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How to tell an iPhone 4 from a 4s


As mentioned above, it is the technical characteristics that have undergone the main changes.

  • Performance. The iPhone has a dual-core A5 processor. The iPhone 4 has a single-core processor. Performance has doubled. iPhone 4 was not a “brake” anyway, but the new iPhone just “flies”.
  • Camera. The new model boasts a new 8 pixel camera. The old model had 5 pixels. Thanks to the new backside illumination technology, the pictures are much better. You can also now shoot videos in Full HD quality.
  • Non-volatile memory. The maximum memory capacity is now 64 GB.
  • iCloud and Siri. The iCloud function allows you to dump files and settings to the Apple server via Wi-Fi and later download them back at any time. Siri is a new feature that allows you to use your phone only with normal speech. Those. you can ask the iPhone 4S the weather for tomorrow, ask to include a specific song, etc. True, these functions are now working on the iPhone 4 with the new iOS 5.


When you read all that is written above, you probably have a question: are these two phones absolutely no different? Of course not. Outside, the phone has practically not changed, apart from a couple of small details, all the main differences are hidden inside the device. So, let’s go directly to the differences.


The design and appearance of the phone have not changed much. Everything remains the same: a rounded shape, a 3.5-inch screen and everything else, except for a few points:

  • Due to a completely new antenna system, the bell button moves a few millimeters down, closer to the keys that adjust the volume. Therefore, it cannot be said that the two phones are 100% the same visually. By the way, some covers and even a branded, standard one will not fit the updated model.
  • Also, the iPhone 4S has more black stripes (metal rim) separating the antenna blocks around the perimeter of the phone. The iPhone 4 had three stripes on the right and left sides of the bottom of the phone, and one on the top. In the new version, there are four metal bezels, the strip from the top has disappeared, and two on the right and left have appeared already at the top of the phone.

How to tell the difference between iPhone 4S and iPhone 4?

In recent years, Apple has adhered to a special tactic in the release of the iPhone: first, a new model comes out, then it is updated, then again a completely new model. So in June 2010, the iPhone 4 was released, and already in the fourth quarter of 2011, the iPhone 4S appeared. On the one hand, it looks rather boring, because every time you want to see and buy something new. Also, the updated phone looks less attractive for those who like to show off, because no one will notice that you have bought the most expensive, freshest gadget. Although, on the other hand, all accessories, including, for example, holders in a car, for this device do not have to be changed if you switch to an updated version of the phone.

Should I change the iPhone 4 to 4S?

If you almost never use the camera, and the speed of the iPhone suits you, then there is no point in upgrading to a new, more expensive version.


“This simple tip will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone hand-held. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account. ”

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S. The differences exposed!

The instruction was written at the request of one of the readers, who just saw an advertisement on Avito about the sale of a supposedly new iPhone with such a box. Although in fact the smartphone is refurbished.

On Avito, 9 out of 10 new iPhones on sale are Chinese trash in the right boxes, unfortunately.

A reader wrote to our editorial office. He asked if it was a new iPhone or a refurbished one and showed a photo from Avito. We looked on the Internet. many have questions about the difference between the packaging of new iPhones and refurbished ones (as new), in connection with which the instruction was made.

And in it we specially marked twice (!) That in any case you need to check by the model number in this way. /.

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At the very beginning of the manual it says “There is a proven and most reliable way to distinguish a new iPhone from a refurbished one by model number. We have already talked about it on our website in this manual. ”

In this manual, we are talking about how to distinguish new from remanufactured (Like new) by packaging.

“This simple tip will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone hand-held. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account. ”

How to tell a new iPhone from a refurbished one by the box?

There is a proven and most reliable way to tell a new iPhone from a refurbished one by model number. We have already talked about it on our website in this instruction. However, few people know that you can calculate the new iPhone directly from its packaging.

tell, iphone

In order to identify a refurbished iPhone, just look at the packaging of the smartphone. Refurbished iPhones, regardless of model, do not have a smartphone on the box. The package only says the name of the smartphone model.

The packaging of the new iPhones depicts a smartphone inside, or, as in the case of the iPhone 6/6 Plus, an image of a smartphone is engraved on the front surface of the box.

Here’s a simple tip that will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone from your hands. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account.

tell, iphone

It is also important to emphasize that it is highly recommended to check the iPhone for “novelty” directly at the time of purchase using this method. So you can be sure of purchasing a new iPhone.

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Types of iPhone lock

Before describing how to unlock iPhone 4s, let’s understand the terminology. There are two types of iPhone lock: a password for entering the phone and a lock for a specific mobile service provider.

Recover with data preservation

You will only be able to save the data if the iPhone has already been synced to your computer and you are signed in to your Apple ID account in iTunes. Connect your smartphone to a PC with iTunes installed and launch it. After syncing and detecting iPhone, open the Overview tab. In the block of general information about the device, click the “Restore iPhone” button. This procedure will install the latest operating system updates and reset your password. All information on the phone will remain unchanged.

Recovery without saving information

If the previous method does not work for some reason, then you will have to sacrifice data. However, if you regularly make a backup, then you can safely apply this option. after resetting the password, it will be enough to recover from the backup.

Removing the lock in this way requires enabling the recovery mode or DFU emergency mode on the smartphone. To enter Recovery Mode, follow these steps:

  • disconnect your iPhone;
  • press and do not release the “Home” button;
  • connect your smartphone to your computer while holding down the Home key;
  • wait for the iTunes icon with USB cable to appear.

After launching iTunes will show a window with information that the phone is in recovery mode. Further actions do not differ from the previous option. Run recovery, which will not only update iOS, but also reset all smartphone settings to factory defaults by deleting information from the device and clearing the password.

How to hack password after jailbreak

If your phone was jailbroken. a special procedure for jailbreaking a device to access the smartphone’s file system and disable iOS restrictions, then the described password reset methods may not work. For a jailbroken phone, use a special utility called SemiRestore, which was created just for such cases. Download and install the program on your computer and connect your smartphone to it. Run the app and wait for the device to be detected. After that, click on the “SemiRestore” button and wait for the end of the procedure. This option also erases all data from the device, but leaves the jailbreak active.

Unlock via iCloud

This method also erases all information from the iPhone. In fact, this is a way to remotely wipe a smartphone and is often used in case of loss of a smartphone to prevent access to personal information. You can only use this option if the Find iPhone function has been activated on your smartphone. If the option is connected, then on a computer connected to the Internet, go to your iCloud account and find your iPhone in the All Devices tab. Select it and in the window that opens, click “Erase iPhone” and confirm the action. Next, you will be asked to enter your personal Apple ID code and remote wipe data will be launched.

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If your Apple ID password is also lost, you will need to recover it. To do this, on the login screen, select “Forgot Apple ID or Password.” Answer security questions or choose the option to send a password to a trusted email address (addresses are specified at the stage of creating an account).

How to unlock iPhone 4, 4S

Apple offers two possible ways to unlock your iPhone when you forget your passcode. Resetting the passcode is possible through iTunes and iCloud services. In both cases, you need to know the Apple ID to complete the transaction, and using iCloud means that the “Find iPhone” option is enabled in the phone settings. Let’s consider these options in more detail and tell you how to unlock iPhone 4s if you forgot your Apple ID password.

Unlocking via iTunes

The most common way to remove the lock is to reset your password through iTunes. Using this method, you can try to unlock the phone without deleting the information. If this option does not work, then the program allows you to delete all data in the phone along with the password. If you do not forget to make a backup in time, then after such a reset, you will only need to download the backup and use the phone further with all the previously downloaded information.

Differences in design

The external data of the phones are almost identical, if we do not consider both models in more detail. Color solutions remain the same, you can buy black or white. There are a number of small differences that make it possible to distinguish between iPhone 4 and 4c.

  • Firstly, there is a slight difference in weight, the iPhone 4s model is heavier than the previous one, the difference in weight between the gadgets is only 3 grams.
  • Secondly, if you look closely, you will notice that the volume control button in 4c is slightly lowered. This is the most noticeable difference in the appearance of the new gadget.

Distinctive features of models 4 and 4S

The difference is due to the fact that the antenna located on the side edge is interrupted from the side of the location of this button. The new iPhone 4c is equipped with not one, but two antennas. Two antennas are located in the metal corners. Previously, communication problems could arise, since during a conversation, you could accidentally block the antenna with your finger, which deteriorated communication.

But this was taken into account when developing a new model. The antennas have been improved, so now the new iPhone is equipped with a so-called smart switch function. This will help improve communication between subscribers and eliminate problems that may arise with the iPhone 4.

As for the rest, the appearance of both phones is practically the same, the difference is almost invisible. This decision is most likely due to the fact that Apple products are already popular in the markets, and it makes no sense to try to improve the previously developed design, since it is quite satisfactory for users.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Airpods and other wireless headphones for iPhone 7

Photo and video test

The Siri application became available to users, which gave the letter s in the name of the new model. This program was developed specifically for ios, and has a wide range of features that can greatly facilitate the life of those who purchase an iPhone 4C.

HOW TO tell the difference between iPhone 4 and 4S

Siri is your personal assistant and help desk rolled into one. The program will be able to study the user’s preferences, although it will take a certain amount of time for this, and will adapt to each person individually. This program will be able to help you with organizer, alarm clock and with all other functions of the phone, it will be able to fulfill any search query quickly and efficiently.

The program is controlled by voice. In American models, Siri has a female voice, and in those produced in Great Britain, it has a male voice. This choice is due to a psychological factor.

Photo and video filming

Significant changes can be seen when using shooting mode. For starters, the camera of the new iPhone 4s has become an order of magnitude better. Its expansion in the new iPhone is 8 megapixels, which is very different from the one that is built into the 4.

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Pictures taken with iPhone 4s will be sharper and color reproduction is even closer to real colors. When shooting portraits, or just people, the skin will not have a purple tint, the color will be more natural.

When shooting video, 4s owners can record in FullHD, while the previous model could only record in 720p. In addition, the camera is now 30% faster. Also, it has software image stabilization, which will significantly improve the quality of video files that were recorded in motion.

In low light, the pictures will now also turn out significantly better, as they have reduced grain. The difference between the pictures taken on the iPhone 4 and 4c is very noticeable.

What is the difference between Apple iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

Everyone froze in anticipation of the release of the iPhone 5, but the unpredictable Apple decided to release the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S looks exactly like the iPhone 4 as the design of the phone remains the same. But looks are deceiving because the iPhone 4s is more perfect than its predecessor.

The main difference between phones is the chipset and the processor. The iPhone 4S features the A5 chip with a dual-core 1 GHz processor. The iPhone 4 processor can also run at 1 GHz, but has been deliberately limited to 800 MHz to conserve power.
Another enhancement is the support of the iPhone 4S for the two standards GSM and CDMA, which has made the iPhone 4S the world’s phone. “IPhone 4″, like many other phones, only supports one standard that ties the phone to a specific area, while “iPhone 4S” can be used almost anywhere in the world.

The camera on the “iPhone 4” for modern standards has a fairly low resolution of 5 megapixels. Much more has been achieved with the iPhone 4S. Its resolution is 8 megapixels, which allows you to take clearer photos. The updated camera has a sensor with a higher resolution, which makes it more sensitive to light, as well as an improved optical system. These improvements are reflected in the quality of photography, both in low light conditions and in bright daylight. As a result of testing, it turned out that there really is a difference, but, perhaps, to non-professionals, it will seem insignificant.

The video resolution has also been increased. The iPhone 4S shoots video at full HD (1080p) resolution, leaving behind the iPhone 4 at 720p. The difference between 1080p and 720p is obvious. the pixel density in the first case is almost 2 times higher. When watching videos shot on two different devices under the same conditions, you will notice that where the iPhone 4 misses out on fine details, the 4S copes with them without any problems. Just like photographs, videos taken with iPhone 4S look more realistic and digital noise is reduced.

Many users are interested in the speed of both devices. When it comes to browser performance, the iPhone 4S undoubtedly ranks first. In this regard, its performance can be compared with the performance of some tablets. In terms of the processing speed of 3D games, he easily outperformed the latest devices on the Android platform. “IPhone 4S” processes 3D, loads web pages, processes and converts videos faster than its predecessor, it’s another matter whether users will notice it?

One of the main commercial advantages is Siri, a personal digital assistant that resides in the iPhone 4S and can pick up a person’s speech as they execute commands. The program recognizes human speech and responds with a human voice to the questions posed. It can be applied in a variety of areas, from weather forecasting to setting alarms and booking tickets. Although the iPhone 4 can have a version of iOS5 that works for Siri, it will still not work on the updated iPhone 4. There are several opinions on this matter. One hypothesis is that Siri doesn’t work on the iPhone 4 because the phone’s single-core processor doesn’t have enough power. Alternatively, Apple did it on purpose to make the improved iPhone 4S more attractive to iPhone 4 owners. Unfortunately, at the moment “Siri” is losing its relevance outside the United States, since so far only information relating to America is programmed in the application.

But, since the “iPhone” is primarily a phone, it should be noted that the manufacturers have improved the quality of the “iPhone 4S” connection by equipping it with two antennas.

  • “IPhone 4S” is equipped with two antennas, which improves the quality of communication.
  • Unlike the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S has a dual-core processor.
  • Unlike iPhone 4, iPhone 4S is the world’s phone.
  • The iPhone 4S has a camera with a higher resolution (8MP) than the iPhone 4 (5MP).
  • The iPhone 4S camcorder shoots at full HD (1080p) for better video quality and more lifelike colors
  • The iPhone 4S has Siri, but the iPhone 4 does not.