How To Test A Microphone On A Laptop

How to turn on the built-in microphone in a laptop in manual mode

To manually turn on (configure) the laptop microphone, right-click the “speaker” icon in the tray and click on the “recording devices” line.

This will open a window where you can enable and configure your laptop’s sound recorder.

If you have, as shown in the figure below, then everything should work correctly. if not Correct.

Of course, do not forget about the drivers, which I wrote about above. without them, nothing works in the computer. To download (if not available), it is best to choose the official site.

Now that you have done everything according to the instructions (as described above), the performance of the microphone needs to be checked.

ATTENTION: if you made a recording from a microphone, but it turned out to be of poor quality, then various noises and so on can be easily removed. here are the instructions on how to do it.

How to configure the built-in microphone in a laptop automatically

To configure the microphone in the laptop automatically, enter the control panel. There go to the “troubleshooting” section

Now as shown in the picture below click on “Troubleshoot audio recording”

A window will appear in front of you. click next below. It will change to something else. There you will be offered two options for setting. select the first. See Fig.

The system will automatically fix everything and turn on the sound recording device, you just have to confirm it by clicking on the words “apply this fix”.

Wait for the end. The window can now be closed. your microphone should be configured (enabled)

How to enable the built-in microphone on a laptop

When recording from the built-in microphone of a laptop (lenovo, acer, asus (ASUS) or any other), problems often arise. for some reason it does not work.

What then needs to be done? Enable, configure, check. This can be done in two ways. automatic and manual.

It is better to give priority to the first. automatic. Second option Use as an additional option. Everything that will be described below applies to windows 7 and Windows 8. I don’t remember in XP, I don’t use it for a long time.

First of all, be sure to pay attention to the driver. If they are absent, no setting will help. you will NOT be able to turn on the microphone.

NOTE: you can also increase the sensitivity of the microphone and use other effective options. instructions with description here.

How To Test A Microphone On A Laptop

How to test the microphone on a laptop

I will describe the easiest way. Click start, click “all programs” scroll to the bottom and select “standard”.

In this section, find the “sound recorder” utility and click on it. A small panel will appear on the desktop.

On the left side there will be an option “start recording”. click. Say a few words and click on it again, only now it will say “stop recording”.

Save it and listen to it. If you hear your voice, it means that the microphone is on. the setting is correct. Success.

How to test your microphone on Windows 10

The first thing to do after connecting the microphone to your computer is to check it is working. In this article, we will tell you how to check the microphone on a Windows 10 computer and what to do in cases where it does not work.

Microphone test through Windows 10 settings

The easiest and fastest way to test the microphone on a Windows 10 computer or laptop is to go to the sound settings. To do this, you need to right-click the speaker icon on the Windows 10 taskbar (next to the system clock) and select “Recording Devices” in the menu that appears. If the item “Recorders” is available, then select the option “Sounds”.

As a result, the “Sound” window should open in front of you. The connected microphone should be displayed here on the Recording tab. The microphone case will display a green bar, which indicates the signal strength. In order to check the microphone, just say something into it and observe the green bar.

If the microphone is working, then the strip should darken to the rhythm of the incoming signal.

Microphone test with Voice Recorder app

Older versions of Windows often used Sound Recorder to test the microphone, but Windows 10 is no longer available. Instead, the operating system now includes the application “Voice Recorder” (in the Russian version, this application may be called “Voice Recorder”).

This application can also be used to test the microphone. To do this, open the Start menu, search for “Voice Recorder” (or “Voice Recorder”) and launch the Found Application.

After launching the application, click on the large button in the center and allow access to the microphone (if such a request appears).

Then speak into the microphone for verification and end the recording.

After that, the entry you created will appear in the application. In order to listen to the created recording, just click on it directly in the application.

Thus, you can quickly test the microphone on Windows 10 without installing third-party programs.

Possible microphone problems on Windows 10

If your microphone has NOT passed the tests described above, you will NOT be able to use it in this state. You need to determine why it is not working and fix the problem. Below we describe a number of the most common problems that can occur when using a microphone.

  • Connection problems. The first thing to check is the microphone connection. Make sure you plug it into the correct connector and check the integrity of the cable. Also check the on / off button if present on the microphone body. Read more in the article on connecting a microphone.
  • The microphone is disabled in Windows 10 settings. Open the Sound window as described at the beginning of this article and try to enable the microphone. To do this, right-click on the microphone and select the “Enable” option. Also, the microphone may NOT be used as the default device. To fix this, right-click on it and select “Use as default”. Learn more in the article on setting up a microphone on Windows 10.
  • The microphone is too quiet. In some cases, the microphone is connected correctly, but nothing is heard during the test. This usually means that it is operating at low volume. To fix this, open the “Sound” window, as described at the beginning of the article, select the microphone and go to properties. In the properties of the microphone, on the “Levels” tab, you can adjust the volume and gain of the microphone. Read more in the article on increasing the microphone volume.
  • Applications are prohibited from using the microphone. You also need to check if applications are allowed to use the microphone. To do this, open the “Options” menu (for example, using the Win-i key combination) and go to the “Privacy. Microphone” section. Here you need to enable the option “Allow applications to use the microphone” and check if there are additional restrictions for SEPARATE applications.
  • The front of the computer is not configured correctly. If you are trying to connect a microphone to the front of the computer but nothing works, then you should try connecting it directly to the motherboard (on the back of the computer). Your front panel may be incorrectly configured.
  • Incorrect sound driver settings. If you have checked everything, but the microphone still does not work, then you should check the settings of the sound driver. To do this, open the sound control panel, which should appear in the system after installing the drivers, and examine the settings available there. In some cases, you can resort to reinstalling the sound card drivers.

Windows 10 microphone driver for laptop

The microphone in the laptop will NOT work without the driver. With this, the truth is almost never a problem.

It is installed along with the operating system. You can see it in the device manager.

If you suddenly need to install a driver or update, then do it through the device manager, but it is better to use the website of the manufacturer of the control panel, sound card, or this quick way.

How to test the microphone on a windows 10 computer

How to test the microphone on a windows 10 laptop

You can believe it in several ways. For example, it will start skype (on all tens it is installed by default).

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Skype has a check function. you can use it. You can do otherwise.

Download a program for recording, record a few words you said yourself and check the playback.

If you choose the second method, then pay attention to two more excellent programs for sound recording. Success.

Windows 10

The developers did everything possible to make the system easy and convenient to use. In addition, the latest version could be updated completely free of charge, and if you wanted to later return the old version, make the so-called system rollback. In this regard, a huge number of users still switched to this version of the system. However, not all users of the “top ten” immediately were able to deal with it. In the course of their work, they had various questions, for example, one of the most common: how to set up a microphone on Windows 10. We will talk about this below.

How to set up a microphone on a windows 10 laptop

This small guide will guide you through setting up the microphone on your hp, asus, sony, lenovo, acer, samsung or toshiba laptop with windows 10.

In particular, you will learn how to set up, what to do if it does not work, how to install the driver, turn it on and, if not needed, then turn it off and even increase the volume.

I will not touch on technical questions in this post, only software.

As for the hardware, you always have the opportunity to use an external microphone in your laptop.

How to set up a microphone on Windows 10?

Since the release of Windows 10, many users have already grown to love and get used to this operating system. Compared to its predecessors, Windows 8, this Microsoft product is really a success. Taking into account a certain failure of the G8, all the amendments were made in Windows 10, the main shortcomings were corrected and everything that the owners of the eighth Windows so complained about was redone. Also, many functions were improved and added that were not there before.

How to check by other means if the microphone of a Windows 7 laptop is working. windows 10

You can record and check the quality of the recording with the already built-in Windows 7 toolkit. windows 10.

Windows 7 has a built-in utility called Sound Recorder, on windows 10 it is slightly different. Action Recorder.

They are located in the start section. “Standard Programs”. I will not describe them in more detail, but I recommend using an excellent free program. “UV Sound Recorder”.

You can download it at this link. It is in Russian, so you won’t have any problems checking the built-in microphone.

But what if you see that the microphone is in a stupor? Then you need to fix the problem. How? Detailed instructions are here. Success.

How to turn on the microphone on a windows 10 laptop

To enable click in the tray icon in the form of a speaker RMB and Click on the line “recording devices”.

Then right click on the device you need, and if you see the word “turn on”, then click on it.

NOTE: sometimes you may need to enable it in device manager, then click “enable” as in the picture below.

How to mute the microphone on a windows 10 laptop

There is nothing to describe how to disable. Check out the section above and do the opposite.

If, of course, there are other options, then THESE two will be enough for everyone.

How to test the microphone on a laptop

The concept of “laptop” includes many models of small computers equipped with additional application tools. The factory configuration does not always provide for the exact following the wishes of the customers; many elements of the user interface or hardware will have to be customized. Regarding the setting of SEPARATE elements, there are many thematic articles, and this one will talk about checking and setting up a microphone for a laptop.

Microphone setup

Most mini-computers without special firmware are installed with the operating system Windows 10, so Step-by-step microphone setup on a laptop will be scheduled here, provided that this system is available on the computer.

  • Connect a working external audio recorder to the laptop. If you want to use the built-in microphone (if any), then to turn it on, you must perform the following steps:
  • Penetrated into the “Control Panel”. This can be done by opening the “Search” section in the “Start” menu (in the lower left corner of the screen) and entering the corresponding name of the section or program there. Select the desired one from the results and open.
  • In the Control Panel, it will turn on the display in the form of a list of icons, then find the category “Hardware and Sound”, and under it “Troubleshoot problems with recording”. Named for this section.
  • In the new window, sequentially click “Next” and “Microphone with support.” (the first option in the list). Apply fixes.
  • The built-in microphone is now enabled and can be used.
  • Wait for the drivers to be installed (for an externally connected device). If they are NOT installed automatically, then you should use the software disc or download them on the manufacturer’s official website. All drivers are supplied free.
  • In the search for “Start” enter “Recorders” and open the window corresponding to the microphone parameters.
  • In the “Recording” section, find the Microphone in use, right-click on it and select “Enable”. Then click on it twice.
  • In a new window, it becomes possible to adjust the volume level and the microphone gain factor, the range of which depends on the capabilities of the sound card. Sound amplification can be completely turned off, or, conversely, raised to a very high level. Installing additional utilities will expand the use of audio recording.
  • How to check if the microphone works on a laptop

    If you follow the directions below, it will be easy to check if the microphone is working on your laptop:

    • On the desktop, move the mouse cursor to the lower right part of the screen and call it by the arrows pointing up.
    • A small menu will open where mini-icons will be displayed. Find the icon of the loudspeaker with the waves of sound, right-click on it, and select “Recorders” in the drop-down list.
    • A new window will open, consisting of several sections. The section “Recording” provides a list of connected devices, which are designed to enter sound information into the PC memory. This list should contain an icon of a connected microphone and a green circle with a check mark, as a status indication that the device is working as it should.
    • If you double-click the left button on the recording device icon, another window will appear where the user will be shown a slider showing the volume level of the microphone itself and the degree of amplification of the incoming sound. By moving THESE controls, you can change the sound strength.
    • Direct check of the microphone operation parameters is carried out from the “Start” menu, the “Settings” line and in the “Security” category.
    • In the window that opens after THESE actions, you should find the section column located on the left, and find the category “Microphone”.
    • In the right part of the window at the very top, set the toggle switch position to the “on” state.
    • Scroll the page down with the slider on the side or the mouse wheel, find the item “Voice recording” and also put it in the on position.
    • Now you can close the window and go back to the Start menu. This time, you should select the search function and enter in the line “Voice recording” without quotes.
    • An application of the same name will appear in the user’s results, which should be selected.
    • A blue circular icon on a light gray background appears in the center of the screen. To test the operation of the microphone, you need to call this icon and say something to the sound recording device. After the end of the sound, the window will change and a list of files that represent the recordings of microphone sounds will appear.
    • You can listen by selecting the desired recording and clicking on the triangle on the right side of the screen.
    • If the recording does not appear or it occurs, but there is sound on it, then the drivers for the sound microcircuits may NOT be installed. To check for their presence, you need to follow the following steps:
    • Return to desktop (keyboard shortcut will NOT work in all applications).
    • Hold down the “WinR” combination to open a small console window.
    • Write in this line “mmc devmgmt.Msc” without quotes and agree with what was written.
    • A device manager window will pop up, where a list of various elements of the laptop architecture, as well as additional connected devices will be provided.
    • You need to find the category “Sound and Audio Devices” and open it by clicking on the small arrow.
    • A list of sound devices installed on the laptop will drop out. There should be a microphone icon among them. If there is a triangular sign with an exclamation next to it, then the necessary drivers could not be installed.
    • You can install the drivers by right-clicking on the microphone icon in the same menu and select “Update drivers” from the list. After that, the question will arise about finding the necessary software. You can force the systems to automatically search for the things you need on the Internet, you can specify the path to the driver disk if available, or download the software from the official website yourself, save it in the computer memory and specify the path again.
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    Checking recording devices

    Make sure your microphone is set as the default recording and communication device. For this:

    • In the latest version of Windows 10, right-click on the speaker icon, select Open Sound Options, and on the next screen, select Sound Control Panel under Related Options, then click the Recording tab. In earlier Windows 10 versions, right-click on the speaker icon in the notification area, select “Sounds”, and in the window that opens, open the “Recording” tab.
    • If your microphone appears but is not listed as the default communication and recording device, right-click on it and select Use Default and Use Default Communication Device.
    • If the microphone is listed and already set as the default device, select it and click the Properties button. Check the settings on the “Levels” tab, try disabling the “Exclusive mode” checkboxes on the “Advanced” tab.
    • If the microphone is NOT displayed, SIMilarly, right-click anywhere in the list and enable the display of hidden and disconnected devices. is there a microphone among them?
    • If there is a device and is disabled, right-click on it and select “Enable”.

    If as a result of these actions nothing was achieved and the microphone still does not work (or could not be displayed in the list of recording devices), go to the next method.

    Microphone check in device manager

    Perhaps the problem is in the sound card drivers and the microphone does not work for this reason (and it also depends on your sound card).

    • Go to the device manager (for this, you can right-click on “Start” and select the desired item in the context menu). In Device Manager, open the “Audio Inputs and Audio Outputs” section.
    • If the microphone is not displayed there. we either have problems with the drivers, or the microphone is NOT connected, or is faulty, try to continue from the 4th step.
    • If the microphone is displayed, but you see an exclamation mark next to it (it works with an error), try right-clicking on the microphone, select “Delete”, confirm the deletion. Then from the Device Manager menu select “Action”. “Update hardware configuration”. Perhaps after that it will work.
    • In a situation where the microphone is NOT displayed, you can try reinstalling the sound card drivers, for a start. in a SIMple way (automatically): open the “Sound, game and devices” section in the device manager, right-click on your sound card, select “Uninstall »Confirm deletion. After uninstalling in the device manager, select “Action”. “Update hardware configuration”. Drivers Will have to be reinstalled and, possibly, after that the microphone will appear in the list again.

    If you had to resort to step 4, but this did NOT solve the problems, try installing the sound card drivers manually from the website of the manufacturer of your motherboard (if it is a PC) or laptop specifically for your model (that is, NOT from the driver pack and not just “Realtek” and the like from third-party sources). Learn more in Windows 10 sound missing.


    Microphone stopped working after Windows 10 update or reinstall

    After the recent big update of Windows 10, many have faced the issue in question. Likewise, the microphone may stop working after a clean install of the latest system.

    The reason for this (often, but not always, further described methods may be required) is the new OS privacy settings that allow you to configure access to the microphone of various programs.

    Therefore, if you have the latest version of Windows 10 installed, before attempting the methods from the following sections of the guide, try these SIMple steps:

    • Open Settings (WinI keys or through the Start menu). Privacy.
    • On the left, select “Microphone”.
    • Make sure microphone access is enabled. Otherwise, click “Change” and enable access, also enable application access to the microphone just below.
    • Even lower on the same settings page in the section “Select applications that can access the microphone”, Make sure that access is enabled for those applications where you plan to use it (if the programs are in the list. everything is in order).
    • Enable access for the Win32WebViewHost (or Desktop Web Viewer) app here.

    You can then check if the problem has been resolved. If not, try the following ways to fix the situation.

    Windows 10 microphone not working. what to do?

    One of the common problems in Windows 10 is microphone issues, especially since the recent Windows update. The microphone may NOT work at all or in some specific programs, for example, in Skype, or in the entire system. In this instruction, step by step on what to do if the microphone stopped working in Windows 10 on a computer or laptop, both after updating, and after reinstalling the OS, or without any action at all from the user. Also at the end of the article there is. Which shows all the steps.

    Before proceeding, be sure to check the microphone connection (so that it is connected to the correct connector, the connection is tight), even if you are completely sure that everything is in order with it. Important note: if you have headphones with a microphone with one connector, they require a combined input / output for the microphone and headphones, and this is not available in every PC and laptop.

    Microphone does not work in Skype or other software

    Some programs, such as Skype, other programs for communication, screen recording, and other tasks, have their own microphone settings. THOSE. Even if you set the correct recorder in Windows 10, the settings in the program may differ. over, even if you have already set up the correct microphone and then unplugged and plugged it back in, these settings can sometimes be reset in programs.

    Therefore, if the microphone stopped working only in a specific program, carefully study its settings, perhaps all you need to do is specify the correct microphone there. For example, in Skype, this option is in Tools. Options. Sound Settings.

    Also Considering that in some cases, the problem may be caused by a faulty connector, and not by the connected connectors of the front panel of the PC (if you connect a microphone to it), by a microphone cable (you can check its operation on another computer) or some other hardware malfunction.


    Online microphone test at WebcamMicTest will not take much time. Repeat steps to check:

    • Follow the link and click “Test Microphone”.
    • Allow Access the device so that the service can output sound.

    If successful, you will see a graph of the sound volume change on the screen, otherwise. an error message.

    On the computer

    To check the microphone, you do not necessarily need Internet access, you can evaluate the device using standard Windows tools. Use the built-in Sound Recorder from the Start Menu, which is now called Voice Recorder on Windows 10. Saying a few words in it and listen to the resulting audio recording.

    You can also find out if the microphone is working from its system settings. In Control Panel go to the Hardware and Sound category, open the options. Available devices are displayed in the “Recording” tab. A green scale with divisions indicates their normal state. Open the additional properties with a right click, on the second tab enable the “Listen from this device” option. Now the sound will be directly output to speakers or headphones, and you can check the sound without recording.

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    A SIMple online microphone test is implemented on the MicTest website. The service runs on Flash, it analyzes the incoming voice and evaluates the device’s performance. How to test a microphone on a laptop or PC via MicTest: allow the browser to access the sound and start singing or speaking. The service will display an estimate of the volume and sound intensity.

    If the resource reports “Sound comments”, check the field below the indicator. the correct device should be selected there. For a laptop with built-in sound, move the volume slider to maximum so that even a quiet microphone picks up at least something.

    Speech Pad

    An interesting resource Speech Pad is a speech recognition service. On it, you can not only test your microphone online, but also translate your voice into text. To use the resource correctly, you need the Google Chrome browser. Turn on the recording and saying a couple of phrases, if there is sound on the computer, the said text will appear in the resulting field.

    Online Microphone

    Online Microphone will help you quickly check the operation of the microphone. Registration No need, open the resource, activate access to sound and record your voice. If the indicator displays green waves during recording, lights flicker in the picture. your device is working normally.

    The right slider is for adjusting the volume sensitivity. Use it if there is sound, but it is weak. A quiet sound with crackling and rustling is a sign of poor quality or old microphone operation.

    Checking the microphone in the browser online

    By Anastasia Aug 29 2017

    If you are unable to record sound on your computer, an online microphone test will help. To use the service, you do not have to download and install new programs, just follow the link in your browser and say a few words. We figure out how to check a microphone on a computer using online resources and without an Internet connection.

    Online Voice Recorder

    Microphone online on Online Voice Recorder is not just a test, but a whole voice recorder with functions for cutting recording and adjusting volume settings. How to check if the recording is working: follow the link and click on the green button from the triangle. Say a few words out loud and stop recording by clicking on the square. Now start listening if your sounds are repeated in headphones or speakers. the microphone on the computer is working properly.

    Do not forget to select the correct sound device in the parameters by clicking the “Change” button before recording. If you are NOT sure you did it right, click on “Record Again” and change the default settings.


    Skype also has a built-in online microphone testing service. You need to call the Sound Test contact. the service is free and automatic, you don’t have to talk to the operator. Start speaking, then listen to the recording. The test will help evaluate Not only the operation of the device, but also the Skype settings. you will understand how the interlocutor hears you.

    We figured out how you can test the microphone right now. Use standard Windows utilities or online services. The latter have broader capabilities, helping Not only to find out the operability of the equipment, but also to immediately record an audio file.

    Three ways to test a microphone on a computer

    Microphone. This is a necessary and very important device in modern life. With it, you can communicate via the Internet, as well as record your own voice.

    In many laptops, tablets, and other devices, the microphone is already built-in, but for a personal computer you need to purchase it separately, connect it, and also configure it correctly.

    The word microphone has Greek roots. Comes from two words: “micro”. Small, “background”. Vote.

    To make sure whether the connected microphone is working, whether it is working correctly, whether the necessary settings have been made, you need to know how to test the microphone on the computer. There are three main ways to do this.

    Windows check

    The first, fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to test your microphone is working with Windows components. Windows provides the ability to configure and test the microphone. You can check the microphone through live broadcast, sensitivity indicator, and sound recording.

    After making sure the microphone is turned on, you need to do the following:

    • First you need to open the “Control Panel” on your computer,
    • Select “Hardware and Sound”,
    • Press “Sound”.
    • In the window that opens, there is a “Recording” tab. This tab contains devices used to record sound.
    • Click on the “Microphone” device, a window opens with information about the microphone, and its parameters.
    • Next, open the “Listen” tab.
    • To start listening to the microphone, you need to tick “Listen from this device”, and click OK.
    • After that, you need to say something into the microphone to hear your voice.

    It should be noted here that while listening to the microphone, the speakers must work, otherwise the voice will not be heard.

    But it also happens that the sound output devices are not connected to the computer, in this case it is also possible to check the microphone. To do this, go back to the “Recording” tab. There is a microphone case, there is a special sensitivity scale. If the microphone is working, then as the volume of sounds recognized by the microphone, green bars will light up. By doing so, you at least check the performance of the microphone, since if it does not work, the indicator will always show gray stripes. However, with such a check, it will be impossible to understand exactly how the microphone works and what else needs to be adjusted for better sound quality.

    Checking via sound recording

    In addition to standard tools, Windows has a sound recording option, with which you can also check the performance of your microphone.

    To do this, you need to click “Start”, “All Programs”, “Standard”, “Sound Recorder”. A small window will open, where there is only one button. “Start recording”. We click on it, and we say something into the microphone.

    Then we click “Stop recording”, and we are asked to indicate the path to save the recording. Next, saving the file, go along the specified path, open it and listen to the sound quality.

    Via Skype

    Some time ago we published an article about setting up a microphone in Skype. So, about the same method can be used to test the operation of the microphone as a whole. Even if you don’t need it for Skype.

    Skype has two verification methods. faster and longer. To quickly check the microphone, you just need to select any contact from the list of added ones, and click on the “Communication quality data” button. A window with microphone settings will open, where you should select your microphone from the list and click “Test“. The program will record a few seconds and then play the recording.

    Another way to test your microphone over Skype is to call a dedicated sound testing service. We select the contact “Echo / Sound Test Service”, which is automatically added when registering an account, and click “Call”.

    After a short message, recording will start for 10 seconds, after which the result will be played back automatically. It is worth noting that this method requires Internet access.

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