How to take a video from the screen of a Samsung Android

How to broadcast your phone screen to PC

In order to display the phone screen on a PC, you need both of these devices to be connected to the same WI-FI network.

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After making sure that the devices are connected to the same network, you need to click on the notification icon and click “Connect” in the window that opens.

If you do not see the Connect icon, most likely you have not installed the Anniversary update. After clicking, the next window will open, in which you need to click “Projecting to this computer”. Next, you need to set the settings to “Available everywhere” and “Every time you need to connect”, if you wish, you can also enable the PIN code for additional protection.

Next, we move on to the phone. Open “Settings / Network and Connection” in it, click ” / Wireless Display”.

We turn it on. After that you will see a list of available devices to which you can transfer the image of your phone’s screen. Choosing a device and connecting.

On the computer screen, you will see a pop-up window asking permission to connect the device, click yes.

Next, you should see a projection preparation window.

After that, the image of your phone screen should appear on the computer display. The protected content will not be viewable, and we will not be able to use our PC’s mouse to control the device’s screen.

You can see more about this in the video of our Hetman Software YouTube channel.

How to display screen of Android phone or tablet on Windows PC (miracast)

Read how to broadcast a phone screen to a computer monitor using standard Windows functions. How to do it from another Windows 10 PC. The Windows 10 Anniversary update brings an exciting new feature. Any PC can now act as a wireless receiver, allowing you to view the display from your smartphone, Android tablet or other computer, laptop, and Windows phone.

Restricted WI-FI (miracast)

On Android, miracast support was added starting with version 4.2 on October 29, 2012. The first certified consumer devices to support Miracast were LG Optimus G, Pantech Vega iRon, Samsung Galaxy S III, Google Nexus 5. This means that not all mobile devices support this feature.

In Windows 10, this function appeared with the Aniversary update, in earlier versions this function also does not work.

If we talk about WI-FI adapters, these are devices with support for the 802.11n standard. Devices that previously did not support, now (after a firmware update, for example) will already support this technology.

How to do it from another Windows 10 PC

To connect from another Windows 10 computer, you just need to search for devices not from your phone, but from your computer. Click on the notification icon, click “Connect”. The PC on which this feature is enabled should appear in the list. Click on it to connect.

Once connected, you will see a few more settings. You can check “Allow input from keyboard or mouse connected to this display”.

You can also connect Miracast in Windows 10 by pressing the WinP key. There are different options for the displayed image on the screen.

To change the mode, you just need to select another. By default, it works in Loop mode and duplicates your screen image. Instead, you can expand the screen or choose as a second monitor, or use only the second screen.

How to unlock Android without data loss

How to unlock Android if you forgot your screen lock pattern or password. A simple and effective way to unlock Android without data loss.

I want to say right away that you can unlock Android in any case, it is only important if you lose all your data or not.

In this article we will look at ways to unlock:

  • Using an internet connection
  • Unblocking with your Google account
  • If you forgot your username and password from your account
  • Using Aroma File Manager
  • Factory reset

I will describe a way how to unlock Android using the feature provided by Google. The only catch. into the Internet connection, since we cannot go to the settings for this. but it also turned out to be quite solvable. If your Android was already connected to the Internet before blocking, then you shouldn’t have any problems at all. go directly to the next item.

If you had Wi-Fi turned on. you can go to any place where you have already connected and have not changed the password there. when such a Wi-Fi network is found, your Android will automatically connect to the Internet.

Insert another SIM card with activated internet and minimum traffic. When you change the SIM card, your 3G enabled phone or tablet will automatically turn on mobile data. If it doesn’t, try restarting your device or using a SIM card from another operator.

Once you have connected your Android to the Internet, proceed to the next step on how to unlock Android.

Now that your Android has access to the Internet, you can unlock your pattern or password using your Google account. To do this, you need to enter the wrong password or picture 5 times, then the “Forgot password” button will appear. Here you will need to enter the data of the Google account (login and password) to which your Android is linked. If this button does not appear, enter again. of course there may be exceptions, but it should appear.

It may happen that you do not remember your account details. This usually happens when someone else did the registration for your account. Therefore, after recovery, I advise you to spend a little time and create a new account yourself. The article How to set up the Play Store will help you with this, or watch the video tutorial below. And now you need to find out your data.

Forgot your username

Follow the link: select “I forgot my username”. Here you will need to enter your phone number, to which the account is linked and data during registration.

If this option does not suit you (you do not know the data specified during registration), then try another method: connect Android to the computer using a cable and run the proprietary utility for your android (you can download the program and drivers on the manufacturer’s official website). In the “About device” section you can find your Google account login.

Forgot your password

Follow the link: problems with signing in to Google. select “I forgot my password”. You will need to enter your e-mail, then phone number.

How to register in the Play Store from PC (video instruction)

If for some reason this method of unlocking Android without losing data did not suit you, there are still other, more sophisticated ones: a backup with overwriting the files responsible for locking the screen using the Adb run program. USB Debugging must be enabled before the problem occurs. We have analyzed the easiest and most versatile way to unlock Android without losing data.

This method will allow you to save all the data to the device, and it is also very simple: but there is also an important point. this method will only work on devices with Recovery Mode and an SD card in the device. On different devices, entering the recovery mode happens differently and you have to google it yourself, but the most common way to enter recovery is used by all Xiaomi smartphones and many others:

  • Turn off the device
  • Press the power button and the “volume up” button
  • If you’re lucky. you will be taken to the Recovery menu

Did you manage to enter the recovery? Congratulations! Then go to the instructions below, otherwise try the other 4 methods if all else fails. then you only have to reset to factory settings. You don’t know how to get into the recovery. see this instruction.

Samsung Screen Recorder!

Instructions for installing Aroma File Manager via recovery

    Download the archive from Aroma from the link below (IMPORTANT! Do not unpack the archive! The first archive is v1.80. Is more stable, the second is v2.00. With the program in Russian) [1.43 Mb] (Downloads: 21573) [1.92 Mb] (Downloads: 14526)

  • We drop the archive with the program to the root of the SD card of the device (you may be lucky and when you connect to the device with a USB cable, you will be able to transfer files, otherwise you will have to use a card reader, do not rush to buy it right away.At almost any cellular salon you will be helped with the transfer of the archive to a memory card for a nominal fee)
  • We enter Recovery and select the “Install Zip from SD Card” item and specify the path to the archive with Aroma File Manager
  • After installation, the program will start right in the recovery
  • We go into the settings and look for the item “Automount all devices on start”
  • We exit the program or from recovery and enter again, install the program again as in step 3 (this is necessary so that the system partition where the key is graphically stored is mounted)
  • Now using the program, go to the folder: “Data Folder” “System Folder” and look for “gesture.key” or “password.key”
  • We delete the found file and reboot the device, a surprise awaits you. device unlocked 🙂
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    If you have synchronized your data or backed up your android, then perhaps you should not waste time looking for another way to unlock Android, but do a Hard Reset. If you do this, you will lose all your data.

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    Features of the

    • Choice of resolution, frame rate and bit rate;
    • HD video support;
    • Pause and resume recording;
    • Using the front camera;
    • External sound recording;
    • On-screen drawing function;
    • Screen broadcasting to YouTube, Twitch;
    • Crop and delete part of the video;
    • Combine multiple videos into one;
    • Add background music;
    • Change the volume of the music;
    • Russian language!

    On the home screen, find the Play Store icon and tap on it.

    This will open the Google Play app.

    Search the top for the DU Recorder app and install it on your phone.

    Next, you need to enable the pop-up function in your phone settings in order to use this program.

    Just click on the switch on the right and return to the app page.

    Next, you will be shown instructions on how to use the application. A special control button will appear on the right of the screen.

    At the top of the menu, you can use the tools:

    • Edit video;
    • Connect videos and paintings (photos, images);
    • Make GIF from video;
    • Setting up Wi-Fi transmission;
    • Change the image;
    • Connecting and combining images.

    In the settings (button at the top right) you can change the resolution and quality of the video, etc.

    To record video from the screen, click on the camera button on the right. Then click on the Record button (red circle).

    Click on the red square to end the video. Press two sticks to pause.

    You will see the Recording Complete window. Click on the Edit button in it.

    This will open the video editor. Here you can trim, add music, subtitles, etc. Click on the Save button at the top.

    How to Record Screen Video on Samsung

    Hey! Today I will show you the Super App! You will be able to record video from your Samsung Galaxy phone screen. You can very simply and quickly take a screenshot of the screen, GIF, video of the screen as you play the game, record instruction, live broadcast, video call, etc. The application is suitable for any Android Samsung Galaxy smartphone, any model S, A, J 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, etc.

    See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Go!)

    How to take a screenshot of a video on Samsung

    In the recording selection menu, click on the button in the form of a camera with a key.

    In the window that opens, you need to enable the Screenshot function.

    A button will appear on the left of the screen. the camera icon. Click on it to immediately take a screenshot of the screen.

    Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

    How to Record Video Built-in on Android 10

    Back in 2019, the Google corporation pleased its users with the news that the new Android 10 operating system will be able to record video from the smartphone screen. Previously, this feature was not available on mobile devices.

    To activate the screen capture mode, follow these steps:

    • Go to system settings and select the menu item “About phone”.
    • Go to the last line and press 3-5 times on the inscription “Build number” to activate developer mode.
    • Go back to the phone settings and click on the item “For Developers”.
    • Select the “Experimental functions” column and activate the Settings_screenrecord property with a long touch.
    • Press and hold the power button of your phone until a pop-up window appears. Then select “Record Screen”. If there is no such button, touch and hold your finger on the “Take screenshot” button for a few seconds.
    • After that, the video recording menu will be available to you. Tap the red circle to start shooting.
    • When you press the button with the crossed camera, the selfie mode is activated and your image appears on the recording.
    • To enable video recording with audio, press the crossed-out microphone button.
    • Press the last gear button to open the recording settings.
    • Click on the red square to finish shooting.

    The finished recording will be saved in the device memory and will be available in the Gallery. It can be viewed using the built-in player, as well as sent to friends by email, messengers and social networks.

    Depending on the phone model and the version of the Android shell, the names of the menu items may differ, but the procedure is approximately the same everywhere.

    Free Screen Recorder Apps for Smartphones

    The programs described below are convenient in that they can be installed on absolutely any smartphone with the Android operating system version 4.4 and higher. All of them are available on Google Play.

    • Security (all programs on Google Play are scanned for viruses).
    • A wide range of capabilities (you can choose a program with a set of functions specifically for your tasks).

    However, they also have weaknesses:

    • Almost all free programs of this class have paid content. The user can get premium status and additional functions only for money.
    • In some versions of such programs, watermarks are superimposed on the video.
    • Movie recording length and quality may be limited.
    • Like many free software, screen recording software often includes ads.
    • Application may require root rights to record system sounds.

    And now let’s look at the most, in our opinion, the simplest and most convenient tools for screencasting on an Android smartphone.

    Az Screen Recorder

    Az Screen Recorder has a very high rating on Google Play. 4.5 points, and has been downloaded over 50 million times. The application supports Android version 5.0 and higher. Its distinctive feature is the ability to work without root rights.

    The program supports video recording with soundtrack, which will be a plus when creating video instructions. It also has the ability to pause recording.

    How to Record Video with Az Screen Recorder:

    • Click on the video camera icon. For the convenience of launching the program widget, it is desirable to place it on the working screen.
    • Allow the application to record audio, access the images on the device’s screen, and click Start. After that, you will see a countdown with numbers 3, 2, 1, then video recording will begin.
    • To pause shooting, press the button with two vertical bars.
    • Press square to end recording.
    • Video recording parameters settings are available by clicking the button with the suitcase image with a wrench drawn inside.

    The basic functions of Az Screen Recorder are available for free, but if you also want to get an editor with the ability to convert and cut video files, as well as apply captions to the screen, you will have to install the premium package.

    In addition to the considerable price, the disadvantages of this program, users include incorrect creation of screenshots and periodic mute of the microphone during video recording while Skype is running.

    REC Screen Recorder

    REC Screen Recorder is another great program for recording video from your smartphone screen. Its rating on Google Play is 4.2 points, and more than 1 million people around the world preferred it to its counterparts.

    This application is ideal for creating video instructions, as it supports the function of recording sound from an external speaker. It allows you to create videos up to 60 minutes long in high definition (UHD, FHD, HD).

    REC Screen Recorder does not ask for root privileges. Its interface is simple and intuitive, it is easy to understand it without any explanations.

    Like Az Screen Recorder, it has the ability to edit videos and add watermarks.

    To run the application, you need a smartphone on Android version 5.0 or higher.

    How to record video with REC Screen Recorder:

    • To take a video with sound, tap the icon with the image of a video camera with a speaker.
    • To prevent external sounds from being heard in the recording, select the camcorder without speaker icon.
    • Press the square button with a white dot in the middle to end shooting.

    The user can adjust the shooting parameters at his own discretion, the program will remember them and in the future will use them by default.

    Videos captured with REC Screen Recorder can be saved to internal phone memory, SD card or external USB device.

    Screen Recorder No Ads

    After installing Screen Recorder No Ads, its icon appears on the Quick Access Toolbar, making it very easy to launch. Immediately after downloading, the application opens in English, but in the settings you can switch the interface to Russian.

    The program works without ads and has a large number of functions: it has the ability to add selfies to the recording, edit the captured video, save finished videos in any folders on the device, etc.

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    How to Record Video with Screen Recorder No Ads:

    • To start shooting, click on the red button with the image of a video camera.
    • If you need to record a video with sound, click on the microphone icon.
    • A countdown of 3, 2, 1 will appear on the screen, and then recording will begin.
    • You can pause or end the video using the corresponding buttons in the top notification menu.
    • To see the result, press the green button with the picture.

    Screen Recorder No Ads has a 4.3 rating on Google Play and over 10 million downloads. For its correct operation, you need Android 6.0 or higher.

    The disadvantages of the program, users include the inability to record only system sounds on Android versions below 10, as well as paid content.

    How to record screen on Android

    All modern smartphones have a built-in function for taking screenshots, but the need to record video from the phone’s screen also arises quite often. For example, to show the order of any actions on the phone, create a video instruction for the application, or record a walkthrough in a game. This feature is also useful for bloggers and YouTube channel owners.

    In Android 10, screen recorder is already included in the system. But users of smartphones on earlier versions of this OS do not need to be upset: there are programs by installing which you will not only shoot a screen video, but also edit it.

    DU Recorder

    DU Recorder is another popular application for capturing video from a smartphone screen. It can also be used without ads without buying a premium membership.

    The program allows you to record videos with a resolution of up to 1080p, edit recordings, crop them, use filters, change the playback speed and add animation. It also makes it possible to pause shooting, switch to the front camera, record both system sounds and external sounds from the microphone.

    How to record video with DU Recorder:

    • To start recording, click on the white button with a red circle.
    • To add a selfie to the recording, click on the webcam icon.
    • You can pause or end the video using the corresponding menu buttons.

    DU Recorder will work on smartphones with Android 5.0 and higher operating system. Its rating is 4.3 points, and the number of downloads is over 100,000.

    The peculiarity of this program is its significant file size. To install it, you will need 25 MB of memory, which is more than analogs.

    Comparison of applications

    SCR Screen RecorderScreen RecorderAZ Screen RecorderRecordableScreencast Video Recorder
    Bitrate setting
    Frame rate setting
    Microphone recording function
    Optimizing video length
    Delay before recording starts
    Share video
    Desktop control buttons
    The need for root rightsRequires Android versions up to 5.x
    Additional functionsPaidPaidPaidPaid

    AZ Screen Recorder

    It differs from other applications in the most popular among consumers due to its ease of use and high functionality. Its main advantage is that there is no need for root rights. Let’s consider the rest of the advantages of this application:

    • There is no time limit;
    • Recording takes place with sound from a microphone;
    • It is possible to enable shooting not only of the phone screen, but also from the front camera, the footage from which will be displayed in a separate window;
    • Display touch display function, this will allow you to create informative visual video instructions;
    • A timer that allows you to set a countdown, after which the video will start recording;
    • During recording, it is possible to take notes on the screen;
    • The ability to cut out bad frames from the finished video.

    AZ Screen Recorder, like similar applications, has easy control. After launching the application, you will see a window with the familiar buttons for recording, settings and the folder where the captured videos are saved. In general, the control is intuitive and after a couple of minutes the consumer can easily operate the application and shoot a video.

    AZ Screen Recorder interface is intuitive and easy to learn

    When you start AZ Screen Recorder for the first time, we strongly recommend that you go to the settings section and set the settings you need for comfortable video recording.

    In order to look at the videos already shot, you must select the “Picture” button, where the entire list of videos will be displayed. You can also edit or delete files there.

    Editing footage is one of the main advantages of the application


    Alternative Title. Easy Screen Recorder No Root.

    The main disadvantages of the application are:

    • The free application allows you to record video at a frame rate of no more than 8 per second;
    • Each entry will contain the developer’s logo;
    • The correct orientation is missing. the captured video is flipped 90 degrees if the screen was rotated during recording.

    In addition to the shortcomings, the application also has an advantage. the ability to send the filmed material via Skype.

    In order to start recording, you need to collapse Recordable. To stop, you should go back to the application.

    The application also allows you to share videos by uploading them to YouTube, social networks, upload to cloud storage, send by mail or via Skype.

    Now it’s even easier to share your videos!

    How to Capture Video from Android Phone Screen

    In addition to taking screenshots of your Android phone or tablet, this system also allows you to capture videos. Usually they record video from the smartphone screen for explanatory, training videos or for capturing moments from the game.

    First of all, we will consider methods of recording video in the absence or presence of root rights.

    You can record a video without root rights only if you have a computer at hand. For this method, you need to install an Android version of one of the applications on your phone: No Root Screen Recorder or Recordable. The computer requires the installation of a Windows version of one of the same applications, depending on your choice.

    With root rights, the operation becomes much easier. There are many applications for screen recording today, such as: Screencast Video Recorder, SCR Screen Recorder, Shou, REC Screen Recorder or Screen Recorder.

    SCR Screen Recorder

    This application has a couple of disadvantages:

    • You can record up to three minutes in length;
    • The developer’s logo is displayed on the video.

    To get rid of these restrictions, you need to purchase a paid version.

    • The application interface consists of three buttons: record, settings and exit button. First of all, let’s figure out the settings, to do this, open the main menu;
    • Looking through the menu, we see that the application has a wide grip of settings: resolutions, playback speed, types of processing, etc.

    Thanks to such a variety of settings, you can easily adjust the video recording to the capabilities of your phone.

    Screencast Video Recorder

    To date, unfortunately, this project is not being developed. It should also be said that the application is not supported on devices with NVIDIA Tegra 2/3 processors and Galaxy Nexus gadgets. The format of the footage is MP4. The main difference between Screencast Video Recorder: shooting a video with a frame rate of up to 40 per second.

    • The recording will begin as soon as you press the “Start” button. In order to finish shooting, you need to press the back arrow, which is located at the bottom of the screen;
    • Saved videos can be viewed by clicking on the icon representing a videotape, they can also be sent via Bluetooth, by mail or posted on social networks;


    Like most similar applications, ScreenRecorder is not difficult to configure, however, full access to all its functions can be obtained only after purchasing the paid version.

    After you have managed to install and launch the application, to start shooting, you just need to click on the Start button, after which you can minimize the application. Recording will start after 5 seconds.

    This application is similar for both mobile phones and tablets. The first time you run ScreenRecorder, it will ask for root access. To approve the request, you will need to click “Submit” in the window that appears.

    Confirm the app request for the app to work properly

    After approving the request, you will have access to setting up and recording video.

    In the application settings, you will see that ScreenRecorder allows you to configure video recording by a variety of parameters: from controlling the bitrate to imposing an inscription on the video, etc.

    You can start recording a movie by pressing the red Record button. To view the footage, go to the tab with saved clips. Before you start watching, you just have to choose the most convenient player.

    How to Capture Video from Phone Screen with AZ Screen Recorder. No Root


    Main functionality: Record video from the device display, create a screenshot.

    • Choice of video size;
    • bitrate;
    • enable / disable sound recording from the microphone;
    • show / hide screen tap;
    • screen orientation selection.

    REC Screen Recorder

    How to Remove Screen Lock with Tenorshare 4uKey for Android

    Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is a program designed specifically to unlock the screen of any smartphones on the Android system. User-friendly interface, step-by-step instructions given in the program itself, and quick achievement of the desired result. these are the main characteristics of this utility that will captivate you from the first use.

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    Download the software download file from the Tenorshare website and install the software on your computer. Connect your device to PC with a USB cable

    Run the utility on your PC. The main menu will appear in the program window, where you should click on the “Delete” button.

    After that, the program will start a data check and begin to remove the lock of your smartphone.

    When a message appears asking you to delete all data on your phone, select “Okay”.

    Once the program removes the screen lock, put your phone into recovery mode by following the instructions in the program window.

    Then select “Next”. In order to restore the factory settings on the device, follow the instructions of the program. Then reboot your device. The screen lock will be removed.

    How to unlock your phone in Safe Mode

    The following method is suitable for users who lock the screen not through the phone settings, but using a third-party application.

    On the lock screen, activate the device shutdown menu. Next, click on the “Power off” option and hold it for a few seconds.

    When prompted to boot your device into Safe Mode, click OK. After that, the lock screen will be temporarily deactivated.

    Go to Settings. Applications. [Third Party Application Name]. Choose “Clear Data” or “Delete”.

    Restart your phone normally. This will unlock the screen.

    How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password?

    If you are the owner of an Android phone and, like many, care about the security of personal data stored on your device, then this article is for you. You may have already come across a situation when, having put a complex password on your phone, you realize that you once forgot it and cannot repeat it, having lost access to all the contents of your smartphone. If not, then just in case it won’t hurt you to know what can be done in such a situation. And although the phone screen lock is set precisely to protect the phone from penetration, you can still remove the lock without knowing the password. In this case, the main question remains. do you need to save all the device files. So, here are 5 ways to bypass screen lock on Android phone.

    After Bypassing Screen Lock, How To Set A New Screen Password?

    On a computer, tablet or any other phone, go to the Android device manager pageEnter your username and password to enter your account.

    Select your model from the list of available devices (if there are more than one). Often it is already displayed by default.

    Click on “Block”. Come up with and enter a new password twice to lock the phone screen, and then click on “Lock” again.

    Now you can use this password to unlock your Android smartphone. If you wish, you can change the password for the pattern / pin-code in the phone settings.

    How to unlock your phone via Android Device Manager

    Google’s service allows you to use the “Find my device” function to disable the lock of Android phones. To do this, it is important for you to remember your username and password from the Google account used on your smartphone.

    How to disable password on Android phone via Google account

    This method can help if your smartphone has Android 4.4 or lower. In this case, the blocked device must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    First of all, you need to enter on the phone screen any incorrect combination of password / pattern / pin code 5 times.

    After a message appears indicating that you can try again after 30 seconds, several options will appear at the bottom of the screen. You need to choose the option “Forgot pattern / password”.

    Then you need to enter the correct username and password from the Google account used on the phone. If you do not remember them, you can use the backup pin code to unlock them.

    How to remove password on Android phone using hard reset

    The radical way to disable screen lock is to hard reset your phone. This will erase all device files. To partially save data, remove the SD card from the device before resetting. Please note that if your phone was released in 2016 or later, the built-in “Factory Reset Protection” feature will require you to first enter your Google account login and password.

    Put your device into recovery mode. The translation method is different for different models of Android devices.

    Use the volume buttons to navigate to the “Wipe data / factory reset” option. To select it, press the power button of the device. When prompted to delete all device data, select Yes.

    After completing the process, also select the “Reboot system now” option. After rebooting, the phone will be reset to factory settings and the data, including the password / screen lock code, will be deleted.

    Thus, even with a forgotten screen lock password / key, you can regain access to your Android device. The choice will depend only on whether you remember the data required to unlock the screen (login / password from your Google account, backup pin code, etc.) and whether it is important for you to save the files on your smartphone. If you want to quickly bypass the phone lock without using additional data, you can turn to the professional utility 4uKey presented in our article.

    • A large number of settings
    • Video editor

    The interface of the main menu is practically absent, the settings menu, on the contrary, pleases with its abundance, everything that is needed is in the free version, for a symbolic amount you can unlock additional functionality.

    • A large number of settings
    • Simple video editor

    How and how to take a video from the Android screen?

    Many users are faced with the question of how to capture a video from the Android screen? There are various means and methods, read more in this article.!

    Perhaps you want to share the walkthrough of the game with a friend, or maybe you want to shoot a video of how to set up something in Android and are looking for a tool for how to do it conveniently? This article will walk you through various solutions for your choice, providing the ability to capture video from the Android screen.

    In order to shoot a screencast, just press the Record button, after which the timer will start counting down, during which time you will have time to minimize the REC application interface. and shoot video the time you set in the settings.

    • Simple and easy settings interface
    • Shoots video stably, failures are extremely rare
    • Short shooting time. only five minutes
    • Few settings

    All cons of the application disappear after purchasing the PRO version.

    App Review: How to Capture a Video
    from the Android screen?

    If your smartphone or tablet runs on Android versions lower than 4.4 (4.3. 2.2), then I can upset you, in order to shoot a video you will need to install Root rights, without them you will not succeed:

    How to make a video using ADB RUN? Very simple:

    • Download ADB RUN program and install it on your computer
    • Download and install Android drivers if you haven’t installed them before
    • Enable USB debugging on your Android
    • Connect Android to PC and run ADB RUN program
    • Go to ADB RUN along the path: Screenshot / Record. Record Video Android

    When finished, the clip will be in the Adb_Run_Record folder on the desktop.

    This concludes the review and you now know how to take a video from the screen of an Android phone! For more articles and instructions, see Articles and Android Hacks. Stay connected to the Android 1 site for more fun!