windows 10.
  • It is very convenient to use cloud services to synchronize photos, videos and other files. For example, if you have Google photo sync enabled on Android, you can view them from your computer at any time: just go to with your Google account.
  • There are many tools that allow you to receive data from your Android phone to your computer (and send it back) over Wi-Fi, usually more convenient and faster than Bluetooth. details can be found, for example, here: Remote control of Android from a computer.
transfer, photos, android, laptop

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Is it possible to play music on a Bluetooth speaker from a PC. In particular, there is a Bluetooth-USB adapter, probably 2.0, from an unknown company. Interested in working with Win XP and Win10.

I’m not sure about XP. At 10, it may or may not start (the adapter is too old), it also depends on the sound profiles that the speaker supports. Sample.

Is it possible to detect in the domain network when files were transmitted or received via Bluetooth?

I do not know. But the last connection can be viewed even simply in the properties of the BT device in the manager. information. the last connection via Bluetooth.

Good day. I can not transfer a photo to a computer via Bluetooth, the transfer is interrupted. Who and what is forbidden, I cannot understand. I don’t sync with Google on Android 9.

Typically, the computer phone connection is established and even a photo is sent from the computer to the phone, the phone sends. I even sent VK to myself via Wi-Fi. And it does not send via Bluetooth, the photo is protected?

Hardly. often than not, there are some problems with the operation of the Bluetooth connection. But what exactly. I won’t say so without seeing the situation.

Sending an 8 minute video from my phone to my laptop. The file is being transmitted and received. But 87% stalled, the transmission went on all night, there is no progress in the morning. On the phone, the file transfer arrow is blinking, on the laptop, the type is being received. And the eternal process

I have no answer for the reasons. And from the tips. use other transmission methods (cable, cloud storage, etc.)

When the Bluetooth menu is called, there are no “Receive file”, “Send file” items in the tray. and also. the item “Allow device reception” is blocked. Drivers are installed, devices are synchronized. no problem with that. But it does not work to receive files. The same problem with receiving files via “bluetooth and other devices” You can send files by going to “related parameters. Sending or receiving files via Bluetooth”. but you cannot accept on a computer.

Are the drivers original? From the laptop manufacturer’s website, for example? Or otherwise installed?

Dmitry is not original, unfortunately. I’ll tell you in order.
For some unknown reason, the Bluetooth driver flew off, so it was not detected in the system. The manager showed that there are no drivers for it. On the official ASUS website (my laptop) I wanted to find drivers. but the site was on technical work. Therefore, I hurried with the installation and downloaded a rare muck. driverhub, which picked up supposedly working drivers, including Bluetooth. But the drivers worked with errors, and new ones were gradually added to the one mentioned in my first comment: the driver did not want to be removed in any way, it was removed only when it removed the driverhub. But together with the driverhub Windows began to glitch. powershell did not work, there were no downloads, etc., etc. Therefore, I had to demolish Windu entirely (I did not want to recover in any way). Maybe this is a little not, but my story complements your post about the fact that you need to install drivers from the official site, and not use all sorts of dubious intermediary programs. But, nothing, this situation gave me the opportunity to go further and explore new features of different OS =)

Downloading images manually

Oddly enough, but this option is the fastest, since you will not download everything, but only what you need. On the other hand, you can skip some photos or videos in this way. Difficult is that you will need to go through the folders and find the necessary pictures in order to throw them on the PC.

  • Opening the smartphone, you can see both the “Internal Shared Storage” or the built-in memory of the phone, and the SD card (if you have one).
  • The photos you took with the camera can be found in the “DCIN” folder.
  • After that, open the “Camera” section and download the photos that you need.

If you need to download photos, pictures that were received through social networks or instant messengers, then we use a different path, opening the following folders:

  • WhatsApp \ Media.
  • Telegram
  • . or VK

Next, we are looking for folders named Video and Images. And there, in turn, we select the files and download them to our computer.

Through the cloud

As I already said in the first method, the photos and videos that you took a long time ago are most likely already uploaded to your cloud. And fresh photos can be uploaded there in the same way. Let’s see how to use the cloud on a computer.

Download all images

  • The system will start searching for all suitable files and make a specific list.
  • If you want to import everything indiscriminately, then select the second item by specifying the name, but remember, in this case, absolutely everything will be downloaded. not only photos, but also pictures from applications, the entire cache from the browser and even pictures from games. The first option will allow you to view photos and videos separately, but the viewing mode itself is very inconvenient, and I would not search for the necessary files in this way.
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  • Next, click on the avatar in the upper right corner.
  • Next, we look at the name of the mailbox (… If you took fresh photos, then click on the upload button to upload them to the cloud.
  • Enter password. If you forgot it, then click on the link below and go through the key recovery procedure.
  • Once you are inside, click on the block with 9 dots and select the “Photos” section.

Next, you will see all your videos and photos. you can easily download them to your computer.

Enter the Apple ID, then the password and download the necessary media files.

transfer, photos, android, laptop


We connect the USB cable to the phone and a free port on a laptop or PC. Open Computer or File Explorer. you should see the name of your connected phone. And there are two ways to download photos from your phone.

Before we start, I want to point out one thing. You probably won’t find all the photos and videos. The fact is that both on Android phones and on iOS, all media is stored exclusively in the cloud. That is, you took a photo, connected to Wi-Fi, it is automatically uploaded to the cloud and then deleted from the phone. This is necessary in order not to load the phone memory.

But photos, pictures, video and audio from the same Telegram, WhatApp, Vknontakte or Odnoklassniki are stored on the phone permanently. But by the way, you can upload media from there and to the cloud, but for this you need to go into the settings of your smartphone. In general, if you do not find the photos or videos you need, then you should know. they are on your cloud (see the next chapter).

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Since the operating system is completely hidden, to download photos you need to download the iTunes program. from the official page. After installation, launch the program, connect the phone with a cable to the laptop. After that, open the “Photos” section.

How to transfer a photo from a phone to a computer: instructions for dummies

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you how to transfer photos, videos, audio from your phone to your laptop. Everything is done quite simply, and I tried to write the most detailed instructions for dummies. But if you have any difficulties while reading the article or while following my instructions, then you can always contact me for help in the comments.

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Phone to Computer via USB?

Users often need to transfer photos from a smartphone to a computer / laptop or vice versa. The transfer process itself is very simple, although there are some nuances here, which we, of course, will talk about in this article. All you need is the Samsung smartphone itself, a USB cable (with which you also charge your device), as well as a computer or laptop.

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Phone to PC?

Take the USB cable. preferably the one that came with your smartphone.

Connect it to a PC or laptop with one side.

Now unlock your smartphone screen. this is extremely important. You should see the following message:

How to Transfer Photos from Android Phone or Tablet to a PC

Select “Allow”. to provide access to the file system of the smartphone.

If the message does not appear, open the quick access menu (“curtain”) and tap on the line “USB for file transfer”.

Select “File Transfer” if the menu is active.

Or, as an option, disconnect the cable from the device and reconnect, a menu should appear on the desktop.

Now open “My Computer” on your PC or laptop and select the connected device.

Next, you will see the internal memory and a memory card, if any.

Now open the drive where the photos are saved. usually the internal memory, but sometimes the images are saved on the memory card. the Samsung firmware supports this. In our case, we are talking about internal memory.

Tap on the DCIM. Digital Camera Images folder.

Select images for transfer, you can several at once, then click on the right mouse button and in the menu that appears, click on the “Copy” button (or “Cut”, if necessary).

Select a folder on a computer or laptop disk, right-click, click on the line “Paste”.

Images will be copied or transferred. Transfer time depends on the number of photos, their size, system speed, etc.

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How to upload a photo with Honor and Huawei to a computer via a USB cable and via Wi-Fi: step by step for dummies

There are several options to transfer photos from Honor and Huawei to your computer. The option is necessary in many cases: if you want to share certain files with another person or if you need to free up memory, you can drop all media files and documents to another gadget. Despite the fact that manufacturers are constantly improving the parameters of smartphones and offering options with more capabilities than in previous models, PCs are better at saving data than mobile ones. Especially considering that the most space is taken up by photos and videos.

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By synchronizing with PC

The easiest and most convenient way to get files from Viber on your computer is to install the desktop version of the messenger. It is synchronized with the mobile device, as a result of which the same files are displayed on the PC as on the phone.

  • Launch messenger on the computer.
  • Open the desired dialogue.
  • Find the picture you want to download.
  • Right click on it.
  • Next “Save As”. And select the folder on the PC, into which the file will be downloaded from Viber.

On a Mac OS computer:

Step 1 Free download and install Syncios Manager for Mac on your Mac OS computer and launch. Likewise, connect your Android phone (OnePlus 6) to the laptop port until Syncios Manager fully recognizes it.

Step 2 Unlike the interface in the Windows version, you can view the function menu above. Among them, click “Photos” and get access to Android photo management.

Tap the Import icon. to access your photo folder on Mac, select specific photos to sync with your Android phone.

After copying photos to Android phone, you can view all new and old Android photos in Syncios. If there are some that you want to remove, click the Remove button. to report it.

Download Photos from Google to Android Phone.

Step 5 Open Google Photos on your Android. Tap the three-bar icon in the upper left corner of the screen. A pop-up menu will appear. Then tap Settings Backup & sync. which is at the top of the settings menu.

Step 6 Make sure the switch is in the On position. If not, tap the switch to enable photo backup. This will enable syncing between your Google Photos account and the Google Photos app, which will put the photos you just uploaded to Google Photos on your Android.

Supported OS: Android 3.0. Android 11

Supported Android devices: Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, Nubia, Meizu, Vivo, LG, Lenovo, Nexus, HTC, Vivo, Oppo, etc.

Supported backup files: contacts, messages, applications, music, videos, photos.

WI-FI Data Transfer to PC. Photos Companion [OVERVIEW]

I’ll tell you how to instantly transfer photos and videos from your phone to your computer via WI-FI.

The fact is that the proprietary image viewer of the Windows 10 operating system called “Photos” has a useful function. import from a mobile device via WI-FI.

Let’s find out how to activate it (yes, you need to do it yourself with your pens), how to throw pictures through the air in a PC and where to look for them there.

How to transfer photos from phone to PC using WI-FI via Google Photos / Dropbox / Google Drive

Cloud services like Google Photos, Dropbox and Google Drive make it very easy and convenient to back up and manage files on your computer. Android phone. You can upload files from your Android phone to the cloud and then access them seamlessly from different devices, thus these cloud services. good options for transferring photos from phone to laptop without USB cable.

Google Photos provides unlimited storage for high quality photos. Here we will take this as an example to see how to transfer photos from phone to PC using WI-FI with cloud service.

Step 1: Install Google Photos on your Android phone and sign in with your Google account.

Step 2: In the Google Photos app, select the photos you want to transfer to your computer, then tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner, tap Back up now.

Step 3: On your PC, visit the Google Photos website, select the photos downloaded from your Android device and download them to your PC.

We enable import from a mobile device via the WI-FI network

Everything is very simple. start the viewer and go to its “Parameters”

Scroll a little lower in the program window and find the item “Preliminary assessment”

As you probably already understood, you need to move the slider here by clicking on it with the computer mouse. That’s it, the function is activated. we restart the program and observe the new sub-item “From a mobile device via WI-FI network” in the “Import” menu section


Install the SHAREit app from Google Play on your phone.

On a PC, follow the link to download and install the program.


Or just select the “My Notes” folder in chats.

Mark pictures from gallery and send them.

Install the desktop version on your PC. you can download it from the official website And through it save the images to your computer.

Action on smartphone: connect to folder

We go to the explorer of the smartphone and open the “Remote Services”.

  • In the “Host” field, enter the IP address of the PC.
  • We print the username and password for entering the PC and click “OK”.

A shared folder will open where you can copy photos from your phone.

via messenger

Modern instant messengers have both mobile and computer versions. This function can be used to transfer pictures to yourself and download them to your PC.

Using the Internet

All photos can be uploaded to a cloud service, instant messengers or a social network. Then upload them to a PC at any convenient time, even without having a phone at hand.

How to transfer photos from phone to computer

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to transfer a photo from your phone to your computer. We will learn how to transfer photos using a USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, special programs and cloud services.