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How to Take Screenshot On Asus Laptop

The first way

The first method is suitable for tens and sevens of an ASUS laptop. You need to click on the print screen button. The screenshot button is usually written on the keyboard key “Print Screen” or “PrtScn”, sometimes “PrntScrn” or “Print Scr”.

After clicking, start the paint, although not necessarily just it, you can use any available graphic editor, since the screenshot is then placed on the clipboard.

Then, if you chose a paint, you just need to paste it there and save it anywhere you know where to find.

I recommend choosing “Desktop”. it is always in sight and you will NOT have to search for a long time, but where will you save your case?

4 ways to take screenshots of the screen on an asus laptop

If you want to take a screenshot in an ASUS laptop or asus vivobook, you should take into account that Windows 10 provides 4 ways.

Windows 7 is slightly smaller. only 2, but nevertheless you can almost instantly make both the entire screen and a certain part.

For the latter (Windows 7), you will need to use the built-in programs. scissors or paint.

I think you know where the paint is and I will not show it now, but I recommend right-clicking on it and choosing pin to the taskbar.

Second way

The second method is also suitable for both systems in an ASUS laptop. You need to run the scissors. they are in the “Standard. Windows” program section.

As soon as they start, click the first button on the left “Create”. Then select the required area, hold down the left mouse and indicate the area, circle it with a rectangle or square.

As soon as the mouse button is released, the screenshot will be taken. You just have to save it wherever you want.

To do this, at the top, click “File” and select “Save As”. Before saving, you can also embellish it a little with the buttons on the left.

Third and fourth method

This method is suitable for Windows 7. only for Windows 10. You can take a screenshot using the buttons. Which buttons depends on the chosen method.

If you select the Win G buttons, then at the top left you will see the camera button. Click on it and a message will appear. screenshot taken.

In this way, it is immediately placed in the “Your video” folder. “Captures”. The method is convenient in that you do not need any paint or scissors. one click and you’re done.

What keys to use for the fourth way to make a screen on an asus laptop. Here you need to hold down three buttons.

First “Shift”, then Don’t let her go “Win” and “S”. Then a rectangle with icons will appear in the center at the top.

By choosing an icon from you, you will be able to take screenshots of the full screen, parts and even Disproportionate.

Only here you will need to use paint or any picture editor, as in the first case. Success.

“Game menu” Windows 10

This method is specially designed for gamers who need to take pictures while playing and record what is happening on the screen on video. The function allows you to organize streaming. User actions when working with gaming software:

  • Press the combination Win G.
  • Check the box “Yes, this is a game”.
  • Named by the camera icon.

The screenshots are stored in the “Clips” subfolders of the “Videos” directory, where you can easily get there by clicking on the “This computer” shortcut or through “Explorer” (appears when you right-click on the “Start” button).

screenshot, asus, laptop

Scissors tool

In Windows 10, you can select and copy an arbitrary screen area into RAM. This allows you to reduce the size of the picture, as well as the time required for its subsequent cropping in the editor. The program is located in the “Accessories. Windows” category of the “Start” menu. After starting, you need to follow these steps:

  • Named by the “Create” button in the application window.
  • Select a rectangular fragment of the screen with the mouse (the cursor will take the form of a cross).
  • Select the path to save the picture.
  • Set title and image format.

Then the created screenshot can be opened in the previously specified directory for viewing or editing using a convenient program for working with images.

How to take screenshots on Asus laptop on Windows 10

Error messages, suspicious comments on social networks and forums, interesting frames in a video, fragments of copy-protected texts, sometimes need to be saved to confirm someone’s actions, work tasks, contact technical support or just as a souvenir.

Taking an image on a smartphone camera means not only getting a low quality picture, but also earning a reputation as a clumsy user, because this task can be solved using standard operating system tools or using special applications. The image obtained in this way is called a screenshot or a screenshot.

The program intercepts the image that the video card builds on the display, and temporarily places the frame in the RAM. Different laptop manufacturers have developed their own algorithms for saving a picture that is displayed on the screen. In particular, you need your own sequence of actions to take a screenshot on an ASUS laptop.

Snapshot with introduction of keyboard shortcuts

For this purpose, you need to press the PrtSc SysRq button (in common use it is called simply “printscreen”). It’s in the top row of keys next to F12. The image will go to the clipboard, from where it can then be pasted into the window of the paint editor or a second similar application via the “Paste” menu item or by using the Ctrl V key combination.

To take a snapshot of the entire screen, press the Win PrtSc SysRq combination. By default.Png files are sent to the Screenshots folder in Image, which can be accessed through This PC. The speed and simplicity of the method ensure that even a beginner who has recently sat down at a laptop can master it. In this way, it is convenient to Fix errors in the operation of applications when the user no longer has time to choose the format and path of saving.

If you want to capture only a portion of the screen, an Alt key is added to the Print Screen. The active window will be removed (the one with which users are working at the time of the screenshot, usually it differs from the inactive ones by the color of the frame and title). The algorithm for inserting and saving a picture is the same as for capturing the entire screen. The option is optimal for capturing the messenger window, video player, specialized applications (for example, to capture all the elements of the software interface).

Using third-party software

The standard tools are limited, so it’s best to use third-party apps to create high-quality screenshots with advanced options. Below are the most popular and convenient programs for Windows 7 and later versions of this OS.

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Under the control of an outdated operating system, the utilities will NOT start or will work with errors and failures.

  • Uvscreencamera.
    A simple utility with many functions that takes pictures, records everything that happens on the screen, allows you to edit videos and works with many common file formats.
  • Duckcapture.
    Here, when creating screenshots, you can scroll through the contents of an open window so that a long page appears on the snapshot (making a series of screenshots of an application that takes up several screens is much more difficult, as well as viewing scattered or collaged pictures), configure hotkeys for convenient work, set parameters snapshot. Only the most popular files are supported: bmp, jpg and png, which will suit ordinary users.
  • Picpick.
    Captures the entire screen, a single window, or a selection. Equipped with an image editor, its functionality resembles Paint familiar to users. It can transfer images to the second programs (Skype, software from the MS Office package) and publish on social networks. Saves screenshots in bmp, gif, jpg, png and pdf formats.
  • Ssmaker.
    To take a snapshot, you need to press PrtSc SysRq or double-click on the program icon in the system tray. The software allows you to select an area for shooting with the mouse, work with the picture in the built-in editor, save, upload to the server and receive a link with an address for insertion into the site or sending by e-mail. You can make a screenshot on an ASUS laptop in 3 seconds.
  • Ashampoo snap.
    You will have to pay to use this application after the end of the trial period, but its capabilities are wider than that of other similar programs. In addition to high-quality pictures, the user can recognize text in the picture, edit the image, shoot online video, scroll the window to create a long picture.
  • Lightshot.
    The freeware program runs by default when the PC boots up, making it easier to work with. Shoots by pressing the “print screen” button, allows you to select an area using the cursor. The picture can be saved to your hard drive or uploaded to the server, in order to then insert a link to the file.
  • Faststone Capture.
    Paid software with a convenient toolbar, an image editor, the ability to select a rectangular or free area, as well as page scrolling. Supports automatic saving of images, naming them, using hot keys, uploading files to an FTP server, interacting with a scanner, Batch scanning.

The listed programs are easy to use, they are launched by pressing the PrtSc button familiar to users, but they have a wider range of functions, although in SEPARATE cases you have to pay for useful options. This kind of software is useful for those who draw up instructions for working with software, site descriptions, videos, test laptops and applications. A screenshot of the screen on an Asus laptop will turn out to be clear, with accurate colors, the right size, and even with special effects.

Easy ways to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop

Laptop users are often faced with the need to take a screenshot of their laptop screen. A snapshot of the entire desktop or the window of a program may be required for illustrating articles or publishing on the Internet, for example, posting on social networks. Let’s consider the simplest ways to take screenshots on a laptop using standard Windows 7/10 tools, third-party applications and browser plugins. The instructions below are applicable to portable devices from different manufacturers, be they HP, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Samsung, etc.

How to take a screenshot of the screen yourself on a laptop

Often a situation arises for users when they need to take a screenshot. In fact, this is not difficult to do, but when it comes to a laptop, there are some difficulties for beginners. This is due to the fact that a similar device has a different keyboard.

On a laptop, a good or other device-like screenshot can be taken in several ways, namely:

  • Windows tools;
  • Scissors program;
  • Specialized software.

It is recommended to consider all the existing methods, and then choose the one you like.

Screenshot using dedicated laptop keys

There is no need to install any Special Programs for this type of saving. All you need to do is open the required tab on the screen (which you would like to save) and press the Print Screen / Sys Rq key (you will find it next to the F12 key). Then we open Paint (it is available in all versions of new versions of Windows. 7, 8, 10 and in earlier versions) and insert the required box (ctrlv or the “Paste” function in the context menu). Then save the image in the format you need (we recommend saving it in jpeg format if you want to be able to upload the image to the Internet later). This way you can save a screenshot of the entire laptop screen. If you only need an image of a separate element (for example, a folder or a video player), then press Alt together with the Print Screen / Sys Rq key. Then everything is the same. So, you can get rid of the sometimes cumbersome work of image editing and save it in the form you already need.

What if the Print Screen / Sys Rq key doesn’t work? It is worth trying it in combination with the Fn key (bottom row of keys), and then follow the instructions above and paste the screenshot into the editor.

By the way, repair of the keyboard of Asus laptops is professionally carried out by our service center, you can learn more here.

Windows 10 game bar

You can also take screenshots in Windows 10 using the built-in utility called by a combination of WinG buttons. In general, this game panel is primarily intended for recording video from the screen, but the program copes with the function of creating snapshots with a bang. All you need to do is click on the button with the camera icon and the screenshot will be ready.

You can find it at Computer. Pictures. Screenshots.

Screenshots are also sent here after using the WinPrt Sc key combination, which can be applied even without launching the application in question, i.e. Absolutely at any time you are behind the laptop screen. Screenshot creation in this case is accompanied by a short darkening of the display.

Take a screenshot of the screen on an ASUS laptop

In order to take a screenshot on an ASUS laptop, you need to press the FnPRINT SCREEN key combination, more often on laptops you can see an abbreviated inscription in the form of prt scsysrq. And then as in the above, that is, transfer the picture to one of the standard programs of the Windows-Paint OS or even Word.

But still, I advise you to install the Snagit program and not think about how to edit this picture after you take the screenshot. In this program you can do almost anything with images. Including watermark installation.

And this is my story: How to take a screenshot, came to its logical conclusion. Try different options and take screenshots from your computer monitor. If you are also interested in the theme of the symbols which are available on the keyboard, then you can Get this information by following the link right now. And when leaving, please do not forget to subscribe to updates of blog articles, because there are still so many interesting things ahead.

How to take a screenshot in the browser

Very often, when surfing the web, you need to save a web page in a graphical form. This can be helped by special plugins, developed for a variety of browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Let’s look at how to install and use such plugins using Firefox as an example. Let’s go to the add-ons page, located at, and use the search terms to find the FireShot extension.

Click the “Add to Firefox” button and install the plugin, and then restart the browser.

Now in the upper right corner there is a corresponding button that allows you to take screenshots of the screen, while saving them with preliminary editing or without it.

One of the main advantages of the plugin is the ability to create screenshots of the entire page, and not just the visible part of it. In addition, the built-in toolkit of the extension allows you to save a snapshot to the clipboard, publish it on the Internet or send it by email. Judging by the drop-down menu, Fireshot can integrate into Interner Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.

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Let’s say a few words about taking screenshots from videos. The easiest way to do them is to use the capabilities of the video player itself. For example, in Media Player Classic, to save a frame from a movie, just press the AltI key combination.

This concludes our article. If you know how to take screenshots from the laptop screen in some other way, tell us about it in the comments below. Perhaps this information will be useful to readers.

Scissors app

On laptops with Windows 7/10 preinstalled, the list of standard ones includes the Scissors program, which is a rather convenient tool for taking screenshots. We find it in the Start menu and run.

A small window will appear with several functional elements.

Immediately press the arrow next to the “Create” button and select the mode for setting the area for the snapshot.

Let’s try to take a screenshot of the window by selecting the Appropriate item. Now we press “Create”, move the mouse over the window of interest to us (a red frame will appear around it) and click the left mouse button.

The snapshot will be displayed in the program interface, after which it remains to save it by clicking the floppy disk icon and set the path to the storage folder.

It is worth noting the presence in the program of the function of delaying the creation of a screenshot, which can be useful in cases when it is necessary to capture a fragment of the screen that disappears or appears under certain conditions.

Scissors program

Sometimes users are interested in how to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop if the “PrinScreen” button does not work. Modern operating systems are equipped with a program such as scissors. To start it, you need to open the start menu, and then in the programs, enter the “Standard” section. There the program shortcut will be placed.

When the program is launched, you need to open the “Create” menu, and then select one of the items:

  • Free form;
  • Rectangle;
  • Window;
  • Whole screen.

When the area required for the screenshot is selected, the simplest graphical editor will automatically open, allowing you to select the necessary places with a marker or pen.

To save a screenshot, you need to open the “File” menu, and then select “Save As”.

Print Screen key

Any version of Windows supports the function of saving a screenshot using a specially reserved Print Screen button (or Prt Sc for short). As a rule, it is located on the keyboard in the same row with the function buttons F1-F12, here they are.

Clicked on Print Screen, you will take a screenshot of the entire screen of your laptop and place it on the clipboard. Now the snapshot must be inserted into some graphics editor, the role of which is perfectly suited to the Paint program, which is included in the standard assembly of Windows 7/10. Launch the application via Start and press the “Insert” button (or CtrlV combination).

The image will be inserted into the working area of ​​the editor and it remains only to save it by choosing File. Save As.

If necessary, before saving, the picture can be subjected to light processing, for example, cropped or returned. Paint has the necessary set of tools for this basic correction.

If you clicked Print Screen and tried to insert a snapshot into the editor, but nothing worked, then to create a screenshot you need to use Prt Sc in combination with a special Fn key. Its location may vary in different laptop models. One more nuance. to create a screenshot NOT of the entire screen, but only of the active window, press the AltPrt Sc key combination. This is very convenient, since there will be NO need to crop the image later.

How to save a screenshot on a laptop

In fact, it is very simple and you can do it in a million ways, the most basic and at the same time simple we will now consider.

  • Open the standard windows xp, 7, 8, 10 application “paint”. You can find it in the start menu. all programs are standard. Paint. Then press “CtrlV”. Now save your screenshot with the CtrlS keyboard shortcut.
  • Do everything the same as in the first case, only with any other graphic editor.
  • Open a chat on a social network, for example, PC and in the input field press CtrlV, i.e. Will insert.

How to take a screenshot of an open window

In the case above, we learned how to take screenshots of the entire screen, and now let’s find out in a new, standard OS function “screenshot of an open window”. There is an open window, I will enter your work area. THOSE. It will NOT contain the taskbar with the time, the desktop background (if any), etc. To take a screenshot of the window, press the PrtScAlt key combination. See for example

How to make a screenshot on a laptop

Basically, a laptop or a computer does not matter, as does the model: Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, and so on. Everywhere, and in all versions of windows operating systems, you can take a screenshot using the key “Print Screen”. Do NOT be discouraged if you have a print screen on your laptop, it just has a different name. PrtSc and you can find this button in the upper right corner. For an illustrative example, I give you 2 photos with a keyboard, in which an arrow is for the button you need.

After you pressed the PrtSc key, the screenshot was taken, but it is stored in the clipboard for now. If you reboot the laptop, a buffer demand will occur and your snapshot will be lost.

How to take a screenshot on a laptop

A screenshot is a snapshot / photo (call it what you want) of your laptop screen. precisely, for dummies. a box is a duplicate of what you see in front of you at the time of its creation. Everything exactly, down to a single pixel.

Why take a screenshot? For example, show the correspondence, and everything else. I will use them for you to illustrate. Where, where to press, what should be displayed, etc. This is a very convenient option that you will definitely need more than once.

How to take a screenshot of a part of the screen

Congratulations, you’re in luck today. And here there are no programs to download, there is a need to install. The thing is that your laptop already has a standard program called “scissors”.

To open it, go to the start menu. all programs. standard. scissors.

We open them and you do not need to click anything else. You can already use the cursor to select the area you need for the screen. Just highlight an area of ​​the screen, and release the mouse. After that, click in the top menu “file” and select save.

A very large article turned out for just one, simple button, but now you can create 3 types of screenshots using windows and save them. To better assimilate the information in the most gifted teapots (no offense), I suggest looking


  • Log in or register on the site.
  • Take a screenshot of the PrtSc or Alt PrtSc screen (Windows).
  • Return to the service website and press Ctrl V.
  • SNAGGY will process the photo and generate a short link that you can share.

How to take a screenshot on a laptop

Some laptop models differ in keyboard layout. To activate the hotkeys, press the [Fn] button.

  • Screenshot the screen on a laptop: hold down the key combination [Fn] PrtSc.
  • Take a screenshot of the browser window on a laptop: [Fn] Alt PrtSc.

Other combinations are identical to those described above.


The application requires installation on a computer. And it also works in the background and is activated by the Win A key combination.

How to take a screenshot of a selected area of ​​the screen in Windows

This is done using the Snipping Tool.

  • Go to the menu “Start” → “Standard” → “Scissors”
  • The cursor will become a cross. Give them the desired area of ​​the screen.
  • When you release the mouse button, the Selected part will appear in the “Scissors” window. In it you can emphasize or highlight the necessary elements.
  • Click “Save” (floppy disk icon) → enter the file name → select the save location.
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How to take a screenshot on Mac

Likewise with Windows. You can take a screenshot in full screen or part of it.

How to take a screenshot of a highlighted portion of the Mac screen

  • Press Shift Command (⌘) 4 → the cursor turns into a cross → drag it and select the desired part of the screen.
  • To deselect, press Esc (Escape), Do not release the mouse or trackpad button.
  • The finished picture will be on the desktop in PNG format.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop in Windows

  • Hover the cursor over the window that you want to fall asleep and click on it.
  • Press Alt PrtSc keys.
  • Open the Paint program → click “Paste” (Ctrl V) →
  • “Save” → select the file name and storage location.

How to take a screenshot on a computer

If you want to take a screenshot (screenshot, screen) of the entire computer screen, you need:

  • Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard,
  • Open Paint, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word,
  • Insert a snapshot into it,
  • Save on computer.

If you want to make a screenshot (screenshot, snapshot) of the screen of only the active window (program), press simultaneously “Alt” and “Print Screen” on the computer; Alt, Print Screen and Fn are on laptop. The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard. Now you can paste it into a letter, photo editor or Word (press simultaneously the “Ctrl” and “V” buttons).

To screen a screen or a small fragment on a computer, the sequence of actions is immutable. Follow them according to the instructions.

How to take a screenshot on Windows

  • Press the Print Screen (PrtSc) key.
  • Open the Paint program and press “Paste” (Ctrl V)
  • Click “Save” → select the file name and storage location.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on an ASUS laptop

Taking screenshots is a useful skill for any user. A screenshot in the form of a picture can be useful for correcting an error, it will serve as a visual addition when sending a second one, and even helps out when trying to save an image of a web page. But in some laptop models, the principle of creation has its own algorithm. On an Asus laptop, you can take a screenshot of the screen using several methods. starting with built-in programs and keyboard shortcuts, ending with third-party programs. Which option is most convenient?

How it’s done on Windows 7 and 10

In most versions of Windows Further manipulations with the screenshot invariably lead to the built-in Paint program. You can find this simple graphics editor like this:

  • Click on “Start”.
  • Select the stanza “All Programs”.
  • In the general list, look for the “Standard” section and go there.
  • Click on the “Paint” icon.

In the panel that opens, insert a box using the “Ctrl” “V” combination. The displayed image can be edited as you like. In Windows 10 for Asus, the Scissors feature is especially popular. By choosing this tool, you can fix the existing box, leaving only a fragment of the entire screen:

  • In the menu that appears, click on the “Create” column.
  • Wait for the cursor to change to a cross.
  • Now draw a rectangle around the area you want to screen.
  • Next, select the address to save the snapshot.
  • Go to the “File” section and select the “Save As” item, specify the name of the screenshot and the required format.

In the latest versions of Photoshop, the principle of inserting and saving a picture is similar, with the only difference that there are scissors functions. Instead, you can use ordinary selection and cropping.

Where to find screenshots

The image is currently on the clipboard. To display it on the screen as a separate file, you need to use a graphical editor. You can use Photoshop or Paint, where the picture is inserted with the Ctrl-V keyboard shortcut or the corresponding button in the program interface (“Edit”. “Paste”). When saving the box as an image, be sure to give it a specific format. The standard settings offer png with the Initial extension, but it is better to choose ipeg. this way, the picture can be viewed as media without third-party resources. Decide on the storage location on Asus: initially the file is located in the “My Computer” tab (“Pictures” in the “Screenshots” folder), unless you specify a different path.

What buttons should be used

It is possible to take a screenshot without third-party software on any Windows operating system. First of all, it is worth recording the picture itself. You can perform this operation using the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • “Win” “PrtSc” (in some laptops, the “win” key is shaped like a button with a drawn flag, which is located in the bottom row of the keyboard (flush with the space)
  • “Print Screen / Sys Rq” (it can be found next to the F12 key, but there is no automatic saving here, you must definitely save the box in some kind of editor)

Reference! If you need a picture of only a single element, then press Alt together with the Print Screen / Sys Rq key. Then you will receive a box NOT of the whole Asus screen, but only of the window with which you are currently working.

  • “Print Screen / Sys Rq” “Fn” (serves as an additional method if the above schemes do not work or are blocked by the site settings).

Next, you need to move on to the next stage. look for a suitable place to save, because so far the screenshot, in fact, has NOT remained anywhere among the documents.

Other popular programs

The desire to take a high-quality screenshot on a laptop sometimes goes beyond the boundaries of the built-in editors, because it will be no less convenient to use third-party software. Now there are many Special programs for creating screenshots, where the most practical are:

  • Duckcapture

The program has the ability to take screenshots of windows with scrolling content and manage settings using hot keys, which are configured independently. The final version of the pictures is allowed to be copied to the clipboard for subsequent insertion and editing. Also screenshots can be named and selected online folder for automatic saving.

Free option for capturing and processing images from a screen, a separate window or area. The final image can be edited directly in the program window using the built-in tools. In terms of its functions, the program is very similar to the classic Paint editor. The save function supports the most popular bmp, ipg, gif, png and pdf formats.

In addition to the very ability to edit and save screenshots, the advantage of this version is the function of downloading and receiving a code for further publication of materials. In addition, the program provides the ability to view your own statistics, post comments, share files with friends in the system and create closed folders for limited viewing.

Free version, which can be downloaded as a full-fledged program with installation on an Asus laptop, or as a portable utility. The proposed functions allow you to get a screenshot, edit it in the built-in editor menu, upload it to the server and have at your disposal a link for publishing on the network.

  • Ashampoo snap

advanced version in comparison with other offers. In addition to creating as clear pictures as possible, the program allows you to recognize the text on the screenshot taken and edit the picture. It is noteworthy that the chest You can not only a fragment of an open page, but its full version. here in the upper part and in the lower, along the entire scroll. It is also allowed to shoot video online.

Summarizing all the above methods, we can conclude that operating systems for modern Asus laptops have convenient functionality for taking screenshots. Rarely using such features, you can limit yourself to standard editors. But if you often exchange ready-made screenshots on the Internet, it will be logical to master several additional programs.