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How to Get Back Deleted Contacts on Samsung Galaxy Phone?

Readers of our site are often looking for an answer to the question of how to get back deleted contacts on their Android smartphone. As it turned out, there are several ways, one of which implies that you used your Samsung account to sync your contacts. If you can’t find your lost contacts in your Google Account, then they may have been saved to a different account, which is required to install apps and themes from Galaxy Apps.

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So, let’s start with the easiest way. restore contacts via Google account.

how to get deleted contacts back to android

Google has web versions of its services, so we can do all the necessary actions right from the computer.

  • Go to the Google Contacts webpage and make sure you’re signed in with the same account you use on your phone
  • Click the “To old version” button on the left side of the screen
  • Then click on the “” button, which is located above the list of your contacts
  • Then you need to select the time until which you want to restore deleted contacts
  • Now click restore to complete the process.
  • If the lost contacts did not appear on your phone, then try deleting your Google account and adding it back to sync your data from scratch.

    how to get back deleted contacts that were synced through Samsung account

    This method assumes that the phone has crashed, due to which some or all of the contacts have disappeared from the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. To restore contacts, you need to delete and add the account back.

      Open your phone settings and go to the “Cloud and accounts” section

    Now go to the “Accounts” section and select “Samsung account” in the list

    Tap on the email address, click the “Menu” button, which is located in the upper right corner and select “Delete account”

  • After confirming the actions, the Samsung account will be deleted
  • When the process is complete, restart your phone
  • Now add this same account back and make sure the contacts are synced. If this did not happen, then click the “Synchronize” button, which will force the synchronization process.
  • What else can you think of?

    You need to make sure that the phone book displays all your contacts, and not just those that are in the device memory, on the SIM card or any of your accounts.

    • Open the Contacts app on your phone
    • Tap on the “Menu” button in the upper right corner of the screen and go to settings

    In the “Show contacts” section, select “All contacts”

  • After these steps, the phone book will display all your numbers.
  • Did this material help you get back the contacts you lost? If you have any useful information on this, then please share it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

    How to transfer contacts via Bluetooth on Samsung a50

    Buying a new smartphone is almost always associated with childish joy. However, before you can fully enjoy its capabilities, you will have to transfer contacts and other valuable data that you have on your old phone.

    While we may remember how back in the day copying data from phone to phone was associated with Benedictine labor, today it is child’s play because almost everything happens automatically.

    Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can conveniently transfer numbers from one phone to another without having to rewrite manually. Here is the instruction!

    • Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.
    • Go to: “Contacts” to the phone from which you want to send numbers.
    • Click on the menu.
    • In the expanded menu, select “Share”.
    • Select all at once or which you want to send.
    • Click “Share” again.
    • Click the Bluetooth icon and select the name of the device you want to send contacts to.
    • On the other device, accept the file and import the contacts.

    How to transfer contacts to Samsung a50 phone

    Each phone change to a new one used to be a real drama, and moving contacts was a significant problem, so many decided to rewrite them on new equipment in manual mode.

    It was difficult to avoid mistakes if someone did not have magic cables and proper software. if they did, they could forget to do this via a computer.

    Fortunately, now that you have a modern Samsung a50 all these inconveniences are behind you. the whole process can be done with a few taps on the screen.

    Every modern system, including a Samsung Galaxy phone, offers at least several ways to easily transfer contacts from both old iPhone and Android.

    The easiest to use is cloud sync. For Android, the standard solution is just google contacts. There is a chance that you are already using them. this is a standard solution for the Google ecosystem that works automatically in the background, storing all the numbers and addresses that are in your contacts on the giant’s servers.

    In this case, transferring contacts from phone to phone is child’s play. when you log into the same account on a new device and choose to sync contacts there, after a while the device will automatically download all the information.

    That’s not all: in the system settings, you can also find the “Transfer from another phone” tab (it’s worth noting that this is an import). On HTC U11 with Android 8.0. the menu there is perfect in its simplicity and it in itself explains everything.

    Another option is to go to the system contacts application, then launch the menu and use the “Manage contacts” tab.

    There we will find options related to copying between accounts (useful if we have more than one Gmail account on the device) and saving them as one VCF file on the device.

    To use it, select “Import / Export Contacts“. “Export to phone memory”. select an account (or internal memory, that is, just “Phone”), and you’re done!

    If desired, we can also protect them with an additional password so that if they fall into the wrong hands, they do not contact him.

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    The saved VCF file should now be copied to the new device and imported accordingly.

    How else can you transfer contacts to Samsung a50

    A good way to copy contacts from your phone is also to use a memory card. Almost every smartphone has a dedicated microSD input into which you insert a memory card, with which you can easily transfer whatever you want. contacts, photos, calendar and even phone settings.

    Transferring data will be even easier if you use a program that makes transferring contacts easier.

    How to Import and Export contacts in Samsung A40

    On the other hand, the easiest way to copy contacts to iPhone is through iCloud. It archives, among others: SMS messages, emails and Apple hardware settings.

    Just one click to import all the required data. This works even when you change Android to iPhone.

    If you want more independence and want to transfer contacts from your phone as soon as possible, check out Helium Backup and SyncDroid.

    The former allows you to export individual apps and even create a backup that can be stored in the cloud.

    The second allows you to transfer data from your smartphone to your computer. To make this possible, you need two apps, one for your phone and one for your laptop.

    Full configuration also requires a USB connection. Fortunately, this is not a very difficult task, and the whole process will be greatly facilitated by adding to the Chrome browser.

    Now you can see for yourself that it is not a lot of time and not too difficult. With a little wits, new product knowledge and a few proven solutions, you can enjoy all the benefits of your new Samsung 50 smartphone in minutes! Success.

    How to copy and transfer contacts from SIM card or other phone to Samsung a51

    If you strain well, you can find a dozen ways to transfer contacts to your Samsung a51 phone.

    You can transfer from another Android phone, from an iPhone, from a SIM card, from the cloud, from a Samsung or Google account, from a computer, and so on.

    You can import contacts to Samsung a51 with built-in tools, computer programs or applications.

    Naturally, I will not describe all this, but I will limit myself to the simplest and fastest way. Of course, if you are up to something exotic, then my option may not work.

    Then you can drop a few words describing the essence of the issue in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and we will definitely solve this problem.

    I like to solve unsolvable “problems” in phones and computers, but that’s another topic, so I’m returning to ours. Similarly, you can transfer to a71, a31, a21, m21, a01, a41 and others with android 10.

    Import contacts to Samsung a51

    The first step is to move to the applications menu (hook the phone screen from the bottom and pull it up).

    The second step is to find the “Contacts” application (you can go to our goal in a different way, but this is the most acceptable for me).

    Open them up. Here we should be interested in three mowing lines. On Samsung a51 they are located on the left side (under the status bar).

    The third step is to select the “Manage contacts” option (it can also be found in the settings, but it’s easier this way).

    You have two options here. First “Import” / “Export”. It’s a great way to transfer contacts from or to another phone.

    You just need to export to a vCard file. Then transfer this file to another phone and just open.

    Then all contacts are immediately copied to the phone’s ringer. Put it on a memory card and they will always be safe with you.

    The second option is very good if you need to copy from a SIM card or to a SIM card. There, just put the bird from where and where.

    As you can see, it’s easy to transfer or copy, and I don’t think you need any third-party applications. Success.

    How to transfer contacts to Android

    We are often asked: “How to transfer contacts to Android?”. Therefore, we decided to create a separate instruction for transferring contacts from various mobile operating systems. After all, almost everyone before Android had another phone in which many useful phone numbers are stored, which are too lazy to carry with your hands. Therefore, in this article we will try to collect ways to transfer contacts from all possible devices. In the meantime, let’s start. If you have anything to add. write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article, we will include it in the instructions.

    Export address book from Microsoft Outlook email client:

    • From the main menu, select File, then select Import and Export.
    • Select the Export to file option and click Next.
    • Click Comma Separated Values ​​(Windows) and click Next.
    • In the list of folders, click the Contacts folder and click Next.
    • Navigate to the folder where you want to save your contacts as a CSV file.
    • Enter a name for the exported file and click OK.
    • Click “Next.
    • Click the Finish button.

    After that, download the file using one of the above methods.

    Transferring Contacts to Android via Bluetooth Using the Transfer Utility from HTC Sense

    The latest HTC models have a very good utility that can transfer contacts from a bunch of different devices on different platforms. Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorolla, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson. This program is able to transfer contacts, SMS and events from the calendar of the old phone.

    Run the “Transfer” program, read and follow.

    Next, select the manufacturer of your old phone, in my case it’s a Nokia phone Next, select the phone model (in my case it’s 7610)

    Next, a message appears that tells us that we would turn on Bluetooth on the old phone. After turning on Bluetooth on the old phone, click Next and see the search for devices has begun.

    The device is found, select it and click next. After that, a connection request from our new HTC smartphone appears on the old phone, click “YES” Next, the program prompts us to choose which data we want to transfer from the old phone, in my case it is Contacts or Calendar. Select and click next. After that, the transfer of contacts begins, but before that, you need to confirm the connection request from our new HTC smartphone on the old phone 2 more times, press “YES” Data import is complete!

    Pros of the program User friendly (nothing superfluous and very convenient). A large number of supported phones / smartphones. The downside is that it imports contacts only to the phone without the right to choose where I want to transfer Contacts to Google Account or to Phone. No more cons were found.

    1 Export address book from Nokia

    How to transfer contacts from Nokia to Android? With Nokia PC Suite, of course. For this:

    • Connect your Nokia phone to your PC using Nokia PC Suite
    • Launching Nokia Communication Center (Contacts)
    • Press CTRLA (select all contacts) and select the menu File. Export
    • Choose CSV or vCard format and save contacts to a file on your computer

    After that, download the file using one of the above methods.

    How to Show Contact export Samsung Galaxy A50, A20, A30, A40,M20,M10,M30,A7,A70,A6,

    Transferring data with Google Drive

    This method will help to transfer not only contacts, but also photos, files and calendar data, both from one Android smartphone to another, and from iOS to Android. An example of how to transfer data from iOS to Android read the link.

    Instructions: how to transfer contacts to a SIM card in Android 9

    Transferring contacts to a SIM card in Android 9 is done as follows:

    • From the main screen, you need to go to the address book using a special icon or through “Settings. Contacts”.
    • Go to the Android settings menu by clicking on the three-dot icon.
    • A menu will open with several items, among them we select “Manage contacts”.
    • A window will open offering the available options (merge, import / export, sync, change the default storage location). Select the item “Import / Export Contacts”.
    • To transfer contacts from phone to SIM card, you must select “Export”. SIM card.
    • Next, mark the contacts that need to be copied.
    • If you need to move all contacts from the address book to the SIM card, just click on the “Copy all” button.
    • Complete the procedure by clicking on the “Yes” button in the dialog box that opens.
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    Please note that when copying to the SIM card, only the phone number and contact name are transferred. Copy photo, email address and other contact details will not work due to SIM card limitations.

    Tip: You can do it differently: restore contacts from a backup, or sync a new phone with your Google account. Read how to do this here. At the same time, you will not have any restrictions: you can copy email, address and other data about the contact.

    Advice. For Android users, it is convenient to export contacts not to a SIM card, but to the Google Contacts cloud. Pros:

    • contacts will always be available for synchronization for any device,
    • address book data will be protected from accidental deletion.

    Transferring contacts to a SIM card in Android 4

    To transfer contacts from your phone to a Samsung SIM card (or to a device of any other brand) with the version of the Android 4 operating system, you must:

    • Go to the contacts section using a special icon on the home screen or in the menu.
    • Go to settings. To do this, press the “Menu”, “Options” or “” button depending on the phone model.
    • In the window that opens, select the item “Export / import contacts”.
    • Then select “Export to SIM-card”.
    • Select the contacts you want to copy. You can click on the “Select All” button if you want to copy all contacts from the phone book.
    • Carefully read and agree to the conditions under which data is copied from the phone to the SIM card.

    As with other operating systems, only the contact’s name and phone number are saved when copying.

    Transfer contacts to Android OS 8, 7, 6, 5 and below

    In older versions of Android, copying contacts to a SIM card is different from the one described above. In order for information about numbers on a SIM card to be available on a new phone, you must:

    • Go to the phone book using the special “Contacts” icon on the home screen.
    • In the upper right corner, click on the “Options” item (In some operating systems, the “Options” item is indicated by an icon with three dots).
    • In the menu that opens, select the “Settings” item.
    • Select contacts and in the menu that opens, click on “Import / Export Contacts”.
    • Click on the “Export” button. Android prompts you to select the location where you want to transfer your contacts. Use the command “Copy contacts from phone to SIM card”.
    • Confirm your intention to copy contacts by clicking on the “Yes” button in the window that opens.
    • Mark contacts for transfer. Further actions will be performed automatically.

    How to Transfer Contacts from Phone to SIM Card on Android

    There are several ways to transfer contacts from your phone to your SIM card:

    Transferring contacts to the phone’s SIM card is convenient: after changing the mobile device to another, there will be no problems with transferring numbers to the Android address book.

    Most often, you can get by with the built-in smartphone tools: you do not need to install additional software. The methods for transferring contacts to a SIM card may differ depending on the version of Android installed on the phone. We’ll be looking at a variant with Android 9 and a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. Ways for Android 8 and below are also described.

    Please tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you managed to transfer contacts to a SIM card. Also, if the described methods of transferring contacts on your phone are not available, check which device you are using and which version of Android is installed.

    How to transfer contacts from SIM card to phone

    After the import / export of contacts has been made, you can move the card to another phone. all phone numbers will be immediately available.

    In order for the new information about contacts to be saved in the phone’s memory, it is necessary, accordingly, to transfer data from the SIM card to the smartphone. For this:

    • Go to contacts through the icon on the home screen.
    • In the menu (opens after clicking on the “Menu”, “Options” or “” depending on the version of the OS that is installed on the smartphone) select the item “Settings”. In newer versions of the Android operating system, you must select the item “Manage contacts”.
    • Select “Export / Import Contacts”, then “Import”.
    • Indicate where you want to copy the information from (in our case, from the SIM card).
    • Selecting contacts, completing the import.

    After these actions, the contacts will be saved in the phone memory. If you change your SIM card, the numbers will still be available for viewing.

    Best apps for transferring contacts

    You can transfer contacts to SIM not only with the built-in tools of the phone, but also through third-party software. There are also programs that allow you to backup your contacts. The advantage of a backup over a regular copy is that it is often possible to save not only the name and number, but also additional information.

    • Titanium Backup. The application creates a full backup of the address book, as a result, no additional information on contacts is lost. Using the application, contacts can be saved to a memory card or information can be uploaded to the cloud for subsequent easy access from any mobile device. Disadvantages of the application: distributed on a paid basis, requires administrator rights.
    • Dropbox. The app allows you to sync your contact information and store it in the cloud. In order not to lose the necessary information when changing the phone or firmware, just go to the program settings and click on “Save contacts”.

    Important! Detailed instructions on how to backup contacts.

    Dear Readers! Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if the described methods helped you or not? We will try to improve the article if suddenly some methods do not work on other versions of Android.

    How to Copy Contacts from SIM Card to iPhone


    How to save contacts to a file

    There are several ways to save contacts from Android to a memory card, depending on the device model.

    How to save contacts on Samsung and another smartphone on Android

    We offer a complete list of ways and tools on how to save contacts on Samsung Galaxy.

    If contacts are duplicated after recovery

    Delete all contacts from the gadget’s memory and restore them from a file.

    How to copy contacts to SIM card or from SIM card to Samsung Galaxy

    You can save contacts to SIM through the corresponding application.

    Duplicate Contacts app

    If you are interested in the question of how to delete a duplicate contact or view the contents of an entry, you can use the simple Duplicat Contacts tool. The application automatically saves the VCF file with contacts on the memory card.

    How to check if contacts are saved in your Google Account

    Checking whether the address book is saved is performed in your Google account, in the menu. To do this, you need to log in and check the copied list of contacts.

    Transferring data from one Samsung device to another

    Smart Switch

    Samsung has developed a proprietary application for transferring data from one device (not only Galaxy) to other smartphones of its own production. The app is called Smart Switch and comes in the form of a mobile utility or software for Windows and Mac OS desktops.

    Smart Switch allows you to transfer data via USB cable or Wi-Fi. In addition, you can use the desktop version of the application and transfer information between smartphones using a computer. The algorithm for all methods is similar, so let’s consider the transfer using the example of a wireless connection via an application for phones.

    On Galaxy S8 / S8 and higher devices, the Smart Switch is integrated into the system and is located at “Settings”. “Cloud and accounts”. “Smart Switch”.

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    In the window for selecting the OS of the old device, check the item “Android”.

    On your old device, click on “Connect”.

  • You will be prompted to select the categories of data that will be transferred to the new machine. Together with them, the application will display the time required for the transfer. Check the information you need and click “Send”.
  • Confirm receipt of files on the new device.
  • This method is extremely simple, however, using Smart Switch you cannot transfer data and settings of third-party applications, as well as cache and save games.

    dr. fone. Switch

    A small utility from Chinese developers Wondershare that allows you to transfer data from one Android smartphone to another in just a couple of clicks. Of course, the program is also compatible with Samsung devices.

      Enable USB debugging on both devices.

    Then connect your Samsung devices to your PC, but before that, make sure that the correct drivers are installed on it.
    Run other background. Switch.

    Click on the “Switch” block.
    When the devices are recognized, you will see an image like the screenshot below. On the left. the source device, in the center. the selection of the categories of data that need to be transferred, on the right. the destination device. Select the files you want to transfer from one smartphone to another and click “Start transfer”.

    Be careful! The program does not know how to transfer data from protected Knox folders and some Samsung system applications!

    As with Smart Switch, there are restrictions on the type of files that can be transferred. In addition, dr. fone. Switch in English, and its trial version allows you to transfer only 10 positions of each data category.

    Methods for transferring data on Samsung smartphones

    There are several ways to transfer information from one Samsung device to another. using the proprietary Smart Switch utility, synchronizing with a Samsung or Google account, using third-party programs. Let’s consider each of them.

    Synchronization with Samsung and Google accounts

    The simplest possible way to transfer data from one Samsung device to another is by using Android’s built-in data sync tool with your Google and Samsung service accounts. This is done like this:

      On your old device, go to “Settings”. “General” and select “Back up and reset”.

    Within this menu item, check the option “Archive data”.

    Go back to the previous window and tap on “Accounts”.

  • Wait for the information to be copied to Samsung cloud storage.
  • On your new smartphone, log into the same account where you backed up your data. By default, the automatic synchronization function is active on Android, so after a while the data will appear on your device.
  • For a Google account, the actions are almost identical, only in step 4 you need to select “Google”.
  • This method, despite its simplicity, is also limited. you cannot transfer music and applications installed not through the Play Market or Galaxy Apps in this way.

    Google Photos If you only need to transfer your photos, then the Google Photos service will perfectly cope with this task. It’s quite easy to use.

    • Install the app on both Samsung devices. Enter it first on the old.
    • Swipe right to access the main menu. Select “Settings”.
    • In the settings, tap on the item “Startup and synchronization”.
  • After entering this menu item, activate the synchronization by tapping on the switch. If you use multiple Google accounts, select the one you want.
  • On the new device, sign in to the account you turned on sync and repeat steps 1-4. After some time, photos from the previous Samsung smartphone will become available on the currently used one.
  • We have reviewed the most convenient methods for transferring data between Samsung smartphones. Which one did you use?

    How to transfer on Android 5.0 or higher?

    To know how to transfer contacts from SIM to phone in Samsung, you must first have a clear idea of ​​how to copy subscriber numbers to the embedded memory of the SIM card. For this OS version, this procedure is as follows:

    Press the “Options” button, which can be hidden behind the pictogram with the image of three vertical dots.

    Next, you should select the item “Room Management” “. If this option is absent in a specific device model, “Settings” is selected.

    After clicking on it, the copy menu will open. To unload the address book, use the second option from the proposed (Export).

    The smartphone will ask where to copy the information. When transferring to SIM memory, you must select this item.

    If the smartphone is equipped with two SIM-cards, then the user independently chooses the storage.

    Next, you need to decide on the list of subscribers whose data you want to transfer. It should be borne in mind that with this method, only the number and part of the name are saved. This is due to the limitation of the SIM card. If you need to save other fields of the address book, it is recommended to choose a different method.

  • After confirming the action, all information will be copied.
  • Algorithm of actions for Android below version 5

    If the device is running an old version of the operating system, then the process of transferring the address book to the SIM card will be slightly different from the method described above:

      The first step is to open the appropriate application.

    Select “Options” or press the three vertical dots.

    Select the location to save the address book (export to the SIM card).

  • Press the “Finish” button and confirm the operation.
  • How to Copy (Import) Contacts From SIM to Phone on Samsung Galaxy A50

    How to transfer contacts from SIM to phone in Samsung for Android 5.0 and higher?

    To perform the opposite action and transfer all saved cards to a new device, you need to complete a certain sequence of steps:

    Find the item “Room Management”. If it is absent, the “Settings” menu is selected.

  • Next, you need to click on the “Contacts” item. In the absence of such, you can safely proceed to the next step.
  • They will select the line “Import / Export”.
  • Two options will appear, select “Import”.

    Next, the smartphone will ask you to determine where the subscriber cards should be transferred from.

    Additionally, the location where the subscriber data will be saved is indicated. This can be your device’s internal storage, Google account, or Samsung account.

  • The last step will be putting a checkmark in front of the numbers that you want to import, and pressing the “Finish” button.
  • How to Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to Samsung Phone. How to Guide

    When changing a smartphone, the first thing a person faces is the need to transfer existing information. First of all, this includes the import of subscriber data. This can be done in several ways: by synchronizing with Google services, creating a vCard and sending it by e-mail, copying it to a SIM card. Since smartphone changes are rare, not all users know how to transfer contacts from SIM to phone in Samsung.

    The copying procedure will depend on the version of Android.

    How to copy information if you have Android 4.0 and below?

    The scheme of actions will be almost the same:

      First you need to go to the corresponding application.

    Select “Menu” or “Options” (depending on the specific model of the device).

    Specify where the copy should come from.

    Choose where the import will take place.

    The old version of the OS only offers two places. local device and Google account.

  • Next, you need to select the phones to save and press the “Finish” button.
  • Performing these simple manipulations will allow you to not be left without the usual numbers when buying a new smartphone and always stay in touch.